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Jamie Newton


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Jamie Newton


Date Of Birth: January 26, 1981

Hometown: North Hollywood, CA

Occupation: Water ski instructor and aspiring actor

Marital Status: Single


Jamie Newton is a 24-year-old water ski instructor living in North Hollywood, California who is originally from Douglas, Georgia.


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Tonight's show made it worthwhile watching, thank G Jamie is gone. The look on Judd's face was priceless, his little golden plan has gone awry lol. Well it ought to be very interesting next week, looks like the lines are being drawn in the sand. Guess Judd will have to rethink his theory of him being too valuable for them to vote off. Bye Jamie don't let the jungle hit you in the A on the way out.

YEA BABY! Don't let the torch hit you where the good Lord split you! :lol:

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That certainly would be a concern of mine if I was the producers, thats for sure! B)

I was thinking the same thing last night - those 2 alone in a house = not good, I wouldn't be surprised, if they are living together that something happens and one of them gets sent home.

Judd's face was priceless at Tribal!

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Jamie: Et Tu Lydia?


'Survivor's' Jamie Newton on 'The Early Show'

NEW YORK, New York - "Blindsided! Nice. Now that's how you vote somebody out!" Jamie Newton exclaimed at Tribal Council after having his torch snuffed out in a surprising 6-2 vote. "I was a little paranoid, so I must have had some idea," Jamie tells "The Early Show" co-anchor Julie Chen.

A little paranoid? He was driving everybody crazy trying to secure his spot in the game.

"I knew I was getting on everybody's nerves, but I think everybody out there is a little paranoid," he says. "If they're not, then you should be, because it's going to go crazy from here on out."

Even his friend Lydia Morales voted against him, which made the betrayal more hurtful.

"Lydia was my buddy," Jamie says. "She's a good person. She just didn't really know what to do when people come against her. I took care of her. I used to sleep by the fire with her and always keep her warm. I took care of her in the jungle. So when she did that, it hurt me a lot. I still hope she's doing great, and I hope she wins the million dollars, her or Judd."

Judd Sergeant maintained his alliance with Jamie even after winning the reward challenge when he bonded with Gary Hogeboom and Danni Boatwright.

"I didn't win a million dollars, but I made a million-dollar friend in Judd," Jamie says. "He always called me his little brother. His real little brother died when he was 24."

Describing his relationship with the tribe he says, "I was pretty close to the top five, except me and Cindy. I'm not really good at talking to people if I know I'm going to boot them. I look at Steph as a sister, Rafe and Judd as brothers, Lydia as a mother, and Cindy as an outside second-cousin."

And though he says Lydia told him a "million-dollar lie," when he asked her if he was going home, Jamie says he knew it was Rafe Judkins who stabbed him in the back.

"Stephenie and Rafe are the same person," Jamie says. "He doesn't do anything if she doesn't give here OK. Steph is controlling things way too much. Stephenie is the leader and she has Rafe as her lap dog."

But did Jamie realize his paranoia was irritating Rafe?

"I knew he was going crazy. I just needed a little bit of security with it," Jamie says. "I just wanted to know. You're going for a million dollars, so there's going to be paranoia when you're going for a million dollars. I get paranoid playing the lottery."

So if he could do it all over again, what would Jamie do differently?

"Maybe I'd stay more calm," he says. "It used to bug me so bad how Stephenie could stay calm. But she's already been there and has seen how people go crazy when the merge happens."

The only reward challenge Jamie got to enjoy were the hotdogs and the hamburgers, but he ended up apologizing for gloating in front of those who chose to compete for immunity. His remorse was sincere, he says. "I felt bad. I don't want people seeing me like that."

And then there were the explosive confrontations he had with Bobby Jon Drinkard.

"State rivalries, I guess," Jamie says. "We just never were on the same team. I wanted to be on his team because we were going to do what he and Ibrehem couldn't do in Palau. But we're just always on opposing teams, always going apart. And then, I felt like my team was getting picked off one by one, so I had to be the backbone and say what I wanted to say, get in their minds and be like, 'We'll take y'all out one by one,' talking about the other team. Then we merged. I was still so in the mix with things that I couldn't get together one tribe. I couldn't understand it."

Interestingly, both Bobby Jon and Jamie had to spend time together as the first two members of the jury.

"It's a good looking jury," Jamie says with a smile. "I'm glad to know there are still some good ol' country boys around."

And speaking of looks, after winning the reward challenge, it was a big priority for Denni and Stephenie to look in the mirror.

A scene shot exclusively for "The Early Show" finds them and Gary looking in the mirror and noting how their appearance has changed. Here are their observations:

Danni: We got to shower and look in the mirror for like the first times in 25 days.

Stephenie: I need to get naked to look at my body.

Gary: Look at my shoulders.

Stephenie: You're thin.

Danni: It was not a pretty sight.

Stephenie to Danni: Wait until you see your stomach and your legs.

Danni: I still have a butt. You do Stephenie, have that athletic rear end.

Stephenie: I can't get rid of that. You guys, I look like I have a skin disorder and eyebrow disorder. It is not a pretty sight. I feel bad for people that have to look at me every day.

So was Stephenie not a pretty sight to Jamie?

"Her and Danni are very pretty girls," he says. As for the first time he saw himself in the mirror, Jamie says: "I thought I looked like Jesus, almost. But I think Bobby Jon has that category."

And though he did one episode on "All My Children," acting is not on the horizon for Jamie he says. So what's next for him?

"Taking one day at a time. Me and my mom will go to dinner and a movie," he says.

He will continue to work as a water ski instructor. "I also teach snow boarding and I'm looking for a job as we speak," he says.

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