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8/23 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:03 PM BBT In HOH talk about Jeff missing out on the clown shoe and getting voted out.

9:08 PM BBT Frank and Boogie talking. Boogie says he remembers packing all his stuff and being so excited. Says he is just going to hurry up and unpack when he gets home. He is going to put some stuff up on Ebay - says he has never sold stuff in his past seasons. Frank tells Boogie that Ash told him that the girls are not talking to her.

9:14 PM BBT Boogie talking about how much harder it is to leave this time when he has so much more on the outside then he did in the past. Boogie is emotional.

9:22 PM BBT Boogie/Frank in the BY . Boogie talking about how he has to have no regrets. Boogie feels maybe they should have reacted differently and thinks maybe he should have talked to Shane.

Joe in HOH telling HG that Ash is wrapped around Frank. She is sure they will date on the outside of the house.

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Ash and Brit being crying buddies. Brit very upset at missing her husbands birthday. Half making jokes.

9:38pm BBT:

Jenn retelling her convo with Frank about the issue last night with Ash to Shane,Joe,Dani. Dan listening to music.

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9:34 PM BBT Ian and Brit rocking back and forth on the hammock. GOing over the possible comps and outcomes for tomorrow night.

9:37 PM BBT In HOH Jenn talking about how Frank told her that the convo she had with Ash was uncalled for. Dani told them Frank cried during his convo with her.

9:41 PM BBT Ash and Brit in MBR crying. Brit feels selfish that she isn't spending her husbands birthday with him. Brit says that jury starts tomorrow and now she will be gone for 4 more weeks. She wishes BB would let her call her hubby and tell him herself. Ash telling her that he knows how much she loves him. Brit says its exhausting how much she misses him each day. Ash: Every day it's something else - it's a never ending game. Brit: We are trapped - we are in purgatory right now.

Ash says she is getting anxiety about playing the game in front of everyone. Brit tells Ash that she knows there will be 2 evictions tomorrow.

Brit crying that tomorrow is her birthday and she will be stressed all day. Ash wishes she has candles for Brit. Brit: If I had a candle right now I would light myself on fire.

Brit says she is in Hell - missing her husbands birthday for play doh and other games.

9:49 PM BBT Brit is telling Ash that voting out Jani was a mistake. She wasn't coming after her. Brit says starting tomorrow - she will just lie in bed so she doens't have to talk to anyone and can't cause trouble.

9:55 PM BBT Frank/Boogie/Ian in the BY going over scenarios and who to vote out.

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10:00pm bbt Brit/Ash talking. Brit tells Ash that Joe cried after Ash left HOH last night. Ash says it was scary being in there with everyone staring at her. Brit says Jenn hadn't been saying much to them. Ash is scared of the double evict Thur night. They agree you can tell how tense Ian is by how fast he is rocking.

10:05pm bbt Ash/Brit head to WCA. Mike/Frank/Ian on patio, discuss what Julie Chen will ask Mike. Mike says first question is always what happened? Ian quotes Julie, "You won allstars, what happened?" [oh Ian, you know!]

10:08pm bbt Ian says he is going to make Joe sweat next week if Ian is HOH.

10:12pm bbt Frank says Dan thinks if Frank is gone, Dan can rope Ian in.

Ian: And be 7th in the alliance? I don't think so!

Brit goes to HOH, where Shane/Joe/Dan/Jenn/Dani are, most tired because they were up late last night(me too!)

Ashley joins Frank/Mike/Ian on patio.

10:15pm bbt Brit says on the night of the BB12 double eviction, they had about 2 hours after the live show before the yard was set up to play the next HOH comp. Brit worries the HOH will be like search for the clown shoe, "It's such a crap shoot"

10:18pm bbt Joe says today Frank's pitch was first to tickle him.

Joe: then Frank said he feels he could be the best player to ever play BB. And he offered to 'let' me back onto his team. He said he was going to carry me.

10:21pm bbt If you haven't followed the house for the last 24 hours, Ash/Frank/Mike are on the patio trash talking the group in HOH, and Shane/Joe/Dan/Brit/Jenn/Dani are in HOH trash talking Ash/Frank/Mike. And Ian is rocking on the hammock.

10:28pm bbt Frank goes inside looking for food. Mike can't believe Brit is upset about missing her husband. And tomorrow will be all about her birthday. Mike is glad he's matured, 5 yrs ago he would have been insulting Brit about being away from her newlywed husband. Instead, Mike just says the comments to himself. And to Frank/Ashley. Mike says Dan is the worse, because he participates in the meanness, is careful what he says, is a party to it. When we were cool, he would get me to say things like I just did, then put his face down like he's embarassed. He's doing the same thing as his season, and it's working! Frank says Dan is lucky they don't know how to play the game.

10:34pm bbt Mike can't wait for October, when Joe gets back home, to 15 fans, and... nothing. Ash says Joe hopes to open a restaurant, their heads are sooo big. The trio move on to bashing Shane. In HOH, Jenn/Dani questioning if Ash is an actress.

10:39pm bbt Jenn/Dani discuss Jojo's sexual orientation. Dani was suspicious of Jojo. Jenn tells a story of Jojo flirting with her.

10:42pm bbt Mike can't wait to see his trainer, who should be proud because Mike has worked out 42 of the 45 days he's been in here.

10:48pm bbt Mike doesn't plan on getting on the internet when he leaves. People will have dug up his mug shot "My team just won the world series, I was left in a drunk tank, my hat fell off, so major hat head, and I decided to smirk on the mug shot". I just don't want to invest in the energy.

10:50pm bbt Frank says I'll ask my mom how it is? 50-50? 75-25? That's all I need to know. Mike says he'll ask one of the three people he gives shout outs to, they will know. Mike's frustration is that 11 years ago he was evicted by a redneck from TN, and this year Joe decided not to roll with them.

10:54pm bbt One thing Mike does want to go back and see is if Janelle did push the reset button!

10:55pm bbt Brit comes to HOH, starts a 'grapling' match with Dani. Dani wins, and Brit breaks her mic.. again!

10:59pm bbt Brit leaves to exchange her mic, then Jenn leaves HOH, leaving Shane/Dani alone, until Brit returns to get the 'new dirt' from Dani. Dani says Jenn doesn't trust Ashley now, and Ashley is emotionally attached to Frank... and Jenn. Dani tells Brit that Ashley isn't 'straight' as an arrow, and neither is Jojo.

Brit: This house is much more steamier than I knew. I'm not sure how that affected Ashley's decision. She told me last week she didn't like Frank.

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11:11 pm BBT Boogie is getting nostalgic telling Frank and Ash he hates everyone here and that makes it easier to go but hard at the same time. Hes mad they get to stay he doesn't. Boogie says he might tuck it in for the night he is mentally exhausted.

11:24 pm BBT Before Boogie packs it in he gets a few Joe bashes in and says his eviction speech will be directed at Joe. He heads to bed and Ash says shes so sad for him and when he talks crap she an see right through it. Frank says well the lines are drawn and you are on the smart side Ash.

11:31 pm BBT Frank is telling Ash how he wants the next couple of weeks to go down. He wants Dan first then Shane. If he can't do that hope fully with Boogie gone Shane will be more willing to work with him and he wont have to worry about going up each week and can still get Dan out first.

11:44 pm BBT Ash and Frank still talking in the BY. Ash says sorry to all the online Dan lovers but he is truly an evil person inside and he perpetuated the Ian date in the first week. Shes upset because after that the Ian situation blew up and now Frank is nervous to get close to her. Frank says he will anyway.

11:47 pm BBT The rest of the house is at the KT having perverse conversation while playing with play dough in preparation for Brit's bday

11:57 pm BBT Ash Brit and Dani are talking celeb crushes. Shane and Joe have moved to HT and are talking worst case scenario if Frank or Ian wins hoh. Joe then moves onto Franks theory of the women working together and Shane doesn't buy it

12:00 am BBT Joe tells Shane that his F3 is Brit Shane and himself. Shane tells Joe if he is on the block he has Shanes vote. Happy birthday Brit!!!

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12:11 am BBT Dan sits next to Ian at the KT and starts to mimic him. Dan is rocking back and forth and patting the table. Ian tells him to stop he is stimming. Ian starts snapping then everyone tries to learn how he does it. Fun night in the bb house.

12:16 am BBT Shane and Joe still in the HT saying nothing... not a word. Dan is asking about what race Jenn prefers to date.

12:27 am BBT Ian tells Brit he would like a general conversation with her and Joe upstairs before be and Brit says shes about to fall asleep. He says never mind just go. Feeds switch to Dani and Joe in the HT talking about cars while Joe kicks the water really loudly.

12:33 am BBT Dani Shane and Joe are talking Hoh comps they are speculating on what the next endurance com will be. Dani says she wont stop if they spin her no matter how nauseous she gets.

12:45 am BBT not much change around the house all Hs now speculating on what the double evict is going to be like and how the picking for veto will work. Jenn swears she will nom Ash and Frank if she wins.

12:55 am BBT Ian rehashing old chilltown and how they mowed everyone over in S7 without really winning many comps. Ian says Will won BB2 without winning an Hoh. He threw everything in S7 and came in 4th. Ian calls him a beast.

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01:03 BBT

Dan and Jenn are in the BY discussing her being lesbian. Meanwhile, Dani is upstairs in the HOH listening to her headphones.

Shane just got done taking a shower - headed downstairs to join Jen and Dan in the BY. Shane says it's probably him and Dan going up if Frank wins HOH tomorrow. Jenn says everyone is going to be fighting for it tomorrow, for sure.

Joe joins the BY crew. Everyone greets him with a cheer. Joe laughs and says it hits him every now and then, "What the… ? My life is a television show!" Jenn laughs - says it's yes, it's so surreal in here sometimes. Dan/Shane agree.

Jenn says it's getting so she doesn't even notice that sound anymore - it's becoming therapeutic (I think she's referring to the camera's that make a small sound when they turn). Joe's like, "You know… I never even noticed it until someone pointed it out! I'm so oblivious!" Everyone laughs.

Ian joins the BY crew - now it's Jenn, Dan, Shane, Joe, and Ian outside chit-chatting. Talk turns to how long they've been in the house (48 days) and how much they don't know about what happened outside the house, other than what Julie told them the other day. Jenn says she had to have Brit explain Julie's information, b/c she never watches TV so didn't really know who those people were or what the gossip was.

Dan/Ian get up to go to bed. They start whispering in the WA that one of them need to win HOH tomorrow. Ian says he doesn't have a chance to get better than 2nd place overall in the BB game. Dan says, "Why do you say that? Do you really thinking someone is going to let me win again?" Ian says, "Yes!" Dan says, "Me??? Really??"

01:36 BBT

Shane/Jenn/Joe in the BY discussing how Ashley surprised them sometimes w/ how smart she thinks. They say most times they don't see her as being that smart, but she surprised them every now and then. Shane thinks she might be an actress. Jenn wonders if part of the haze is due to her being on so much medication for her back.

Ian is hesitant to try to win tomorrow. Dan tells him he has to try. Ian seems to not want to get blood on his hands and have to be in the position to put Frank up. Dan tells him it's got to be done. They start rehearsing Before/After trivia, in preparation for the game tomorrow (which they think will probably be trivia).

Jenn heads inside. Shane tells Joe he has a lot of respect for Jenn. Joe says she's a good ally, but that Ash flips too much. Shane agrees - he's upset that tomorrow's the biggest day of the season and he can't play. Joe says, "No, but you can play in the 2nd comp". Shane suggests they should put up Ash/Ian together to get Ashley out. Joe says, "Yeah and then it's going to be tough - putting each other up."

Shane /Joe discussing a final 4 deal. Them and Danielle and I missed who the 4th was. Shane says Brit is so paranoid that Joe is w/ Ashley and Frank, but Shane assured her that Joe's solid. They start heading inside to get ready for bed. Looks like Ian/Dan are upstairs now talking to Dani in the HOH. Ian runs and hides in the bathroom when Joe comes up to say goodnight.

Shane/Joe say goodnight to Dan/Dani in the HOH, then leave again. Ian comes out of the bathroom and say, "That was close!" Shane comes back - says he had to get Joe out of there b/c he knew Ian was in there. Said Joe's heading to bed so now they can all practice for the Before/After comp. They all start quizzing each other.

02:03 BBT

The Quack Pack (minus Brittany) is quizzing themselves on BB trivia in the HOH room (which they assume will be what the HOH comp is tomorrow). Everyone seems to know their stuff pretty well. All the other HGs are sleeping.

02:15 BBT

Dan asks Ian if he won HOH tomorrow, who would he put up. Ian thinks for a looooooong time. Ian says, "I'm scared. I'm just so scared to put Frank up." Dani says, "Why? What do you think the repercussions are?" Ian basically says that will reveal that Ian isn't on their side and then Frank is gunning for him. Ian says he will try for HOH for sure, but he's just scared of the consequences.

Ian says, "The thing that scares me is putting Frank up as an initial nominee & him winning veto & pulling himself down." Dan tells him either put up Frank or put up Joe and Ash, not one of the QP. Ian says he wants to put up Joe/Shane so Shane could win POV & they'd have a better chance of backdooring Frank. Ian says he's turned on his original team & once they realize that, he's going to be a huge target.

Ian says he assumes in the 2nd HOH that he and Ash would go up, with him being a pawn. Dani says that hadn't occurred to her. Ian says that's the best move though. Dani asks what if Ash accidentally wins? Dan agrees Ian's plan is smart b/c then they can all play in the POV. Ian's determined to get Frank out tomorrow and says the best way to do it is to backdoor him, which is why he wants Shane playing.

02:30 BBT

Dani tells Ian that he can't play hoping that the POV will be used. If he wants Frank out, he needs to put him up. Ian adamantly disagrees. Dani says, "I'm telling you, Ian. You're just playing with fire if you don't put Frank up." Ian says, "But it's way less risky if we don't put him up initially…" Dani says, "For you! Not for us." She tells him to just do it & blame it on Dan. Ian agrees reluctantly.

Ian asks who he puts up for the 1st HOH tomorrow, "Frank and…" Dan says, "Oh good point. It wouldn't make sense for you to put up Frank and Joe since the house thinks you're in the same alliance." They suggest possibly Shane and Frank should go up. If Frank gets POV, put up Ashley as a replacement and vote her out. The house will think Shane is going but the QP actually holds the votes to get our Ash.

02:48 BBT

Ian says it might work putting Shane and Ian put together b/c it'll give Frank a false sense of security that Shane is going home so he won't end up playing the POV with the sense of urgency. They all agree that's a good plan - with Ash going up if Frank takes himself off. Dani asks Ian if she realizes how much trust she's putting him right now. Ian says, "Oh I know… I know." They go back 2 trivia quizzing.

02:56 BBT

Ian is quizzing Dan/Dani/Shane on season trivia. He asks a question about nomination order. Shane says, "Before." Dani says, "After." Dan says, "Wait, what was the question?"

Dan heads downstairs to go to bed. Dani asks Ian, "So wait. Who you are you putting up? Shane and Joe?" Ian says, "What? Shane and Joe? No I thought is was Shane and Ashley? I like the idea of at least one of them up." Dani says, "Right, right." Shane says to tell Frank you had to put Shane up b/c he's a threat. Ian says the only problem with that is Frank will try really hard to save Ashley.

Dani reminds them that 1st nominee picks a player for the veto b4 the 2nd nominee picks, so he needs to nominate Shane first b4 he says Ashley so there's a greater chance of Ian or Shane grabbing Houseguest's Choice when picking players 4 veto. If Ash draws HGs Choice, she'd pick Frank to play, and they definitely want to try to avoid Frank playing since they want to backdoor him.

03:12 BBT

Ian again suggests the nominees should be Shane and Joe b/c then they have two strong players in the veto and are more likely to win it and can therefore put up Frank. Shane says that is a good point. Ian says even if Frank plays, he has already talked about throwing the comp to Ian. Shane says, "Oh that's good. Interesting." Ian says they just need to set it up so they can win at this point.

Dani brings up the possibility that tomorrow's comp might be America's Opinion, not Before/After and Ian groans. They start quizzing each other on what the ZingBot thought of them, which Dani says is probably a pretty good indication of what America thinks of them.

Dani/Ian tell Shane if the HOH comp is the Majority Rules game, they should all choose B first, A first, B first, A first. It doesn't matter what the question is, b/c majority wins and the QP is in the majority so that'll guarantee that they win. Ian gets up to go to bed.

Dani says she'll hunt Ian down if Shane ends up going home accidentally. Shane tells her not to worry… it'll all work out. Shane puts on headphones and Dani gets ready for bed.

03:35 BBT

Dani goes back up to the HOH after washing her face downstairs. Dani tells Shane that Brittany asked if Dani/Shane went up, would Shane have Dani's back? Dani says she played dumb, but Shane thinks it's weird that she would ask that since he hasn't told anyone about his and Dani's final 2 deal. Shane says Brit is just turning up her social game.

03:43 BBT

Dani turns off the light but "What ifs" continue. Shane tells Dani that Joe asked him to have him, Shane, Dani, and Brit for final 4. Shane thinks that could be a good idea. He and Dani confirm with each other that they're final 2 together. They start discussing the comps tomorrow again.

03:54 BBT

Feeds are on all the sleeping HGs. They're quiet as a mouse. I expect Dani to get up in a few minutes to go downstairs to sleep, so I'll wait around and see if she says anything more of interest, then I'll be heading to bed myself.

04:18 BBT

I'm starting to think Dani is going to fall asleep in the HOH. This hasn't been her usual pattern, but she hasn't moved in 25 minutes, so she just might stay there tonight.

Dani woke up rolled over - then apologized for waking up Shane who said it was fine. (They had been cuddling). Shane says she can stay if she wants and rolls over the other way. Dani asks if he's okay - he says his neck hurts a bit. They both roll over to sleep on their own sides of the bed and go back to sleep.

04:31 BBT

Okay Twitter friends. Looks like Dani's staying upstairs tonight. Since no one else seems to be awake to do anything exciting anymore tonight… I think I'll take a little break too. See you all tomorrow! Should be an exciting day!

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8:10am bbt Frank/Mike awake, go to arcade, Frank says I can't give up hope, even last night I talked to Joe, what if with 10 minutes left he changes his mind? Mike says he wants the last words out of his mouth to be to try.

Mike says he will make his final appeal on live tv, say Joe's family's names, tell him to do the right thing.

Frank says Dan is behind it all, but then to have used those 2, Shane and Joe. If it was Ian/Ash, who knew what they were doing, but for it to be them...

8:13am bbt Mike: if you talk to Joe today, tell him he doesn't even need to talk with Mike today, just go for the sympathy, Mike felt bad for you last week, talked with you, did any of the 4 talk to you? [these 2 are still so clueless as to what is going on in the house this week]

8:17am bbt Mike plans to scare Dani right before the show with his knowledge of her being a nurse, aluding to him knowing because of a special power, and then appeal to Joe on the live show to 'do the right thing' since his son and millions of people are watching.

8:19am bbt Mike: Last week, I came up to Joe and said 6-2, you're good, and he went, 'really?'. Now you and I know I wasn't doing it to be a nice guy, it was just strategy, but it isn't going to get repaid, really?

8:26am bbt Mike misses the bo-flex machine that was in the BB house last time he was here. Frank shares a dream he had about a dude that cracked a beer bottle over Mike's face. Mike says the dream is exactly representative of what's going on in here.

9:03am bbt Frank is alive on the feeds again, sitting in WCA, talking to himself/practicing his last minute speech (to Joe?) for a 4th vote.

Frank: I know all you people watching right now on Superpass are diehard fans gotta realize the move to evict Janelle was the right move for me because she was coming after me. Mike is a good guy, really good guy, he loves this game and I love it. I hope it irritates you as much as me that people in this house are a waste, for you people that have tried to get in here, so many in here don't deserve to be here, as much as Mike.

9:07am bbt Frank: Joe might change his mind, it's the right thing and smartest thing for him. But for him to do it because it might be a big move on tv or shock people, I'm not here to do that. I need Mike here so I have someone I can truely count on to have my back, I'm glad I have 2 that do(Ian/Ash). Their track record isn't as good as I'd like, but I just hope...

9:10am bbt Frank: at this point I've talked so much, trying to get people to put others up, if I didn't have Dan here, I'd be killing it. I'm better than him, I have to think that way.

8:40am bbt Frank: This is a terrible feeling, in past weeks, we knew we had the vote, or at least thought we did. This time we are holding out hope, but...

8:50am bbt Frank has left the arcade, where Mike has gone back to sleep. It's quiet again in the house.

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9:03 AM BBT

Frank in the sneaker room gives us a monologue:

He doesn't get it, why everyone thinks he's so dangerous, he's such a threat. He also doesn't understand how Joe can't see that it is far more dangerous to have 4 people in the house who are too close working together than it is to have him and Mike together because they are just going to be put up again.

"I did not pack a white flag," Frank says "and not because we can't bring white.

He says hi to Nana and others and says to those out there watching Superpass that he knows that many of us out here don't like Mike and they way he talks to others but that he's really a good guy and that true fans of the show would understand and be upset that good players are going.

9:10 AM BBT

"At this point I've been talking so much. Talking to Shane to put Ian up, talking up Joe to keep Mike..... Dan talking against me... You gotta think that way." Frank continues. He's re-hashing the things we've seen this week. "I've come through weeks before when I didn't the numbers."

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9:17 AM BBT

Frank tells East Coasters that he feels us, having to stay up super late to watch what's going on.

"What a day, what a crazy few days. Blind sided, put up on the block together. Both of us put up. The reason they blind sided up was stupid at first, then we found out it was Dan....It only makes sense. I miraculously pulled out a POV win....mumbles... HOH win."

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9:21 AM BBT

Frank carries on about he was blind sided on Friday, strung along like fools all weekend and given excuses the rest of the time. "Excuses are like a-holes, they stink!" Then points out that Jenn is put up and it's obvious they want Mike out. He's got to go back to work on Joe. All he can see is the relationship he built with them as Have Nots, he can't see that they only started talking game to him on Monday. Frank never goes to people when they are in power and he never uses people when he is in power, well as little as possible, but those people, they only go to people when they are in power. We told that guy last week, told him to chill out that we would get him the votes.

"Mike might have been derogatory towards women at times but he's been good to the people he works with at the same time trying to make the game entertaining. I mean, diary room session is for everybody at home."


Other two cams on Shane sleeping - lights still out.

9:29 AM BBT

"To all our troops overseas, thanks for fighting the good fight." says Frank as part of his morning shout outs. He's drunk too much coffee to go back to sleep.

"God..." continues Frank, "the thing is that the key people we're working with now, at least I don't feel like they are going to turn on me when they get the chance. Shane, I thought he was a man of his word but he's just a silly boy. He lets other people tell him what to do. Not only is he dishonest and disloyal but he's a f-ing dope."

9:33 AM BBT

"It's not like i"m a Super Genius or anything," Frank muses, "I'm of average intelligence. I just really know the game. Well, maybe a little bit above average intelligence."

He guesses that his story, having tried and tried and tried to make it and never did might get him some sympathy/. He says Dan doesn't understand this and wants to "Sh&t on his dream and rip it out of his hands before jury" because he's jealous of his relationship with Mike.

9:37 AM BBT

Frank has to go pee.


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10:00 AM BBT

We're back. Frank talking to Joe to blood pressure and how they both have a history of heart issues for men in their family.

Frank's PawPaw had open heart surgery. Joe's Father died after having open heart surgery. He lied in bed for 56 days afterwords with a scar that wouldn't heal from the complications of diabetes. His Dad made a pretty strong statement before he passed and it stuck with Joe. This gist of it was "I worry today about something I saw yesterday." and Joe had never heard him say it before in his life.

Joe's Grandpa told him that "the more you stir doo doo the more it stinks." Mike and Frank laugh and say this is true for people in the house.

In the lounge Danielle and Dan are chatting about nothing much. They have to adjust the cameras etc for tonight, that's why they get HOH lock down.

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10:10 AM BBT

Big Brother: Please report to the Head of Household Room.

"We've still got 5 minutes, yo." says Frank as he eats his cereal.

Shane was told to have the room packed up by 10.

Mike and Frank have a short before HOH lock down conference. Everyone else up in HOH.

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10:17 AM BBT

All is silent in HOH room.

Shane, Danielle and Dan in HOH bed. Joe sitting in chair beside it listening to music. Someone on the other side of the bed laying on the floor. Cam on HOH washroom where the other person must be. (Jenn/Britney)

Mike, Frank, Ashley and Ian on Couch.

10:21 AM BBT

WBRB music BLARES into the HOH room.

"Araghh," mumbles one of them.

Now we have trivia.

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12:55pm feeds are back on joe and jenn in wa clipping joes hair. dani,shane.ash, and dan in kt making something to eat.

12:56pm Ian in sr with frank. Ian says well he is going home at least he got what he wanted and not going to jury house. Frank says thats not true there is always hope it can all turn around later. dont give up all hope yet.

12:59pm Jenn packing her bags in mbr. joe comes in and tells her she doesnt need to pack and laughs. jenn starts laughing a little bit.

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1:00PM BBT - 3:00PM BBT

  • 1:01- Ashley, Ian , Dan, Shane & Dani are sitting around the KT table eating. Jenn is in the MBR packing.
  • 1:14- Frank & Ashley are talking in the AR about trying one last time to get Joe to change his vote. Ashley says she is going to let Joe know she does not like that he blamed everything the last few days on her to the other side of the house.
  • 1:18- Ashley feels that Jenn is coming after her for trying to get Boogie votes.
  • 1:23- Frank thinks that if they can get rid of Dan, they might be able to get Britany & Shane to rol w them. Frank thinks Britany was trying to get Ian to change his vote while they where onLD in HOH.
  • 1:28- Joe has told Shane & Britany that Frank is still trying to get him to change his vote & that if Frank wins HOH , he is putting up Britany & Shane & getting rid of Shane. Joe then goes & gets Jenn. In the HNR, Joe repeats what he told Britany & Shane & they agree that Shane needs to stay at least two more weeks to get Frank out.
  • 1:38- Jenn is cutting Joe's hair in the WA. They agree that Ashley is making a big mistake going w Frank in the game. Boogie has joined Frank & Ashley in the AR.Boogie has joined Asley & Frank in the AR. He is going to rattle Dani Five minutes before the show starts. Frank retells his conversation w Joe.
  • 1:42- Boogie wishes he had lied more. He says that is how the game is being played this year... everyone lie to everyone. They cannot believe how mad Jenn is & how she has believed everything she is being told.Frank thinks Dani is just an insecure mean girl.
  • 1:50- Boogie , Frank & Ashley go over strategies for HOH incase Frank or Ashley win tonight. Boogie bashes Jenn, Joe, & Ian & says he is going to sit at home & watch them get picked off. He says if they can not get the votes changed , noone can.
  • 1;55-Boogie is going to say something about Dani being a nurse to show how she has lied to everyone the whole game. He is the going to act like he has had a special power & by voting him out they will pay because they are going against America .
  • 2:01- Frank thinks that production & the live feeders have enjoyed them talking to the cameras in the mornings.Boogie & Frank are going over what he going to say tonight during his speech. He is now going to try one last attempt @ Joe. Dan is taking a shower. Dani & Shane are sitting in the WA talking to him. Ian is shaving.
  • 2:12- In the SR, Asley & Jenn are talking about why Jenn is still so mad @ her. Ashley says that she betrayed her on a game level not a personnal level. Ashley says she has never fit in w the cool kids & Jenn is closer to the people who have been in power .& she did feel Jenn would have her back .. game wise.
  • 2:18- Ashley & Jenn keep getting interrupted. Ashley says she just wants to be friend & Jenn says they are. Jenn tells her she thinks Ash is acting like she is easy to manipulate...Ash says it is no act.. she is ! Ashley feels Shane & Britany put Jenn up to cause all the drama between then. Jenn says that is exactly right , just so Boogie would go home.
  • 2:25- Ashley says that they are low on the totem pole & need to work together. She says the girls alliance would never have worked because Britany does not trust her & Dani has never talked game w her.
  • 2:30- Jenn is telling Ashley to be more confident in herself & her decisions when she is talking to people. Ashley says she feels like they were in a relationship & she cheated on her.
  • 2:34- Jenn says that she could just feel that something was up w her & Ash agrees & says she is sorry about not being more honest. They have been laughing a lote & even hugged it out.
  • 2:47- Ian is alone in the HNR walking around & whispering to himself. He has been crying & seems very upset. In the KT , Boogie & Frank are getting something to eat. They move to the table where Jenn is sitting & Frank tells Jenn that no matter what she has been told , they have never said anything bad about her because there is nothing she has done that would be bad.
  • 2:52 Dan is alone in the AR. Shane is sitting in the WA. Ashley just got out of the shower. Jenn comes in followed by Britany who hugs her & says everything will work out. Dani & Ian are @ the table w Boogie & Frank.
  • 2:56- Frank & Ian are in the SBR. Frank is trying to make Ian feel better about Boogie leaving. Ian is mad that Joe is still there. They agree that Boogie has been a good friend & coach to them. They agree to let Boogie's eviction fire them up to win.

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3:02PM BBT - Shane and Ash in the arcade room. Ashley apologizing to Shane for going back on her word and saying she was told he wasn't the target if she sided with them. Shane said Froogie called him names and he just brushes it off. He appreciates Ashley coming and talking with him. Ashley said she fell for the "pretty" stuff they offered her.

Shane says he has nothing against her, it's a little awkward with "us and them" but he doesn't hold anything against her. Shane says he believes if Ashley wins HOH, he knows she'd respectfully do what Froogie wants. He reminds her he's won HOH twice, removed her from it once and kept her safe and kept her safe this week. Ashley likes his positivity and the way he plays the game.

3:08PM BBT - Ashley and Shane head back to the WA, Dan goes into the arcade room. General chit chat in the WA (Jenn is in there too) and cameras not on Dan. Shane leaves, Ash tells Jenn about her conversation with Shane.

3:11PM BBT - Frank and Shane still talking about Boogie in the SBR. Ian lamenting it should have been Joe leaving, and he tried. Frank says he did too. Ian says "They think using it on Joe is a waste of a week" but it would be a lot less tension and turmoil.

3:15PM BBT - Trivia.

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7:33 PM BBT

Jenn and Britney talking with Ian in the lounge. They are helping Ian feel better about what he did. "He'll leave here and be angry for a couple of hours but then he'll give you respect." Britney says of Boogie.

Danielle crying to Dan in the sneaker room. He's telling her that everyone gets upset in the house but that he must be a machine. They talk about the POV. Dan says, "4 days of conversations gone." of Ian's actions as HOH.

"I'll get him out with my HOH." says Dan. (Not clear who he is referring to or if he won HOH).

7:37 PM BBT

Frank and Ian talking in the SR. "You put me up, I got myself down, no harm no foul." says Frank "You help me out, you get my back, I think Mike will be ok."

Ian says he has to pack up Ashley's stuff. He doesn't think he's the right person for that.

"You can fix this up. You can correct the shift, you can correct the ship. You can steer the course."

7:41 PM BBT

"It's perfect because Joe just said, let's backdoor him. You put up Joe, you put up Ian and "Boom"" says Brit in the lounge.

Ian comes in and Brit gives him a

Jenn comes in the sneaker room with Dan and Danielle. "I heard you were really upset and I just wanted to come see if you were ok."

"Thanks," says Danielle "It's just that people said I was ?against? Dan?"

"I'm sorry you're so upset," says Jenn

"They are saying personal stuff, it's hurts." Danielle

"That's so unnecessary." Jenn says

They start whispering about what happened.

"Ian is playing the game!" Danielle whispers to Jenn.

Brit tries to come in. Danielle asks her to come back. She leaves.

Jenn reviewing all the things Ian says and will keep Danielle informed over all the things she (Brit?)says. Danielle makes sure she knows that Ian was masterminding things.

7:46 PM BBT

Ian, Shane, Joe and Dan in the KT. They are saying how Ian did what he had to do. Joe says that bringing his wife and son into it was inane. Unnecessary, it went against him. Ian got his pop tart and shampoo request in. He doesn't get a room. Joe says he should get an extra basket because he doesn't get a room. Ian says he gets a basket and a letter that's good. He says his reign is over now and laughs.

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7:59 PM BBT

Jenn walks through the KT looks at Joe "Betrayer." she says. "Yep, betrayer, that's me." They joke about his 'wanting to be a Chef with a TV show." likes that is a secret. They congratulate Ian on making a move and Shane tells him good job, he knows it was hard.

They go on a search for the beers they left in the fridge to make sure they weren't taken. Ian hopes he gets some beer.

Joe says that he can't wait to win - it'll come down to soft hands.

8:11 PM BBT

Britney: Ian went to bed last night a boy. He goes to bed tonight, a man.

8:14 PM BBT

"This is one of those moments when we just say, so much has happened but we are still here. Congratulations Final 8!" says Brit

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