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8/14 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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8:05 PM BBT Brit and Dani talking about Jani's shoes and how much they loved them. Dani asks Brit if she got evicted - would Brit cry? Brit says yes.

Brit complaining about Frank and how he stinks. She says that she doesn't think he is good looking at all. His personality makes him so unattractive. Brit calling him a douche.

8:14 PM BBT Wil is sitting by himself in thought. A couple HG running laps in the BY.

Brit/Dani doing some HG bashing. Britt says everything is not rainbows and butterflies.

8:21 PM BBT Family dinner - Brit and Dani have come out. Dan talking about cool Christmas gifts he has gotten from students.

Ian says a GF broke up with him for using her toothbrush. He said he was joking but HG not sure. Ash says they broke up the night of the duck noises.

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8:29 PM BBT Wil running laps in the BY. Innuendo talk at the KT table with the HGs.

8:36 PM BBT It is "insult" the HG night. They are laughing and play insulting each other.

Brit has pushed her dishes out of the way towards Ian. Ian asking Ash on another "date" She says that would be great just another night.

8:44 PM BBT Ian says that he will get his license if he makes jury - some time to practice without snow on the ground. Now talk about permits and license.

8:54 PM BBT Dinner is breaking up. Dan starts to clear the table. The HG are now washing and cleaning. Brit's and her dishes are still sitting there. Alcohol is starting to be divided up.

9:00 PM BBT Shane reading the bible. Shane/Boogie/Frank chatting in HOH room. Wil running laps in BY

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