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Angelo Joe

9/2 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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3:04pm dani, dan and shane now move to the kt. shane is cleaning, dani made her something to eat. dan has gone to sr.

3:09pm dan, dani and shane talking about jodi, dani says do you remember coaching her? dan says no there is a reason why she left early. dani and shane washing dishes now. ian pacing in hoh rm changing his shorts now gets a shirt to put on .

3:10pm dani says one of my petpevees in this houe is when people chop up veggies and leave it here its gross.

3:15pm idl is over. shane says we can get outside now.Ian in hoh looks at the spy screen and he sees the by is now open and says' oh yeah i get the new by now' he goes down tells other hg he gets out of the shower and sees the by is open. ian now heading back to hoh rm. shane says there are nasty people in this houe make shit and leave it. dan is going to go check towels in the washer.

3:25pm shane goes outside to by he says holy hell whats this rope for. dani says huh? shane says there is rope over here and over here as he picks up the rope. shane now goes back in the kt dan says ty for taking the bull by the horns here and cleaning. shane says i just wantes something to do for an hour or two.

3:29pm elling dan that joe talked to him and says he wants a final 4 deal with you, dan, and ian. and he wants to take dan out and take shane to final 2.

3:32pm Ian sitting in hoh rm reading his letter again. shane goes to by where dani is. joe is now up and in the wc dan is making smothies for himself dani and shane.

3:35pm shane laying in the by in the sun with dani saying he talked to dan and wanted to talk to hger before joe came out. he says dan wants a final 3 with them and he needs dani to forgive dan. shane says think about it ok. dani says i can take that deal. shane says think about it if you need to dani. she says no matter what i have a final 2 with you shane . shane says i know. ian comes out and tells shane they have to get jenn out next week for sure.

3:42pm Ian,shane and dani talking about keeping the quack pack together and how dan needs to be the one to go before them. dani says no one will vote for dan in the end. ian says dan is the only coach that has won a comp outside of the coaches comps. shane says true true. dan comes out with smoothies for shane and dani. ian says the goal is to make sure jenn doesnt get hoh.

3:43pm shane says the three of us should at least make it to final 3 if frank is gone this week ian says yeah yeah. dan comes out and says before frank comes out i am probably gonna use the pov i just need to make sure that you wont put one of them up. ian says yeah i just want to make sure that frank goes this time.

3:47pm Ian, dani and shane now going over the order of the hoh's won and pov's won in case they have it in the next hoh comp so they can be prepared to win.

3:49pm shane says i cant believe frank is going home. ian says me either took me 2 tries and i sent my girlfriend home by accident but he is finally leaving. he tells them what he said as his goodbye speach to brit and how he will send the orange hairy beast out. dani says ian and we get foth.

3:51pm frank is in the wa clipping his nails and toe nails . joe is making a coke for himself as he makes slop for jenn.

3:57pm dani shane and ian talking about the first hoh comp of the season . dani says they gave us short shorts and my boobs were hanging out and my butt was hanging out as i was on all fours then bb says"thats what she said' and they all start laughing.

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4:08pm ian rocking in the hamock talking about past comps they played in and who they thought would have won it. frank and dan talking on byu couches dan wondering who would have a party from 10am-3pm on the cbs lots. frank says maybe finale's of the fall shows or something.

4:13pm dan says he wonders what the jury house is doing right now. frank says brit and ash. they wonder if they are getting along. dan says i think they get a monitored phone call every couple of days . frank says i have heard the same thing.

4:23pm joe was talking with dani and shane telling them dan asked for safetly if he didnt use the pov this week. dani says what did you sday he says we are going to talk later. now ian talking about taking coke and mentos and blowing up the coke.

4:25pm Ian telling evereyone how cheap it is to produce bb. he says back when they made this house it costed alot now it is just slap some new wallpaper on and go but they dont have to pay actors so it is chaep to produce.

4:29pm : dan and frank talking about getting ian out of the house and how boogie will be happy when frank gets him out. frank says he will say things in his goodbye speach to ian.

4:41pm Frank says i hated seeing jani go but if it hadnt been her it would have been me. dan wonders if kara is watching the show. frank says probably since she had a crush on me she is probably watching.

4:48pm Joe was talking about getting a show on the food network untill his partner sent a letter saying he was part of a franchise. feeds change to dan and frank on by couches talking about cars.

4:56pm :Joe telling shane and ian that jani used to sit up late at night and tell people to start hate threads on frank. shane says no she did not. joe says yeah she did she told alot of bb sights to do that to start hate threads on him.

4:58pm :jenn joins dan and frank on by couches now. frank talking about his girlfriend fram high school and how she dumped him.

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5:03 PM BBT The HG relive the first HOH and first night in the house. Ian says the suitcases were not dispersed until after Jodi left. This is by the hammock. Dan and Frank talking about Frank's ex-GF

Frank shouts out to the feeds that he is sorry to all of his ex-GF. He loved all of them in their own way. Dan says he dated a woman on National TV that he didn't want to be with and should have told her.

5:13 PM BBT Ian and Dani talking about when Dani won the veto. Ian talking about when Frank traded the 5K for the Veto knowing Dani was going to take it back.

5:19 PPM BBT Dani tells Ian she can't wait for Thursday. Ian says he knows - and asks Dani if she ever thought they would get him out. Dani says no. Dani says Frank will feel hope when he sees Joe go up.

5:27 PM BBT Frank/Dan and Shane discussing school and how college isn't for everyone. Frank has a marketing degree and hasn't done anything with it. Shane worked 30 hours a week to get through college.

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5:32 PM BBT Shane/Frank/Dan discussing Kara. Shane talking about how many people in the house have lied about their profession. He figures about half. They are now discussing the HG secrets. Jojo was a go-go dancer. They think Ash was an actress. Frank says he has no idea. Frank thinks she just does the tan. They think Ian FF through school. They think Jenn is straight up.

Dan talking about it only costs $10K to demolish a house in Mi. Shane says that donating to the fire department is even less expensive. They will use it as a "class" and they you are only responsible for the debris. Dani on the hammock by herself.

5:37 PM BBT Dan/Frank/Shane consider to chat - about how many days they have been in there, how many are left and the POV comp yesterday.

5:42 PM BBT Dan telling Shane about when he got to leave the house in his season for a helicopter ride. Dan says in his season everyone stayed for the weekend for the wrap party and such. Says it was great. Dan says at the wrap party you get to meet all the wizards and that's cool. And we get FOTH.

Ian joins Dani at the hammock. ian says that he likes to think he is better then Frank. Dani says Frank is not attractive at all. Says Frank called her over last night because she was upset and started rubbing her back. Says it is gross.

5:49 PM BBT Joe has joined the convo in the BY couch. They are talking about the POV comp. They says Joe and Frank were smart not to let their chests touch the sticky goo. Joe says it came out of their clothes.

5:53 PM BBT Ian and Dani talking about the monkey and the snake and the DR asking. We get FOTH every few seconds. Ian asks Dan if he slept with the money. Ian thinks it's hysterical. Dani thinks it's ugly.

Dani says that Frank is going to think he has the guy's votes so he is going to hassle her and Ian. The couch area has turned silent. Just HG hanging out.

5:58 PM BBT Ian talking about the FF night and getting Ash out. Ian is happy now that he knows Ash was lying and doesn't feel bad she is gone. Jenn sits down on the BY couch and is enjoying a slop meal.

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6:02PM BBT - Ian tells Dani they must be close to the water because they constantly hear seagulls. Ian called to DR; Dani left alone on the hammock.

6:03PM BBT - Joe, Dan and Jenn on the BY couches. The only sound to be heard is Jenn crunching her slop chips.

6:05PM BBT - Dani called to DR. Joe laughs and says "Busted". Dani passes Ian and asks if she's about to get reprimanded and he says "Mmmhmmm".

Ian back on the hammock. Jenn mentions going in the HT. She thanks Joe for making her the snack, it was great.

6:07PM BBT - Jenn goes inside and comes back out with a towel. She takes her water and heads to the HT. Joe heads inside, passes Dani coming back out and says "Bad girl".

6:09PM BBT - Dani doing laundry.

6:16PM BBTt - BB reminds HG's that there is no sleeping anywhere but in the bedrooms (Dan was sleeping on the BY couch). He wakes up and asks Dani where Joe is. She says he is inside making pickles for Jenn.

Frank in the shower.

6:18PM BBT - Dan joins Shane in the SBR. Shane re-counts the F3 convo with Dani from earlier where he asked her about F3 with him and Dan. Dan thanks Shane for having the convo and they should shake on it tonight. Dan asks if Joe was scheming earlier. Shane said he tried. If Joe wins HOH, he'll put up Dan and Jenn. If Jenn gets it, she'll put up Shane and either Ian or Joe. Dan says he will let Shane sleep before Joe comes to check on them.

6:20PM BBT - Dan asks Joe what time dinner is at. He says 7:30, so Dan goes to make turkey dogs for him, Frank, Joe and Dani for a snack.

6:30PM BBT - Frank and Dani on the BY couches. Dani is trying to pass the time. Frank just finished a workout. Been his first in quite awhile because the BY either has been too hot, or they have been on LD. And Frank had to wear the carrot costume for a week and couldn't workout in that.

6:34PM BBT - Joe joins the BY crew. Dan is humming as he BBQ's, causing intermittent WBRB. Frank says it would be nice if the veto was used on him. The veto has never been used on him unless he won it and used it on himself. Dani points out that she put Janelle beside him, and that's almost the same thing. Frank says he still had to pack his bags, and Joe says he didn't pack his bags. Frank admits he hadn't. Dani said she felt bad when Janelle started tearing up when she was on the block.

Frank says he'd like to be down but he knows he won't be down. Joe says he'll be joining him on the block tomorrow. Dani asks Frank what makes him so sure. Frank says during Dan's funeral, Dan said "We'll always be enemies, Frank." Joe points out that Jenn used her veto on him, which makes it more likely. And that Dan said he'll never forget it. Frank says some things he doesn't forget, but that doesn't mean he always does something about it.

Dan brings the turkey dogs over to the BY table where condiments are. The HG's dig in.

6:42PM BBT - Frank never used to like to make acronym's before the BB game. Ian and Dan in the KT whispering. Ian has a new plan "Operation Floaters Grab a Life Vest". He wants to try and pin the floaters against each other. They head up to his HOH room to talk more freely.

6:46PM BBT - Ian asked Joe last night if he won HOH next week, who would he put up? He'd put up Dan and Jenn. Dan asks why Joe came to Ian. Ian confirms Joe came with an F2 deal. Ian thinks Joe would win over Jenn if they were F2 because Joe has been more together than Jenn. Ian wonders who Jenn would put up if she won. Ian thinks probably him and Shane. If that happened, Dani would vote to keep Shane and Joe would vote to keep Ian. Dan asks what else he's been saying.

Ian had to put his sunglasses on because he was going to give something away if he didn't. Joe doesn't like Dan because of the speech he gave (the funeral?). Ian told Joe that Jenn is very dangerous and they need to get her out. Ian wants to have it set up so that the two floaters will nominate the other floater in the pre-POV nominations. Then the floater sends the other floater out in their HOH and the leftover floater can't even play in the next HOH. Ian wonders if it is overplaying his hand too much to get Jenn to believe that Dani/Shane want to keep her around. Dan says it would be.

Dan asks Ian what order he thinks people are leaving. Ian: Frank, Jenn, Joe, QP as F4. Then Ian wants every man for himself. He doesn't want to break QP before then because it's too much of a good thing. Ian would rather lose this game then try and propel floaters forward. If Jenn or Joe wins this season, it's a wash in his mind. He'd vote Joe before Jenn because Joe at least makes an honest effort to play.

Ian hates hearing Jenn say things like "I didn't go on slop for no reason" and he thinks "Yeah, you did. If you hadn't done it, you would've accomplished the same thing." Dan asks Ian what HOH he thinks is coming. A quiz or a crapshoot, Ian surmises. Likely, a quiz. Maybe the "What does America think?" quiz.

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7:05 pm BBT Ian says he wants to win Hoh 5 sit out of Final 4 and snag veto that week. He would want to take Shane Dan and himself in final 3. He feels like he couldn't deal with Dani in an endurance comp during the final hoh. He says the floaters next two weeks have to go he doesnt care who or when just both have to go.

7:13 pm BBT Dan and Ian continue their talk of going for floaters. Dan says he thought it would be harder to get Ash out cause no one would waste an Hoh on her. Ian says he did and he is glad he did after hearing about her and Frank making out. Dan says Brit was a good player. Ian agrees and admits she probably beat him at the solar comp.

7:20 pm BBT The boys in hoh are thinking of ways to work Joe if he wins an hoh or if he doesn’t win hoh and either Dan or Ian go on the block next week. They catch Joe on the spy screen lurking around looking for Dan so Ian cuts the conversation short. Sure enough Joe is in the BY telling Frank that Dan is talking to Ian stirring stuff up.

7:29 pm BBT Two feeds on Dan listening to Ian's CD. Gen chit chat in the BY between Joe, Jenn, and Frank.

7:35 pm BBT Joe is prepping the grill for dinner. ISalad topped with Salmon and Halibut is on the menu for the evening. Dani says something about working out. Ian and Joe are commenting to each other about it being a beautiful Sunday. Pretty mellow night in the BB house

7:39 pm BBT Alert the media she has been talking about it all day! Dani is working out!

7:51 pm BBT Joe and Frank by the grill recapping how may times they have been on the block. Joe says the only issue is if Dan uses POV and Joe goes up against Frank. Frank says there will be another reset like last time. They laugh. Joe says Dan scares him because he asked what Dan what he was going to do and Dan asked Joe what he could off to Dan. Frank says thats what Dan does. The other two feeds show Dani working out poorly she doesn't get much accomplished when she goes so fast.

7:57 pm BBT I stand corrected they packaged the fish wrong Halibut is not on the menu tonight it is swordfish instead. Fish comes off the grill and they show it off for the camera. Dan gets excited about it. They all get everyone ready to sit down for dinner except for Dani and Jenn.

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8:02PM BBT - It's dinner time in the KT. Joe has made some salmon and swordfish and they are all making a salad to eat with it. Shane, Frank, Dan and Joe enjoy the fish while Ian makes some grilled veggies and turkey. Ian comments to Jesse that there is plenty of junk food upstairs for the whole house to enjoy. Jenn still in HT and Dani back to folding laundry.

8:05PM BBT - Joe does a shout out to his wife to kiss the kids and the dogs. They discuss tomorrow being Labor Day. No work for Chelsea, Dan says. No school for Joe's kids. Frank tells his mom to ask whomever comes out for finale night from his family to bring an extra suitcase for all his stuff.

8:07PM BBT - Joe: Four grown ass men sitting here eating fish and salad. Dan: Thanks, Jesse. Shane mentions it must be BBAD right now and tonight's show would be airing on the west coast right now.

Dani comes inside and says her legs hurt. [Considering she only burned about 400 calories with her very odd workout, that's surprising -- BBLuver]

8:11PM BBT - Joe asks Ian what the Holy Trinity is (cooking wise) and Ian doesn't know. Frank starts guessing. The 3 bell peppers, Joe confirms. Basically the start for all soups.

Dan asks them all to say Hi to Pat Baker, his mom's friend who is a huge BB fan. They all give separate shout outs.

Joe says black olives are just green olives dyed due to being bruised in shipping. Frank investigates the can and Dan says Joe is lying. Joe is smirking and says he swears on his life that he was told that. Frank says "Now I know you're lying". Shane guffaws. Dan doesn't buy it. Joe suggests he goes in the DR and have them google it.

[According to google: Olives naturally turn black as they ripen. When unripe they are green. As they ripen they get reddish, then purplish and finally black.]

Dan continues to not believe it. Says to take a green olive and throw it on the ground and see if it turns black. Joe asks why they have to beat up on the green olives. Dan says they are ripe olives, they don't say "battered olives".

8:20PM BBT - Jenn alone in the HT. [Funniest comment from @BigBroLiveFeeds: Jenn in the HT talking game with her alliance]

Joe can't understand why Dan doesn't believe him. Dan says he makes up things all the time. Dan wants Joe to come up with some sort of cookie to make. Ian comes to the table with his creation, which is two toasted sandwiches with turkey and all the grilled veggies. Dan repeats Joe's story about the olives to Dani, who also doesn't buy it.

Joe pulls out his stash of candy/chocolate for the HG's. Says Jesse didn't find it because it wasn't with the rest of the stuff.

8:28PM BBT - Frank cannot believe he told Janelle she reminded him about his mother. He apologizes to his mother and then says "How that is flirting, I don't know." We have Dan and Joe to thank for riling him up again.

Janelle bashing going on, bringing up Wil and how much he disliked how Janelle tried to play his game. Dan thinks Janelle bashing is going to be a nightly thing. Frank wants all the fans on Joker to remember that he tried out for the show for 3 years, Janelle was found because she has blonde hair.

Frank holds the record for most times on the block, Dan and Ian confirm.

8:32PM BBT - Jenn comes inside and Dan tells her the olive discussion that started earlier. Jenn also doesn't believe his story. Dan says that's like saying that every egg that comes out of a chicken is brown. Dani gets tired of this discussion and heads back to do laundry. Dan says even if he checks wikipedia and it says that, he won't believe it. It's a conspiracy against olives. Ian asks us feeders to go to the wikipedia article for BB14 and add the word "dinosaur" somewhere in the article.

8:39PM BBT - Frank tells Danielle she is a lovely person inside and out. This, after more Janelle bashing. Joe in the BY with his feet in the HT. Danielle complains she worked out too hard and her legs are killing her.

Ian back on the hammock. Dani is heading for the shower. Frank is in the WC and Dan is waiting his turn.

8:44PM BBT - Frank in arcade room telling Dan that Joe thinks Dan will use the veto on Jenn. Dan wants Joe to sweat it out.

8:46PM BBT - Dan (wow, he moves quickly) and Jenn in the MBR. He tells her he put a lot of faith in her last week which was scary, but he wants to know what will happen if she wins HOH next week. She says he doesn't have to worry. She just doesn't want to be blind-sided. Dan hopes once he pulls her off the block, that will give her complete trust. He wants Jenn to talk to Dani to feel her out for a F3. Dan asks Jenn to swear on the bible. (It is very hard to hear them because they are whispering)

Jenn says when she wins HOH, Dan doesn't have a care in the world. Dan wants Jenn to be able to sleep at night feeling safe. He says it's rare in the game to be able to trust someone. Jenn thinks Danielle will be in on a F3 deal. Dan tells Jenn she'd better sleep tonight.

8:50PM BBT - Joe and Frank at HT. Best case scenario, it stays the same, Joe says. Unless he pulls you down. Joe seems to really think Dani and Shane slept together last night and that now their bond will make them vote the same. Frank doesn't see him getting Shane's vote or Dani's vote.

Dan comes to the couches in the BY and conversation turns to hula hooping, episode #2 tonight. Ian and Shane on the hammock pipe in. Shane says it will be hilarious watching Joe stand on his bed hula hooping. Dan: "Know what's even more hilarious, Shane? Thinking that green olives are just bruised to be black." Joe says he will eat his words and olive farmers will line up at his door when they get out of the house.

8:55PM BBT - Ian whispering to Shane, telling him what Dan is going to say when he takes Jenn off the block tomorrow. Ian doesn't want Joe and Jenn getting close once Frank leaves. If one of them accidentally goes, just pick Joe up for the ride. He is telling Shane about Operation Floaters Grab a Life Vest.

8:56PM BBT - Ian would much rather send Frank out, he's guaranteed to playing for the veto going forward. Shane reminds Ian that Frank came so close to winning this last one, that it's not a good idea. Tells Shane the scary theory of Jenn/Joe in F2. Shane groans loudly. Ian asks who Shane would vote for in F2 if that was the case. Shane agreed with the Joe logic.

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