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8/24 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:42pm bbt Still Trivia...

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Frank tells Ian that his target this week is still Dan.

10:05PM BBT: Britney and Ian are in the living room whispering. Britney tells Ian he has to try and keep her off the block. Ian saying he will do his best. Britney: "Look, he already hates Dan, and is targeting him. If he asks why you did it, tell him Dan got in your ear."

10:25PM BBT: Dan, Joe, Shane, Frank and Britney are in the living room talking about the competition. Danielle in the kitchen making Britney's Birthday cake.

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10:05pm bbt The feeds are back, Brit/Ian on couch sad, Frank packing... FRANK WON HOH.

Joe/Shane in arcade, Joe says Frank said either I put you up, or you vote Dan out.

in K, Joe says the food you can handle, the bed is the problem(HNs must have been assigned during HOH comp).

10:08pm bbt Brit says she wishes she could have heard from her husband, there's always fricking next week. She asks Ian what they will do, still too many in the house. Ian says has to be another FF.

Brit tells Ian she agreed with Frank to work with him after Frank realized Mike was leaving. Brit says Ian needs to go to bat for her. Brit says at least she's not a HN.

10:10pm bbt Brit says she defended her vote against Ash to Frank also. Dan/Jenn/Shane/Dani/Joe sitting at table/K, while Frank is getting his things ready to take to HOH.

10:13pm bbt Brit tells Ian, if we can get him to put up Dan with Joe, we'll be fine. She tells Ian he either has to backstab Frank, or vote out Dan. "Do what you have to Ian, but have my back"

10:15pm bbt Brit asks why Ian put 1000 instead of 1? He said it didn't matter since Dani went over.

10:17pm bbt Dan joins Brit/Ian on couches. Ian leaves. Dan asks Brit if Ian thinks he's going to get put up? Brit says Ian needs to push for Dan/Joe as nominations.

10:18ppm bbt Dan says the ball game seemed so much easier yesterday. Brit says Ian is upset because he didn't put up Joe/Shane (They discussed doing that last night if Ian won HOH). Dani is making a cake for Brit's birthday.

10:20pm bbt Frank comes through, Dan congratulates him. Brit says don't take her being bummed out due to him winning, she really wanted a birthday letter. Frank says when he got a low seed, he thought there was no way. When he played Dani, he thought no way I win 3 more of these, the practice did help.

10:22pm bbt Brit tells Dan all those times she was a HN and he ate food in her face, she's going to do that to him. Frank says his heart was racing still from before, he didn't think he'd do well. Frank says he is one POV away from his pre game prediction of 3 HOH/4 POV wins. Dan says he had 3HOH/2POV the season he won.

10:25pm bbt Talk turns to HN food for the week, if there may be a luxury comp instead. Frank realizes his hands are beat up some from digging in the balls during the POV comp. Frank wasn't sure if the clover he found was right, because it only had a dot of his clover, not the entire clover. Frank got pumped hearing the crowd cheering.

10:30pm bbt Pizza's are done, and cake is baking. Dan thinks the BY should be open soon. Joe may clean out the fridge this week. Should be lots of food coming, since no HNs(only Dan?) Frank joins Brit/Dani licking the cake batter from the bowl(I LOVE doing that!)

10:34pm bbt Joe/Dan on couch, Joe asks 'think you will be on the block?' Dan laughs "funniest thing I've heard all day. I don't have much shot against anyone. I couldn't get it done. Take my chances. Won't see a change in me. Still salsa balling". Dan asks who Joe thinks? "Shane". Talk of jury house leads to fish/trivia.

10:38pm bbt Dan stealthly quietly seems to ask Joe if 'little guy' is up against Dan, would Joe keep Dan? Joe nods yes.

10:43pm bbt Dan to Joe:"Who do you think is untouchable? He won't put up?" Joe doesn't know, but "Ian is your best shot, if he sits next to you, you win" Dan:"I appreciate, I know there are some scenarios where I wouldn't ask for your vote, but if it's him..." (as Dan slowly builds his plan for the next phase of the game)

10:53pm bbt Dan leaves couch, goes to lay down in bed, others in K, Dani/Brit playing. Dan begins to tell us his speech to Frank...

If I survive this week by winning veto, I know whoever I go up against, I lose, so it doesn't matter. But if I survive, we are 1 for 1, we each went after each other... but is Frank going to buy that? (Dan forgets he's talking to us and starts to mumble) If I sell out Ian, it will cause distrust in my alliance.

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Ian's letter:

Dear Ian, Congratulations on your Big Brother HOH win. We are so excited for you. It's still hard to believe that you are there. We all still can't believe it. Your dream, and now your reality. We are so proud of you. We are all so addicted to Big Brother, even Dad. Grandma and Grandpa are watching it. Uncle Ronnie is addicted too. He keeps me updated while I'm at work. I understand you are the talk of Tulane too. We all miss you so much. I miss our phone calls. Dad misses texting you about baseball, and you are missing some GOOD baseball. He said it's not the same without you. I just want to pick up the phone and call you. This is the longest I have ever gone without talking to you. Ryan is ecstatic about you being in the house. He and his friends are loving it. I know this was always a dream for you, and now it's a reality. It's hard to believe you are there. I still can't believe it. I thought I wouldn't be watching Big Brother with you this summer since you are staying down in New Orleans. Who would have thought I would be watching you on Big Brother. We are all so excited. Be good, play an honest game, but a good game. Stay true to yourself. Don't do anything that you might regret. We are all rooting for you. You are the best. We love you. Love, Mom Dad and all the family.

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11:15 pm BBT A tension filled lull is all over the house, Everyone is in the kitchen having snack then Ian is asked to the SR for his basket!

11:24 pm BBT Ians letter from his mother: Dear Ian, congrats on your BB HoH win, we are so excited for you. It's hard for us to believe you are there. We still can't believe it. Your dream and now your reality. We are so proud of you. We are all so addicted to BB, even Dad. Grandma and Grandpa are watching it. Uncle Ronnie is addicted too. He keeps me updated while I am at work. I understand you are the talk of Tulane, too. We all miss you so much, I miss our phone calls and Dad misses texting you about baseball. You are missing some good baseball. He said it's not the same without you. I just want to pick up the phone and call you. This is the longest I have ever gone without talking to you. Ryan is ecstatic about you being in the house. He and his friends are loving it. I know this was always a dream for you, and now it's a reality. It's hard to believe you are there. I still can't believe it. I thought I wasn't going to be watching BB with you this summer since you were staying down in New Orleans. Who would have thought I would be watching you on BB! We are all so excited. Be good, play an honest game, but play a good game. Stay true to yourself. Don't do anything that you might regret (he is tearing up at this point). We are all rooting for you in the Burg. You are the best, we love you. Love Mom, Dad and Ryan.

11:30 pm BBT In his basket Ian received Kit Kats, Rice crispy cereal, Cinnamon toast crunch cereal, pop tarts, M&Ms, his first Mardi Gras beads ever, A Pittsburgh hat, Goldfish, Rice, and three beers. Brit has been in the DR this whole time.

11:34 pm BBT The HGs minus Brit and Dani are sitting around Ians basket recapping the entire night. Dani is making a cake for Brit when she comes out of the DR for her Bday.

11:44 pm BBT Shane gets called to the SR and they are all speculating why. He comes out and says it has something to do with singing Brit happy bday and having a party for her.

11:51 pm BBT Dan and Joe talking in the WA about having to get Ian on the block and the ability to have the group playing for veto and take him down. Joe says any of them will take him down we just have to get Ian up there.

11:54 pm BBT Dan asks if poker is back on. Frank agrees and Ian gets excited. Ian says he feels like the game stopped at the poker table. He continues by saying he is glad the days where no one talked and were at each other’s throats are over.

12:07 am BBT Brit is finally out of Dr and they yell happy birthday and scare her. They start cutting the cake and thank Dani for baking it. Shane is the only one not eating as he killed half a pizza earlier. Brit goes and checks out Ians Basket

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12:15 am BBT Dan is telling Brit his plan that he is telling Joe to tell Frank to put up Ian and Dan and Dan is going to say the same thing. Dan wants it to look like he and Joe are working together so Joe goes up next to him. He thinks by having the same stories will make Frank think they are together.

12:25 am BBT Dan goes into HNR and talks to us. He says he is used to people hating him and him coming back to win ho. This is where he does his damage. He is walking and pacing. he says he will appeal to Franks ego anf make him think Joe and Dan are working together. He just has to put up Joe. He loves being in this game with people he doesn't like. He doesn't play the game with having to win competitions. Frank just needs to take the bait.

12:36 am BBT Dan still going over his plans while Joe is in WA with Brit and Dani. He recaps an earlier conversation with Frank and reassures their names where not brought up for noms.

12:41 am BBT Ian and Jenn in MBR going over Ian's choices as hoh. He is explaining his emotions during the process. He was very stressed. Frank gets his hoh room!

12:42 am BBT They all go into his room and Dan is last. Dan mimes shooting himself in the head with a gun as they walk in.

12:47 am BBT Frank got raisin bran cereal, M&Ms, coffee, Ice cream snickers bars, Three beers, Bagel Bites!!!!!!!!!!!(this updater loves them), vitamin water, Gummy bears, a green shirt of some sort, and assorted nuts of some sort.

12:55 am BBT Franks letter from his mother: hi Frankie! wow what a roller coaster ride we've been on! everyone is so excited and happy for you I'm so proud of you and think you are doing a great job. I love and miss you terribly and can't say enough how proud of you I am. I've missed talking to you so much its driving me crazy! I'm getting no sleep and feel like a zombie there are times I found myself almost calling you and realized I cant as usual nothing too exciting is happening at home. Franks letter cont'd: Gunners bought a new trailer for his mower and has been busy with his summer long service, he has named after you. I am so happy you are getting to play out this dream .If you ever feel alone you are not. Enjoy it all, the good and the bad keep your chin up and continue smiling as always keep being yourself and dont let the game change you. i love you i love you i love youMommaP.S. I'm glad the cigerettes are all gone. (Frank says zing!)

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2:04am BBT:

Brit in HOH room with Frank trying to distance herself from Dan by saying she has always known that she would be the first to go in Dan's mind. Frank retells the story Dan told Mike about Frank going home had he not pressed the reset button. Brit acting surprised. Soon after Dan comes up to HOH to say goodnight.

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01:04 BBT

HGs in the HOH checking out Frank's room. Someone mentions that it was nice seeing Boogie act classy on his way out. Everyone seems anxious to go outside but they're on ILD. Oh wait…. LD over. Most of the guys head head outside. Jenn/Brit/Dani/Frank stay in the HOH.

Silence…. in the HOH room… very awkward. Everyone is just looking at everyone else. Frank finally breaks the silence, saying it feels like it's him against the world at this point. Shane brings Frank's pillow upstairs and leaves again really quickly. Brit/Jenn are being friendly to Frank but Dani is sitting on the edge of the couch looking like she wants to bolt.

Dani asks if the Live Eviction is really live, like watching them run back and forth from the BY to the LR and stuff. Brit says yes it is and recounts a story from her season. Frank exclaims that he was so close to going out today! Conversation goes back to discussing Brittany's season, and also about the POV comp that they just played.

01:18 BBT

Meanwhile Ian is in the hammock, muttering to himself about the floaters. Shane is playing cornhole. Joe's watching. Sounds like Joe might be in the hot tub maybe - I hear water but the camera isn't showing it.

Frank says, "I can't believe that little joker put me up." Brit says, "Poor Ian, he was shaking in his boots." Brit asks Jenn if she can talk to Frank alone & Jenn leaves the HOH. Frank says he's putting up Dan & Danielle, not Shane & Brittany. Frank wants Dan out. Brittany says that'll have to work since she wants to keep Danielle. Frank says she doesn't want to put her up, but he can't put Joe up.

01:25 BBT

Brit tells Frank she wouldn't have put him up if she'd won HOH today. Frank asks if she would've put Dan up. Brit says no. Frank says Dan isn't as honest as people think & can't see why people don't want to vote him out. Frank says it wasn't right to pitt Ian against Mike, & telling him things to make him feel bad. Brit asks, "What are you talking about?"

Frank says he feels like Ian was taken advantage of - that the QP told him that Froogie thought Ian was expendable, which played on his emotions. Frank thinks Brit is the one telling Ian all these things. Brit says she's always been there for Ian, but… Ian didn't feel appreciated & during those times Brit was there for him. She says she never trash-talked Boogie to him.

Frank just gets so irritated by Dan - says he's always pushing Ian do stuff but then won't stand up for him. Brit says she's knows… she just thinks he's nice, but that Frank's probably right & Dan's sneakier than she's giving him credit for.

Frank says that Dan wanted Shane out last week - he can't be trusted. Brit promised Frank safety next week. Frank says he hopes to have an alliance w/her that excludes Dan. Brit says, "I know! You're right! I don't know what it is… he's just so nice. It's hard…" Brit realizes that she can't let Dan get to the end b/c he would talk his way into a win.

Frank asks again who Brit got the info from last week. Brit won't say, says she doesn't want to throw her source under the bus. She says, "Ask Ian. Ian will tell you who it was." Frank says, "Yeah, I'll ask Ian." Frank says that he is going to put Dan & Danielle up & wants to go to final 4 w/ Brittany. Brit says, "Let's do it! I'm down with that. I'm serious. I want to keep Ian in the mix." Frank agrees.

Frank says the plan is Dan this week and then who next? Brit says, "Next week? When I'm HOH? Who's in your mix?" Frank asks, "Well, who's in your mix?" Brit says she wants to keep Shane, Danielle, Ian. Frank agrees w/ that, altho he wonders if she'd be loyal once Dan goes home. Brit says Danielle is loyal, but would never vote Dan out. Frank says w/ Dan telling Brit that stuff last week… he wants him gone.

01:48 BBT

Meanwhile in the WA, Shane & Dan are whispering, wondering when Brittany is coming down from the HOH. Dan says, "There's still a lot that can happen. POV. If Ian stabs us… he can never win this game." Shane says, "That's true." FOTH - then camera jumps to BY. Dan, Joe, and Jenn are in the HT. Shane is watching the washing machine, and says, "Four minutes! I'm waiting. Need to get my bed made."

Joe says he doesn't understand that crazy tirade Frank said against him. Jenn says, "Emotion… Passion…" Joe says, "I guess probably it was just that I voted against Mike… and Ashley…" General chit-chat about Ashley. We hear the hammock squeak in the background (probably Ian). Shane shouts at the washing machine, "This thing has been at four minutes for the last fifteen minutes, I swear!"

02:00 BBT

Shane & Jen start drumming music in time with the hammock squeaking. Someone says, "Hey he's going in a rhythm!" Dan says, "My grandmother says water like you do, Jenn. She's from Brooklyn." Joe asks Jenn to demonstrate and use does. The hammock continues to squeak in rhythm. Squeak, squeak, squeak. Dan gets up to go to bed. Shane says, "I'd love to go to bed, but the freakin' washer is stuck at 4!"

Joe says, "Hindsight… we should've never put Frank up. We should've…" Jenn says, "Backdoored him." Joe says, "Yup, exactly." Shane says, "That damn washing machine…" Frank gets up to check on it, "Still says 4." Shane groans.

Jenn, Joe, & Shane got over to investigate the washing machine. Shane pulls his sheets out of the dryer and start folding them on the pool table. Ian gets out of the hammock and asks what they're up to. Jenn thinks they loaded too much in the washer and that's why it's taking so long. Shane takes his sheets inside and Joe takes over figuring out the laundry.

Meanwhile in the HOH, Ian has joined Brit & Frank. Brit leaves so they can talk. Ian asks if they can take Brittany further. Frank says that's a possibility, "Who else?" Ian doesn't want to let Shane get far. Frank asks if he would vote Dan out if Dan went up. Ian says, "Yes. Someone else deserves a chance to win this show." Frank says he wants to keep Jenn around too. Ian agrees.

02:13 BBT

Brit & Dan are in the HNR whispering. We can't hear Dan and BB yells at him to put on his mic. Brit says they have to figure it out so Dan stays. They start running scenarios to keep him. Brit says Frank thinks she's wishy-washy & would put her up if Dan comes down. Brit says she tried to pitch the 5 of them (Dan/Dani/Shane/Brit/Frank) working together but Frank wouldn't have it b/c he doesn't trust Dan.

Dan says the only way they could possibly get out of this is to tell Frank that Ian gave up the information last week instead of Ian. Brit says, "Frank keeps asking me… but I didn't tell him. You're basically going home b/c of Ian." Dan asks, "Are you ok w/ voting out him instead of me?" Brit says, "Who, Ian? Yes." Brit heads to bed.

02:19 BBT

Meanwhile in the HOH, Ian is saying how much he likes Brittany, "She's like Mom… Boogie was like Dad." Frank promises Ian final 2 - says that'll make it up to Boogie. Ian says he's sick over Boogie going home but there was nothing he could've done about it.

Ian says about his HOH, "That was the most stressed 20 minutes of my entire life." Frank nods. Ian says he agrees w/ Frank's plan to put Dan and Dani up, saying, "You gotta do what's best for you. Definitely."

02:25 BBT

Down in the WA, Brit is telling Dani about her conversation w/ Frank - that he wants to put up her and Dan & vote Dan out. She tells Dani that Dan wants to try to get Frank to put up Ian in his place. Brit says no matter what, she's not going to vote against Danielle. Danielle is crying b/c she doesn't want to go up but Brittany tells her she has to know that's most likely going to happen.

Brit says, "One of us is going home, no matter what. I tried to pitch to Frank that the 4 of work w/ Frank but he doesn't trust Dan." Dani keeps crying. Brit comforts her, but tells her to remember they have a whole week left to figure it out.

02:39 BBT

Brit is still comforting Dani in the WA. Meanwhile in the HOH… Ian is telling Frank that he heard Froogie was going after him. Frank says that never happened - they wanted Joe out, and said if they had to put up someone from their team, that he didn't want it to be him b/c he'd already been up a lot. Ian says, "Yeah, it probably got telephoned to me & I heard it wrong."

Frank asked who talked Ian into voting with the house this past week (against Boogie). Ian is quiet for awhile… then says, "It was Dan."

Frank says he feels bad that Dan got in Ian's ear and influenced him to turn against his alliance. Ian nods and says, "mmm-hmm… mmm-hmm…" Frank says he isn't like everyone else and doesn't tell people when they're going home. Ian says yeah he felt bad for Boogie to be blindsided b/c he really respected him. Ian says he feels bad for voting Boogie out & was hurt when Boogie said, "Ian was not to be trusted"

Frank continues trashing Dan. Says he told the DR that he's got his integrity but Dan has checked his at the door. Ian nods and agrees. Ian hopes they get beer this weekend. Frank says, "Yeah especially if I can get the POV on Sunday… that'd be some great celebrating."

02:57 BBT

Franks says unless Dan wins POV, he's going home this week, "And he has not being doing good in these competitions." Frank says Dan used Shane last week too like he used Ian this week, "He just gets everyone else to do his dirty work." Ian says, "I like him. Personally. But maybe that's just me." The conversation ends & Ian leaves telling Frank to do what's best for him.

Frank goes downstairs and gets his clothes & Ted the bear from the back bedroom. Ian and Dani wave to him from the bathroom as he walks by. Ian tells Dani that Dan is definitely the target. Dani's worried that she'll go home if Dan comes off. Ian says, "That's unlucky. I would think he'd want to take out one of the gentleman. A physical threat."

Meanwhile Jenn & Joe are talking out at the HT. Joe says Frank is never going to get any jury votes b/c he's got so much blood on his hands. The jury will probably consist of Joe, Jenn, Ashley, and some others - and Joe and Jenn say for sure they won't vote for him and they can convince Ashley to vote with them.

Frank and Danielle are talking in the HOH. Frank says he feels like he has to get Dan out or he's going home himself. Frank says everyone calls Dan a nice guy, but Dan's never been nice to him & cheers when he loses a game, etc. Dani tells him, "I understand, but… I don't want it to fall back on me." Frank says he doesn't want her out this week, but needs all the votes 4 Dan that he can get.

03:12 BBT

In the HNR, Ian is telling Dan about his convo w/Frank. Ian tells Dan he's the target. Dan says they need to win POV and get Joe up. Ian agrees, but says that he just screwed them (Froogie) over so doesn't think Frank would listen to him.

Ian heads to the kitchen. Meanwhile in the HOH, Dani promises Frank a deal to the end… says she doesn't do just one-week deals. Frank says, "Me neither. That's what everyone in the house does, but not me."

Dani says, "Can I tell you something… don't repeat it. It's not all… what you think it is." Frank says, "Oh I know it's not all Dan." Dani tries to tell Frank it was Ian selling him out w/o actually saying it. I'm not sure Frank really got what she was saying, but she didn't press the issue.

03:24 BBT

Dani says she's alone if Dan leaves and hopes that Frank has her back. She says she'd be heartbroken if Dan used the POV on her. Franks says, "If he does… that'd make me look at him differently." Dani asks if he'd want final 2 with her, or maybe 3 or 4 with Ian and Brittany. Frank says she's also close w/ Shane too. Dani says, "No! You'd be my Dan. Shane & Brittany have each other's backs, not mine."

Dani tells Frank she doesn't have a final 2 deal with anyone else and would be loyal to him. (Which is actually not true - she has a final 2 deal with Shane.) Frank says it's good to know that she is open to working with him even if he gets Dan out. Dani says of course and she can't control who he likes, but that has nothing to do with her.

Dani says she can't go to final 3 with Shane and Brittany b/c she'd get third place and she doesn't want that. She says, "That'd be like me going to the final 3 with you and Boogie! I'm not going to take 3rd place! I love them as people, but I'm not playing personally." Frank asks if it was her, them, and Frank in the end who would she take. Dani says she'd take Frank of course.

Dani says she won't go repeating this conversation to anyone so hopes he won't either. Frank agrees & Dani says goodnight. Dani goes outside to sit w/ Jenn in the HT. Dani tells Jenn that it was Ian who threw Froogie under the bus and now Dan's getting burned for it. Jenn says Joe's acting like Dan burned his house down. Dani says everyone thinks Dan is in Ian's ear but it's the other way around.

03:34 BBT

Dani promises to work with Jenn next week at least. Dani says she thinks Ian is working with Frank now & that makes him sick but she's not going to rat him out. Jenn asks, "You wouldn't rat him out?" Dani says, "No, not my style." Dani says Frank kept saying how dirty Dan was & she tried to hint that it wasn't Dan but she couldn't say who. Jenn says that makes so much sense now that she knows what happened.

03:44 BBT

Jenn says she doesn't trust Frank b/c he's disloyal. Jenn thinks Brit and Frank might have worked something out so it's not Brit and Shane going up. Dani says it's almost for sure her and Dan going up. Dani starts crying again and Jenn hugs her. Dani says it just breaks her heart for Dan. Jenn says, "It doesn't seem fair, and, I mean, Ian knows this is happening."

Dani says she's glad Jenn knows the truth in case she leaves this week. Jenn says she's glad she suspected something was up with Ian but didn't know for sure. Jenn says, "Frank is so blindly convinced (about Dan) but Boogie was so in his ear about that. And now the person he thinks he's teaming up with (Ian) was the one selling him out."

Dani says Frank is terrified of her and Dan and that's why he wants to split them up, "But he doesn't know about me and you." Jenn says, "And that's great for now. For sure." Dani says she can't campaign against Dan and she's not going to. Jenn says, "Well you have my vote." Dani says Frank told her Dan and Joe were going up and then when he won HOH he changed his mind.

03:53 BBT

The camera jumps to Dan in the HNR staring in the BB house windows looking for production. We get FOTH briefly, & when the feeds come back, Dan is still there. The other cameras are on Frank getting ready for bed… then they jump back to Dani and Jenn in the BY. Dani is still crying and worrying. Jenn asks if she's sure she doesn't want to rat out Ian. Dani says they wouldn't believe her if she did.

Dan calls Dani and Jenn inside to show them something. He tells them to look in the window in the HNR and we get FOTH again for awhile. Feeds come back and Dani and Dan start whispering about what Frank and Dani talked about in the HOH.

04:02 BBT

Dan tells Dani he wants to try to get Frank to put up Ian as a replacement, or possibly Shane. It's rather hard to hear them because they're whispering. The other camera is on Jenn checking the laundry for her clothes.

Dan says to Dani, "You're not going to go. Right now we just need to figure out the best way to rat out Ian." They're plotting some more but it's hard to hear them. Jenn is still outside, contemplating life on the BY couches. Jenn sneezes and says, "Oh goodness. Excuse me." It looks like she's waiting for the laundry to finish.

04:17 BBT

Dan says, "Here's the thing though, if I go ahead and rat him (Ian) out, it's over…" Dani says if Dan goes home for sure she's going home next week. She says Frank practically told her that and also that Frank thinks of Ian like like his little brother.

Dan wonders if he did sell Ian out if it would even help. Says Frank plays very emotionally. More whispering that I can't hear. Dan tells Dani to work with Frank if Dan goes home. Dani says, "Okay". Dan says if Frank doesn't take her to the end, he won't let the jury let Frank win. Dan says she can't stab Frank in the back if she wants to win - she has to let the jury do it.

Dan tells Dani that Ian threw the POV this afternoon… that Ian had the first clover but then just stopped looking. Dani says, "Are you serious? Then he's not with the Quack Pack." Dan says, "Ian found his first one 30 seconds before anyone else and got back to the balls before Frank even found one."

04:34 BBT

Dani says Ian is going all the way if they don't rat him out. Dani says Dan really needs to do it because Ian's been feeding everyone information back and forth. Dan says, "Yeah, it's not like it'll hurt us. And Ian will be mad, but… How far do you think I should go?" Dani says, "All of it. Besides the Quack Pack. It's the only way gain his (Frank's) trust."

04:45 BBT

Dan says he's going to go to sleep. Dani heads to the WA to get ready for bed. Jenn joins her & asks if she's alright. They start whispering and the faucet water is going so VERY hard to hear them. We get FOTH. They begin whispering about what to tell Frank tomorrow.

04:55 BBT

Jenn and Danielle still talking in the WA about how everyone thinks Dan was the one ratting all the information last week. They're whisper, whisper, whispering, but from what I can hear, it just sounds like a rehash of earlier conversations. Jenn says it's 5 in the morning so she'll probably go to sleep soon. Dani says, "Is it really?"

Jenn says, "It just cracks me up because… Boogie and Frank just thought Ian was their whipping boy. They way they talked about him…" Dani says, "Oh I know!"

05:06 BBT

Dani and Jenn still in the WA discussing Frank, Ian, etc. They are also discussing the live show and how great it felt to vote out Ashley.

05:16 BBT

Jenn and Danielle are in the WA comparing notes about Ashley. They say Ashley talked bad about everyone and wasn't loyal to anyone. They get up to wash their faces. Dani starts examining her pimples in the mirror and Jenn brushes her teeth.

05:24 BBT

Faces are washed, pajamas are being put on. It looks like these house guests just might go to bed before the sun comes back up!

And with that I think I'll take a couple hours break, & catch a few zzzz's before the next house guests wake up and start scheming again. Good night everyone!

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8:20 am BBT ..... Ian up and in the Hammock talking softly to himself ..... Frank and Shane Talking in the KT for a Moment ... Frank is now up in HOH WC washing his Face while Shane looks to be doing Laundry .....

I wuz checking out the Flashback from right after the Feeds came Back after Frank won the HOH last night and for one of those brief Moments I caught Frank and Shane in Private giving each other a Big Bro Hug and Frank saying "We did it again" (Things that make ya go HHMMM )

8:30 am BBT Jen City Joins Frank in the HOH for a "Check In", as she says.... Frank telling Jen You aint got nothing to worry about . Franks Plan is still to put up Dan and Dani

8"38 am BBTJoe and Shane at the Hot tub with there toes in the water both literally and figureativly . Joe asking "ya think Dan will campaign for himself ?" Trying to feel out Shane's thoughts ... Shane says He's Unsure.

BTW for about a Half Hour Cam 1 and 2 have been messed up for awhile showing Flashback still of when Jo Jo Wil Boogie Jen in HOH and on the side shot for Cam 3, 4 you can see a still of Kara Brit Ian. Just wanted to confirm that you weren't having a "Reset" nightmare (Ha Ha) .... OK BB production has fixed the problem and feeds are correct

8:45 Lots of WBRB this Morning .... Brit making a cup of coffee .... Frank Jen Shane and Joe in the BY

8:50 am BBT Everyone is in the BY except Dan

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8:56 am BBT ... Frank Just said "We need a Porta Potty out here" BB did wake them up and they are on OLD ... still haven't seen Dan

9:00 am BBT Ian and All have been joking with Brit about being a Quarter Century Old ... Ian said it's depressing cause now you have to start thinking about your Parents Dieing (Yikes) .. Ian's Parents said they don't think they'll last long .. Dad is 60 and Mom is 50"

9:12 am BBT The BB Quick Finger is in full force with lots of WBRB's for any talk of complaining, production, shout-outs, etc.

9:19 am bbt Ian and Frank the Only ones not napping but it seems everytime they speak we get WBRB

9"29 am BBT we are now 10 minutes into this WBRB..... 9:39 BBT 20 Minutes into this WBRB .... 9:49 BBT Still in WBRB for 30 Minutes now

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9:05am : hg on old general talk going on in by. frank says this is his bm time in the mornings and they have them locked out.

9:06am Ian says boogie said he wont watch this show after he gets home . Ian says he will watch all this stright through he has never missed an episode and he wont miss this one either. frank says to see how you are being betrayed? Ian says no i know how i am being betrayed.

9:15am Ian talking about how he hates when schools give you assignments to do before school starts.Brit asking Ian if she can go sleep in his hammock. Ian says it isnt my hammock . she says i know but you get nervous when people get in it. he says go for it. brit says i am tired.and gets up to go to the hammock and we get foth.

9:59am still on foth

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10:30 am BBT (Was Watching Superpass Fan Recap) I see Lockdown is over ... Joe and Frank talking in the Arcade room because of being locked out of HOH ... Brit and Dani talking for a Short minute. .. Joe saying I will vote how you want Frank , Joe asking are you sure you got Ian ? Joe lieing saying he was blinded by the Mike vote .... Frank still claiming Ian was too Naive and with dan in his ear thats why things went like they did ... Joe talking the spiel of if you get in a tight Place Frank, I got your back .. along with everything else Joe says to every HOH

10:39 am BBT Jenn and Brit laying in the round bed in the MBR ... Mics are muffled and talk is at a whisper ..... and WBRB

10:45 am BBT Joe telling Frank the reason he voted out Boogie is cause he owed Shane a Vote for saving his Life and now things are square with Shane

10;49 Joe and Frank... peat and repeating alot of the conversations over the last week of Game talk ... Ian in the BY getting in His Hammock time to relieve His stress

10:50 Now Brit and Joe in the Arcade room .. Joe saying Frank wwants Dan "Hurtin' 5 different ways" They are talking dan has made His bed and that there is nothing they can do. Brit just pumping info and agreeing for the moment.

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10:31am ld is over dan is in bed in have not rm . brit and dani in bed in sbr. Ian and jenn in kt we now have a small table dan gets matzah and mozerella for his have not food.

10:33am :Frank and Joe in crane rm . frank says i want to put dani and dan up against each other and i think you know what i want dan needs to go and if you win the pov i would like for you to not use it. frank says you are putting up your target and it want it to stay right. frank says yeah.

10:35amfrank says dan got them to put me on the block and i think brit was in on it to. Joe says they got ian to put you up. frank says you think they had something to do with that Joe says yeah.

10:44am Frank repeating everything mike said last week in the hoh rm he says they asked dan if he said anything to shane about mike. and dan told them he didnt drag anyones name through the mud and he swore on chelsea(his wife) so mike and i knew right then he was lying to us.

10:47am Ian is heading outside to sit in his hammock with a bowl of cereal.joe still with frank saying he did prome one vote and he has paid his debt and now he can vote any way he wants. frank says i still have moves to make know what i am saying. joe says thats why yesterday i told you to calm down. you are top shot to win this game and if i get there i will work for you know what i am saying.

10:52am brit in crane rm now with joe after frank head to dr. he tells brit that he wants dan gone he wants him hurt. joe says dan made his bed and there isnt much we can do, he said frank says he is alone and he has ians back he is mad that dan did that to him and he will try to get jenn back. brit says cant blame him he has to try anything he can.

10:56am brit leaves crane rm goes to kt and looks out the back door asking ian if she can have soime of his rice krispies , he says sure, she is fixing a bowl of cereal now. she ask joe whats your agenda today he says i dont know i was expecting pandoras box or something. brit says i know its the cue its the table .

10:57am brit goes out to by to eat her cereal and says thank you ian he says yeah. joe in kt making food. jen in by talking to brit.

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11:19 AM BBT

Brit and Ian joking around with Frank about his room and what he is and is not allowed to do. "Are you not allowed upstairs?" yes he says WBRB

They discuss what's going on upstairs. WBRB Britney says we can get a punishment, they'll take our silverware away.

Frank asks them to let him fix the squeak on the hammock.

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11:21 am BBT Frank says "Can I Have the hammock all to myself" (Jokingly) Then Taking some cooking oil to try and lube up the hammock to cut out the squeak

Yippee It works ... Brit and Ian on the Hammock and all is quiet

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11:27 AM BBT

"Can you melt mozzarella cheese?" asks Brit of Joe as he explains he's going to make a mozza/mahtza melt. She doesn't like tomatoes. Ian has frozen his Poptarts because they are better that way. He offers Britney to try one. She would totally try one. "Ian, you are one of my favourite people I have ever met, ever."

"I think my saving grace is that I do everything so half-assed so when I do something so badly it still isn't bad." laughs Ian. He is saying how awkward his "get to stepping" was.

Britney tells Joe they are getting a Pandora's box today because Frank is locked out of his room. She would kill for a hundred dollar bill right now because she hasn't won anything. Joe neither. Ian discusses investing his earnings etc. Britney used her BB money to put a down payment on a house.

Ian worried that Mike hates him now. "Do you think that if Rachel Reilly and I are friends that Mike Boogie hates your guts? I said that when Rachel wears a skirt, STDs go airborne. On TV!" says Brit.

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(Sorry this is late... just realized I never posted this from this morning)

7:25am bbt Joe was up to use the WC, but he has rejoined everyone in their respective beds.

8:23am bbt after a lengthy wake up call, the HGs are going about their morning routine. HOH Frank is gathering clothes to send out for cleaning, and Ian is rocking in the hammock.

8:26am bbt Frank gives some shoutouts to Boogie and others causing fish... sorry to mom and nana for the cursing, love you all

8:29am bbt Jenn joins Frank in the HOH, wants to check in with him. Frank says it's a no brainer, she hasn't done anything to make him not want to trust her. He wants her to vote out Dan when he's on the block. He's not like others who when HOH don't say what they want. Frank says it isn't going to be anyone but Dan/Dani. Those are the only 2 going up. Best option to get Brit/Shane's vote. Only going after one 'team'. Jenn understands.

8:32am bbt Joe/Shane at HTub discussing Frank's winning streak, will have to get Frank out next week. Frank tells Jenn he wanted to come in house, have fun, not win so many comps

8:35am bbt Frank tells Jenn there may have been times Frank/Mike told the 6 they wanted Jenn out, but it wasn't true. Only said to build trust with others. Jenn agrees, Mike had good team. Frank says Jenn on block next to Mike put wrench in things. Jenn says she's big girl, can handle it, gives him hug and we see fish.

8:43am bbt back from fish, Frank/Shane/Brit on patio, Joe/Jenn soaking feet in Htub, back to fish

8:49am bbt Back again, Ian has joined the patio, end of conversation from finding bananna costume a few weeks back. Talk about Family Guy episode, and shout outs, and fish in/out(Flashback is acting up, They may be trying to fix it)

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11:44 am BBT Frank complaining that BB is making him eat expired ham , apparently BB has not refilled the SR with Fresh Food

11:45 am BBT Ian came inside and changed into His bathing suit then read His Letter again and went to the BY to the Hammock to rock off some stress

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