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8/31 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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12:19 BBT Been on Trivia Now for an Hour

12:20 BBT Feeds are back ... New stuff in the Middle of the Table

12;24 BBT Dani Blowing up a Floatable Alligator at the KT

someone came in the House .. They Said he was nervous ... No Names yet

BY is Open ... A New Hammock .... They got some Floatie Swords to Play with

HOH is still locked down

12;31 BBT The KT has all kinda crackers or something on the Floor and Shane is sweeping it up

Whomever took Shanes stashed Beers and Dumped out Joe's iced Tea

12:34 Bugle call for Joe and His Hula Hoop

12:35 OMG Jen and Joe Just said Jessie's name ... Joe said "I Guess he didn't like my Fried Chicken" ... he insulated Joe

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12;37 BBT jen talking to Ian out on his new Non-Squeaking hammock ... Ian says he's going do Noms on strategic moves and not personnal ... Jen stating her case to stay ..

12:40 BBT what it's looking like is that Jessie took all the Non-Nutritious food and Drink out of the House and Left them healthy stuff like Kale Chips ..... and somehow they wound up with Blow up toys for the Pool and the new hammock

12;49 BBT Ian Back in the HOH and he got a telescope, Microscope w/ slides , play swords

12;51 BBT Joe up in HOH stating his case and doesn't understand why he would be replacement nominee when there's others Like Dan, Dani being bigger targets .... Joe just told Ian that before Brit left that he promised her he would be one of Ian's biggest allies .. Joe has left the HOH

12;55 Frank Ian and Dan out by the Pool Talking about what Joe just said a Lil Bit .. Jenn now joins them .. ian just got some Bags from HOH and Dani said I'll blow them up .. She's been the resident Blow Up girl for all the toys so far

1:00 BBT When Ian opened up Pandora's Box he got Boxer shorts, socks, shaving kit , Science toys and Blow up toys ... Something about a Christmas Tree with Candy canes but the stuff he got was on a Mantle

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12:21pm Dani is blowing up something (looks like a floatie for the pool. frank saus soething about trading a butter costume for a carrot costume.

12:24pm shane says they took away all their meat and jenn says they threw out all her made up slop.dan asking jennif she checked all the bags she says let me go look. frank says they have sunflower kernels. ian says sorry guys.he says as soon as i saw it i knew dan was gonna flip out.

12:26pm ian says he got 2 valconos a microscope and a chemical set.dani is blowing up a crocadile for the pool. she now is opening a huge beach ball to blow up. she says this is a huge ball.

12:29pm hg get in the by and they have a new hammock . ian is happy there is no squeeking to the new hammock. dan says can we get the swords. ian says yeah they are in the hoh rm . frank says the beer is gone. shane says one night when i decide to hold my beers .

12:31pm shane says the house is a mess and we all need to clean. frank and dan goes to mbr. frank says joe told me that he will be a replacement nominee so i guess we are in the mix.dan says its a wild card. frank now changing clothes.

12:35pm ian is in by rocking on the new hammock. joe in kt cursing cuz bb threw out his tea he made this morning. joe says it had no calories in it . now he is making frash tea. shane and dani in sr throwing trash out and putting things away they cant have this week. shane says done as dani gets milk. the bugle starts to play and joe is doing the hoola hoop in the kt.

12:37pm the bugle now stops joe puts the hoola hoop down. joe walks through and says jessie huh? jenn says yup not a fan of chef joe and laughs.dan telling shane , joe and, jenn about how jessie played his game and how he would get people to fight.

12:40pm jenn in the by talking to ian she says i know i have heard you wanted to put me up this week and i know you was hurt when brit left. ian says yeah and i am just gonna make a stratigic move she says yeah but you know i took slop the rest of the summer and there are others that are bigger targets than me so i hope you just keep that in mind. ian says at the end of the day i am gonna keep it to what is the best move for me. jenn says i play this game more than others and if you need anything just come to your girl ok .

12:42pm ian tells her that what ever he does will be stratigically made for himself and thats how it is going to be. jenn says i just wanted to talk to you and tell you your girl is right here. ian says he doesnt respect people who doest make moves, big moves in this game. i dont respect a floating game i respect the big moves

12:45pm dan now in the by going to the pool. ian says he is going to go get his trunks on and go for a dippo in the pool jenn says alright.dani still blowing up the very large beach ball in the kt.

12:46pm jenn now telling frank her conversation with ian. frank says i still think it might be me and you going up today after i talked to joe earlier.

12:54pm ian and joe in hoh rm. joe says bottom line is we are allies and you said something that worried me as a replacement nom. you have dan, jenn and shane. you could put one of them up as a replacement. ian says if i put one of them up then it might not happen as it needs to. joe says dani is very close to jenn and they have said before that they wont vote each other out. joe says i am only going on assumption that frank is the target this week ian says yeah yeah..

12:59pm ian heads down to go to the pool carrying something dani says what is that ian he says bags for the pool. dani says hand them here i will blow them up i am blowing everything else up.

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1;15 BBT The whole Pandora's Box for Ian was themed Christmas in August ... Cause he initially saw on the TV Screen the Christmas tree with the message open me up and you may have the Best Christmas ever .... Ian got to Keep all the Gifts except he says "I have no use for an exploding Volcano Kit in my real life ( Ian is such a Cute Lil Kiddie Ha Ha !!! )

1;20 BBT WBRB 1:25 BBT Feeds are back and we come back to HG's by the Pool and silence.... where before the WBRB everyone was talking about Pandora's Box

1:28 BBT They just flashed on Cam 1 for a Moment of Ted in His own Carrot Costume sitting on a ledge of all white material

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1:01PM BBT - Ian said he got some "good lines" in while in Pandora's box. The pool crew discover someone spit in the pool. Must be Dan, Frank jokes.

1:02PM BBT - Ian sitting on the new hammock, explaining why it was squeaking. He is thrilled with the new one and that it no longer squeaks.

1:04PM BBT - Jenn, Joe, Frank and Ian in the BY, Dan in the pool. Joe telling Ian how Jesse said he hated him. BB asks Joe to put on his microphone, but a lot more slowly and firmly than usual. Everyone guffaws about Joe being hated on today. The HG's tell Ian that Jesse was wearing Santa boots.

1:07PM BBT - Ian tells the HG's that last night he got a warning for talking about nominations and WBRB.

1:08PM BBT - The BB bugle sounds and Joe leaps out of the pool to hula hoop. The BY HG's cheer him on. Ian hopes they let them keep the hula hoop once Joe's punishment is done.

1:11PM BBT- The HG's are discussing the health food Jesse bestowed upon them as part of Pandora's Box. Dan and Ian gagged when they tried some of the soy nuts. They can't believe people actually like them. All the meat in the house was removed, and the grill. Ian says there is no way they can expect them to eat only healthy for the rest of the summer. Dan says they didn't find Frank's stash.

1:14PM BBT - Dan asks Ian if he was guided as to which present to open; Ian says no. Dani comes to join the BY crew with the blow up toys. She gets Dan to help her blow them up. Ian is glad they got pool toys.Shane also comes outside for some sun.

All HG's in the BY.

1:17PM BBT - BB asks Joe to exchange his microphone.

Ian tells Frank that they made his bed which was really nice. They put the bear on the bed and the snake wrapped around it, which Ian thought was funny. He says there will be some quality DR jokes about the snake.

1:19PM BBT - Joe back outside tanning. Shane said Frank heard the door unlock and said someone was coming in. WBRB.

1:24PM BBT - All is silent in the BY.

1:32PM BBT - Just general chit chat in the BY over what Jesse did and didn't take. Ian is sighing heavily as he says he will share his beers.

1:43PM BBT - Ian and Dan playing "keep the giant beach ball" in the air. Managed to do it 101 times. Dani floating on the new blow up alligator. Frank about to try to lay on a giant blow up beach ball.

Frank unsuccessful. Ian is going to try now. Frank and Dan have to hold the ball steady with Ian on it and when they let go, Ian falls off. Dan tells Frank to be the human bridge and rolls the ball across him out of the pool.

Dan asks what Fresca is. Ian says it is 0 calorie sprite.

1:50PM BBT - More pandora's box discussion. Also some splashing fun in the pool.

1:51PM BBT - Jesse called Shane a beanpole. Dani wanted to put her hands around his arm. They tease her that she flirted with him. Dani says Jesse isn't ugly, just way too big. Dani said if Frank had kept his mouth shut about the cookies Jesse hadn't seen, they'd still have cookies.

2:02PM BBT - Still playing in the pool. Frank keeps singing, which has not gotten us WBRB so far.

2:04PM BBT - Dan walks through the house and grabs some peanut M&M's Jesse didn't notice. He says, "Sorry Jesse. Looks like I get the last laugh again with these M&M's." Dan continues to investigate what else Jesse missed.

Dan moves to the memory wall and says "Who's next?" while looking at it. "Time may be running short here, Frank." The BB bugle goes off. Time for Joe to hula hoop! Dan says "I will not lose this game to a man with a hula hoop."

Dan: "Last coach standing, Dan. Never thought that would happen. Glad it did. Survival of the fittest. Still here, still alive, let's go." He heads for the SR for more M&M's. Back to the memory wall. "Stick and move. Never give up. Punch it in whenever you get the chance." Heads back outside.

Frank asks if Dan has M&M's, Dan says there are a lot left inside. Frank heads inside to the WA. Dan on the BY couches, Joe in the pool now.

2:10PM BBT - Frank inside investigating the different packages on the KT table. Finding something he likes, he begins shoveling them into his mouth. Frank experiments a few more before heading back outside. Frank tells Dan he loves the banana chips and the dried strawberries.

2:16PM BBT - Jenn headed inside, Frank moving around the BY, Shane tanning, Dan on the couch. Joe, Dani and Ian in the pool. General chit chat.

2:23PM BBT - Jenn in the KT making a shake. Dani suntanning now, Ian is in HT. Joe only one in pool. All is silent in the BY. And the BB bugle begins - hula hoop time!

Dan asks Joe to give us a super spin and then cheers loudly when he does. Other HG's also begin cheering Joe on. Frank says good hustling. Jenn joins Dan on BY couches. Frank on lounger, Joe decides to suntan.

2:28PM BBT - Dan is called to the DR.

2:36PM BBT - All is still silent in the BY.

2:39PM BBT - Jenn called to the DR.

2:42PM BBT - Dan and Shane in KT; both are nervous thinking about nomiations. Dan asks if Shane thinks they'll be alright till final 4. Shane says yes. He is only worried that Frank will win POV again this week. Shane says he is a big target and he is going to come after Dan and Ian next. Shane tells Dan he doesn't trust Joe. Dan doesn't trust him alone in a room with anyone in the house. Shane says he is always jumping to speculating. Shane is surprised Ian is not putting Joe up.

2:45PM BBT - Dan asks us feeders to tweet his wife and tell her he loves her and to ask her to bring his blue under armor to LA. The first person to do so will win a copy of something.

Dani inside offering to make grilled cheese; Dan offers to make soup at the same time. Joe called to the DR. Shane and Jenn also moving around the KT.

2:51PM BBT - Joe out of the DR, Dani pressures into him wanting a grilled cheese. "I make really good ones," She tells him. Shane called to DR.

2:56PM BBt - Dan asks Joe not to 'chef up' the tomato soup. Joe says he is not going to chef up anything. He is going to eat a grilled cheese and take a nap.

2:57PM BBT - Outside, Frank is working on Ian, who is in the hammock. Ian tells Frank that he would like to see Frank remain one more week. Ian says there are bigger fish to fry than Frank. Frank boosts Ian's ego by telling him people are afraid of him now. Ian proudly tells Frank he's won 3 comps in the past week. Ian wants Frank staying but has to weigh his options out. Ian thinks if Frank is up, he might not go if he can corral the rest of the HG into. If it comes to a tie, Ian will break the tie and Frank will be staying. Ian says he has a lot of thinking to do.

Frank says if he is not up next week and Ian is, and Frank wins the POV, he will pull Ian off. Ian says Frank isn't his biggest target this week. Ian says he believes that as HOH he can get the other players to cater to him, which happens a lot. Ian says Frank deserves a break from the block; he is mulling his options over. Frank says he'll vote whichever way Ian wants if Ian keeps him off the block. Ian wants his post veto nominations to be what he wants; he doesn't care so much about pre veto noms, just post.

3:01PM BBT - Ian begins muttering to himself after Frank walks away. Very hard to hear, but Britney's name comes up, as does the phrase 'play hard for veto'.

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3:03 PM BBT Ian on the hammock and Frank standing talking to him.Ian tells him that he doesn't necessarily want him to go this week. Ian says he has a lot to think about. The pre-veto noms are not what's important.

Dani making lunch for the guys in the KT. Everyone tells her it is good. Ian is just rocking in the hammock.

3:10 PM BBT In the KT Shane trying to get Joe to names off the HG in order of eviction. After a rough start, he gets it.

3:16 PM BBT Dan telling Ian about his condo. Ian talking about how awesome it would be to have a porch swing. Jenn/Frank on BY couch. Jenn says that it makes her nervous that Joe was told his key would be coming out of the box. Frank says that Ian is more concerned about the post veto nomination.

3:21 PM BBT Frank tells Jenn that he told Ian he was alone once Brit went. Frank tells Jenn that no matter what Ian will probably be out next week. Jenn agrees. Jenn says if Frank wins POV and takes himself down, Jenn says Joe will have to go up and she will be okay.

3:25 PM BBT Frank tells Jenn if he is not nominated and she is, he will try and throw the POV to her tomorrow and we get FOTH.

Frank and Jenn talk about how Dan did last night. They both felt he should have done better on the HOH comp. He wasn't looking good at all. Disappointed in him.

3:28 PM BBT Dan joins Frank/Jenn. Frank tells Dan that he talked to Ian and he is pretty sure he is going up. Frank says he is trying to suggest Joe without saying Joe.

3:31 PM BBT Shane and Joe snoozing in the BR. Frank discuss what kind of POV comp he would lik

The music sounds and Joe heads out of bed and grabs his hula hoop and goes to work. In the BY Jenn and Frank laughing about the music knowing what Joe has to do. The music ends and Joe crawls back into bed.

3:36 PM BBT Discussion in the BY about Jessie coming into the house. They said he looked bigger but not necessarily as cut. Jenn says she tried to shove some items behind her. Now discussion about if Ian got something additional he isn't saying in Pandora's box.

3:40 PM BBT Frank describing to Jenn/Dan what his Pandora box looked like. Dan says the boxes were similar to what they had outside.

3:45 PM BBT Discussion about how Brit went out. She gave Frank a half hug. Jenn and Dan didn't get a hug at all. Jenn says she knows she would be mad if she went out but you should hug everyone.

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3:49 PM BBT Frank and Dan talking in BY. Talking about Jessie and his exercise and eating and sleeping. Dan says Jessie was half the size back in BB10 as he was today.

3:52 PM BBT Dan and Frank talking about having to survive this week. Frank says he doesn't want Jenn to go but if it is Jenn/Frank, Frank feels he can get the votes to stay.

Frank says his regret is that he should have handled last Monday better. He should have thought ahead a bit and calmed down. (referencing his argument with Ian)

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4:00PM BBT-6:00PM BBT

  • 4:00- Frank & Dan are sitting outside on the couches talking about where they stand this week. Frank knows he is going up. Joe just got through doing his hula hoop punishment. Shane is asleep in the SBR.
  • 4:06-Frank hopes the viewers like him. Dan asks" If they dont , will it affect your life negativly?". Frank says " No". They discuss the food that Jesse took & the food he replaced it with. They dont know what most of the food is & Ian can be heard off camera commenting on what some of it is. ( I cant pronounce it , so wont even try to spell it)
  • 4:12-Seems the HGs were made to get up. Jenn is drying her hair in the WA. Ian & Jenn are in the KT. Ian moves outside & talks to Dan about what Veto comp might be.
  • 4:22-I was wrong about the HGs being made to get up. Ian is swinging away on the hammock, Dan & Frank are outside on the couches eating jerky, Shane just got called to DR, Jenn drying hair, Jenn making slop, & Joe ia asleep.
  • 4:31- Dan & Frank are outside on the couches. Dan thinks that if they could have kept Boogie in the game they would be in beast mode now. Frank says he should have told them about Ian. Dan thinks as long as Frank & him dont go against each other, he might have a good chance to stay. Dan gets called to the DR by BB.
  • 4:36- Frank is outside talking to the cameras. He wants to know why he has to keep going on the block & how many lives he has left. He says the game has not been easy for him & he is soo tired of having to hustle every week for votes. Frank thinks most people in the house have not had to work as hard as him to stay in the house. He gets up & goes innside to the SR for more healthy snacks.
  • 4:42-Shane is in the WA w Dani. He says he cant sleep in the same room as Joe Because of his siren that goes off for his hula hoop punishment. Frank comes in to take a shower & says Jesse missed their secret stach od M&Ms. Dani is listening in the WA while putting on her make-up. Jenn is in the KT cooking.
  • 4:50- Ian has a pair of shorts he has never washed while in the house. He wears them for nomination ceremonies only. Shane says they are really dirty.
  • 5:03- Ian was just called to DR & the feeds have gone to Trivia...Nominations maybe?
  • 5:13-Feeds have been on Trivia for 10 minutes now. I think its Nomiantion time!!
  • 5:32-Feeds still on Trivia.
  • 5:56-We still have Trivia on the feeds. ( U would think ,by now, they could just get in there & do it .. right?)

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6:45pm BBT Dani is laying on her bed by herself talking scenarios with the veto. She says she does not know what she would do if she ever had to pick between Shane or Dan.

Everyone else, including Dani who brought some food out of the SR are in the KT. Ian is playing with blocks on the table, Frank and Dan are playing thumb football (I don't know what else to call it. Shane is the ref. Dani is cooking.

No game talk at all.

There is just too much excitement here (heavy sarcasm).

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6:12PM BBT: We still have trivia on the live feeds. Morty's TV will let you know as soon as the live feeds are back!

6:20PM BBT: The feeds are back!

6:24PM BBT: Ian was by himself in the HoH room mumbling unintelligibly. As Ian walks down, he says "This might make some people very happy". Ian made his way down into the kitchen, where everyone else is hanging out and complaining about beer and food being taken away.

6:28PM BBT: Ian heads back up to his HoH room to get a jar of white cheese dip out of his fridge for everyone to eat. No mentions of any sort about who is nominated.

6:32PM BBT: Frank is pissed that his oatmeal was taken away by BB. Danielle comments that they're getting told that they're fat. Almost everyone huddled around the breakfast bar eating chips with cheese dip. Jenn is eating something at the kitchen table.

6:33PM BBT: We just got a semi close up of the memory wall, and it looks like Jenn and Frank didn't have keys beside their picture!

6:40PM BBT: Danielle tries a new food that they got. She asked if it tasted good, and Joe says "If you like the taste of cardboard, you'll like it". Danielle makes a face when she does try it. Frank says he's keeping his nomination streak going.

6:45PM BBT: Danielle has made her way into the SBR . She's talking to herself: "OMG if Frank goes I should be golden, but I shouldn't be too confident in this house. I cant believe Ian did it. If Jenn goes home I'll be the last girl in the house." She is now talking about possible scenarios along these lines: "If ___ wins veto and ___ is taken off the block, then the replacement would be _____". She says that she can win against Joe anyday. She says that she hopes she doesn't have to do anything to Shane or Dan, and it would be the worst ever. [it was a bit entertaining on camera 1 :P]

6:49PM BBT: Looks like Danielle is struggling with the fact that most of their food was taken away. She's hungry, but doesn't like most of the food that is currently in the house. She enters the SR and goes through the fridge and says "This is crap". She takes some hot dogs and chicken nuggets out, and heads into the kitchen. Ian is playing with the large lego blocks on the kitchen table.

6:52PM BBT: Frank and Dan are sitting on opposite sides of the kitchen table, and sliding a small plastic triangle? across the table to each other. Joe and Danielle are making food, and everyone else is sitting at the kitchen table playing with toys.

6:57PM BBT: Everyone is sitting at the kitchen table playing with the toys.

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7:25 PM BBT

Frank and Joe play miniature shuffle board. "Longest game ever" says Joe "You're cheating Joe!" says Frank.

Dan and Ian are building with blocks. Jenn singing to herself in HOH room.

They are now talking about the Lingerie Football league. Danielle gets up to go get a drink.

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7:32 PM BBT

Dan up in HOH with Ian. He asks BB to turn on Ian's spy cam. He is looking at Ian's toys. He asks if he can listen to Ian's CD and the answer is sure - definitely listen to track 11.

Ian off to DR.

7:34 PM BBT

Joe, Frank and Shane in LR. Danielle comes in and starts tickling Shane and having a pillow fight with him.

7:40 AM BBT

Trivia. Hmmmm.

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7:52 PM BBT

Sounds like they just picked players and are about to play a late night POV.

Shane and Frank talking about being ready for bed and needing a few hours to set it up.

Shane got picked to play.

7:55 PM BBT

Frank just yelled, "When we come in from the competition we have to bring those towels in the dryer in." Comp on the way...

Ian just said, "I think we will either have a night comp tonight or a very early morning comp tomorrow." He and Danielle are talking about what comps have been played when.

Frank going to put coffee on. WBRB

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8:03 PM BBT

Ian dropped the monkey on Danielle from upstairs. She screamed like a girl. Dan and Frank, who had been discussing their worry about votes for Frank because Danielle has been so close with Ian, came running to see what it was.

Joe goes upstairs to talk to Ian. Ian asks if he`s excited if he gets to play. (Confirmed Joe is playing) He asks about Danielle. "Òh she`ll play," Ian says

"No , I mean if i get put up as a replacement." Joe says "No, no you're good." (Unconfirmed about Danielle).

8:09 PM BBT

Ian is so very convinced it's not a fast week. "They would have told me." he tells Joe. Again assuring him that he is good this week.

Danielle and Shane trying to grow things from a science set. Ian up in HOH listening to his CD.

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8:19 PM BBT

Frank and Danielle talking in WCA. Frank thinks someone is going home on Sunday. Danielle says no way - with Pandora's Box and the nominations the show is already an hour, they'd have to make it two.

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8:23 PM BBT

Frank and Danielle arguing the order of people going out from now till the end. Frank thinks it will be two fast forward weeks in a row. Danielle didn't even see this coming today.

Joe playing with a YoYo. He does into Sneaker room to talk to Dan. They think the fast forward will be Sunday. "What's up man, come to take a little break before the storm?"

Ian thinks there might be a live show on Sunday but it's only possible - there's too much on Sunday's show. "It's not going to be a super quick week where my reign is over tomorrow?" Ian asks - no no says Dan.

Frank confirms with Dan if anyone has ever played in every POV comp in a season. No, too many people at the beginning.

8:29 PM BBT

Dan and Ian have a quick chat - they both think it'll be a fast week, but not a super fast one.

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8:43 PM BBT

They go back to the SR to see if anything is restocked in there. It's not but they can hear people in there. Frank says if the competition is going to be at 12 they could have 2 hour nap. Shane and Ian also wish they could. Frank going to ask the DR if he ca take a nap. Ian is just going upstairs to just 'take the nap'. He thinks the competition will be after After-Dark.

8:49 PM BBT

Frank wonders what will happen if he is on the block every single week he doesn't win HOH - what will he get? "A huge check at the end." says Shane.

8:51 PM

Shane hosting POV - Danielle playing. They just confirmed it.

They also confirm that it can't be OETV because there's never a host for that comp.

8:53 PM BBT

Joe snoring lightly.

Shane and Frank talking about last season in the Living Room.

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