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Hallmark Performs 'Ordinary Miracles'


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Hallmark Performs 'Ordinary Miracles'

By Kate O'Hare


LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Jaclyn Smith has worked steadily in television -- especially TV movies -- since finishing her stint on "Charlie's Angels" back in the 1970s. When she got the script, though, for her latest project -- Hallmark Channel's "Ordinary Miracles," premiering Saturday, May 7 -- Smith heaved a sigh of relief.

In the drama, she plays Kay Woodbury, an emotionally distant, divorced judge who, on impulse, takes in teenage Sally Powell (Lyndsy Fonseca) after she is rejected by her latest foster home. Finding her heart touched by the prickly but promising Sally, Woodbury sets out on a quest to find the girl's long-lost father -- with unexpected consequences.

Also starring are Corbin Bernsen as Kay's charming ex-husband, David, and C. Thomas Howell as Jim Powell, Sally's landscaper dad.

"I liked that it was a people story," Smith says. "I liked that it was a story the whole family could watch. Listen, I've been playing a lot of true-life stories where women went in and killed their husbands in their sleep.

"At first, I was like, 'Oh, good. I get to play a bad person,' because I was always these bigger-than-life characters, these women who could do anything. Then the genre of front-page stories being brought to film was in, and I did a lot of those. I did two true stories where women killed their husbands.

"It was nice to get back to relationships, a story about reaching one another, talking, finding the depths of each other. It wasn't plot-driven. It was just about these two people, and I like that. It's not about shoot 'em up or 'Let's take this sensational story right off the front pages.' "

She also enjoys the character of Kay, although the judge is not exactly a free spirit. "She's a very linear character," Smith says, "no gray, everything is black and white. She's a very inflexible person, and that rigidity interfered with her marriage, later in her relationship with her parents. Then this young girl, who you think would know nothing, comes in and cracks the world open for her.

"And it's two different generations. I'm always challenged with today's mentality of 'How different it is from when I grew up.' It was insightful to get into the head of a young girl who really had all the strikes against her, and see how she comes out of that, what her values were and why she felt like she did."

Smith says Fonseca is "wonderful" in the movie, which also gave Smith a chance to be reacquainted with former co-star Bernsen, who's splitting his time between ABC's "General Hospital" and UPN's comedy "Cuts."

"Corbin and I had worked on 'Love Can Be Murder' in 1992," Smith says. "It was a romantic comedy, and it was so much fun working with him. He's a wonderful actor and, I think, an underrated actor, because he can do anything. Not only can he act, but he can write and direct. He's on top of it."

"It was a nice little movie," Bernsen says, calling in from the "General Hospital" set. "It's good to do something that's a little more, I hesitate to say 'wholesome,' but strong, plain, good family entertainment. And Jaclyn's a remarkable woman on many levels, and certainly beauty is one of them."

Bernsen is indeed a multifaceted performer. He's president of the entertainment studio Public Media Works, which is coming out with its first feature film, "Carpool Guy," directed by Bernsen. Set for release in July on DVD, it features a cast of soap stars, including Rick Hearst, Lauralee Bell, Patrika Darbo, and Anthony Geary in the title role of a mysterious homeless man who hires on as the passenger of an ad exec (Hearst) eager to beat the traffic by using the carpool lane.

"Tony Geary's character is not all he appears to be," Bernsen says. "He's a very wise man. My main character, Joel, gets to fly down the carpool lane, but he also gets interesting lessons in life."

The movie's Web site offers behind-the-scenes video glimpses, promotional hats and T-shirts, scripts, auto accessories, photos and a chance to bid on production memorabilia. Fans can also vote on the official poster and register to buy the DVD.

"Our first intention is to get it back to the soap fans," Bernsen says. "We've finished filming; we're in post-production now. This is a feature for soap fans to enjoy in their homes. You gotta do all you can do. It's an area that I've always wanted to get into: producing and writing and directing."

Bernsen says he gets enough acting roles to keep the lights on, which gives him the freedom to pursue his interests in other areas, especially directing movies. "I enjoy the creativity and the freedom in the feature world," he says.

Rather than just waiting for roles to come their way, many veteran actors have gone behind the camera over the years, with a few branching out beyond the world of entertainment. That's the case with Smith, who's had a clothing line with Kmart for nearly 20 years, even dropping by the Kmart nearest to her Los Angeles home to keep a weather eye on how the store looks.

More recently, she moved into designing furniture, starting with bedroom and dining sets and moving into upholstered furnishings.

"My kids are in college," she says, "and it's time for me. If not, I'd be running after them like some puppy dog. It's nice I have a career in many different areas. It's challenging every single day."

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Guest XandraSkye
I like Jaclyn Smith too. She was always my favorite Angel and she's still a beautiful woman. Very well perserved. Would love to know who her plastic surgeon is?
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I like Jaclyn Smith too.  She was always my favorite Angel and she's still a beautiful woman.  Very well perserved.  Would love to know who her plastic surgeon is?

:lol::lol:I don't know but when you find out, will you let me know please?? :lol::lol:

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