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9/11 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!


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9:06 PM BBT Dinner has been prepared. Jenn working the fryer. Dan/Ian eating. Dani is waiting for the others to sit down.

9:11 PM BBT Jenn leaves to go work out and the others enjoy dinner that Jenn helped make.

Talk about Joe getting upset when they tried to cook in the house. DIscussion about the turkey burgers and too much Wheat Chex.

9:23 PM BBT The QP in the KT talking about past HG being in the jury house playing the woulda, shoulda, coulda game (Frank specifically).

9:27 PM BBT DInner clean up begins. Jenn outside working out running laps.

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9:29 PM BBT Dan and Ian say they saw them cleaning up on one of the monitors in the window. BB says "stop that". Dan replies: You left the curtain open.

Ian: Another thing about Frank, he would pee all over the toilet seat. Shane: He was that guy?

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9:54 PM BBT Dani collecting her clothes around the house. Shane kicking back and says he is still exhausted from yesterday. Dan in KT marinading some meat.

Dani upset. Dan trying to get her to talk. Dani says she doesn't want to. It has to do with Jenn and the block. Dan trying to get her to talk and she doesn't want to. Dani concerned that Jenn has become really happy and doing things for Dan/Shane like cooking food she can't eat.

10:00 PM BBT Dani/Dan talking about the Veto for the next HOH - Dani sure it will be the face game. Dani says she didn't want to talk about it because she knows she is still here. Dan says he just doesn't want to go to the negative place.

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10:05 PM BBT Shane finishes his shower. Dan heads to HOH and asks Ian if he wants to pay chess. Dan takes a Cosmic Brownie from Ian's basket and splits it in half and sends the rest down to Dani.

Ian and Dan sit down to as a game of chess.

10:10 PM BBT Dani lying in bed a little teary. Nerves about being voted out instead of Jenn.

Shane joins Dani in the BR and asks her if she is okay. Dani says she knows she is the safer one up but it's her 5th time and it's hard. Dani says she doesn't know how Dan is going to vote.

10:15 PM BBT Shane tells Dani that she has to stay strong but she only has a week and a half left. Shane tells her to be strong for both of them. Shane says he was the same way after noms. Shane tells her to trust him.

10:18 PM BBT Shane tells Dani that everything works out for a reason. Shane says that he has not thrown a comp - make a deal on the sun one only.

Dani says yesterday was so nice because they didn't have to watch what they said or what they did. Shane says he knows.

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10:24PM BBT SHane tells Dani that she can only be nominated once more. Dani says she will be tied with Frank. Shane tells her to use the number of times she has been on the block with the jury house for her speech.

Dan/Ian talking about Chelsea watching BB10 with Dan. About Chelsea being okay with him going back into the house.

10:34 PM BBT Dani still lying by herself in the SBR. Ian/Shane and Dan still playing chess and gen chit chat.

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10:53 PM BBT Shane in HOH listening to HOH CD. Ian is off to look for Dan. Ian heads outside.

10:56 PM BBT Ian on the hammock. Rocking and eating ice cream. Dan/Dani still talking. Dani says she knows she can't play this game emotionally. In the BY Shane and Ian talk about getting the camera tomorrow and Ian doing his blog.

10:58 PM BBT Ian talks about tomorrow being 9/11 and he wants to devote part of his blog to a serious note about it. Dan/Dani talking about Dan tying Dr. Will today. They are talking about Dan being the only coach to get this far this year.

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23:01 BBT

Danielle says it sucks because she used to have a coach and now she doesn't. Dan wonders what she means since he's still helping her. She says he has to think of his own game now. Dan says he's still helping her and not to worry about it.

Shane comes into the SBR. Dan asks how "Matt and Kim" are. Shane says weird but interesting. Dan's microphone seems to be out - his lips are moving but we can't hear him. Danielle seems annoyed that Shane is in the room and isn't really looking at him.

Dani Shane & Dan in SBR going over how different they acted outside the house. Shane says BB tried to get them to act more PG-13. Shane says Dani wasn't thinking about coming back and playing the game. Shane says he was still thinking about the game outside. Ian comes into the SBR. He tells them that Jenn is in the KT staring down the memory wall.

23:14 BBT

Dan heads upstairs to use the HOH bathroom. Jenn asks Ian if she can use his CD player. He says yes. Ian is wondering around upstairs near the chess board. Shane/Danielle in SBR discussing life in the house. Shane has a really orange bandana on his head.

Dan in the HOH looking for Ian (who is in the SBR with Shane and Danielle). Jenn tells him she likes the CD. Dan heads downstairs and puts ice cubes in his glass. General chit-chat in the SBR. Ian has the stuffed monkey that Danielle hates. Shane is holding his stuffed dog, Dozer. Dan goes back upstairs to sit near the chess table.

Dan shouts for Ian again. Dan is still upstairs near the chess table and Ian is still down in the SBR - no way Ian can hear him from that far away. Talk in the SBR turns to Frank having a crush on Danielle when he first got in the house. Ian says, "Oh so Ashley was just sloppy seconds…"

Danielle says Frank had several awkward nicknames for her. She says she found him pretty creepy. Ian says he once had a drunk girl try to get him to buy her a drink. He didn't even know her and she just wanted him to buy her a drink. He thought that was weird so he didn't.

Ian teases Danielle with the stuffed monkey that she hates again. Danielle says she's going to burn him. Shane says, "Do it! That'd get production out here fast." He suggests cutting it up with a pizza cutter and Danielle says, "Oooh! Let's play Operation, Mr. Monk Monk" (the name of the monkey).

23:39 BBT

SBR conversation about HGs past and present. Dan was laying next to the chess table for about a half hour, but finally went downstairs to the SBR to find Ian, "I was waiting for you to play chess." Conversation turns back to Mr. Monk Monk. Danielle says the thing looks so freaking weird.

Danielle grabs Mr. Monk Monk & starts to rip his arm off. Ian jumps on her to try to stop her & finally gets him back. Danielle: "Ahhh… now you got a boo-boo. That sucks." Ian says, "He has a crush on you & look what you did!" Danielle laughs. Ian says, "Poor Monk Monk." Shane says, "There's kids who don't have any toys and here you are breaking them."

Ian says about Mr. Monk Monk, "Now he has a hole in his arm." Danielle says, "I was trying to rip it off, not leave a hole in it." Ian wonders if they would give him a safety pin in the DR to fix the monkey. Danielle asks, "Why would they care about a freaking monkey?"

23:54 BBT

Discussion turns to the first competition of the season (the one with the mattresses). Dan says that was the hardest comp of the season - so many rules and very hard to navigate the mattresses. Jenn is outside by herself sitting by the hot tub.

00:00 BBT

Jenn is playing cornhole by herself in the BY. The other HGs are discussing reality tv contestants (Road Rules, etc).

HGs still discussing reality tv. Nothing terribly exciting to report at this time.

00:12 BBT

Danielle goes back to talking about how creepy Frank was. Ian says it's interesting that Ashley found Frank attractive. Meanwhile, Jenn is still outside playing cornhole by herself.

Ian is ranking HGs in the order of who he'd date in the house if they were all single (and straight). Britney was first. Jodi was last.

00:27 BBT

All cameras go to Jenn in the backyard. BB says to the HGs inside, "You are NOT allowed to talk about production." Jenn says, "You tell 'em." Jenn's still playing cornhole.

The HGs are discussing what they said in the "goodbye" messages to the other houseguests. BB yelled at them to stop it. Jenn came inside to the bathroom and is now heading towards the bedrooms. She pokes her head into the SBR and Dan says, "What's up? We're just talking about comps. Come in. Join the party."

00:44 BBT

General chit-chat in the SBR. Danielle went to the WA to take out her contacts. Nothing much else to report.

Conversation the SBR turns to all the different outfits that they have worn this season. Danielle says Frank was pissed when she put him in that spirtard. Jenn says after that comp, Boogie came up to her and said, "Congratulations Jenn, you're surrounded by idiots" (because his players won dumb stuff - dog suit, etc - instead of a trip to Maui).

01:05 BBT

Dan hurt his hand so headed to the WA where Danielle is bandaging him up. (I missed what exactly happened). Ian went back outside to sit in the hammock. Shane/Jenn getting ready for bed.

01:30 BBT

Looks like the HGs are about ready for bed (except for Ian who is still outside swinging in his hammock).

The HGs are all mostly in bed. Dan is reading some Bible verses about prayer to Danielle and Shane. Jenn is asleep in the MBR. Ian is in the HOH bathroom, almost ready for bed.

01:55 BBT

All the HGs are now in bed, and so shall I be heading. See you guys tomorrow, Twitter friends!

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9:34 BBT Shane/Danielle in bathroom talking about how Dan cannot handle pain at all. Danielle threw hydrogen peroxide on his cuts, and he bit her shoulder because it hurt so bad. Jenn sits at the kitchen table bouncing her water bottle. Ian is called to the DR.

9:38 BBT, Ian returns with a camera to take pictures. Danielle said you do Blog, Camera, then Twitter. She says this makes sense if we do a fast forward. We got locked outside and inside, it has to be a fast forward. Ian says maybe. Cams switch quickly to Jenn folding her clothes and packing, because they keep talking about production.

9:41 BBT Ian is making coffee and asks Shane/Dani how many scoops he is supposed to use. He is really struggling with getting the filter back into the machine. (This is actually quite humorous, considering how smart he is supposedly is.) He finally attaches it after messing with it for a good twenty seconds.

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8:25am bbt We had a moment of fish, came back to lights on and Jenn walking the house, now the lights are on but Jenn is back in bed like everyone else.

8:28am bbt An announcement from BB regarding fresh batteries in the SR gets only Dan up... and back in bed within 30 seconds

8:56am bbt We have fish again... this may be a real wake up call

9:00am bbt Feeds are back, Dani is changing her batteries, Jenn/Shane are in WA at sink. BB calls out Dan's name, causing him to roll over but not get out of bed. Shane says he has no idea why they are up, but they are on IDLD. Shane/Dani ask Ian if it's a FastForward. Ian doesn't think so.

9:30am bbt The wonder of why they are up has settled into morning grooming rituals. Dani is out of the shower, Shane laying in WA, Jenn sitting quietly at the table, Ian goes into DR, saying he may find out what's going on

9:35am bbt Ian is back from the DR, was given the HOH camera. Since he got it before doing the HOH blog, and the IDLD continues, the HGs are further confused.

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9:46 BBT Shane has entered the kitchen with the camera and is walking around taking random picture, while Ian sits at the small kitchen table bouncing in his seat. Ian and Shane discuss the pictures they are going to take.

9:53 BBT Shane is trying to take picutres of Dani while she is getting ready, and she is really not pleased with Shane. She tells him to let her put on makeup and fix her hair. He says she looks pretty anyway, and she says, "Liar".

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10:40 am BBT: All house guests are taking a picture together with the American flag in honor of 9/11. 1st one is no smiles, 2nd with a smile. Then one with it hanging from the banister upstairs.

10:43 am BBT: Ian called to the DR.

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10:48 BBT They finish by Hanging the Flag from the Upstairs Bannister by the HOH room ... after the picture was taken there was solemn applause and Jenn said "Thats Perfect" ( Jenn was there in NYC on 9/11 )

11:11 BBT All the HG's are aware that this is a Fast Forward Day .. Hoh room still open and Ian is laying down ... Jen is sitting at the KT .. While Shane and Dani are speculating on how the events of the Day will go.... Dan Headed up to the HOH Room

11:19 BBT Ian and Dan are speculating on how the fast Forward will work .. Ian said something about maybe a Luxury Comp . But by the conviction of his words, it doesn't seem as if he believe's it. Now there doing some Jedi Training for the imminent HOH Comp to follow the eviction

11:31 am BBT All conversation have ceased from Shane, Dani, Dan and Ian because its Nap Time .... Jenn is off camera (Dan is sleeping on the HOH Couch )

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11:10am shane and dani laying on couches in lr. jenn sitting at dt looking at memory wall. ian is in the dr .no talking going on.

11:11am ian is heading up to his hoh rm to see if he is still locked out.they are wondering where dan is . jenn says he might be in the wc but she doesnt know.ian gets in hoh rm and lays down on the bed and yawns.

11:14am dani and shane talking. shane says there may be a double eviction thursday since there was so many lockdowns yesterday. dani said why did we get locked out so much yesterday and we are all in ld now and its only tuesday morning with the pirates ship we got locked down tuesday night.

11:15am dan goes to hoh rm . he asked ian whats going on ? ian says i think someone might be leaving tonight. dan says oh yeah?so what will they show on thursday night for the live show cuz they wont get rid of the live show.

11:17am dan says something is up they got us up at the crack of dawn. ian says it has to be a luxury comp it has to be. dan says i dont know when would they show that wednesday? ian says i dont know its all weird.

11:26am ian and dan talking in hoh rm dan asked ian if the plan is still on / ian says yes jenn asked me and i told her that it made sence to split a couple but dani is safe right. dan says yeah you stuck to your deal and i will stick to mine.

11:28pm ian talking about frank going out of the house and saying they probably got bashed when he went out. dan says oh you mean the eviction interview? ian says yeah with julie we probably got bashed.

11:32am all hg are now taking naps. ian and dan in hoh rm shane and dani in sbr and jenn in mbr.

11:58am all hg were sleeping and we just went to trivia.

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