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9/18 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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8:02pm dan is saying his chicken isnt done. dani says mine is done. dan gets an extra plate and takes the chicken off his plate and gets another piece of chicken that is done. dani says this house is really making you crazy huh dan? he says naaaa.

8:04pm ian says we can put that piece back in the oven and cook it more . he gets up and puts it in the oven. comes back to the table and says this is very good. ian says i think we should make something to catch this mouse. dan says and we can put it in dani's bed. dani says no come on dan dont do that.

8:11pm dan asking ian what was john candys name in plane, trains and automobiles? ian says i dont know.

8:13pm dan says how about we start a new tradition everyone wash your own dishes from now on. ian says that is fine with me. dan says ok dani. dani says dan i wash my own dishes talk somewhere else.

8:17pm dan comes out of the sr after taking trash in and says you have drugs in there danielle. she says what he says drugs to help you sleep like a morphine drip.

8:19pm ian goes to sr and gets a coke he says dan know what will be good? a kit kat bar in the milk shake dont you think that will be good? dan and ian leave the sr and complain about boogie telling dead baby jokes they says thats not cool.

8:22pm dani goes to the sr to get her meds and she comes out of sr with it dan jumps out and scares her . he asked her if it is morphine she says no it is melatosan. dan now asking her if she wants a milk shake? she says no i am full. ian asking when she takes a sleeping pill how long does it take to fall asleep. she says 20 minutes.

8:24pm ian wondering if bb is feeding the fish upstairs. he says they better be. dan says they are. ian says at the end they cant say that there was no harm to the animales this year cuz some fish died.

8:29pm ian and dani going to play speed now . dan says i will play the winner but i am still the champion. dani says you are so full of yourself dan.

8: 35pm : dani goes to wa and looks in the mirror and says i am so full then looks at her stomach in the mirror then asked herself am i burnt?

8:37pm ian just beat dan in speed but dan thinks he won and is still the champion. ian is arguing saying no way i won.

8:52pm general talk going on in by as hg sit on the by couch.

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9:05PM BBT: Ian is swinging in his hammock, Danielle is sitting under a blanket on the BY couch, and Dan has moved to the SBR and has settled down in bed.

9:07PM BBT: Danielle is now in the WA doing her nails. Ian still swinging.

9:21PM BBT: Ian has made his way inside, and asked Danielle if she wants some ice cream, and she says no. He walks to the SBR to ask Dan but he's sleeping. Ian is making himself a bowl of chocolate ice cream. He puts some scoops of peanut butter into a mug and melts it in the microwave. He pours it over his ice cream and heads outside to his hammock.

9:28PM BBT: Danielle has successfully removed the nail polish from her nails. She heads into the SBR. Dan says he's just disappointed. Danielle asks why and Dan says that Danielle was right. Danielle says that Dan's social game was amazing this year. Danielle says she wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. Dan is laying on his stomach and obstructing his mic, making it difficult to hear him. It sounds as though Dan thinks Danielle carried him through the game. Danielle says she feels Dan carried her, and that Dan is a great coach and player. Dan says the only reason Ian wants to take him is because he played a shitty game and will win against him.

9:31PM BBT: Dan thinks he's played a shitty game, and hasn't thought about it until today. Danielle is giving him examples of how good his game has been this season.

9:38PM BBT: Danielle says she knows Dan can win this game. Danielle wants Dan to see what she sees, and Dan mumbles that it doesn't matter. He doesn't believe he can win.

9:44PM BBT: Danielle: "I don't want to hear you say you had a shitty game! If you say it again, I will make you write 'I will not tell lies' [Woohoo, Harry Potter reference!]. Danielle says she thinks he's surpassed Dr. Will in game. Danielle says Dan can have a down in the dumps day, but not because he thinks he had a shitty game.

9:50PM BBT: Danielle is still giving Dan a pep talk in the SBR. She's trying to make him see what he's done in the game this season.

9:53PM BBT: BB asks Dan to not obstruct his microphone, and Danielle says "Thanks" and throws her hands up. Ian heads to the SBR as Danielle leaves, and says she was just getting her shoes and Dan is sleeping and ill. She calls him outside and tells him about their conversation. When Danielle leaves, Dan smiles at the camera and says what sounds like "I love this game".

9:57PM BBT: Dan gets called to the DR and he immediately gets up and goes into the DR. Ian is back to swinging on his swing, and Danielle is preparing to work out. Danielle makes Ian swear to not tell Dan she told him the conversation she just had. Ian points out that there are two cameras zoned in on her ass.

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10:12pm dani is walking in the by, ian is swinging on the hammock still, dan is still in the dr.


ian is mumbling to himself as he rocks on the hammock. dani is checking laundry. dan still in dr.

10:34pm ian has now gone to the wc. dani just got the iron from the sr and went to kt to fill it with water. she now heads to the lvr and sits on the couch with the iron.now she heads to the sr and is plugging in the iron.

10:44pm : ian and dani are figuring out what they will wear tomorrow. dani says either her black skirt or the pink dress or if i dont like the way the those look i might wear the purple one i wore at the sushi party. ian says yeah that will look nice.

10:49pm : dan and dani are working on making cookies. so they can have cookies and milk. dan says if you won would you retire? dani said if i won i would help people like you helped me.dani says why did you ask me that dan says just wanted to know if you would quit. she says quit working no way.

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23:01 BBT

Ian is reciting Survivor history to Dan and Danielle on the BY couches.

Danielle gets bored of listening to Survivor history so goes inside. She's cleaning up the WA and primping in front of the mirror while waiting for the cookies to finish cooking.

Now Danielle's taking a shower. (Hope she didn't forget about the cookies!) Dan/Ian still discussing Survivor outside. Ian says Frank reminded him a lot of Coach from Survivor Tocantins.

23:22 BBT

Nothing much to report. Danielle's still in the shower. Ian and Dan are still discussing Survivor.

Danielle's finally out of the shower. She checks on the cookies, which still aren't done yet. (I'm beginning to think she forgot to turn the oven on, b/c they've been in there a half hour already.)

23:39 BBT

Ian & Dan discussing evicting Frank and Ashley. Danielle is playing solitaire in the KT. Dan wants to know which Ian prefers to watch: BB or Survivor. Ian says BB.

Cookies are finally done. Danielle takes them out of the oven and goes back to playing solitaire.

23:45 BBT

Danielle takes the cookies off the cookie sheet. Mmm mmm good! She takes them out to the BY where the boys devour them. Danielle heads back inside quickly. Ian and Dan are still discussing Survivor.

Danielle lays down in the SBR. Light are still on.

00:01 BBT

Dan asks Ian to pick his ideal BB house cast (of past contestants). Some of Ian's picks… Lawon, Kathy, and Kahlia.

Hmm… I take that back. Ian is not picking his ideal cast… he's picking the most "useless" HGs (according to him).

00:12 BBT

Danielle still lying in bed in the SBR w/ the lights on. She looks depressed or maybe sick. Ian/Dan outside discussing who would win if Janelle and Boogie were competing against each other (in an imaginary BB comp that Ian made up). Ian says Janelle.

00:21 BBT

Danielle gets out of bed and heads outside to sit by the hot tub. Ian and Dan are discussing past HGs and evictions of this season.

00:32 BBT

Ian gets in the HT. Dan wonders where the basketball went to. Danielle says she couldn't sleep even though she tried for an hour (might help to turn the lights off…). Dan wonders what time it is since they have to be ready by 9am tomorrow. Danielle tells him it's 12:30. Dan asks Danielle if she'd be mad if he pushed her in the HT. Danielle says, "Nope. I'm not in a mad mood."

Dan asks if they have heard who is coming out tomorrow for the finale. Ian says he hasn't heard. Dan says he just heard it was up to the producer's choice. BB yells at them, "You are NOT allowed to talk about production."

00:40 BBT

Ian thinks it's funny how sensitive Boogie was about his age. Dan says, "Chelsea's dad is only 5 years older than Boogie." They all continue to trash-talk Boogie.

00:52 BBT

Dan says, "Good night, kids," and heads inside. Danielle follows. Ian gets out of the HT and finds his towel to dry off with then starts pacing the BY.

Danielle sits in the Arcade for a minute. Ian gets his glasses and shoes and heads inside. Danielle leaves the Arcade and sits in the WA where Dan is getting ready for bed. Ian comes into the WA and says he's going to take a shower. Dan says he'll take one tomorrow.

Danielle goes into the LR and sits on the couch. Dan tells Ian, "Second to the last night!" Dan heads into the MBR and Danielle follows him. Looks like Dan is trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow.

Dan has Danielle help him pick a shirt out. He wants to wear black on the finale, so she picks a purple one for tomorrow. Ian is still in the shower.

01:02 BBT

Dan asks Danielle what's wrong. Danielle says she feels bad. Dan says why. Danielle says she doesn't want to hurt anybody's feelings. They head into SBR to go to bed. Dan gets out his Bible. Danielle worries that the jury will think the only reason she's at the end was because Dan was her coach. Dan says that's ridiculous and he would never say that about her.

Dan recites his eviction speech to Shane. He laughs remembering Danielle's reaction that night. Danielle says, "You swear? You're not going to get me at the end?" Dan says, "Are you kidding? You'd never talk to me again." Danielle says, "You really care if I talk to you again?" Dan says, "Yeah!"

01:09 BBT

Danielle says she had a meltdown in the DR and now the producers are watching her closely. She tells Dan that's why they don't mind her sleeping during the day now and they're watching to make sure she eats too. Dan's like, "Are you serious?" BB says, "You are NOT allowed to talk about production." Danielle ignores BB and keeps talking about it. Dan interrupts her, "Can't talk about it. Can't talk about it."

Danielle starts whining about Shane and Colt again and all cameras cut to Ian in the WA. He's out of the shower and just getting ready for bed now.

01:15 BBT

Cameras back on Danielle. She's saying that the thing that bothered her most about Shane was that he didn't care about her feelings unless she was sad about something Dan did do her. Anything else that happened, Shane always acted mean and indifferent to her and that really hurt her feelings. Dan goes back to reading the Bible. Ian is in the MBR getting dressed for bed.

Ian asks, "Why do we call this room 'Skid Row'?" Danielle says, "Kara came up with it." Dan says, "She did? I thought it was Jenn." Ian thinks Kara was really cute. Danielle asks who else. Ian mentions someone at casting and BB yells at them again, "You are NOT allowed to talk about production."

01:23 BBT

Dan reads a part of the Bible to Ian/Danielle (out of the book of Revelation). Ian asks if Dan reads the Bible in his real life too. Dan says he usually reads a verse a night, but he'd like to read to Chelsea every night now. Ian says he hopes to find a girl to do that with too. Danielle wonders if the setup for this week's live show will be just like for the other live shows. Dan says he thinks so.

Ian asks Danielle if she had any relationship starting before she came into the house. Danielle says she had a friend Tre & they kissed but hadn't really discussed anything about a relationship. Danielle asks if he asks b/c of her almost showmance with Shane. Ian says no he just wondered - says he just likes talking about relationships. He mentions Taylor and we get FOTH.

01:42 BBT

Lots of FOTH. Feeds come back briefly and Danielle says to Ian about Taylor, "She's just getting annoyed the longer you don't ask her out." Ian sighs and starts to reply and we get FOTH again.

01:50 BBT

Feeds are finally back. Ian and Dan are talking about Minecraft. Ian says that game isn't really his cup of tea. Ian turns out the light and says, "Dan you're really really funny and Danielle you're really really sweet," Danielle says "Thank you" and Dan says, "Night, buddy." (And that seems to be my cue to go to bed as well. Good night Twitter friends!)

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7:10 am BBT HG's are still asleep but I read this on the LFU Board last evening ....

HG will talk to Julie Chen on The Talk on Tuesday.

I Know these Shows are usually Taped early so I'm keeping an eye out .. I did check the commercial for today's "The Talk" and no mention of BB..

7:46 am BBT... WBRB .. We Have Fishes

7:48 am BBT We are over 10 Minutes into WBRB ... This is a Wake Up Call

8:10 am BBT Feeds are back .. Danielle is doing her Make in the WA Ledge mirror .. Ian getting fresh batteries in the SR .. Dan is in the Shower

8:12 am BBT Ian has joined them in the WA and is getting spruced up, then Heads into the KT to make some Coffee ... No Talking going on yet by any of the HG's

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8:16 am BBT Dani and Dan are talking but with Dan in the Shower and Dani with no Mic on ... All I heard was Dani say "This IS Crazy"

Dan Ian and Dani discussing who takes next Shower ... Ian is up next

8:20 am BBT Ian is Pacing around the LR and KT waiting for the Coffee Maker to finish percolating

8:24 am BBT There we go Coffee ready .. Ian says there's 9 Beers in the Fridge

8:28 am BBT Dan cutting his nails , Dani still doing her Make Up , Ian at the KT Table slurping his Coffee

8:31 am BBT Dani is now doing Her Hair , preparing to curl it ..... No Talking going on

8:34 am BBT Hg's all seem a Lil Nervous but sure aren't as excited as i would be

Dani asks "Isn't The Talk Live" Dan says I don't know " and Dani says neither do I

8:37 am BBT Ian makes His way into the WA and into the Shower ... All 4 Cam's on the WA as they all primp away ... Dan heads into the MBR to get dressed ..

8:41 am BBT He's Wear His Divine Child Football High school T-Shirt and is going into the SR to Iron his jeans

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8:45 am BBT Dan is also Ironing a very nice looking Long sleeve Purple Button up shirt ... Ian has made his way out of the shower and is doing his Bathroom Mirror things .. Right next to Dani still curling Her Hair ... Still no Talking going on in the House but not awkward just workman like

8;50 am BBT Dan takes a Break for a Pop Tart and OJ Breakfast .. While Ian makes His way back to the SBR

8:53 am BBT Dan Hollers out "Ian watch out , that Iron is Plugged in" ... Dani's Makeup job and Hair curling Have her looking very Nice this Morning

8:58 am BBT Dani is done with her hair and now in the KT getting a Bowl of Cereal .... Then we get WBRB and it's not caused by the HG's

9:00 am BBT Feeds are back ... Ian is Wearing a Light Olive Green long sleeve Button up shirt with jeans... Ian Please put on your microphone " Ian says "Yea Yea " (Ha Ha ) .. If ya look at the faces of all the Hg's plus no Talking you'd swear they where going to something Bad instead of a Major CBS show interview.

9:04 Dan makes his way to the BY , out by Pool and "says getting some Sun before they Lock us up like Rats" speaking to Ian who also is in the BY now.

9:06 Dan and Ian head back inside... Ian sitting with Dani while she has her cereal at the KT Table .. Dan in the LR ... Dan spouting out words that are meant to mean a form of venereal diseases .. (Yuck) ... Crustations = Crabs for example ( This convo has gone from yucky to nasty and i ain't reporting it ) Yippie I'm actually Glad to see a >>> WBRB (Ha Ha)

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9:16 am BBT Feeds are back and Ian and Dan are discussing the cleanliness of Doctor's offices ... Now there talking about "Saved By the Bell" characters .. Ian can only name the Female characters

9:22 am BBT The HG's have fallen back into Silence for the last few minutes .. Dani gets Ian to help her with a Zipper on her Lavender Dress , the usually length we have seen this year ... She looks very pretty.

9:26 am BBT Dan has hidden himself away in the Arcade Room .. Ian whistles a bit then shakes his head and stops himself ... Dani please put on your Mic

9:29 Dan is back in the LR putting on His Purple Shirt he Ironed .. so all the HG's are Looking Gooood and ready to go for "The Talk" interview

9:30 Dan and Dani in the WA. Dani putting on Lotion and Dan doing his hair .... Still almost no talking going on by any of the HG's

9:32 am BBT Ian rocking away on the KT Table Chair .. then we get WBRB ... Not cause by the HG's


10:57 am BBT ... The Talk comes on at the top of the hour 2 pm est/1 pm cst

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11:20 am BBT Feeds are Back ... Ian rocking the Hammock .. Dani still dressed up getting something to Drink .. Dan coming out of the WC

11:22 am BBT Dan asking Dani "Burgers for Lunch?" Sure she says

11;24 am BBT Dan Making smoothies

Dan asks Dani "You Have Fun ?" she says Yea !!

11:26 am BBT Dani " Says I had a Deer in the Headlight moment until I realized the Cameras where still on me" to Dan

11:29 am BBT Dani asks " Ya think Julie watches the Show?" Dan Laughs and says of course she does .. Dani has changed into her Bathing suit and heads out into the BY

11:32 am BBT Dani Laying by the Pool ... Ian in the Hammock ... Dan coring a Pineapple .. Dani comments thats its really Hot out here

11:43 am BBT Dan just brought out smoothies for Dani and Ian and they said Many TY's .. Dan says I'll join you Guys in a few Minutes . He is still in his Jeans so he'll need to change into his swimming Trunks.

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11:46 am BBT The HG's are being careful and Tight lipped about anything that went on during the Interview .. Not a Word has been spoken.

11:50 am BBT Dani just let loose with an interesting TidBit I had never heard before and that is the HG's where earpieces during some or all of Comps "Production told her in her ear to be more enthusiastic about her answer"

11:53 am BBT Its sounding Very Much like the HG's did the Jury Questions interview while we had Trivia, as well

12:00 BBT "The Talk" Recap .. The Talked for a Moment about Dan lying so much in the BB House this Season .. Then they went on to Ask "Is It Ok to Lie in Real Life?" Blah Blah Blah .... No Interviews with the HG's Shown

12:01 BBT Dan and Dani in the Pool ... Ian on the Hammock ... Conversation going on , just lots of chit-chat. Family, Jury Members , Past Comps, Comedy Gold moments

12:06 BBT Dan come to the DR

12:12 BBT Dani on the alligator in the Pool .. Ian on the hammock ... Convo has gone silent since Dan left other than Ian sneezes and Dani says "Bless You" and Ian says "TY" ... Ian Pl;ease Got To The Diary Room and Dan returns to the BY

12;16 Dan says "The Dr sessions are the dumbest part of season" .. Dani says every show shes does like 10 DR sessions for it... You Are NOT allowed to talk about Production .. twice in a row they are warned .. Now of course WBRB

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11:17am feeds are back hg are changing clothges after taping for The talk dani says last day hoorah.

11:24am dani and dan talking about playing rummy later and making chicken for dinner tonight. ian is on the hammock swinging.

11:41am bb has called dani to the sr. she says ok ty and continues to lay in the sun by the pool.dan is still cutting up fruit for his smoothie he is making. ian is still in the hammock just a swinging.

11:46am : dan asked ian if he wants a smoothie . ian says yeah that will be great. dan takes dani and ian a smoothie outside they say thanks. ian says it is very good. dan says it is pineapple oranges and bananas. ian says that is really john blaze. then ian goes back to his hammock swinging . dan is changing to his swim trunks to go join the others outside at the pool.

11:52am hg talking about how they had to talk with enthusiasum when they hosted comps and frank would win and they would have to say congradulations frank. bb tells then they are not allowed to talk about production.

11:54am dani says i didnt hear if julie said we was liked or not. ian says i didnt hear it either.

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12:19 BBT Ian returns from his DR and Dan says I'm sour from all the Production warnings

12;36 BBT Lots of Yipping and Yapping at each other from Dan and Dani (If I didn't know better I'd swear these 2 where Brother and Sister -LoneTWolf) and WBRB

12;43 BBT Feeds are Back Ian on the hammock and Dani sitting on the steps of the Pool and Dan is back in the Pool

12;45 BBT Ian said his Fav thing to sell from this season will be the Dog Suit

12:53 ian just told Dani since she lasted the Longest , She will be the most likely to have a stalker ... Dani reflects for minute then says "Internet?" Ian says "Yea Yea"

12:56 Ian gave out his email .. ITerry@Tulane.edu Ian said what the hell it's Public on the Tulane website ... Dani gave out her partial one but she left out numbers in it .. Its a U Of Alabama email addy . Ian wants us to email Him the Pics of Kara from "The Gentleman's Magazine" (Playboy)

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12:02pm dan says our families are probably flying now. he says they are probably so excited right now i know i am .

12:06pm dan asking dani who she thinks is coming for her. she says my sister and maybe my mom and dad.

12:16pm dan comes out of dr and ian is cal;led to dr dani says whats wrong dan he says nothing they are just stiring shit up.

12:18pm dani asking dan what he thinks chelsea will be weraing tomorrow night? dan says i dunno. dani says a dress? dan says how many dr sessions do you trhink we have done this season dani says i dont know at least 10 per episode.

12:25pm dan is angry with bb so dani gets him talking about football and his team now.

12:36pm : ian is still rocking in the hammock, dan and dani in the pool relaxing and talking about a ken doll and sex changes and why men get the changes cus it is easier to remove male parts. and we get foth.

12:50pm. Dan says we are going back to your bag discussion. dani says my bag dan says yeah you gonna sell it? no carry on a carry on . dani says ian do we sell the bag with the name tag or without. ian says i would say name tag not included. dan says i am trying to get her to keep it and use it for a carry on .

12:52pm dan says ian some guy is gonna buy all of dani's memoralbilia and put them all on his bed and roll in them. ian says yeah and smell her shoes.

12:53pm : ian says dani you or kara one will be the most likly to have a syalker when we get out of here and it will probably be you since you was in here longer. dani says oh geeze.

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1;06 BBT Dani says ex-Alabama Players who are in the NFL will call her to hang out when they come to town

1:12 BBT Dan says Chelsea is so Great at Planning out there meals for the week . Dan knows Tuesday is always taco day

1;14 BBT Dan says all the F3 Families are picked up at the airport in Vans and stay at the same Hotel and ian asks "Are they sequestered" .. Dan laughs and says "No"

1;19 BBT Without going into Details Ian and Dani discuss details about when Mommie and Daddy are away from Home/// party's happen

1;20 dan tels how he and Mike discussed How Bad the preformance of Zingbot was tthis year he couldn't even hardly move around and we get WBRB ..... Feeds are back to more BS Talking and Ian singing and WBRB .... Feeds are back and dani hollers at him for singing

1:26 BBT Dan just ask "What are you gonna do with Twin Jo Jo's running around tomorrow ?" (New info on twin I didn't know)

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1:00BBT Dan tells one if us to email Ian a copy of Karas Playboy. Dani hopes no one found any of her prom pics. Dan keeps asking Dani Why? and she gets frustrated.

Dani goes inside, Ian says Dan said she will bad talk who ever cuts her. Dan agrees. She comes back and they talk about food.

They wonder whose family will land first. A plane goes over and Dan says there's someone now.

General chat around the pool intermingles with FOTH when they talk about the Zingbot passing out or Ian sings.

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Dan asks whats their fav BY moment. Ian says Thank you Betsy Ross. Kara in the costume. Dani says everyone by the pool and when they played the ball game.

1:30BBT Ian says he liked smashing his fingers between the pool balls, kicking himself in the face and Brit and him being drunk.

Dani fave comical moment was seeing Wil come out as Craig and seeing Willie fight. They discuss the pronunciation of salmon, with or with the L.

1:35BBT Dan tells Memphis and Chelsea to take his family .....FOTH....several minutes of FOTH

we just went from a long FOTH to trivia....1:50 BBT

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1:32 - 1:51 BBT Feeds are on WBRB and still waiting for the Feed returns

1:52 BBT WE Go To Trivia

2;35 BBT TY Morty for Kara's Playboy Photo's (On the Main Page .. a Link) , More than a Few will Kick themselves harder than Ian did to himself.... for Voting her out so soon ..... Side Note ::: We are Still on Trivia

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3:31 BBT Feeds are Back .. Ian is in His "Nest" The hammock... Dan is in the WA ...then the KT ... They are showing the BY Couch and Dani is Laying on it ... Not a Word spoken yet

3:36 BBT Hey Dan I just cracked a beer says ian .. Dan Says "Beer Pong Tonight ?" Ian is saying Yea Man

3;42 BBT SOOO Funny ... If ian is Gonna Drink he need not be rockin the Hammock so hard ... He almost Flipped over but caught himself in the nic of time

3:45 BBT 2 Cams on Ian Rocking the Hammock ... 2 cams on Dan and Dani snoozing on the BY Couch ... No Talking

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3:33BBT feeds back. Ian in the fridge. Dani walked from WA to Patio and covers up with a blanket. Ian gets a beer and heads outside.

Dan was in WC, washes his hands, grabs some food from the fridge, gets his mic off the bar seat and heads outside.

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3:40 PM BBT Dani snoozing on BY couch. Dan resting and Ian rocking on the hammock.

3:45 PM BBT Ian now in the KT getting a snack. Dan and Dani still on the BY couches.

3:48 PM BBT Dan still resting. Dani called to DR. and Ian pacing around the house.

3:50 PM All is right with the world - Ian is back to rocking on his hammock.

3:58 PM BBT Ian is off of the hammock after mumbling for a bit. He heads inside and checks the oven. Looks like his food is done. He puts some in a bowl and gets a refill on his water. Dan still resting on the BY couch.

4:01 PM BBT Dani out of the DR. No convo going on in the BY at all. Ian rocking again on his hammock. He is eating his food.

3:40 PM BBT Dani snoozing on BY couch. Dan resting and Ian rocking on the hammock.

3:45 PM BBT Ian now in the KT getting a snack. Dan and Dani still on the BY couches.

3:48 PM BBT Dan still resting. Dani called to DR. and Ian pacing around the house.

3:50 PM All is right with the world - Ian is back to rocking on his hammock.

3:58 PM BBT Ian is off of the hammock after mumbling for a bit. He heads inside and checks the oven. Looks like his food is done. He puts some in a bowl and gets a refill on his water. Dan still resting on the BY couch.

4:01 PM BBT Dani out of the DR. No convo going on in the BY at all. Ian rocking again on his hammock. He is eating his food.

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4:13 PM BBT Dani tells Dan she can't tell if he is awake or asleep as she can not see through his sunglasses. Ian gets off of the hammock to join Dani/Dan on the couches.

We have identified Ian's lunch - it was left over chicken parm. Ian says it was a 7.3 on the John Blaze scale.

4:16 PM BBT We just got a brief glimpse of trivia. The feeds are back and Ian is talking about plates and cups.

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