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9/6 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:12 PM BBT Dan telling Dani that Joe talked to him and thought he was acting when he had his "funeral". Dan told him no - he was pissed. Lots of whispering and difficult to hear what they are saying to each other. Joe/Shane in side room talking about a comp. And then quiet. Joe reading the bible as well.

9:16 PM BBT Dan and Dani talking about Jenn. Whispers of F4 deals but hard to hear who they are saying. Dan says when they get to F3 - he knows Dani will have a tough time cutting him (he smiles so I am assuming he is referring to Shane). Dani says that she will do it.

9:22 PM BBT Shane and Joe head outside. Joe asks Ian if he and Dan will play Shane tonight in badmitton. Ian says yes. Ian rocking on the hammock. Shane plays pool. Dan/Dani talking about F3 comp. Dan tells Dani that she has a better chance with him because he pissed off so many people.

Dan and Dani going over votes in the jury house. Dan says they won't give it to someone who already won. Dan tells her she has a better chance with him then with Shane.

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9:27 PM BBT Dan asks Dani if she threw OTEV. Dani smiles. Dan says you did. Dani says she didn't. He tells her she is lying and not to throw it. Dani is swearing she didn't throw it.

9:30 PM BBT Frank and Joe talking at the hot tub about things that have been caught on camera. Frank sees a towel and says it freaks him out when he sees something like the towel that he hasn't seen all Summer.

Dan tells Dani that he trusts her. Dani says that she has put her life in his hands since day 1. Dan admits that he was upset at her and didn't understand. (Back at his funeral)

9:40 PM BBT Dan and Dani still talking. Just talking circles about who was doing what and who wants who out. No real new convo. In the BY an exciting game of pool for 1 with Shane.

9:44 PM BBT Jenn pulls Frank into the SR. Jenn tells him she is worried about him going home. Frank tells her not to worry. They talk about Shane being pulled in by Joe. Frank says he confirmed from Shane that everything is good. We get FOTH

9:47 PM BBT Shane joins Dan/Dani. Dan telling Shane about Joe's convo where he told Dan that Joe/Shane have been together since the beginning. Ian walks in and we get FOTH. Ian tells the three that Jenn just pulled Frank into SR. Ian says it looks like something happened to Jenn. He thinks something bad. In the SR Jenn talking about how it is hard to choose between the two of them.

9:51 PM BBT Joe returns to the BR to tell the others Jenn is fine and nothing has happened to her. The pow wow starts to break up. Ian trying to work a yo-yo and not doing a great job at it. Shane finds his candy in his bag.

9:55 PM BBT Frank finds Dani and wants to talk but says he will wait when he sees Ian with Dani. Ian thinks tomorrow with be FF. He feels the quiz will be "how many days". Dan returns to the room and takes Ian's yo-yo. Frank still looking for a pair of socks that he is missing. He has done his laundry and can not find them.

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10:00pm bbt Frank/Dani talking, Dani shares how alone she has been in the game this season. (Frank is working for her vote Thursday, so he doesn't share how many times he's been on the block)

Ian interrupts Frank/Dani, get they distracted talking about Ian's monkey. Then they get back to game talk, Dani says Frank hasn't had it easy. Frank says he wanted to get Brit/Dan out, so he could work with Dani/Shane.

10:05pm bbt Frank tells Dani he has always said Frank/Dani/Jenn for F3, since Frank/Jenn have always trusted Dani. He's been willing to work with Shane, but they both know how little they can trust Dan.. right?

10:08pm bbt Frank is at 180 and his jeans fit well now. Two days ago, he was at 185. He goes into a scientific explaination of fat/holding calories/carbs/losing weight. Dani tells about being anorexic when she was 20(21?), but it was unintentional. Joe/Shane start a game of cornhole.

10:13pm bbt Frank tells Dani he's been attracted to her since the game started, Dani thought he was joking about a comment he made about her earlier at the table.

10:17pm bbt Dan goes in from patio, Jenn asks him at WCA if Frank is out the door? And if they were supposed to be 4(Frank/Jenn/Dan/Dani),how does she know it won't happen to her? Dan says it wasn't an issue, until Jenn told Dan that Dani's name came out of Frank's mouth. Jenn is concerned if Dani has Dan and Shane... Dan says Jenn is/was supposed to cut that off(Dani/Shane?) Dan tells Jenn that she should be able to trust Dan(because he used the POV on her), but Jenn is concerned about Dani. Dan says he only has Jenn now. He says he wants to keep the F3 with them/Dani. Jenn is just bummed, thought 'us 4' would be strong, says Dani is sorry but her mind is made up. Dan says it would be hard for Jenn to vote Frank out, so she should give Frank her vote still. Jenn says Ian thinks Jenn/Dan are working together. Jenn says Frank thinks he is fine still with the vote. Dan is worried this conversation will upset Dani, Jenn swears that she won't say anything to Dani about this. Jenn says she is fine with Frank because she has guy friends like him, but girls like Dani don't like him. Jenn says Dani told her voting out Frank will be better for Jenn in the long run.

10:28pm bbt Dan/Jenn and Frank/Dani finish their conversations. Dan/Frank meet up in lounge(Dan talking but his mic isn't working, BB calls him to exchange it).

10:29pm bbt Frank instead meets Jenn, shares what he said to Dani trying to get her vote. Frank says he thinks Dani was worried about how close Frank/Dan were, so he reassured her. At the same time, Dan with fresh batteries meets Dani, tells her about Dan/Jenn conversation, says Jenn's head is spinning due to talking with Ian. Dan tells Dani that he reassured Jenn of their F3 deal.

10:33pm bbt Frank/Jenn finish talking, hug, he's glad she's worried about him, but Jenn doesn't tell Frank about his possible eviction tomorrow.

10:35pm bbt Dan/Frank head outside, play toss with ball, while Shane/Joe continue corn hole. Dani is still laying in bed. Dan gets called to DR, Ian comes out to play pool.

Dan checks on Dani, saying Jenn feels they need to drive a wedge between Dani/Shane next week. Dani asks Dan if he's going to do that next week to her? Dan says he has no reason to do that. Dan leaves, and Dani is slightly upset.

10:42pm bbt Ian waits for Dan to play pool, Frank is folding clothes, tells Ian how cool is it if Boogie's 3 players are here going into final 2 weeks?

10:44pm bbt Shane joins Dani, Dani says Dan keeps telling her if he gets much farther in this game, he will win. Dani says she is sad, her reason is Frank's conversation with her, she hates him, doesn't like the way he plays.

10:46pm bbt Frank comes into the room, showing off his comp swag to Shane/Dani. Frank says some of the stuff they have to take out, BB may not let them actually remove from the house, based on what Dan told him. Ian comes to room as well with a pop looking for Dan, who is in the DR. Shane says Joe is getting worried. Dan joins Ian/Shane/Dani, they joke about provoking Frank/Joe about what bed Joe may be sleeping in tomorrow. Dan/Ian leave the room, heading back out to play pool.

10:49pm bbt Shane warns Dani to be careful what she tells Jenn, because he thinks Jenn is relaying information to Frank. Because of this, Shane doesn't plan to tell who he is voting for tomorrow.

10:51pm bbt Shane tells Dani Ian will expect them to put up Joe/Jenn if they win HOH. Talk to turns to what jobs they will have when they leave the house. Shane says only 2 more weeks, Dani says she doesn't want to leave(the house, or Shane's side?)

10:55pm bbt Shane/Dani discuss both holding off on hugging/etc in the house 'for the sake of the game'. Shane says he doesn't want to do anything that would affect the game, maybe when there are only them and Dan left.. Dani asks if he means when there are only 2 days left? She says if he wants to cuddle or anything, he will likely have to make the first move, because she doesn't want to make him uncomfortable.

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11:05 pm BBT Dan and Ian playing pool discussing jury votes. Ian says he would take Dan to the final two because he wants to go against the best and feels that Dan is the only one other then Shane he feels like he may not win 5-2 against. They go over jury questions and scenarios. Ian wants it bad and thinks he has a chance.

11:17 pm BBT Frank owns Shane at a hand in rummy. He is down to his last card. Dan and Ian have moved on to talking about tv show and that they like older shows better then newer ones.

11:23 pm BBT Ian talks about his blog and the fact that he gave BB shout outs to his favorite former HGs. Dan asks him what he will keep vs what he will sell. Ian is debating about his bag and will definately keep his oval invitation he got at his kidnap. He goes over every seasons color key. That is how crazy about BB this kid is.

11:32 pm BBT Joe and Dani going over what everyday life will be like after the house. Dan joins them and says it will be crazy going back. Joe says he will wake up in the mornings and probably still reach for his microphone.

11:41 pm BBT Frank smashes Shane at rummy again while Ian is in the background making his scramble. Dani, Dan, and Joe discuss the fact that it takes 18 days to create a habit. They all laugh about having a lot of habits to break. Dan tells a story about after BB10 he spent an entire night answering emails. He said he felt like he had to respond to everyone. Frank comes out and asks if Joe, Shane and Dan want to get in a few long shots before showtime ends? The all say yes and play B-ball

11:48 pm BBT Dan warns everyone to tell their loved ones to give them a month when they get out of the house to act normal again. He says for a month they just wont be right in the head. Dan jokes that even Joe will be calling him saying "Hey Dan, Shane said this, this, and this about you."

11:58 pm BBT Dan is getting everyone to say their email address while showtime is still on. They yell Frank's and advertise 40+ yr only women to email him. He asks Dani hers and she tells him like its no big deal. all four feeds are in the BY. Two on Dan talking to Dani and two are the boys playing B-ball.

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12:05 am BBT A bat flies into the BY and Dani start screaming. Naturally, Dan tries to catch it. He fails then they joke about what they would have done if they had caught it. Frank says they would put it in Ian's room and freak him out.

12:13 am BBT Ian is in the kitchen still working on his scramble. Looks like it has chicken, pepper, onions, and egg whites in it. The HT conversation is going over how hill billy each of their states are. Joe says lots of people think KY is redneck but it isn't as red neck as Alabama. He looks at Dani and laughs and she says hey now. He makes fun of incest in Arkansas, and Frank says hey I took my cousin to prom!

12:21 am BBT In the WA, Dan is showering and Dani is washing her face before bed. They get nostalgic about the first live eviction show and how Julie mentioned she had never seen so much game play in a week before. The HT boys Shane, Joe, and Frank are talking movies.

12:35 am BBT Shane leaves the HT area and heads to the WA where the talk is of zits and how to pop them. Shane says he is tires. Dani says she is exhausted. Shane asks if Dan is tired. Dani doesn't know. Joe and Frank are alone in the BY. Joe says something doesn't add up with Dan and Dani. He says between the funeral and how lovey they are now while still claiming not to like each other , something isn't right. Frank sings and ruins the conversation by giving us FOTH

12:39 am BBT Frank starts playing mouth guitar and we get Fish. We come back and he asks if mouth guitar is the same as singing? He does it again and we get fish again. Yes Frank, it is the same.

12:49 am BBT Dani says her good nights, Dan is playing solitare, Frank is washing his face, and Ian is talking about family guy. Shane is saying his good nights. Dan says he is headed to bed at 1. Joe says he needs to make his rounds real quick as he only has 15 more mins to talk game. Joe heads into the SBR and thanks Dani and Shane for their votes. Shane says keep it in mind if the two of them are on the block. Joe says he thinks he has Dan. He jokes about Shane and Dani doing it and they kick him out.

12:56 am BBT Joe goes and sits with Ian and jokes about only 8 mins to campaign with hi. They joke about knowing Frank is leaving. Ian says Frank tried to give him a tie breaker spiel today and it didnt make a ton of sense. Ian continues by saying that Frank has nothing to offer him protection wise other then working with Jenn who prob wont win hoh. Joe says he is due for a win. If it is a crap shoot he is due. Ian agrees. They think Jenn would be the only one to put up Ian anyway.

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01:06 BBT

Ian and Joe in the BY discussing strategy. Joe says Ian probably doesn't have to worry this week b/c if it's a fast-forward, it'd be smarter to get out the bigger threat, which is Shane. Meanwhile in the SBR, Dan is reading Bible verses about marriage to Shane and Danielle.

Ian recites the events of the first BB event of the season. Joe wonders why Jenn is still here when she hasn't really done anything in the game. Meanwhile Dan and Shane are teasing Danielle about being engaged last year. Danielle gets annoyed and asks why they only tease her about personal things.

01:19 BBT

Dan, Shane, and Danielle discuss showmances. Out in the BY, Ian and Joe are discussing needing to get Dan out. Ian says Dan's worst move in the game was forcing the house to vote out Brittany, who everyone loved.

Shane turns out the light in the SBR. Ian and Joe are still in the BY. Nothing terribly exciting to report - Ian keeps going over and over things that have already happened this season.

01:39 BBT

Ian is still rehashing his moves all season, competition by competition. Joe is listening very patiently.

01:45 BBT

Looks like Ian and Joe are done talking. Ian is getting his laundry out of the dryer. Shane gets out of bed - heads to the bathroom. Joe stops in the kitchen to get something to drink. Ian heads upstairs w/ his laundry. Shane heads back to his room. Joe heads to the WA.

Joe asks Joker's Updates (via the camera) to tell Janelle to save him one of those puppies. Joe heads back outside to play pool by himself. Meanwhile Ian is feeding the fish in the HOH room.

Joe takes some frozen meat out of the storage room to unthaw for tomorrow. Ian is pacing in the HOH room. Everyone else in the house seems to be asleep.

01:55 BBT

Joe sits in the HT by himself. Ian grabs some snacks from the HOH room and relocates them to the KT. Looks like Ian is packing up all his stuff from the HOH since he'll have to move out tomorrow.

02:02 BBT

Danielle just woke up and went out to the hammock to lay down. Joe is still at the hot tub. Ian ha slights out in the HOH and is listening to his music.

Joe comes over & asks Dani what's wrong. She says she's still sad about Dan telling her she was dead to him at his "funeral", and also that she's frustrated by Shane's immaturity. She says, "I don't want a little boy, I want a man! Those two just make me feel so unwanted… so lonely in this house." Joe says he understands it's hard, even though it's a game, but she's allowed to be hurt by Dan's cruel actions.

02:10 BBT

Joe says, "This is a very, very serious game to Dan." Danielle thinks it doesn't matter, that he shouldn't treat people that way. Joe tries to calm and comfort Danielle - he pledges his allegiance to Shane/Danielle. Meanwhile… Dan is awake and headed to the bathroom… then he comes outside (his mic's not on so can't hear what he's saying).

Dan wants to know what's wrong w/ Danielle. (Joe is inside now.) Danielle tells him how upset his actions made her. He assures her it was all for the game, but she tells him it's still hurting her. Dan tells her she's the one person he'll keep in touch w/ outside of the house - that none of that that he said was real and he didn't mean it. He says he lies in the big group but would never lie to her face.

Dan says, "I know you don't like it, but the fact that it (the funeral) is still brought up is awesome… from a game standpoint." Danielle reminds him that she's a very emotional person and this really hurt her and she feels so lonely, especially w/ the way Shane treats her. Dan says some of the stuff Shane says to Danielle is so rude & he would never say things like that to a girl.

02:31 BBT

Danielle says if they weren't in the house, she would've dropped him (Shane) so long ago. She thinks if someone really likes her, they'd treat her much better. Dan agrees and said he could never treat Chelsea bad. He wonders if Shane's nice/mean switching back and forth is game b/c he doesn't want Dan/Danielle to get close again. Danielle asks if he thinks Shane would be nice outside the house. Dan says probably not.

Danielle tells Dan that Shane and Jenn both think she's with each of them for final 2. Dan says Jenn is concerned that Danielle has more alliances than just her so Danielle really needs to be careful and stroke her ego a bit more to make her feel safe. Dan says he's promised Jenn final 2 also, to make her feel safe. Danielle says Jenn always says, "Us girls have to stick together."

Danielle says, "Joe thinks he has a final 2 w/ Ian. And me and Ian… we've never had a conversation about anything past the Quack Pack." Danielle wants to tell Frank he's going, but Dan says, "No don't. Then it won't sting as much" (when he leaves tomorrow).

02:45 BBT

Dan asks, "If Joe asks, or anyone asks, what are we going to say we talked about out here?" Danielle says, "That I'm homesick." Conversation turns to how much of a liar Joe is. Danielle wonders how long he'll stay in this game. Dan says Joe is bad at competitions so no one is picking him off & getting him out of the game so he'll probably coast to the end.

02:55 BBT

Dan heads to bed. Danielle is sitting by herself in the hammock. Everyone else seems to be asleep already. Danielle starts complaining to herself out loud about Shane. She's also upset that Tre really liked her and then she came on here and almost had a showmance.

Danielle wonders (to herself) if Shane is sweet or mean in real life. She wonders what he says about her in the DR. She gets up and says she's going to bed now. Someone left some food on the counter in the KT, so she grabs a bite as she walks by. She heads to the bathroom - then to the KT for some water - then back to the SBR to sleep.

03:05 BBT

Danielle back in bed now. Shane reaches over and holds her hand. Looks like everyone else is sleeping. Nothing more to report, so I'm going to get some shut-eye now, too. Tomorrow's going to be a big day in the BB house!!

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11:06am frank walking in kt saying nhe has itchie spots on him and doesnt know why they are coming up.dan is in wa washing his hands and brushing his teeth.

11:11am bb has now called an hoh ld. everyone heading up to hoh and getting comfy for the ld.

11:15am everyone in hoh is going back to sleep. ian has just come back to the room after changing his batteries and now goes to the wc.

11:17am bb has started the foth music in the hoh rm and jenn has now stuffed her ears with tissue so as to block out some of the noise.

11:18am the feeds have now gone to trivia.

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1:19 BBT Feeds are Back

1:39 Jen dieing the Red Patch in her hair .... Dani doing Make up .... Dan Ian Shane and Joe are eating in the KT ... Frank just came out of the DR\

1:42 we are Back to Trivia ( I believe it's to fix the feeds .. We are getting the Flashback pics on the left hand side and the Quad screen is showing all the way back to when Kara was in the House - LoneTWolf) ....Feeds are back

1;44 BBT some one just finished vacuming and it's sitting by the KT ... Frank playing the ESP game with trying to name the cards as Shane turns them over ... He's 0 for 20 so far in guessing

1:53 BBT On the Quad camera there are showing a Flashback (not Pics but Running Flashback Video) of when everyone was still in the House except Jodi and Willie was HOH ( I Kinda miss everyone being together - LoneTWolf) I just figured out when they Flasbacked too ... The First night they where on Showtime

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4:39 PM BBT

Joe is packing his suitcase, he says he's packing it for the HOH room tomorrow so he can't go up again. Dan, Jenn, Frank and Danielle in WCA getting ready.

Frank guesses that it's 4:51, Danielle says 4:37 Jenn says 4:39 and she wins it. On the dot.

Ian comes in the washroom area.

Shane ironing a green shirt in the SR room. "At least you don't have to pack for the double evict." he says to Joe.

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4:44 PM BBT

Dan is going to trim his own hair. With clippers. In the SR. Where Shane tells him that he has to go wax his third eye.

Jenn is plucking her eyebrows.

Frank is blow drying his hair. Joe wandering around eating beef jerky.

Back to trivia.

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5:16 PM BBT

Jenn is going to leave her hair curly tonight. Frank tells us that if he goes out tonight he's grabbing Ted. Dan and Shane talk about Bieber-ing their hair. They break into a little "Baby, baby, baby" into the mirror. The HGs think the feeds are off. They start giving each other their email addresses.

Jenn all sexy in a little black dress. Joe in jeans and a pressed shirt. Trivia.

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5:30 PM BBT

Shane and Jenn talk about how you can't know what the show does to you psychologically until you are here.

Dan and Jenn talking. He's been coaching her as much as he can. He kept thinking last night about what her Dad would say. "Well, don't treat me like that because I'll just get mad. My Dad and I aren't talking right now."

Dan talking about Shane, "It's at that point where the only person in the house I can stand being around is you. He smothers you."

"I know, he's a prick to me when we're alone." she replies.

"What do you think is going to happen for the 30 seconds he's evicted?" Shane asks as he walks in the room. They agree that if it's noms tonight, get rid of Joe.

Joe and Frank talking at KT counter. Just being casual to each other.

Dan in arcade room reading the bible.

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5:41 PM BBT

Danielle eating toast in lounge. Jenn making a smoothie in the KT. She gave Frank a big hug earlier. He said, "It's ok, I've got my shirt on."

Now they discuss whether or not he should 'rock the hat'. They decide not to rock the hat tonight. He's wearing his "Julie Chen is my Home Girl." yellow t-shirt.

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5:45 PM BBT

The HGs are starting to assemble in the LR. Joe in his nom chair.

Frank talking to Jenn in the WCA. He's got his speech all ready hopes he doesn't mess it up. Ian sitting in LR.

Joe has moved, in arcade room talking to Shane. Says "today's not the best day I'm sitting in that chair but I trust you man." They shake hands.

Frank goes in to see Danielle in the lounge. She tells him she just needs a little bit of time to herself, "You're fine though." Dan had told her to stay in the room, away from everyone.

"It's showtime, shortly," says Jenn in the other room.

They can hear the crowd starting to roar.

We can hear production starting to give orders - it's muffled though.

"We're the only people on the block up against each other twice." Frank says "It's never happened twice without someone leaving." Joe points out and says "Let's get her done."

"Good luck brother." says Joe with a handshake for Frank.

Shane changed into his bright grren button up shirt and light grey khakis.

5:53 PM BBT

Shane has to pee and is going now so he doesn't have to wait for commercial. Danielle gets up as she straightens her dress. "What's the clock say Joe?" asks Frank and Trivia begins.

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7:05PM BBT - Dani and Ian were talking in the arcade room but whispering and couldn't hear what they were saying.

7:06PM BBT - Shane and Ian in KT. Shane asking Ian what he thinks the HOH will be tonight, Ian tells Shane about the HOH game Jerry won in season 10 where they had to roll the balls towards the number of days corresponding to the question.

7:07PM BBT - Shane joins Dan in SBR, thanks Dan for not using him as a pawn. Shane says if he wins HOH he is putting up Jenn and Ian. Dan says they need to steam roll to F3. Ian joins the SBR, and Shane repeats thanking Dan for not using him as a pawn. Shane said the puzzle sucked. (Veto puzzle)

7:09PM BBT - Dan tells Ian he took it a lot better than Memphis did (going up as a pawn).

7:10PM BBT - Shane joins Dani in the arcade room. Says Jenn is on fire right now because Frank got voted out.

Dan sends Ian to go talk to Jenni. Dani is now in the KT staring at the memory wall. Ian hugs her. He whispers to Dani that Jenn is not happy. She wanted Ian out the door more than anything in the world. Ian is pacing, Shane comes out and sits at the bar. Shane says, "One more POV and you got me beat". Ian mutters, "Wish I had 2 of these jokers," mimicking Frank when he took himself off the block the last double eviction show. Shane says "Well, you can't say you haven't been on the block now."

7:15PM BBT - Jenn sitting by herself in the MBR. Shane asks if Dani is alright. She is still staring pensively at the memory wall. Shane and Ian begin re-hasing the POV. Ian went to the left in the beginning, Shane to the right. Ian explains his logic for the game to Shane. Shane asks Dani whats wrong. She says nothing. Shane tells her she looks pretty, Ian says she looks gorgeous. Shane tells Ian his mom is proud; collared shirt, Ian.

Dan comes into the KT. Ian was hoping they weren't going to get wet during POV. Dan says Joe is a good guy, but he would never have been able to work with him in this game. Shane says he was a good guy but was making deals with the whole house. Dan asks if he can talk to Dani, and they head to the SBR.

7:18PM BBT - Dan asks Dani if she's mad at him. Dan tells Dani he knew she had the votes to stay. Dan asks Dani why Jenn is mad at him when he didn't put her up. Dani says Jenn has a bad temper. They start whispering so low they can't be heard.

Dani has to win HOH, she says. Joe told Dani he was going to put up Dan and Shane. Dan told Jenn Dani talked him out of putting someone up - Jenn maybe? Ian came to Dan and asked if it was him vs Shane, would Dan vote to keep him? Dan said yes. Dan tells Dani to talk to Jenn first. Dan had time to tell Ian that it was his turn to be a pawn before all that went down.

Iand and Shane in the KT. Ian re-counting the POV competition for Shane, from start to finish. Jenn comes into the KT and starts doing dishes.

7:28PM BBT - Jenn gets called to the DR. She says "I got a lot to say. Let's do it."

Dani and Dan still whispering in the SBR. Dani has her back to us, and they are barely audible. Sounds like discussing possibly putting Shane and Ian up if Dani wins HOH.

Dani heads to the KT, asks who is cooking. Shane says Jenn is pre-heating the oven, in the DR now. Says Jenn is going to burn the house down. Ian and Dani surprised. Jenn is so mad that Frank got evicted. "Was she really surprised?" Ian asks. Apparently right before the live show Jenn went to tell Joe that she was voting to keep him and she'd see him at 9pm. Shane and Ian think they should just tell Jenn she's next.

Dani asks Ian what he thinks HOH will be. He's not sure. He is still pacing a lot. Ian asks where Dan is, Shane tells him he's in Skid Row. Shane building a tower with the cards. Ian quips that if he had been evicted tonight, he was in his Sunday's best. Shane said it's all about the Quack Pack.

Shane asks if they saw Frank's face when he was evicted. He was shocked, Shane says. Ian was not a fan of Frank's leaving without hugging anyone but Jenn or shaking hands. Shane agrees, Frank played all summer with everyone, not just Jenn. Ian asks if they ever thought they'd see Frank's picture black and white, Dani and Shane agree. Dani wasn't expecting a double evict again.

Jenn's probably a little salty about Dan's vote to take Frank out, Ian says. He will tell her it wouldn't have mattered. Shane thinks she's upset because she has no one. Shane asks Ian what his mom is probably thinking. "Holy shit," Ian responds immediately.

Dani says now at jury are Britney, Ashley, Frank and Joe. At least Frank and Ashley will be back together, Shane cracks. Dan joins the KT and asks if they are on track now. Ian starts trying to figure out what else is next. Dan asks if anything funky is going to happen before finale. Dani asks if anyone else was expecting a double evict. No one else was, especially since the LD didn't start till 4am.

Dan thanks Ian, Shane and Dani for trusting in Dan and his decisions. Shane says it shows a lot with how they voted, and Jenn can't win. Dani says 11 people have left. Janelle's whole team is gone. Dani reminds Dan that he gets pictures and a basket. We get to see Chelsea, says Shane. Look what your man did for you, Chels!

Joe got a bigger applause than Frank. Dani asks if he got booed - no one else heard that. Shane thinks that Ian is America's Favorite, he got a big cheer when he won POV. Shane asks if that quote type of comp was new, Ian says yes. Shane can't believe everyone could remember who commented in their eviction speech. They re-hash the comp and who said what.

Dani remarks that they will all have to cook for themselves now.

7:43PM BBT - Ian begins to re-hash his logic for how he won the POV.

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7:45PM BBT - Shane asks Ian if he thinks they will have HOH tonight. Ian says of course. Ian and Dan explain the game from season 10 to Dani and say they think it will be that one. Dan comments that Jenn is likely blowing off steam in the DR.

Dan told Frank he was a great competitor. Ian wanted to shake his hand. Dan tries to get into the SR and was unable to at first but gets in. Ian re-fills his water bottle and begins pacing again. Shane is spinning a basketball on his fingers.

Shane hopes Jenn won't be awkward with them. Dan brings soup out to heat. Shane repeats Dani's comment that they have to cook for themselves now. They were all very stunned when they found out they were doing a 2nd eviction. Shane's heartbeat went up by 10 beats per second from that point forward.

Ian of his 2 HOH's: Last time I hit a doe (Ashley), this time a 12 point buck (Frank).

7:51PM BBT - Ian wants to be called into the DR soon; he has a lot to say. They all realize they don't need to pack Joe's stuff since he was the second nominee tonight and was already packed. Ian: Did you feel that? That's a 1 in 5 shot at half a million dollars.

Dan asked Dani if she went barefoot for POV. She said yes. She adds that Dan was jumping around like a bunny rabbit after HOH. Dan gives Dani some of the soup he made. Dan says its crazy how empty the house is now. He mutters: what the hell is wrong with Jenn?

Shane comments that they'll have enough beds now. They figure one of them will be HOH, the other 3 can have Skid Row and Jenn will likely stay in the MBR. Danielle looking forward to finally being able to cook. Dan asks for Almond Joy with his goldfish and Cheezits in his HOH basket. Shane wants pizza tonight.

The HG's are talking about not wanting Jenn to win HOH tonight and Ian remembers that on Dan's season, that's exactly what happened when Jerry won HOH. Dan asks if they think Jenn will come out of DR with guns blazing or calmed down? Shane and Dani think calmed down. Ian says first ever season to have two double evictions in one season. Dan compliments Ian on founding the QP.

Dan asks if they have any idea of what Chelsea looks like in their head. Dani begins to describe her. Shane says she is stacked in the upper portion of her body. Shane finds Joe's water bottle and asks if they should mount it as a trophy.

11:01PM BBT - Ian, Shane, and Dani begin jedi training the different days and what happened.

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8:01pm bbt: ian is telling jenn he is sorry. she says dont be sorry man. he says i know it was harsh. she says i am loyal to the end and everyone knows it. ian says was you close on the shark thing? she says yeah i was right behind you. jenn says you did great . ian says i was like get the shark finn or go home.

8:04pm bbt: Dan tells jenn her oven all preset. he says you probably already know that though. jenn says uuuhhhh what a shitty day as she is washing dishes. bb has now called dan to the dr.

8:06pm bbt: dani going to the wc to change clothes before the next hoh comp.

8:09pm bbt: ian comes in the wa to wash his hands. dani asked him would you like to help me?( she needs her dress unzipped) ian says yeah let me wash my hands it wouldnt be sanatary. shane comes in and ian says that was intense tonight i was scared you just felt like your juggler was out.

8:13pm bbt: ian pacing in mbr reading his letter from home he got last week. shane and dani have now changed clothes for the hoh comp.

8:15pm bbt: jenn still doing dishes and dani comes in and says i can help you. dani says we can cook and stops. jenn says go ahead and say it we can cook now. dani says no i was gonna say i can make you some slop cookies with sugar. jenn says i have slop in the oven i can cook at least i have that much going for me. dani says come on jenn. and jenn leaves the kt.

8:18pm bbt: shane now in kt helping dani he says man this counter is messed up. dani says mmm hmmmm.ian still pacing in mbr with his snake.

8:29pm bbt: ian leaves the mbr and walks through kt. shane says you still dressed? ian says yeah i dont think i can do the buttons right now i just need to go piss and walk it out of my system. jenn comes in and checks on her slop in the oven. shane tells her it needs another 5 minutes. she agrees and goes back to mbr where dani is and they are whispering very low.

8:36pm bbt:we have trivia hoh comp must be getting underway.

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