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The Linz Family


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I think the Linz "kids" are spoiled rotten poor sportsmen. I hope they enjoy the money but learned a few lessons but I highly doubt it.

I didnt see unsportsman like qualitites at all from any of this family. you have no clue. This must be Mom Weaver, or someone whos brain is on the same odd brainwaves she has.

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Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, INSIDER

The Linz Kids are Race's First Family

by Rochell D. Thomas

"I loved every minute of it!" Tommy Linz, 19, says of The Amazing Race: Family Edition, which sent him, his brothers Alex, 22, and Nick, 24, and sister Megan, 21, zipping through 50 cities in three countries in 25 days. TVGuide.com talked to the foursome the day after their long ride officially ended.

TVGuide.com: Congratulations! For a while there I thought God might help the Weavers win. If that had happened, what would you have done?

Nick Linz: We would have congratulated them! They were a strong team and very competitive.

TVGuide.com: Now that you've won $1 million, what will you do with it?

Nick: We will give half to our parents and split the other half between all seven kids. I think that we will be spending our money on paying back student loans and also, maybe, splurge a little.

TVGuide.com: In the first leg of the race, they edited out a task wherein you had to take the flag to the flag store. Were there other parts that were edited out?

Alex Linz: They did a good job putting the show together. Obviously, there are some things that are better off not being shown, like our car breaking down.

TVGuide.com: Speaking of that, did you have a hissy fit when it happened?

Nick: Not at all. The situation was completely out of our hands. Knowing we were being bumped back kind of stunk, but there was nothing we could do about it.

TVGuide.com: A friend of mine saw a clue box this summer in Niagara Falls, but it was set up in a different location. Was part of that challenge cut out?

Tommy Linz: From what I understand, CBS and the producers set up decoys.

Megan Linz: You've seen the spoilers on the Internet. It's all a way to throw people off.

TVGuide.com: You got home in August. How did you manage to not say anything to your family for three months?

Nick: We signed a big fat contract that said if we did, we could be sued for a lot of money. You don't get any of your winnings.

TVGuide.com: So you put on a serious game face?

Alex: Seeing my parents almost every day was hard, especially at times when people were saying, "I know you guys want to say something." But I would just play it off. Every day it got easier not to say anything.

Meg: At school, our friends would hassle me and Tommy. I would just say "I don't know" and drop it.

TVGuide.com: What was that crash with Rolly about?

Alex: We were both racing to the counter and I lost my balance. They edited that part to make it seem bigger than it was. It was not a big deal.

TVGuide.com: So Meg, when they showed you saying, "It's getting personal," what were you talking about?

Meg: It was just a comment that came out of my mouth after Mrs. Weaver said, "Don't touch my kid. Don't touch him!" I mean, is that really necessary? Do you really honestly think that my brother's trying to hurt your son? It wasn't necessary. But then again, in the heat of the moment, I made a comment that wasn't necessary either.

TVGuide.com: How long did it really take to find the clue in Toronto's underground city?

Nick: Two hours. It took a lot of running around, backtracking and retracing our steps.

TVGuide.com: It must have taken longer to find the box in the stadium. The Weavers' mother went to sleep!

Meg: It took every team close to five hours to find that box.

Nick: Even longer.

Alex: If we could pick the hardest task on the whole race, it's got to be that one. The clue boxes were so small, they blended in with the chairs. That's why, as soon as we found one, we took it.

Meg: It was a long day.

TVGuide.com: One of you called the Weavers "The Wicked Witch of the East and her three little monkeys." Who said it and what have you got against the Weavers?

Alex: I'll own up to that one. At times the Weavers seemed to rub us the wrong way. We made jokes about it, but in no way was it meant maliciously.

TVGuide.com: What did you guys think of the nickname the Weavers gave you

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!!! :) Congratulations Linz Family :) !!!

I had fun watching you act silly and tease each other :D throughout most of the race :D . You earned your win fair and square, and even more important...you enjoyed and appreciated every leg of the race. Your plans to share the prize with your parents and other three sibblings is very refreshing and heartwarming :)WAY TO GO!!!

!!! :) AWESOME WIN, KIDS :) !!!

Very well said, Soyyo! I love those kids!

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