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9/12 & 9/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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The Big Brother 14 live feeds are blocked until Wednesday evening, after Big Brother airs on the east coast.


While the live feeds were blocked Tuesday, the episode which will air on Wednesday night was recorded with a live audience, and will feature the eviction and the final 4 HoH competition,

Audience members who attended the taping have revealed the following spoilers.

Veto winner:


Veto used?:




By a vote of:

2 to 0

New HoH:


More details:

Apparently the competition was based on pictures the houseguests were shown earlier (while the live feeds were blacked out). Although Shane was in the lead at first, it ended in a tie between Danielle and Dan (with 6 out of 7 questions correct), and this time Danielle won the tiebreaker, even though her guess was way off, because Dan's guess was over. As the Final Four HoH, she is now guaranteed a spot in the final 3.

* If the "SHOW" box is not working for you, then you probably don't have the most recent version of Java installed.

You can still read this info (and more) over on our Big Brother Daily Update page.

Link: http://www.mortystv....g_brother.shtml

(scroll down)

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9:00 BBT YEA The Feeds Are BACK online ... Fell Free to watch and report at will ... all of you .. noone is excluded

Dani Shane and Dan are in the LR talking about Jo Jo being jealous of Dani as per Dani's words ... It's a previous sex talk amongst the girls that I won't dignify with reporting .. Oral anal public etc etc

9:13 BBT Where the heck is Ian ... No where on any feed cams yet ? AA There is he is joining the LR Gang... Now we have the Final 4...... Quack .. Quack.. all 4 Ducks intact

9:25 BBT Danielle has made her way to the HOH Bathroom Mirror to pick at her face some more. Yikes... For the uniformed Dani is HOH winner this week

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9:00PM BBT: Feeds are back! Danielle, Dan and Shane are sitting in the LR. Danielle is talking about how she's searched all over the house for some of her clothing, but cannot find them.

9:07PM BBT: Danielle is talking about how the girls had a girls night and played Never Have I Ever. Danielle telling Dan and Shane what was said and who drank.

9:15PM BBT: Dan asks Danielle and Shane if they're going to share a hotel room once they get out, and they both say they don't know and they haven't thought about it. Danielle asks Dan if everyone stays in the same hotel, and Dan says yes. Danielle says that they're going to be running the halls seeing where everyone was.

9:18PM BBT: Ian comes out of the DR, and Dan asks him about a BB houseguest in another country who got paid to act like he had a mental disorder. Shane asks everyone what he thought next years twist could be, and how they thought Willie had a special power during the first week.

9:22PM BBT: Danielle has moved to the WA and doing her nails. Ian, Dan and Shane are still in the LR talking about the bed situation at the beginning of the season. Shane asks Dan how hard it was having to only watch his players in the teddy bear competition, and Dan says it was really tough. Dan says he was pretty upset when Kara left, as he felt he let her down. Shane says "Welcome Showtime, I'm sorry we're really boring tonight".

9:40PM BBT: Shane, Dan and Ian have been talking about the Jackass tv show/movies for the past 20 minutes. Danielle is in the HoH washroom doing her hair and makeup.

9:53PM BBT: Danielle has been called to the DR. Danielle goes to the washroom to fix her makeup, and is walking past the memory wall, and Shane says "Don't forget your veto!". DANIELLE HAS WON VETO.

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10:06 Dan Please go to the Diary Room

10:07 Now there talking like Shane won the Veto .. Honestly not sure if POV Comp has been played yet ? one of the reasons is they usually talk about the latest Comp and no Veto talk since the feeds came back on

10:18 Shane just said "Tommorrow will be a Live veto meeting for Thursday Night"

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10:05 / 10:10 pm BBT

Danielle confirmed that she nominated Ian and Dan. Shane said something about his fate being in her hands, and she said something about not having a vote. But Ian tells her that because she has PoV, she will be choosing who gets to vote.

Shane also said something about post-PoV nominations not having any time to campaign, since Danielle will be making her Veto decision during the live show.

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10:38 BBT Ok Now I get the Full Picture from the HG's .. Dani has won HOH and POV and has Nominated Ian and Dan and for the moment it is Shane with the Sole Vote .... In between lots of Video Game Talk. Halo "Reg" is Ian up till 2005

10:44 BBT Ian wants to watch this Season with his MOM and Dan's Mom watches season 10 every 6 months and still checks boards to see if there are any new comments .. ( Ha Ha )

10:47 BBT Dani showering in the HOH WC ... Ian just told Dan "He is hard pressed to win in the F2 against Dan" The LR Group still consists of Ian and Dan

10:53 Shane rejoins Ian and Dan in the LR... Dani still upstairs in the HOH room

11:01 BBT Dan Please come to the Diary Room ( Seems like a Good time to talk to Shane .. Ian.. about the Vote.. Ian ) Dani doing herself up after her shower in the HOH Bathroom

11:07 BBT Dani sitting on the edge of the HOH Bed with the HOH Robe on and with a Face cream mask that makes her look like the wicked witch of the east from the "Wizard of OZ" and she is in deep thought at the moment... OOO and did I forget the purple towel wrapped on her head that makes Her look even scarier ?

11:11 BBT Dani is now washing her face in the HOH Bathroom but actually it looks like the Face cream is melting off Her face ... Very scary

11;14 Now she is back to Picking at Her Face Again .... There outta be a BB Voice for "Stop That" -LoneTWolf

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10:30 pm BBT the QP is going over who they would like to see at the finale party. Dan tells Ian to get his mom to come not his friend Brian. Dani says if her parents come they will leave before vegas.

10:32 pm BBT Ian asks if they think the jury knows about the QP yet. They all almost in unison say it depends on Brit. Ian asks if they should spill the beans when they go there. Shane says he would unless they don't want him to. Ian says it wont matter so he will.

10:41 pm BBT The boys are talking about old shows on nickelodeon like catdog, legends of the hidden temple, global guts, and rocket power. It brings me back really. Dani has gone to the shower.

10:50 pm BBT Ian asks Dan if he has heard anything about veto. Ian says that the way he looks at it he would be hard pressed to win against either of them (Dani and Shane) so either he is going or his best shot is going. If Ian goes he says he wont be bitter and will vote for who plays the best game. Ian says Jenn is ridiculous cause she wants a girl to win and that is just silly. Ian realizes that he has to win final hoh to even have a shot to win the game.

11:00 pm BBT Dani is out of the shower. Dan is downstairs talking about his teaching tactics with the other boys in the LR.

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11:18 BBT DAMN .. Ian Giving Dan all the Info and Ammo he needs ...Ian says he has a 5% chance of winning against him (Shane) , Dani a 50/50 chance of winning ( The Game) and against Dan a a 25-35% chance of winning .. Giving Dan all thats needed to convince Danielle that "Imminent Danger" is abounding..

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11:05 pm BBT Dani is sitting in her bed watching the guys in the LR on the spy screen. Dan and Ian are talking about Ian telling his school that he may or may not be back to be a RA at Tulane. He told them he was going to a summer job and asked them not to hold anything against him.

11:20 pm BBT Dan is trying to get Ian to admit to graduating at 16 and that he is not an undergraduate. Ian denies it all which is the truth. Ian says he has a sickly feeling going on over the vote this week nit he isnt giving up. Dan asks him who would win against who. Ian says Shane can beat anyone. Ian would have a small chance against Dani and would beat Dan. Dan argues that Shane hasn't made any moves that were his own. Ian gives a quick rundown of Shanes game and says Dani was the same way with moves.

11:35 pm BBT Ian is talking about Adam from BB9 and his drug scandal. He tells them how Adam got caught and that he was working with Matt as well. Dan says he likes Shelia she is nice. Dan would rather see her in all-stars then Renny as far as game play goes.

11:44 pm BBT The HGs are discussing whether or not they would come back for an all stars. Ian of course says for sure. He wants a normal summer, but would for sure come back. Dani would come back after a normal summer too. Shane says he would love to, it would depends on where he was in his life. Dan says hands down yes.

12:00 am BBT Dan is messing with Dani about the sleeping arrangements. Dan says "speaking of the sleeping arrangement" Dani stares Daggers at him so Dan recovers by asking Ian where he is sleeping. Ian says same bed he slept in last night. Dan asks Dani where she is sleeping and Dani says "upstairs duh." Dan reveals at midnight like it is a huge deal that Dani was zinged by BB 9 times in 7 days.

12:05 am BBT Pretty sure Dan is making sure Dani and Shane don't sleep upstairs together tonight by messing with Dani about it. He keeps asking Ian what percentage is there that someone will receive an "invitation" tonight. Ian says 50%. Dan says what variables would cause this to increase or decrease? Ian says he doesnt know and then says initiative. Dan calls himself factor X. Does factor X increase the chance for an invitation or decrease it. Ian says decrease and Dan smiles.

12:13 am BBT Dan brings up Ian's old girlfriend and we get fish. We’ve had fish for about 4 mins. We come back only to verify he is still talking about the ex who has not signed a release and get more fish.

12:25 am BBT Shane brings up whether or not he would like Brit if she were not married. Ian gets a little angry and says no just don't go there. Dan says you would if she wasn't married. Ian shakes a fist at Dan and tells him to stop and that he will be very upset if that is how things are portrayed. Dan says BB wont do that. Then they go over Frank being Boogies golden boy and that Ian played second fiddle.

12:40 am BBT Now we have come full circle and are back to talking about old shows and we get fish while Dan sings the Ducktails theme song. When we come back we are laughing about Jenn's eviction. Ian says she has no reason to be salty. She won one comp and didn't even do anything serious to get it. He says she put herself on slop for no reason! She could have said no and Frank didn't have to bench himself for the same outcome! What has Britney won?! Nothing! She didn’t do crap! Ian's tirade is over.

12:55 am BBT he QP are all doing nightly activities like brushing the teeth and getting ready for bed. Dani is upstairs while the boys are in the WA downstairs. Dani is really tired but Dan asked her to bandage him up which I’m sure is a ploy to go up alone and talk to her. Shane for sure is following him and invites Ian along too

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01:04 BBT

Danielle says, "Remember how I got locked out of the HOH room 3 times last time I was HOH?" Dan is listening to Danielle's CD. Shane and Ian are on the couch. (It seems everyone is in a waiting game to be alone w/ Danielle to strategize.)

Shane says, "Dude imagine how bored we are all summer. Imagine how those fish feel? They just swim around in that little tank and then die." Ian says, "I can't believe how nobody figured out about the Quack Pack." Talk turns to the Brigade and how nobody knew about that either.

Ian starts mocking Ashley, "The girl wanted to win HOH for the snacks." We get an extended FOTH for no apparent reason.

01:22 BBT

Shane notices that a microphone in the corner of the HOH is moving, "Why is that microphone swinging?" Danielle looks, "It is!!" Dan says it's probably a ghost and Danielle gets mad and says don't joke about that. Dan asks if they believe in ghosts and all 3 of the others immediately say yes. Shane starts telling stories about someone he knows who was haunted and we get FOTH again.

Danielle says she has seen someone possessed and it isn't even funny. Dan doesn't believe her and she says it's true. She doesn't want to talk about it but says she might tell him more later. Ian says he might believe in something of this nature, but he's not sure. Talk returns to game play and competitions.

Dan says people contact him on his website all the time asking how to get onto Big Brother. He says people ask weird things like whether they should show up to casting in a chicken suit. He says, "I tell them, do you walk around in your real life in a chicken suit?? No! So don't go to the casting that way."

01:34 BBT

Ian gets called to DR. Dan confirms with Shane and Danielle that they're getting out Ian. Everyone says yes. Shane says for sure and wants to reassure him. Dan says Ian confided in him that he was scared to go to Jury House b/c people will be mad at him there, but he told him not to worry. Dan says goodnight and leaves the room.

Dan is in the SBR reading his Bible. Danielle is picking Shane's back pimples in the HOH room. This is a very exciting bunch here we've got tonight.

Ian is done w/ DR and heads into the SBR to sleep. Dan asks if he's okay and says he's just always wanted to meet an atheist. Ian says, "It's not me." (Dan was asking him earlier about his beliefs). Ian says he's just nervous and says he thinks it's his last night here. Dan says "Why?" Ian says, "I don't know. I just get that feeling."

01:55 BBT

Dan tells Ian that he's giving off a vibe that he thinks he's going home, so Dan will take care of it. He doesn't want Ian campaigning and says he'll worry about figuring out how to keep him safe so Ian doesn't have to worry about it. Ian is unsure but says okay.

02:03 BBT

Ian and Dan start discussing production, so all cameras jump to Shane giving Danielle a back massage in the HOH. Shane asks Danielle how live voting shows work, "Do they do voting in the living room or at the table?" Danielle says, "The living room." (Wasn't Shane at the last live vote?? Why does he not remember??)

Ian says it would almost be fitting if he got voted out tomorrow. Dan says, "Why?" Ian says, "Well you know, because I was so tight with Britney and in her season she was voted out 4th on day 69 and now I'll be voted out 4th on day 69." Dan says it's nice that he made such a good friend in the house; that that's rare and hard to do.

Ian wonders what would've happened if the coaches hadn't been coaches at first but were just in the game. Dan says they all would've ganged up on them & voted them out. Ian says, "I think it was set up at first… so automatically you have an alliance of 3… but it ends up… you really don't like who you were put in an alliance with…" He says when teammates jumped alliances, that caused drama which was good TV.

Dan and Shane talking "what if" scenarios. What if coaches had started out in the game? What if Willie hadn't self-evicted? What if they'd voted out Danielle a week earlier and Dan hadn't been around at the re-set?

02:23 BBT

Dan says, "Don't you think it's interesting that no one really caught on to the Quack Pack?" Ian says, "Yeah. I mean, Frank was the closest. He figured out me and Britney, but never figured out the whole deal." Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Shane and Danielle are flirt-arguing again.

Ian starts talking about Janelle's BB contract and all cameras jump to Danielle and Shane cozying up in the HOH room. Camera jumps back to Ian/Dan again, who are discussing past HGs and past competitions.

02:45 BBT

Ian says he couldn't believe it that after he sent out Boogie and Ashley in the same week and then Frank wins HOH. Ian says, "I thought I was dead." Dan laughs, "Me too."

Dan asks who Britney told Ian to team up with when she left. Ian says Joe - that she told him to take out Frank, Jenn, and Dan. Ian says that he told Britney that he would fall on his sword for the QP. Britney said, "Yes you would, but Dan wouldn't. Beware of the mist."

Ian wants advice from Dan about asking out Taylor (a girl he likes back home). Dan says he'll have a good shot b/c he grew a lot in this house, went on a date with a pretty girl (Ashley), saw through her using him, stood up to a bully (Frank). Dan says Ian has grown up a lot & is a lot more confident, so his whole approach to Taylor will be different now and probably go a lot better than it might've before.

03:03 BBT

Ian started talking about production again so all cameras jump to Shane and Danielle cuddling in bed. Shane is talking about religion; how he grew up in a Christian household but has kind of strayed away from his faith. It's hard to hear Danielle's response - I think her mic might be off.

03:08 BBT

Ian's asleep. Dan's eyes are open and it looks like he's fighting to stay awake. (My guess is he's trying to wait until Shane comes downstairs so he can go up and scheme with Danielle). Shane and Danielle are still in the HOH cuddling and talking about nothing in particular.

Shane & Danielle in the HOH. Shane says, "I just really hope he (Dan) doesn't have a final two deal with Ian." Danielle doesn't think so. Shane says she's a big person to be able to forgive Dan for all he did to her. She says yes but it still hurts. They start trying to figure out which votes in the jury house that they have.

03:21 BBT

Dan looks really bored and tired, but still trying to stay awake. Dan and Danielle are still in the HOH discussing stipends and reality shows - apparently Danielle almost went on a dating reality show this summer but is glad she chose BB instead.

03:54 BBT

Alright folks, I was hoping to hear some Dan and Danielle scheming, but everyone seems to have fallen asleep. Shane is still up in the HOH with Danielle, so perhaps he's staying up there tonight. I think I'm going to head to bed as well, so see you all tomorrow!

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11:07am dani is in the shower in the hoh rm. dan, shane and ian sleeping in the sbr.

11:12am all hg were going up to hoh for a ld and we now have trivia .

11:19am :shane is laying in the hoh bed going back to sleep. dan has gone to the wc. dani at the hoh table eating her cereal. ian is still in the sbr sleeping.

11:36am bb just told ian to please report to the hoh. shane and dan are going to sleep in the hoh rm dani is blow drying her hair in the wa. ian now has joined the hoh rm with his comforter and we have trivia.

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2:03 PM BBT Shane is packing up some of his items. Everyone else in HOH still Zzzzzzz away.

Ian (in his underwear) has just left the HOH room. Dan and Dani are now awake. Can not hear them as neither one is wearing their mics.

2:10 PM BBT Everyone now up and moving about. Shane packing. Dan arrives in the SBR.

Dan calls in Shane and asks about Shane's vote. They both agree that they are good with each other no matter what Dani does.

2:21 PM BBT Dan and Dani head to the side room. Dani says that BB told her she had to be up at 11:30. She doesn't understand why she can't stay in the room since no HOH will be crowned today. She wants her pictures.

Dan says something to Dani about packing. He says he doesn't want to be disrespectful like Frank was when Frank didn't pack.

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2:29 PM BBT Ian in the shower. Dani in the WC and Dan packing.

2:34 PM BBT Dani asks Shane if he would make sure she is awake at 4. She is going to lie down. She is not feeling well. Shane tells her he will. Dan continues to pack.

2:48 PM BBT Shane in th KT eating. Ian still shaving and Dan still packing.

Dan checks on Dani to see what is going on. Dan asks asks what's going on. Dani says that she is going to use the POV tonight. She makes Dan swear he is sending Ian out the door. He says he is. Talk about who she can beat in final HOH. She says she can't beat Ian. She asks Dan if he doesn't mind voting out Ian.

Dan/Dani talk about Shane giving her the endurance but she is going to pretend she slipped or something and give it to Dan.

2:55 PM BBT Dani asks Ian why she has to move out of HOH today since no one will be crowned HOH tonight. He says that there won't be another HOH for the season.

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3:02PM BBT - Shane & Dani in the KT, Shane eating. Dani commented on how much fat was in something that was in her HOH basket. Dan and Ian packing.

3:08PM BBT - Trivia

3:10PM BBT - We're back to the same as before except now Dani is trying to find something to eat. Dan comments that time flies when you're sleeping. Ian donnes his dog hat from earlier in the season and goes to bug Dan with it.

3:13PM BBT - Dan asks Dani if she'll shave his neck after lunch. She says sure.

3:14PM BBT - Ian finds Dan and says "Buzz. Your girlfriend, Woof!"

3:15PM BBT - Trivia again.

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