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9/20 - updates from the SuperPass Cast Party


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Welcome to the Big Brother Finale Party live on Real SuperPass! If you had live feeds, you should be able to watch live. For the rest of you, we'll be updating the action in real time tonight over the next few hours!

And we're live from the SuperPass FInale Party. The action is just getting started so stay tuned for any interviews, the announcements of HG awards for the season, and more as the alcohol begins flowing.

The crowd is starting to fill in. Which BB14 HG do you think is the biggest party animal? Which HG most wants to get drunk tonight?

The party is just getting started as some former HG are getting here, Mike from Season 8, Michelle, Kevin, Lydia, and more. Your hosts are Alexander and SpicyPants. Nearly all the BB14HG will be here (not Joe who is going home to be with his family). WIl was running late and holding up the bus from the hotel. At 10pm BBT (in 90m) we'll have the BB14 Awards Ceremony, hosted by Kevin & Chelsea. These awards have been voted on by you at realitynation.com.

Kevin is out on the red carpet to greet the HG when the HG arrive. Stay with us, the party is just getting started!

Kevin comes on camera, some former BB HG are here, the current season's HG should be here within minutes. There are also Survivor people at the party.

Jodie is with Kevin and clarifies, she was booted, not evicted. She thanks to all her Twitter fans for turning her summer around when she was so down. She's wearing a green top and a sparkly skirt. It's JoJo, with her weapons accented in her dress. Fan reaction has been amazing for only being in the house 20 days. We loose the interview while hopefully they fix the audio. JoJo says she regrets a few things but sh*t happens. She regrets trusting Willie, he really F*ed up her game.

Will is next and Kevin says he's taller in person. He's gonna get drunk tonight, he says. It's so exciting, so fun, he says, he really feels for the jury, it's got to be so rough, he just wanted to go home when he was evicted. He came so close to jury but he would rather have either made F3 or go home. Wil does impressions of Julie, Joe.

The night has just started and more buses with HG are coming so to quote Julie Chen, stay with us!

Janelle is next with Beau (they are best buds now) and Beau has clearly gotten a head start on the drinking. Beau was in Greece during the season. Janelle says Danielle wasn't nice, she talked trash about everyone in the house. Beau says she was super blindsided. Ian is right behind the, wearing a Puka necklace. Snazzy in a green shirt and sports coat. He is quickly sandwiched between Beau and Janelle and sends a Quack Quack to his fans.

Ian says the fan reaction has been overwhelming, he thought he would be hated, read some bad things but it's mostly good. Next he is going to Vegas for the next party, take a couple months to decompress then return to school in January. He didn't think the jury would hate Dan so much, thought it would be close, 4-3. Jeff gave him the Puka shells. Mom bought the jacket, though. Ashley is with Ian. They are not together but rode together. A good flirtmance, Ash says. Kristen from BB12, hit him up, Ian says.

Spicy has the most screwed HG of all time, Jody. The fans are awesome, it's great energy tonight. They went to lunch today, then slept after last night. She doesn't drink, she's a bad girl but does it sober. She remembers everything, the good, the bad... She thought she would disappear after being booted so early but the fans wouldn't let her, she is so grateful. When life gives you 4881 lemons, you make lemonade.

Kevin is about to talk to Ash when Howie comes in and says thank the F*ing maker, what a cute baby! Ash said she said in the house she had a crush on Howie and Howie says he saw. Howie says that she was just trying to make him jealous with Frank. There's a couch over there, so he knows what to do. Ash says you're making me sound like a slut! Ash says go to @ashleyiocco and follow her. The house has a gas leak, Ash says, that's why she was so dopey. No, she was really in a lot of pain. She's a spiritual person and lives in another world anyway, but her back was F*d up, she couldn't walk. Howie says he'll give her a back massage, FOC. Free of Charge.

We're hanging out at the BB 14 Finale Cast Party where my live stream just reset. Spicy is still taking with Jody, excited for Canadian BB. Jody says her favorite season was BB9, the season of love, it was so crazy. Then she loved 7 and Danielle Reyes and BB2, loved them all in their own way. Her fav players are Dr. Will, Danielle Reyes, Dani Donato. Spicy says Brenchel will be here, as will Dani and Dominic and Cassie. Long term, Jody wants to be friends with Shane, Wil, and JoJo maybe. Ian is adorable and so is his brother, a fun nerd. We meet Jodi's husband. He's got the most beautiful eyes, Jodi says, he's the best, love him so much, waited a long time to find Mr. Right. Jodi says the limo bus on the way over had a stripper pole and everything.

Kevin has Frank and Cowboy. it's still raw, Frank says but winning Fan Favorite means a lot to him. Cowboy did research, and Frank was a competitor. If there's an all star 2, he's up for it. Frank said his t-shirts are available at FrankBB.14com. Frank says there's a lot of visual stimulation now that he's out of the game. CB says take one day at a time. Even a year from now, you're going to have flashbacks. He's 8 years out and it's still hard sometimes. Frank says he hears ppl really like his carrot costume, he has 2, so maybe he sells one. His Twitter account is @frankeudy.

Spicy has JoJo who admits she got a tan today. She's heading to Vegas tomorrow. She's single now, waiting for the perfect guy to come. Not in any rush, wants to have fun and focus on herself. She's not star struck by any former HG, they're like family now. She will be BFFs with Ashley and surprisingly, Wil. It's different inside the house. Those are my two favs. JoJo loves that what you see with Ash is what you get. She's not a dumb blonde, just really positive and into spirituality.

Don't talk to me about math and geography, book smarts aren't for everyone, JoJo says. She's drinking an Apple Martini. Next for JoJo is promotional modeling and lots of events, charity events in October, animal rescue and kids with cancer, jojodoll.com or @jojodoll1 on Tiwtter. Don't hate, haters, because she looks good! JoJo says no making out with anyone in the house tonight, just strangers. JoJo says she loves her fans, so tweet her or visit her web site.

Kevin has Survivor alum Phillip the Specialist who is a BB fan and not surprised Ian won. Their two shows are similar in how you have to get a group of ppl to come together to win, reveal a bit of their personality, compete against each other to win. He would play if he ever got a chance.

Alexander has Howie, Beau and Janelle all sitting on one bench. Season Six forever. Janelle says after BB14, she went back to her normal life. Would you do another season of BB? I'd think about it but not in the next 2 years. She was rooting for Dan and Frank to win, but is happy Ian won, he played an amazing game, a great job. Frank reminded her of herself and she loved Dan's game, he made flashy & amazing moves. Beau is practically eating Alexander's face, grabbing his man boobs. Howie is quiet because Beau is blocking his view. Howie is now a certified meteorologist who is looking for a weatherman job, so if you know anyone who's hiring... Janelle thanks the fans for their support, and is sorry she always loses. You're a winner in our hearts, Alexander says. I love you, Beau slurs.

Kevin has Bunky from BB2 who watched the first episode, saw Boogie and started crying and stopped watching. It was too painful to relive the 4 weeks he was in the house. Boogie is a pain the butt, Bunky says, and he knows it. They say he's calmed down a bit. Ian is adorable, he seems so sweet, so glad he won. Bunky says he would coach even if he wasn't paid because he's dying to get back on TV again. He's 48, single and available but he's not nasty.

Spicy has Frank, who hopes his fans enjoyed watching, he did his best to put on a show. It's been crazy, even the jury wasn't normal life, he's got responsibilities again. There is visual stimulation everywhere, he saw the same people and walls all the time. Frank says Joe's wife told him it's time to get on home. Frank hasn't talked to hardly anyone, his phone is on vacation mode and then it was dead. He just found out last night that the frank T-shirts were being sold. He hasn't met any former HG yet, too busy with the fans. He was a BB fan since season 6. His fav season was 14, and he and Mike were his fav players. Second to them, he enjoyed Brenchel, he got close to being on BB13. That was her season to win. He met them last night. He has heard about Wil's imitations but not seen them.

Brenchel had a Frank The Tank poster in the audience last night. Ash joins them, says Frank is moving to CA. He doesn't know about that. It's on her dream board, she says. Frank reminds her that the dream board where he was beating Dan didn't work. Ash pouts so Frank says she's smoking hot and she bubbles again. Ash says BB was like being on another world. She was on muscle relaxers, she was out of it for real, but she would go back any time if she could. The HN beds messed her back. Frank sings Ain't No River High Enough and Spicy says this is no fun. Ash says Frank thinks he's so cool he won America's Player. Frank says he was surprised, just wanted to be positive. The money will go into the bank, save it and not spend it to fast. They watched a lot of movies in the Jury House. They watched the DVDs of the evictions each week. Awesome, Ash says. Hard to watch, Frank says. They both wanted to be in those comps so bad.

They are driven to the JH in a town car all by themselves. Frank apologizing to Ash for how he put his dream board remarks. Frank says turned the TV on last night and completely forgot there were no cameras on. In the house, Ash says she forgot the cameras all the time, but she loves BB. They had the best cast ever, she says. Maybe she is just wearing heart-shaped sunglasses but there's only one person she won't talk to. They are going to dance tonight then go to Vegas tomorrow.

JoJo and WIl join them and Ash said this class loved each other like no other. Wil does his Frank imitation and Frank didn't realize he blinked that much. One of his handlers was the first to mention it last night. They joke that Frank should be a public speaker because he talks with his hands. Ash gets really quiet wIl and JoJo dominate. Ash and JoJo reminisce about the chip costumes. Spicy gives realitytotes.com All the HG are signing stuff to be auctioned off. Frank says Ash told him today that they were calling them Frashley online. Ash gives Frank a kiss while Spicy wasn't looking. Frank says that's enough, y'all saw it all ready.

Wil takes the hot seat with Spicy as the others move on. Wil says his mom is hot. He says his parents are the best. He is really diff from his brother, straight and gay, tall and short, energetic and he lays low. Wil imitates Dan flipping the pages in the bible. Then he does his Ian imitation. Go Ian, you F*ing rock, he says! Its' so hot, Wil says, he's sweating like a whore in church. Chelsea BB9 joins Wil and Spicy. They are waiting for Dan to start the awards ceremony. His family is there, Wil says. She goes to look to see if Dan is here. We'll be right back!

Michael from BB8, looks like Dan, would be a coach for free but not if he had to pay $5000 to get in. He just started watching this season right before Dan's funeral and thinks the right two were F2. Kevin said he could be Dan's brother.

Alexander has Dani and Dom from BB13. Danielle enjoyed the season, she predicted the coaches coming into the game before the season started. She would have hit the button in a heartbeat. Dom thought this year and last year's twist was bad. Last year was harder because there were more vets and they were paired up. A lot of super fans this year too. He could prefer to be on last season than this one. He liked the cast a little better.

Dom was Team Shane and Team Ian. They were not fans of Shane's Puka shells and what's up with Shane's hair? Dom says Ian is such a cute kid, seems really nice. Dani says he appreciates it. Last season the vets didn't act like they appreciate it, they felt so entitled. She loved the heart he showed in the house, he was genuine. Dom said he needed the money so he probably won't blow it. Dom tuned into The Talk to watch Ian.

Ian joins them, gives Dom a hand shake and Dani a hug. Ian says he's completely overwhelmed, he never thought this could happen. He never realized they were trying to get him out the whole time. Playing the game was so different from watching, you don't know what's going on, you don't have information. Ian says he would have fallen on his sword for any of the QPers and it hurt like he$$ to find out they weren't the same way.

Kevin has Kalia from BB13 and says watching this season a year later was hard, so interesting to watch it again. Kevin asks if she gets mistaken for Jodi. Kalia jokes, Jodi who? She felt bad for Jodi, she's the other black girl. She loved the F3, Dani deserved to be there, she was at the end and a whole lot of others weren't. She thought Dan was going to take it but was happy to see a newbie beat a vet. She had come convos with Dani D that BB14 was a replay of BB13. It was so obvious the coaches were going to come in. Kalia advises the current HG to not worry about what ppl say about them, if you have a solid foundation, go to Vegas, meet the fans, suck it up, enjoy it. I love the ppl that love me and hate the haters.

Missy has Ian and his parents. Student loans is the #1 thing he'll do with the money, Sunglasses #2. Ian introduces his mom Sharon and his father Peter. Everyone is asking for pictures and autographs with Ian and he says it is overwhelming. He knows now she is his #1 fan. Sharon argues that she is his #1 fan. Peter knows his place that he's the #2 fan. Ian did not sneak out with the pork rind but he got comp laminates, the salsa cube memory chip and some other things. He'll be back in school in Jan. The money will help his fam too and Sharon says he's so sweet. They don't need him to take care of them. Ian and his mom and dad all do the Quack Pack quack.

Kevin greets Porsche from BB13 who watched the season and was rooting for a newbie, very happy for Ian. She says her advice is for Dan to not spend that $50k too quickly, it goes fast after taxes. Porsche says Janelle was a coach for her before her season. She wouldn't coach on BB but would be a player, especially if she got to play with Rachel and Janelle.

Rachel and Brendon are in the house! It is now official, they have formed an alliance for life! OK Magazine October issue has an exclusive on their wedding and WE TV will have their wedding on 12/15. They just came back form their honeymoon and are ribbing Kevin from skipping their wedding. She flew in a helicopter, did a flip and he caught her.

Rachel is a live feed junkie and watched this season. They were at the finale and felt it was like a football game. They loved the outcome, a deserving F2, each for different reasons. Rachel said they were so different but each amazing at the game. Rachel said she would coach if they did it again. Brandon wants to graduate eventually. When you watch and your not in the house, it drives you mad. @rachelerily on Twitter, @brendonvbb12. Brendon slips in that he's working on a cure for Alzheimers.

Alexander has Janelle who says BB14 was the season of blindsides, really unique since most seasons have a couple of blind sides but every week had one in BB14. That's how she'll remember it. And the amazing gameplay. After evicted, she watched the game as a fan, gets very vested each season, but as a player, she knew the players personally, their weaknesses and strengths. Her unfavorites of the season, no one she completely hates, but she didn't like Danielle's lies. She played a great game, but she would turn on the hate. Janelle said she wasn't so much trying to get JoJo and Dani into a fight, but she didn't like JoJo calling Dani fat and wanted Dani to confront her about the personal attack. For future fans, she says play your own game, don't try to have a huge strategy, just be yourself.

Kevin has Survivor people, Sugar, Christine and Sugar's live-in eye candy. Christine is doing a Survivor talk show for afterbuzztv. Sugar doesn't have any loves or hates from this season. Christina says Zane is hilarious, an original. She loves Dawson, Malcome, Abby Marie. Sugar has a little cheat sheet with the HG faces on them so she'll know who's who while watching the show. She wants to meet Jenn. Sugar has a script for an indy movie and is entered in an instagram contest for Marilyn look alike. Abby from the current Survivor season is at the party. She was so excited about the premier, surreal. She can't tell us anything (or she'll have to kill us) but they made her look like such a flirt on the premier. She shows off her Brazilian booty. She has a knee brace on from when she got hurt on the show, tore her ACL and had surgery 7 weeks ago.

OhhhhH! It's Adam from Bb13! Of course he watched the current season, Go Ian! Superfans finall F*ing win! He was rooting for Ian, Frank and Jenn. Ian and Frank because they're super fans, and Jenn because she's F*ing metal. Adam says whatever you plan, the twist and turns in the house mess you up. Jenn tried to make a move, did her best, east coast F*ing metal, Roooar. Adam tells Dani to try to get money from somewhere else because BB didn't work out. He's still trying. You make decisions, you try, you move on. Adam says Dan made one too many moves and that's what cost him. Dan was out the door, the Funeral was BB history. He is not begging to go back in that he$$ hole, but if they call him... Rants and Roars, Adam says.

Next Kevin has the original Jen from BB8. She loved the current season, her favorite. She didn't even watch her own season fully. It's not fun to watch, it was embarrassing. She said at the start it would be really cool if Ian could win but didn't think he could. She doesn't really hate anyone from this season. She would have been a coach if asked but she knows why she wasn't asked. Dan's game was really entertaining as viewers, but it was out of control and she understands the jury's reaction. He was like ED but with Gd. Her Twitter handle is @jenjohnson777. The original Jen.

Kevin has Survivor alum, Krista who did not watch the Survivor premier last night. She has never watched BB but she's crashing the party anyway. She only knows of Michelle and ED. Kevin asks if she would be a coach on Survivor? Absolutely, she says, she's seen every season. Yau Man joins them, says Krista has 4 or 5 BFs and he's not one of them. They talk philosophy and computer programing. She's a bad-a$$ PHP motherF*ing programmer. She texts him with program codes, Yau says, and it turns him on. He's really happy that a fellow geek one, he's watched this season. Give nerds a chance and they can win. Nerds and geeks are taking over the world! The richest men in the world today is Bill Gates, a nerd and a geek. They are driving to Vegas tomorrow listening to podcasts on neuroscience and the mysteries of the universe. Krista says they will listen to podcasts about sex. They are both drunk out of their gourds. Cheers!

Alexander has Cowboy from BB5. He says ever since All Stars, it's getting harder with the lying and back stabbing, it's getting brutal to get to the end but it keeps them entertained from the beginning to the end. He had no idea where the jury would put their votes. CB was rooting and would have voted for the underdog, Ian. He watched since he was 10yrs old, a huge fan wanted to play the game, a Super Fan who knew how to play the game. Not the best player, but a good one.

Ronnie was a super fan from America to England, he knew every BB but was too aggressive. Ian was laid back, not aggressive and that helped him to get to the end. CB just wanted a newbie to win, liked the coach twist but wishes they had stayed as coaches. Keep em in the house but let the newbies play their game. He says he would have hit the button, though, as a coach, to enter the game. He's a single father of 3 now, so winning $500k is better than $100k. But if he still had 3 players in the game, he might have taken those odds. CB's boys joke about him streaking in the house. His daughter hasn't watched the whole BB5 season. He jokes he would tell his kids not to play the game.

Actually, he would be honored to be at home cheering one of his kids. Speaking of blood, he and Nakomis don't talk but keep in touch via Facebook. She got married and is doing well and he's proud of her. He remains in contact with Savage or Jase every once in a while, he texted Holly today. He talks more with other HG from other seasons. He would return to the BB house in the future depending on the situation. He still does charities, just did Autism for Children, and will be doing Toys for Tots in New Hampshire. He tries to interact with the fans.

Spicy has Brenchel who hasn't talked about PB's box. She was dying when they asked her and told her what it would be. Brandon says Ian's reactions were the best. He says watching his wife talking about him was hilarious. He was upstairs as they were filming downstairs. He would shout down, more, more! Spicy says she knows how to play the camera, her off camera personality is so different. Brandon says she knows how to turn it up a notch. Rachel says Dan played such a good game.

Dan walks into the interview. This is the first time he's met Rachel in person. He congratulates them on their marriage. Memphis is here as well. They had dinner together before the party. Rachel is excited to meet Dan too, he was so exciting to watch. Dan says he was jealous Ian got PB. Dan tells the newlyweds but before they go to bed at night, say what you're thankful for and what you want for them. Thanks, Dan, thanks for ruining my game, Brandon says. Rachel says Dan will go on an All Star season and mist the heck out of me. Dan said only if Rachel, Brendon and Memphis were on his team. That would up their price, Rachel jokes. Dan takes off so we can complete the Brenchel interview.

Dan's wife Chelsea pops in to say hi to Benchel. She says she loved being on Twitter and everything, everyone was so nice. Rachel says Chelsea is so pretty. She calls Brenchel so adorable. Brendon said Dan did an amazing job from a player's perspective. Hats off, if not the best player of the game... Chelsea says she talked to him last night and he said he has no regrets. He knows how to come into the BB house and leave it there when he exits.

Rachel interviews Spicey, says BB14 was crazy, ups and downs. Even ppl I didn't like in the game, love them outside. Rachel says she was on the edge of her seat last night. Brandon said they had no idea where the votes were. Rachel couldn't even see the keys going in. Brendon though tit was flipping right before in Ian's favor, but expected 4-3. They thought Ian's speech made the difference. You can't pi$$ off the jury, Spicy says. Brendon says Dan misread the jury.

Kevin has Wil(along with Survivor Christina and BB Dominic/Porsche) who talks about going on a talk show on AfterBuzzTV.com and talking about growing up gay and being bullied giving hope to other kids facing the same problems. www.thewilshow.com is where you can find 1 L Wil shows.

Wil announces he has to pee and beckons the camera to follow him. The camera does. Why, I don't know. Welcome to MTV Cribs, this the hallway where I stand...

Jeff & Jordan have been sighted at the BB14 live finale cast party stream. Still looking for signs of Kara, Shane, Danielle or Boogie.

Spicy has Jeff & Jordan. They met up with Shane and Dani and had some beers and told them to come to the party and they are here now. Everyone's cool, Jeff told them, experience all that comes with it. They are still taking it hard, but Jeff says he also took it hard. It's not easy getting out of the house and Jeff says he doesn't give great advice but just encouragement. He doesn't know where their relationship might go, they're just starting out.

Are you going to get married, Spicy blurts out? He's got a year, Jordan says, June 5th. Relationship's going great, Jeff said, they just moved out to California, Jeff jokes about how he got misted by Julie into committing to June 5th. Jordan had a hard time adjusting to LA. Jeff jokes that she's giving one word answers. Shutup, she says. Jeff says they are just getting the hang of things out here and they're taking it slow. Jordan is working full time and Jeff's production company is going well, things are great. Jordan wishes they would have stayed coaches the whole way through. It's BB, though, there's gonna be twists.

They bring over Shane and Danielle. Danielle is wearing the same dress she had on for The Talk. Shane says it's a lot better being outside of the house. You're not targeted as a couple. I really liked her and had feelings for her but didn't want to put targets on our head. Spicy said we were all wondering, including Dani. Shane says he was never playing Dani, was going to bring her to F2. He didn't think she was playing with Dan but it hurt going out that way. Dani regrets playing with Dan, but Shane knows how she feels about him now. They are not sure about Vegas. But they want some time to see each other without cameras. Shane has to go back to his 3 jobs, pay his bills. He's paying his parents' mortgage too. Dani will head to Vermont soon. Shane says Vermont and Alabama are a long distance away, but if it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

To their fans, Dani says thanks for the support and she appreciates all the sweet comments. Shane says they got back stabbed by one of their alliance but they were true to each other. Without BB they would never have met and had this beautiful summer. Maybe they'll come back for All Stars. If Shane came back, Dani says, she will too. Shane hasn't seen anything and hopes he was portrayed as a sweet guy. The hardest comp for Dani was Walk The Plank but she didn't want him to leave and that's what kept her going.

Shane's hardest comp was Memory Chip because his life was on the line. He also loved the first mattress comp, it was everyone out for themselves. Spicy says that Dani was funny, she would pose in the camera. She's guilty, she says, she did it. About an hour putting on makeup every day, Shane said. There was nothing else to do, she says, and he would watch her. What they will miss most about the BB house is living together. They are really into each other. The Olympic Date really did it for them.

The hardest thing for Dani was, and she didn't understand until she got out of the house, they are judged and criticized 24x7, even for how she brushed her hair. She was not mentally prepared for that going into the house. Shane's biggest downfall was not watching the previous seasons, not knowing what to do and when to do it. If he had told Dani not to use the Veto, then Ian would have been evicted instead of winning. But Gd has a plan for him. 3rd and 4th out of 16, he'll take it but without any money, it's tough.

Dani respects Shane's game the most. They put their loyalty into someone they thought had their backs and he didn't and that's the hardest lesson to learn in the game. There were multiple times that they made sure Dan was safe but they don't know in the house what viewers know. Knowing what you know now, would you be more vicious? I wouldn't change who I was, Dani says. I wouldn't change how I played, Shane says, just would make sure I could really trust those I trust. Someone like Dan, I wouldn't trust. Dani says I should have gone with my gut feelings.

Shane says I could care less if I never see Dan or talk to him again. I will eventually forgive him, but he just took $500k away from me that I was going to use to take my family out of bankruptcy and that's hard. Dani says it breaks her heart, she found out some stuff today that she didn't know about. They are going to enjoy not having any cameras. Shane is in a tough situation and hopes he has his jobs still. He is hoping that something, besides Dani, comes from this. Will you get some time together before you split up? Tonight we're in the same hotel, Shane says, but we each have our own room.

Chelsea gets everyone's attention. It is time for the Awards Ceremony. Rachel Riley, be quiet. Only BB HG in the VIP section, please. Everyone else to the main floor. Sheila's in the house. Chelsea is trying to clear the VIP lounge of non-BB HG. Tells the blonde talking to Ian to MOVE IT!

Chelsea and Kevin are hosting the awards ceremony, the categories voted on at realitynation.com. The first award is for DR (King or) Queen. The nominees are Boogie, Ashley, and Britney. The winner with 84% goes to Britney who is not there to claim her certificate.

The next award is Comp King (or Queen). The noms are Shane, Danielle and Frank. The winner with 64% is Frank! Frank accepts his award. Speech is called out by the fans. There is no bullying inside this house or outside this house, he says. Preeesh.

The next award is the Biggest Schemer. Joe, Dan and Ian are the nominees. With a whopping 84%, Dan wins! He accepts his award and thanks Mom & Dad for teaching him how to scheme ppl.

Best Stealth Whisperer award. The noms are Dan, Danielle and Joe. By a 47% vote, Danielle has won. She says thank you. She whispers to Kevin, you're a sweetheart.

Most likely to make a career out of BB. The noms are Joe, Wil and Frank. The winner is, with a 46% vote, Frank! He says he'll do after his 15m are up whatever the fans want him to do.

The Best Back Stabber award. The noms are Ashley, Ian and Dan. And the winner with 91% of the vote is Dan. The BB14 HG are so not paying attention. He asks for a knife to get one on Kevin. He played rough but not enough to get 4 votes on the jury, he says. Thanks, though.

Next is the most All Star Worthy HG of BB14. The noms are Ian, Wil and Frank. The winner with 48% of the vote is the winner of BB14, Ian! Ian says he would love to come back. It's a great honor, he says, Quack Quack...

The best Kiss-A$$ award goes to Joe with 72%, the most Feed-Worth award goes to Britney, and the Best Storyteller goes to Britney as well.

The most unsinkable (the biggest floater of the season) went to Jenn City. Most likely to cause a FoH (Front Of House?) goes to Britney, and she also gets the DR Queen award.

Chelsea says the bar is still singing drinks and the party is going to continue but they are going to wrap production.

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Thank you for tuning in, Dan says, this is a wrap. NO, screams, Kevin, we went through he$$ and high water to get you here! Kevin says he's blanking on the questions, he's misted. Dan says it's good for him coming out of the house, it's old hat. He's more worried about the new HG, they are being pulled in many directions. Dan says he told Frank if he had told him his dad was a pro wrestler, Dan wouldn't have voted him out. He repeats his offer to help any of the newbies but admits he hasn't talked to Shane since the end of the game.

Dan admits to being a PS3 video game nerd. Kevin says he's smart and intimidating but played a very diff game than 10. Dan says they knew who he was in BB10 so he had to flip the script on him. He left it all on the field, did all he could to win, just underestimated the jury and their bitterness factor. As for pushing the jury too hard, you either go full gangster or no gangster. Did Dan throw the final HoH? No BS answers. No, he got flat out beat, got rattled on the Brit question, didn't listen to the semantics of what Julie said, Brit never says like a QP. He would have taken Ian anyways.

They were both convinced Dani would have smoked them in the jury but didn't realize how the jury felt about her. His speech when he evicted Dani was going to be that in a horror movie, when the killer takes off his mask and it's your best friend. Kevin tells Dan that they told Dani that Dan had told Shane she had been playing him. He says the reason was to secure Shane's vote from the jury. He just told Dani that he gave him a hug goodbye. Kevin asks would he ever come back? It's a big assumption I would be asked, he says. 100%, he doesn't have much left to prove, he's ready to ride off into the sunset holding Chelesa's hand. But, never say never.

Kevin says that all the other HG said Dan was the better player but you didn't win. Dan says obviously I wasn't the better player. Dan says he would take nothing back, he'd stab one more person if it would have made a difference. Nothing he could have said or done to win the $500k with them. If he had taken Dani to the end, she would have had Shane, Ian, Jenn's and Britney's vote. Dan also said Ian relinquished his Renegade membership. He has no one to blame but himself.

Memphis pops into the interview. Dan appreciates Kevin plugging his book, How To Get On Reality TV. Kevin says it's the best advice ever. Memphis got on with his good looks but Ian and I had to do something different. Ian told Dan he had read his book and it helped him get on. Memphis says Ian can quack his way back to where he came from. Dan says it was a fake Renegade membership anyway. Memphis says he was a superfan, watched the whole season all for this guy. Super proud of him, he made it to 2nd place. I bet he wouldn't make it a week. Did the producers help you? No they didn't. It meant the world to me when I came out in 2nd place and saw Memphis.

They stood up next to each other at their weddings, no one he has a better BB relationship with. This is my guy right here. That would be the only way I entered the house if this guy was with me. Memphis agrees, he's an old man now, we'll have kids and sh*t. Are you going to finally wash your shorts? He$$ no. The only time I've worn those shorts are in the BB house and never washed them. It's to pay tribute. Vern from Wisconsin will buy them up and wear them every day, Memphis jokes. Hands down, he says, Dan is the best BB player in history. Kevin says that's how we'll end it tonight with Dan, the best player in BB history.

Thank you everybody for sticking through the SuperPass live finale cast party! Note that SuperPass will have a live chat with 3 of your fav HG from BB14 at 5pm BBT on October 4th. But only if you have your SuperPass membership.

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