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8/29 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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‎8:00-8:15- Brit and Ian talking in hammock. Ian says Frank can go f himself. He can go talk to Julie in his carrot outfit. Brit says she only trusts Ian Danielle/Shane. Ian says he wont be like Boogie and will treat her with respect when she leaves. Fish... and were back. Ian says hes sorry and him and Brit get up from hammock. Brit says she has mad respect for his abilkities in the game. Brit thanks Ian for talking to him. Frank asks Ian if he still wants to play pool.

8:15-8:30- Brit/Dani now talking in AR. Dani/Brit both crying. Dani dosnt want Brit to go. Brit feels better just knowing shes leaving. Brit says she will do fine just like she told Ian. Brit says she will be in a better mood knowing. She would rather know shes going then not knowing. Dani really dosnt want her to go. Either way she will be really upset.

8:30-8:45- Brit mocking Jen and her shoutouts telling Dani she should wear pins cut herself with knives. Brit basically saying the reason they want her out is her and Ian are to close. Brit saying she wants to tie Ted to the pole. She can imagine Ted and Frank laying next to the pole outside.

Ian also told Britney during there talk in the hammock that he will be voting to keep her but she is likely going home. Brit also mocked Frank for thinking he was the best player ever when he took all the crappy choices in POV only to have Veto used. Frank told Dani outside that she should lean her face to the side when talking to Julie Thursday saying it will keep people from noticing sort of like one of the characters that was in the Dark Knight.

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10:04 PM BBT Dani /Dan/Brit and Frank talking about Home Alone. Brit has never seen A Christmas Story. Brit says probably most of the movies that are "have to see" she has never seen.

Jenn lying by herself in the MBR. In the By going over all the movies Brit has never seen. Brit has never seen Indiana Jones, Star Wars or Goonies.

10:11 PM BBT Brit telling about the plays she was in. She was in Violet in Willy Wonka. She was her natural brunette then and about age 12. They ask Brit why she blew up like a blueberry - she only remembers something about gum. Dan and Frank can remember the entire line.

10:14 PM BBT Brit wanted to be Veruca Salt because she had an attitude. BB calls her to DR and she says she doesn't want to. Dani asks her if she has done a good bye and Brit says she isn't going to. Brit heads for the DR.

10:19 PM BBT Dani and Dan talking about her rash. She has never had anything like it. She thinks it is stress. Dan asking about it. Dani says she will still be able to see in on Thursday. Says she has never had anything like this.

10:23 PM BBT Dan tells Dani he has cried twice in his life. When he got married and when his Grandfather died. He is telling her he had tears in his eyes when he felt he had let people down in the game. Brit brings out to the BY a bottle of wine and another carrot costume. She also gives Dani her meds for the allergy.

10:25 PM BBT Brit says normally they get beer. Brit says maybe its special for her. She asks if anyone minds if she has the whole bottle. Ian wants some and the other HG hassle him til he says go ahead. Brit is going to sdrink the entire bottle and heads inside to get a glass.

Brit brings out a huge mug and fills it with wine. Dan asks her about Trader Joes. Brit says she has heard of it and never goes. Brit tells Dani it's been a fun Summer. She is reminiscing now.

10:28 PM BBT Dan asks her which season she liked better. Brit says BB12. She had more friends. She has a few friends in here this year but she really liked BB12. Jenn arrives with the beer. Ian comes for a beer. Dan can't drink. Ian asks if its because it's Sunday. Dan says it's because he is a HN and it's Tuesday.

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10:31 PM BBT Joe trying to divide the 6 beers by 4 people. People owe Joe beer. Joe can't figure out how to divide equally. Dani suggests opening the remaining two beers and pour in 4 glasses. Joe says that's not right. They are still trying to figure it out (because people owe him beer). It has been decided. Somehow Ian gets two and doesn't get to drink next time.

The beers have been dividing or figured out - some how Ian gets all 6 beers and doesn't get to drink from future alcohol deliveries. Brit wants to make a cheer (she means toast) and in front of the other HG says Ian - you are my favorite and clinks glasses. Jenni n the KT making something to eat.

10:37 PM BBT We can see Ian chugging beers in the BY but only get audio from Jenn in the KT.

10:40 PM BBT Audio is back. Brit is having Dani hug her and rock her. Ian wants some pizza. Ian talking about remembering who was what on what week. Brit says if she leaves she doesn't have to remember that crap anymore.

Brit getting tipsy. Brit says when she finishes her wine she is going swimming in the pool for the best swim of her life. Brit tells Ian that she wanted him out week 1 but she is glad she didn't she loves him so much now.

10:45 PM BBT HG now rehashing who wanted who out on different weeks. Jenn lying by herself in the MBR. Brit telling Ian that she heard he was watching people shower the first week. Ian said he didn't watch anyone shower. Ian says there are creepier people watching the feeds then him.

Dan checks on Jenn and asks her if she is ok. She says she is but just tired from her work out. Jenn asks if she is chilling out. Dan tells her that Brit is drinking the bottle. Jenn says she just doesn't want to hear it anymore.

Jenn tells Dan that Brit has the right to be upset but her mood is bumming out the whole house.

10:53 PM BBT Shane is getting out of the shower and the HG in the BY talking about Kara. Ian thought he recognized her.

10:59 PM BBT We come back from FOTH and Brit is leaving Shane in the BR. No idea what was said. She asks Jenn why she is inside. Brit tells Jenn prob won't have fun but she is having fun since she has a whole bottle of wine. Shane joins the HG in the BY.

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11:06 pm BBT Brit is saying the state she is in is like 1:30 at the bar when the lights turn on and the person you have been making sex eyes at you realize is ugly. Dani is trying to get her to chug her wine. Saying when shes gone there will be less mess around Ian says he will cook her one last meal.

11:10 pm BBT Brit gives a speech about loving everyone left and they have great memories and one person will win and it will be a better person. Ian keeps jumping in and Brit says pipe in Ian "pipe Ian" then he goes on a speech about his experience.

11:20 pm BBT The talk has turned sexual in the house. Brit sharing stories. Ian sharing Danis stories

11:28 pm BBT The HGs are trying to get Brit to finish her wine and jump in the pool with Ian. She is trying to figure out what bikini she wants to wear in between telling everyone she loves them over and over.

11:35 pm BBT Dani walks Brit t get her bikini and Brit tells her she can trust Ian. She tells Dani she has to get Frank and Dan out. She says Dan thinks he can win again she would rather vote for Joe. Tells Dani she loves her.

11:37 pm BBT Brit is so far gone Dani has to physically help her change. Brit says over and over Dani can win she can do it.

11:45 pm BBT Brit runs to jump in the pool and runs the wrong way then wants to jump in the shallow end. She finally get it right then Ian cannon balls in after her. He tells her she doesn't deserve to leave.

11:51 pm BBT Brit and Ian are laughing that Frank cannot play hoh for two weeks. Ian says he will try his hardest to get Frank and Dan out.

12:03 am BBT Brit moves to the hot tub my cam feed four shows all the HGs on the couches but no audio. Brit summons Dani over to help her shower when she is done in the HT

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12:12 am BBT on the BY couches the HGs minus Brit and Dani are talking about who is more handy in their relationships. Joe says his wife is Frank says his mom is more then his dad. Dan says he doesnt like for his wife to get dirty and stuff if she doesn’t want to.

12:18 am BBT Frank and Joe head inside for a snack Joe says you and me together again lets take it home this time. Shower time is over and Dani goes to carry Brit to bed, Brit gets up and darts to bed in a hurry. Dani checks on her and says night.

12:24 am BBT Brit back up and on the move into the DR she was supposedly called in there before she went to lie down but They all think they misheard. Dani inquires as to what shes doing and everyone starts talking about the DR and we get Fish

12:32 am BBT Ian in the BY talking to us while lying on the pool table. He says he sent Mike effing Boogie home and hes the all-stars winner. He knows how to play this effing game. He is going over his good vs evil cast again. Frank would be good. Boogie evel Dick and Ian would all be evil. BB yells at him to stop climbing and he goes in.

12:46 am BBT The HGs minus Brit who is still in DR all sitting around the K table sharing stories. Joe tells us more tales of him and Gunther. Ian talks about his life and hes drunk so he is swearing extra and going on and on making Dan crack up. Ian says youve seen drunk people before deal with it I'm 21 deal with it.

12:55 am BBT Jenn gets offended by Ian saying he “wanted to play this game since before a plane flew into the towers" So Jen walks outside and Shane checks on her she says that was awful she needed to come outside to not do him harm. Shane heads inside while Frank comes out. Jenn says dont let that kid send us home I hate him. Joe comes out and says he will be gone next week. Frank says yeah he will be out. Jenn was in new york for 9/11

1:00 am BBT Ian walks outside and Jenn walks inside. Joe says they were trying to calm Jenn down so she doesnt go off on you. Ian says he just made historical reference. Frank says don't compare that day to a reality game man you just dont do it . He says I know. They drop it

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01:04 BBT

Jenn goes inside and sits by herself in the HOH bathroom. Meanwhile Frank and Joe are talking with Ian in the BY. Ian says, "Granted, I'm drunk. But I was only in 5th grade when it happened. But I mean, it was a milestone in my life." Joe tells him to let it go and move on, "The more it's talked about, the worse it'll get."

Joe and Ian start joking about who they should send home this week… Dan or Frank. Joe asks Ian who he's going to vote out. Ian says it's easy… Frank! "He gets to the final 2 and that's it… he wins!" Frank laughs.

Frank says, "Everybody picks on Frank… I can help you get to the final 3, you know." Ian says, "Dude, I heard in week 3…that you were going to put me up." Frank and Joe are joking around, saying they've gotten far in the game, but they want to get farther. Ian starts telling Frank that he can win comps but his social game sucks. (The drunker Ian gets, the more opinionated he seems to get).

01:15 BBT

Frank gets annoyed that Ian is calling out his game. Ian says goodbye and goes inside. Frank/Joe start discussing how much they want Ian out. Ian is pacing through the house. Danielle and Shane are whispering in the WA. Shane says, "If Frank or Jenn wins it, I'm assuming they'll put up Dan and Ian. Or maybe me. I don't know…"

Danielle & Shane in the WA. Ian walks in. Shane asks, "Are you alright, man?" Dani wants to know what happened & Ian starts explaining. Ian keeps referencing 9/11 and saying that's when his life changed & he hopes he doesn't offend anyone by what he said. Shane says, "Well you have to remember that Jenn was living there at the time." Ian says it was just a historical reference and that's all he meant by it.

Ian heads back towards the bedrooms. Danielle starts quizzing Shane on bone names. Sounds like Shane knows them all. He asks her if she knows muscle names too. She doesn't. Joe/Frank still in the BY by the hot tub - talking about how much has happened this summer.

01:28 BBT

Joe promises Frank final 2. Joe says, "We've got people convinced enough to buy us the next two weeks." Joe says if worse comes to worse, they'd have to vote Jenn out. Ian comes back outside and lays on the lounge chair. Ian says he's concerned because he doesn't know where Jenn or Brittany is. (I believe Jenn is still upstairs & we haven't seen Brittany in awhile - possibly still in DR?)

We've had FOTH for about 5 minutes now. Not sure what's going on.

01:40 BBT

Feeds are back. Joe and Frank are playing basketball with the pool hoop (only the hoop is sitting on the lawn). Ian slurringly asks to play next and the guys kind of ignore him. Looks like Danielle and Shane are still in the WA. Shane says he's telling everyone what they want to hear, no matter what she hears. Shane hopes she's not in a bad mood b/c of him - she says "No, it's because of Dan."

Shane & Danielle are talking about how much they trust each other. Shane starts to talk about Brittany and we get FOTH immediately. (Not sure if that's a coincidence, although Brit still doesn't seem to be out of the DR yet - which she went into over an hour ago).

Shane tells Danielle that he's got Jenn and Joe voting with him to keep her, so she doesn't need to worry. Shane says, "Me, you, Joe, & Jenn… final 4. That would be the best situation." Danielle says, "You have to know no one else will take you to the final 2." Shane, "I know, I know. Frank said as much the other day." Danielle says she sees through Dan's game. Shane says he's just cocky.

01:53 BBT

Danielle says how Dan is acting is upsetting her. Shane says Dan was mad about how Dani played the last game and didn't let him win. Shane says, "He's thinking for himself, not the Quack Pack." Meanwhile Joe and Frank are still playing lawn-basketball. Ian is laying on the lawn chair, possibly asleep.

02:00 BBT

Shane started talking about how much Brittany won between her two seasons (nearly $70K), so all cameras turn to Frank and Joe's lawn-basketball game.

Frank asks what time it is so Joe goes inside to check. Frank thinks it's got to be around 1. (It's actually 2am BBT). Before Joe can tell us what time it is, we get FOTH again.

Feeds come back. BB reminds them, "Houseguests. This is a reminder. Sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms." Ian is watching Joe/Frank play lawn-b-ball and Shane/Dani are in the WA discussing BB season 11 eviction order. BB yells at someone for climbing. Ian wonders what BB is talking about. (No one on the feeds is either sleeping or climbing, that I can see).

02:12 BBT

Excuse me - that's Dan watching the lawn-b-ball game. The camera was really far away so it was hard to tell. Looks like Ian is actually in the WA cleaning the WC door. Ian says they were making fun of him outside (although not that I heard). Ian starts explaining to Shane & Dani that they were saying something about Mardi Gras. All cameras are now on the BY.

Frank says if the live feed watchers are playing a drinking game for every basket they get, they're not drinking much, "Although if they're drinking when we miss… that's an awful lot of drinking!" Frank tells Joe, "Okay, one more!" Now it's Dan's turn. Frank steps out and Joe and Dan start playing.

02:17 BBT

Joe goes inside to use the bathroom. Dani and Shane come outside. Shane wants to know if anyone's made a basket yet. Frank/Dan say, "Almost!" Joe comes back. FOTH….

02:24 BBT

Still FOTH….

02:29 BBT

Feeds are finally back. Joe asks where Brit is. Shane answers, "Ah, they said they'd announce it when she's back in." Nothing much else to report. Ian, Joe, Dan, Frank outside. Dan and Frank are playing ball - Ian and Joe are watching. Shane's watching too, looks like. I don't see Danielle. Ian challenges Shane to a pool game.

02:42 BBT

Ian asks, "Is she alright?" Shane says, "Ah yeah… she's okay. Just drank a lot." Ian says, "And no sleeping is allowed unless it's in the bedrooms." (It's unclear if they're talking about Danielle, Brittany, or Jenn). Dan and Joe are still playing lawn-b-ball. Frank is watching.

Just to clarify, Brittany has not been seen for about 2 hours now. Nothing has been confirmed as to her whereabouts. All we know is that she had a lot of wine earlier and was possibly feeling sick. As soon as we find out more, you'll be the first to know.

Ian, Danielle, and Shane head inside to get ready for bed. Shane finds Brittany in bed and asks Danielle to check on her. Shane goes back out and tells everyone else that Brittany is in bed and is fine.

02:57 BBT

Danielle cuddles next to Brittany, who seems either really tired or really drunk and isn't saying much - they're in the SBR. Cameras jump to Ian wandering around the KT. The guys are still playing ball in the BY.

03:00 BBT

Ian heads into the SBR and asks Brit if she's okay. She says, "Yeah I'm asleep." Ian says, "You're asleep?" Ian says he has all the respect in the world for her. She thanks him but doesn't move or open her eyes. Ian lays down in his bed and sighs.

Dan heads inside. Joe says he's heading to bed too. Frank tells Dan his eyes look puffy. Dan says, "That's cuz I don't have my contacts in - I'm squinting." Joe heads to the SBR to sleep & says goodnight to Jenn as he walks past the MBR where she's sleeping. Dan and Frank are in the kitchen squirting the walls with something (maybe they have ants?) Dan says he needs to talk to Frank so they head to the WA.

03:07 BBT

Frank assures Dan he's good. He says Ian's going home next week. Dan says Joe hates him for some reason. Frank says they might want to put up him and Ian. Dan says that they need to get Ian out b/c he could win. Frank says Shane wants Dan out b/c of what he did to Danielle. Franks says the main thing they need to do is make sure Ian doesn't win HOH next week. They head to bed - Frank upstairs, Dan to HNR.

03:16 BBT

Frank washed his face and brushed his teeth. Looks like he's the last to head to bed. Cameras are now on Danielle and Brittany sleeping soundly. With that… I'm outta here for the night! See you in the morning!

03:26 BBT

Just kidding. Jenn woke up again and went and brushed her teeth. Joe woke up and got something out of the storage room, then went to the WC. Now he and Jenn are talking about Ian. Joe says, "He's pretty much expelled from the house."

Joe says about Ian, "I think he's the type of person who the bigger of hole he's in, the more he freaks out. I mean, he's an a--hole. It's just now coming out" Jenn says, "Yeah yeah, did he insult anyone else?" Joe says, "Yeah Frank." Joe asks her if she heard about Brit and we get FOTH immediately. Joe heads back to bed and Jenn heads outside.

03:30 BBT

Jenn is in the KT getting water. She heads to the storage room and asks BB if she can get in there real quick. Looks like she's getting something for her headache. She heads back to the MBR. My feeds are being really jumpy, but it looks like she's just heading back to bed. (This time I really am saying goodnight also. See you in the morning, Twitter friends!)

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10:20 AM BBT

Britney has the 'day after drinking guilts'. "I'm so embarrassed." Brit says

"You weren't that drunk, your eyes weren't glazed, you weren't slurring, you were ok." Danielle says

Britney saying that she told everyone Danielle graduated college at 18.

Ian comes into the room. He does not look well. Says he feel meh.

10:24 AM BBT

Britney feeling embarrassed and guilty about her behavior last night. Danielle says she took her Benedryl last night then passed out on the ground by the Hot Tub. She couldn't get Britney to bed before that.

"OMG I can't believe I told that story...I hope Ryan's family wasn't watching. Live feeds is one thing, Showtime is another." Britney says

"It was a high school story...don't worry." Danielle says "Ian was calling me out about a story when my parents caught me moments after having sex on the couch. That's when you told me your story, "It happened to me" and you were being sweet."

"And at home Ryan was screaming, "No! Stop it! Stop it!" " moans Britney.

10:27 AM BBT

Britney called to the DR. She tells Danielle to go back to bed. She's going to go back to bed around 2 and sleep most of the afternoon.

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10:52 AM BBT

Britney upset about 'them' making an announcement just because she was tipsy. She jokes, "Who knew that Nancy would be the nice one, and Sid would rip everyone apart."

Dan and Frank tell her that she was very nice, complimenting everyone, except Ian, she kept slamming Ian. They talk about how her and Ian kept swimming back and forth - for no reason. Ian kept climbing on the pool table and laying on it.

Britney feels bad because she told them to tell Ian to drink his 5 beers.

Frank says, "Well he drank 5 beers the other day and he didn't act like that. He kept saying that he could drink these beers, you know why, because I'm fing 21 and i can drink these beers."

Britney, "What was he thinking?"

Frank "I don't know but then he was making these totally uncalled for things about 9-11. Saying that he's been wanting to be on this show since 2001. Since planes flew into the towers."

Britney, "OMG What was he thinking?"

Frank, "I don't know but there's no reason to talk like that, to say those things. It's wrong drinking or not."

They hypothesize what program Ian is in at school. Probably a Masters program somewhere. He might not have even gotten his Undergrad at Tulane.

HGs get a notice that fresh batteries are in the SR.

10:59 AM BBT

Britney also remembers laughing with Ian over the vote out of Kathy in BB12 "They evicted Furniture! Furniture!" She feels bad about that and shouts out an apology.

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11:07am :brit ,dan, dani and frank in wa talking about going to school and how old parents are.

11:18am :brit talking to dan and dani about hurricane katrina and how the leves broke.then dani starts talking about the 9/11 attacks.

11:21am brit was talking about things that people say that they never seen the plane hit the pentagon. frank says that he doesnt believ things he hears and he thinks its wrong to make them movies and documenturies after so many people died.

11:24am brit says just think how these buildings are just gone out of the middle of the city like new york and how many companys were running out of them buildings and how they lost all their files and papers.

11:28am Frank now in the kt making himself a cup of coffee. dan,brit and dani still in the wa laying on the lounger talking about going to chairty things.

11:37am dan in kt washing his cup asking frank if he used vanilla or chocatetn his coffee. frank says i think i used vanilla i like vanilla lattes at home.

11:40am dani tells frank that she thinks she is staying. frank says i dont want to take all the credit but i got joe to vote my way. he says joe is gonna vote our way and get brit out.

11:41am frank says jenn is rock solid. dan yells from kt asking how to make the coffee.

11:45am :Dani asking frank what kind of indurance comp he thinks it is going to be tomorrow . frank says i dont know but i think it will be somekind of sit and swing on something thing or maybe something where you have to hold on to a key.

11:51am Dan , Dani and frank still trying to figure out what the indurance comp will be tomorrow night. frank telling them if you have to wrap your fingers around something dont. grip it with your pals and its a tighter grip. it gets tighter around your wrist like this. frank says thats how you grab people to get them on the ground when they are trying to get away from you.

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12:08pm Dan joind dani in wa and tells here i think shane is getting closer to you now. dani says can you tell. dan says yeah he is rubbing stuff on your neck. dan says lastnight shane said he treats people with respect. dani says shane said he couldnt believe you did all that to me telling me i was dead to you. dan said i know he said something to me about it yesterday. frank walks in and talk goes to the bible and how dan has never read the whole thing.

12:14pm Frank , dan and dani talking about past finale nights and the other hg speaches. Joe in bed sleeping in sbr. Ian laying in sbr in the bed just looking around like he is in deep thoughts.

12:22pm :frank, dani and dan now talking about smoking and if frank misses the smoking he says no. he says joe was always asking if i wanted a ciggarett so i would take one. dani says i am glad there is sno more smoke cuz the couch smells better now without the smoking.

12:24pm Frank saying he told ian that brit was using you cant you see that she is dogging everyone in the dr. dani said ian told everyone lastnight that he and brit had a final 2 deal.frank says and we told ian that we was going to keep him to the end.

12:37pm Ian gets up and walks to wc. looking around as he goes.joe still sleeping in sbr.

12:47pm dani leaves cr goes to kt to make a bowl of cereal. frank telling dan and brit stories about things he used to do for work.

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1:00PM BBT-2:00PM BBT

  • 1:03-Ian is taking a shower. Joe, Jenn, & Shane are asleep. Britany, Dan, Dani, & Frank are in the AR. Britany is talking a former job & using a company credit card.
  • 1:15- Ian taking long shower. In the AR, Britany talking about living in New York. She is talking about a Survivor cast party. Russell was there. Dan, Dani, & Frank just listening. Dan is the only one asking questions. Britany really loves New York.
  • 1:27-Ian is in the WA shaving. In the AR, Britany now talking about looking & buying a house. Dan thinks she needs to get into real estate. Dani in the WA w Ian doing ADLs. The rest of the HGs are still asleep.
  • 1:40-In the AR, Britany, Dan, & Frank are now talking about college football. Dani is in the WA putting make up on to go to the DR. Shane, Joe, & Jenn are still asleep.
  • 1:48- Jenn is up. Ian wants to talk to her alone. They go to the SR & Ian apolofizes for his 9/11 comment last night. They shake hands on it. Jenn says she knows he wants her gone so hand shake no hug. Ian understands & says she will put him up too. they then leave the SR.
  • 1:54-Britany, Frank, & Dan are still chatting in the AR. Jenn is sitting alone @ the KT table.Dani is in the DR. Shane & Joe are still asleep. Ian is awake but off camera.
  • 1:57-Dani is out of the DR & sitting @ the KT table w Jenn talking about things that happened last night w Ian. Ian has joined Dan, Frank, & Britany in the AR. They are talking about her getting a key stolen while living in New York. Joe is asleep. Shane has been called to the DR.

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2:02 PM BBT Dani/Jennin the KT talking about Ian and his comments last night. Ian/Brit/Dan talking about keys to apartments. Brit telling them about when she lost her apartment key and stressed about it.

Brit called to DR. Ian says he had a hangover this morning. Dan says you never hear that in the BB house now the alcohol ratio will be even less.

2:08 PM BBT Frank hassling Ian about what he said last night. Ian says he apologized for that and he just ment it as serious comment. Dani comes into the room. Dan asks her how she feels. Dani says better. The swelling is going down. Dan tells the HG that Jerry developed throat cancer while he was in the BB house.

Shane prepping something in the KT. In the side room more Ian hassling going on. Ian says he was drunk. Frank tells him that Brit was telling him how much she loved him when she was drunk.

2:18 PM BBT HG in the side room talk about if their appearance has made any type of local news in their home town. Brit says it was everywhere at home. Talks about how her hubby (who was her ex at the time) would hear all sorts of things about her including his roomie watching BBAD and having to hear her voice.

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2:26 PM BBT Joe is sleeping in the SBR. HG telling stories about back home and friends they have and things they have said on live feeds.

Dan and Brit talking about that their exes are probably hoping that they are evicted. Frank thinks his exes would be rooting for him. They are married now.

Brit/Dan/Dani/Frank and Ian still in the side room. Talk ranges from bathing suits to Brit being sad that she was going to be gone from her husband. Shane still cooking in the KT.

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2:43 PM BBT Frank/Jenn and Shane prepping food in the KT. Brit talking about feeling bad about something. She says she also used to have a job. Dan whispering about something to Brit about her job and all 4 feeds switch to the KT.

Jenn says something about all the ants - it's crazy. Ian has now joined in the food prep in the KT.

2:48 PM BBT Brit asks Dan if he ever feels bad about leaving to come to the house. Dan says that the thought of his wife alone in the house bothers him. Brit says she feels like a horrible person all the time. She left her hubby to handle everything and quit her job to do what? She can no longer contribute to their needs. She asks what was the point so she could get evicted week 7? She thought maybe she could win this time.

2:50 PM BBT Brit says that the worst day of her life was the day she left to come to the house. Dan asks her if her heart is growing fonder being aware. She says she would have been just as fond to be with him and she gave up their first Summer together. Dan trying to give her a pep talk of sorts. Brit says maybe she is just a negative person. In the KT Joe has made an appearance.

In the KT discussion that Ian is not allowed to drink any longer. Jenn says when she is drunk she only wants to talk about breasts. The guys tell her that they can agree with that. Talk turns to Kara and how pretty she was but not a nice person.

2:55 PM BBT Dan telling Brit some of his favorite Brit'isms. He told her that his favorite with the hashtag comment shouldn't have had a (dot) in it. Ian tells her if she goes who will he make fun of Joe with. All 4 feeds move to KT.

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3:02 PM BBT Ian and Dan in the side room. Ian is crying. Ian says he feels responsible for Brit going home but knows he will see her again. Dan tells Ian that everything happens for a reason and Brit will be fine. In the KT Joe is telling a story and yelling as he tells it. Something about injuring his hand and everyone freaking out. he had no insurance and it cost him $4,000.

3:07 PM BBT All 4 feeds on Ian in the side room. Dani is still resting (or sleeping) on the other couch. You can hear the HG in the KT.

3:13 PM BBT Jenn goes into the side room and tells Ian a hangover remedy. Dan joins in the room. Dan tells Jenn thanks for making whatever slop concoction he is eating. Jenn offers to make Ian the remedy and he says he is good. Jenn tells him that the sooner he makes a decision he will feel better.

Brit joins the room and tells Ian that she did not realize he didn't feel well. Jenn is offering the slop cookies to Dani and Ian. Brit says she won't have one. She is still scared from the slop taste.

3:17 PM BBT Ian tells Brit that he is bummed. Brit tells him it's only 3 weeks and he is not allowed to self evict and come do yoga in the jury house (joking that is his dream). Jenn offers to fry him up some eggs. Ian thanks her but says he is fine.

Ian and Brit talking about Ian's comment. Ian says it was taken wrong - he was trying to convey how long he has wanted to do the show. Brit tells him not to worry.

3:26 PM BBT Brit tells Ian that he is smart and will be ok. Ian asks her if he doesn't win HOH will he be gone. Brit tells him Dani will not put him on the block and feels Dani will win the endurance comp.

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3:41 PM BBT Brit telling Ian what an idiot Frank is for letting Dan get away with saving himself. Tells her that Frank says it was all his idea. Now saying Jenn is also stupid because she now is on slop for the rest of the game for no reason.

In the KT the guys talk about TV shows. Tells Ian not to let Frank intimidate him - he is dumb. Ian asks her if she is going to do anything on the way out the door or will she go quietly.

3:45 PM BBT Brit tells Ian that Dan needs to go but most likely will not put him (Ian) on the block. Ian says he doesn't think so. Brit is going to lie down.

3:49 PM BBT Jenn talking about a stadium they are putting into Brooklyn and a mall. She is super excited.

3:54 PM BBT Ian in the MBR reading a letter. He folds it up and puts it on his dresser. He puts on lotion and heads to go into the DR (it didn't sound like he was called). All HG in the kitchen except Brit and Ian. - chit chat about games (dominos and poker)

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4:02BBT Dani and Shane speculate about what the HOH comp will be. They think enduro. They flick a wad of paper back and forth.

Frank is bored, he is going to take a nap. Dani gets "zinged" for singning (BB tells her to stop singing.) They are talking about who has hosted comps on past seasons. Jesse, David Hasslehoff. Dan says he would take clothes for Chelsea.

Dani says it was ironic that Brit was talking about the Zingbot having a heat stroke and ours did. Dan says its burned in his head....uses fingers like he is walking then bends them like they fell over.

Shane, Dani, Dan, Jenn and Joe in Arcade rm. Brit sleeping in Shoe rm and Frank in HOH with headphones on and a bandana over his eyes.

Arcade rm talks TV and actors and who they interviewed for before the show. Ian is awake, he puts on a sweatshirt and joins the Arcade group.

4:17BBT all cams on Brit and Frank sleeping.

As we get to watch Brit/Frank sleep, BB tells the Arcade group "You are not allowed to talk about production." 3 times. BB: "Danielle, you are not allowed to talk about production." (I guess watching Brit/Frank sleep is better then watching Fish and hearing the FOTH music.)

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Dani gets called to SR, 3 cams move to Arcade rm. Dani forgets to turn her mic off in WC. Arcade rm talking about their first night in the house and Jodi saying stuff.

Dan explains how the coaches went in DR and picked numbers for the first HOH comp and get told not to talk about production. Brit wakes us and puts on a sweatshirt.

Brit join the Arcade group. She goes to move the chair and sees the $475 price tag on the bottom of it.

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Jenn and Brit agree they wouldnt buy the Arcade rm chairs even they were $40. Brit says they would prob be surprised at how much BB spent on the shoes in the Shoe Rm.

Jenn talks about DJing and using her vinyl tables and CD players and her JennCity logo.

Joe will make dinner but it will be later, he is just now having breakfast.

4:49BBT Talk changes to Lady GaGa songs, Brit keeps sing, we keep having FOTH.

Music talk continues, they are all throwing song titles and groups fast and furious.

5:00BBT Brit mimics Christina Aguilara, screaming the tune but no words. Jenn says lots of inflections. Brit says it all leads up to her high notes, with no words.

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5:02 PM BBT Brit is mimicking Christina Aguilera's voice and saying she doesn't sing words. We keep getting FOTH due to Brit's "singing" All 4 feeds have moved to Joe eating dinner in the KT.

5:11 PM BBT We currently have FOTH - Brit may still be doing her impersonation of Christina.

5:18 PM BBT Joe has finished eating and we have 4 feeds on Joe sleeping in the SBR.

5:22 PM BBT Ian has joined Joe in the bedroom and has crawled in his bad and pulled the blanket over his head.

5:29 PM BBT We are watching Joe and Ian sleep.

5:35 PM BBT Newsflash! Ian has uncovered his head but still in bed. Joe still sleeping.

BB continues to say "Please stop singing" so Brit most likely still doing her renditions of singers. We get Ian and Joe sleeping.

5:43 PM BBT Close up on Ian in bed. Seems to be in thought or going over things. Nothing being said.

Ian now in the LR (all 4 feeds on him) tying his shoes.

5:52 PM BBT And all four feeds are back to Joe sleeping. You hear "please stop singing" every once in a while.

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