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9/10 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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(Posted in the 9/9 thread, but it had already been closed by the time it had been posted, so I decided to add it here too)

8:04PM BBT: Ian is out in the BY swinging by himself in the hammock. Jenn and Dan are in the kitchen still talking about Jenn's experience in the studio recording music.

8:13PM BBT: Ian has made his way into the kitchen. Jenn now talking about her experience on a music-related show a few years ago.

8:22PM BBT: Ian is back out on the hammock eating by himself. Jenn and Dan are still sitting at the kitchen table talking about Jenn's experiences in the music business, and other bands' experiences.

8:32PM BBT: Jenn is talking to Dan about how she ended up in Kittie (the band). Ian still rocking in the hammock.

8:40PM BBT: Jenn says that when the internet boomed, her personal information was posted online (phone, address, ect). Fake profiles claiming to be her popped up on myspace, livejournal, ect and her lawyer had to send off multiple cease and desist letters out.

8:45PM BBT: Ian has come inside. Ian and Jenn talk about their favourite bands, and Jenn giving him suggestions to listen to once they get out of the BB house. Dan makes a meal and asks Jenn if she minds him eating at the kitchen table beside her, and she says she doesn't mind.

8:54PM BBT: Jenn, Ian and Dan talk about their favourite bands, and what cassette/cd they first bought. This leads to "What song might I know by them?" and then they start singing, and we get a LOT of FotH.

8:57PM BBT: Dan asks Ian what reality tv shows he's applied to; Survivor, Big Brother, The Real Gilligan's Island.

8:59PM BBT: Dan and Jenn are shocked Ian applied to be the professor and not Gilligan. Dan says that Ian IS Gilligan.

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9:06 PM BBT Ian just wanted to be on a reality show. His dream was BB or Survivor. He says his audition was pretty week.

They are going over how each of the HG got on the show. Ash had applied years before and they just found her tape. Wil was found in a bar. (Surprisingly, BB not yelling at them to be quiet.) Joe was found on YouTube.

9:11 PM BBT We finally get FOTH as they continue to talk about Shane and Jenn found on FB. Jenn was found by someone who knew someone.

THey now go over each of the pictures on the memory wall. How old they look in the picture etc. Just enjoying themselves around the table.

9:19 PM BBT Dan wonders what BB could have typed into You Tube to find Joe. Ian going over each of the stereo types they are. Ian: Willie was cast as the loose cannon. Jenn: Got that right.

Dan thinks he hears Shane/Dani back. They can't wait to hear where they went.

9:24 PM BBT Jenn asks Ian who else could have been coaches. Rachel, ED, Enzo, Ian thinks it would be fun at first but not if he had to play against him. Ian thinks ED would have gotten more frustrated with him then Boogie did. Team Dick Jenn: That would have been hilarious, the lesbian is on Team Dick.

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9:27 PM BBT Dan wonders if there were any coach alternates. Ian says he is sure there was just in case. Ian had read that Danielle Reyes was in the mix.

One of the feeds showing the SR door... waiting for HG to enter through?

Here they are! Dani has a box of cereal in hand. Corn flakes... Shane has some too. Ian says: You met Olympic people.

9:32 PM BBT It was the Kelloggs Olympian tour of everyone who won Gold. They tell the HG that Gabby won all-around. They loved the show. Dani says it was lights and music.

They are talking the "stank face" by one of the girls. They tell Dan gas is $4.33. Shane says a new movie called The Lost. They explain they were blindfolded until they got in the limo. It was an hour drive. They were in a suite in the arena before the show. They said people were calling Shane by name. Dani says they were pointing at her so she had to be moved when they escorted her to the bathroom.

9:38 PM BBT They were at Citizen's Bank Arena. Said they talked about the Olympics with the girls. Now they are asking about their day. They tell Shane/Dani they were talking about Jodi and BB gave a reminder to Jodi that she had not been in the DR today. There was also a reminder about WIllie smoking only in the patio area.

9:41 PM BBT Shane/Dani talk about how tiny the girls were. (BTW - the arena they went to is in Ontario, CA). Shane asked them their favorites and they started naming off HG from this season.

Shane/Dani talk about how weird it was to be outside the house. Dani said that they talked a lot about what Dan/Ian and Jenn were doing. Dani says she almost cried because it was so hard to be out of the house. (Dan said that his year the same thing happened when he went out for the evening - he couldn't wait to get back).

9:48 PM BBT Jenn quizzing them on the music they heard. Shane and Dani said they didn't know what they were seeing exactly until they were there. There was an envelope that said "Congrats on making the final 5 - you are about to meet the fierce 5"

9:57 PM BBT Dan and Ian decide to drink. Ian heading out to his hammock. Dani starts to put her earrings away in the WCA. Dan joins her in the WCA. Dani feels weird being back in after being out of the house. Shane comes in to use the WC. They both says it's so strange to see people with their families and then going back in is just hard. They were in the "real world" for a bit.

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10:02 PM BBT Dan asks them if there was a good night kiss. Dani smiles. Shane: Tell him Dani. Dan: You shut him down again? Shane: Tell him. Dani: I would rather Shane tell you - it was bad. Shane says he told her to kiss him and he turned and she got part of his cheek. And then they kissed after and it was better. Dani says the whole limo died because she went to kiss him on the check and he turned and she leaned to far over and accidently head butted him.

10:06 PM BBT Dani says it feels different Shane: It doesn't to me - it sucks to come back in here but it feels the same. We have a week and a half in here left.

10:10 PM BBT Dan/Jenn and Ian talking about what studies have been done on having people in containment and then putting them in large crowds. Ian: It's called Post Containment Stress. It's a real thing.

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10:22 PM BBT Dani explaining to Dan how she felt feeling outside. Dan says that he can not understand since his experience was different. Dani said when people said their names it was just "wow" and we get FOTH. Jenn trying to figure out where they were - she thinks they went to Bakersfield (it's not close to where they were).

Shane reliving the night with Jenn. Shane: (talking about the fierce 5) TO be the best in the World - the whole World. Shane says he is hoping to have one more beer and have some wine. He tells Jenn he wishes she could drink. They discuss about past HG who have cheated with the slop. Jenn: There is pride to sticking to the whole thing.

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10:34 PM BBT The HG laughing about their daily routine. They are laughing that Dani said they didn't get a nap today. Dani says she was complaining how they had to get up at 10. More laughter. (They can all relate).

Now discussing the gas prices. It was 4.33 in Burbank and where they were it was $4.09. The HG asking about billboards.

10:40 PM BBT Jenn is positive they went to Bakersfield. (The drive from the BB house to Bakersfield would have been closer to an hour and 45 minutes then the time the were in the limo).

10:43 PM BBT Shane says they passed a Chik Filet, a Burger King. Dani says she wants a chicken biscuit so bad. They did get a Starbucks.

Dani telling Jenn about the kiss where he turned and they bumped noses. Then about the head butt kiss. Complete laughter from the HG. Dani says she head butted him into the door.

Shane says that BB was instigating everything - they told them to go PG-13 today Shane: Like that wasn't awkward

10:48 PM BBT The HG do a toast to being the final 5. "To 5 gold medals" is the toast.

10:55 PM BBT Gen chit chat and then Shane/Dani tell the others about if maybe they see Boogie or Kara there tonight. Said that production hadn't thought about that.

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11:00 pm BBT Shane and Dani go over how big the suite they sat in was and what all was in the suite. Shane said the place reminded him of a hockey rink.

11:06 pm BBT Dan, Jenn, and Ian tell Shane and Dani about their day as if it was better then leaving. Dan says we got BB to zing old HGs. Ian had made a joke about Jodi having two DRs and bb said "Jodi this is a reminder that you have not been to the DR today" Jenn says Ian sat in the hammock. Shane and Dani say they got recognized while they were out and it was pretty cool. Dani says she thinks that the others in the suite were excited to be on the episode.

11:22 pm BBT Dan asks Ian who he would rather draft, Shelly or Rachel. Ian says Shelly and everyone disagrees. He said he would rather be on Rachels team but have Shelly on his team. Shelly had less nominations, made good moves, and had a smaller target. Shane says they need more beer. They switch topics to Ians tin water bottle and that they he thinks Frank erased his hash marks for how many vetos and hohs he has won.

11:30 pm BBT Shane explains why he got rid of Frank. Meanwhile Dan and Dani discuss who of them will be the replacement nom. Dani says I guess its safer for us if I go up. Dan leaves and Ian comes into the LR. He asks if anyone quacked at them while they were out. She says nope but people definitely know who Ian is.

11:40 pm BBT Dani asks Ian if she goes up she is not the target right? You guys are going to keep me right? Ian says yes yes a thousand times yes! I don't want a QP out over a non QP. they go over when Ian jumped ship from Boogie. Dani says she cant believe Boogie called her pouty and Ian says he can believe he was called expendable. They both rejoice in being in the house over Boogie and Jani.

11:53 pm BBT Well Ian was making mouth noises really loud and BB asked him to please stop that. Dan was terrorizing Dani with something and BB doesn't say please to him before telling him to stop. Dan sees Ian with the pool net and runs outside to get it while BB continues to tell him to stop. We now have FOTH

11:58 pm BBT I see what happened now. there were balls stuck in the rafters and the boys were trying to get them while BB said stop. Ian went and got the pool net to get it. Dan ran and got it and it seems operation "retrieve ball to throw around" was a sucess because when we come back Ian and Dan are in the LR playing toss like nothing happened.

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12:05 am BBT The boys are in the LR going over theings they have sold on ebay. Dan says move what you can as fast as you can. He says he sold his Ps2 for a good chunk of change and the buyer just wanted him to sign it. Ian regrets throwing the Shark fin in the pool. Dan says he conservatively threw $500 bucks in the pool.

12:11 am BBT Jenn and Dani are in the WA going over how the day went. Jenn says they thought about Dani and Shane all night. Jenn says at like four the thought Dani and Shane were sitting. she says Ian asked when they would be back and missed them. Dani says she knows how they felt. Dani says she didn't miss her family or anything she missed the rest of the HGs and just wanted to call them and get them.

12:25 am BBT Ian and Dan are playing hit the "carrot" or the mic hanging in the living room. Not long into the game BB give them a stop that. Ian says they should rename BB to the Ian/Dan stop that show. They tell the story about getting Willies old axe body spray and a lighter to play with but BB told them to stop before Ian even made it outside with the axe.

12:33 am BBT The girls are in the WA talking about re acclimating to normal life. Jenn is thinking about going to DC to slowly adjust to life again. Dani says she couldn’t imagine going back to the crazy NY life Jenn has. They laugh about getting the ball during showtime and the fact that it probably made it to air. Ian goes to formally apologize for being bad

12:46 am BBT Ian's 10 hottest women of BB are Kristen (BB12), Casi (BB13), Angie (BB10), Dani(BB8 and 13), Kara (BB14), Allison (BB4), Lisa (BB3), Jani from BB6, Michelle (BB4), Sarah (BB6). They then go over other mosts like funniest and and most vile and most unaware of their surroundings.

12:57 am BBT Jenn joins the boys in the LR and they all claim to be tired. Ian keeps saying Danis going to get him into trouble. Dan says I got you your yellow ball back and you go in the DR and throw me under the bus? Dani is headed to bed and Dan asks her to wrap his fingers before she goes.

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1:05 am BBT Ian has gone to bed. Watching Dani dress Dans wounds is hilarious. He asks her to just hit very cut on his fingers right away. She does as he asks he says he hates her. He is really acting like the biggest 5 yr old.

1:18 am BBT Shane is just as bad when Dani goes to put the peroxide on his cuts he closes his hand and says I dont wanna...just put the band aid on it and its gonna sting!!! oh man these boys...

1:30 am BBT Ian Shane and Dani are all in bed. Dan is reading his bible so the lights are on in the SBR. Jenn is in the HT. Ian is in hoh in bed with the lights out.

1:37 am BBT Dani pops Shane's zits in bed. Dan reads them their scripture for the night. Jenn takes a shower and gets ready for bed.

1:49 am BBT Jenn is now brushing her teeth then I am sure she is off to bed as she is the only one awake.

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9:17 AM BBT All HG still sleeping....

9:27 AM BBT Jenn has crawled out of bed, put up her hoodie and heads to the WC. She stumbles out of the WC and does a quick wash/rinse. She goes back to her bed and grabs her mic and heads to the SR to change the batteries. And then heads back to bed. (Our morning excitement is over).

9:31 AM BBT FOTH - might be wake up call.

9:48 AM BBT We are back. Dan changing his batteries. Ian in the pool. No other HG on feeds.

9:56 AM BBT Dan getting on his swim trunks in the WC and Jenni n the KT prepping breakfast.

10:05 AM BBT Dani still lying in bed. Dan doing ADLs

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10:08 AM BBT Dani is called to change her batteries and does so. She is in the KT with Dan. Dan tells her she is the nicest of them when she wakes up. Jenn in MBR grabbing her bathing suit.

10:12 AM BBT Dan telling Dani about a trip to Chicago with Chelsea where they saw a Wheezer concert 2 nights in a row. She enjoyed the first night but not so much the 2nd concert.

10:21 AM BBT Shane still lying in bed. Dan called to DR. Dani washing dishes and Jenn doing her makeup in the WC.

10:27 AM BBT Dani and Jenn doing ADLs in the WCA. Ian doing ADLs in the HOH WCA.

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10:36 AM BBT Dan eating breakfast. Ian prepping breakfast. Dani putting on her makeup.

10:39 AM BBT Dan and Ian have a discussion about cereal in the KT. Kelloggs is made in Mi. so Dan says he may purchase that in the future. Exciting talk about marshmellows etc.

10:42 AM BBT Ian and Dan whispering. You can not hear what Ian is saying. Ian rocking in his chair. Dan and Ian going over the cereal box.

Dan says his Mom uses an arbitrary name to post on a BB fan site. Jenn enjoying the sun in the BY.

10:50 AM BBT Ian/Shane/Dan discuss their injuries from comps. Ian wonders why they didn't get gloves for the sun HOH. Now playing with guessing what card Shane will flip over from the stack of cards.

10:54 AM BBT Dan asks Ian what he feels is his most Ebay Gold item. Ian says his dog suit.

10:58 AM BBT Ian and Shane discuss Britt's habits for leaving glasses around and how much sugar she used in her coffee.

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11;00 am BBT Just noticed Shane is playing with Dice ( How about a Floating Crap game HG's .. Rachel Vegas coming out in me , I Guess - LoneTWolf)

11:03 am BBT Everyone making there way out to the BY except Dani

Dani and Dan talking in the WA ... "Dani telling Shane i feel safer with you on the Block yesterday while they where gone.." in an attempt to try and carry out Dan's plan to evict Shane

11;07 am BBT Shane joining Dani in the WA . Dani brushing her hair while idol chit-chat goes on, now she is Curling Her hair with the Curling Iron ...awkward silence for the moment ... Seems like Shane wants to talk but just isn't getting it out or maybe he's just keeping an eye on things after seeing Dan in there

11;13 am BBT Dan smooshing with Jenn on the BY Couch .. There talking about Hot tubs and how if jenn can get one she'll promote the hell out of them when she gets back home ... Talk of Puerto Rico and How much Jen loves it there .... Dan continues to get personal with Jenn ... Playing his usual excellent Social game ....

11:17 am BBT WE HAVE TRIVIA .... Time for the POV Meeting ??

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12:08 PM BBT Dan/Dan talking about Jenn being angry at Dani going up. Jenn pacing in the side room.

Dani says you never feel safe. Dan says he would have felt safe if he went up. Dani: Fair enough. Shane/Jenn in the side room. Jenn tells Shane she isn't going to offer him some deal but just thinks about his own game. Shane says he isn't playing romantically. What happened outside is outside of the house.

12:13 PM BBT Dan asks Dani if Jenn asks him if Dani is campaigning - what does Dani want him to say. Dani : No - clearly. In the side room Jenn is saying how much she loves Dani but she has to try to stay. She won't thrown Dani under the bus.

12:17 PM BBT Dani asks Dan what he is going to say to Jenn - is he going to tell her she is safe. Dan says something that isn't heard but Dani nods at him. In the side room Jenn is telling Shane that she has been truthful. Shane says you never know until Thursday. Shane said people assume he and Dani are closer then they are. He didn't come in to play that way.

12:20 PM BBT Dan/Dani talk about the week Dan almost went home. Dani was so upset that Dan was going to go home. Jenn and Shane have finished thier convo. Jenn is gong to head outside to the BY.

12:24 PM BBT Dan tells Dani that if she pisses off Jenn and Dani cuts in and say no way! She isn't pissing Jenn off. They are talking about votes in the jury house now.

12:28 PM BBT Dan asking Dani if he is getting paranoid. Dani: yes - in the last two weeks you have been way more paranoid. Dani tells Dan that her relationship with her Dad is garbage. Dan tells her that she should start forgiving him.

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12:32 PM BBT Dan and Dan talk about Dani's Dad and the fact that he is a recovering alcoholic and his temper. Says his Dad yells at his family all the time. Says that her Dad can not admit that he is ever wrong.

Shane/Ian in the KT. Talking about Jenn being upset and that she feels they are all working together to get her out. Ian tells Shane not to say a word.

12:38 PM BBT Ian and Shane talking about a test they did on college students where they gave them a taco salad from Taco Bell and asked them to guess the calories. THey then put the sald and rearranged it on a nice plate and told them it was from a restaurant called California Garden Grill. The student thought and guessed they were eating a healthier salad.

12:44 PM BBT Ian joins Dani/Dan in the SBR. Dan tells Ian he has the final choice if a tie. Ian says Jenn told him that she knows they are trying to get rid of her. Ian explains that yesterday they stayed with Jenn all day.

Dani says that she will always care for her Dad - he has the biggest heart of anyone she knows. She just wants him to control his anger with the family.

12:50 PM BBT Ian rocking on the hammock and Jenn getting ready to sun bathe in the BY. Jenn asks Ian if he and Dan have a F2. Ian says no - he is too wily. Jenn says she hopes he is being somewhat honest with her.

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1:00 BBT Shane tells them Jenn is mad at Ian. Dani says Tues/Wed/Thurs will be hard for her, Jenn will be mad the whole time.

Dan called to DR. Dani tells Shane she is nervous. She tells him that if Dan votes her out he will rip his face off. Dani says she doesnt think he will, maybe she is paranoid. Shane tells Dani Jenn said she likes her and wont throw her under the bus. Dani says Ian wants the QuackPack for F4.

Ian swinging in hammock repeating "it's to dangerous." and "Can't beat Shane." Shane and Dani talk about laying out.

Jenn and Dan in SR. Jenn asks him if this was his plan. He says no. she says she needs his vote, she is pissed. If he would have listened to her in the first place Shane would be out. More whispering I cant hear of the background noise.

Jenn says she told Shane she will be campaigning against Dani. Shane said he and Dani arent as close as she (jenn) thinks they are. Jenn has no regrets.

Jenn says she has to keep her emotions in check. Dan says he thinks Ian expects Dan to keep Jenn and Shane to keep Dani then he can make the decision.

Dan asks her if she thinks Shane and Ian have a thing. Jenn says she thinks Ian would rather keep Shane. Dan says she has 2 days to hustle.

Dani eating eggs and toast, she has 2 fingers wrapped up. Dan has a few fingers wrapped up. Dani told Shane earlier that his fingers were looking better, not so red.

1:38BBT Dani tells Dan she had breast implants, she went from an A to a DD. They dont define her, dont make her who she is, she doesnt talk about it. The mass is attached to the implant not to her body tissue, all they have to do is replace the implant.

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Dani went to the best plastic surgeon in the South, they are realistic you cant tell.

Dani says she is so sick of ppl being on egg shells so Jenn doesnt explode.

Dani says her implants were a blessing, if she hadnt had them done, she would be in full blown chemo. She doesnt want Dan to change his opinion of her because of them.

Ian changes into his swimming trunks, thinks about what to have for lunch. Dani asks if anyone told the feeders about her being nominated. Ian says Jenn thinks she is staying. Dani says if Dan votes her out Shane will murder him. Ian says he will too.

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2:00PM BBT: Danielle tells Dan that she did a bikini calendar shoot 2 months before she came into the house, before she quit dieting, after she says that, she says "clearly". Dan asks if you just type in 'Danielle Alexis' into google and you'll see the pictures, and she says yeah, and it'll go 'swooosh'. Danielle is now telling a story about how one time when she was on a shoot, she was standing in a doorway, and they hosed her down. She says she loved the picture. Dan asks if she's ever done smut, and she asks him what that means. He says it was for the dirty magazines, and she exclaims NO! She has never shown anything "Not my boobs, not my but, nothing!"

2:07PM BBT: When Danielle's model picture where she was soaking wet in a white t-shirt (nothing was showing) came out, her mum freaked out on her. Danielle didn't understand why she was freaking out, as nothing was showing, but her mum said it was the illusion of showing something. Danielle swears on her life that she has done nothing for playboy, and has done no nudes or anything that shows something.

2:18PM BBT: Dan and Danielle talking in the WA. Ian is swinging on his hammock talking to Jenn who is hanging out in the pool.

2:26PM BBT: Dan gets ready and heads outside to the BY. Danielle is still laying on the couch in the WA. Dan joins Jenn in the pool. Ian says that he went to Kings Family Restaurant in Pittsburgh and his group wanted 6 coffees. The waitress said they needed to order food, and Ian said he'd tip, they just wanted coffee. He spoke to a manager, and they said they needed to order food. Ian asked for a menu, and tried to order onion rings (cheapest thing on menu), and they said they needed to order an entree. They left and went to another place.

2:33PM BBT: Houseguest Update: Shane is sleeping in the SBR. Danielle is getting ready to go outside. Ian swinging on his hammock. Jenn is laying on a towel in the sun. And Dan is lounging on the crocodile pool toy in the pool.

2:39PM BBT: Danielle has settled down beside Jenn in the sun. Dan says that Danielle gets to hang out with them instead of Olympians today. Danielle tells Jenn that she might have to go to the DR to request adderall. She says she mainly used it in college to focus and concentrate on her studies. She wants it so she can remember her mic, because she cant remember it to save her life. Jenn doesn't see why it would be a problem as she wouldn't be walking around with a flamethrower. Danielle says that if she takes it, she'll just be talking someone's ear off as it apparently makes her chatty [isn’t she always though?].

2:44PM BBT: Ian is talking about how his high school had a Japanese class. He said his school got rid of the German class because they didn't like the teacher. Ian tells Dan the Japanese teachers name, and we briefly get FotH, before feeds switch to a sleeping Shane and Danielle tanning in the BY. Silence.

2:51PM BBT: Dan asks Ian what Pokemon means, and Ian says it means Pocket Monsters. Ian and Dan now talking about Pokemon now. Ian says he went to the midnight showing of the pokemon movie that came out in theaters. Ian is telling Dan about the plot of the movie, and Dan is asking lots of questions about the movie.

2:55PM BBT: Ian explained the specifics of the pokemon card game to Dan. Dan says he would definitely play the game if they had it in the house. Danielle has now made her way into the sunny side of the pool (which is only a sliver of the stairs).

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3:10pm jenn laying by the pool and dani , dan and ian in the pool just general chit chat going on. shane is in the sbr sleeping.

3:22pm ian and dani talking about blood types in the pool and what blood type is rare.

3:42pm Ian and Dan in the pool talking about penthouses . dani and jenn laying in the sun. shane still sleeping in the sbr.

3:55pm :Ian says brit said she never wanted to play second fiddle to ash and frank. jenn says joe is there too she will be fine he is probably cooking for them. ian says he will fix grilled chicken tonight. dani says she will make the sides. dan says he is making tuna but he has to go marinate it real quick.

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