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9/2 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:00 PM BBT Joe telling Shane and Dani that Dan is trying to sell to Jenn to take him to the F2 as he can't win again.

9:05 PM BBT Shane asks Joe if when he walked in the door he thought he would be final 7. Joe says he didn't think that far ahead. Shane says he didn't think the coaches would be out that early. Frank playing with the duplos at the KT table. Jenn trying to figure out if she can make some type of slop chips.

9:09 PM BBT Joe/Shane/Dani discuss how to vote. Frank will be able to play in every POV after this. Joe says he is only in an alliance with them and no one else. Talking about Ian did what he did what he said he would.

9:12 PM BBT Frank and Dan talking in the KT. Frank tells Dan that he talked to Joe and Joe was told if Dan uses it, Joe will go up. Dan says that Joe hasn't spoken to him. Dan confirms that Joe said that. Frank says if Joe goes they only have to worry about Shane and Ian. And Ian can't play HOH next week.

9:19 PM BBT In the BY discussion about if they are missing a workout piece of equipment but they decide they are not. Shane talking about there was a lot of people today. Dani says one got a little attitude and we get FOTH.

Seems the goo they had to travel through for today's POV was like a thick maple syrup. Dai tries out the new hammocks and says it's a lot bigger then their other one. Shanes asks Ian if he is going to do another dance class with Joe tonight. Ian laughs.

Dani invites Ian to sit with her. She tells Ian that she had to get away from Joe. Joe telling her that Dan was throwing her under the bus. Ian tells her that isn't true. Ian tells her that it is understood that she and Shane are not going up per the agreement of the endurance comp.

9:26 PM BBT Ian tells her that Dan shouldn't use it. It would be a waste and would serve no purpose. Dan is looking for his Arkansas T-shirt. Dani tells Ian that she thinks Brit took it because she threatened to destroy it. Ian says whoever stays on the block goes it doesn't matter. That is why he nominated the two of them.

9:29 PM BBT Frank tells Jenn that he knows that Dan isn't going to use it on him. Frank says Dan might be concerned that Dani will go up but he told him that Joe would go up. Jenn wishes he could use it right now. Frank says he hates the waiting around.

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9:37 PM BBT Frank says he needs additional pieces to complete the pyramid he is working on. Dan going to join Ian and Dani on the hammock. Dan asks Dani what her family would be doing tonight. Dani explains how it worked when she was younger with her Godparents. She lived with them part time.

Alcohol has arrived. Dan/Shane/Dani divide up the alcohol (it's their turn to drink). Dan gets 3 beers because it's his birthday.

9:41 PM BBT Shane and Joe are playing pool. Dan heads in to get the beer. Frank still working on his duplo masterpiece.

9:45 PM BBT Ian inspects the POV on the memory wall and says "Oh Dear". Something about it being broken. He heads outside and asks about if they got beer. Jenn on hammock telling Dani that she wonders if Dan will use it on her. Dani asks Jenn if Dan told her he would use it. Jenn says she doesn't want to say.

Dan talking to Shane about Kara. They wonder how much of a fighter she really was. Shane says it was supposed to be Ian but he got saved.

Jenn tells Dani that she made a big move last week and is hoping it is going to help her out this week. Jenn tells Dani that she is tired of Joe making faces during noms because he knows he is safe.

9:55 PM BBT Ian telling Dan that he got a lot of pop (soda) and loves pop. Jenn talking to Dani about the votes.

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10:00 PM BBT Dani asks Jenn if Dan uses the VETO - will she trust him. Jenn says hands down -it would be the ultimate. Dani called to DR and the duo break up the chat. Ian is explaining Pokemon to Dan.

10:04 PM BBT Dan enjoying a beer. Frank tells him to drink up after a big win. Dan says took him 57 days to win something. Shane takes the Tecate. Ian starts up explaining Pokemon again. Joe and Jenn have their feet in the jacuzzi.

10:13 PM BBT Jenn gets in the HT by herself. Ian still explaining Pokemon and the cards and how it works.

Frank giving some info as well. Frank says he knows his stuff. Ian talks about how he and his brother would go to Toys R Us every Saturday and play for 2 hours.

10:21 PM BBT Dani is out of DR and joins the HG on the BY couch. They all toast to Dan's birthday. Jenn still sitting by herself in the HT.

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10:32 PM BBT Pokemon has left the building and the HG are now discussing their favorite brands of cereal.

10:35 PM BBT Ian says that his parents would sit there so they could play Pokemon for two hours but then he had to go errands with his parents. His parents dragged him mattress shopping once for all day. Shane says that his mattress has been the same since he was 7 years old and it was bought used. The HG laugh

Ian goes into the house. Frank and Shane tell Dan to stop asking him questions about Pokemon. Begging him to make it stop. Dan says it's interesting and the HG say it's not. Jenn lying out by the pool. Joe not on the feeds.

10:41 PM BBT Dani finsihing her 3rd glass of wine. Says she will end up sick. She is chugging the glass as the HG cheer her on. Joe offers to hold her hair if she vomits.

Ian is back on Pokemon - now describing a baby Pokemon names Picachu. Dan asking Ian questions about how he and his brother shared things.

10:47 PM BBT Dan asks Ian another question about Pokemon. Dani asks Ian if they can talk about something else. Ian says yes and then finishes explaining to Dan. Jenn still sitting in the HT. Joe says if they are going to talk Pokemon all night - they are going to have to split up. Ian says ok. Now discussion about types of beer. Shane tells Dan if Pokemon is brought up on more time - Shane is going to die. Dan says he can't believe the meathead (Jesse) was in the house. Only healthy snacks left.

They tease Dani that she liked Jesse's muscles. Dani says he is to big. Shane wonders if Jesse can wipe his backside. Dani says if Jesse rolled over on you - you would suffocate. Now talk turns to what their keys looked like this year. Frank says last year he got a red key.

10:54 PM BBT We keep getting FOTH as the HG now talking about when they got their keys and what was filmed. Ian says his parents told him no hooking up.

Talk turns to when the guys have relieved themselves. Shane says he lasted 47 days. Ian asks where. Shane says the HOH bathroom. The tease Joe about doing it in the HN room. Joe says it is a farce. Ian has gotten a little drunk and brave with chatting about how he will relieve himself in the BB house.

10:59 PM BBT Ian advises the HG if he gets a good buzz tonight he will make sure it happens. Jenn heads into the WC shower.

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11:05 pm BBT Foth for a few mins.

11:14 pm BBT we come back and Ian says he misses Wil because he has like 3 gay friends back at Tulane and Wil reminds him of them. He was fun and had a passion for life. Shane says he's not dead.

11:21 pm BBT Shane, Frank, Dani, Dan, and Joe are talking about sex outside. Jenn is inside and it looks like shes looking at the trivia cards not saying anything.

11:33 pm BBT BY crew is joking about Frank flirting with Jani. Frank says he didn't all he said was that if she wasn’t married would he have a chance. That's all. Frank is playfully offended and they are all cracking up over it.

11:44 pm BBT BY crew is cracking up over Ian not understanding the point of a couch in the bathroom. He just screams over and over again who the ef puts a effing couch in the bathroom! Frank still offended that Jani made him feel grossed out and says can someone out there review the footage?! can someone tell me how many times I've touched Jani?

11:51 pm BBT Frank says for everyone at home: Janelle has terrible game play and is a terrible person. Dan keeps bringing up the bed situation. Everyone is pushing for Shane and Dani to share a bed embarrassing them both. Dani says refer those questions about sleeping arrangements to Shane. (who doesn't want to share a bed)

11:55 pm BBT It dance class time Drunk Dani is teaching Joe how to Dance and any time that Joe dances it is epic!

12:00 am BBT Ian just hula hooped for a good 5 minutes. He is truly epic about it. Dani doesn't get how he shows her up every time. The guys make sexual jokes about how good he is.

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12:08 am BBT We now have hula hoop/gymnastics time. The boys except for Joe all try hula hooping. Ian is the clear winner there with Shane second. Dani is doing cartwheels, barely missing Ian who is haulaing. Shane tries to show her up. He just hurts himself...

12:15 am BBT Dani sings and we get Foth and we come back to Dani chasing Shane all over the BY because He has one of her bras.. Dan and Shane start playing keep away. She keeps running and screaming for them to give it back. Ian says be careful. They don't listen.

12:23 am BBT Dani asks Joe to walk her to DR and Joe obliges. Joe pushes the button and then Dani pushes the button 5 times. She wants to request a cake for Dan. She keeps saying BB please. They go to her sucker stash and she gives a sucker to Joe. She says BB please one more time before going back outside.

12:37 am BBT Joe and Dani are having a sucker sucking contest. Dan and Ian quit pool in favor of BY couch conversation. Dani chewed on the sucker she loses

12:48 am BBT Frank is still "salty" about the things Jani said. Talk turns to Joes night time activities that Brit and Dani over heard. He denies it at first then half admits it laughing all embarassed like.

12:55 am BBT Just gen chitchat in the BY making acronyms about words like GOTB= Get on the bus. WOC= Work out city. Then talk to how long its been since they have all worked out.

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1:15 am BBT Dani and Dan talking in SBR. Dani is upset about the whole share a bed situation. She doesn't like that Shane "downs" her in front of everyone. Talk turns to Frank leaving and that Ian is being loud about it. Dan wants him to be quiet. Dani says that Joe told her that Dan has been throwing her under the bus. Dan calls Joe a rat. They talk about using the POV. Dani says shes sick of hearing that Dan has a F2 w/ Frank. Everyone but Shane has told her that. Dan says it isn't true.

1:22 am BBT Dani tells Dan that Joe is spreading all the stuff about him. Dan says he has to go! Dan says they need to get in a F3 deal with Jenn asap. Shane walks in and says he is not trying to be a jerk. Dani asks for a minute. Dan says pretend like you like him so you two get put up. She says you'd never cut me right? Dan says never and they hug it out. She goes to wash her face for bed and Shane enters. They turn the lights out and Shane gets in Dani's bed to surprise her.

1:27 am BBT While Shane waits in her bed for Dani to return, Dani is telling Jenn and Joe about how hurt she is by Shane acting rude to her in front of everyone. Joe is saying he is trying to protect her. He says if it bothers Dani so much to just shut him down when they are alone. Dani said he would be pissed. Jenn agrees that what she should do. Joe says you could date Jenn and see what he does. Jenn laughs agrees then walks away.

1:34 am BBT Jenn heads to bed. Frank rolls over and says how gross is it the Joe is pealing skin off his face the goes into communal food. Jenn says shes seen him go from the bathroom straight to the kitchen without washing his hands. The lllaugh then talk turns to separating two people. I think they mean Dani and Dan but could mean Dani and Shane cant tell.

1:41 am BBT Shane scares the crap out of Dani she screams and says she nearly peed herself. They take their mics off, say goodnight, and all HGs are now horizontal.

1:50 am BBT Feed 1 just showed Ian stirring for a second while he listens to his cd. He is clearly contemplating what he should do tomorrow. We switch to watching Jenn sleep but still hear Hohs mic. He seems to have quieted down now and all are going to sleep yet again

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Frank talking to us from the lounge

Well it's Sunday, Hi Mom you're probably at church. You probably aren't watching because you turned it on earlier and no one was up. Shout out to all his friends and family.

Sunday morning in BB House and barely lost POV yesterday. I'm on the block, 6th time on the block, not complaining, just a little, you know. Oh I barely lost that comp yesterday. I was at the top I was so close and Dan and I had talked about me throwing it to him if I had a chance. I wasn't gonna but he won anyways. I can't trust him because you know, maybe now that Mike is gone he'll keep his word..... He says he can't win against anybody left, maybe that's right. Hopefully he'll use it on Jenn and Joe will go up.

I hope I can survive this week. You sit up there with it in your throat waiting to be take, or smashed. It's not easy to be on the block on Thursday, packing your bags, saying your please help me speech. It's not that I would play the game any differently, I suppose, it's all I know, how to be on the block or be HOH. If he uses the POV on Jenn then it will be Joe or I suppose Danielle. I feel bad that Mike and Ashley went home because of me. (Shouts out to all of the BB people and their families) It's funny a week or so ago everyone wanted me on the block and out a week and a half ago during the double eviction. I'm not too mad or anything, I'm doing a good job. ....I just can't believe it. I'm mad at the OETV and mad at myself, I was so close to winning. If I stay up there today I don't know what would have happened. He says I've got his vote to stay. If I had won either Dan or Jenn would have went up, went home. This is a dream of mine. To go home now with only two weeks left would be heart breaking.

Jenn up and. Frank sees her as he goes to get a coffee. She heads outside. "Oh, it's open. They must have just opened it because it wasn't open earlier when I just got up."

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9:53 AM BBT

"I'm putting a lot of trust in Dan this week. A Lot. The thing is, I never had trust issues before but I'm going to have trust issues when I leave this house." Says Frank

Frank talks to Jenn, "I just hate it that we have to sit here and trust Dan right now." "Yeah but you gotta remember we worked so hard to get him out of the house and then he kept you safe for a couple of weeks. The only reason he was able to pull that card is that we agreed to work with him. " Jenn replies.

They discuss how important it will be to make it clear to Danielle that Dan is still mad about her throwing the veto comp. They discuss Shane and maybe getting them apart but Frank thinks they slept together based on the little scream he heard last night. Getting her drunk and upset was a great idea last night. They unsettled her.

They will look fantastic going into next week if Dan uses the veto and shows he can be trusted. "There are so few people in the house right now and no matter what, it's tough, no matter what it comes down to being able to trust that MFer" says Frank

"You did right staying cool with Danielle last night. I know you don't like her and everything but it was really good of you to just relax and keep it smooth, that's going to count." Jenn says "I won't trust him, no matter how many times he says he'll use it on me until he does." She says of Dan.

"No matter what he says, if he uses that Veto on you but still votes against me, you don't trust him." Frank tells Jenn "I will use that stack of bibles against him going out that door. I'll tell everyone don't trust a word that man says, even if he swears on a stack of bibles."

"With him swearing on a stack of bibles for a final two, I mean, how do you do that? Hoe do you get away with that? The whole world sees that." Says Jenn

"If we just make it through this week we'll be alright." Frank says. "Yes, it will be death on the dance floor." Jenn replies.

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10:05 AM BBT

Frank just wants that little F-er gone. He's talking about Ian. They talk about how annoying he is. Jenn just wanted to take a bath the other day, just chill but all she had to hear was Pokemon and all that crap. He just doesn't get it.

They talk about how he is an annoying drunk. He gets loud and cussing and then gets emotional and feels like he is a bad person. "He'd be no fun to get drunk with, that's for sure." says Jenn.

Discussion on what really happened with the shower incident at the beginning of the season. Jenn says he just didn't recognize that everyone wasn't at that point yet, where you just hang out as the showers go on. "It was the first time he'd seen that many beautiful women together and was a little geeked."

Frank still upset that the little sh&t was bagging him and Boogie the whole time. He just doesn't want to have Ian and Dan as a final two. But they will be. He knows it.

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10:24 AM BBT

Frank sees Dan in the WCA. He tells him that Dan should use the veto on Jenn, it if he uses it on him there's a chance of someone like Danielle being put up.

Dan (brushing his teeth) sees what Frank is saying.

"Let them sweat it out all week about who is going home." says Frank "If we pull it off we'll be a final 6 with an alliance of four within that. If Shane wins, I think he'll put Ian up. If we don't go with this, you'll still have to deal with Ian and Joe."

"If I use it on Jenn then people would understand, I see your point" Dan says.

"I never thought about using it on me but now that I think about it, it forces Ian to put up Danielle or someone." Frank says

Dan keeps asking if Frank is ok with it being Jenn. Frank tells Danielle that he thinks she is going to win the next HOH, it'll be a quiz and she'll pop it out of the park.

[Edited based on input from Spikes Luv - we can really use help with LFU! More input helps prevent errors - more ears inputting more info = better updates :)]

Edited by ZuZuMamou
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10:24 AM BBT

Frank sees Dan in the WCA. He tells him that Dan should use the veto on him, it gives a better chance of someone like Danielle being put up.

Dan (brushing his teeth) sees what Frank is saying.

[sorry but I feel this is important to correct]

He said that it would be better to use it on Jenn because if he used it on Frank, Ian would be more likely to put up someone like Danielle.

The whole jist of the conversation is Frank saying it's better to use it on Jenn and Dan agreeing.

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10:48 AM BBT

Frank, Joe and Shane discuss this mornings music "Boys of Summer" was one of the songs. Said it was a bit sombre this morning.

They joke with Shane about sharing a bed with Danielle. He says it wasn't too bad, he felt bad.

Shane sneezes and Frank remarks how polite his sneezes are. "Mine are so abrupt and loud."

"Everything about is is abrupt and loud Frank." laughs Joe.

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10:57 AM BBT

Dan in the pool, Ian and Shane yelling at him across the yard - general convo only. Jenn doing her make up. Danielle is laying in the WCA.

Joe comes in, "Hey Danielle made it off the couch!" he grabs her foot and gives it a friendly shake. "Yep her GPS is on track she went from bed to the couch to here." Jenn laughs. [it appears that Danielle is feeling a little under the weather this morning - ZuZu]

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Now is the perfect time to get Frank out, by Thursday they will be so fed up with his constant dictating and preaching about what a good person he is and how he has their back (yeppers, he has it while he is talking to you, then moves on to the next one, sly fox) they will be more than eager to vote his butt out.

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11:00AM BBT-1:00PM BBT

  • 11:02-Ian is swinging in the hammoch, Dan is in the pool, Shane is sitting on the couches outside, & Dani is laying on the big chair in the WA. Noone is really saying much.
  • 11:12-Dan & Dani are sitting outside on the couches talking about how the interviews go on the last night. Dan had a dream w people from the real world, former HGs, & people from his real life in the BY during the interviews.
  • 11:24- Frank is walking laps across the BY, Jenn is doing laundry, Shane just got out of the shower, Joe, Dan & Dani are sitting on the couches outside. Dan is warning them to be careful if they go to Vegas after the show. Earlier, Dan & Dani were wondering how their actions in the house have effected their families.
  • 11:26- BB announces " HGs , did u know that it takes approximatley 19 & 1/4 laps around the BY to equal a mile?" The HGs laugh & Frank , who is now running laps, says thank you.
  • 11:42-Frank is still working out, Ian has moved from the hammoch to the HOH room. Joe, Dan, Dani, & Shane are sitting outside on the couches. Dani just told a story of a stage 5 stalker who found her through facebook.
  • 12:00-Ian is back swinging in the hammoch, Frank still working out, Dan, Dani ,Joe, & Shane are sitting outside on the couches. Dani thinks there might be another double eviction this week . Dan doesnt se it happening.
  • 12:10-Dan & Dani have been talking about college football for a while now. Dan says that several of the coaches for Alabama came from Michigan & he knows & worked w them. Joe is headed out to the pool & Jenn is still doing laundry.
  • 12:25- Dani thinks she is going to have a hard time getting back to real life & not seeing the HGs everyday. Dan said in season 10, he did not even want to leave the BB house. It took him a while to get back to normal.
  • 12:42-Frank is still working out, Ian is still in the hammoch, Joe is out by the pool, Dani is in the KT getting lunch, & Shane is sleeping on the couches outside.
  • 12:55- Jenn & Joe are tanning by the pool, Ian is still swinging in the hammoch, Frank is in the KT getting a protien shake, Dan & Dani are getting ready to go to the pool. Frank stops Dan in the KT & asks what he has told Dani about using the Veto. Dan says he has told her he will probably use it to take Jenn down.


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1:03BBT Ian tells Dan he will act like he is upset with the derision (for Dan to use POV) but wont over sell it. Dan leaves HOH and looks for bowls to play salsa ball with. Jenn says they will Never, Ever get rid of salsa ball.

Dani in the pool, she said the float is probably Ian's best gift. Ian, Shane and Dani discuss wether its a "Coke" or a "Soda". Ian says "Coke" is a red can with Coke on the side. Dani says its a southern thing, you said coke and they ask what kind.

Ian gets up and says he is going to get a pop. Jenn at the K table, Dani and Dan in the pool, Shane in the shade, Joe sunning and Frank is in DR.

Shane talks about playing Paintball and Halo. They talk game consoles, Ian says prob the next Xbox will be out about Christmas 2014. He waited in line for the first one.

Frank prefers playing the Playstation. Ian really liked Crash Banicoot, so does Dani. Ian was always Jigglipuff. Dan thinks the Wii tennis is cool.

1:47BBT Talk changes to house parties Ian's Freshman year. Only one not in BY is Jenn.

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Ian tweeted with Dan before the show, neither one know the other was going to be on BB14....FOTH

General chat about movies. HG this is a LD please go inside and close the sliding glass door. There is chicken on the grill!! Inside Jenn says, take that no BBQ for you.

2:00pm BBT HG think LD its due to the music playing over the wall. (It's been playing for awhile tho.) They get all their stuff. Shane goes in and folds towels.

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HG are digging into the chicken Joe took off the grill. Dan says its very moist. They ask Joe how he keeps it moist on the grill. Joe says marinate it a couple hours and dont over cook it.

Joe says looks like we will have a sleepy afternoon. Shane says he is going to clean the WA, its a mess. Dani comes out of DR and tells Dan that Salsa ball was prob taken away because its not.....FOTH

Dani going to help Shane with the WA, she tries to sweep the carpet and says this isnt working on the carpet. Dani says Jeff, we need a vacuum. FOTH. Shane comes and Dani tells him that the broom doesnt work. She and "J" had a 30 min talk about it FOTH.

Dan making up songs and saying things, we keep getting FOTH. Shane cleaning out the shower, extra shampoo and whose razor is this. Dan and Frank say bits from famous songs and movies. more FOTH

Dani gets told to stop talking about production. Dan say put that in your pipe and smoke it. Dani repeats it back to him. Dan says he isnt the one being yelled at.

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Dani gives up on the broom and is picking stuff up off the floor with her hands, Shane is spraying down the shower doors and floor. Jenn joins Frank in the big round bed. Dan is tossing the small basketball up in the air.

WA clean up continues. Dan continues to quote movies. BB continues to give us FOTH.

Dan prevents FOTH by changing one or two words in the quotes. Shane and Dani guess what movie they are from.

Dan plays the Alphabet Name game. Dan he can contribute something positive to society, he will clean the toilet. He gets some gloves but doesnt find any. Dani is having trouble getting the sticky stuff from the comp yesterday off the front of the sinks.

Shane has the gloves on so he cleans the toilet, Dan going to put the stuff back on the back of the sink and fill up the toiletry containers.

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Dan says BB is in shock, someone is cleaning the WA. After all this they refuse to clean the kitchen, someone else can do that.

They get to all the dirty towels and clothes on the floor. Ian in HOH with the HOH bathrobe on pacing back and forth.

They find some clothes they are either Mikes or Wils and JoJo sweatshirt. something of Ash too.

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