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8/14 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:05 PM BBT: Joe, Boogie, and Jenn taking an exercise class taught by Shane. Brit and Frank sitting on the side and watching them. Shane makes exercising look effortless, whereas Joe makes it look like the toughest thing in the world.

9:12 PM BBT: Ian and Dan in the LR. Ian has one of the nomination chairs flipped over looking underneath the chair. It was bought on May 6, 2012. He says it's probably his favourite nomination chairs he's seen on the show. Not much talking going on..

9:15 PM BBT: Shane now creating an exercise circuit with 30 seconds at each station; plank, shuffle, step-up, and lunge/weight combo.

9:19 PM BBT: Brit, Ashley and Frank sitting on the couches in the BY. Brit looks like she's doing some stretching. Dan gets called to the DR and Ian loses his chatting partner.

9:23 PM BBT: Looks like exercising is on almost all of the houseguests' minds! Frank is giving Brit stretching tips. Dan plans on exercising later, and Danielle is doing cartwheels. Frank and Brit are warming up to do the century club. Boogie, Jenn, Joe and Shane are still doing their bootcamp like circuit.

9:28 PM BBT: Frank now giving Danielle tips on jumping rope, and Shane is running the length of the BY and Jenn and Joe are walking it. Dan is out of the DR and Ian has his talking partner back in the LR. They're talking about restaurants.

9:38 PM BBT: Wil, Ashley, Shane and Jenn in the kitchen. Shane got a muscle milk drink. Wil made dinner, and he and Ashley are getting a plate of it. Boogie, Dani, Joe, Frank and Shane are now in the BY talking about requesting different flavours of muscle milk drinks.

9:47 PM BBT: Frank now teaching Danielle boxing moves; hooks and uppercuts. Danielle gently punching Franks palms as he moves them around. Danielle says it feels awkward and it feels like she's going to dislocate his thumb. Frank says try to make it feel as though she's dancing.

9:55 PM BBT: Frank now correcting Danielle's fighting stance; keep your fists in front of your face and your elbows tucked in. Frank is now teaching Danielle how to block and kick. Brit and Frank now running laps of the BY as Wil, Jenn, Joe, Dan and Ashley are doing various things in the kitchen; sitting, washing dishes, eating, talking..

9:59 PM BBT: Brit and Frank still doing the century club. Danielle is lifting weights. Ian and Boogie are taking the cover off of the pool table to play. We cant see Boogie, but it sounds like he's sitting on one of the couches in the BY. Shane and Dani in the storage room and Shane asks her where her head is at, and Dani starts to tell him about Frank almost putting Dan up on the block before Ashley walks in.

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10:00pm bbt BY workout continues, In SR, Dani tells Shane that Frank was 50/50 on using the POV to backdoor Dan. She says Wil came down from HOH last night thinking he had made the deal with Frank. Shane says they can talk more later tonight, as Ash comes in the SR.

Dan/Ian want to start a game of pool, but the table isn't level since it was last moved for a comp. In the K, Wil/Ash/Jenn share a quick moment of dancing.

10:05pm bbt Dani heads inside to DR, Jenn/Ash join the HGs in the BY, Wil is putting dishes away in the K.

10:07pm bbt Dan's pool shot hits Ian on the hand. It was an accident, but hurt pretty good.

10:15pm bbt Dani is back from DR, Joe is called next. Dan/Ian have settled into their game of pool.

10:20pm bbt Wil is done cleaning the K, joins Jenn/Boogie/Shane/Ash on the patio, all agreeing that Joe cooks but never cleans up the K. Brit/Frank finish their BY run. Wil is called to the DR.

10:25pm bbt Post-workout Brit joins Dani on hammock, wonder who Joe/Wil would put on the block. Joe comes over, asks if he can campaign. Joe shares that last night, Wil came to Joe, said they got Frank to agree to take Joe off the block in exchange for getting out one of Brit/Dani/Shane/Dan, but Joe says he didn't know which one. Joe's pitch is that he is alone, and looking for a home. He is loyal, and Wil is who he is. Joe doesn't believe in what Wil says, they just disagree.

10:30pm bbt Joe tells Brit/Dani his strength isn't in comps, but he has integrity and they can have his vote. Brit says she will definately want to talk later in the week, she will want to feel safe. Joe says he just wanted to lay the ground work, let them know where he stands, that his heart is in it.

10:33pm bbt Joe leaves, Dani says "I knew it, I knew it, Wil is coming after us." Brit says Wil has asked to work with Brit/Shane and also Mike/Boogie. Brit says she believes what Joe said, because she witnessed it last night. She saw Wil come out last night and hug Joe, so she sent Ian to talk with Frank and find out what was going on.

10:37pm bbt Brit says if Frank starts to try to keep Wil, she will explain that Wil try to cut a deal with her. Brit/Dani agree that Wil has to go. Brit says Joe needs to go next week, then Brit says Ian is getting on her nerves, because he won't put up Frank/Boogie if he wins HOH.

10:40pm bbt Frank joins Brit/Dani, they share Joe's campaign speech with Frank. Frank says it's true, he talked to Dan about it this morning. The 3 agree Wil needs to go this week. Brit feels if Joe wins HOH, the Silent 6 could still be safe. Ian joins the trio, and game talk turns to having shiny faces in the DR.

10:45pm bbt Brit asks who Ian is voting out this week? "Whoever anyone else is" Brit:You are such a follower!

Talk turns to underwear garments, followed by Brit describing Frank's ideal girl... tall, cool, not too girly, real chill, doesn't put up with him, totally gives it back to him, looks smoking hot, but not always into makeup.

10:50pm bbt Frank said he wanted to wrestle Ian, so suddenly Frank topples off the weight bench he's sitting on and tackles Ian. After a quick wrestle, they go back to where they were.

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11:10 pm BBT Dan and Dani going over the weeks events. Dani told Ian he better get Frank handled and not put up Dan. Dan mentioned being offended by Brit asking him if he even wants to win. Dani says she talked to Brit about it and told her to apologize to Dan. Dani says that Shane can be a jerk sometimes but tries to play it off like he is joking. She doesn't think he is joking sometimes and is starting to get over it.

11:24 pm BBT Dani says everyone expected Dan to ditch her for a new Memphis. Dan calls her the female Memphis. They move onto small chit chat. all four feeds switch to the BY couches. They are discussing Wils panic attack and the fact he wished he brought his antidepressants. Boogie mentions being prescribed Xanax but not trying to take it too muh because he doesn't like what it does to him.

11:39 pm BBT Dan and Dani in the SBR going over how they think everyone is being portrayed/ They think Wil is probably negatively looked at. Ash probably looked at as dumb. Ians a nerd. Dan says Dani is probably the Dani Donato type. Brit comes in and recaps her convo with Ian about Frank saying he was thinking of Dan going up. She says Wil told her Frank said he was looking at a big player but didn't say who. Joe told Brit that Ash and Wil pitched Shane going up at first then zeroed in on Dan when they talked to Frank. Brit thinks Joe doesn't have a have of winning of Hoh but if he does she thinks he wont put up any of them.

11:53 pm BBT Small chat all over the house. In the SBR Brit tells a tale abut Joe traumatizing her by making less then appropriate sounds/actions in the middle of the night. meanwhile in he BY Joe is going over what he heard about Wil and Ash throwing Shane and Dan under the bus last night to Frank. Shane knows of course so he keeps putting Joe on hold to play basketball with Ian.

12:03 am BBT Joe tells Shane in the BY that he needs an alliance he just needs somebody. Shane says well if I win you arent going up and im not voting you this week. He continues by saying I have Brit and she has me. Shane also says he and Dani have a good relationship and he thinks he can get her to vote his way.

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12:10 am BBT the SBR is comedy gold with Brit talking about how Ian has come into his own in the house. She says BB would ask hi to put on his mic and he would apologize a million times now he talks back. He wouldn't talk to the girls at first now he touches Ash's arm. Now Ian and Dan are overflowing the hot tub and getting into trouble. other then that nothing is going on in the house.

12:28 am BBT all four feeds were on Jenn and Wil at the HT, but then Ash comes out and starts singing and we get WBRB. The other option was the SBR crew talking about production.

12:33 am BBT Feeds come back to Wil Ash and Jenn talking about the youngest woman Jenn would go for. She says it depends on whether or not a woman has her stuff together but the youngest she would go is like 24.

12:45 am BBT Dan Boogie and Ian in SBR with the lights out speculating that if the red lights are on on the cams if they are filming right then. Dan and Boogie think Ian is a lock for Americas vote for 25k. He doesn't think so. Feeds cut to Jenn Wil and Ash dicussing who is aligned with who. Wil thinks Shane and Frank have a f2 deal. Wil also knows Dan Brit Shane and Dani are working together. They all seem to think Wil is staying.

12:59 am BBT most HGs prepping for bed. HNR crew recapping the HN comp. Speculating about when the FF will be and the fact they have to speed it up.

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01:09AM BBT In the BY Wil and Jen bonding chatting about an assortment of topics which include other HGs, praising each other, and the coaches. In the KT Frank, Dani, Brit, Joe and Shane also having assorted conversations including Joe's slop burgers, and Ian not acting crazy any more like he did the first week.

01:12AM BBT Jen and Wil continue to chat on the loungers in the BY. Jen says Frank is going to be on the block a lot if he's not HoH. Wil agrees. Wil says he must be open to big plays if he thought of putting up Dan. Jen says someone quickly got in his ear and shut that down though. Wil says he appreciates that Jen has the balls to play her own game. Jen just hopes she can get far with it. Lady luck has helped her a few times thus far. Wil isn't sure what he can do because it feels like it's one large group against, Joe, Ashley and he.

01:14AM BBT Wil says if he goes home on Thurs he hopes that Dan takes out Frank. Wil and Jen both agree that it's possible and that that's what happens if you don't try to rock the boat. Jen says she feels the whole alpha male thing going on. It makes her feel "ugh". She doesn't know how to compete with that other than kamikazing. Jen says she'll take her knowledge to Jury with her and she won't forget. Wil says if they don't Joe to Jury and Jen quickly interrupts saying Joe is the kind of guy they will take to Jury.

01:16AM BBT Jen points out that she's the only one of ethnicity in the house. She has to repeat it a few times to Wil who can't hear her. Wil says he thinks the fans of the show are more mid-western. Jenn and Wil give shout outs to those folks watching in the mid-west.

01:18AM BBT Wil says if he goes home Thurs then that's that. He played the game the way that he wanted. Jen points out that he made decisions for himself and broke away from his coach. Wil agrees and says he played his game for him and not his coach. Jen says "one of us" needs to get in the HoH room in a real way soon.

01:23AM BBT Meanwhile idle chit chat continues in the kitchen with Shane, Dani, Brit, Frank, Ash, and Joe. Frank and Brit saying how they need to sit in the middle of the BY and chant "Birdie" repeatedly. Story turns to how S7 took their mics off and set them in the middle of the table and threw random rotten fruit over the wall wanting In-and-Out burgers. Frank says they ended up ________ Deli instead. Brit says with all-stars they probably had more pull because they were the best of the best. All 4 feeds jump to Jen and Wil in the BY briefly.

01:27AM BBT Dan is up wearing a towel around his lower half, asking what's going on. Frank and Brit say they are bored and trying to find something to do. Someone says they're going to stay up until 2am. In the BY Jen and Wil continue to rehash how hard it is to go up against a large group of other players, among other outside the house topics.

01:31AM BBT Wil says his mom met with a psychic and when she asked about her son the psychic said not to worry about her son because he'd have good fortune in the Spring of this year and that's when he found out he made the show. Meanwhile in the KT talk has turned to urinary tract infections among random foods. Feeds in the KT switching to the BY periodically (I wish I could make this more interesting, I truly do! - Niteslacker)

01:37AM BBT Dan and Dani move to the WA. Dan says his hair has gotten thicker since he came in the house. Dr. Dani says the removal of stress from one's life could help the reduction of hair falling out. Dan says if Dani wins the game then he's going to strong arm her into investing into residential property. Dan says he owns multiple properties. When he won the house market tanked and he was able to get houses cheap. Dani asks how much, starts off at $100K and goes down 90?, 80?, 70?, 60?! Woah... She asks Dan if he renovated the houses to sell them again "What's that called?" (Go ask Shane!) Dan says it's called flipping. Dan said he renovated the houses enough to get them rentable.

01:40AM BBT Dan says if he ever has a tenant come to him saying they can't pay rent for a month and he knows they're just having a hard time then he offers to let them make it up next month or he'll pay them $200 to leave and be out next week and hopefully that $200 will help out. Dani asks Dan what he spent some of his money on. Dan says he spent a grand on the Vegas trip, $1,500 for a TV. He put money down on a condo and donated some to St. Mary's. FoTH.

01:44AM BBT Feeds back and Brit wanders into WA asking what they're talking about. Dani telling Dan a story about someone who wrote a program with another person for their company and is hoping that someone else can't come in behind her and write a better program. Brit interrupts and says "We've made a decision...." and we get FoTH. (Regarding their revolt?) Feeds back briefly and Brit says "...crew. It's worth it!" Dan says he can't co-sign that yet and we get more FoTH.

01:51AM BBT Feeds back and all four are on Joe, Ash, Frank and Shane. Brit and Dani run in with pillows from WA and start beating everyone at the table. Dani assaulting Shane with the pillow. Brit takes a shot or two. Joe randomly swinging at Ash and Frank. Joe throws pillows at Shane. Everyone has a good laugh. Brit and Dani pick up the pillows and take them back to the WA.

01:55AM BBT Dani headed off to get in her pajamas. Frank tells her to find the fingernail clippers that she lost (jokingly). Joe asks if the DR had any. Frank says they wouldn't let him in to ask. He figured they were still trying to cut the show for Wed. Brief FoTH. Shane says he's going to bed at 2am which is 8 minutes. Joe and Brit says they have at least another hour before they'll be ready for bed. Brit says there is nothing to do tomorrow. Shane and Dani remind her they get the HoH camera tomorrow. FoTH.

02:02AM BBT FoTH (WBRB) lasted about 5 min. Feeds back with Frank talking about hanging from the top of the stairs with a towel. Joe says he'll get a stop that from BB. Feeds finally split apart and we have Wil and Ashley talking in the SBR. Ashley says the other side signaled earlier that they need to talk. Wil says he hates that because it's not like the ones on the block have the chance to do anything. Ash says Dani whispered in Frank's ear and then they all started giving eyeballs to each other. Ash hates it as well. She wants HoH so bad.

02:06AM BBT Frank, Shane and Brit up in the HoH watching the spy screen. Shane yells to someone asking if they're in the tub or shower. No idea who he is talking to. Frank asks BB to drop the temp in the HoH for him. He always does it. He doesn't know if it works but he tries it. Shane says he didn't realize that they were cutting "it off" (the feeds?) during their earlier conversation. Shane didn't know it either. Frank says if anything he thought we might enjoy it. Brit asks "Just for some food?" and we get all four feeds on Ash and will in the MBR sitting silently. Ash rocking back and forth on the bed.

02:08AM BBT Wil says he doesn't know what he's going to do if they're all working together. He needs to shoot fireworks out of his ass he says. Jen is also in the bed with Wil and Ash (I don't know how I missed her). Ash says Joe was talking about what he's making Thurs night for dinner. Ash says she's lost 10lbs since Joe stopped cooking.

02:12AM BBT Jen, Wil and Ash currently in the round bed in the MBR (Music Bed Room). Joe can be heard banging things around in the kitchen/living room (HoH said they saw him cleaning on spy screen because he was "hustling for votes" just before they started talking about Prod and we lost their cams). Ash says if this Thurs is double eviction...and Wil interrupts her saying its not because there will be no time to pick PoV players. Wil says it could be a Fast Forward in which HoH has to name noms before the live show is over.

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(Errors updating FB here)

(Announcement made to Twitter that board to be updated every 15 minutes)

02:20AM BBT HoH feeds back and Joe and Shane or Frank look at the fish tank saying "Just think...we're eating those little fish..." he says as they look in the tank. Dani seems amazed that those fish are cod (I have no idea personally. Anyone else?) Brit talking about the bowl they used as the trophy for the pool tournaments they had in her season. She said one day they randomly called LD and took it away after they had been using it for a long time. FoTH. Wil, Jen and Ash continue to lament in the MBR over the large group sticking together for a F6 deal. Ash says she's going to lay down. Wil says he's going to snuggle into bed and stop thinking about this game. Ash heads into DR or SR. Will heading into WC. Meanwhile up in the HoH Brit says she can sit in the bathroom for up to 30 minutes. Frank and Shane are amazed at this. Brit says she'll take the mail in the there. Frank is still stunned, laughing. Britt says she doesn't do it here obviously. Frank says sitting on the toilet for that long causes hemorrhoids so he's learned to get in and out quickly. HoH crew continues to laugh and joke.

(FB errors resolved)

02:28AM BBT HoH crew laughing at Brit's 30 minutes in the bathroom. Talk turns to how they wipe their butts. Brit is currently being the most forthcoming with information. She typically wipes three times and makes sure to get all of the way to the top of her ass between her crack. Brit doesn't look at her TP after wiping. HoH crew amazed at this as well. Brit amazed that they all look at their TP and that sometimes they have to wipe more than 3 times.

02:31AM BBT Joe just had a discussion with the feeders. I'm going back to the replay to grab it right now. While humorous it's obviously not game talk.

02:36AM BBT Joe's conversation with the Feeders begin at 02:25:55 AM BBT with brief FoTH (WBRB). Feeds back with Joe telling the center camera it is absolutely best to take Wil out this week. Apparently Joe is talking to Jani. He says he thinks he's got the votes to send Wil home he's going to try the best he can. He says he's going to talley them up and try to get him out for flipping on him and Jani. He asks us to relay the message to Jani and let her know. It's going to be a battle but he's going to try.

02:38AM BBT Joe continues to walk laps in the BY bouncing the basketball. Just before I went to check the replay Joe mentioned he was offering to make dinner for the HGs on Thurs if he stays and that's his angle that he's trying this week. Meanwhile up in the HoH...do you really want to know? I don't think you do...

02:41AM BBT Frank explains to Brit what a blumpkin is. (We're not going there...we're a mostly family website!) Brit seems very interested but then tries to deny being interested in trying it. Shane giving her grief. Dani asking Brit if she's ever tossed a salad (again...not going there!) This is a very graphic conversation and is certainly worth watching Brit's reaction. Start your replay about 2:35AM BBT.

02:48AM BBT Joe continues to bounce the ball through the BY walking laps. Frank wants to tell a joke and isn't sure if he can. Dani pushes him to say it. Frank says it. (Again...not going there although it wasn't funny at all. If you have the feeds rewind to 02:35AM BBT Cams 3 or 4) Talk turns to sniff testing. Frank says if you hear the underwear peeling off the body then it's not a good sign. Brit asks the guys if they've ever had women who's underwear was tattered and nasty. Joe loses control of bouncing the ball and gives up wandering inside to the WC. Shane asks the girls if they've ever had to stop a guy because he was too small. Dani says yes because its...well...size does matter. (I cannot stress enough that if you have the feeds that you watch the replay on this conversation. If you don't have the feeds, it'll well be worth it...why not use the link off our site to get them and help support us!)

02:54AM BBT Joe comes up from the WC (skipping the sanitary process of washing his hands). Dani tells Joe what the topic is. Joe has never had a tossed salad nor has he tossed a salad. Joe is asked to guess how long Brit sits on the toilet. Joe guesses 15 min. Frank says double it. Everyone laughs. Joe then asks if he checks his TP after wiping and Joe says yes. Brit insists that she doesn't have to. Frank points out that Brit is probably not sanitary when she sits on the toilet for 30 min because things will start to dry. Brit says she can post-pone the movement until she is finished with her magazine. Dr. Dani says "like stomach peristalsis?!" Joe says Wil said he and his mom have conversations while sitting on the toilet. Most of the group agree that's odd. Britt says she doesn't talk to her husband while she's there.

02:58AM BBT Joe is told what a blumkin is. He's speechless. Everyone begins to throw out other different bedroom (or not so bedroom) things. (Again...comedy gold. I don't wish to offend anyone and we never know what age group is reading our updates so I will leave the specifics out while this conversation continues. - Niteslacker)

03:06AM BBT The mature conversation continues in the HoH room. Dani asks Brit if guys have ever pushed too hard on the back of her head. Brit says absolutely not and she'd slap the guy if he did. Joe says his wife has pushed his head and Shane says he'll probably be in trouble when he gets home. Joe can't wait. Shane says he's not been able to finish when a girl drops down on him. Joe says he needs the right girl. Frank says he's had the same problem. Dani has a smirk on her face. Brit says eye contact is awkward when that's going on. She says it's not a pretty face. She knows she's not cute when that's going on.

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03:16 AM BBT The conversation continues in the HoH. Dani hates the word taint. Talk turns to adult toys. Joe, Brit and Dani seems to know quite a bit. Shane calls Brit a freak. Brit says her husband doesn't like a certain kind of toy. Joe talks about KY, he says you have to pay the $40 because everything else is bad. Fire and Ice is bad because according to Dani it's like throwing kerosene down there and lighting it on fire. Frank or Shane asks the girls if they've had anal. They say no. Dani tells a story about a male friend of hers that had to go shopping after trying it with a girl once. (The conversations and reactions are priceless still...)

03:19AM BBT Dani asks Brit if she’s dressed up. Dani says she’s been on a honeymoon. Brit says she likes to keep things interesting. Dani says she’s worn only a trench coat to the other person’s house.

03:26AM BBT Shane says he's going to let Frank go to bed. HoH crew decides to head to bed. Shane, Brit and Dani heading to WA. Joe and Frank into KT for water refills/drop of glasses. Britney and Joe now brushing their teeth. Frank back to HoH. He says he hopes we feeders were having fun watching that stuff because he was having fun listening to it.

03:29AM BBT Nightly ADLs continue in the WA with Dani, Brit and Joe. Shane on lounger. Frank in HoH BR brushing his teeth.

03:32AM BBT Idle chit chat as everyone continues to do nightly ADLs (brushing teeth, washing face, using creams).

03:39AM BBT Frank getting into bed. He says he lays with Ted in the bed because he helps block the light from the fish tank. HN group heads into the HNR room and turns off the lights. Joe says "Good night Have Not friends!" Shane says he's going to have sexual dreams tonight because of their earlier conversation. Joe says he's already had nice dreams since he's been in the house. Brit asks how long. Joe says 10ish. Shane asks if anything came out. Joe said that's a personal question and everyone giggles (I for one am thoroughly grossed out because he never seems to wash his hands when he gets up in the middle of the night!)

03:45AM BBT Frank listening to CD in HoH room with the lights off. Down in the HNR Shane, Dani, Joe, and Brit continue to giggle and laugh. Joe points out that they've missed the Olympics. Dani says "You mean we have to wait 4 more years because we've been in the house?" Brit asks if Michael Phelps swam. Joe says yes but he probably lost to the a Russian that was giving one of his records a run for the money. Wil up and into the WC, he stops and washes his hands before heading back to bed in the MBR. Joe points out that they don't know who the VP picks will be either. Shane says he doesn't even know who the nominees (yes, he said nominees) are. Brit points out that Obama will be one. She calls him out for not knowing it.

03:49AM BBT Brit asks Shane if he votes. Shane said yes. Brit asks Shane who he voted for in the last presidential election. Shane says Obama. Brit says Obama said he was going to send the troops home but then her uncle got called up and sent off for a 6 month deployment. Shane says that's one of the reasons he wasn't happy with Obama. Wil back up, puts his shoes on. Now in the KT making tea?

03:53AM BBT Joe talking politics in the HNR. Wil heads outside and Jen is out there with her feet in the HT. We had no audio for a moment on those 2 when Jen's voice comes on saying she was in one of those moods where she wanted to open the door and tell them to F off. Wil heads in to get Jen something to drink with Splenda. Jen bouncing the basketball while she waits.

03:56AM BBT HNR group seems to have quieted down now with just the occasional mumble being heard. Wil back in the BY with Jen's drink. Jen appreciates it. Wil sits down on edge of tub. Jen says she doesn't care about the noise but she just feels disgusted. She says she's getting old. Wil says they're immature. (Wil's voice is faint) Jen agrees. Brief FoTH. Camera on Jen only (Wil going to get his mic or new batteries?)

04:02AM BBT Wil back. Wil tells Jen that the other morning he was up in the HoH with Frank, Boogie, Dan and a few others and they were talking about how they refer to older people. Boogie said he calls them Mr. and Miss. Wil says when (he or they) reach a certain age he started calling them by their first names and Frank gave him an attitude because he gives his elders respect. Talk turns to how different the two of them are compared to the rest of the house.

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04:06AM BBT They discuss realizing that the way the house treated Wil vs Joe today. Realize Wil is the target probably. Jen says she doesn't want to get up and treat everyone fine tomorrow but she has to. Wil says he agrees but he realizes you have to razzle dazzle folks. Talk to turns to lip synching in certain venues when singing.

04:11AM BBT Wil says things can change, there's still hope for him. They agree that he needs to get to Ian but so many of the guys are watching him like a hawk, coaching him. Wil says the smart thing would to be to get rid of Joe this week because of his lies. Wil says Jen has to win HoH and try her hardest to break up that 6. Jen says she'd backdoor Mike. Wil begins to run scenario. Wil says she really should target coaches because the newbies would probably respect her.

04:13AM BBT Wil says if the coaches go up against each other and one heads home then the following week they'll probably target each other the following week because of what ever came out during the previous week. Both agree that all the coaches are acting like they did on their previous seasons. Boogie is laying low for now but in a few weeks will start to dominate. Brit is hiding behind the other coaches like she did the brigade.

04:20AM BBT Wil and Jen realize the four in the HNR even though they were being loud they are HNR together and bonding. Wil says he's been thinking about things that have been happening outside the house while they've been in it. It'll be 7 weeks Thurs. Jen asks Wil if he thinks he's changed since he's come into the house. Wil says he feels so different inside the house. Jen couldn't agree more. Wil says he wants to get out and take a deep breath and be in control. Wil asks Jen the same question. Jen says she never would have lied to Jani outside the house. She says if she would have been out of the house she would have told her F you. Goodbye! Wil says he's surprised how easy it is for him to lie in the house. Jen agrees. Wil says it's the group environment and house setting. Jen agrees because you have to use mirrors and watch everyone to see who is talking to whom.

04:28AM BBT Jen and Wil rehashing the fact that they are outnumbered and have to get the house to flip on Joe. Wil thinks he should try to lay low and let Joe dig his own grave. Jen agrees but says he has to remain fun though for the house.

04:36AM BBT Brief FoTH. Wil heading in for the night. Says he'll seen Jen in a bit. Jen now lying beside the HT looking up, lost in thought. Wil headed into WC.

04:40AM BBT Wil now in bed. Jen still staring off into space beside the HT.

04:50AM BBT Jen now up from laying near the HT and headed inside. She drops her empty mug of tea off on the counter. She pauses at the fridge and grabs a few bites of some sort of meat out of it.

04:57AM BBT After a trip to the WC Jen stops off at the SR to get some cream for her leg. Jen takes her hoodie and mic off before crawling into bed. Meanwhile next door in the HNR Brit and Dani shift in unison. All 4 cams display darkened rooms with soon to be sleeping HGs.

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9:19am all lights on in the bb house but all hg still sleeping.

9:40am Boogie is now up moving around getting a headband put on to match his shirt for the day and heads to the sr to change his batteries and gets milk a cereal then gets advil he is now in the kt taking his advil.

9:42am Ian is now up and heading to the by where Boogie is. BB says please lower the outside awnings, boogie and ian are now lowering the awnings.

9:49am Jenn is now up and in kt washing dishes. Boogie is laying on the by couch.

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10:05am Boogie in by on couch saying hello to friends of his including dr will kirby he says i am sitting here in the bb house with an ear infection 3 years in the bb house 3 ear infections not fun at all.

10:12am Wil and Jenn in kt making breakfast. Wil says terrible tuesday and Jenn laughs. wil says fresh pot of coffee then breaks toast up in a bowl.

10:14am Ash is now up in the ky saying its amazing how much beter my back feels this morning and i am so thankful that i woke up and my back wasnt hurting this morning.

10:19am Jenn and wil looking around the kt and talking about how bad the ants are in there . ash and dani asleep in wa . Boogie still sitting alone in by.

10:36am Dan is now up in the wa brushing his teeth. wil and Jenn at dt Jenn eating just general talk Boogie in kt washing his cup.

10:51am ian and Dan in sbr ian telling college stories. boogie and wil at dt talking about health.

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11:05 AM BBT Joe comes out to BY and tells Jenn/Wil that last night he heard all sorts of sex terms and talk of things he has never heard of nor would he ever want to do.

11:14 AM BBT Frank telling HG how he requested finger nail clippers and BB gave him toe nail clippers which grossed him out. After doing his nails, he located finger nail clippers in the WA. Ash is going to braid part of Frank's hair for picture day.

In the BY, Jenn tells Joe that she is glad he got some laughs in. Joe says he is resigned either way. Joe tells Wil that if Wil hears that he said anything about him - it's not true. He is not going to say anything against Wil. Wil says the same.

11:20 AM BBT In the WA - Ash is attempting to "improve" Frank's hair. She is adding gel and braids and scrunching it to add volume. Frank is not looking to sure.

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11:34 AM BBT In the WA we still have Ash's salon going on. In the BY - just gen chit chat. Sounds like they may have ants again.

11:47 AM BBT Ash singing a little tune and we get BB telling them to stop singing so Brit breaks out into a full tune. In the BY discussion about Brit's behavior. Wondering if she is a slob at home as well as in the BB house.

11:50 AM BBT In the BY talk about the Olympics and how the different countries have done it. Boogie says Sydney did it great as they almost "built" the entire venue area.

11:55 AM BBT in the WA - we have moved on to Brit doing Dani's hair. They are talking low about Shane and something he is not getting about talking.

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12:05pm bbt All 4 cams on Brit doing Dani's hair [i guess they are getting fixed up for the HOH camera this afternoon?]

Brit's plans for the afternoon, eat slop, shower, nap

12:10pm bbt Hair time is done, it's lunchtime, Wil/Boogie/Jenn chatting on the patio

12:15pm bbt Boogie stops Brit before going in from patio, reminds her to take her dishes/coffee cup with her. After she goes in, Boogie/Jenn think the timing of that was awesome. [HGs have had an ongoing fued of getting people to clean up after themselves]

12:20pm bbt Sandwich making continues in K, on the patio Boogie sharing about co-parenting his child.

12:30pm bbt Joe/Brit are questioning if the scales they use are accurate. Joe checks it by putting a weight on it, but BB voice tells Joe to 'stop it' in a harsh tone.

Ashley tells Brit she doesn't like to see Brit using a plastic spatula when cooking, for fear it will harm her (future) baby. Brit says it's silicone. Frank questions if silicone is still plastic?

12:35pm bbt HGs in K compare sub shops, Jimmy John's vs Subway vs Quiznos. Joe demonstrates to Dan how to cut open a pineapple.

12:40pm bbt On patio, Boogie/Jenn/Wil talk about amount of alcohol BB provides, then the annoyance of the food fight. Brit/Joe discuss dental surgery Brit had 8 weeks before coming in the house, and teeth sensitivity issues.

12:45pm bbt Ash joins Brit/Joe, catches end of Brit's story, so she tells it again, fracture lines in her teeth, bonding(or binding) to strengthen them, 5 hour surgery.

12:50pm bbt Frank asking for blog suggestions. Wil says you can't talk about the '-gates', Banana-gate or Zingbot-gate. One suggestion is the ants. Others are Brit not cleaning up after herself, BB bootcamp workouts, and 'dogging on Janelle'.

12:55pm bbt Dani joins Boogie/Jenn/Wil on patio. Boogie says you won't be out here long in those pants, it's too hot. Dani can feel the slop diet affecting her. Brit thought the candy canes would be more enjoyable than they really are.

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1:02 PM BBT In the KT Brit and Ash talking about dogs. They both think dogs can tell time. Brit is sure her dog is pissed at her for being gone so long.

1:12 PM BBT Brit and Ash talking about how a FF works. Brit says hers wasn't the norm so she isn't sure of the timeline.

1:19 PM BBT Dani assisting Boogie in the WA with his ear. He has seen someone for it and has been diagnosed with swimmers ear. Boogie says he has has ear infections all 3 seasons now. The last time was due to a comp with oatmeal and water.

1:25 PM BBT Dan asks Jenn about her Mom. Jenn says she doesn't want to talk about it on live feeds. She is concerned that she will be worse when she gets out.

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1:30 PM BBT Dan and Jenn talking about Jenn feeling a bit trapped because everything is the same everyday. SHe feels she does all the fun stuff but just stuck. Dan trying to help her so she gets out of her rut.

Boogie and Dani talking about Jani and what she thought when she was evicted. How much she hates them no

1:40 PM BBT Dani and Boogie talking about the photos that were taken and if they are available. Dani says she asked BB and we get FOTH.

Brit and Shane discussing having braces. Brit was excited to get them. She locked picking her colors from the color wheel. She would pick her school colors for cheerleading.

1:46 PM BBT Shane/Brit talking about calling out one of the HG (didn't hear which one) Brit saying she felt terrible lying to Jani.

Ash twisting side to side and talking about taking HOH pictures. Dani wants to go outside but wants to do the pictures first. Frank is still blogging.

1:51 PM BBT Boogie tells Ian/Brit that he changed his legal name is now Mike Mellon (not Michael) He has actually changed his name twice. Mellon is not his original last name.

1:56 PM BBT It's HOH picture time! Frank has his Julie Chen shirt on. Boogie is taking pictures for Frank and Ian.

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2:05PM BBT: Brit, Dani and Frank sitting on the BY couches taking pictures, and going through them. Ashley has her feet in the pool, and Dan and Jenn are playing in the pool with the basketball toy. Looks like a very relaxed and chill day in the BB house.

2:10PM BBT: Brit taking jumping pictures of Frank and Shane. Shane proceeds to go back to running lengths in the BY once the picture is taken. Other group poses are being taken.

2:12PM BBT: Brit asks Boogie how many times has starting a showmance with Ashley crossed his mind, and he says 3. She says 3x3=9 so the true number is 9. He laughs and says she's funny.

2:14PM BBT: Dan, Frank and Dani take pics in front of the memory wall. Dani and Frank take a picture in front of Janelle's pic; Frank has devil horns, and Dani has her arms up in a 'whoops' pose with a smile.

2:16PM BBT: Frank and Boogie take pics in front of the memory wall (in front of Jani's face) with their keys. Frank is holding up 8 fingers, and Boogie is holding up 1 (as Jani was voted out 8-1). Boogie has his sunglasses on and is looking out from the tops of them.

2:19PM BBT: Shane and Dani take pictures together and feeding candy canes to each other. Aww, cute.

2:22PM BBT: Shane,, Frank, Ashley and Dani pose with a bucket of slop. Shane holds up 3 fingers, Dani holds up 2 fingers, Ashley holds up one, and Frank makes a zero with his hand to represent the weeks they've been on slop.

2:28PM BBT: Brit out in the backyard talking with Ian and Boogie on the couches. She feels like she talks about BB12 20 times a day. She says that everytime someone talked about her in BB13, she got a tweet saying "______ said this about you" and she feels bad if she talks about someone else on a previous season, then they're getting those tweets too.

2:32PM BBT: Boogie asks Brit about her fiance situation. She clarifies that she was engaged to a different man on her BB12 season, but it didn't work out. Boogie heads inside, and now Brit, Frank and Ian talking about how hot it is and about Frank and Boogie's picture with Jani in front of the memory wall.

2:37PM BBT: Ian asks Brit if they're the only people out in the BY, and she asks him if he has any boxes of secrets but he denies it. Brit asks Ian if he's still with the plan, and he says as far as he knows, yes. He wants to see where Joe's head is at. They're now talking about what would happen if Joe or Jenn got HoH. Ian says the biggest question mark in the game would be what Jenn would do with HoH. Ian thinks she would put Joe up because she doesn't like him, or Boogie or Frank. Boogie comes out and sits on the couches with him, and the game talk immediately ends and talk now changes to the weather.

2:41PM BBT: Brit's only wish is to sit around the campfire tonight and talk about ghost stories "Can no one grant me this wish?". She thinks they can get some really good ghost stories out of it. Frank comes out into the BY and asks if they want him to tweet anything. Boogie asks Ian about what he's going to do if he gets through to jury. He says that he'll go to school in January and wont have to pay rent in the fall and will live in Pittsburg until then.

2:44PM BBT: Dan and Joe wander out to the BY couches, and they're now discussing Bill Clinton and how he taught at the University of Arkansas for a 'hot minute'. Talk now changes to Obama.

2:48PM BBT: Ashley, Jenn, Wil and Frank sitting around the kitchen table. Dani and Shane are sitting at the breakfast bar. They're discussing dish washers and how they don't have one in the house because they think the house is trying to be green. Wil says a dishwasher is a make or break it item. He hates washing dishes. Frank and Jenn discuss how Britney looks nothing like her picture on the memory wall.

2:51PM BBT: Someone is doing something they're not supposed to! Lots of FoTH for the past few minutes.

2:56PM BBT: Shane talking about different flavours of muscle milk. Shane mentioned that they have cookies and cream flavour, and Boogie says he will beg for that in the DR. Joe, Ian, Brit sit around and listen in.

2:59PM BBT: Shane said Joe said that if he stayed Thursday night, he'd make sweet tea marinated chicken breast for dinner afterwards. Dani says she just wants grilled cheeses, and pizza.

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3:08 PM BBT Brit says that she is not bothered by the HN sleepiing situation - she has been sleeping. Joe's snoring bothers Shane.

Ash/Wil complaining that Dani barely says hello to them but that she brightly says hello to Boogie and Dan. Ash says that Dani is hiding behind the guys and does exactly was Britt does.

3:14 PM BBT Feeds are bouncing from room to room so difficult to get a convo. Brit/Shane/Dani talking about a game involving shots. Boogie lying down and Frank trying to get into his HOH room.

Frank says that the door in the HOH room is now different. There is a now a metal plate. Brit says he may be a regular door now - we get FOTH.

3:20 PM BBT We come back to feeds and Britt is talking about they are going on ILD. She wonders how long it will be. Frank says he has no idea.

3:26 PM BBT Talk in BY about last time they have had sex. Ash says it was with an ex-BF. A booty call Shane asks. Brit says like scratching an old itch. Brit says it could be fun - just ask her husband. Talk turns to blumpkins again (you will have to look it up).

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3:32 PM BBT Hg move indoors to enjoy food. Not on ILD yet but coming soon they say. Brit says she can't handle another slop burger so she has a protein shake. Brit wonders if her husband and Dan's wife have talked - in BB12 some of the spouses talked.

Boogie is explaining how a Pandora's box works and we get FOTH. The HG are assuming all of the hammering and such they heard earlier from the HOH room is a Pandora's Box.

3:46 PM BBT WIl tells Ash that he was able to relieve himself the other night. Ash says she has to do that but she gets nervous. Ash says she normally does it once a day. Wil says he does too. Ash says during sequester it was a couple times a night.

We are back to the KT (all four feeds again) and the BY door is down. The ILD has begun. The HG speculate what is going on. They have nothing else to do.

3:53 PM BBT There are flies in the house. Brit climbs up on the table to try and wait to kill one. BB yells at her to get down.

3:58 PM BBT Brit trying to kills the two flies. Shane directing her all over the kitchen. She is attempting to jump at it with a napkin. She is tapping on things in the KT to see if they will quit hiding.

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4:00pm bbt Ian is out of the shower, Dani is clipping her nails. Yes, it's Tuesday afternoon in the BB house.

4:05pm bbt Dan/Frank in HOH, discussing option of cutting Brit/Shane from Silent 6, getting them out before jury.

Frank:Mike does like the idea of him(Shane) winning POVs for us. He did win 1 HOH, but it was more of a crap shoot. Do we want him to make it to final 3 though?

Dan asks what Frank's thoughts are on this week? Still Wil?

Frank: Absolutely, even today I saw him sitting at lunch with Ashley/Ian, that could be dangerous.

4:10pm bbt I switch to Dani/Brit in the WCA to see if they are talking strategy.... Brit: Finger nails without polish doesn't bother me, but toenails without polish does.

Back to Dan/Frank in HOH, Dan feels people are starting to get worn down, they get more emotional, you can start fights, things like the ants, my season a piece of chicken. It creates a reason for someone to be evicted.

4:15pm bbt Frank questions if any from the other side can win a comp. Dan insightfully says you never can discount anyone because it can always happen.

Dan reminds Frank that in his season, Dan tried to evict Memphis the first week, then they teamed up in week 4. Being a coach was difficult for Dan, dealing with Kara and Danielle.

4:20pm bbt Dan tells story of going to 3 day Kid Rock concert with Chelsea, first night he was ok, second night was too much. Frank says one night is fine, next day he wants to just sit on the couch and hydrate.

Shane/Ian have joined Brit/Dani, discussing(joking about) Brit's negative attitude. The possibility of a Pandora's box suddenly hits Britney: What if someone comes in the house? I look hideous! What if Joann Butler comes?!? Brit starts doing makeup. Shane says he never had seen BB until in sequester.

Dan/Frank reliving early days in the house, when Willie confronted Frank. Dan asks if Frank was worried he would get hit. Frank says no, worse case if he does hit me, he goes and I stay in the house. Dan says he was concerned it was going to become a fight. They both agree the headbutt wasn't really all that much.

4:35pm bbt Brit tells Shane/Dani she didn't want first coach's pick, or last coach. [Frank thinks he's still talking to Dan about Willie, I think Dan is playing the BB game].

4:39pm bbt The IDLD is over. Brit gets excited when Ian says there is a Bocce set outside, but he was joking. They did get new badminton birdies.

4:40pm bbt Brit/Shane head outside, agree Ian has his cake/eating it too, doesn't want to put up Frank/Boogie. Brit: It's annoying, but we need him to keep getting us info.

Shane: Do you think he realizes we have a F4 deal?

Brit: no

Shane/Brit agree Wil is gone, he's a liar, threw them under bus, is wishy-washy.

4:42pm bbt Dani joins Shane/Brit by pool, Brit asks plans for next week if they win HOH.

Shane: nominate Ash/Jenn or Joe, see how POV goes.

Dani: Joe definately goes up. Not sure who I put beside him.

Shane: I'd put up Jenn.

Ian comes outside and joins them.

In HOH, Frank/Dan reviewing the POV comp order and how Frank ended up in the Spiri-tard.

4:47pm bbt Ian/Shane discuss getting out the floaters next 2 weeks(Jenn/Ash in their eyes).

Brit: Good idea, everybody, let's get out the people we can actually beat in competitions. Good strategy... this is the big game that everybody talks every season, get out all the floaters so that it's competitive. Truth is, no one really wants to be with a competitor.

4:50pm bbt Frank heads outside, followed by Dan, and Ian goes to K. Frank/Brit/Dani/Shane/Dan agree if Thurs is fast forward, Joe/Ash are noms, Joe is target. If Joe wins POV, Jenn goes up and gets evicted.

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5:05pm BBT Wil, Jenn and Ash sleeping they are missing the wonderful poop talk in the back yard.

General Chat in BY. Frank had his Julie Chen's My Homegirl shirt from last year when he was an alternate. No one understands Ugg boots, why wear them in the summer.

5:22pm BBT Brit talking about famous brand shoes, gay bars and TV shows.. Brti goes to DR. (its that exciting)

5:30pm BBT General chat intermingled with FOTH, we come back and allcams on Wil sleeping.

Wil called to DR...all cams switch to Mike sleeping.

5:37BBT Brit says the only time she has been in the SR since she became a HN was to put the candy canes away and get new batteries.

they ask Trixie (Ash) to make cookies tonight. she says she doesnt know how. she will make special Britney cookies tho.

5:41pm BBT Foth.....Frank jokes about picking the same teams for HN next wk as this wk.....Shane gives him a single finger salute and says lets not.

Helicopter flies over, HG say Hiiii, they must have not heard us, they are looking for pot, they start to sing...FOTH...Dan cooking.

Ash asks Frank if he wants to have an ice cream date later. Ian says oh you're dating other men now. Ash says well you left me for Kristen. ( he did Kristen shout outs before)

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18:00 BBT

Wil, Shane, and Brit by the HT. Wil asks Shane where's at for votes. Shane says he's not sure but that he's heard rumors that he's being thrown under the bus. Wil assures him that it's not him. Shane tells Brit (when Wil leaves) that he doesn't buy it.

Joe joins Shane and Brittany by the HT. Shane tells him that Wil lied to him and doesn't trust him at all. Joe says he feels safe this week - that the only votes he doesn't have 100% are Ash and Jenn. Says he'll prob put Ash up next week if he can.

Clarification… Joe isn't gunning for Ash per say, but it sounded like if she voted for him this week, he'd feel compelled to try to put her up next week. Mainly he seemed like he was trying to make Shane and Brit feel safe.

18:15 BBT

Wil and Ashley in the Arcade. Wil is frustrated that Shane seems to think he's after him. Ash doesn't understand where Shane would've gotten that information.

Ash and Wil are in the arcade, frustrated at the turn of the game & how everyone hated Frank last week and now loves him. Brit and Ian are in the hammock - general non-game chit-chat. Most of the other house guests are in the KT eating.

18:23 BBT

Brit in the hammock talking game with Ian. Ian is set on getting out floaters. Brit filled him in on the conversations at the hot tub earlier.

Ian doesn't think Boogie deserved to win. Brit agrees. Ian thinks Brit is safe - that Boogie would put up Shane or Danielle b4 her. Brit: "That's good. I just gotta lay low." Neither cares if Dan wins, but they also really want to win themselves.

Ian admits he threw the challenge that he earned the dog-suit in. Boogie was mad about that but Ian just thinks it's funny. Ian thinks Frank was dumb to grab for the Veto since it was obviously going to be taken by the next person & he just got stuck w/ the leotard instead.

Brit called to DR. Ian leaves the hammock looking for some water to drink. Rest of the house guests are inside eating dinner. Frank starts singing and we get FOTH.

Ian's back in the hammock whispering to himself about the dog suit. He's swinging back and forth vigorously. Everyone else is eating… general chit chat.

18:50 BBT

Brit joins Ian again at the hammock. Ian says he heard Joe wants to put up Jen and Ash. Ian says, "Floaters going after floaters…" Brit laughs. They continue trashing Joe in general.

Ash and Wil come outside to sit on the couch. Brit asks Ian what he thinks of them -- Ian tells Brit he thinks Ash would nominate him, but Wil wouldn't. Meanwhile… Wil and Ash are talking about how he doesn't trust Ian and Brit.

Boogie joins Ash and Wil on the BY couches. Wil tells him that Shane seems to think Wil's going after him. Wil says ppl used to want Joe out & now everyone seems unsure. Boogie admits he hasn't been feeling well (ear problems earlier) & he can't think about strategy right now, but will definitely talk 2 them more about it later. Says he knows certain ppl are running the game, so thinks look grim.

19:06 BBT

Jenn, Boogie, Ash in the BY trash-talking the couches. Ash is investigating the couch cushions, zipping and unzipping them. Jenn tells her it sounds like Ash is farting.

Ian & Brit in the hammock discussing the first night and what they thought about everyone in the first comp where they chose teams.

Ashley and Boogie start (playfully) trash-talking Ian a bit - saying how he's cracking them up with his cockiness lately.

Boogie, Jenn, and Ashley discussing restaurants in Los Angeles. Ian and Brittany in the hammock talking about who they were pretty sure from the beginning would be going home quickly.

19:30 BBT

We keep getting FOTH. Houseguests seem to be getting ready for their second course of dinner. General chit-chat.

Brittany joins Danielle in the HN room. Danielle is complaining about Ashley. Dani tells Brit that Ash is mad that Wil is probably going home. Brit says, "Why wouldn't we vote him out?"

Dani says Wil threw Shane under the bus and can't be trusted. Brit thinks Ash is a total floater and doesn't have a mind of her own. Dani agrees - says Ash follows her around & it's annoying.

Boogie complains to Ash that he feels lazy, just sitting around all day. She says it's fine b/c he has been sick so that'll help him get better quicker. Wil is "getting ready" to run by sitting in the lawn chair and drinking coffee. Ash joins him.

Dani and Brit in the HN room discussing Shane. Brit jokingly suggests using Frank to make Shane jealous. Dani is frustrated b/c Shane isn't consistent w/ her, which gives her red flags about him. Brit doesn't think he's intending to hurt her - just that he's a noncommittal person. Dani is still upset about what the Zingbot said about her being googly-eyed about Shane.

19:53 BBT

Wil laying in the lawn chair in the BY looking contemplative. Dani & Brit continue to analyze Shane in the HN room. Brit wants to introduce her to Hayden.

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7:00BBT Ian and Brit in BY talking about how Joe said he will put up floaters if he got HoH. Trash talk now starts about Joe. Ian now says he is sorry about the whole "having your cake and eat it too" Brit says she understands and Ian says he is loyal to her and she said she understands. Ian says Brit is in a better positon than Ian is.

Ash and Wil now talking about Brit and Ash says Wil is not going home. Wil now tells Boogie that he heard he wants Shane out. Wil is not understanding why everyone was wanting Joe out so bad and now its him. Boogie is saying that with his ear hurting he does not want to game talk. Boogie is saying that Frank did not tell him that and that he does not have lots of alliances.

Boogie/Ash/Wil now talking about how relaxed Joe is while on the block. Jenn comes up and Wil tells Jenn the story about how he is being thrown under the bus by trying to get out Shane and its not true. Jenn says her only concern is how relaxed Joe is as well.

Wil is saying its hard to defend yourself in the house with all the lies going around. Boogie says that is why it was so hard with Jani in the house due to all her lies.

Wil/Ash/Jenn/Boogie all talking about the couch. Wil leaves and says he is going to change to work out talk continues about how much they hate the couch. All 4 cams on this convo.

Ian/Brit/Shane Hammock talking about when the coaches came into the game and what they thought about it. Ian says if you could re-pick your team who would you pick Brit says "easy" Shane/Ian/Frank. Ian says what you would not pick Joe and she says NO! Brit says when she first saw Ash she thought she could really compete well. Ian says he was surprised he was not picked at least by the second person. Brit says she was very surpirsed by Dan's pick and asks Ian do you think he was only picking b/c he thought he was going in the game? Ian says yes. Ian still says he was surprised by not being picked early.

7:15BBt Brit says Willy wanted to call a house meeting to tell everyone who his brother was and they both agree it did not matter at all who his brother was. Brit says in doing so would have caused it to become a big deal when it was not one. Short FOTH.

7:30 All 4 cams BY Ian/Brit General chit chat and talk of old comps. Ian talks about the Hockey game and how it may not have been such a crap shoot of a game.

7:32pm BBT Ian goes in to eat his chicken nuggets and gets up. Joe is in the kitchen cooking but, drops and egg.

Frank/Shane/Dan/Joe in kitchen not game talk gen chit chat.

Dani/Brit in HNR Dani talking about how Ash is getting in her space and forcing her to move and watches they way she lays and then does the same thing.. Dani says Ash was sitting googly eyed at Shane. Dani said Ash was hearing the convo about Joe making something to eat thursday and said "wait so you mean will is going home" and brit says so she went and told Wil that they were voting him out. Bitt says dont go to the KT they are making fried chicken that looks so good and short FOTH. Dani is still trash talking everything Ash has said and does today. Dani says Ash has no mind of her own she does what everyone wants. Dani says Ash does nothing but follows her all over the house. 0_o Britt is saying its weird about how she talks about Tray and then flirts with Shane Dani says the more she pulls away from Shane the more Shane flirts with her but, she does not want him she is still in Tray land. (OMG) Now they talk about Tray's last name and we get FOTH.

7:46pmBBT Brit trys to talk about something else and Dani brings it back to Shane. Dani says that everytime Frank flirts with Dani Shane gets upset and flirts harder to out do him. Brit says she wants Dani to talk about how big Frank is in front of Shane to see what he would do and Dani smiles and says what do you think he would do if I did that... Brit says she cant wait to see how this all goes down after the show and what happens with Tray. Dani says tray is the type of person that could already be seeing another person ( thought they were engaged)

Dani says she could have been in love with tray and its a "gooder" thing she left. (Thats what I heard)

Dani says she thinks Shane will hurt her and now talk goes to zingbot and how BB has painted her out to be a giggly googley eyed girl about Shane. Dani said Shane told her he could not talk to her anymore b/c he could really fall for her. Brit says I am not saying this to be mean but that is a cop out and not the truth.

Dani now talking about how she will go out with hyden instead and it will hurt Shane. Brit now telling Dani what type of girl Hayden likes and to invite him and she wants to make out with him...

7:59pmBBT BY Jenn/wil (finally game talk even if its the same things being said) Wil does not understand how last week everyone wanted Joe out and this week people can't give him an answer about a vote.

Jenn thinks the reason people are not telling her who is going out is they know that she would tell Wil. Wil says people will prolly put Jen up next week and Jenn says what a waste to take her out. (LOL) Wil says he really just does not understand. Wil and Jenn go inside.

8:09pmBBT Brit/Dani HNR Brit asks why do you think Dan asks about how much Jani's shoes costs and Dani says she does not want to talk about Jani and very fast changes the subject. (Jelly much?) LOL She spits out "Brit will you cry if I get evicted" and Brit says yes. Dani says its crazy we have been in here 40 days and nights and have not gone anywhere then says but if we had gone to A G and R and FOTH... Brit says out of the 4 of us one of will win the game. Brit says if not Frank will win the game and Dani says NO I will fight tooth and nail to stop him. Brit says Frank is as loud as Joe and Dani says Frank is a douchebag and how they have to pretend to like him. Dani talks about the mac and cheese again. Dani then makes up a story about how Frank said JC wanted to talk to him but, did not want to talk to her??????? Brit says Frank said the HN's should stay the same next week. Brit says she cant wait for him to be a HN and she is going to cook and eat in front of him. dani says Frank thinks he is so goodlooking and its creepy when he winks. They now talk about how much he stinks and does not do anything to clean often. Brit says we just have to play along with his jokes and let him tickle us to play the game. Dani says each time Frank tickles her she thinks "this will make Shane made" so she goes along with it. 8:12pmBBT Still Frank bashing and how he took a jab at Dani saying he has an open door policy and Dani says she only locked the door so Jani and Ash would not come and eat all her snacks and says "how about you win a HoH and I'll come eat all your snacks" (I saw her shovel a handful of snacks with each HoH)

(Have a great night guys) :D

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