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9/7 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:00pm bbt Feeds are back, Ian is HOH, Dan/Dani talking in lounge, Shane/Jenn discussing how close they were to winning HOH.

Dani says she had a bad roll. Sounds like their guess of rolling balls to match up events/days in house was pretty close.

10:06pm bbt Shane/Dani in lounge, Shane says he isn't sure what Ian is going to do with the noms. Shane points out that Ian has now won 3 HOHs, 2 POVs. Evidently Shane was close to winning HOH, would have nom'd Ian/Jenn and got one of them out.

10:08pm bbt Dani asks Shane if Ian has a F2 deal with him? He says no, asks her the same. Dani says no. Shane says Ian was going to draw straws for which of the QP go on the block. Dani says she is emotionally drained.

10:10pm bbt Feeds go back to trivia...

10:12pm bbt Feeds back, Shane leaving lounge, Dani says at least he can have his own bed now. Shane says what if he doesn't want one? Dani: yea right haha

Jenn joins Dani in lounge, Dani states the important point, the nominations don't really matter, it all comes down to who wins POV. Dani is upset that she was close to winning HOH again.

10:17pm bbt Ian is off by himself doing a celebration dance. Jenn/Dani in lounge, Dani says Ian has been following her around the past few days. Jenn says Ian thinks Jenn/Dan have been working together lately.

10:20pm bbt Jenn speculates if Shane/Ian have a deal, and question if Dan/Jenn are on the block, if Shane won POV would he take Dan off and force Dani on the block with Jenn. Dani says keep it between them, she hadn't thought about that option.

10:22pm bbt Shane asks Ian if Frank is top15 BB players. Ian isn't sure about that, unless you are talking about challenge wins, then Ian calls Frank a beast! Dan tells Shane when he gets out, he needs to go back and watch BB season 2.

10:24pm bbt Dan points out that Julie Chen called Kara "car-ah", not "care-ah" Everyone is in the K now, so game talk has ended... for the moment.

10:26pm bbt BB took the extra chairs away, now there are only 5 chairs left at the table, and they are all being used, by a very nervous 'family'.

10:30pm bbt Ian alone is talking to himself, holding up fingers, possibly figuring out who to nominate. He then says about himself "socially, inept, loser, made it to final 4".

10:31pm bbt Dan joins Ian, asks if he has thoughts about who is being nominated. Jenn is one, Ian suggests Dan as the other, since if Shane/Dani are up, and the other wins, they will use the POV on each other.

10:34pm bbt Shane/Dani playing cards, while Jenn watches, Dan fixing food, and Ian pacing louder than he is mumbling to himself. I do hear him say sorry to Joe.

10:36pm bbt Ian to himself: If I win 1 or 2 more comps, my family has a better life.

10:40pm bbt Dan goes back to see Ian, asks worse case if Jenn wins POV, who does Ian want to have go? Ian says Dani because she'd be bigger threat than Shane. Dan suggests nominating Shane, because Dani won't vote Shane out. Ian confirms he/Dan have a F2 deal, but questions how he explains not putting Dan up, since Dan just put Ian up. Dan suggests a QP meeting, and get Shane to volunteer going up. Ian would prefer going against Shane in F4 POV. Dan says Dani is the only equal to Ian in mental comps. Ian assumes if he didn't win HOH, he would have been nom'd with Jenn and have to win POV. Never did Ian think he would be good at challenges. Dan says Ian is winning comps like when Dan did, when he had to win them. Ian says Brit is going to lose it, seeing him win comps.

10:46pm bbt Ian says Jenn will know after the noms that there is an alliance of 4, should they just tell her? Dan says no, it never goes well. Dan/Ian rehash the HOH comp, Ian describing it in terms of the ball gaining momentum, or conserving momemtum and gaining velocity/etc.

10:49pm bbt Ian says he has confirmed multiple times that QP is loyal to F4. Dan says a part of him thinks it will eventually be Dani/Shane vs Ian/Dan. Dan says his fear is if Dan/Dani decide they would prefer to go against Ian/Jenn, if they have the option of voting out Dan vs Jenn on the block? (Dan pushing for Shane as best option to be put on block against Jenn).

10:51pm bbt Ian says a Quack Packer is going to win, so he can die happy. He's still pacing. Dan again says in the off chance Dan/Dani turn on them, Dan is gone if he is up against Jenn.

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11:04 pm BBT there are some reports that ppl are having problems with feeds but we are still going strong! Dan is thinking to himself in SBR , Shane is looking at himself in the mirror, and Ian is walking around the house excitedly

11:07 pm BBT Shane goes into the SBR and Dan pretends to be asleep to avoid conversation and continue his thought. He whispers to himself that he needs to get Ian to put Shane up next to Jenn

11:11 pm BBT Jenn walks through the K and sits at the K and talks to Shane. about today being a craptastic day. She continues and says right back on the block I go. Shane and Ian are consoling her a little bit by saying making it to jury is amazing and that she beat out Frank and Boogie. They are all but telling her she is going.

11:22 pm BBT Everyone but Dani, who is in DR, is sitting at the KT being nostalgic on old HGs. They are Boogie and Jani are two of the best players ever. They cand believe they have outlasted Frank, Boogie, Jani and Brit. Dan says Brit surprised him with how good she was and what a player she was.

11:31 pm BBT Ian recaps who chicken George is for Shane. That leads to the fight between Howie and Boogie where Boogie told Howie to "get to stepping" They all laugh about Ian telling Boogie to do the same.

11:37 pm BBT They reflect on the first night and how the coaches did the picking. They think Boogie didn't want Jenn cause she was older. Ian says that Jodi and Joe were the most out of shape. Joe was in good shape for an older guy. Jodi just was not. Ian says if he had got the call back in April...Fish. We come back and they are talking about the fact that they talk about Jodi all the time.

11:45 pm BBT Ian gets called to the DR and Dan starts pouting while waiting for his basket. Dan gets called to the SR!

11:55 pm BBT Dan gets cheezits, almond joy, Cheese, hair gel, new swim trunks, socks, Captian Crunch, V8, Bud light lime, gatorade lots of jerkey, and sour patch kids in his basket.

11:59 pm BBT Dan's letter from his wife: Hi, my love, congrats on getting into the new HoH room. I can't explain how much I miss you (Dan pauses for a smile). Ever since the day we met, I knew you were the person Gd made for me, but now more than ever, I am convinced. Being away from you for this short amount of time (Dan chokes back the emotion) makes me so thankful I get to spend the rest of my life with you. The distance between us has only made my love for you grow. I am happy that you are living out one of your dreams. You are so kind, thoughtful, smart, controlled and determined. Stay focused on the game. Our families (that's important, he says, choking up again) are taking very good care of me, so don't worry. (there's been some, uh.. Tension, volunteers Shane? Yeah, says Dan, sometimes I worry about how my family treats her) I've been going to Adoration every day, and I've also been praying for you. Things with the girls have been going great. (She runs a non-profit for girls called God Girl Comeback). You are doing such a good job, we are all rooting for you and are so proud of you. I can't wait to be with you again. But not until after the finale. I love you, Chelsea.

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12:10 am BBT Shane and Dan are force feading Dani cereal and sour patch kids. She says no they say yes. They just sit and go through all his stuff and eat while waiting for Ian's hoh room.

12:20 am BBT Dan telling Shane and Dani about his honeymoon in St Lucia. They had their own pool and it was an all-inclusive resort. Jenn is by herself in the WA moping about.

12:30 am BBT Dan is telling stories about his weeding. Chelsea's brother was 16 and got drunk at their wedding. He says he can't wait for everyone to meet his wife and sister. They say it'll be a long night because Shane has to do his DR still and it will probably be after Ian's hoh room. Shane says he can't believe he pulled out pov, confirming Ian was the target.

12:40 am BBT Shane speculates about the next POV and an what Pandora's Box will be. They go over how happy they are to have Frank gone and how he got so cocky. Dani thinks she heard someone boo when he left. They all agree Joe got more cheers then Frank.

12:47 am BBT Ian comes out of DR with no Hoh room. He gushes over Dan's pic real quick before headed to the WC.

12:51 am BBT Shane heads to WA and says hi to Jenn who is blah back to him. While gone Dan asks Dani who she thinks Ian will put up. Dani is worried about going up. Dan says maybe Shane is a possibility. Dani seems to go with it but her whispers become inaudible as Shane and Ian come back into the LR.

12:55 am BBT Ian gets called back into DR for his hoh room finally. Jenn has joined the land of the living. Who wants to see Ian's hoh room?!

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00:57 BBT

Ian reads his letter from home. He also got a picture of him w/ his grandpa at his first Holy Communion. Food: Poptarts, goldfish, Doritos, perogies, rice crispy treats.

More stuff for Ian… Pete (a toy duck). Creamy chicken cabenera, stroganoff, cosmic brownies. CD he got was Matt and Kim.

Dear Ian, please accept our heartiest congratulations on this happy occasion. We are overjoyed to hear of your accomplishments. While you are lucky you have been chosen to fulfill your dream of participating on BB at such a young age, I must say that we are equally lucky in having a handsome, bright, and cultivated young man like you for a grandson. You have always made us proud, and have always been a brilliant and intelligent child, and an exceptional student. As you know, this is not a show that we have watched with any regularity (the HG laugh), but this season is an exception to the rule. You have played the game well, and no matter what the outcome is, you are a winner. Though we miss your weekly phone calls, we most look forward to the happy occasion of celebrating when you arrive home. We can't wait to see you. With our best wishes, good luck! Love always, Grandma and Grandpa.

Dan has one question. What's cultivated mean?

Ian says, "So many pop tarts…" Ian says they're good frozen, so he'll probably freeze a bunch of them. Danielle asks Ian who Matt and Kim are, "Are they like Arctic Monkeys?" Ian says they're a hipster band and asks Jenn what she thinks. She agrees & says they're more upbeat than a lot of hipster tends to be.

01:12 BBT

Everyone's up in the HOH room. Danielle asks Ian about his ADHD. He says, "It's like there's something inside me just rattling around." He starts to tell a story about something his teacher said/did and we get FOTH.

HGs are shocked that there was a double-evic tonight. Danielle says she really didn't see it coming, "But what was weird was that they both had all their stuff packed." They wonder what the conversation tonight at the Jury House will be like. Danielle points out that Frank walked out with Ted the bear. Ian says Frank really had a lot of stuff on him this season (2 penalty outfits, always on the block, etc).

HGs say Joe was a class act when he left. Danielle says it's all a blur and she can't remember what Joe said. Shane says Joe said "No hard feelings" and shook everyone's hands. Ian says, "I really liked Frank, but… if I ever want to win this game…" Jenn says it's no one's fault. Ian says, "It's just chess at this point. Shane says Frank talked bad about everyone in this room at one point.

01:22 BBT

Ian points out that Frank saw this game as a war. Jenn says, "I think Frank read 'The Art of War' too many times." Shane says, "Good guy… just too arrogant, too cocky." Jenn says she told Frank he was too arrogant and needed to chill out if he wanted to stay in this game. Ian says Frank bragged too much that he "deserved" to be here.

Ian has to move all his stuff back up to the HOH room (he just moved it down earlier today!). The other HGs offer to help him move. Ian says thanks and that he'll probably go to sleep after this.

01:31 BBT

Everyone goes downstairs except Dan. Ian says he thinks he could coach this game now. Dan tries to schmooze Ian a bit. Ian cuts to the chase, "What do you think I should do?" Dan says, "I think it should be Jenn and Shane." Ian agrees. Dan thinks neither of those two are likely to win Veto.

Ian wonders what to say at nominations. Dan says to say that Frank told him Jenn was coming after him and that Shane is a huge competitor. Ian really wants Jenn out b/c he says she's a floater. Dan agrees, "She's good but not consistent." Meanwhile, Jenn and Danielle are in the WA - general chit-chat.

Ian says Frank's downfall was that this is a social game and he ran around telling people that he deserved to win and they didn't. Dan promises Ian final 3. Dan says goodnight and heads downstairs to the WA. Jenn says it's been a tough day. Dan says, "Yup… but we're still here!" Dan asks if Jenn still has to go to DR tonight. Jenn says she thinks so.

01:45 BBT

Dan asks Jenn if she's moving into Skid-Row (the SBR). She says, "Should I? I don't know." Dan says she'll be all alone in the MBR otherwise. Danielle is getting ready for bed. Dan asks if she's done with DRs for tonight - Danielle says yes. Meanwhile, Ian is pacing in the HOH room and talking to himself.

Danielle washes her face while Dan/Jenn lay on the WA couch and chit-chat about birthdays. Ian heads to the SBR to get the rest of his stuff. Dan calls out to him and asks if he's going to bed. Ian says yes but his hopes the BY opens up tonight b/c he really wants to go for a swim.

BB announces that lockdown is over. Everyone cheers. Danielle is annoyed that she just took off her makeup - she doesn't want her zit to show up on the night-cameras outside. Jenn says she probably won't go in the hot tub. Dan heads outside right away - he's in the lawn chair - looks like he's looking at Chelsea's picture.

02:00 BBT

Danielle and Jenn in the WA discussing being "stuck" in the house while the evicted houseguests are relaxing in the Jury House. Danielle says Frank has always had a crush on her - he told her again last night apparently. Danielle says she was kind of surprised about that… that maybe that was Frank's way of trying to get her vote. Jenn agrees that he over-played the game.

Jenn says Frank asked Dan if he was arrogant and Dan lied and said no. Danielle says she's glad Frank didn't ask her because she would've gone off on him. Ian comes downstairs. Danielle says the kitchen will be cleaner now w/ Joe gone (he didn't do dishes). Jenn says the worse part was Joe not washing hands after using the bathroom. She says, "How can you be a chef and not wash your hands?"

Ian and Dan are discussing Ron Paul in the BY. Dan says Ian could be a young Ron Paul. Ian says he's met him before when he was speaking near where he lives. Meanwhile in the WA, Danielle & Jenn are practicing pursing their cheeks in (I think they're making fun of someone, but I missed who they were talking about).

02:11 BBT

Jenn & Danielle talk about their life outside the house. Danielle wants to Google Jenn's music when she gets out - she wonders if Jenn is allowed to sing her song in the house since she's the one who wrote it. Jenn's not sure. Danielle shouts out that anyone who wants to party w/ her in Vegas after the show is welcome.

Danielle says she doesn't know how Jenn does it, "I am so much girl… it would drive me nuts to date one. How do you do it?" Jenn says it's great, "You have to pay attention to everything. It's usually what she doesn't say that's the most important." Danielle wants to know if everyone in her band is a lesbian. Jenn says she's the only one.

02:20 BBT

Jenn wonders if Shane is one of those guys who is possessive and jealous when his girl talks to other people. Danielle says, "Not my problem." Jenn wonders if her and Shane cuddle in bed. Danielle says, "NO! That's the problem!!" Danielle says she needs a guy to be able to show that he likes her, not just talk about it.

Dan and Ian in the BY discussing Frank and Joe. Dan says Joe was classy when he left but Frank was a d-bag. Ian agrees, "Frank was a poor, poor sport." Dan says Frank acted the same way Boogie did when he left - not being a good sport, not shaking hands on the way out, etc. Ian says he wishes he was on Dan's team from the beginning.

Dan says it's amazing that Ian got out both Boogie and Frank. Ian talks about how he couldn't tell Joe the truth about things b/c Joe had a big mouth. Dan wonders what Boogie thought of the QP.

02:30 BBT

Shane gets out of the DR and goes into the WA. He asks if lockdown is over and why are the girls are still inside. Jenn says she probably has to go back into the DR soon. BB calls Dan to the DR. Danielle brushes her teeth & says she's probably going to bed soon. Shane heads outside and sits by the pool. Ian is pretty high energy - pacing around & talking about the comps today.

Danielle / Shane head inside. Jenn comes out & sits in the hot tub. Ian wants to know what Jenn would've done if she'd won the Veto. Jenn says prob wouldn't have used it. Ian thought she'd take Joe down & he'd go up - Jen says no she wouldn't have pulled Joe down b/c Joe was about to put her up. Ian says good. Jenn says Joe was tight w/ whoever won HOH each week and couldn't be trusted.

02:42 BBT

Jenn says she trusts Dan b/c Dan's had her back. She says Joe thought she and Dan had a final 2 - she says that's not the truth. Ian says Joe assumed that Dani/Shane were together and Jenn/Dan were together so he tried to align w/ Ian. Jenn says it was disappointing to hear what Joe thought of her from rumors around the house instead of straight from him.

Ian says he wanted to keep Danielle around rather than Joe b/c Joe constantly changed alliances, cozying up to whoever had HOH, whereas they know exactly what Danielle is thinking at all times. Jenn agrees. Meanwhile in the SBR, Shane & Dani are chatting in bed about the comps today. The lights are still on in that room.

Jenn says she found Joe way too dangerous to keep in the game b/c she could never tell where his vote would be. She says, "At this point in the game, one vote can totally flip things." Jenn says no matter what happened today, she was going to vote Joe out. Ian is happy to hear her that she thought that way.

03:01 BBT

Lights go out in the SBR. Danielle and Shane are cuddling. Jenn and Ian are discussing how Frank was a good guy and fun to hang out with but it was time for him to go. Conversation turns to the 2nd HOH competition tonight and how it looked cool but it was just too hot during the comp and would've been better if it were later at night.

03:10 BBT

Jenn gets a protein shake from the KT and then heads back outside to sit by the hot tub. Jenn points out a bright star and Ian gets excited. Ian says normally there's so much light pollution that they usually can't see it, "Do you think it's L.A. or just that we have so many lights on us?" Jenn says it's the lights on the BB set.

03:14 BBT

BB calls Jenn to DR. Dan comes out into the BY and asks where Danielle/Shane are. Dan asks Ian, "Have you been swinging (in the hammock) this whole time?" Ian says yes. We get FOTH and then Jenn is sitting down in the BY again (BB must've told her to wait).

03:21 BBT

BB calls Jenn again. Ian gets up and heads in to use the bathroom. Dan is wondering around the KT then heads in to brush his teeth. Ian tells Dan Jenn hasn't talked game to him yet. Dan asks if he's talked to Shane yet. Ian says no. Ian heads upstairs and says he's heading to bed soon.

Dan barges into the SBR and turns on the light. He wants to know if Jenn is going to sleep in there. Shane says he doesn't think so. Dan wants to sleep on Joe's bed b/c it's softer than the one he was sleeping on but the sheets are dirty - Danielle & Shane help him change them.

Dan asks Shane/Dani what Ian's going to do . They say he hasn't talked to either of them but Shane thinks he might pick straws. Dan breaks out the Bible and asks if they want to hear about enemies, divorce, or retaliation. Shane picks retaliation.

03:41 BBT

Looks like all the HGs are in bed except Jenn (who's still in DR, but will likely go to bed after that). That means it's time for me to get some sleep too! Good night everyone!

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2:56 AM BBT

Ian is chatting with Jenn in the backyard rehashing the past moves of the season. Jenn understands that it was the prime opportunity to get Frank out of the house. Ian and Jenn giving BB mad props for all the comps this season but that the Candy Comp should have been at night.

Meanwhile, Shane and Danielle are snuggling in bed with Shane rubbing her head.

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3:17 AM BBT

Jenn leaves the BY and tells Ian that she’ll check in with him tomorrow. Ian says that at this point the nominations are pretty arbitrary and that everyone should pitch him.

3:22 AM BBT

Danielle wants Shane to say hamburger again but he tells her that she has to say "toy boat" 5 times very fast. HE won't say the burger because she didn't do it correctly. He tells her that he will say hamburger when she gets it right! [Try it--it's funny--I can't do it either]

Dan busts in and turns on the light. Shane tells him that he has his clothes on. Dan is switching beds to Joe's bed but says that it has Joe's semen on it so they all help him change sheets now. Dan tries saying Toy Boat now. Shane tells Danielle that she is the best bed making person south of the Mississippi!

Dan asks them what's Ian going to do. Shane says that he says he's going to draw straws. If Jenn pulls herself off is the only glitch.

Father Dan is reading from the Bible now. "...eye for eye...give to the one who asks of you and do not turn your back on the one..." Book of Matthew. Shane says that he would volunteer IF he has too! Danielle says that she doesn't want to go up again.

3:34 AM BBT

More "Toy Boat"ing...Dan kisses his picture (pix is of Dan & Chelsea). Lights out...Shane does Toy Boat 5 x's fast and correctly.

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9:43am we now have wbrb bb waking hg up for the morning.

9:48am jenn is sitting outside in chair on patio. dani in wa washing her hands. she now goes to the sr to change her batteries.

9:50am dani goes back to bed with shane. he says this is stupid. he asked dani if she has enough blanket she says yeah. they are now going back to sleep.

9:52am Bb asked for the awnings to be lowered in the by. jenn says you got it gangsta boo and laughs.

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10:39 am BBT Jenn just sang "I wear my my Sunglasses in the Bathroom" (Quacked me up) then brief WBRB of course

Looks like the Gangs all up and about Dan sitting in the BY with ian on the hammock .. Shane and Dani in the WA

10:49 am BBT in the WA Jenn Telling Dani that Ian wants Dan out .. Jenn thinks she's a Goner and Dani tells her she's not going anywhere

10:56 BBT "HG's this in an Outdoor Lockdown .. Please close the sliding Glass door behind You"

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10:11am dan. Shane and dani still sleeping. ian has been called to the dr. jenn is getting clothes together in the mbr.

10:15am jenn is now sitting on the by couch alone drinking her protien shake.

10:24am ian in hoh rm puts his beers in the fridge and then feeds the fish.

10:31am ian is getting ready to go out to the pool. ian grabs his drink and goes outside. jenn says good morning to him.he has headed to the hammock to swing.

10:39am dan is now outside and ask ian if he is ready for a pandoras box he says unless it is kristen or someone he wants to see or cash it will go unopen. he then says if it is a celebrity then i will open it cuz we will get to meet them.

10:42am Dani, shane and jenn in the wa getting ready for the day. ian still on hammock rocking. dan sitting on by couch.

10:47am dani and jenn in wa putting makeup on dani asked her who she thinks will be nominated she says me and shane but he wants dan out. dani says he does? she says yeah. dani says nominations dont mean much right now.

10:50am jenn tells dani she is safe this week. jenn says congrats you are good. dani says you being a smartass. jenn says i sure am. dani says no no i feel like the ultimate pawn this year and its the worst feeling. jenn starts to sing and we get foth.

10:56am shane and ian talking in by. shane says now the comps are going to start getting more mental. ian says no i dont think so like the christmas tree one where you had to move the bulbs up to cover the tree.

10:57am Bb has just called an old. ian says thats what he likes is for bb to tell him to go outside.shane is laying in the sun by the pool. ian is still swinging on the hammock dan on by couch. jenn and dani heading outside now.

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11:10 am BT We have been on an extended (About 10 minutes ) WBRB after the OLD call , so we shall see

11:31 am BBT We are now 30 minutes into WBRB while the HG's where last seen in the BY on lockdown

11;35 Feeds are Back and it was all about Shrinking the Table down smaller . Ian is Blown away ... Ian Please go to the Diary Room and everyone is Hollering Pandora's Box .. Of course OLD is over ..

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11:10 AM BBT We have had FOTH for over 10 minutes now. an OLD was called but everyone was just sitting around.

11:23 PM BBT Still FOTH

11:34 PM BBT We are back. The table is small and the HG are all talking about how weird it seems. Ian: You can always say "I saw the small table". The table is smaller then the lazy susan on the big table.

Ian is called to the DR. Dani teases him about another Pandora's box. Shane doing ADLs in the WC.

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12:00 BBT Time for the "herd" to gather around the "cement pond" for a Day of Fun in the Sun. Jenn and Shane Laying out .. Dan and Dani preparing for Pool time .. Ian is doing his usual "Big Time" workout on the Hammock

12'03 Ian reporting that Joe used Olive oil on himself to Tan with and Ian says "Every 6th Grade textbook says thats a No-No"

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11:42 PM BBT Dani and Shane discuss Jessica Simpson's acting abilities. Dabi says they laughed at her fake accent in Dukes of Hazzard. Ian returns from DR and teases them that he has to go to HOH but then heads outside.

11:45 PM BBT Dan/Shane and Dani looking at Dan's picture. Shane tells Dan he did well. Talking about a bangle in the picture and Dani trying to explain what it is. In the BY Ian rocking on the hammock. Jenn talking about a song but her mic is not working well so hard to hear.

11:53 PM BBT We are back. Dan/Shane talking about Jenn being made a HN so the situation doesn't change outside of her sleeping conditions. Shane says Jenn is in good spirits.

11:56 PM BBT Jenn finds a staple in the grass. She and Ian discuss that the manual says they are supposed to wear shoes to protect themselves. In the KT Shane and Dan discussing voting Joe out no matter what. Shane says what did BB want - just the table reveal and we get FOTH.

11:59 PM BBT Dan calls Dani in to the BR quickly and wants to know is Shane said anything. Dani starts to explain their convo and we get FOTH. Dan asks her if Shane knows that they are trying to get him up. Dani says she doesn't care. Shane is smothering them and won't let them talk. Dan says he has to grab a picture because that was his excuse for coming in the house. Dan says they have to take this shot and get him out. Dani says she is good with it.

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12:13 am BBT Dani is Doing bed sheets and the comforter to be washed .. She passes by Dan and says it's so Shane has the other bed to sleep in

12:16 BT Dani telling Jenn in the WA that she is so Done with Shane, but she's trying to be nice . Jenn was throwing out that maybe Shane was sleeping with her to Keep her "Close" ... Jenn has lost 15 pounds

12:30 BBT Lots of Music and Songs and Ringtones and of course singing ,, Talk ... so a lot of WBRB's

12:38 BBT HHMMM We Have Trivia (Not WBRB)

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1:43 FEEDS ARE BACK .... Not saying anything yet but Ian was standing while the Gang was seated in the LR and Dani and Jenn where in the Nom Chairs

There was a Pandora's Box ... Jenn said I am so Grateful you opened it my Mom is a Cancer survivor ... jen making a Plea about Nom's out in the BY with Ian in the Hammock ... The TV screen in the LR is still showing Noms today so maybe they aren't made yet

Something about Ian saying to Jenn .. "Glad you got that Video Time" then we get WBRB

1:50 BBT Dan got a Video from Chelsea ... ian got 3 letters from Home

Ian was induced into Pandora's Box by there being s Message that it's someone who Loves you very Much

There was a message from Rachel sending congrats ... Everyone got Video messages from Home (WOW)

Dan says he feels emotional drained after his message from Chelsea ... Dan says " this Video thing has NEVER been done"... Ian says "This is why we haven't had a Phone calll this season

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1;54 BBT Dan Leaves the BY and Shane comes in to talk to Ian at the Hammock .. Jenn is going up 100% says Shane then the rest is random ... Ian says YES ... Ian says after putting up Jenn then he might as well just grab a key to put up someone else .. dani says maybe you wanna put up some one else who is the most forgiving ?

2"00 BBT Dani asks Ian are you targeting dan ? Ian says NO its Jenn . Quack pack is all about death before dishonor ... so says Ian

2:02 BBT None of the Video messages where Live ... all where taped

2;05 BBT Shane and Dan talking about one of Shane's animals run over and the neighbors bringing her home and thats why he Got His dog now, Dozer

Rachel said she wanted to party with all in Vegas ( What a surprise - sarcasm ha ha - LoneTWolf)


2;11 BBT All the HG's are very melancholy and emotional so there starting to share stories from folks who haven't signed releases so we keep getting WBRB's

Feeds are back

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1:02pm The HG were laying around the pool about 12:30p BBT when feeds went to Trivia. We don't know if this is a PB or noms or lux comp.

1:37pm we are still on trivia.

1:42pm : feeds are back ian is smiling. he got to meet rachel he says it was fun like to see another face was like woahh. screen shows nominations today.

1:43pm dani saying like when they do skype i think they recorded us this morning. and we get trivia again.

1:46pm jenn at the hammock talking to ian as he swings . jenn says i know you feel that nominations are betrayed and you threw me on the block before and i think if we make an agreement this week i think we can work together. ian says the way it will work this week is it is going to come down to the veto. he says the noms will nbe random and we keep our chin up and fight for veto.

1:47pm ian opened pandoras box. ian says i am glad you all got a video message i am happy for ya'll. jenn says yeah that was great.

1:50pm dan now talking to ian at the hammock.dan says what did jenn say? he says she was just saying she didnt want to go up again and how she wanted to cut a deal to keep each other safe. ian says i hate havin g to put her up but we have our 4 and thats what i am staying with.

1:54pm ian tells dan you know my dream a little quack pack and the back yard. dan said toward the back of my video chelsea started to choke up. dan says thanks for doing that. ian says i am really happy and i am happy for ya'll.ian says that explains why we havent had a phone call yet either. dan says that was awesome on bb's part. he goes inside for the next person to talk to ian.

1:56pm shane comes out and says i just want to make sure she is going up . ian says yeah. shane says ok just wanted to make sure we are good. ian says quack quack. shane says ok preesh. and walks off he says man i just caught myself saying preesh thats not cool.

1:57pm dani now comes out to hammock. ian tells her jenn is going up and the other one will be random but it will probably be one of the guys. he says obviously it will come down to veto. dani says yeah i know.. ian says i might as well just grab a key cuz putting one of you up will be hard.

1:59pm dani says may i ask you something it it not leave me and you. he says yeah. she says are you after dan or jenn?> ian says jenn. dani says i was worried about dan going out.ian says no way dan is not my target.ian says dan is the most riskiest to go up. dani says so it is between me and shane? ian says yeah. dani says then the best bet is to put up shane.

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2;15 BBT Dani saw someone named Christie ( Her cousin I believe) on Video and she said I Love you and your playing the Game well . dani gave her all her credit cards and passwords to handle her bills and stuff

2;23 BBT Dani talking with Shane telling her about selling a lot of Chocalate diamonds and Charm Bracelets at kays jewlery and she worked a lot of 15 hour days then WBRB

2:25 BBT Ian said before he came in he read that the coaches where dan Mike and Danielle Reyes .. He goes on to to say aaaa Shit that would been Crazy to play against such strong coaches ... but he's glad brit came in cause they became BFF's

2:28 BBT Lots of Info BB doesn't want us to hear like Ian saying I saw a tweet from (Matt) Hoffman to Ronnie and WBRB

2;40 BBT WBRB for over 10 minutes right now , (Probably time to give HG's.. to emotionally calm down and stop telling stories about folks who haven't signed releases - LoneTWolf) or of course its Nom Time (TY Morty for reminding me .. I was getting emotional caught up myself haha!! .. can't wait for Sunday, now, to see all this - LoneTWolf )

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2:05pm ian and dani going over hoh comp lastnight and how dan told him that he was going up as a pawn after the hoh comp and he was worried then.

2:06pm dani ask ian if its crazy that rachel riley and we get foth.

2:11pm ian is rocking in his hammock in the by. shane and dan in lr talking and we get foth again.

2:13pm dani in lr also talking she says they are like that notbook couple. dan says i was telling shane you know the old timey washer with the two rollers that rings the laundry out? thats how i feel right now i am rung out this week.

2:17pm dani says she doesnt remember what her mom said at all she just remembers seeing her face. ian says in the by that pandoras box was fixed to look like his familys the couch and the chair and all and we get foth again for a brief moment. dan now in the pool. ian says he has to sit out of this next veto.

2:21pm ian says he called him foghorn leghorn several times in dr. he says he looks like him and talks like him. dan is laughing.( i assume he is speaking of joe) but he hasnt said any names.

2:26pm ian says as i was coming in this house i heard something about the coaches but i heard it was going to be you (dan) , boogie, janelle, and danielle reyas. he says if it had been dani i would have been up shit creek. but i am glad it was brit cuz we are best friends.

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2:56pm dan in the pool. jenn lay out on a lounger in the by. dani and shane in the sr getting food. dani walks out and shane asked what did you just open and dani kept walking. we now have foth again .

2:58pm shane is putting veggies in the fridge in sr. bb has restocked their food for the week.

3:02pm shane is in the kt with dani saying real food. dani says eat something. shane is walking around just looking out the door to the by then at the food.he is now in the mirror over the kt sink messing with his hair.

3:04pm dani, jenn and dan in by by the pool talking about their video messages. dani says chelsea really is supportive of you dan. dan says she is. jenn says i watched mine over and over.

3:07pm dani asking ian what was the veto at this part last year? ian says i dont remember. ian is rocking on the hammock .shane now goes out to by to sit by the pool with all the other hg.ian is saying how the claw machine was the best thing that bb ever done.

3:11pm all hg in by talking about the claw machine and how they got the quarters for it. they say brit was having a panick attack and how she was attacking joe to get the balls.

3:15pm : the hg are making fun of frank for calling people little man and bubba and how he wore boogies hats and shirts and underwear.

3:19pm dani is wondering what boogie has said about everyone in the bb house but not in the dr outside the house. jenn says f'it iot doesnt matter. ian says i bet he said alot of bad things about me. and they all laugh.

3:26pm all hg in by talking about other hg that have left the house already. ian says frank hates my guts. jenn says no he doesnt hate your guts. ian says yes he does. jenn says ok. ian says the only one i worry about is boogie i just hope he is ok.

3:27pm dani says ok so we have in jury brit and ash. and i can just see brits face now in ther with ashley. now she will have joe and frank. everyone is laughing now.

3:29pm they are saying how people left the house. joe left good they say but frank left and was mad at everyone. they say boogie hugged everyone but went out good he knew it was just a game. they say even janelle went out good.

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3:32pm bb is giving the hg facts about turtles there are over 300 spieces of turtles. they yell more bb .

3:35pm :dani says what is the only thing you can do that will use every muscle in your body? they guess the answers wich is swimming and sex. shane says no way does sex use your muscles in sex like that not if a man is on top and you are just laying there. jenn says would you 2 like to test it out. shane says NO.

3:36pm : ian has gone upstairs to get a pepsi. dan is making food in the kt he says turkey and swiss oh yeah.

3:39pm shane is in by talking to dani and jenn aboutgenitalia excersizes in women. he says women can do that while sky diving not just in sex dani gets mad and calls shane an ass and walks in the house. shane asked jenn when do you use your muscle when you swim? she says i dont know. he says well i dont use mine.

3:46pm dani in by eating. talking to jenn she talks with her mouth full ( sounds like charlie browns teacher) she tells jenn everything she says shane has a comment and i am tired of it.jenn says yeah you use all your muscles swimming and having sex and laughs.

3:54pm dan and shane are cleaning out the fridgerator and taking the shelves in the by to spray them down with a water hose/ dani says i scrubbed the bathroom and jenn says i have cleaned so much in this house and they sit there watching the guys clean saying hey will you bring me a drink. and they laugh. ian is getting soap to clean the shelves with.

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4:05 PM BBT Shane working o the fridge and cleaning it out. Dani and Jenn talking outside about being single. Ian is rocking on the hammock.

Ian is called to SR to exchange his mic - he has had a spare since the OTEV. Dani/Jenn/Ian talking about things Frank said to them about where they would place in the game. Frank told Jenn she would only make 6th or 7th.

4:15 PM BBT Dani and an talking. Dani asks Ian if he knows what he is doing. Ian says yes. Dani wishes she had music. Ian invites her to listen to his CD in HOH.

4:21 PM BBT Dan and Shane are putting items back in the clean fridge. In the BY Dani and Ian discuss how many people work behind the scenes daily.

4:25 PM BBT Ian talks to Dan outside about Dani. He wants to make sure that if Dani wins POV she won't take Jenn down. Dan tells him that Dani wouldn't.

4:30 PM BBT Dan and Shane talking about the POV comp. Dan wondering if the sound bites they are playing have to do with the Veto. Shane says he is now trying to remember the all.

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