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8/29 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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6:00PM BBT: All 4 feeds are on Joe sleeping in the SBR. We've been having lots of FotH lately.

6:18PM BBT: Breaking news, Joe rolled over! All 4 cameras still showing Joe sleeping.

6:21PM BBT: BB: "What is it about stop that you don't understand?". Around 6pm BBT, the feeds showed everyone (with the exception of Joe) in the arcade room talking. We got a lot of FotH, so I'm assuming they're talking about things BB does not want us to hear/see, hence why all 4 cameras are still on Joe sleeping.

6:40PM BBT: 6:39PM BBT The feeds are back! Joe is still sleeping. Dan, Danielle, Shane, Britney, Jenn and Frank are all in the arcade room sharing stories.

6:52PM BBT: Danielle and Britney telling stories about their brothers. Britney's brother used to make her make him sandwiches and cut off the crusts, and Britney doesn't know why she did it and Frank comments that he is a pig. Danielle's brother was also mean to her. More stories about what their brothers did to them.

7:00PM BBT: The arcade room party breaks up. Ian is by himself in the arcade room by himself with his hoodie covering his eyes. Dan and Frank are in the kitchen eating. Shane lays down in the MBR for a nap or quiet time. Danielle and Britney in the WA doing their makeup. Britney says she feels as bad as she looks and she says she looks bad.

7:14PM BBT: Britney is upset that she didn't win a single thing this season, and has to go to jury for 3 weeks and not talk to her husband, and has to choose who to give 500K to. Danielle says Britney will get America's Favourite, and Britney says no, that Frank will. Danielle says "over my dead body..."

7:17PM BBT: Dan, Frank and Ian sitting at the kitchen table talking about the timeline of the final few weeks. They talk about how the next two weeks will be fast forward weeks. Frank says the last week wont be because there will be too many competitions to go through in that short period of time, but Dan thinks tomorrow will be a regular week because they went through a lot last Thursday.

7:21PM BBT: Lots of FotH in the past few minutes... Someone's saying something they're not supposed to! Britney warns Danielle to not go back to Dan, and Danielle says she's been screwed over by so many guys in her life, she knows how to handle it. Britney warns her about how good of a player Dan is, and to be careful.

7:33PM BBT: Dan has joined Danielle and Britney in the WA. Britney talking about how she's second to Jury and she hasn't won a single thing this season. Danielle comments that she gets money for being here, and Britney comments that Boogie got 36K for being here, and we get FotH (not sure how accurate that is though). Danielle and Britney comment that they tried to sleep today, but couldn't. Ian alone in the kitchen rocking himself on one of the kitchen chairs.

7:38PM BBT: Britney says she looks like the biggest idiot in the episode that aired tonight. She hates looking stupid. Shane yells from the kitchen about how they probably showed him with tears in his eyes during the episode, and thanks Dan for that.

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7:53PM BBT: Ian is by himself in the kitchen rocking himself on a chair and mumbling under his breath. Shane has joined the WA group. Britney asks what everyone will do without her to decode Dan's secret behaviours. Britney says she's glad she met Dan, and probably wouldn't have met him if they hadn't gone on the show again. Ian has joined the WA group. The other feeds show Frank changing his shirt and putting his carrot suit back on. Nothing much to report.

7:55PM BBT: Joe gets up from his nap, and joins the WA group, as does Frank. They ask Joe if he's making dinner tonight, and they're trying to figure out what to make for dinner.

7:56PM BBT: Britney eating some kind of candy and says "I like to suck on these.." and the BB voice says "That's what she said" and the entire house cracks up. [Possibly my favourite moment of covering the live feeds!]

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Dan preparing a guest list for a Halloween party of BB alumni. He says he'll invite all of Season 14. Including Jodi. But can't let her in...because she doesn't have a key. They laugh - it's all in good humour.

8:33 PM BBT

Britney talking about her alumni. She saw Lane and Enzo a year ago - that's it. Enzo was super nice. She says that everyone gets over everything once the season is over. Dan says, Not Renny. He msg'd her at Christmas, no response. He tried to reach her son. No response. He's not sure why. Britney tells us Ronnie texts her sometimes. She's met Libra and Michelle.

8:37 PM BBT

Ian worried about people in this season and the stuff that's happened. "No worries Ian," Britney says "we'll all be fine, just one big, happy BB14 family."

Dinner is almost ready. Fried chicken.

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8:47 AM BBT

Joe, Frank and Jenn eating dinner. They discuss what they will do when they get home. Unpack, catch up with friends and family.

8:48 PM BBT

The conversations between Britney and Danielle are now about babies born with CF [and knowing people who are friends of friends of a second cousin of a monkey and six generations removed from a horse, who have one.- ZuZu]

Ok, so Danielle's cousin has two babies born this way and a friend of Brit's. Nurse Danielle medically explaining what CF is and the medication involved.

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