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8/28 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:00 PM BBT Brit and Dani on the hammock talking about her house and what they would do if Dani came to visit. Brit says a football game.

Ian joins the girls at the hammock. Ian tells them that Frank told him that the more they think we hate each other the better.

9:08 PM BBT Ian says had Jenn had to go first he would have pulled a switch. Brit says she knew something was up when she got to go 2nd.

Ian telling the girls that Jenn wasn't going up before but she is going to now. Says Joe went from the top of his list to the bottom.

9:13 PM BBT Brit asks Ian to leave and let them talk. Brit tells Dani that Ian doesn't want her out - he just wants Brit to stay. Brit says this is the worst possible block situation.

Jenn comes outside and complains the others ate the cookies. Brit bashing Jenn, Frank and Dan. Brit says she is tired of trying to predict what things are going to be.

Brit tells Dani that she isn't really mad at Dan - he tried the only angle he could. She says she can be made at the outcome but not that he made a last ditch effort to save himself.

9:23 PM BBT Jenn/Ian and Joe sitting in the hot tub. Gen chit chat. brit tells Dani that she feels her fate has been sealed.

Brit tells Dani that she can no longer trust Dan and has to beat Shane. Brit tells Dani that she should take Joe and then give Shane 50K after the show.

9:31 PM BBT Brit says she called it 2 weeks ago about Dan not being a nice person. Brit is off to make some coffee for herself.

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9:34 PM BBT Brit/Frank in the KT. Discussion about having a DR tonight. We get FOTH every minute or so for unknown reason.

Brit/Dan in side room. Brit telling Dan she wanted to burn his Arkansas shirt. Brit tells him she doesn't know who to be mad at - Dan, Frank, Ian or Jenn.

9:44 PM BBT Brit tlling Dan that she would be mad at herself if she just laid down and died in the game. Brit says this is her brother's worst birthday ever.

Brit/Dan still talking in the side room. Brit says what Frank did was smart and she isn't going to be sour about it. Frank comes in to the side room and tells Dan/Brit that he is hung over.

9:52 PM BBT Shane resting in the SBR. Chit chat at the hot tub.

9:56 PM BBT Brit telling Frank that she has the perfect life. Frank says if he gets to go home with money it will be the perfect life.

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22:02PM BBT Dan, Frank and Dani in the Arcade room. Frank pointing out to Dani that Dan has worn his swim trunks all throughout this season and all of season 10 without washing them because of the chlorine in the pool. Dani aware and says there's a blue spot on the bottom of his butt from where he sits in the pool.

22:04PM BBT Frank says he's had to tell some porcupines to people because he doesn't want folks thinking the three of them are working together. Dani says nobody thinks that. The BY door slides open and quickly game talk stops.

22:07PM BBT Dan tells Dani he knows she's pissed but wonders how pissed her family is. Dani says Colt will be ticked and out for blood. The BY door slides open again and Frank whispers asking who it was. Dani whispers it was Joe. Frank says Ian is out in the BY trying to rally the troops. Dan says Ian talks more than anyone he knows (What about Joe?)

22:10PM BBT Out in the BY Jen and Joe are chatting on the loungers. Joe tells Jen that her using the veto was a great move because it keeps the targets off of them. Joe says that was great because nobody is going to look at them. Jen seems uninterested in his praise and says she did what she had to do for herself.

22:13PM BBT Frank has left the Arcade room. Dan and Dani sitting in silence. Back out in the BY Joe is running various scenarios about who might win HoH and who will win PoV the following week. Jen still sounds mostly uninterested in the conversation. Frank comes out to sit on the lounger with Jen and Joe. Frank says there's nothing like a Monday night hang-over. Frank grumbling because they won't let him turn out the lights because Showtime is on. Joe says he tried that last week in the boom-boom room but they wouldn't let him.

22:16PM BBT Frank says he can't wait for that little joker to get out of here (referring to Ian squeaking in the background). Joe says Ian told him and Jen to get on the Ian bus or end up as roadkill. Joe, Jen and Frank have a laugh. Frank says if Ian would have stayed behind him he could have easily made it further in the game by playing the nice guy routine, but now his dirty laundry has been aired out and it's ugly.

22:21PM BBT Dan and Dani still chatting in the Arcade room. Talk has turned to Dani's rash. Dani says she's never had something like this before. Dani tells Dan he never answered her question. Dan says what. Dani says your daughter were to get stressed out like this. Dan says she's on reality TV so it's her fault. Dan says he wouldn't let his daughter do reality TV Dani says he had no choice she just did it on her own. They whisper something when someone walks by the room and they continue on with their conversation. Dan says yeah he probably would be pissed. Dani hopes the rash is gone tomorrow. Dan hopes so to because then she'll forgive him. Dani asks if he really thinks that. More ultra soft whispering when someone else walks by the Arcade room.

22:26PM BBT In the BY Frank says he can't stay awake until 12:00AM because of BBAD. Joe says tough you have to. Shane has joined them on the loungers. Meanwhile in the Arcade room there is more ultra soft whispering going on between Dan and Dani. Difficult to hear. Dani scolding Dan for freaking her out the way that he did because she feels like he put her in front a freight train. Dan says he put her in the driver's side seat. Dani points out that Ian thinks he's in the driver's side seat.

22:27PM BBT Dani and Jen walks into the KT. Dani begins to whisper something but then walks away mumbling something about offering her something. Jen laughs, walking away asking if this is where Dani is going to stab her. She freaking knew it.

22:29PM BBT Out in the BY Joe, Shane and Frank chatting on the lounger. Joe and Shane say that Dan is an emotionless player. Shane points out that he saw Dan, Dani and Brit talking in the Arcade a bit ago.

22:35PM BBT Joe says Showtime on Monday nights. Joe thinks his wife DVRs it because it's so late to watch TV. In at the KT table Dani and Jen continue to idly chat. Dani bangs a butter knife on the table, intermittently scratching it. She apologizes to the live feeders because they are so boring but they have nothing else to do. She goes to check the SR for her medicine. Brit joins her asking her what's going on. Dani tells her absolutely nothing. Dani whines because she is bored. Brit and Dani go through the laundry of the floor in the SR and Brit wonders where her laundry bag went. Dani called to the DR.

22:39PM BBT Jen has joined Joe, Shane and Frank in the BY. Frank comments on the emptiness of the house. Joe said Ian said that when Brit goes home there will only be 2 girls that like men (only in a much cruder form). Jen wonders why the lesbian is getting so much heat this week.

22:44Pm BBT Jen has gotten up and left the guys in the BY. Frank calls Ian a little joker again. Jen back out in the BY. Repeat game chats about how Ian needs to go home. Frank tells Shane and Joe that he told Dan that they did a solid to him this week and if he somehow wins HoH this week that he should go after Ian.

22:46PM BBT Dan and Brit were in the Arcade room chatting about their lives outside the house. Brit says she and her husband had a nice house, nothing beyond their means. All 4 feeds now on the BY. Frank wants Ian to feel completely alone on Thursday.

22:49PM BBT In the BY Frank says if they win HoH this coming week he thinks Dan and Ian should be up on the block. Shane agrees and swears that's what he'll do. Talk turns to Ian saying he's been laughing and going crazy in the DR. All four feeds bounce to Dan and Brit in the Arcade room, rehashing Brit's season. Brit says she wasn't mad at Enzo because he never lied to her like Hayden did. Dan says she tried to get Lane as many votes as she could.

22:53PM BBT Dani has moved out into the BY joining the guys. Feeds join mid-conversation saying Colt will probably be coming out for the finale and hopes that he'll be calmed down by then (referring to how Dan hurt her emotionally yesterday). Frank says he's taking applications for being girl's dates for Prom. Dani asks if there are any requirements. Frank says yep she has to be 18. It has to be her senior prom unless she got held back a year and is still a junior but she still has to be 18.

22:57PM BBT Out in the BY Dani begins to hum and sing under her breath. Jen begins to join her. Shane says she's going to get called out by BB. Feeds switch to Brit and Dan in the Arcade room and BB calls out the HGs to stop singing. In the Arcade Brit and Dan still sitting. Brit asks Dan why he's going to vote her out. Dan says she hasn't come to him yet. Brit says she shouldn't have to ask for his vote.

23:01PM BBT In the Arcade Brit and Dan continue to chat. Brit says she believed that Dan campaigned to get her put on the block. Dan says if she can get the votes together he may as well vote to keep her in the house. Brit says she needs 3 votes. She has Dr. Ian Terry. Joe is all over the place. Brit doesn't understand why Jen used the PoV. What using it gained her. Dan tells her she should ask her.

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23:02 BBT

Brittany says she knew her game plan was like a house of cards that could fall at any moment… and it did. She knew Frank didn't really trust her. She would've liked to make final 5, but now she doesn't think she'll make it past this week.

Brit asks Dan why he wants her out… also why Frank wants her out… Dan isn't really answering any of her questions. Brit says, "I don't understand why you would vote to keep Danielle." Dan starts talking about about not wanting to waste votes, which Brittany doesn't really understand (and neither do I).

Ian joins Dan and Brit in the Arcade. Ian is drinking Diet Coke and Brit tells him he should lay off drinking so much of that. Meanwhile in the BY, Jenn, Danielle, Joe are still hanging out talking about general nothing. Looks like Shane and Frank have gone inside.

23:18 BBT

Dan, Brittany, Ian in the Arcade. Ian says he's about 50% drunk. Brit says she's glad he's not upset like he was earlier. Ian heads to the kitchen to get some food.

Ian, Brit head outside to sit with everyone else. Brit says, "Who snuck Joe tequila?" (I think she's kidding). Everyone seems hyper and giggly. General chit-chat.

23:30 BBT

The HGs are still outside on the BY couches - general chit-chat… much of it un-repeatable… the rest of it not very interesting.

23:40 BBT

Brittany decides to head in to bed. The other house guests are discussing comedians and tv shows.

Brit/Shane go inside and start discussing game a little bit. They're eating stuff in the kitchen. Brit: "I hate it that you have to feel like it's your decision" Shane isn't sure if he's going to vote how Frank wants or not.

23:54 BBT

Shane tells Brit he's trying to play out future scenarios in his head and figure out whether it's in his best interest to keep her or Danielle. Brit heads to bed. Shane gets ready to take a shower. Outside the HGs are discussing bathroom habits.

00:06 BBT

Conversation in the BY turns to hunting, farting, and cheese pizza. Danielle heads inside to get a drink. Brit's in the WA flossing her teeth. Shane's still in the shower. Dani sits on the WA couch. No one's saying much of anything.

00:14 BBT

Danielle's turn in the shower. Shane brushes his teeth, then lays on the WA couch holding his stuffed animal dog. They try to remember each other's birthdays. Meanwhile in the BY, Joe gets up to head to bed - he checks inside and calls back out that it's 12:15. Jen, Dan, and Frank are the last ones outside.

Joe heads to SBR. Brit is still awake. Joe asks her what Shane's vote is going to be - she says he doesn't even know yet. Shane comes in next. Talk turns to being confused about Dan and what he's up to in the game. Brit confused that Dan would say Dani's dead to him but would still vote to keep her in the game. Joe wonders if Dan/Dani are still together. Shane says probably.

00:24 BBT

Shane says the final alliance has to be Joe/Shane/Ian & possibly Danielle but they can't keep flip-flopping every week, b/c there's only 3 weeks left. Brit says she doesn't feel like being happy outside w/ everyone b/c she's mad she just got backdoored. Joe says he may vote to keep her if she's going to stay mad enough to split the house next week. Brit says Frank/Ian are just pretending to hate each other.

Brit thinks something fishy is going on in the house. Shane says he'll talk to Dan tomorrow and try to figure it out. Joe says it'll be hard to make alliances if there's still things up in the air with people. Brit says she flat out asked Dan what was going on and he wouldn't tell her. Joe thinks Dan must've made a deal with Frank. Joe says they need to stick to this final 4 and stop talking to anyone else.

00:38 BBT

Lights are out in the SBR. Dan is setting up his bed in the HNR.

00:45 BBT

Frank's asleep in the HOH, listening to his headphones and holding hands with Ted the bear. Danielle is getting ready for bed and then heads outside to put in some laundry. Ian helps her. Jenn is lying by the pool not saying anything. Dani says goodnight and heads back inside.

Nothing much going on. Jenn is sitting by herself with her feet in the HT. She muttered at one point, "Brittany is a liar," but hasn't said anything else. Ian was in the house briefly but heads back outside to finish laundry. Everyone else is sleeping.

01:04 BBT

Ian is pacing back and forth and whispering to himself as he folds laundry at the pool table. It sounds like he's saying, "Boogie sucks," but I could totally be mistaken. It's very very hard to hear him. Jenn is still laying by the pool. Ian takes his laundry inside and then starts picking up clutter around the backyard. Ian asks, "How's the hottub?" Jenn says, "Fantastic."

Ian is in the KT getting something to eat. Jenn has gotten all the way into the hot tub now.

01:20 BBT

Jenn keeps remarking that she really needs a hot tub. Meanwhile Ian is inside at the kitchen table muttering to himself. Can't hear what he's saying.

Ah-ha! I can finally hear what Ian's saying. He's quizzing himself on which days things happened in the house this season. Looks like Jenn hasn't moved from her spot next to the HT. I wonder if she'll sleep there?

01:39 BBT

Ian heads to bed. Jenn gets back in the HT, singing off and on, but her mic is off (b/c she's in the water) so BB hasn't yelled at her about singing yet.

Jenn continued singing and we got WBRB for awhile. Looks like Jenn is heading inside now, presumably to go to bed.

01:53 BBT

Well Twitter peeps... looks like Jenn's getting ready for bed. Since she's the last HG to succumb to slumber, I guess that means I should hit the hay also. Meet me back here in the morning for more fun watching the BB house!

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12:52 am BBT:

Jen and Ian are the only ones awake. Ian doing laundry. Jen by jacuzzi whispering to herself. At one point says " She knew... Britney... liar". More whispering: " You can't watch my every move Ian." Ian dealing with is clothes and glancing over at Jen. He's also whispering to himself ( can't tell what he's saying).

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1:10 am BBT:

Jen quiet in the jacuzzi. Ian is done with picking things up around the house and has made himself something to drink. Sitting at kitchen table, rocking back and forth. At one point said No, No. No several times. Deep in thought.

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9:07 AM BBT

Frank and Jenn chatting on the patio. Frank slept like a log. Jenn doing laundry.

"Get on the Ian bus. The short bus." Jokes Frank when Jenn says she put Ian's laundry in the dryer.

Talk turns to coffee. They are drinking "Ralph's coffee. It's horrible.

Morning shout outs from Frank: Mom, Dad, Gunner's lawn service.

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7:50am bbt Everyone is still asleep this morning. (Last night Brit mentioned everyone sleeping until 5pm today lol)

8:41am bbt Wake Up call?

8:47am bbt Wake up call did happen. Frank comes down from HOH, Joe is in K, tells Frank it's 8:45. Frank thought it was later, felt he had been asleep a long time. Frank to SR for batteries, Joe to WC.

8:54am bbt Jenn is up, outside doing laundry. Frank/Joe in K going over shock of POV Monday. Joe says he was up until 3am, says if we pull it off right... they go to table, and Joe starts placing bits of paper balls that represent HGs onto the table, staring at memory wall, tries to explain his logic to Frank

8:57am bbt When Joe suggests the next move being Dani/Jenn on the block, Frank says he can't go after Jenn. Joe says it's the same with Shane not going after Dani. [They don't have concrete thoughts or complete sentences for us]

8:59am bbt Joe says he laid out all the things Dan has done this season, he has to be public enemy #1. He's lied to everyone in the house! Frank: So has Ian. Joe: That's true. And I think Dan/Dani's anger is made up, that she did something to him.

9:00am bbt Joe says there has to be another FastForward, there are only 3 weeks left. And what if F3 are Frank/Joe/Jenn. Is Frank going to take Joe to F2? Joe names everyone that would vote for Jenn.

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9:12 AM BBT

Frank had a weird dream last night where he and his Mom got this house. The levels were all different heights and he was stuck in a really narrow stairwell and was told he'd get the attic. He was mad because he couldn't stand up in it. Then he went to a stairwell that he had to reach right up to get to the next floor and he was hanging there unable to maneuver. His Mom kept telling him, "Oh it's ok. Don't worry." and he responded, "It's not ok, I'm going to fall and break every bone in my body."

[sounds like someone's subconscious is playing games. - ZuZu]

9:14 AM BBT

Shane wants to make his costume into a cape so he can work out. His carrot cape. Joe goes inside to pour a cup of coffee.

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9:38 AM BBT

They only gave then 2 songs today for wake up.

Shane asleep in sneaker room.

Joe sending out his shout outs: Sarah and the kids. 3 weeks left, mark em down on the calendar. She'll be out in LA for a couple of days then they'll go home and party with the kids. CHef Joe style - they'll put out a spread. Dean and Dan Sutton (in laws). Shout out to his Mom hopes someone got her the feeds. He and Jenn have a plan.

Jenn shout outs: KillCOmb NYC, The Dirty Pearls, New Marnie (WBRB)

Incredible video called "Army of Slaves" watch and comment that JennCity sent you, Atar Killer, Jason and Mike from Canderia - one of the finest bands

Bill Grazio BioHazard you're so close yet so far, etc etc etc etc DJ Tim#37

"You want to see sexy blond pictures DEZ Evil - she's on Facebook. Tell her I said Mexico. She'll get it. I love her. She's my second wife. Hey, she might be my first wife." Continues Jenn [believe it or not this woman actually puts out too much, too fast for me to capture it! - ZuZu]

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9:55 AM BBT

"I need one of you MFers to win HOH so I can have one damn week without being nominated." Frank says to Jenn and Joe. "If I'm not winning HOH I'm up on the block."

"Same goes for me and I'm not winning competitions," says Joe "You'd think I was one of the most competitive b@stards in here!"

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10:14 AM

Dan, Joe and Frank cooking/making coffee in KT. Very quiet today not a lot of anything happening.

1:16 AM BBT

"You're listening to a 29 year-old man learn how to use a coffee maker." Britney says of the lesson Frank is giving Dan on how to use the coffee maker and make lattes etc.

"It's hard to be thrust into adulthood so quickly." quips Jenn.

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10:20 AM BBT

Dan telling Frank that they are worried about Shane being left alone with Brit/Ian. They can see Britney pointing out that the two of them must be working together. Although both of them are telling everyone they are still targeting each other. Dan is hoping to make Britney give up, he's telling her that she won't have his vote. They guess that she will get Ian and Shane's vote.

Dan asks Frank if Ian came to see him last night. Frank says no. Dan heard him wandering around last night. He was just doing laundry and rocked in the hammock for about 50 minutes according to Jenn (who has come outside).

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10:33 PM BBT

Frank talking to the camera says it would be so nice to find some people willing to show him some goodwill and work with him a bit. The realization that every week he hasn't been HOH that he has been up on the block is exhausting him. All he can hope for is to get really close, to make it through the next two weeks, send out the people he needs to send out. Jenn comes out and he says she's his saving grace and that he's going to take her all the way to the end.

10:36 AM BBT

Frank tells Jenn that Joe wanted her put up next week and that he said no, he can't put Jenn up. She did too much this week to be put up on the block. Jenn says that she feels it in her bones that Joe is going to work with "them" versus "us".

10:38 PM BBT

Ian comes outside. Jenn tells him she turned his laundry over. He explains it's Danielle's not his. They all ask how each other slept. Ian and Frank slept great. Everyone surprised at how early they got woken up but they guess it's for DR's because they have a deadline for them for the show.

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11:07am frank and Dan talking about the difference between a mixer and a juicer. frank says when you use a juicer it takes so much to make the juice but if you use a blender you get it all.

11:10am joe in sbr talking to shane.he says frank told him this morning that if it comes to it he will not put jenn up on the block. so we either backdoor frank or dan.joe says i want dan out i really do. he says if we can pull all this off we make final 3 and i want to be there. what we need to think of is do we if we get down to 4 you have to beat frank straight out or you backdoor frank then we bring dani straight up to 3.

11:12pm Joe says i am just trying to figure out the best way to get us to final 2 and if we make it i take 50 grand you get the 500 thats all i am going for is the 50 grand.

11:17am Joe has now gone to the shower leaving shane to go back to sleep. by talk is about birth control now.

11:20am Joe put on his swim trunks and is now going out to lay in the sun. ian gets off the hammock to head inside.Brit, jenn, Dan , Frank and Dani still in by talking about birth control. then jenn tells about her mom going through cancer treatmentsand how scared she was but her mom survived and is fine now the cancer is gone.

11:23am jenn says my mom is still here she is the most amzing women on this earth and married a 21 year old at the age of 50 thats how she rolls. dan and frank start talking about back hair frank says he just has a patch. does that mean i will have alot. brit says no its just a patch.

11:31am general talk in the by. talking about going to target to shaop . frank shops there for girls.

11:46am Frank and dani in kt dani eating cereal listening to frank tell her about what everyone has been saying all day.dani says i will forgive dan but i wont forget what he did ever. frank says i have your back and i think shane has your back too.dani says i dont want to go but i dont want to campaign against her either. dani says i can beat ian in an indurance comp. jenn walks in the house and things go quiet.

11:51am dani now going to dr to have her rash on her face looked at she says now her throat hurts.frank goes back out to the by where brit is talking very loudly about fighting with other people at home about her dog pooping and not being able to clean it up. ian on the hammock rocking and joe laying by the pool.

11:52am dan has gone inside to kt dani comes in and dan ask her if she is ok she says yeah i just dont feel good he ask are you going to go see the medic and we get a brief foth then feeds go back to brit in by saying new york city is a tough place to live and we get foth.

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12:05pm Joe sitting in the pool. Dan getting oiled up so he can get in the pool while listening to brit talk about taking doctors out to lunches for her job.

12:18pm jenn is now in the pool with ian, joe laying by the pool. Dan , Frank and brit on by couches talking about spaceships and going on missions and wars.

12:28pm Brit goes to sbr to talk to shane and dani. dani isnt feeling well and is going to sleep . shane asking where everyone is she says they are all outside. shane says dani has a problem with her throat now.brit says i think it is part of the a/c at one time or another everyone has had a sore throat in here.

12:35pm brit talking about if she goes home it isnt because of you shane its because of dan, Ian and joe. she says if they vote me out its because frank told them to but if i go to jury this week isnt isnt because of frank at all he doesnt have a vote and he is on such a power trip. shane says he is.

12:40pm Bri leaves sbr and shane says i hate dan so much. dani says yeah.Ian and dan in pool throwing the ball around.

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1:21 BBT Superpass is Temporarily down for Maintenance Please Try again Later ... This is what I'm getting trying to sign in (An YES I Paid my Bill Ha Ha !!!)

1:43 BBT Feeds are back and It's Picture time and the smiles are awkward for some

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1:52BBt Feeds back, its time for HOH camera. Group pics, Jenn with a slop bucket and the POV. Someone deleted one of Franks fav shots. Ted in the spiritard and Frank in the carrot costume.

2:00BBT Frank keeps singing and we are not getting FOTH. Ian says the feeds are blocked during camera time. Frank breaks out in song....FOTH

Brit sitting on pool table ( no wonder it is never level) waiting for her laundry to get done. Joe cooking others just milling around.

Frank has to turn in the HOH camera. All cams on Brit folding her clothes and putting them away.

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Dan making matzo pizzas, Jenn laying in the sun, Ian swinging and Brit picking at her split ends. Dani and Dan sitting side by side at the kitchen counter. Dani says she is on a steroid and antibiotic, her ear and throat hurt.

Brit calls Ian over. Ian tells her Dan said last night that they would talk later. Ian is the Captain of the Quack Pack and he will go down with the QP. Brit says Dan told her he wanted to get he old pack back together.

Ian says he will fall on his sword for the Quack Pack, he will vote QP over Frank, he will vote Dan. Brit says Dan and Shane have been sitting beside each other all day. Ian says we can do this, if you go, I am sorry. He will buddy up with Dan.

Brit says if she stays she will put up Dan. Ian isnt happy with it. Brit says Dan will slit their throats in the end. Ian says if she gets HOH she will put Dan and Frank and vote out Frank.

Ian keeps repeating he will fall on his sword for the QP. He founded it, he will go down with the ship. He aint letting Frank walk away with this. Brit says he may win every comp but he has not social game, she will never vote for him to win. Ian says we still have to say he would win if in F2.

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