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8/27 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:02 PM BBT

Frank says he's worried about Britney and Shane next week. "Britney's not going to be here." Dan says Frank looks at him. "If we do this, Britney isn't going to be here. Point out Dan"

A few minutes ago Shane pointed out to everyone else that Dan had 24 hours to come up with a strategy. Think about that.

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9:04PM BBT: Frank and Dan still up in the HoH room. Shane and Danielle in the SBR. Shane thinks that Dan is outing the quack pack. Shane said he would LOVE IT if Dan walks out that door and gets booed. Shane says they had an opportunity to backdoor Dan last week, and feels bad because Frank and Boogie had it right. Shane doesn't think Dan's tears were sincere.

9:08PM BBT: Frank is worried about Dan taking Jenn to the end, but Dan says he doesn't have any game relationship with her. They both agree that the floater they take to the end should be Joe. They talk about Shane possibly making it to the end too, but they don't want to go against him in the competitions. Dan asks Frank if he should tell Danielle that it was all an act, and Frank agrees. Dan and Frank agree that they'll take each other to the final 2. Dan leaves the HoH and starts to head downstairs.

9:12PM BBT: Danielle in the WC, and Dan waiting in the WA. Danielle yells "Leave me alone Dan!" and he's waiting for her to come out. Dan asks Danielle if he can talk to her for a sec, and they head into the arcade room. Dan smiles at her, and says "I told you I'd do it!" She throws a pillow at him, and starts crying and says "You broke my heart! You humiliated me in front of the whole house. I would have gone home for you. At least give me a forwarning next time!". She tells him the whole house is mad at him. Danielle asks "what did you do?" and Dan replies "I think I just made an alliance for us". Danielle asks if he knew he would break her heart like that, and Dan says he never thought it'd get that bad.

9:16PM BBT: Danielle says that he is one sick person. Dan says that he used her feelings for their strategy and to preserve her. Danielle says it was 20x worse than last time with her panic attack.

9:19PM BBT: Danielle asks Dan if he ever thought that she would go against him in the game, and he says no, but he just gave them a sliver of hope in this game. Danielle says she honestly thought he hated her.

9:23PM BBT: Earlier in the HoH room with Frank and Dan... Letting Joe get to the F5 is not a bad thing Frank says. Dan says he's Jerry, hasn't won anything. If Dan pulls Dani out and say this was an act, good job, but would Jenn use Veto? Frank says he would explain it to her. Frank rehearsing what they would tell Jenn. Dan says I'll be Jenn. Why would you believe him? Frank coming up with a response.

9:26PM BBT: Dan says he would have thought Danielle would have figured it out, and the house had tried to comfort Danielle. Frank, Jenn, Britney, Shane, Ian and Joe in the HoH room. Joe says he would kiss Willie before he kissed that f***er. Britney says that she thought it was a cheap shot that Dan said that Shane would find a good girl outside of the house, but others don't think it was meant that way.

9:28PM BBT: Frank says he thinks Dan felt bad about what he said to Danielle, but that they're going to talk and smooth things out. Joe says that you don't throw a bombshell in the house, and then leave afterwards (he acted it out too).

9:29PM BBT: Talk in the HoH turns to a popular topic; alcohol! Ian says the thing the house needs is a big group, but it wont happen after what happened tonight. Frank says he was wondering when Dan was going to talk about him during his 'funeral'.

9:33PM BBT: Dan and Danielle still in the arcade room. Dan says they have to figure out what to say to the others when they leave the room. Dan says he's probably going to talk to the others one-on-one later tonight in the arcade room. They fistbump and Danielle says "You're really something, Dan." Danielle says "You really don't care that you broke my heart" and Dan replies "I didn't really break your heart. It was only temporarily."

9:40PM BBT: Dan discussing who Danielle should talk to, and telling her what to say to people and telling her that he made a F2 deal with Frank. Dan says that if he didn't make an alliance with Frank, then they wouldn't be in this game, and Frank will have their backs.

9:45PM BBT: Dan says that no matter what, Danielle is going to be covered. Danielle looks as though she's still trying to process what just happened. Talk in the HoH room has turned to general chit-chat. Frank says that if the moon was covered in solar panels, they wouldn't have to worry about electric bills anymore. Britney says that the moon would look like a disco ball.

9:52PM BBT: Dan says that Jenn is raging right now. Danielle and Dan going over their exit and what they're going to do and say to people once they leave the arcade room. Dan says that he's trying to get everyone emotional and to overlook his plan. Dan says he can separate BB from real life, but to everyone in here, it's their real life. Dan says that he'll walk out of the house and be a completely different person than who he is inside the house.

9:55PM BBT: The HoH room hangout breaks up, and Frank and Jenn are the only ones left in the room, as everyone heads downstairs. Frank tells Jenn that Ian has been working with 'them' for a while, and how Boogie told him not to trust Ian. Frank asks Jenn if she would use the veto on Dan if he asked her to. Jenn asks who he'd put up on the block as a replacement, and he tells her he'd put up Britney.

9:59PM BBT: Frank is still pitching his plans for Jenn to use the veto tomorrow and to make a new alliance, and talking about possibilities of next week. Jenn says that she needs his word, and Frank says that she has got everything she needs from him.

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22:07PM BBT Down in the arcade Dani tells Dan that he stresses her out. Frank heads in to use the restroom in the HoH while Jen listens to music. Frank comes out and Jen says she knows he's been sad since Boogie left the game but she's got his back. Frank appreciates it and says that Boogie leaving was because of Ian.

22:10PM BBT Frank comes down from HoH and pops into Arcade room and Dan excuses himself to use the WC. Frank tells Dani that he convinced Jen to remove Dan from the block. Dani asks who Frank is going to put on the block as replacement nom and before he can answer Brit sticks her head in the door and asks Dani how she's doing. Frank invites Brit in to chat he says he was just checking on her. Brit says Jen will probably want to talk to her. Frank tells Dani that Jen is upstairs listening to his CD if she wants to go up.

22:14PM BBT Dani uses the opportunity to head up to talk to Jen and they hug it out immediately. Jen is on board with the plan to pull Dan down from the block. Jen says Brit and Shane are going to come after her. Dani says as long as Dani and Dan are in the house they'll have her back.

22:17PM BBT It is believed so yes. Assuming that Ian's nom goes 2nd. Then Shane will go up. RT @nobgobblin69: @mortystv Morty? If Brit goes up when Jenn uses veto, can Ian take her down?

22:19PM BBT Down in the arcade Frank and Brit are talking about Jury house. Frank ask's about TV. Brit says they get a small portable DVD player with the same old DVDs to watch. Brit says they may give you stuff that you couldn't bring into the house with you (like paper/pens and clothing they couldn't wear for whatever reason).

22:23PM BBT Up in the HoH Dani and Jen continue to chat. Jen says Dan pulled a rabbit out of his hat. Brit comes up to the HoH to hang out. Brit says Eagle Eye is patrolling the house keeping track of everyone. Dani tells Brit that Dan is mad at her because she "went for spots" in the veto comp. Brit says Dan went for 2 things before she went for spots. Dani knows. Brit tries to clarify: "He's mad at you for going for veto while you're on the block." Dani says no he didn't say that directly but... Dani says her stomach is messed up and her IBS is starting up as well. Brit isn't surprised. She's going to make coffee. Jen says she'd love some.

22:24PM BBT Should go down tomorrow morning/afternoon sometime so they'll have time to edit it for Wed. RT @alesiajean: @mortystv when is the Veto meeting??

22:27PM BBT Shane, Joe and Frank sitting around the HT in the BY. Frank says Dan told him he respects him as a player. Shane says Dan is also a great player and he knows his days are numbered. Jen comes out in the BY to join the guys around the HT. Shane grumbling about no libations. Frank going to check again.

22:30PM BBT Not sure. One would think game play wise Dani would want Shane out before the end before his winning comp dry-spell ends again. Not to mention he's got a significant number of wins under his belt compared to hers...another reason you wouldn't want to sit next to him in the F2. But in a game like this people tend to forget these details and instead play with their heart. RT @nobgobblin69: @mortystv ooooh wonder if dani gets that??

22:33PM BBT Feeds frozen a couple of minutes for me. Feeds back and Frank is up in the HoH telling Brit and Dani that he and Shane are wearing the same shirt (light colored pink). Jen, Shane and Joe gathered around the HT, idle chit chat. The hammock can be heard squeaking in the background (one will assume that it's Ian).

22:35PM BBT Brit now Dan bashing in the HoH to Dani telling her that she gave up more than he did to come into the house and he is acting selfish by expecting her to throw the PoV to him. Frank comes out of the bathroom in the HoH and tells Brit and Shane that someone in production (Kara?) called him out for spending so much time in the HT to avoid wearing the carrot costume. Brief FoTH.

22:40PM BBT Idle chit chat now in the BY. Joe, Jen and Shane around the HT. Frank headed towards the washer/dryer. Up in the HoH Brit continues Dan bashing saying it's not fair for him to expect her to throw the veto to him when she was on the block as well. Dani says Dan feels betrayed by her. Brit says "All because you probably would have been ok. Because I could have probably got Shane or Brit put upon the block instead." Brit says what an awesome teammate. Dani starts to cry again saying she feels humiliated and betrayed right now (I will give it to Dani...if I didn't know what was going on...I'd totally believe her. She's riding the emotion that she showed earlier).

22:42PM BBT Brit watching the spy screen. Comments that she thought Jen was coming back up. Shane and Frank in the BY sitting in the hot tub. Joe and Jen sitting with their legs in the HT. Chat is different kinds of alcoholic drinks.

22:46PM BBT Brit and Dani continue to Dan bash in the HoH. Dani keeps mumbling "I'm getting screwed because I got spots in the veto!" Brit says she's not screwed. Brit says Dan won't even get a single vote on Thurs (little does she know...he won't...because he won't be on the block!) Brit says everyone was crapping their pants because they thought Dan was spilling his guts to Frank. Joe was freaked out because Dan was going to rat out the Head Hunters. Brit laughs and says she forgot she was in an alliance with him. Brit is scared Jen is going to use the veto. Dani tells her that she asked Jen if everything is going to stay the same and Jen said yes.

22:49PM BBT Brit and Dani continue to Dan bash in the HoH with Dani periodically almost breaking down into tears about how Dan is pissed because she wouldn't throw the PoV this week to him. Down in the BY the HT crew has been joined by Ian. Still idle chit chat about different kinds of alcoholic drinks and bars.

22:50PM BBTThat's what we are thinking. Ultimately it depends on when/where in the ceremony Ian's power is to be used. RT @CoDkiller87: @mortystv so if dan gets taken down and brit goes up wont ian take brit down?

22:52PM BBT Dani and Brit head down stairs. Brit sticks her head out the backdoor and tells Jen the coffee is ready. Jen thanks her and comes in to get herself a cup. Dani gets herself a glass of Sprite. Out in the BY silence for a moment before Shane asks Frank what Nana is up to. Frank says she's probably in bed but mom's probably watching Showtime. He gives his mom a shout out.

22:53PM BBT It is expected that Ian will use his power to remove Brit from the block if she is put up. RT @kntaylor15: @mortystv no Britney's toast not Shane

22:56PM BBT Brit and Frank get into an argument about the "driver's side of the bed". Brit says the right side of the bed is considered the driver's side. Frank disagrees. Brit runs out into the BY and asks Shane. Shane says it's the right side. Brit agrees and says that's the side of the bed she sleeps on. Frank says Brit has issues. Frank says he's never heard this before but ok.

22:58PM BBT Dani, Frank, Dan and Jen are going to spring the fact that Jen is going to use the PoV on him. Dani has to sell the fact that Dan is mad at her to the rest of the house. RT @StaceyGFoster: @mortystv what its Dani doing Dan aint mad at her

23:03PM BBT This certainly does put him at the top of the list of great players that's for sure. RT @JohnWBell: @mortystv does this make dan one of the great players?

23:05PM BBT RT @GKL1961: @mortystv It was stated that Ian goes first in veto ceremony.

23:12PM BBT Dan held a funeral service for himself today in the LR with the other HGs. He told them that he was going to say a bunch of nice things for them instead of folks saying nice things about him. Dan saved Dani for last and told her she was dead to him in this game for something she did or said. This of course floored Dani. He ran up to the HoH immediately afterward and told Frank about Ian backstabbing Frank and Boogie. Menwhile leaving Dani downstairs balling her eyes out. Dan later pulled her off to the side and told her it was all game play and for the moment it seemed like it worked. Jen will be using the veto on Thurs to remove Dan from the block. RT @BradenMac: @mortystv What happened to Dan And Dani?

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11:07 pm BBT Dan and Jenn cement the fact she is taking him off the block. Dan says I prefer the game when people and she says shes from Brooklyn they dont like rats. Dan says is there a town that does? By the HT Brit freaks because she sees a mouse. Frank and Joe are trying to catch it as Jenn joins the madness.

11:17 pm BBT Everyone but Dan is at the HT listing to one of Joes stories abut his animals. Dan tried to talk to us but got dinged for his mic and stopped.

11:24 pm BBT Dan says something too quietly about his funeral then says the best part is he pulled it off. He says he just has to survive the next 12 hrs. He sees Frank and calls him over. They hug it out. Dan asks what Frank and Jenn are going to say when he comes down and Brit goes up. Frank says hes been thinking about it. He is going to take a shower and think on it some more

11:35 pm BBT Dani is rather stoic at the HT as Brit recaps S12 and the fact she was told about the guys alliance all season and she chose to ignore it till it was too late.

11:45 pm BBT The HT crew is going over how expensive malls are in different areas. Joe asks if he is only one who doesnt understand what happened and what Dani isnt telling them. Brit says It's probably between them and not for us to know. Joe recaps the whole "funeral" and says he just doesn't get it. Ian says he doesn't either.

11:56 pm BBT Dan tells Brit in SBR that he told Dani he goes to far and hes sorry. He says he hopes she understands and forgive him someday. He asks Brit if everyone is pissed. She says no not pissed just starting conspiracy theories. Brit says eagle eye Joe is on the case. Meanwhile, Dani tells Shane that her and Dan are not okay and he is mad that Dani didnt throw the veto. Back to Dan and Brit, Dan is giving Brit a sob story and apologizing for getting heated. Brit says shes sorry he's going through all this.

12:00 am BBT Brit assures Dan that Dani will be okay after the show ends and that BB is funny about how the contestants hold no grudges. Eagle eye Joe comes in to see whats up and head to bed. Dan tells Joe how ashamed he is of himself and the talk disperses.

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12:10 am BBT Frank goes into the SR with Dan and Dan says he knows what Jenn can say. He says that she can say no one in this game thinks I can make a move and its good to have a jerk like him around so im takin him off.

12:23 am BBT Frank is talking to Dani in hoh. Tells her how F3 going into F2 works. Frank doent think Shane has thought about final 2 and the fact Brit wont take him. Dani knows and has heard Ian say he has a final 3 deal in place. Shane comes in and interrupts

12:27 am BBT Jenn and Dan are in the BY talking. Jenn says shes a little mad she did all this work on pov and Dan didnt come to her and talk to her before his funeral. He said that he thought she would use it on Dani. Jenn says she has concerns and how does she know that they wont turn around and come after her. Dan says what is the point in doing that when there is another side to go after first.

12:33 am BBT Frank elaborating to Shane that Brit will not take her him to F2. Shane knows. He says "I know shes my coach and my friend but I know she wont take me to final 2" He continues by saying that if he wins POV he will save Frank and that if Shane wins Hoh he wont put up Frank.

12:41 am BBT Jenn is telling Dan in the BY that big moves can make or break you in this game. Jenn just says she doesn't want to be blindsided and she doesn't want to take the heat for Ian not to be exposed. Jen says if I pull you off I want Ian exposed as my reason. Dan says consider it done then

12:44 am BBT Shane heads downstairs to talk to Dani and tells her that he just told Frank that he is in a tough spot . Shane says he was just making sure he was safe. Shane tells Ian that he just hopes everything stays the same. Ian says it better or theres trouble.

12:55 am BBT Jenn and Frank now in Hoh with Jenn recapping what Dan did and how she felt about it. Jenn repeats for Frank that she wants Ian exposed or shes not making the move. Frank says that Brit is the link for Ian and Shane. When she goes they are two floating links and Ian will realizes he has no body. Downstairs Dani Brit and Shane are in the WA with Brit saying shes indebted to Dani for stayin on the block so they dont have to against Dan. Dani says its ok.

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1:03 am BBT Frank says he will put Ian on blast. He tells Jenn that at Pov he is going to say you know what Ian you promised Mike a vote and didn't do it then put me up next to my only ally and she went home so now I'll return the favor so Brit pop a squat. They go over worrying about Shane winning hoh for a sec. Jenn seems more at ease about the situation. They have the ah-ha moment that Dan has been taking the heat for Ian and are now Ian bashing.

1:08 am BBT After reaping the funeral and assuring Dani shes right to be upset. Dani Brit and Shane head to bed. While Ian interrupts the conversation in hoh to recap how inappropriate Dan is. Ian says "just an assurance no veto use tomorrow?" Frank and Jenn say practically in unison "No VETO!!"

1:16 am BBT Jenn recaps to Dan what her and Frank talked about. She says they are good. He says he owes her the worlld and he is indebted to her. no one has saved him for going home this season that has only happened once before. He says he owes her big time. Their talk disperses.

1:20 am BBT Ian leaves and says yes! sendin your arch nem to the jury house peace. Franksays yeah my nemesis peace. Then once Ian is out he says go to bed son I got scheming to do. Frank goes to grab Dan and make sure Ian has gone to bed

1:27 am BBT Frank and Dan in hoh. Frank recaps his conversation with Jenn. Frank also recaps his conversation with Shane sayin that Frank is safe no matter what. Frank is going over everything with Dan and saying hey I just want to make sure I'm telling you everything. Seems like Frank is solid to Dan for anyone who didn't think so before.

1:36 am BBT Frank and Dan trying to come up with names. Dan comes up with the dark knights. Frank comes up with the last call crew. Frank says he was excited to get Dan out but he never knew where he stood with Brit. Now he knows. He also wondered why Ian was protecting her so hard. Dan says Ians eo has gotten out of hand and he doesn’t know if they are trying to pump him up or what.

1:54 am BBT Their talk ends with Frank walking around downstairs to make sure the coast is clear and giving Dan the thumbs up from the LR via spy cam that it is ok for him to head downstairs to bed. Jenn and Frank head into Hoh to recap his talk with Dan.

2:02 am BBT Frank tells Jenn using it would be a better move for her cause then they go from 2 to 4 in the house. It makes more sense cause if the other side pops off a win they are going to go for me and Dan before going at Jenn as opposed to going after Jenn and Joe in an attempt to backdoor Frank. If Frank wins veto she goes. If they keep Dan they put up Dan and Joe.

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2:16 BBT.

Frank alone: "well superpassers, I hope that me deciding to trust dan and work with him doesn't come back to bite me. Because... I mean, I really do only have him or Jenn. I could choose to trust Dan and Danielle, or Brit and Shane." He thinks he can trust Dan more.

He goes on to say he thinks he could trust Shane, but not with Brit there. "Ian is a dirty little shat... if Brit goes up and we make sure we get the votes, she'll go home, he'll be by himself, and he'll feel like I felt on thursday. And he'll crumble under the pressure hopefully. I mean, that's a little harsh but I want him to. He made a mistake, a big mistake. I can't believe he went against Mike and I. I'm gonna make sure and do my best that he goes home next week."

"If anyones up still watching tonight, I hope I'm making a good decision. I'm extremely stressed... and nervous. I'm doing my best. It's hard not having Mike here. I miss you homie. Maybe you were right about Dan? I think... maybe I'm wrong, but I do think I'm the one who told you it was Ian. We'll have to pull tape on that."

Just when all was quiet in the bb house...

2:27 BBT Danielle is up and about. Joe watched her leave the bedroom.

Her and Jenn talk.

Danielle: "All I'm saying is do not pull me off the block."

jen says she's still thinking it over.

FISH and they're separated by the time fish is over.

Jen got into bed.


Danielle and Jen head outside to talk

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7:10am bbt It's just after 7am in the BB house. Dan is up and ready for POV today. Should be an interesting day.

Dan goes out to patio, tells us "I couldn't sleep last night, it comes down to what Jenn wants to do, I don't think it's over yet." He's cold, so goes back inside.

7:25am bbt Jenn is up, Dan is back on patio, gives us a recap of what happened last night, his funeral, calling Dani dead to him, meeting with Frank in HOH, making F2 deal with Frank, convincing Jenn to use POV on Dan. It's amazing what being locked up for 24 hours in solitary can do for you, for game and catching up on my sleep.

7:27am bbt Dan: If this goes through, will I stay loyal to Jenn, Frank, Dani? The answer is yes. It all comes down to Jenn City. Don't want to kill the suspense for you, but if she doesn't use it, I'm going to jury Thursday.

7:29am bbt Dan: Now I understand why criminals come up with their best schemes in prisonl. They have nothing better to do than think... and sleep... and worrying about not getting shanked. After my speech, people were enraged. Dan sees a bird fly down by the pool. Is that a good sign? nah, I'm grasping at straws.

7:30am bbt Dan Says morning to his wife, says to tell mom hi, don't worry about his weight, not sure she has seen him act this way. Had to know I wouldn't give up, and I never will. If Jenn doesn't use it, can't say I didn't go down swinging, sent the house into a tissy. If I survive, I'll celebrate my bday on Sept 1. I respect Frank, Comp beast, smart guy.

7:34am bbt Dan: Last night Jenn felt apprehension that I didn't come to her about using POV, she's right, reassured her I won't shank her next week. She wanted to protect girls, may look like punk taking down guy to put up girl, I reassured her. Joe thought there was more to my meeting with Frank. These will be longest 4-5 hrs of my life.

7:36am bbt Dan: I told Dani last night, when people hate me in the game, they are blinded as to what I can do. Not one to toot my own horn... hope carrot man wakes up soon. Food for thought, guy in house is hell-bent on getting me out of this game, took

punishments, 24 hrs later I talked him out of getting me out... what's wrong with me?

7:39am bbt Dan: to be honest with you guys, I'm 50/50 about this working. Dani was pretty mad at me. Bird is back, Dan gets bread to toss onto BY for it, but it doesn't take the nibble. Some tweet Memphis that his boy might get out of a jam again. Last time right around my bday I needed Memphis to take me down.

7:43am bbt Dan: If I don't come down, hope you guys aren't disappointed, I probably won't do much campaigning, enjoy my time, talk to you guys. I haven't had to come out yet, did yesterday, have to wait to make your move. It's crazy that people are enraged that I told someone they were dead to me in this game, no personal attack, I play on their emotions, good reason to hate me? yea, point viewers. I wanted to see her cry, didn't want her upset, but needed tears so it would be believable. I'm excited for a 50/50 shot.

7:48am bbt Fish, Wake up call? Back and Dan is lowering awnings.

7:51am bbt Still just Dan on feeds, back to patio, tells mom he is eating something for her, Matza, not as good as Joe's slop cookies, but... calls it a PeeWee Herman sized cracker.

7:53am bbt for 25 days I covered for Ian, and he get's cocky? He doesn't appreciate it. Can't say America doesn't love him, but he's changed from day 1 to day 50.

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8:03am bbt Dan: Dani is a good friend, lot of lot of time invested in her, obviously mutual relationship, I've helped her get farther in the game, she's saved me, a good player, well liked. I always joke I need to cut her heart out, she plays with too much emotion, but as long as I'm here, guess you could say I'm her Miagi. Pretty funny talking serious strategy talking to a man dressed as a carrot!

8:05am bbt Dan: Does America think I'm scum for the way I've played? I hope not. One thing, I try not to play maliciously. I've sworn more this season? Why have you sworn so much? I don't know. Dan holds a conversation with his mom about him sleeping in so much this year.

8:10am bbt Dan likes Jenn, knows he needs to be careful with her, she's the only one who saw through his funeral. Brit is a good person, nice girl, cares about her husband, her downfall is doesn't have ninja moves, like ninja stepping on glass, can hear her. I respect her more as a player, she's done a great job, everyone plays the game their way, people bag on floaters, sometimes it's their only option. At somepoint a floater has a chance to make a move, but a true floater doesn't make a move, ever, they are too afraid, and it's Jenn's time.

8:13am bbt Ashley was a floatation device, Joe is definition of a floater, that's why he needs to go soon, sorry Levi. Only person I didn't talk to after the funeral was Shane. Sorry mom if I embarassed you guys this season, especially if you watched the Pandora's episode, whoops, not happy about that, but, there's no justifying that, just lost my cool.

8:18am bbt Dan: It's different, I used to make fun of people in here who missed their spouses, but now I can relate.

8:20am bbt Dan: I don't take the support lightly, I always appreciate it. I've made some mistakes in this game, my biggest was not being the leader of the Quack Pack, I should have directed Shane more, he'd never done it before. May be too late, best way to get out of a hole? Stop digging, that's what I did last night.

8:40am bbt Dan: Dan keeps talking, rambling at times, shout outs to some friends and BB casting(causing WBRB).

8:50am bbt Dan: What does the future hold? Getting up at 7am... I hold you have enjoyed our morning chat, clearly the flies have. My zombie illness yesterday, when I came out, I acted like I'd come out of the Clockwork Orange, seem like I was brainwashed. Was it necessary? I didn't want to come out guns blazing, make them think I wasn't thinking, that's the reason I did it.

8:55am bbt Fish again, this time for over 10 minutes ad going, may be wake up call for the house.

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9:14 AM BBT

Dan saw a bright green bird just now. Joe tells them the birds would be migrating from Chicago. Then he thinks Frank pee'd in the hit tub. They all laugh at him, it was just something in the water.

Frank, Joe and Dan talking on the patio. They discuss whether or not 9 a.m. was early to be up. Dan says this is the first time he's been up before the wake up call. He saw the sun coming up, a bird landed on his hammock. It was kind of nice to see. Frank tells him that morning is the best time of the day.

Joe calls out "Morning Sarah! Are the kids off to school? Morning Live Feeders?"

Dan asks how the carrot suit is going. "I'll probably nap a lot this week, I can only take it off when I sleep. I'm actually going to ask them if I can take it off to work out." Says Frank


He says the hat is the worst part. The suit is just silly. Dan says he likes his Lady Gaga shoulder pads.

"Shout out to Kim Grant, Jim Vance and Will Kirby." From Frank.

Dan got to talk to Chelsea this morning. First time since he got here. Joe says he ought to have been saying Goodnight to Sarah each night at 9 PM their time because she goes to bed at 11 PM each night. He also tells them that they will find it interesting to find which family members got totally into watching Big Brother. Joe says he's not sure if his wife did. Dan thinks his sister keeps his wife up to date, maybe hourly, but that might make it harder for her. Frank says probably not his Grandma but his Mother has probably been stuck to the TV.

Shout out to Chefsource.com and Anchor.com from Joe. He will take Chefsource for dinner in Dearbourne soon.

Anna from createyourimpact.com also gets a shout out. Joe's talking about his websites, books and plans for his MadLove Cooking Concept.

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9:29 PM BBT

What causes bad service is when a Chef doesn't have stuff he needs. If you have stuff on the menu you don't always serve and the staff has to leave the line and keep running back and forth it gets stuff off course.

Joe will also never buy a secondhand KT again. It wasn't optimized. They threw the kitchen together like a home KT. He thought he was saving himself money but he ended up having to spend another 50k.

This time, he got his space, set up his menu and then placed a food order so that his freezer will be big enough to cool everything, breathe, but not too big that it takes away from space to sell your food. He got all the food in then measured how much space he needed fro the freezer. This is an important detail to note.

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9:33 AM BBT

Part of his job as a Corporate Chef is to give advice to others on the flow of their KT.

Inside, Jenn is fixing her make up.

Danielle gets told to put her microphone on. Dan calls over to her and asks her if she's ok and if she's talking to herself. Does she want him to send Shane out to make her feel better? She tells him he's not funny.

Side Whisper:

Dan: I told her after this stuff goes down, not to worry about the rat stuff.

Frank: Maybe we don't want to keep this too quiet. If Shane begins to see that we have the numbers that might help change his vote.

Dan: Do you think he won't see we're in an alliance?

Frank: I don't know.

Frank takes the conversation back, loudly, to restaurant freezers.

Restaurant talk continues. Favourite eateries include: Chrystals, BoJangles, Popeyes and White Castle. They are trading stories about late night 24 hour food experiences. White Castles take reservations for Valentines Day. It was a joke at first but some smart marketing executive caught on to it and now they really do.

9:43 AM BBT

Danielle and Jenn doing their make up. Danielle is in her favourite spot in the Arcade Room. Jenn in the WCA.

9:46 AM BBT

Danielle and Jenn talking. General chat. Jenn tweezing chin/neck hairs.

Britney called to the DR.

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9:51 AM BBT

Frank: If Britney goes, I don't know if we're going to have to sit down and talk to him. If Britney goes, I can try and deflect it to Ian but they are going to see that you and I talked together for a long time last night....

Dan: That's what I was thinking. Do I deny everything? I have to like protect it otherwise we become like Mike and Frank..

Frank; Maybe we have to say that you did tell me some stuff up there. That the wound is raw from Ian and that Britney was the main cuplret.

Dan: Just say that you don't trust me still. You don't trust me. My dream situation is that after the meeting Ian says something like, 'I can't believe you ratted me out." and I'd be like "You just did yourself.

Frank: Maybe I don't say anything about us working together, maybe I just hint around the embers. Ian and Britney and Joe are all working together and it's getting kind of close and I have to break it up. Or something like that.

Dan: You just point out that I;m alone.

Frank: Right it's kind of against the odds.

They decide to give Joe a red herring versus the entire truth. Dan doesn't want to tell Shane anything with Britney. Not tell him the plan in advance. He can say something or nothing. He just wants to have their plan, planned out so he's not thinking on the fly. If they come to me about putting up Ian I'll say you gotta do what you gotta do. I'll say he got cocky in the ball competition and enough was enough.

Frank will deny working with Dan. He will say that looking at it from his situation it makes more sense to get one of the Shane/Brit/Dani team out than to focus on a player that is alone.

Dan wants to know exactly what's being said so he can get on the same page. Frank intends to say that Dan went up to plead his case but he didn't do what he intended to do. What he did was point out how close Britney and Ian were and how alone Dan was. Dan says that yes, tell him that I told you some stuff about Ian and threw Britney under the bus but you can see how alone I was. I swore to you how it wasn't me that did it. That it was Ian.

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10:02 AM BBT

Frank plans on telling Ian that he thought Ian was his closest ally in the house, not it's obvious that it is someone else. He can't trust him when he put his closest ally on the block last time. He's going to tell Ian that it's his own fault he kept not following the plan. He wouldn't respond to the questions about the "Rat you out" comments.

Dan likes the idea. He asks about Jenn. "Oh yes, Jenn told me this morning that we are 100% going forward. We've still got this." Frank says to Dan.

They plan to check right before the ceremony. Frank upset that everyone gets to dress up and he has to wear that stupid suit. Dan goes to make a shake.

Joe out the shower. His turn with the tweezers and nose hairs.

10:07 AM BBT

Dan asks Jenn if he can grab the glasses with her name on them by her bed. He collects used cups from various rooms and then goes to KT to begin putting the KT in order.

Shane up. Asks if the meeting will be soon.

Dan outside at laundry machine. Jenn walks past. "Are we still a go?"

Jenn: Yep we're good. Everything is cool.

Dan: You've got my word on this

Jenn: Nods and smiles.

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10:11 AM BBT

Joe and Shane chatting in WCA. Talking about getting sleep enough versus too much. "I'm up for today as long as there are no surprises." says Joe.

"Nope." says Shane. He heads out of the room.

Jenn outside on patio all dolled up. Shane sitting by HT.

"I trust I should go get some breakfast before I get locked down." he says

"Yeah man." Jenn tells him.

Shane goes in and asks where all the glasses are from. The patio Dan tells him.

Joe cut himself shaving. He's now outside with Jenn.

"It's hard being a man." she jokes

"No surprises?" Joe asks her

"There are surprises everywhere Chef Joe. You're good though. You're good." Jenn tells him. " I do have something I want to ask you though" She fusses with his hair. She whispers something (I Missed it) He takes her inside to get some of the cold coffee he's been saving her.

10:18 PM BBT

Joe and Frank outside. Joe asks how everything is going. "Good Man Coming Down." That's a good song says Joe. Kris Kristofferson.

"No surprises?" asks Joe.

"Nothing that I know of but I'm not the one with two vetos." says Frank "If anything, that's where the surprises will come from."

Joe says he trusts Jenn. Not Ian. He tells Frank that Shane and Britney went to bed last night they shut off the lights then Ian came in as asked if they could talk but someone shushed him and told him that he (Joe) was there.

Frank says he keeps hearing stuff about Ian being a sneak.

Jenn comes outside. Talk to turns to missing items in the house.

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10:25 AM BBT

Joe asks what's going on with the Veto's. Frank says no matter what happens, they go one and one and someone goes home. Frank leaves them alone telling Joe to tell Jenn what he overhead last night. He does.

"Why would he say that? Who's all in here can we talk?" Joe wonders

"Why on earth would Dan have said what he did to Ian during that competition?" Jenn asks.

They just don't know.

They laugh at each other.

Dan catches Frank in the SR. "I was upstairs with Danielle and Shane and Joe burst his way in - just in case you hear something that was all fake, I just wanted to let you know that."

"Oh no problem dude, I left Joe and Jenn outside. Everything is cool we have to play it cool."

Outside Joe and Jenn continue to talking. She thanks him for all of the help with the slop stuff. She asks for less Soya, it makes her retain water. He was thinking about making her little chips. He can make her fried Mozzarella sticks.

Frank wants to go to DR to see how everything is going to go down this morning.

"If we lose Shane we're done for." says Britney as the cams switch to Arcade. Danielle thinks she has shingles. Her and Britney have a chat about Chicken Pox and how Shingles come from having had those. Shane says it just looks like dry skin. Britney grabs some cortisone cream. Danielle is freaking out thinking it's an allergic reaction to the paint. "II need to see the Dr soon. f I don't get into the DR soon I'm going to have a break down!"

Britney says it's just from all the crying last night. It broke out over night.

Danielle, "The thing that makes me nervous is that shingles usually start on your neck."

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10:43 am BBT Ok Joe just told the Biggest Whopper of the Season ...... My Buddy Back home has this car with a parachute in the back and it does over 200 mph in the Quarter Mile (That ain't happening with a Street Rod Car )

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10:47 AM BBT

They won't let Danielle into the DR and she's freaking out. She's so upset because Frank is in there and they won't let her in. Now we see Frank and learn the DR is just not letting her in.

"Hell you're in a city, you're fing nowhere. " Joe smiles as Jenn

"The one, the only, the underrated.." Jenn laughs.

10:52 AM BBT

Ian on the hammock. Jenn on the patio. Frank talking to Brit and Shane in WCA about nothing important.

Everyone "Chilling" waiting for ceremony.

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11:00BBT Dan/Jenn/Brit/Joe in BY couches, Ian in hammock, Frank in K. Couch crew is talking about astronauts and NASA. Frank called to DR, Joe asks is it time? Brit says Jenncitty would be the one called to DR, unless they do it differently.

Dani sitting in Arcade rm by herself. In BY they try to figure out where everyone had a seat early in the season. How did they all fit out there!

Ian goes inside for some cereal. Ian says after this week they will be down to the odds at the time of the reset. There were 7 at time and they will be down to 7 again.

Brit saying she wants to go back to work for a company she has worked for already, the Parm training is brutal.

Ian called to DR, Brit asks him to put in a request for some half n half. He chugs his cereal milk and heads to DR. Brit asks Shane and Frank if one of the punishments was to eat 30 hotdogs in 30 minutes. Both say w/o the buns...sure. Brit says strawberry yogurt puke is sooo nasty.

Dan goes to Dani and says he asked Jenn if he could say something to Dani during Ceremony, she said he had to get Dani permission. She says he scares her now sayin stuff about her in front of ppl, but yeah ok. She has an ice pack she is putting on her neck now and then.

Brit comes in and asks if she is doing better? is it still as itchy. She says no, she is waiting on a benedryl....Trivia

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12:28 PM BBT

Frank has been loud at Ian, when Ian raises his voice at Frank, Frank tells him to not raise his voice at him to get out. Ian leaves.

12:29 PM BBT

Brit tells Dani they are going after Ian to get to Brit. Frani in HOH telling Ian that his actions let him know he isnt working with him.

Shane comes to HOH and Frank says she isnt going to help me out, you will keep me safe.

Brit asks Dan if its to get her out. Dan tells her to ask the HOH, all he knows is he is safe. Dan tells her to deal with the HOH. Brit is not asking how he is voting.

Brit is on the block.

12:31 PM BBT

Brit joins HOH, Brit tells Frank it is what it is. Frank says he (Ian) let things slip. Her and Ian were covered but now it he can get her out, Ian wont be covered. Jenn tells Brit she is sorry, she wanted to keep a bigger target in the house.

12:40 PM BBT

Ian goes back to HOH and asks for his beer. Tells Frank its over. Brit tells Ian its fine, to calm down.

Shane tells Joe that he didnt tell Frank about "the ratting him out". Frank tells Brit there are a couple duos and a trio.

12:42 PM BBT

Ian saying that its all done with Frank, he just basically pissed his game away, he cant play in the next 2 HOH. Shane trying to calm Ian down, he has his back.

12:46 PM BBT

Shane asks BB for some xanax for Dani and maybe Ian. Brit crying in HOH, misses her hubby, no hard feelings she really does get it. Wants to talk later, not just game. Wants to stay, if they want someone to protect them next week she can do it.

Brit tells Frank she cant beat him in the end. Jenn says this was a big issue for her. She does want to talk with her later.

Shane wonders to Dani if Dan ratted everyone out. Dani covers her eyes saying Oh my Gosh, now she sees it. They dont want her gone. Ian drinking one of his beers, Shane says he feels like popping one too.

12:50 PM BBT

Shane keeps asking Ian if he is ok, he is here for him. Joe wants to know what is going on, he is at a loss. Ian says he didnt see this coming. In the next 2 wks he is F'in gone (Frank). Shane says it was premeditated.

Shane says he took those punishments to get Dan out and now look. Shane says he doesnt know where Dan stands now. Joe says He knew it yesterday when he was told to leave HOH.

Brit asks if Dani knew and Jenn shakes her head. Dani saying Dan wont even look at her, she is on the block.

Joe pulls Shane aside...best case, we have 4 ppl. he doesnt trust Ian, something is weird. Shane asks if he thinks Dan is stll with them, Joe says no. They have to play with Ian but dont trust him. Shane is the only person Joe trusts.

12:53 PM BBT

Joe tells Shane he will vote how he wants him to, its his call. They have to remain together. Brit leaves HOH, Frank says whats he think raising his voice to me, told him to get out.

Shane asks what did Jenn? Joe says he knew she wasnt on their side. Frank joins Dan in Arcade rm. Tells him what Ian said.

1:06 PM BBT

Sky writer is seen outside. We get WBRB.

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1:07 BBT Verbal sparring ensues between Frank and Ian in the LR .... Frank says you betrayed me and Mike and I am taking out your Best Friend now and you where telling everyone everything to try and be safe with everyone in the House .. well Son now you pick a side and Ian said you can't Play HOH for 2 weeks .. your Game is Dead Frank ..... All the Convo back in forth is in heated anger on Both sides as Brit and Dani continue to Cry and Dan first stows away in the Arcade room then in the BY ..... An I still can't tell for sure who the Heck side Joe is on .. just depends on which room with which person ??

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