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Hurricane Katrina


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Femme I am so happy you heard from your daughter and family

Nawlins Im sorry about your home and wish you all the luck. Give your son a hug and tell him thank you for doing what he does to protect me and my family.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you that have been affected by the storm and I will continue to think of all of you. Please keep us posted.I hope that all of you that have family missing hear from them soon.

Your Mortys Family Member


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Hey Everyone,

I know this is a link to 3 Doors Down, but I think you will be as touched as I was. My husband & I were at a their concert Saturday night. They were collecting canned goods for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The band is from Pascagola, Miss & Brad talked about the heartbreaking loss. He is a really caring person.

3 DOORS DOWN encourages fans to bring as much canned food, soup, peanut butter, water, baby formula and diapers to shows that will assist in Hurricane Katrina relief. The Red Cross and Salvation Army will receive the donated goods distribute to those affected.



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Guest ranster627

FROM TV GUIDE: Entertainment News

MEGATELETHON CONFIRMED: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, WB and UPN will simulcast Shelter from the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast on Sept. 9 at 8 pm/ET. The fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Katrina will feature performances and celebrity appearances originating from Los Angeles and New York. In related news, last weekend's Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon raised $54.9 million for the Muscular Dystrophy Association as well as more than $1 million for Katrina. But please, don't get Kanye West started on President Bush's support of the MDA.

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MTV, VH1 & CMT special, ReAct Now: Music & Relief

Airs Saturday, September 10 from 8pm-11pm ET/PT

Additional Artists Join this Multi-Genre, Multi-Platform Special Including The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Kanye West, Sheryl Crow, Paul McCartney, Alan Jackson, 3 Doors Down, Kelly Clarkson, Brian Wilson, Melissa Etheridge, The Neville Brothers, Trent Reznor, Cash Moneys Baby and Lil Wayne and more.

Special To Direct Donations to The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and Americas Second Harvest and to Promote Volunteerism

New York, NY September 2, 2005 MTV, VH1, and CMT announced more artists set to take part in an ongoing Hurricane Katrina relief campaign which launches Saturday, September 10th from 8-11pm ET/PT with ReAct Now: Music & Relief, a multi-artist, multi-genre, multi-platform special set to air commercial free and simultaneously across all the music networks including: MTV, VH1, CMT, MTV2, VH1 Classic, mtvU, and MTV Overdrive & VSpot, MTV & VH1s broadband video services. The special will seek to raise much needed funds for The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Americas Second Harvest and similar organizations as they continue their relief efforts in the devastating wake of Hurricane Katrina. The campaign will also seek to activate the diverse audiences across MTV, VH1, and CMT to drive volunteerism, donations, and general awareness.

A wide array of artists will appear in the special including: The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Kanye West, Sheryl Crow, Paul McCartney, Alan Jackson, 3 Doors Down, Kelly Clarkson, Brian Wilson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock, Melissa Etheridge, The Neville Brothers, Trent Reznor, Cash Moneys Baby and Lil Wayne, Motley Crue, Simple Plan, Dashboard Confessional, Goo Goo Dolls, Staind, Good Charlotte, Audioslave, Common, John Mayer, Marc Broussard, Maroon 5, The Radiators, and more. They join previously announced artists: Ludacris, Green Day, Gretchen Wilson, Usher, Alicia Keys, John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews Band, Rob Thomas, David Banner, Linkin Parks Chester Bennington.

The live programming block from 8-11pm ET/PT will emanate from New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Atlanta, and will feature a combination of live and taped performances and messages from artists. Additional details will be announced in the coming days.

Since we announced this campaign, there has been an incredible outpouring of support from the music and entertainment community who want to lend their voices, performances or messages of hope to those in need, said Van Toffler, President MTV Networks Music Group. The affected area hit hard by Hurricane Katrina shares a rich musical and cultural heritage, so its all the more meaningful that we try to support these massive relief efforts through music and encouraging our audiences to help any way they can.

Starting earlier this week, all the CMT, VH1, and MTV platforms have begun awareness campaigns to provide information to viewers on how to get involved and participate in the relief efforts. Viewers and users will continue to be directed to web sites and numbers where they can make donations of money, clothing, equipment, and anything else that may help the affected areas.

Each of the respective news departments for MTV, VH1, and CMT are also covering and filing reports from the devastated areas. MTV News is planning a special that will also air on Saturday, September 10th, directly preceding ReAct Now on MTV.

The American Red Cross is asking people to help by making an online contribution to the Disaster Relief Fund at www.redcross.org or by calling 1-800-HELP-NOW to donate, signing up with a local chapter to volunteer or making a blood donation.

The Salvation Army is currently providing services to storm victims and first responders in the Gulf Coast states. A $100 donation to The Salvation Army will feed a family of four for two days, provide two cases of drinking water and one household clean-up kit, containing brooms, mops, buckets, and cleaning supplies. A contribution can be made online at http://www.salvationarmyusa.org, or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY.

Americas Second Harvest, the Nations Food Bank Network is in need of food and funds to respond to Hurricane Katrina in states impacted by the disaster including Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. Americas Second Harvest national Network of food banks and food-rescue organizations have moved into disaster response mode to help sister food banks directly impacted by the wrath of the ferocious storm.

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Hi Guys,

I'm just now able to get to a computer.I'm alive and in Baton Rouge. I went back to Slidell to see my home ...well there's no reason for me to go back to slidell,I lost everything.The storm surge alone took out everything.It looks like a twister went of in my house.I could'nt even begin to tell you what my area looks like,The best way to describe it would be that someone just start setting off bombs.I'm really trying to be positive about this,there were so many lives lost in this catastrophic storm but I made it out alive.I only have a few pairs of shorts but at least I'm here to get in them.I also shut my online business down until I can figure out what to do.Thanks for all your concern and I will try to be back as soon as I can access the internet.To all my friends that are going through this nightmare may god bless you all.

Thanks again everyone

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Guest ranster627

Jinx, I do not know you but know your name and you were missed. I am most relieved you are okay as I was obsessing over locating an absent Mortyite.

All of you:

I will not do you the disrespect of even attempting to say I understand or offer mini platitudes. I will say this, your humours and strength of character have really shown through, and in my tiny opinion, for what it's worth, you have all shown courage and resolve. In every sense of the word, you are all survivors.

I only hope that I can display a tiny percentage of that should I ever encounter such devastating adversity. When you all rebuild your lives, at least you have a strong foundation left to build on ... that inner you that is so strong and amazing you all continue to awe me.

My respect and ongoing concern ... and when you need a mindless brain rest, find your ways home to us for a post or two ...


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JINX... a lot of Mortyites will let out a big sigh of relief to know you've checked in.

We've been sooo worried.

I'm sure you'll probably read (later when you have time) that a lot of our Posters and their families were also hit very hard.

My prayers continue to be with all of you.

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(((((Jinx)))))))), I am so relieved to hear from you & know that you are physically alright. I cannot begin to express how sorry I am for the loss of your home. What we are watching every day is just heartbreaking. My continued thoughts and prayers are with you.



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Celebs Reach Out to Hurricane Victims.


Oprah calls on famous friends to help hurricane victims.


Oprah Winfrey has enlisted famous friends, including Oscar winners Julia Roberts and Jamie Foxx to help her bring hope to those devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The TV talk-show queen cut short her summer break last weekend to host shows from America's storm-ravaged Gulf region, where people are desperately trying to piece their lives back together. And she took a few famous faces with her. Foxx helped serve up food to 5,000 hurricane victims in a shelter in Dallas, Texas, while Matthew McConaughey and Faith Hill brought joy to survivors in Zachary, Louisiana, and Gulfport, Mississippi, respectively, in a show that aired Sept. 6. Meanwhile, Winfrey's pals John Travolta, Lisa Marie Presley and Chris Rock joined Roberts for segments taped for today's show. Travolta piloted his private plane to shelters in the southeast, delivering much needed vaccines and helping to replenish medical supplies. A tearful Winfrey hosted the show from the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, where thousands of hurricane survivors are seeking temporary refuge and medical help.

Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx was left devastated after agreeing to help relief workers serve meals to hurricane victims in his home state of Texas. The actor teamed up with pal Oprah Winfrey as she tried to spread a little joy amongst those left homeless and desperate in shelters in Texas by Hurricane Katrina, but Foxx had no idea how moved he'd be. He says, "Some of the stories that touched me I don't even know if you can air. The one that really got me was the 62-year-old man and what he said is, 'I have a stent put in for a heart problem but I can handle it,' but he said what he couldn't take was the blatant disregard for someone like your grandmother--80 years old, sitting and no one coming to help. It should never happen. These people are Americans... It has just been so sad that we would treat our folk like this. [This is] a day I won't forget soon."

McConaughey uses phone therapy to help:

Matthew McConaughey has been putting his mobile phone to good use by connecting families split by Hurricane Katrina. The big-hearted Texan joined forces with media mogul Oprah Winfrey last weekend and decided the best way he could help survivors at a shelter in Zachary, Louisiana, was to make the most of his mobile phone. He managed to reunite one devastated mother, named Lois, with her daughter who was in another shelter in Dallas, Texas. And though he was glad to offer a little help, he acknowledges there's much more to be done: "My expectations were not that defined. I knew what I knew from the television... I didn't understand the scope of it. I'm still trying to digest it... There's so much work to do."

Farrell and Hilton sell themselves for hurricane victims.

Colin Farrell helped raise $20,000 at an auction to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina--by selling himself on Friday. Miami Vice co-star Jamie Foxx took bids for a date with Farrell and when nervous women weren't forthcoming at the Delano Hotel charity bash in Miami Beach, Florida, decided to ask for group bids. One bunch of 10 friends bid $10,000 for a date with the Irishman, while another woman doubled the bid for her own one-night stand. And generous Farrell helped boost the fund too--he paid $50,000 for a portrait of Ray Charles. Meanwhile, fellow human auction item Paris Hilton was brought to tears when one fan bid $200,000 to spend New Year's Eve with the socialite. She said, "It's so generous. I'm crying right now."

Lohan welcomes stranded girl into her home.

Lindsay Lohan has opened her house to a complete stranger, after discovering a young girl couldn't return to her home in New Orleans. Louisiana is one of four states which has suffered structural damage and loss of life at the hands of Hurricane Katrina. So when 19-year-old Lohan, who spent almost three months in New Orleans earlier this year, heard the girl's plight she felt compelled to help. She says, "There was this girl the other night. I was at dinner and she was from New Orleans. She came here [to New York] for a trip for the day. Ironically, she couldn't go back and she is here. So I kind of took her under my wing. I said 'Do you want to come and stay with us for the rest of the night?' It's just the scariest thought. I can't even imagine it."

McCartney & Anderson help raise cash for stranded pets.

Celebrity animal activists Stella McCartney and Pamela Anderson have teamed up to donate personal memorabilia to an upcoming auction to raise cash for the pets caught up in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Thousands of dogs, cats and other pets perished in last month's storm, which devastated Louisiana, Alabama and surrounding areas, and now animal charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is doing all it can to save stranded creatures. And McCartney and Anderson have pledged their support by offering up items that will be sold off at PETA's 25th Anniversary Gala and Humanitarian Awards in Hollywood on Sept. 10. Anderson is offering a walk-on part in her hit TV show Stacked, while McCartney is donating cruelty-free items from her fashion collection. The upcoming PETA auction will raise cash for the charity's Animal Emergency Fund.

Clooney donates to Katrina relief efforts.

George Clooney has become the latest celebrity to open up his wallet to help victims of Hurricane Katrina and is urging others to do the same. Clooney has announced plans to donate $1 million to the United Way for its relief efforts. The actor, who is a member of the United Way Board of Trustees, says, "There isn't much any of us can do right now but pour money into this tragedy. We're all in this one together."

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Celebs Pledge Help to Katrina Victims

By The Associated Press

Celebrities who have announced donations and/or their participation in fundraising/relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina:

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Guest ranster627

FROM TV GUIDE: Entertainment News

GIMME MORE AND MORE SHELTER: The massive and star-studded Shelter from the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast multinetwork simulcast telethon airing Friday evening will now "begin" in the early morning. Phone lines accepting donations for Hurricane Katrina relief will open up at 7 am/ET during Good Morning America, The Early Show and Today (as well as local affiliate morning programs), remain open during the day (on such shows as The View), then stay open after the hourlong special during many late-night talk shows. Also, even more networks have signed on to carry the telecast, including AmericanLife TV, FUEL TV, TV One, Fox College Sports Pacific and... OK, some of these are made up, right?

KATRINA COVERAGE MAKES A SPLASH: Coverage of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath has drawn people back to newscasts. Not only was an Aug. 31 Dateline NBC special last week's top-rated prime-time program, but ongoing reportage has delivered an average viewership bump of 31 percent for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, 20 percent for ABC's World News Tonight, 65 percent for Fox News Channel and 246 percent for CNN.

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TV Builds Day Around 'Shelter'

Phone lines will be open all day Friday, September 9 starting at 7 a.m.

by Michael Schneider


'Shelter From the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast' will feature artists

Alicia Keys, Sheryl Crow, Paul Simon and Rod Stewart.

The broadcast networks plan to make an all-day push on Friday, September 9 for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, beyond the previously announced "Shelter From the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast" telethon. The telethon will feature such performers as Alicia Keys, Sheryl Crow, Paul Simon, Rod Stewart and the Dixie Chicks.

Phone lines will open on Friday, September 9 at 7 a.m., beginning on ABC's "Good Morning America," NBC's "Today" and CBS' "The Early Show," as well as local breakfastcasts on Fox, WB and UPN stations. The efforts will then continue through daytime (on shows such as ABC's "The View"), and into primetime and late night, when the gabfests hosted by Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson and Carson Daly also participate.

According to a release issued by the networks, on-air talent and on-screen messages will urge viewers to donate to relief agencies. Callers to the fundraising effort will be given a choice of sending their money to the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army.

New outlets signing on to carry "Shelter From the Storm" include cable stations AmericanLife TV, CNBC, Court TV, Fox Movie Channel, Fuel, Fox College Sports Pacific, GSN, Lifetime, MSNBC, Showtime, Speed Channel and Style Network. Several Infinity Radio stations will also simulcast the special. Those channels join previously announced plans by all six broadcast networks and a major chunk of other cable networks to carry the telethon.

Meanwhile, to accommodate the one-hour telethon, UPN has pared back the premiere of its "WWE Friday Night Smackdown" to an hour. The grapplefest -- which moves this week to Friday from its longtime Thursday home -- will air as an hour, at 9 p.m. WWE announced that it would run the first hour of "Smackdown" exclusively on its Web site, with messages encouraging WWE fans to donate to the Katrina relief effort.

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Jinx...so happy you checked in...can you believe what Katrina did to our town...and so many other towns, states, people and animals...but we will come back bigger and better...YAY...

Jinx please PM me a contact number to reach you, I have alot of info for our area to give you that could possibly help you...heart ya...Laura..I am going back into Slidell within the next few days to take pics and deliver some clothes from Tennessee to the Slidell Sheriffs office, so if you are around town we can strategize together for temporary housing and all that good stuff....Stay safe and be careful....it's a jungle out there with the gas problems I hear..

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Access Hollywood.com

Multi-Network Telethon Not Censored


'Shelter From the Storm' will feature

the controversial Kanye West.

The producer of the Friday, September 9th one-hour telethon to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims said no special precautions will be taken to edit out political statements, even though rapper Kanye West is on the bill. But Joel Gallen, executive producer of "Shelter From the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast," also doesn't expect any problems.

West, on last week's hurricane relief concert shown on NBC, departed from a prepared script to say that "George Bush doesn't care about black people." He's one of a dozen musicians scheduled to perform on the Friday, September 9 benefit concert which will be shown in at least 95 countries.

Only a standard five- or seven-second delay will be employed to guard against any obscenities, Gallen said. He said he's spoken to all of the musicians and actors who will be appearing on the show about not detracting from the mission. "I think people understand that politicizing this will certainly not be a smart thing to do as far as inspiring people to call in and rally around this cause," he said.


Scheduled performers for 'Shelter From the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf

Coast' include actresses Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Ellen DeGeneres

and Sela Ward.

Sheryl Crow, the Dixie Chicks, Alicia Keys, Randy Newman, Paul Simon, Rod Stewart and Neil Young are among the other scheduled performers. Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Ellen DeGeneres, Jack Nicholson, Chris Rock, Ray Romano and Sela Ward are also scheduled to appear. Also, phone banks will be manned by celebrities such as Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Allison Janey, Jeremy Piven and Mandy Moore.

The six main broadcast networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, UPN and the WB, will all air the event live at 8 p.m. Eastern. Several cable stations including Bravo, Oxygen, TBS and USA have also cleared time for the commercial-free event. Viewers will be asked to contribute to the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army.

Gallen was the executive producer of "America: A Tribute to Heroes" shown shortly after the September 11 terrorist attacks. This year's program will be similar in tone, he said, complete with no introductions of the artists. "When I did this show four years ago, which was a very intense and emotional experience for me, I felt like that was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, never thinking that four years later I would be asked to put something similar together again," he said.


Appearing on the 'Shelter From the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast' will be

comedians Chris Rock, Ray Romano and actor Jack Nicholson.

And the major networks won't be the only place to catch top talent helping to raise money. Cable station BET is the first place to tune in with its own telethon. That telethon, the network's first ever, begins Friday, September 9 at 7:30 p.m., although it will interrupt for a simulcast of "Shelter From the Storm." Scheduled to appear include Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and Alicia Keys. MTV will also be showing a benefit concert on Saturday, September 10.

'Shelter's' phone lines opened on Friday, September 9 at 7 a.m., beginning on ABC's "Good Morning America," NBC's "Today" and CBS' "The Early Show," as well as local breakfastcasts on Fox, WB and UPN stations. The efforts then continued through daytime (on shows such as ABC's "The View"), and will go into primetime and late night, when the gabfests hosted by Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson and Carson Daly also participate.

Other benefits for Hurricane Katrina victims are being planned. The 'American Idol' tour was scheduled to conclude on Saturday, September 10 but Hurricane Katrina has brought out their charitable nature as well. They will do an additional concert on Sunday, September 11 in Syracuse, New York to benefit the American Red Cross. Bo Bice will rejoin the 'Idols' for the last concert after undergoing emergency intestinal surgery less than a month ago.

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'Fashion Rocks' for Hurricane Katrina Victims


'Fashion Rocks' features the fashionable trio of Gwen Stefani, David Bowie and Alicia Keys.

When fashion rocks, singers-turned-designers Gwen Stefani and Beyonce pull out all the stops. Stefani put on a slinky silver dress worthy of a screen siren at "Fashion Rocks" concert that kicked off New York Fashion Week on Thursday, September 8. Beyonce, along with her fellow members of Destiny's Child, wore shimmery babydoll dresses.

CBS' "Fashion Rocks" was shown on Friday, September 9 directly following the multinetwork televised benefit, "Shelter From the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast." Originally scheduled as a concert and fashion show, the telecast brought together some of music's biggest and most fashionable stars to celebrate the link between style, song and charity for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.


Destiny's Child adds their shimmering touch of glamour to 'Fashion Rocks.'

Richard Beckman, the show's producer and president of The Conde Nast Media Group, which publishes Vogue and GQ, said "music defines the epochs of fashion over the years. Music stars have always been fashion icons. Think of The Beatles coming off the plane, the mods of 'the new romantics,' Madonna, David Bowie."

Bowie looked like a billboard for sleek chicness until you looked down: His seemingly perfect suit had pants that only reached his ankles and he was sporting a black eye and bandaged arm. His stunning wife Iman made up for that faux-pas in a clingy, skin-colored gown decorated with crystals. "Music influences fashion and vice versa," said Tina Chai, the show's stylist. "You have to strike the right balance of both sex and sophistication."


Duran Duran are 'Hungry' for 'Fashion Rocks.'

Bowie wasn't the only '80s rocker there. "Style has always been very important to us," said Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes backstage before the show. "We grew up in the '70s. Music was glam rock, punk rock and a very stylish movement." The band wore suits when performing "Girls on Film" with a gaggle of women dressed in clothes designed by Stefani, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Sean 'Diddy' Combs and Jay-Z behind them.

Duran Duran, known for songs like "Rio" and "Hungry Like a Wolf," recalled their very first photo shoot in a recent interview. Rhodes said he and his bandmates went to a college campus in London and asked the edgiest students they could find to come up with the band's wardrobe. "We liked what they came up with at the time, but, yes, they'd be a little dated now."


Billy Idol 'Rocks' Fashion with 'White Wedding.'

The big finale was Billy Idol's "White Wedding," and for that number models were dressed in bridal gowns by Roberto Cavalli, John Galliano, Chanel and Vera Wang, among others. Idol was stylish to the nines in his best stylish suit as he descended down an endless flight of stairs amid the sea of 'White Wedding'-attired models.

Hanging out in the green room with model wife Marisol, Rob Thomas said he gives some thought into his wardrobe, especially what he wears on stage, but not too much. "I like something with a classic touch. That way, it's easy." So what did Thomas wear for his duet of "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" with Joss Stone channeling Stevie Nicks? Jeans and a T-shirt.

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Musicians, Chefs, Actors Raise Funds for Hurricane Relief


Stars from the worlds of music and food are donating their time to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina:

  • ReAct Now: Music & Relief will air at 8 p.m. on Saturday, September 10 on MTV, VH1 and CMT with the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Sheryl Crow, Alan Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, the Neville Brothers, Kanye West and other artists.

Three Doors Down, a band whose members' Mississippi homes were damaged in the hurricane, will hold a benefit show in Atlanta on Saturday, September 10. The band also said it would donate $1 from every ticket it has sold this year to the Better Life Foundation, raising nearly $300,000.

"The American Idols Live!" tour will hold a benefit show Sunday, September 11 in Syracuse, New York.

From Saturday, September 10 to Sunday, September 18, jazz musicians in New York will raise money for the Red Cross with shows in clubs throughout the city.

Chefs for Humanity, an organization created by the Food Network's "Iron Chef" Cat Cora, will hold an eBay auction on Monday, September 21 to raise money for UNICEF's Katrina relief fund.

David Banner, through his Heal the Hood Foundation, will hold a benefit concert on Saturday, September 17 in Atlanta with guest appearances/performances by T.I., Nelly and Twista.

Jazz at Lincoln Center's benefit concert next Saturday, September 17 in New York will air live on PBS. Participants will include Wynton Marsalis, Bill Cosby, Elvis Costello, Robert De Niro, Paul Simon and Bette Midler.

Dashboard Confessional will play three benefit concerts in three different cities from Sunday, September 18 through Tuesday, September 20 in Toronto, Chicago and Sayreville, New Jersey.

Madison Square Garden will host a benefit concert on Tuesday, September 20 in New York. The lineup includes Elton John, Rod Stewart, Jimmy Buffett, Bette Midler, Lenny Kravitz and New Orleans native, Fats Domino.

Death Cab for Cutie will hold a benefit concert in Seattle on Wednesday, September 21.

Gospel Angels, a live concert from Atlanta, will air Thursday, September 22 on the Gospel Music Channel and Paxson Communications' i network. The show will include performances from evacuee shelters.
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Guest ranster627

FROM TV GUIDE: Entertainment News

EXTREME S.O.S.: It was as inevitable a crossover as Joan Rivers appearing on Nip/Tuck: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is jumping into the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. "We're talking to our vendors and builders, along with FEMA and some of the local parishes, about where and how we can help," executive producer Tom Forman tells TVGuide.com. "When the time is right for what we do, we'll be there." That noise you hear is Ty Pennington upgrading his bullhorn.

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Thank you all so much for just being here.I wish I could get in here more,so much to do and not sure where to start.I will try to get back here as much as possible.I might have lost my home and business but I have my life.There are so many people who lost their lives.May God Bless all of the victims,their families,volunteers,the people who donated.I have always been a strong person mentally and I can honestly say,I thoght I would never see something like this,but to live it,I know with God's hand we'll survive.

I'll be back soon!!


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Guest ranster627

Jinx, I am glad you reported in ... to my understanding, all Mortyites or acquaintances have checked in ... my thoughts are with everyone who has suffered any loss ...

Is anyone else unaccounted for?

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'Idols' Perform Gulf Benefit Concert


Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice perform during a benefit

for American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.

SYRACUSE, New York - "American Idol" winner Carrie Underwood, along with runner-up, Bo Bice and the other eight 'Idol' finalists closed their summer concert tour with a benefit for Hurricane Katrina relief. The American Red Cross will benefit from the sold-out crowd of 6,000 that paid $35 to $45 U.S. for a seat in Syracuse on Sunday, September 11, as the 'Idols' wound up a tour of 43 cities in 62 days.

"It's a very happy thing that we're doing to help people," Underwood said. "When (executive producer) Simon Fuller suggested the idea of putting on a special charity concert to help those in need, I and all the Idols on tour were happy to help." Underwood, of Checotah, Oklahoma, said she would donate the revenues from her merchandise sales at the benefit concert to the Humane Society of the United States to help pets stranded in the hurricane region.

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Guest ranster627

FROM TV GUIDE: Entertainment News

WE ARE (STILL) THE WORLD: Believe it or not, Michael Jackson has managed to recruit a handful of singers to perform on his Hurricane Katrina charity single. According to reports, Jackson has received firm commitments from Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, James Brown, Lenny Kravitz, Missy Elliott, Yolanda Adams, R. Kelly and Mary J. Blige. Jacko

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Musicians Rock for Katrina Relief

by Jonathan Cohen


Pearl Jam

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Pearl Jam will play a rare club show at Chicago's House of Blues on October 5 to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Tickets, priced at $1,000 each, go on sale Saturday, September 17. All net proceeds will benefit Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross and the Jazz Foundation of America.

According to a spokesperson, it is not yet known if the show will feature additional acts or be available for download from Pearl Jam's recently launched digital bootleg store. Pearl Jam is familiar with the venue. The band, sans guitarist Stone Gossard, opened for the Who at a charity show in 2003, while Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder did the honors when the Who headlined in 1999.


The Roots

Meanwhile, the Roots have rounded up Jill Scott, TV On The Radio and Deerhoof for a concert on Friday, September 16 at Philadelphia's Kimmel Center. The artists will be donating their performance fees to the NAACP's hurricane relief program.

The show will also feature the TBC Brass Band, whose members were evacuated to Dallas, Atlanta, Houston and Sacramento, California, in the wake of Katrina. The Roots are being pursued by Def Jam president/CEO Jay-Z to be the first signing to his new Def Jam Left imprint.


Tenacious D's Jack Black, Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and

Tenacious D's Kyle Gass

Also, just announced for a Katrina benefit on Thursday, September 22 at Los Angeles Wiltern Theater are Tenacious D, Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, Queens Of The Stone Age leader Josh Homme with Jesse 'The Devil' Hughes, Fiona Apple and comedians, David Cross and Sarah Silverman.

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Guest ranster627


Question: With all that's going on with Katrina and its horrific aftermath for the people of the Gulf states, I've been watching TV a lot for the past weeks, most of it news. And it got me wondering: What do you think of the coverage that the crisis has spurred in the heretofore too-quiet media? We have Anderson Cooper going after congresspeople, Bob Schieffer editorializing on The CBS Evening News, and generally calm, staid, even pandering newspeople no longer accepting talking points as real answers. I'm loving it, despite the horror

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