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9/19 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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time for the man of the hour!!

Did this live up to your dreams?absolutely everyone try out it was a blast.

everyone is asking me to ask you about the hammock?

the hammock is amazing its great! this one has a different squeek and its better then the old one

give us some hashtags?

#tulaneterrywins #quackquack

were you jeleaous of frank?

no i was more into the game and if ashley is a friend of the QP she is not a friend of CT

give me one word for frank?





sweet she is so funny sarcastic and fun

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Ian is live on the BB live feeds. He quips about not having been this whole time.

As a super fan, this experience lived up to his expectations. You cant get anything like that anywhere. Ian gives huge shoutout to fans; he didnt expect it and he is pumped by all the support. He cant wait to hear what they have to say.

Ian hesitates when asked if he is a villian. He doesnt think he is a bad guy. Ian came up with his speech on the fly, it was completely unplanned and he is glad it worked out for him.

Spicy teases Ian about the squeak the hammocks made. Ian apologizes for all the squeaks but Spicy tells him we enjoyed it. Spicy mentions the first week and how unreal it was. Ian says it was a sensory shock and was really cool because he didnt expect to be in there. Frank was his biggest competition for the money. Ian took Dan all the way because he thought he would be easy to beat since Dan scumbagged everyone.

Ian comes up with his hashtag for his BB experience: TulaneTerryWins, QuackPack.

Ian is going to the True Holloywood party.

Ian took Dan out in the greatest way possible; beating him in F2; 6-1.

Ian wasn`t jealous of Frank, he was more worried about the game. Ian had heard they kissed, and wasn`t impressed with some of the conversations. Spicy invites Ian to Seattle for Big Brother Live Feeds.

One word to describe:

Frank: Funny

Dan: Slimy

Britney: Sweet

Ian considers Brit to be like his sister. Ian said she was probably the most faithful of the QPers.

Mike Boogie was the hardest to evict from the BB house. Ian felt like a terrible person getting rid of him.

Ian thought for sure Dani could beat him in F2 because Dani is a sweetheart and Dan scumbagged her a ton. He didn`t know he was being scumbagged too. He thought she was a legitimate threat. Ultimately, he took Dan to honor his word, even if it meant losing.

Ian is going to use his money for a student loan and a paint can full of sunglasses.

Ian thanks fans for their support and he can`t believe he won.

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Q: Ian win?

D: I think Ian deserved it, great person, great heart, I've been loyal to Dan all along, so didn't want to change now, hard to know what was real/fake, lots to process

Q: why so loyal to him?

D: I'm a loyal person, he made it seem he had been loyal, and I couldn't come up with any time he had

Q: why the nurse/teacher lie?

D: didn't want to give anyone a reason early on

Q: would you have gravitated to Dan/Shane without coaches

D: Shane definately, Dan I"m not sure, if Boogie was my coach I'd been loyal to him

Q: when shane was evicted, Dan said you had been playing you..

D: speechless face again... can we talk about something else?

Q: olympian date?

D: Didn't realize how big they were at the time, loved every second of it

Q: your health problems, worried or strategy?

D: in the past, knew there were people here, wasn't going to let it hinder my experience

Q: why not tell Shane/Ian dan was trying to get them both out

D: not sure how to go about it

Q: regret throwing part 1

D: yes

Q: best part?

D: time with Shane

Q: future with him

D: yes definately

Q: Zingbot?

D: I hate it, still hate that zing, still get heated

Q: you voted for Dan, why so devoted, what qualities that made you want to trust him

D: I guess he mistified me, it's a lot to take in, I thought he was honest with me, and I was a person he could trust.


Q: answering to do when back in school

D: do best of your ability, if playing monoploy, and you'll give me boardwalk because I promise to take you to movie afterwards, it's a game

Q: compared to Dr will?

D: that's ultimate compliment, I grew up watching him, I played against his friend, if mentioned in same breath as him..

Q: dirty game?

D: I'm not shane, I have to do what I have to with tools I'm given, use ploys I could, more than one way to play the game

Q: more about winning or the money?

D: I want to play, money would be huge, change my/wife's life, I can go to sleep knowing I did my best

Q: you are up for awards at party... your wife has been amazingly supportive

D: when I saw her out the door, I asked, I know I put her through alot, hoped I didn't do anything to deface/ashame her

Q: why did you keep shane in house so long?

D: I let Dani talk me out, second time I didn't miss

Q: so many times you survived

D: 24 hrs isolation was my best thing, the chaos I saw was working, when I came out like a zombie, but I was faking

Q: when you leave BB do you plan on career in acting/politics?

D: definately not acting, but if Mitt Romney needs help

Q: harder season?

D: this one, Frank/Shane/Ian, great competitors, I feel fortunate to make it this far.

Q: fans?

D: if you are fan, I know I was different this year, if you try to reach out to me, anything I can do

Q: did you hear audience reaction when Shane called you dirty?

D: we can't all be Ian

Q: do you think Ian is villian? some think he is

D: he's a 21 year old kid, when he was up against Frank, it's david/goliath, if I'm going to lose to someone, I'm glad it's him. I'm willing to talk to all of them, Frank, shane, it's hard to adjust, I talked to Jordan after she won, it's hard to adjust

Q: advice to people wanting on BB?

D: you know I wrote a book? Ian/Ash read my book

Q: why did you pick jodi to leave?

D: I pulled Dani/Kara aside, they both picked each other, apparently a good thing, everyone talked about her each day, she caused so much chaos after being in for 6 hours, I need to reconnect with her.

Q: what will you miss?

D: last time I didn't want to leave, this time I can't wait

Q: Hard feelings?

D: will stay in touch with quack pack, if shane doesn't want to kill me

Q: plans?

D: reconnect with my wife, missed our 1 yr anniversary, go back to helping people get on reality tv. this experience helped me appreciate my wife so much more

Q: would you come back for allstars?

D: not sure, to quote Justin beiber, never say never

Q: ok, I admit I'm misted, he's a great guy


Q: big feeder, as super fan, what was it like?

I: cant get anything like this, try out and get on this show, it's a blast! big shout out to fans

Q: are you a villian?

I: when I scumbagged Boogie/Frank, I wasn't sure, but I'm not a villian

Q: your speech?

I: I winged it, it was unplanned, glad it worked out, I thought Dan was going to beat me in the end

Q: the hammock? started with diff one

I: it wasn't as good

Q: this one has diff squeak

I: I have to stay in motion, I can't stand still

Q: first week, couldn't touch/feel enough things

I: it was like a sensory shock, didn't expect to be in

Q: You said Dan was biggest competition

I: I had a few chances, but after his funeral, I realized he was scum, so thought I could win against him

Q: hashtags?

I: quackpack bb14 tulane terry kristenbb12dateme

Q: mean to take out 2 winners?

I: put my hand in center of qp, wasn't going to take dan out early, took him out in best way possible, 6-1 is landslide

Q: ashley

I: I needed her to be close to quackpack, with her close to chilltown

Q: going to see us in seattle?

I: didn't know, would like to, never been there

Q: one word for Frank

I: Funny

Q: Dan?

I: slimmy

Q: Brit

I: sweet, my best friend, like a sister,wouldn't think we would be but she was so funny, protective, most faithful of the qpackers

Q: hardest to evict?

I: Boogie, I broke down, I felt like a terrible terrible person having to evict him.

(feeds froze)

I: I thought Dani might beat me in the end, ultimately I was honoring my word, not because he was easier to beat, I thought I might lose to Dani, so I was honoring my word with Dan.

Q: money?

I: student loans, and paintcan full of sun glasses.

The rest of CTV's coverage as his login was not working for him properly

thanks and goodnight!

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