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Episode One - Spoilers!!


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:blink: SPOILERS! - SPOILERS! :blink:

Ok Survivor Fans - Here We Go!!!!!!!!

I was able to find a few facts about the members of the teams and what transpires during the first episode o the new series. So Lets begin!!

- - - - - - - - - - SPOILERS! - SPOILERS! SPOILERS! - SPOILERS! - - - - - - - - - -

The show starts off with the 16 cast members having to trek 11 miles through the Guatemalan jungle to get to the location where the show will be filmed. There, according to the CBS commercial, they will be met by not one but two twists. From inside information being reported on the internet, these are Stephanie and Bobby John, the last two members from Survivor Palau's Ulong tribe last season.


Somewhere in the excitement of the arrival (finally) and the realization that this season will be a lot tougher than previous shows, as they have learned from the trek, they will be divided up into the two teams.

The two tribes are named after ancient Myan cities. The are Yaxha

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Further information...........

This is not yet confirmed but it looks like Stephanie is on the Yaxha' tribe and Bobby Jon is on the Nakum tribe!!

Where did I find it?? - - - -

Look at the Surviv-O-Meter page on True Dork Times


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Let me continue...

Here are some maps from this season's show..



Yaxha', Nakum, Naranjo National Park


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The teams were dropped off at Nakum and they had to trek from there to Yaxha' which is 11 miles to the south.

From the park map, we can see that there appears to be a road which connects the two Myan cities, so the walk may not have been too bad. But for the show, we will probably see them walking through the jungle to make it look harder that it really was.

From personal experience, walking 11 miles is not easy it you are not ready for it. This is especially true if it is in the heat of the day and this happened in early July so they were probably pooped when they arrived at the tribal council area.

Both Tribe camp sites are near or on the lake around Yaxha'. From other sites I have found that the Yaxha' Tribe is actually in the confines of Yaxha' while the Nakum Tribe is on an island in the lake at the site of the Mayan city of Topoxte.

For a detailed map see this site...

ClayCritters.com Survivor Maps


More information about the first challenge. . .

The winner of the challenge received flint and the choice of camp sites!! So the challenge must have happened right at the end of the walk from Nakum!!!! Unless, like Palau, they lived together for the first night at Yaxha'.

Stay tuned.....


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Further information on the number of people in each tribe...

Here is a shot captured of the tribal council at night which shows nine (9) torches during the first tribal council.


This lends further fire to the speculation that Stephanie and Boby Jon join the tribes, at least for the first part of the season..


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TV Guide article about the first episode (from SurvivorSucks)

Survivor: Guatemala kicks off with the most brutal challenge yet--and a major twist that will knock your buff off!

Deep in the heart of the Central American rain forest, the cast of Survivor: Guatemala is getting a rude wake-up call--and we're not talking about the shrieking howler monkeys. It's Day 2 of the game, and the Nakum tribe is hurting. Danni, a rail-thin pageant queen turned sports radio personality from Kansas, is nursing some serious scraps and bruises on both legs, the result of a nasty spill down a hill, while Blake, a commercial real-estate broker from Texas, is fretting over how to remove several thorns lodged in his left shoulder. Meanwhile, the requisite "oldest Survivor," retired Colorado fire captain Jim (a spritely 63), looks deathly pale as he hunches next to a majestic Mayan ruin, puking his guts out.

Welcome back to TV's most enduring reality show, no in its 11th edition. It may go down as the most grueling season yet. Crocodiles lurk in the waters; mosquitoes cloud the air; the thermometer can rise to a steamy 114; and the challenges are so intense they'd make Palau winner Tom Westman cry for his mommy.

The tone is set early in the first episode with a brutal challenge: The two tribes, Nakum and Yaxha, are pitted against each other in an 11-mile overnight hike through the poisonous snake-filled jungle. (The winning team gets the better of the two camps and the flint to help create fire.) Even Survivor challenge producer John Kirhoffer, who helped cook up the torturous trek, underestimated the toll it would take. "The hike turned out to be excrutiating," he says. "You can test these things [beforehand], but you never really know how hard they're gonna be on somebody who isn't used to it. We have a lot of really fit people, and it just kicked their asses."

But perhaps Guatemala's toughest task will be living up to last season. Survivor: Palau was a critical darling and fan favorite. Host and producer Jeff Probst is well aware of the pressure. "Palau is maybe one of our top three seasons," he says. "[The location] was gorgeous. We had a great finish and a good winner. Then you come to Guatemala, where it's brown, rainy, and muddy, and you think 'God, I hope this isn't ugly. I hope the season isn't ugly and the people aren't ugly."

Probst isn't talking about the Survivors' faces here: Overall, they're a fairly photogenic bunch. Among the personalities who pop right away is Morgan, a bubbly magician's assistant; Cindy, a zookeeper; Lydia, a fishmonger who stands all of 4 feet 10 inches; and Amy, a fourth-generation cop who sums up her reason for being here thusly: "I'm a fuckin' lunatic."

A Survivor first, Guatemala boasts a celebrity: former NFL quarterback Gary Hogeboom, who spent six years with the Dallas Cowboys in the '80s. Hogeboom, however, plans to keep that information under his buff. "It's been years [since playing in the NFL], and this is a pretty young crowd," he says. "If someone thinks they recognize me, I'm just gonna play it off: 'Nope, it's not me.'"

Survivor: Guatemala will incorporate more of its country's culture than in previous seasons. With consent from the Guatemalan government, the Survivors will live among the 2,000-year-old ruins, and some of the challenges are Mayan-inspired, such as a ball game that Kirhoffer describes as "the great, great, great, great grandfather of basketball." It is believed that the ancient Mayans traditionally sacrificed a losing member to the gods, something Danni had read up on prior to her trip. "I just hope we don't get beheaded," she jokes. "Watch, instead of writing our names down [at tribal council], that'll be the new twist."

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And from Survivor Phoenix we have this cast listing shot with both Stephanie and Bobby Jon shown...


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