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8/19 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:07PM BBT: Ashley and Britney on the hammock talking about how Janelle blew up JoJo's comments and made more mean ones of her own. Ashley thinks that Ian is only mad because he thinks he will be a replacement nomination, but says he wont go home. Ashley says yes it is scary, but he wont go home.

10:08PM BBT: Wil told Britney that she could trust Jenn before he left. Britney and Ashley want to trust Jenn, but think she's still more loyal to Boogie and his former team. Britney has never talked game with Jenn, and Ashley hasn't talked to her much.

10:15PM BBT: Shane, Jenn and Joe are sitting in and around the HT. Britney and Ashley still in the hammock talking about changes in the BB house. Ashley prefers when everything is kumbuya in the house. Britney says that she's trying not to think about home this season, so to keep her head in the game, but it's been really hard. Ashley comments that it must be hard for her to be in the house when she has a husband that she adores and is ready to have a baby, and to be away from that.

10:18PM BBT: Britney and Ashley talking about how there are only 4 weeks left, and the timeline for the next 4 weeks. Talk changes to how they barely remember the first few people and it's as though they never existed. Britney says when Janelle left it felt as though they were breaking up.

10:23PM BBT: Dan asks Ian what time it is, to the exact minute, and Ian draws out his answer and says 10:43? Nope! It was 10:18! Ian and Dan playing pool, and barely talking. Boogie, Frank, and Danielle has joined Shane sitting around or in the HT. Shane comments that no one napped this afternoon. Talk now changes to accidents that they've been in. Frank comments that the DR makes him repeat certain things, and we get FoTH. Danielle and Frank think that their accents aren't that thick. Shane comments that Willie and Joe also have accents, but not as southern as Frank and Danielle.

10:25PM BBT: Danielle asks Jenn if they had never met before and had a conversation in New York, if she would tell that she's from the south, and Jenn wholeheartedly says YES, unless she went deaf.

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10:33 pm BBT Ian and Dan are playing pool. Ian asks Dan if Dan saw what he did when Ash decided to fold. Dan says no. Ian says he went stone faced and poured his bottle of water over his head.

10:40 pm BBT Ash and Brit on hammock. Ash says if she gets Hoh ever she will never put up a girl not even as a pawn. Brit says she could get it this week it will be a quiz. Ash says yeah maybe. They recap how not hard the hoh comp was for Brit. Ash says she is thinking about the fact that Jani told her getting to the end with guys is so hard. Brit says she is right it happened to Keesha season 10 and Me during my season.

10:53 pm BBT Brit telling Ash how Shane threw her under the bus. She says Frank and Boogie are intimidating and he didn't know what to say so she gets it now but was very upset at first. They are in the WA now doing make-up.

11:01 pm BBT Boogie and Frank are talking on BY couches. Boogie is very grumpy. You can hear everyone in the background being loud. Boogie looks at Frank and says "i hate all these people, I'm so annoyed right now" He continues by saying he is about to start riding Ian. Frank agrees and says whats he done for us? I've had enough of him walking around happy not to be nomed. Boogie says "I will press him every day asking him what he has done today for me". Boogie mentions that he will not tiptoe around like Wil did he will demand to know where everyone stands. Frank says yeah over and over.

11:08 pm BBT Boogie still on his tirade saying he will do everything in his power to stay. He says the hose is full of morons. Frank says they are all weak sauce except Dan. Boogie says yep and they will all be too stupid to go for him even after they blow this place up this week. Boogie gets back to Ian saying he is pissing me off by being all buddy buddy with Dan.

11:17 pm BBT Boogie is telling Frank in the crane room how to pitch an alliance idea to Brit and maybe target Dan. Boogie prays they don't put up Jenn that would be worst case scenario.

11:25 pm BBT While Frank and Boog figure out a way to sell Shane and Brit on keeping Boog, Dani chases Brit into Hoh. Dani and Brit start to wrestle. Dani picks up Brit and holds her upside down in the air. Once she puts Brit down they start talking about Brits conversation with Ash. Brit says she didnt get much out of Ash other then she will never go against the girls in the house ever. They are now talking about the dying fish.

11:35 pm BBT Boogie tells Frank that on the live show he will blow it up too he plans to tell Joe that he gave him status updates last week and kept him safe, he should set a good example for his kids and return the favor. Boogie starts planning his exit strategy. He says if he does get evicted he will tell everyone not to walk him to the door and dont watch his picture turn gray . He will tell them all not to fake ass mother...you can guess the last word.

11:46 pm BBT Shane Dan and Brit are in Hoh. Shane says he will tell Boogie it just isn't good for his game to keep them together and make him third wheel. Shane says he knows they will try anything and he isn't ready to hear it. Shane says for the two of them to keep pictures of their spouses in their minds during hoh. Dan says yeah it's about time we cover your butt for a week after you've covered, ours. Shane says that if Frank and Boogie get crazy with him he will kick them out of Hoh .

11:58 pm BBT Hoh crew rehashing the first night and their first impressions of everything. Frank Ash Jenn and Ian speculating who they think will be the replacement nom. Jenn wont be surprised if its her. Ian thinks it will bee him because his key was last out of the box (he told Shane to put it last so he could say that at one point.)

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12:09 am BBT So many salty conversations tonight. Jenn Frank Ian and Ash saying Brit has to be involved in every conversation. Jenn and Ash say Jani was mean and was full of herself. Ian says she was nice to him, the girls scoff at him.

12:21 am BBT Small talk all over the place. Hoh crew talking about who everyone is outside of the hose and the fact that Jenn is more famous then she plays off. BY crew is talking about how often they do laundry.

12:31 am BBT Joe leaves the BY and heads up the hoh. When he leaves Ash and Jenn start saying how annoying he is and that he tells everyone everything. As they say this Joe is in hoh telling Shane what he heard Ash say in the BY to Frank about trying to help him.

12:39 am BBT Joe is telling Shane and Dani that he is sure Ash is on Franks side. Dani thinks she threw POV today. Joe thinks she is for sure not with them. Shane says good then I'm putting Jenn up as a replacement nominee and Ash has to choose between Jenn and Boogie done final decision made.

12:46 am BBT Joe says he has never been so confident in a team before he would die for any of the others and will go out when he has to. Joe says the lines in the sand have been drawn! He doesn't even think he will talk to the other side of the house outside of the house.

12:58 am BBT in the SR Ian tells Dan that no real game talk is going on. Dan asks what Boogies new pitch is. Ian says Boogie is all about going after Dan and getting him in the orange chair, if not Dan then Joe. Dan just gives a eh and walks out of SR.

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01:08AM BBT Dan comes up to the HoH after doing nightly ADLs and asks Joe to get him up to speed. Joe starts off by telling Dan he has his back. He tells Dan that the line is drawn and it's Boogie, Ash, Frank, Jen, and Ian. Joe says he walked outside and they all stopped talking so he knows Ash is working with them.

01:10AM BBT In the BY Frank, Brit, Ash and Jen chatting. Ash asks Brit if she told Jen about the hammock. Brit says if you pull one of the cords on the hammock it sounds like a bass.

01:16AM BBT Up in the HoH Joe continuing to praise Shane and Dan saying he has their backs. Shane says he'll look at Joe during the PoV ceremony and point and someone else when it comes time to make his nomination. Dani walks in. Down in the BY Boogie sits up (his yellow shirt helping him to blend into the couch) and talk has turned to an earlier discussion they had in the season. Frank says he agrees they should rent the BB house out to super fans. Talk turns to Ian. Brit says the joke is on them because Ian would've came here for free.

01:18AM BBT In the HoH talk has turned to Pandora's box not being used this week. Shane says even more reason to get HoH this week. He then says it's too early in the game for it to be used it normally gets used later (which is interesting considering numerous HGs have pointed out that Shane only watched some episodes during his sequester). Dan heading to bed. BB tells him to change his mic.

01:23AM BBT Talk in the BY has quieted down. Brit tells Ash she thinks the wine made her tired. Frank says he's also tired. Boogie says he wishes there was tee-pee in the back yard so he can sleep outside. Ian says sleeping outside was awesome in the dog house. Brit questions Ian if he was only one of 3 HGs to ever sleep in the BY. Brit says she and Brendon got to sleep outside during her season because they were doing gunk dunks.

01:26AM BBT Ian says he's glad they cleaned up the broken glass today that was lucky and Brit agrees and we get FoTH.

01:30AM BBT Feeds back. Shane and Joe silent in the HoH. Dani listening to music. Shane says he thought Brit was coming back up. Joe says he's sure she's working them outside and we get more FoTH. It was idle chit chat in the BY.

01:38AM BBT HoH is quiet with Shane and Joe staring off. Shane questions why Ash flipped. Joe isn't sure. Dani still listening to music. Down in the BY Brit is telling everyone how Ian feels guilty when he takes a nap because he knows the feeders are upset. Frank says he understands and hates taking naps for that reason as well. Brit says she always feels tired around the time to pick players for PoV. Ian agrees and says he felt that way on the day he was in the baseball game. Jen says she feels the same way it's hard to keep her eyes open around those times. Brit says the Zingbot day was the worst because they waited around all day...and we get FoTH.

03:43AM BBT The feeds are back and all 4 are on the BY before switching to 2 in the BY and 2 in the HoH. Shane says it was the worst veto pick ever and all four feeds flip to HoH (Clearly the most entertaining part in the house right now!)

01:46AM BBT Feeds in the BY are back and Jen and Ian are taking clothes out of the washer/drier. Up in the HoH Shane is asking Joe about money as a Chef. Joe says money is alright, there's plenty of options to choose from to do. Sales, Executive Chefs, etc.

01:54AM BBT Brit pulls Frank into the Arcade room and Brit says she trusts Shane that's why she works with him. Brit says she was upset that Shane threw her under the bus the way she did and she told him this. Frank asks Brit who she wants to work with. Brit says she's been burned once in this game before and it takes longer for her to get to know/trust people. Brit tells Frank that she was not the person that led the charge to put Frank and Boogie up. Brit says she does feel Frank is an honest individual and his actions in this house have proved this. Brit says she does feel sorry for him because he was unfairly targeted the first week and he's had one of the hardest trips to this point this season. Brit says she feels like the whole house has betrayed her.

01:58AM BBT Brit says the last 24 hours has been crazy for her. Shane threw her under the bus by passing the ball of responsibility for putting Frank and Boogie up. Now Brit says she's hearing that Dan has a Final 3 deal and she's not sure who she can trust any more. Brit says she trusts Shane and she wants to continue to work with him and he's not someone that sneaks around. Brit says she feels like Shane has carried her because how many comps has she won thus far? Brit says she is hurt that Shane did that. She's hurt that Dan supposed has this Final 3 deal. She's hurt that Boogie and Frank didn't come to her to warn her about Dan. Brit says she's here to not to be made to look like an idiot this season and yet she feels like she is now.

01:59AM BBT Frank says Boogie came out hotter after the ceremony yesterday than Frank would have preferred. Frank says he apologizes for Boogie acting like that, that's not how he likes to play.

02:05AM BBT Frank tells Brit that her name was brought up because Frank suggested taking a crack at Shane soon but Boogie was against it. Instead Boogie suggested taking out Brit because the Shane would come over to their side. Brit seems to understand. Frank appreciates the fact that Brit is having this talk with her. Frank admits to being a bit star struck with the coaches himself but it's still his game. Frank knows that Boogie has his back because Boogie struck true to the people he struck true with during his season. Brit agrees saying Jani was her favorite player but then after a couple of days she realized that she was playing with Jani. When Jani makes toast...she's doing so for a reason and playing the game.

02:07AM BBT Up in the HoH Ian is walking to the door. Shane says he probably won't put Ian up because he needs that vote to help get Boogie out.

02:11AM BBT Down in the Arcade Frank and Brit continues to chat. Frank says everyone is playing week to week and not thinking long term. Frank says "they" saw his face and wanted him in the house regardless of what he knew of the show and it just so happens that he started to win comps. Brit says she trusts Frank and she will see what happens on Monday. She doesn't know what Shane is going to do and she doesn't know what he's going to do. She trusts Frank she really does. She knows that if he gives her his word she'll trust him. Frank says does this mean that if I can talk to Shane in keeping Boogie would I have your vote? Brit says she could maybe see that.

02:15AM BBT Frank wonders what America thinks of him. Brit says she wondered the same thing during her season but it's so hard to guess what's happening outside the house. Frank says Boogie told him that he can kiss the $25k away from America if he works with him this season.

02:19AM BBT Ian and Jen in the BY talking rehashing previous comps. Back in the Arcade Frank telling Brit he doesn't trust Dan. Brit says "like he's condescending?" and Frank says yeah.

02:24AM BBT Brit says the first couple weeks in the game are always so silly because you have to pick silly reasons as to why to put people up on the block whether it's because they leave towels out or they open 2 packs of cheese a day. Frank says Joe is another one that he doesn't trust. Brit calls him old eagle eye. She says he has 9 lives and he's probably up to number 6 or 7.

02:28AM BBT Jen is talking to Ian telling him that she doesn't think Dan will be an easy sell next week. Ian agrees. Jen says Jani was making mistakes and getting caught up in her mistakes. Ian agrees saying taking Jani out was luck at that point. Ian says Boogie and he talked Frank out of putting Dan up because it was too early. Jen tells Ian that she would have told him to go for it. Jen says she's in a good spot and everyone talks to her.

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02:32AM BBT Frank and Brit commenting on Pandora's box. Neither of them thought that it was going to be his week or even Shane's week. Brit says Pandora's box just comes. Talk turns to today's PoV competition. Brit says she hates counting games. Frank says sitting at home he always thought about how bad it would be if he played a counting comp during a week that he had to win.

02:35AM BBT Out in the BY Jen and Ian continue to chat. Jen says you can float your ass to the end of the game. Ian says yeah you can. Ian says Jen did a great job during the moonshine competition even after she filled some of her nom barrel up. Jen says Shane told her that he'll be keeping an eye on her because she did so good.

02:38AM BBT Frank says he can't believe that Wil lied about his job. Brit doesn't understand why anyone would do that. Brit says it's the dumbest thing to do. Brit says the risk of being found out is way too great. Brit says she told him at one point that she doesn't like people that lie about their profession and in retrospect it's funny.

02:40AM BBT Brit says that when people stand up to give speeches and they give funny speeches that mostly only the other HGs understand them because they're so far out of touch with the real world that they find things funny that aren't. Brit says having watched the shows previously and played previously she gets it now. (Joe's speech Thursday anyone?)

02:45AM BBT Talk turns to whether or not Jani knew she was going home. Frank said something in her eyes when she stood up to say goodbye led him to believe that she did know. Brit says her attitude was a bit off that day so she was paranoid that she knew. Frank says he was surprised that her speech before the eviction was so cliche. He expected her to go big. Frank tells Brit that he mentioned to Jani before the trade thing was ever mentioned that he might go her to her team he told Boogie that he was going to distance himself from him and Boogie thought it was a good idea. Eagle-eye sticks his head in the door "I thought I heard someone..." they say hi to him and he apparently doesn't close the door all the way and they laugh.

02:47AM BBT Out in the BY Joe and Jen are sitting. Joe says he's going to grill at 3am. Only in the BB house. Ian says the grill is awesome. Jen says the gril is slamming. Jen says she's going to hit the ladies. She'll be right back.

02:49AM BBT In the Arcade Brit and Frank hug it out. Frank says he feels she needs a hug. Brit says she's been stressed but it's just a game. Frank says just a game my ass. Joe tells Brit that he hasn't eaten since breakfast. Joe is prepping himself porkchops. He tells Brit that Ian's outside folding laundry. Brit heads out.

02:52AM BBT Brit asks Ian if Ash is with Frank. Ian isn't sure. He tells Brit now that Wil's gone she clings to him like glue. Brit has noticed. Ian isn't complaining. Frank sticks his head out in the BY to tell everyone goodnight. Brit joins Jen on the lounger. Joe sits down as well waiting on the grill to heat up. Ian says joins the group as well. Brit's microphone is filled with static.

02:57AM BBT We had a brief period of lagging/repeating with the feeds that lasted about 2 minutes. Feeds are back and Brit is telling Jen that she has to eat the food that Joe cooks for her or else. Brit says that's way this works. Joe walks over and Jen asks where we stand on the pork chops. Joe says 2 minutes. Brit says 2 minutes until you have your pork chop at 3am in the BB house.

03:02AM BBT Jen tells Joe that he did a 180 after they got the grill. Joe was saying he was going to bed early. He was on his period. He couldn't poop and then the grill showed up and we had food being cooked. Dani's chicken got swiped. Jen says it's been 2 minutes. Joe goes to check on the chops. You can hear the sizzle in the back ground. Brit says "Do you hear the sound of that sizzle that's going to be your belly. Joe starts turning knobs on the grill. Brit says Joe's turning knobs over there he might blow himself up and have to jump in the pool and it would be a bad night for pork chops at 3am.

03:05AM BBT Joe brings over a plate of pork chops and spears one with his fork and starts to eat it while it's still steaming. Joe says you're going to love me after this, you'll never be able to vote me out after this. Brit says don't you know it Joe but don't be surprised if I forget it after it digests. Ian gets up and heads to the hammock saying he needs some hammock time in before going to bed. Brit says "Pork on a fork". Jen thanks Joe. Brit says they have their pork on a fork. Ian has his hammock swinging higher and squeaking louder than a honey mooner's bed.

03:08AM BBT Ian is swinging on the hammock muttering something under his breath about something being incredibly dense. Joe, Brit and Jen's voice drowning him out but you can hear the swinging in the background.

03:10AM BBT Ian says he's done and heading to bed. Joe says no Ian you can't go. Ian says yeah he's tired. Brit says she's ready to roll in as well. Jen agrees. Brit and Jen thank Joe for the pork chop. Joe says "Pork on a fork". Brit says she's going to go see when Dani is going to bed because they are bed mates now.

03:13AM BBT Feeds switch to Dani in bed with Shane (opposite sides, no cuddling or anything). Dani gets up thinking she saw Brit on the spy cam. Dani crawls back into bed not sure before finally getting up and deciding to go look for her. Shane tells her to make sure she unlocks the door before leaving. Dani comes down off the balcony. Jen tells her that she had pork on a fork. Dani asks what that is. Jen explains it to her. Brit can be heard in the background asking Dani about being up. Dani says she was waiting on her.

03:18AM BBT Brit brushing her teeth in the WA. Dani walks in and whispers to her. Dani says Shane was waiting up for her. Brit says she never found a good time to just head inside. Brit says she went up there but the lights were off and she walked back out of the room. Dani says that's what she thought she saw. Dani whispering faintly as Brit brushes her teeth, making it impossible to hear her. Brit says she's not sure why Shane wants to talk to her. Jen walks in and tells everyone that Chef Joe extends his good nights to everyone.

03:21AM BBT Dani uses the WC. Dani back out. Brit uses the WC. Brit back out. Both wash their hands. Jen brushes her teeth and tells everyone to have a wonderful night. Brit and Dani alone in WA now. Dani whispers saying he was acting weird. Brit says she was talking to Frank. Impossible to hear Dani's ultra whispers over background noise.

03:26AM BBT Brit says she was talking to Frank. She explained to Frank that if Shane happens to put up Dan on the block and she votes to keep Boogie then that's going to make her go back on her word. Frank understood. Dani says she knew she saw Brit at the door but when they looked at the screen she wasn't there. Brit says she talked to Ian for like two seconds to find out if Ash was with Frank but Ian wasn't sure. Brit asks if Ian came up to talk to them. Dani says Ian came up but she was half asleep. Dani asks what she should do. Brit says she'll talk to Shane in the morning. Dani says Shane is acting weird. Brit says Frank was just asking for Boogie's vote and he was very nice apologizing for Boogie's attitude. Dani still isn't sure what she should do about Shane tonight. Brit says once more that Shane is probably asleep.

03:29AM BBT Brit says let's go to bed. Dani agrees but wants to start a load of laundry. Brit says no...it's 3am do it in the morning! Dani agrees and they head off to bed in the SBR. Dani hits her head on the shelf over her bed and someone (Frank or Dan) asks if she's ok. Brit whispers to her asking if she's ok. She did it the other night. She knows it hurts.

03:30AM BBT All four feeds now display horizontal HGs with the sound of a lone snorer being heard.

03:50AM BBT Joe is up snacking a few minutes before heading into the WC.

03:52AM BBT Joe elects to skip washing his hands after using the WC before heading outside to sit on the edge of the HT with his feet in it.

04:02AM BBT Joe gets up from the HT and heads inside to get something else to snack on, appearing to reach into a box of cereal and grabbing out a handful of pieces. Absently wandering around the KT. He heads back into his bed in the MBR and we once again have all four feeds showing horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.

04:30AM BBT All feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms with one lone snorer breaking the silence.

04:45AM BBT RT @RiverCityOtter: @mortystv But who is the lone snorer among the Houseguest ? You know America Loves & needs to know the dirt #BB14 ! LoL --- (I believe I've narrowed it down to Jen or Ash. You can only hear it in the MBR which has Joe, Jen, and Ash it. Joe is constantly up and down throughout the night and the snoring continues with him awake so he's ruled out. However, we have had mics bleed over to other cams before so it's hard telling. As I responded to your question, Jen gasped a bit and shifted in bed with the snoring continuing...so...I'll go out on a limb and say Ash but again...there's no concrete evidence yet!)

#BB14TFU All HGs remain horizontal in darkened rooms. Our lone snorer has (mostly) stopped for the night. We'll be back when the HGs are back on their feet!

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9:17 AM BBT

Frank tells Mike about the long talk he had with Britney last night. "Oh good, some good coffee chat this morning!" Says Mike.

"I don't want you guys to blah blah blha whatever, I've told Shane to do whatever, I'm tired of him saying it's what I'm saying to do. I want y'all to know that I told him to talk to you guys and do whatever he wants to do and not even talk to her just do it" Frank tells Boogie "She said that she's tired of being thrown under the bus, doesn't care what he does it's his game ect and how much she trusts me and everything."

"What about me?" asks Boogie

"Well the only thing about you is that she doesn't know if she can trust you. I told her that if she pulled this off for us this week we'd be tolotally behind her right till the end. I told her how you had trusted Shane this week and now you know and if he gets her vote he'll know where it stands."

Boogie is actually glad that Frank did that. He has no choice but to work with her, he just needs her vote.

Mike woke up this morning and had a divide and conquer plan, he had to talk to Britney because of what Dan told her (Mike going after her) and how he couldn't deny that. The person that illuminated it the most for him was Ashley, he has to suck up to Joe for his vote. Mike says that because Britney is so sarcastic and everything he has to refocus on Joe, Britney knows that he wants Dan out but he has to make Joe the bigger target. She might not be ready to put up Dan yet, she's not ready to get rid of Dan but if we put Joe up next to me I think we can convince her. Then we say that it's Dan and Dani that are the targets, not her.

Frank and Mike agree that she has to realize that they have nobody and they need to work with her.

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9:28 AM BBT

Froogie are rehashing every aspect of the conversation. Boogie getting a little upset now again and apologizes to Frank for preaching to the choir. The overall decision is to get someone up against Mike that they can play to the votes for and then refocus thier efforts on getting out Dan because he messed it all up by just not trusting.

"We have to throw, throw under the bus, I am so sick of that term, Dan well Britney, she's our best hope, Dan, I don't get how evil Dan is. I don't know the show I don't get it but Shane is never going to see that unless we get Brit talking about." Mike says.

They agree that getting Joe up would be the easiest. They could get Ashley, Ian and Jenn to vote out evil eye. "Of course, we're going for the full fucking Monty and pushing to get Dan up there." Mike says.

9:35 AM BBT

"Then it's Danielle right?" asks Frank "I am so sick of looking at her." "Yeah, sucking her cheeks in and all, that ain't gonna help." laughs Mike "Isn't it sad that it's the little things that drive you nuts and make you want people out?"

Mike goes to open all the window awnings. "Want a cup of black?" he asks Frank "Yeah, I would." says his pal.

Other cams on sleeping HGs. Seems like Dan is our snoring beauty.

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9:46 AM BBT

Frank and Boogie are planning how they will start to break down Brit to turn her against Dan. How she went on all the message boards before she went into the house and saw that people wondered why she'd be a coach when fans that she had no game. How people think Dan is a mastermind, how they can play it up like with Janelle, it's so hard to turn on someone you really like and resepct.

Mike says that whomever talks to Shane last is probably where his replacement nom will go. Frank knows that Joe is totally buddy buddying with everyone to prevent himself from being the replacement nom. They will use the same tactics on Shane, putting doubt in his mind about Dan's intentions. How will Dan put up a Joe or an even or a Shane when he has the chance once Mike goes. They need to coach him on the longer game focus.

Boogie thinks this conversation last night was the BEST, the best thing that could have happened.

9:52 AM BBT

Suddenly Mike and Frank realize that they could also approach Dan - he's solid with the others from game but he's totally Bro'd down with them. He would get it. They totally have to do this, or as Dan would say, "Let's do this!" whoop whoop.

Mike asks what day it is and Frank tells him Saturday. They discuss missing tennis being played at Wimbledon.

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9:58 AM BBT

In the wonderful life of Mike Boogie (episode number 477) we get to hear all about his all access passes to tennis stuff because his friend was number 30 in the world before her injury. He's been to every monsters tennis event except for The French. He doesn't really like Paris, it's so french. Frank gets to hear all about all of the perks Mike gets in the tennis watching world because Will knows someone.

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10:14 AM BBT

Frank and Mike are back to their planning. They say that next week, if they win HOH, it's Dan and Shane up. Too bad, you made your choices. "I think if I can humanize Mike Boogie to her (Brit) this week it'll be good for us." says Mike. He talks about how they had a discussion earlier with Britney and she was really surprised how

"A big shout out to DR Will Kirby. I'm n trouble here. Never had this happen before, my back's against the wall. Joe Vance, Kim Tran (?) no worries, your boy will get out of this somehow!" monologues Mike.

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10:21 AM BBT

Frank thinks Dan is going to try and win the next HOH because he (Dan) doesn't want Frank to win. "I'm telling you, if Dan wins, he just might put him (Shane) up. He might wait a week but he'll do it."

Mike tells Frank to put into Shane's head that Dan and Boogie go way back. Boogie was invited to Dan's wedding. Boogie was the first person he called after he won to ask what to do and Boogie gave him good advice that Dan credited publicly.

Frank says he'll remind Shane that Dan is SYD.

"SYD?" asks Boogie

"Sucking your dick, when a bitch is sucking up to you so bad that's what it is." Frank tells him.

"I've never heard that before but remind Shane that he's only known Dan 46 days." Mike says

Frank also points out that Shane is DR. Its not Diary Room its Dick Riding. It's a term he uses when someone has a huge man cruch on someone and that's what he's got.

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10:28 AM BBT

The 'corruption of Shane' plan continues. Frank will be reminding Shane just how strong of a player Dan is. How he would have smashed Memphis if he could have figured out how to. How Dan thinks he can come into the house and be cuthroat and mean and leave the house and everything is behind him and forgotten only it's not.

Mike says to remind him too that Janelle came into the house so mad at Boogie for cutting her when he did. "She's just loving this right now." Mike laughs "Hey Janelle! Hey sweety!" Mike talks to the camera. He says she is just itching ot watch Thursday. He guesses she's madder at him than Frank now.

Mike wants to see Brits face when they put Dan up next week. He can't stand Joe. Ian owes him. He's got to do something. He's taking a shit on his opportunity - he needs a strategy. He's 21 years old and happy to be here.

10:34 AM BBT

Camera 3&4 has been on a sleeping Dan throughout this whole conversation.

Frank asks Mike if he wants more coffee. Nah, he thinks he's going to go make some egg whites, does Frank want any? "Sure, if you're making some." genial Frank agrees.

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10:41 PM BBT

Boogie was making breakie when he hollers to Shane, "Hey Frank, I've got to BM bad. It came on all of the sudden."

"Are the eggs on?" asks Frank

"Yep..." he runs for WC


10:45 AM BBT

Looks like Wake up call time judging by the extended WBRB.

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11:00 AM BBT

Frank and Mike now out on the patio. Frank seems upset that one of the guys (missed who) has such strong legs but doesn't work on his back at all. Your back is one of the largest muscle groups. You have to work out your back and legs or your body can't handle the other muscles.

Inside; Ian is now awake and making a cup of coffee. "Good morning boys" he says as he joins Frank and Ian outside. Ashley in the WA doing her morning face scrub.

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11:05 AM BBT

Mike asks Ian how he's sleeping on the new bed because he needs Ian to step up and start playing the game. He knows Ian is worried about being the replacement nominee so he's asking lightly for now but he'll ask harder after Monday when he's not the replacement nom. "A little of your support would be appreciated" says Mike. Ian says absolutely, he is ready to play.

Mike giving Ian the overview of the plan to get Joe up as the replacement nominee, to push hard for Dan as well. Mike observed Joe in the KT yesterday dropping a bunch of ice cubes on the floor, then picked them up with his 'claw' and put them in his drink. "It's the grossest fucking thing" says Frank. Ian has seen him do it and put them back in the ice tray.

They discuss how the girls will likely vote together. Frank and Mike really need Ian to work to remind people about why people really didn't like Joe two weeks ago.

Ian tells them that Dani told him that Joe is pushing really hard for Ian to be the replacement nominee. Frank says that Joe has thrown Ashley under the bus so many times that it has to be someone, he's running out of bodies.

Frank says he's not afraid to call Joe's ass out. He'll tell him to pick a fucking side and stick with it.

Mike comments that he did this after they saved him.

Ian says Joe was up there with Shane a long ass time last night. A long ass time. He guesses it wasn't a hard sell but he was saying stuff.

"You just said he was throwing you under the bus, make up your damn mind!" Frank laughs "If it was a little lighter, I'll handle it a little lighter. Tell me."

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11:15 AM BBT

Frank then points out to Ian that it is this wobbling that makes people worry about him in the game. Frank tells Ian to be more decisive, you have to have an opinion or make a decision and stick with it. The mentoring continues with advice to Ian to start talking about how Dan played the game before. "You knowing about the game, your opinion on that stuff carries weight." When he asks Ian if he's good with that Ian nods and 'um hums'

"See? That's the kind of answer that makes me fucking worried about you!" Frank says

"I was nodding, agreeing. Dan and I are friends, umm, you know." Ian spills

"No, tell me what this means, tell me what you're thinking." Frank pushes

Ian explains that he's friends with Dan and reiterates a point he made earlier saying that if they aren't careful, Dan will be a millionaire after this season.

11:21 PM BBT

In the KT Ashley is complaining about her sugar intake. She's trying to cleanse. Shane agrees that it's a good idea. "Don't judge me later." she warns Shane and he laughs.

They are having a casual conversation about how many weeks left in the house, how many people are left in the house and making food.

11:24 AM BBT

Jenn has joined the outside crew and also getting an earful about "the Dangers of Dan". "We've got all our pictures on that one row, that one column, let's leave them that way." Frank points out. "If we can make it through this week, we've got this." Mike says.

Ashley comes outside, "We're having a conversation out here, the good news is it doesn't involve you!!!" Mike sing songs.

"Oh good, it's too early to be political." Ashley all but slurs.

Conversation heads to a more general direction and lightens up until Frank and Jenn head inside. Then Mike ramps up at Ashley, "We've all got to say Dan, put Dan forward. At worst case it's Joe."

Inside Shane still making food.

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11:33 AM BBT

Shane tells Frank what day it actually is, Frank disappointed to learn it's not Saturday but he's gotten so confused. He's laughing.

Outside Boogie has managed to get Ashley to talk smack about Joe. She'd vote him out if it was best for her. "It's like being at an LA nightclub with a fat, sweaty guy beside you and trying to get in. It's just not a good look." Mike says of her relationship with Joe.

Ashley agrees to talk to Shane, to put the Joe idea in his head. She's upset that Joe has been making deals with her name for the past two weeks without even talking to her.

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11:39 AM BBT

Feeling that Joe is a sure suggestion from both girls to Shane Frank moves Ash and Jenn back over to Dangerous, Devilish, Dan. Ash brings up how Dan has mentioned that one of them has to go out this week because he can't have all 4 of them on jury.

Mike says there's going to be four friends in jury no matter what. "Aren't the juries usually pretty fair?" asks Ashley "Yeah, it's nothing like a Survivor jury." Ian says, "people tend to let it go."

Frank reminds everyone that out of Joe and Dan both have turned him over but Joe never fucked him over like Dan did and he'll never forget that.

As Shane is calmly and obliviously making breakfast, having casual conversations with everyone who leaves the patio to walk through the KT and back out, the talk on the patio is how Dan is so deep in Shane's ear it's dangerous. Shane will win comps and do what Dan says. Danielle is also a problem because she's another vote for Dan's camp. Shane is nothing but a comp winning machine that is led by Dan.

"You've got to get off the Dan bandwagon man." Mike says to Ian

"I'm friends with Dan but not game friends with Dan." says Ian, he defends how he plays the game saying he gets along with everyone, even Willie till he headbutted Joe and that's just him as a person, not as a player.

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11:49 AM BBT

Production has been great with the camera work today... as the patio group carries on about Dan and his compbot Shane on cams 1 & 2 - inside on camera 3 & 4 Dan and Shane are making Smooties and looking out the window at the very group cutting them down.

11:50 AM BBT

Shane comes outside with his healthy omelet and smoothies. Everyone is sweet as pie. They comment on how nicely dressed he is today. He says he woke up thinking it was Monday and the ceremony would be there. Shane and Dan made enough smooties for others. Dan is in WA.

Frank and Mike talk about Joe - why wasn't he up making Shane breakfast this morning. "Where was all this ass kissing when I was HOH?" asks Frank.

Ashley goes inside and talks to Dan. They went to see the Batman movie with Dan but Dan forgot his contacts and they were sitting at the third row and couldn't see the bottom half of the screen. Dan had magical powers and made it into a drive in theatre with awesome snacks.

Dan asks her what she thinks that means. She thinks it means they are going to get to see Batman. "That's weird because everything you've thought, has happened. Except Batman." says Dan.

Brit appears and they discuss if they'd go see it.

[i just got chills because they have no idea about the theatre shooting - do they? - ZuZu]

11:58 AM BBT

Outside there is a lot of discussion on what muscles hurt from last nights competitions. Hip flexers, glutes, things I can't spell....

Brit and Dan chatting in KT. She doesn't have her mic on and it's all echoes. BB "Britney, please put on your microphone." she continues to make her coffee.


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1:42pm BBT: Boogie talking to Frank in the arcade room. He says that Joe told Ashley in the storage room, "That veto is going to be yours, Frank and Boogie were cheating," and that Joe went to the DR to tell production- and we get fish.

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  • 12:00PM BBT- 3:00PM BBT
  • 12:05- Jenn, Boogie, Ashley,&Shane outside on the couches talking about different music & acting jobs in New York. She has a friend that was on the Menalist.
  • 12:08- In the WA, Frank & Britany are talking about how late they stay up & do things & how unfair it is to the east coast watchers. Dani & Dan are also in the WA listening.
  • 12:15- In the WA, Frank, Britany, & Dani are talking about the clothes they wear the most in the house. Outside, Ashley wants a Dunkin Donuts on the west coast.
  • 12:20-Shane is outside talking about fliping houses. He says four years ago he knew nothing & he doesnt make much but he likes what he does. Boogie talks about a former general manager that wanted his own resturant & would not listen to Boogie's advice about how hard it is. The guy lost his buisness w/in nine months.
  • 12:30- In the WA, Frank & Britany think that there might be a double eviction this week sending one person home & one person to the jury house.
  • 12:39- Outside, Ashley, Boogie, & Jenn are making fun of Joe saying he is going to a Steelers game w Ashley .
  • 12:44- Outside, Jenn tells Ashley & Boogie that Britany told her last night as they were getting into bed, that she had a lot to be worried about. Jenn thinks she told her that to mess w her mind. In the WA, Frank tells Britany that Ian thinks Mike & Boogie are the best players in the house. They dont think that Ian is there to win the game.
  • 12:48- Britany & Frank think that something is going to happen soon because Bb woke them up so early today. BB just called Shane to the DR. They think that BB might be getting ready to do a Pandora's Box.
  • 12:52- Frank tells Britany he told Boogie that maybe she was someone they could work w going forward. Britany says she needs to talk to Shane when he gets out of the DR to find out what his plans are.
  • 12:57- Dan & Ian are in the pool talking about one of his favorite websites. Joe is by the pool tanning & listening to their conversation. Frank & Britany are still in the WA talking to Ashley who is @ the KT table eating a salad. They hope that if Ashley wins HOH that BB will give her tanning equipement to tan everyone.
  • 1:07- Boogie & Shane in HOH. Boogie is trying to get Shane to put Dan or Joe up as a replacement nomination. Tells Shane about & how Dan played his season & won.
  • 1:14- Boogie tells shane he would roll w him until the end if he would team up w Frank & him. He tells him it would keep the target off him some much if Frank & Boogie are still there. Shane tells Boogie that he wants to work w Frank, Boogie, Britany, & Dani. Thats where his head is at. Boogie tells Shane that Dan doesnt want to sit next to someone in the end with alote of wins under their belt.
  • 1:25-Boogie says he in not as comfortable outside the house (money wise) as people think. He tells Shane he is glade that he is glade that Frank won the Veto yesturday, since he wanted to put Dan out last week & he wanted to stay loyal to the Silent Six. Boogie has no hard feelings toward Dani because of Dan.
  • 1:30- Boogie finds Dani in the WA alone & lets her know there arent any hard feelings toward her from him because of Dan.
  • 1:34- Boogie sees Frank coming out of DR & they go to the AR to go over Boogie & Shane's conversation.
  • 1:43- Boogie tells Frank that yesturday,after the Veto, Joe pulled Ashley into the SR & said the Veto would be hers because Frank & Boogie cheated. The DR reviewed tapes. We get FoTH. Frank & Boogie are now moving to the KT saying they really hate that guy(Joe) & he needs to stop cooking for them.
  • 1:45 Boogie & Frank are in the KT getting lunch. They are mad @ Joe & talking about a possibe confrontation w Joe over trying to get them disqualified from the Veto comp yesturday.
  • 2:00 Ian & Dani in pool. Jen, Joe, & Ashley are tanning by the pool. Just general chit chat. Boogie & Frank are sitting on the outside couches eating lunch. Frank really wants to talk to Dan about him turning on them. They discuss how to handle Joe whenever a confrontation happens.
  • 2:07- Frank & Dan are alone in the KT. Frank asks Dan if maybe he moved against them too soon. Dan doesnt think he did. Frank tells him it will be hard for him to get votes in the end if he is in the jury. Dan replies.. like wise.
  • 2:15- Dan is alone in the KT getting lunch. Jenn, Ashley, & Joe are tanning by the pool. Ian is in the pool. Not to much being said. Everyone is enjoying the sun very quietly.
  • 2:21- Frank is outside on the couches w Boogie going over what he said to Dan. They laugh & Boogie says if they can get Shane to put Dan up on the block tomarrow, Thursday, he will give Dan a joker style smile on Dan's way out the door. They laugh again & Frank moves to the pool.
  • 2:28- Jenn, Ashley Joe still tanning. Frank & Boogie have moved to the pool. Ian is in the hammock. Music can be heard coming from a lot somewhere outside the house. Dani is in the KT talking to Britany about not knowing what she wants for lunch.
  • 2:30- Dani & Britany go to the AR & Dani tells her about Boogie not holding any hard feeling against her. Britany goes to find Shane to talk to him.
  • 2:35 Britany goes to the HOH & Wakes Shane from a nap to find out about his talk w Boogie. Shane says Dan is not going on the block & that Jenn was the one going up tomarrow.
  • 2:45 Shane feels Jenn, Ashley, & even Ian need to come & talk to him. They could all be replacement nominations tomarrow & have not talked to him at all.
  • 2:48 Shane & Britany talk about how emotional Dani is & how she gets mad if she is not in the middle of everything.
  • 2:55- Dan & Dani are in the KT cooking. Dani tell Dan about her talk w Boogie & Dan tells Dani about Franks comments to him earlier. They are moving up to HOH when their food is done.
  • 2:57-Britany says Frank will not work w them if Dan is included even to help his own game. Dan & Dani have moved to HOH. Shane tells them about his talk w Boogie & Dan tells them about Frank's comments to him.

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3:05PM BBT: Britney, Shane, Dan and Danielle in the HoH room. Britney said that they have to integrate themselves with everyone else. Danielle talking about how Boogie pulled her aside and told her he has nothing against her, and told her a bunch of sweet things (in order to get her vote) and gave her a huge hug (the first hug she's gotten from him in 40-something days. Ian just came into the HoH room and tells the HoH group that there will be a tar and feathering in a bit when Joe steps outside. Boogie and Frank plan on calling Joe out on things that Joe is doing.

3:10PM BBT: Joe is in the kitchen making food while Dan eats at the kitchen table. Joe says that himself or Dan is going to win HoH this week. Jenn comes inside and says she's sweating out there. According to google, it is 34 Celcius (93.2 for the Americans) in Studio City right now.

3:12PM BBT: Britney, Danielle and Shane have made their way downstairs to the kitchen probably in preparation to watch Boogie and Frank call out Joe. Jenn heads back outside. Boogie and Frank are in the pool. Ashley is floating on a floatie, and Jenn is sitting in the sun beside the pool. Boogie wants this to happen and says "Come on motherf****er and step out".

3:17PM BBT: It looks like Joe has no idea what Frank and Boogie are planning on doing. I believe everyone is outside now in preparation of the call out that is about to happen... As soon as Joe goes outside...

3:21PM BBT: Shane and Joe are the only ones that are inside still. Joe puts butter in a frying pan, rinses his hands in the sink (hey, it's a baby step..) and puts the meat into the pan.

3:24PM BBT: Joe says that Boogie and Frank haven't talked to him today, which is good, according to him.. If only he knew what is soon to happen... Joe talking about how long his mohawk is getting, and makes loose plans to cut hair.

3:31PM BBT: We got a few FoTH, and all 4 feeds are on the kitchen and we faintly hear "You are not allowed to talk about production". Again, faintly we hear "_____, please go to the diary room, and Ian heads inside to go to the DR.

3:34PM BBT: Britney heads inside and Shane asks her how the tension is outside, and she says it's bad. She says someone told Frank that Joe went to the DR and complained about the VETO and, we get FoTH, and then when the feeds come back all 4 are on the living room where Dan is reading the bible and Joe is eating with his mouth open.

3:35PM BBT: Britney and Ian go into the crane room to whisper about who could have told Frank about Joe complaining about VETO, and Britney asks Ian is he thinks it was Ashley, but he doesn't think so. FoTH and then all 4 feeds are on the BY.

3:39PM BBT: All 4 feeds are on the living room, and once again, we faintly hear "You are not allowed to talk about production". Shane, Joe, Dan and Britney are hanging out there. Britney feels like she's the worst wife because this would have been their first summer together as husband and wife.

3:54PM BBT: Britney talking about teachers that she has had in the past. Britney talks about a teacher who had a weird way of grading (which I don't understand when she explained it, neither did Dan), and at the end of the year, the teachers had to bell curve the entire class' marks because they were so bad.

3:59PM BBT: Ian is trying to find ways to get Joe to come outside. Meanwhile in the LR, Britney Dan and Joe are talking about sport stories.

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