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9/19 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Next up is Frank, whom Spicy is gushing over. They sent her a Team Frank shirt.

Thoughts on tonight's show and Ian taking everything. Frank said had he went out 3rd place, Frank would've told him he should have stuck with Frank. However, if he won, he'd tip his hat towards him.

Frank is a bit bitter towards Dan but will work on it.

Frank wasn't allowed to take Ted to sequester. Ted was in Ian's doghouse, Frank goes to retrieve him. Frank says the worst thing about the carrot costume was the hat.

Frank had suspicions that Willie was going to get expelled but as a fan of the show, he hoped he was wrong because someone else would've loved that spot.

Frank was thrilled to "get it on" with Ashley on the couch the night of their date. Spicy says that was one of the highlights of the season. Frank confirms there is a connection between them but they are both on opposite sides of the country and that is working against them.

Spicy congratulates Frank on AC; she voted for him. Frank is thrilled, means America liked him. Frank doesn't know if he is All Star worthy, but he'd come back and play anyway.

One word to describe Ian: Imperative, Frank says.

Frank would change his gameplay by sending Dan/Dani home week 2 if he could redo it. Frank's game was called arrogant and aggressive; Frank says he had to build his confidence back up - he was against a wall.

Frank seemed angry when he left the game. Frank says he wasn't angry, just heartbroken. He got tunnel vision and walked out the door.

Frank to his fan: He's so happy to have his fans and he played for everyone. He loves us all.

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Spicy is really excited for Frank:

Where is teddy b?

I dont know oh over there (he was in ians dog house)

give me one word for ian?


what would you change about your game?

i would have sent dan and dani home week 2

Some people call you cocky right after boogie left what do you have to say?

i had to be i was alone i had to give myself confidence

What was your biggest moment?

I hate to say it cause Boogie and Ash left but that first double eviction when i won veto was huge for me.

you seemed pissed when you left will you stay bitter?

he was just heartbroken to walk out and had tunnel vision.

He says he loves his fans and thanks us for americas choice

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Next up is Shane, and Spicy loves his shave. He says it's continuity and sometimes they don't let you shave for a week so your DR sessions are consistent for that episode.

Shane was mostly ticked at Dan for being evicted because he was the mastermind. Then he was upset with Dani at first, but now that he knows it wasn't her, he's better. It could've been him that won tonight; he was supposed to be F3.

He'd like to continue his relationship with Dani, but their relationship is long distance so he's unsure. Since they didn't win, they don't have extra money to spend on plane tickets. Shane has no hard feelings for keeping Dani over Britney; he did what he had to do.

The funnest time Shane had was meeting people, the downtime, coming up with crazy games, throwing balls at each other. Salsa ball that Dan created. It was a good time.

Shane never went to the jury house. He got evicted Thursday, went right to a hotel. He was sequestered for 6 days and had no obligations for 6 days, crammed into a room. He's gotten 20 hours of sleep in 7 days; he was replaying everything, trying to figure out what he could have done to prevent it. He's not going to sleep well tonight cause he is going home, no job and bills.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to be on BB? It's a huge committment. Emotionally and physically, it destroys you. You gotta mentally prepare yourself for anything in the game. He hadn't seen the show up until he was on it. Once he found out he was cast, he watched most of BB11, parts of BB12 and BB13, but that's it. When Shane won the first POV at the laundromat this season, Brit (his coach) had to explain it. Getting 4th place was good, but he does wish he won. Shane won 6 competitions this season.

Why do you think you made it so far? Shane started off being targeted early because of Willie. After the reset happened, Shane threw competitions so people didn't think he was so strong. It worked for awhile, he won when he had to.

If Shane could pick one thing to take home from the BB house, it would be the lamp above his head. Or the boom box in one of the rooms. Spicy tells Shane about the mock game Super pass played before the show started.

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now we move onto shane

spicy asks about the move to get him out.

Well ian should have left when I did so to me if it wasn't for dan It might be me there an not him. I thought dani was in on it and she wasnt so that is amazing.

Will you and Dani continue outside?

it is not looking too good but we did talk about trying and buying plane tickets.

What was it like in the jury house?

I wasnt in the jury house i was sequestered for 6 days i have gotten 20 hrs of sleep in 6 days because i have been by myself. im going home to bills and no job its been stressfull

what would you take from the bb house if you could?

you mean something i wouldnt cry to look at? my lamp over my bed or wait no the stereo in the boom boom room!

he tells the fans thank you and hopes they see him on another season of bb real soon.

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Spicy asks if Ashley is going to wrap party tomorrow. She is, and she loves to party.

Ashley is so excited that Ian won and so proud of him and their season. Ian was on her dream board. Next on her dream board is her moving to CA, and her tanning business blowing up. Ashley's business is bronzique.com but used to be Ashley's golden glow and she might go back to that.

Ashley describing her sciatic nerve so bad because of the HN beds. It's better now.

Ashley says she had fun in the jury house with Frank; she giggles. She says she has a futur with Frank, he needs to move to Cali. He's on her dream board and he needs to use his AC $$ to get his butt to Cali.

One word to describe Ian: adorable.

The dates with Ian were to build confidence in the beginning, but then he grew on her. He was awkward in the beginning.

Ashley said in an interview that Ian owed her an apology. Ashley doesn't remember it, and says he doesn't. Everyone lied in that house, she voted out her coach. Yes, she does regret Janelle being voted out. She found out today Dani had lied to her about a lot of what Janelle said. She didn't want to be a target either.

Her fave BB player is Frank.

Joe is so happy for Ian. Joe was ready to give it to Dan becaus he played an awesome game. It came down to Ian being 21 years old who grew while in the house, did it with virtually no blood on his hands.

Joe is up for the "Stealth Whisperer" award tomorrow night at the wrap party. Spicy asks about Joe's legendary stealth whisper in the house, where he mistook Dan for Shane.

Fan question - Joe is a bear`s fan.

Joe is asked if the competitions where tough. He starts laughing and repeats the question. `Let me put it this way, I fell off one before it even started!`

Spicy says Joe got more fans after his classy exit. Asks if it was planned, it was not. Joe says he has learned so much from the other HG`s. Joe says there were tense moments, but at the end of the day, he wants to party with them. When asked who his favorite is, Janelle is. She was his coach; he would live or die by her. He blamed Wil when she was voted off, but it wasn`t.

The future for Chef Joe is: a cooking program, hopefully. First off though, he is doing the Mad Love Cooking (BB Cookbook). Then his youtube show, and hopefully someone picks him up.

Spicy asks if Joe got headbutted more than once by Willie. Joe laughs and says he thought Willie was gonna kiss him at first for being so close. Joe says they were love taps, 2 or 3, but they weren`t hard. Joe thinks Willie was self-evicting.

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Joe next

Joe how did you decide to give it to ian?

he deserved it he played cleaner. I was ready to give it to Dan for strategy but Ian is a young kid who played the game all his own and made good choices.

are you a bears or colts fan?

Da bears

how were the comps on you this year was it really tough on you not doing so well?

i think i fell off one before it even started! i tried so hard and couldnt do anything I figured I better go social real quick

Your exit was so classy and people who werent your fans became your fans was that your plan?

i really loved everyone and we all got along. I had fun with all these young people and had no animosity when i left.

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Next up is Janelle. Spicy tells her she looks amazing.

How hard was it to leave your baby girl and husband: Janelle says it was very hard to leave her family.

The person she was most excited to see evicted was Danielle.

When she told Brit she had no emotion about things, she was trying to bug Brit because Brit was having a rough week. She can usually level herself out.

The most exciting moment was winning her first coach`s comp; she loves winning comps. Spicy`s fave comp was Feel the Burn; which is also Janelle`s. She loves shaking her booty.

Janelle wanted to do Amazing Race with Julie Chen, but JC can`t because she works for CBS. JC recommended Boogie.

It was rough having her own team turn on her. It sucked, and it hurt her game the most.

Watching the season from home was better emotionally because she could wind down at home than being thrown into the action and having to deal with it that way. Decompression time is better, she says.

Janelle to her huge fan base: I love you guys so much, thank you for always supporting me. I know there is a lot of you out there and thanks for being there for so long. I love you guys!

Janelle wants to be a player like Dan, super manipulative. Janelle thought Dan`s game was a little dirty, swearing on the bible and everything, but he was amazing. She felt bad that he got 2nd place.

There is no animosity between Janelle and Wil. They are friends - kind of. Janelle has a lot of friends, she doesn`t need anymore.

Being a mother and wife changed Janelle`s life as she has slowed down a lot. She used to be a party girl but now her daughter is her world and being a wife is important to her.

Jeff gave Janelle pork rinds with a picture of Janelle and Willie when he threw them at her. She doesn`t converse with him, doesn`t want to talk with him again; they have nothing in common.

If she could take one thing from the BB house, she`d take a chess piece. She loved playing chess with Dan.

Janelle loves Frank; she cheered for him up until he was evicted and then she cheered for Dan.

Janelle will be at the wrap party tomorrow.

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Jani asked her favorite moment of the season and how violet is?

She says violet is great and beautiful. she loved winning the coaches comp because she loves winning comps.

What was your favorite comp?

booty scooty cause I won it and it was fun i love shaking my booty.

what would you do differently?

I would have picked a different team. my players turned on me and that was the biggest issue with my game.

what do you think of Dan's game play?

I love dan but it was really dirty for me i would never play that way. He was just on 24/7 it was amazing but not how i play it. he deserved the win i feel bad for him.

what do you think of frank?

i rooted for him when i was gone him and dan

if you could take anything from the house what would you take?

I would take a chess piece from upstairs cause i loved playing chess with dan.

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Wil comes and gives Spicy a huge hug. She apologizes for how sweaty she is.

Spicy gives Wil an envelope and he enthuses over it, saying he loves envelopes. Wil didn`t get to hear Ian`s speech because they were back stage, he is so happy Ian won. Ian kept is classy and Dan played dirty. Wil underestimated Ian, he loves that kid and is so happy.

Fans love Wil, who goes Awwww... He is pretty, has no idea why they love him so much. That means so much to him, thank you. Wil is up for best storyteller award at the wrap party tomorrow night. Wil breaks into his story voice, mocking Joe who they can`t hear in the BY so they assume he`s not back there.

If someone was to play Wil in a movie, he would want Chloris Leachman.

The zingbot didn`t zing Wil on the show. What do you call Fabio without sex appeal or muscles - Wil. ZING! If he had a dollar for anytime someone called him sexy, he`d be richer than Dan Gheesling.

Wil is single and taking applications. Holds out his hand - put a ring on it.

Wil was frustrated watching everyone pave the way for Dan to win. Don`t hate the person lying, hate yourself for falling for it, is his advice for his fellow HG`s that took it personally.

Wil was happy he dìdn`t make it to jury. If he wasn`t going to make F3, he wanted to go home instead of waiting to award someone else $500,000. If he could take someone to F2 with him, it would have been Jenn. Wil calls her a friend for life.

One word to describe Frank: Lackable.

One word to describe Britney: makes a noise kind of like Darth Vader.

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Wil's turn

who would play you in a movie?

cloris leechman from golen girls

We didnt get to hear zingbot zing you what happened?

he compared me to fabio and if i had a nickel for anytime that happened id be richer then dan gheesling

are you happy to not make it to jury or would you rather be home?

id rather not make it to jury and wait to hand someone else half a million dollars

who would you have taken to final 2?

jenn cause she was quiet and i got along with her well

one word to describe boogie?



likeable (in his frank voice)

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Boogie is up next; Spicy interviewed him a few weeks ago.

Boogie thought Frank played the rest of the season well. He hung in there but when everyone is after you, they`ll eventually get you. He is very happy Ian won, he played a great game. Ian is such a super fan and to see him so overwhelmed and elated warms Boogie`s heart.

Boogie weighs in on Dan`s game being called dirty and controversial. Boogie says there is no such thing and Dan just has to own it on the outside. He played a great game and deserved to win as well.

Boogie didn`t play the game as anticipated. He was a coach and got thrown in as a player and didn`t work as well.

Boogie thinks Ian really is a villian.

Since going home from BB, Boogie is back at work and spending time with his son. No offers for a Sunday School teacher.

Chef Joe was a good cook and his favorite dish was turkey burgers.

His kiss with Ashley was hot, and was very spontaneous. He liked it, it was cool. Spicy confirmed that everyone on the feeds saw it, Boogie doesn`t think it aired.

The highlight of his time in the BB house was evicting Janelle and getting everyone on board with it. It was satisfying for their rivalry. They are friends again now.

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Boogies turn:

How do you feel about your boys game after you let?

Frank or Ian?

Frank first.

he did great unfortunately when everyone wants you gone eventually you get gone.


im proud of him he did great and deserved the win.

do you think he was a villian?

Ian is definitely a villian i thought he wasnt at first but he really showed he can be evil.

what have you been up to?

Owning restaurants and making up for lost time with my son.

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Jodi is next, she is thrilled to meet Spicy finally.

Jodi got friggin gypped. She wants to be the nice guy about it, but she`s tired of being the nice guy. She was angry. She was in sequester for a week, and was under the impression of going back in the game. It made it worse to find out she wasn`t going back in. She spent the week planning her next move when she got back in.

Jodi thanks the fans from Twitter and FB as her fans made her summer wonderful. She thanks her fans for their support and says BB fans are like no other.

Jodi`s strategy going in the game was to be taken for granted. She was there, but they would think she`s not that active. Jodi was not going to be a floater, she wanted a secret alliance like Willie, Jenn and Shane (in her head). Jodi was going to win comps when she had to, lose when she had to but no floating.

The HG that gave her the worst first impression when she first came into the house was Joe because he made no effort to connect. He wasn`t mean, but distant. She had no idea how loud he was.

Jodi is going to the finale party and then the Vegas bash.

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Jodi's turn

we really didnt get to know you?

i got fucked. then sequestered for a week. I thought i would get twisted back in and come with a vengance and take advantage of the fact that i was counted out.

how did you feel afterwards?

well i was mad at not getting in the game but i got to talk to all the fans and that was amazing i thought id have 35 followers and now im at 7k going strong it has been great to talk to everyone.

how would you play given the chance?

i definately would not have floated i would have tried to work with shane for comps and dani for social cause she was on my team.

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Next up, we have Jenn City!

Spicy introduces herself. Jenn thanks everyone for watching; live feeders made the season so great.

Jenn is proud of Ian, he may not be her favorite person in the world, but she heard different things tonight that she needed to hear and his speech was very compelling. She wanted someone to win who hadn`t won before.

Jenn lost 20 pounds being in the house. The PB&J Julie gave her was the best sandwich she`s ever had in her life. Slop is very bland. Supposedly there are nutrients in it, but she doesn`t taste it. It doesn`t taste bad, just bland. She is grateful for the taco seasoning and stuff she could use.

Fan question - Using the POV on Dan helped her game because it allowed her to make a huge move in the game. Dan returned the favor the following week.

If Jenn could change one thing about the game, it would be more alliances early on.

Jenn asked why she didn`t spill her F3 deal with Dan and Dani earlier; she didn`t feel the need to. She didn`t trust Ian to stay true to his word.

Her favorite coach was a toss up between Dan and Britney. Britney did a really good job this season, and Dan was in F2 so give credit where it is due.

Jenn won`t be attending to wrap party as she has a lot of music things in NYC happening. Spicy hands her an envelope and Jenn says maybe she`ll stay.

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Kara is next. It was fun to watch the game from home. She was in sequester for 2 weeks before going home, but she enjoyed watching from home.

Fan interaction on twitter is amazing. She is floored by the fan base. BB has the best fans ever and she can`t thank them enough. She loves them and tried to tweet them all back. She gives the feeders an update. The hardest part is not being able to talk to family and friends. The boredom gets you a bit.

Fan question - Instead of Jodi, Kara would have rather seen Willie go out the door on day 1. Hands down.

Willie self-evicted the day after Kara left. It ticked her off because she would have wanted to come back and there are so many people who wanted to be on BB and Willie took that away from someone.

Kara says everyone has different game play so she can`t say that she was disappointed in anyone`s game play. She doesn`t like floaters, but that`s part of the game. America`s Choice if left up to Kara was Ian. He was her favorite. She has the most respect for Dan as a player.

Kara is going to miss the wrap party because she is flying to Canada to work.

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next we have Kara:

how was the fan interaction?

I love twitter and BB has the best fans. I try to tweet everyone back but I love them all.

what is the hardest part being in the house?

not seeing friends and family

who would you rather see go d1 instead of jodi?

tough one probably willie

how do you feel about him self evicting the day after you left?

upset they could have brought me back! but not just that there are a ton of other people who could have had his shot on the show and wanted it more.

who was your vote for americas player?

Ian for sure and after that dan i love my coach and respect him a great deal.

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JoJo is the spiciest in the house, Spicy says.

JoJo is not really disappointed in anyone`s gameplay this season. She was impressed by Dan & Ian; great F2.

Shoutout to live feeders; she loves us and we`re the best because we know all the truths, not just the edited stuff.

Aligning with Willie was JoJo`s downfall. If Willie hadn`t done that, he may have won the veto and Shane would`ve went home. Willie played way too hard, way too fast and that was his downfall. JoJo says when she comes back on for another season, she`ll kill it.

JoJo did have an attraction to Shane, it was a strategy. It was easier with Shane because he was the best looking guy. She`d never date him in real life.

JoJo has her lip gloss hiding in her clevage.

JoJo doesn`t know if Shane and Dani`s showmance was real. She pushed Shane to do it in the early weeks, use it as gameplay. Towards the end, she thought it was real and she wants them to be happy. She says Shane will be surprised to see all of the internet stuff about Dani and if he wants to date such a liar, go ahead. Her own dating life is good.

Smoking with Ian was fun. JoJo gave relationship advice. How to get a girl. Some of it was uncomfortable, such as what he would do if he got HOH. JoJo reminded him that there was cameras everywhere. JoJo is leaving for Vegas tomorrow so won`t be at the wrap party.

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Jojos turn:

Whos gameplay shocked you the most?

no one but i loved ians play and dans play says she loves us live feeders.

Was aligning with willie your downfall?

for sure it was they say dan has a mist well i was in willie mist it definitely messed up my game. because he would have been out before me and given me a week to get out of trouble.

was there an attraction to shane at all you were flirty?

in reality i would never date him my strategy was to flirt with all the guys which is what i did. i like the bad boys in bands and stuff.

Do you think the Dani and shane thing was real?

in the beginning no because he wasnt into it. but tawards the end i don't know. I hope he doesn't look online and find out what a liar she is,

How was smoking with ian?

sharing a cigarette with ian was great! but i made him uncomfortable talking about sex even though he brought up doing something in the hoh room if he got it.

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Danielle makes her way over. Dani thought Ian deserved the win; she only voted for Dan because she stayed loyal to Dan the entire time. There was too much stuff to process what was real and what was fake.

Dani stayed so loyal to Dan because she is a loyal person and she had given him her word in the beginning and she had no proof that he had ever hurt her so she went with what made sense.

Dani felt being a teacher would be better so people couldn`t use her memory against her.

Fan question - Dani feels she would have naturally gravitated towards Shane even if Boogie was her coach. She`s not sure about Dan. She would probably have been loyal to Boogie if he had been her coach and been loyal to her.

When Shane was evicted, Dan whispered that Dani was playing Shane the entire time. This is news to Dani, who`s mouth drops open. She is flabbergasted, and asks if he really said that. Spicy confirms and Dani asks if they can talk about something else.

Dani and Shane`s date with the Olympians was amazing. She loved the date and felt fortunate to go.

Dani wasn`t too worried about her health issues while in the BB house as she knew there were staff that could help her if needed.

Dani didn`t tell Shane that Ian and Dan were trying to get him evicted to further herself in the game because she`d seen the wrath of Dan.

Dani regrets throwing part 1 of the HOH to Dan. (She says this very firmly)

Dani will miss spending time with Shane most in the BB house; she wasn`t playing him. She believes there will be a future with him. She will attend the wrap party tomorrow.

Spicy brings up zingbot. Dani still gets heated about that, hates the zing - what else do you want to know.

Spicy asks what qualities Dan has that makes you want to trust him and believe him. Dani says he mystified her. She hasn`t had a chance to see it, and this is a lot to take in but she thought she could trust him.

Dani thanks her fans, she loves them and hopes she didn`t disappoint.

Watching Jeff`s interview with Ian. Hard to hear, planes going overhead and people standing in the way.

Ian says when they said the first night someone is going home, he went pale. It`s such a huge shock that he won, such a socially awkward guy.

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Q: What was reaction when you got to Jury?

Shane: I didn't go to jury, went to hotel and was sequestered for 6 days

Q: Advice?

Shane: It's hard, emotionally/physi, destroys you, don't know who to trust, I hadn't seen it before May. I was casted. Saw season 11, part of 12/13. When I won first POV at laundrymat, Brit coached me, I had no idea what to do with it. Getting 4th was good but still

Q: How many comps did you win? HOw did you get so far, not being targeted?

S: At first I was, because of Willie, after the reset I started throwing comps to be under the radar

Q: One item to take home from the house

S: One item I wouldn't cry if I looked at it? Maybe the lamp above my bed... you know, the boom box, just didn't have batteries.

S: BB fans I love your support, hope to see you in the future!


Q: what do you think of Ian winning?

A: He deserves it, so proud of my winner, well the winner, yea Ian! I had him on my dreamboard

Q: Next on your dreamboard?

A: Frank moving to Cali, and my spraytan bus blowing up, bronzek.com

Q: how is your back?

A: my whole back was squished, like electrocution, stress attacks injuries, and it's stressful in there

Q: did you/Frank have fun in the jury house?

A: yes!

Q: future?

A: if he moves to cali

Q: Boogie kiss?

A: we were playing spin the bottle!

Q: one word to describe Ian?

A: Adorable?

Q: Dates with Ian?

A: to build confidence, did you see him? ackward!

Q: dream?

A: me and jessica alba, on a school bus, you mean when I was sleeping? cause I dream in real life

Q: Does ian owe you an apology for evicting you?

A: did I say that? I'm sorry those words came out, at one time I thought how could you do that? but every one lied in the house, I even voted out my own coach/

Q: you regret voting out janelle?

A: I don't like to have regrets, but... I heard she was saying I was tradable

Q: Fav player?

A: Frank!


Q: Ian wins, what do you think?

J: I'm so proud, was going to give it to Dan, but Ian is 21 yr old, worked it on his own, no blood on his hands, he deserves it

Q: You are up for award for stealth whisperer

J: I should win that!

Q: your best whisper when Dan came in

J: I was ready to give away secrets

Q: viewer asks, Bears or COlts fan?

J: Da Bears

Q: Were the endurances tough?

J: One I think I fell off before it started, I thought I could pull off 1 or 2, I realized if I couldn't pull off social

Q: many became fans after your classy exit, was it planned or were you speechless?

J: no, I really had fun with these guys, days you want to pull hair out, it's an emotional drain, other days you just want to party

Q: Fav?

J: Janelle, she's my coach, I was her only vote, obvi I was going after Wil, i thought it was his fault

Q: Chef Joe, what's the future?

J: first off a mad love BB cook book, hopefully someone will pick me up, or a competition show better suited to my skills

Q: Willie, did you actually get headbutted more than once?

J: we were so close, I thought he was going to kiss me, 2 or 3, but we were really close

Q: Do you think it's fair he got expelled over it?

J: I think, my opinion he was self evicting, he was ready to go, he was going to go after anyone that walked past, and I did.


Q: Beginning of the game, before coming in how hard to come in leave your family/baby?

J: it was hard to leave them

Q: Most excited to see evicted?

J: long list... Danielle

Q: You told Brit you don't show emotion?

J: I was trying to bug her, I knew she was emotionall that week, and I can level myself out

Q: Most exciting moment?

J: winning my first coaches comp

Q: Feel the burn comp was good, what was your fav?

J: Feel the burn!

Q: Amazing race, would you do it?

J: I can't with 'her' because she works for CBS, but she told me I should with Boogie, no hard feelings with him now

Q: what was it like getting to watch your season unfold?

J: it was better emotionally, to wind down, than to be thrown into this, to be able to watch it from home

Q: you have a huge fan base, what do you say to them?

J: I love you so much, thanks for the support, thanks for being with me so long

Q: what would you chnage about your game?

J: I'd like to be more manipulative like Dan, although it's so dirty

Q: Can you be too dirty in BB?

J: I felt bad for him tonight

Q: you and wil?

J: we are kinda friends now, but, I've got alot of friends, so.

Q: how has being a mom changed your life?

J: it's slowed down, my daughter is my whole life, I'm at home a lot

(someone gives Janelle a pack of pork rinds)

Q: have you talked to willie on twitter or anything?

J: no, we have nothing in common

Q: one thing to take from the BB house?

J: probably a chess piece?

Q: Frank?

J: I was cheering for him, for a while, then I was all about Dan

Q: Wrap party?

J: I"ll be there!


Q: what do you think of everything tonight?

W: so glad Ian won, Dan played dirty, ian played clean, he pulled it out

Q: Fans seem to love you, haven't heard anything bad about you, people love you. why?

W: because I"m pretty? lol it's a good feeling, for sure

Q: you are up for best story teller award?

Wil mimics Joe

Q: When is part 3 coming out?

W: this week, will take time to make Brit's dress

Q: who would play you in a movie?

W: Cloris Leachman

Q: We didn't see zingbot

W: what do you call fabio without sex appeal or muscles? hahaha if I got a dollar for each time I'm called Fabio I'd be richer than Dan

Q: Single?

W: yes

Q: most HG paved way for Dan?

W: don't be bitter about it, you fell for it, blame yourself. Part of me wanted Dan to win it, but Ian pulled it out. Happy I didn't get stuck in jury, happy to go home

Q: who would you liked to take to F2 if you'd made it?

W: Jenn, played quiet game, good getting info, nice person

Q: describe Boogie

W: agregious

Q: frank?

W: likeable(with southern accent)

Q: britney?

W: (growls)


Q: what do you think of Franks game?

B: up hill battle

Q: ian?

B: very happy, played a great game, super fan, to see him elated, very happy for him

Q: been talking about Dan's game

B: nothing dirty, he just has to own it on the outside, I've called him the catholic school boy, he played great

Q: did you play how you wanted?

B: no I went in as coach, was 2 against the house

Q: do you think Ian wanted to be a villian?

B: I think he is, give him credit

Q: what have you done outside?

B: back to my life, playing with my son

Q: no offers as Sunday school teacher?

B: no

Q: joe as cook?

B: turkey burgers were good, I'll say that

(missed a question here)

Q: highlight of your time?

B: evicting Janelle, getting everyone on board, we have a rivalry, but we are cool now, friends now


Q: You got friggen jipped, were you livid?

J: I went to seqester for a week, I thought I'd get twisted back in, I had a plan, picked last, say I was underestimated

Q: what did you do when you got home?

J: I watched the feeds with twitter followers(shoutouts), over 7000 follwers

Q: what was your strategy?

J: had it planned out, I'm not active, but involved, rocker like jenn, someone like shane, looked at them while in there, win comps when I had to, don't like floaters

Q: who gave you worst impression when you went in?

J: JOe, he didn't try to connect, he was quiet when he talked to me, I didn't know he was really loud!

Q: afterparty tomorrow night?

J: yes! Fans are awesome so I look forward to meeting them!


Q: what do you think of tonight?

J: proud of the kid, not my fav person in the world, but heard what I needed to, his speech was compelling, wanted someone to win who hadnt

Q: slop?

J: oh wow, I lost 20 pounds, that pbj julie gave me was soooo good. slop is bland, supposed to be nutrients, but... thanks to joe, taco seasonings, mustard...

Q: how did you think using pov on dan would help your game?

J: he returned the favor next week, and I was up against Frank so..

Q: Change one thing?

J: get to know people more, work on my social game, maybe change alliances

Q: why didn't you spill to Ian about your final 3 with Dan/Dani?

J: didn't feel I needed to, felt there was something bigger, and there was, it was the QP, this kid wasn't going to stay true to his word so why botther?

Q: fav coach?

J: Dan and Brit...

Q: after party?

J: I have to head back to NY for musical stuff, so...


Q: What have you been doing?

K: sequestered 2 weeks, then went home, watched, really enjoyed it

Q: fan interaction?

K: BB has best fans ever, I love them, try to tweet them back

Q: Hardest part?

K: not being able to talk to family, friends, and the bordom

Q: rather see go out instead of Jodi the first day?

K: Willie

Q: He self evicted the day after your eviction

K: wish they had brought me back, and so many want to be on the show

Q: disappointed in anyone's game play?

K: each one is diff, some float, some win comps, bothers me some do nothing but...

Q: your fav HG?

K: Ian, he was my fav

Q: Most respect for as player?

K: definately Dan, he was my coach, one of the top 2 or 3 of all times

Q: party tomorrow?

K: have to fly to Canada


Q: disappointed in anyone's gameplay?

J: not really, impressed by Ians, shocked me, and Dan, great final 2

(shout out to live feeders, know all the truth, not just edited)

Q: Allign with Willie?

J: Dans mist, i feel Willie misted me, we won first HOH, put target on us, he should have gone out his week, instead of me, even if willie won veto that week, probably Shane would have gone instead of me. I was blinded by him, he looked like someone who knows what he's talking about. Hopefully when I come back I'll kill it.

Q: flirting with Shane?

J: it was strategy coming in, I figured I would with all the guys, not my type, bad guys with tattoos, if you are in a band

Q: Shane/Dani?

J: first week I didn't think it was real, I told him work that, could be to your advantage, but it might be real, I think he will be shocked when he sees what all is on the internet about her, if you want to date someone that is a liar

Q: smoking with Ian?

J: puff puff puff away, smoke away ian, and our conversation was interesting, I tried to give him advice, how to get a girl, keep a girl, was fun to make him uncomfortable, make it interesting to the live feeders, he talked about getting intimate if he won HOH, flash back to that.

Q: after party?

J: not sure, they booked my flight to go to vegas, I will try

(during pause Jeff who is doing interviews also gives shout out to feeders)


Q: Ian win?

D: I think Ian deserved it, great person, great heart, I've been loyal to Dan all along, so didn't want to change now, hard to know what was real/fake, lots to process

Q: why so loyal to him?

D: I'm a loyal person, he made it seem he had been loyal, and I couldn't come up with any time he had

Q: why the nurse/teacher lie?

D: didn't want to give anyone a reason early on

Q: would you have gravitated to Dan/Shane without coaches

D: Shane definately, Dan I"m not sure, if Boogie was my coach I'd been loyal to him

Q: when shane was evicted, Dan said you had been playing you..

D: speechless face again... can we talk about something else?

Q: olympian date?

D: Didn't realize how big they were at the time, loved every second of it

Q: your health problems, worried or strategy?

D: in the past, knew there were people here, wasn't going to let it hinder my experience

Q: why not tell Shane/Ian dan was trying to get them both out

D: not sure how to go about it

Q: regret throwing part 1

D: yes

Q: best part?

D: time with Shane

Q: future with him

D: yes definately

Q: Zingbot?

D: I hate it, still hate that zing, still get heated

Q: you voted for Dan, why so devoted, what qualities that made you want to trust him

D: I guess he mistified me, it's a lot to take in, I thought he was honest with me, and I was a person he could trust.

these are CTV's recaps as he could not log in properly

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Dan's turn

what do you tell your student about this game?

I played a game when im in my real house with my wife there arent 16 people after me to kick me out of my house with my wife so im not this guy

youve been compared to dr will?

that is the ultimate compliment to me i had to do what i had to do to win im not like shane and couldnt win a million comps like shane i had to do what i had to do.

was it about the money or the glory?

it was both the money would chane my wife and i's life but i would like to be known as the best to ever play the game was well

Spicy compliments his wife and dan says shes amazing and most important to me.

Why did you let shane stay so long?

i shouldnt have let dani talk me out of my first shot a while ago that was a mistake on my part

spicy is surprised everyone did everything he wanted.

Dan goes back to his funeral.

I wanted everyone to think i checked out so they would buy a weaker me and get them to do what i want by disarming them.

Dan says the new players this year trump all othere and in no other season do you compete against a shane and a frank and other high calibur players....

he gave a huge shoutout to the fans and he will try to get back to each of us cause he knows the fans are important. he says at the end of the day if he were to lose to anyone he is happy its ian cause everyone will love him and root for him.

what advice does he give future HGs

Read my book and find out!

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Dan up next. Spicy comments he has `duck` shoes; they roll up.

Dan tells her to hit him with the hard questions. Dan said he couldn`t come here and play the same game. Dan is going to tell his students whenever they do something do it to the best of his ability. You gotta do what you got to do to survive. Spicy says she is getting misted. She tells him he`s been compared to Dr. Will this season; Dan says that is the ultimate compliment.

He played against Will`s best friend and couldn`t play against the best and that is a compliement. Dan asks if there is such a thing as a dirty game in BB. He did the best he could with the tools he was given. He didn`t come to win 3rd place, he came to win. He knows he played the best game he could, and he can go to sleep knowing he gave it his all. Dan gets the invite to the True Hollywood party.

Dan asked Chelsea if she was ok first thing; that`s all that matters. She is an amazing woman, and is a role model to young girls. He hopes he didn`t deface her or defame her, that`s all he cares about.

Biggest regret in the game was not knocking Shane out when he had the first chance. When Dan`s funeral worked, he was surprised. But that`s how he played his game, and solitary was the best thing for him. He wanted them to disarm the HG`s, and he did.

Fan quesiton - Dan doesn`t plan to have a career in acting, but maybe politics one day.

Season 14 was tougher than season 10. Frank, Shane and Ian were given specific mentions.

Dan gives a shoutout to his fan. Know at the end of the day when he walks out of the game, he is the same guy. Reach out to him on Twitter, he`ll try to reply.

Dan didn`t hear the audience cheer when Ian called him a dirty player. Dan doesn`t think Ian is a villian and is super well liked. If he had to lose to anyone, he is glad it is Ian. They just need to keep Ian out of Hollywood. Dan doesn`t have a problem with anyone in the game. When Jordan one, he reached out to help her adjust. He thinks the 14 HG`s will need help with that as well.

Dan picked Jodi to leave because Kara and Dani wanted to go to war with each other; they picked their own team. Jodi caused tons of chaos in 6 hours so he doesn`t regret his choice.

Dan will miss hanging in the pool with Ian, the comeraderie. Last time he didn`t want to leave the BB house, but this time he is married and he can`t wait to leave. He`ll try to keep in touch with the Quack Pack (as long as Shane doesn`t try to kill him). Dan`s future is going home to his wife and reconnecting with her. He will make up the fact that he missed their one year anniversary. He will also just enjoy life.

Dan says its a little much to consider coming back for an All Stars. He won once, and came in 2nd place. Never say never.

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