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Big Brother Australia 2012

Brekkie Boy

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Big Brother Australia has returned today after four years. IMO it's all a bit crap - they've taken far too much influence from the awful C5 version (which has killed BBUK for many people), and like C5 scrapped the live feeds. Nice house though.

More info at behindbigbrother.com but basically three men entered the main house and seven girls entered the "parlour", where they could watch the men enter the house. The girls were told each of the men were hiding a secret and were given the seven secrets (such as one being a multi-millionare, one not having a girlfriend since 11, one dating over 100 people). Four more men will enter the house over coming days. The girls can not ask the boys outright about their secrets, but can try and get to the truth with indirect question. They can confer with each other in the parlour, and must always give the answer "womens business" if the men ask them what they've been doing in the parlour.

The girls must match the secrets to the men over the first week to be immune from the first eviction and put the men to the public vote. If they fail the females all face eviction.

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Dragging out the HG entering the house is lame. Let them all in on the same night. The main reason it would be better to let them in on the same night is how lame the live show was. Get them all in the house and let the daily shows begin.

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The live show isn't even live, so considering they seem to want footage from the first day within their premiere I don't get why they don't just do it US style and get the HMs in their quickly and get going.

Actually a shame the launch show wasn't live as it would have made great TV for all the wrong reasons - they set the studio on fire with pyrotechnics and the eye got stuck (hence after a couple of HMs it remained open). Never really understood too why filming the launch takes the Aussies a good few hours yet in the UK we do it live within 90 minutes.

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The live show isn't even live, so considering they seem to want footage from the first day within their premiere I don't get why they don't just do it US style and get the HMs in their quickly and get going.

Actually a shame the launch show wasn't live as it would have made great TV for all the wrong reasons - they set the studio on fire with pyrotechnics and the eye got stuck (hence after a couple of HMs it remained open). Never really understood too why filming the launch takes the Aussies a good few hours yet in the UK we do it live within 90 minutes.

I know, that does suck that's it's not even live. The new host is hard to watch. She needs to speed things up and get on with it. That's why I can't wait for the daily shows to start. They really need to look at the pace that the UK one has. The UK can manage daily highlights and the live eviction all at the same time. Regardless of how the AU one is going so far, it's much better then the crap we have here in the US.

Any early predictions on the HG? Even with two more HG left to enter, I'm guessing the nerdy little 18 year old will win it all. I think his name is Brad. Seems like he'll be a house favorite and a fan favorite too.

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Here is a recap of what went on Episode 1:

BB Australia has kicked off it’s 2012 season. 14 HG entered the house on Sunday August 12th. 10 out of the 14 HG entered the house on launch night. The show is hosted by Sonia Krugar. The last HG standing will win $250,000 (in USD that is roughly $262,000). She announces that all the HG have a secret and BB has several secrets and surprises.

The house is amazing. A large backyard with a large pool, a floating island with couches, huge barbecue. Retro kitchen full equipped. One bedroom for all the HG to share very futurist. One large bathroom retro and futuristic. Each of the rooms is off the backyard. So you have to go through the yard to get to other parts of the house. There are secret rooms too.

The HG enter one at a time. First to enter was Michael, 26 year old copywriter. Michael is a character! Long hair, with a very lazy look to him. He’s naturally funny. When each HG enters the house they are frisked to be sure they aren’t carrying any contraband (phones etc). He entered the house into the backyard. He explored the house and it was quite comical…I actually recommend watching that part it starts around 8 minutes in and lasts for 2 min).

The next HG is Sarah, age 30, car sales person with a boyfriend. BB has her enter the house into what they dub “The Parlor”. It’s a pink lounge type room. After she realizes all the doors in there are locked she sits down and relaxes. Suddenly on the TV screen she can see the house and watch Michael roaming around exploring the house. There is no volume on the TV, she dubs him “Frank” and he looks very confused. Michael has no idea that Sarah is able to watch him. (The girls get wine)

The next HG is Angie, age 21, Sales Rep (very pretty). She says she is very smart and “not a dumb blonde”. She is single. She enters the house into the pink Parlor to meet Sarah. (They are all so nice on launch night).

The next HG is Zoe, age 23, Student. She lives on a hobby farm (cattle and sheep). She is country girl. She is 6’1”! Never had a boyfriend. She enters the Pink Parlor.

The next HG is Layla, age 24, unemployed, girly girl, always has to have her hair and nails down. She’s new to Australia from Great Britain. Layla enters the house into the Pink Parlor. (they are getting a big kick out of watching Michael roam the house by himself).

The next HG is Josh, age 28, musician (lead singer in a band), surfer dude, single, lives paycheck to paycheck. Josh enters the backyard to meet Michael (they still have no idea there are 4 girls in the parlor). Michael gives him a tour.

The next female HG is Charne, age 31, pin up girl, musician, was Miss Vava Voom, single. Charne enters the pink Parlor and meets the other 4 girls. Charne prefers to be called Vava!

The next HG is Estelle, age 23, law student, tom boy, loves sports, single. She considers herself a street girl. She is the 6th girl to enter the Pink Parlor.

The next female HG is Stacey, age 24, Account manager. Her nickname is Totes. She is a city girl, doesn’t think highly of herself. She is single. And the last girl for the 2012 season to enter the Pink Parlor!

The next and last HG of the first night to enter the house is Bradley, age 18, checkout chick(clerk), never had a girlfriend, works for his parents and lives in the back of the store he works at, lives in a small town. He has a speech impediment, stutter. He considers himself a geek, proudly. (Reminds me of Ian of BB US a little bit). He enters the house into the backyard with the other boys. All the girls went “awwww” when he entered! LOL The boys offered him a drink and he says he doesn’t drink!

Meanwhile in the Pink Parlor, BB starts talking to the female HG:

BB VOICE: Female HG welcome the Parlor! Listen very carefully. BB has a challenge for you. The male HG have a secret from you. Over the next few days you will meet 4 more male HG and they will all be keeping secrets from you. But BB will reveal all the secrets to you now!

They are:

1. I have the IQ of a genius.

2. I have ornithophobia (fear of birds) as the result of an EMU attack

3. I have been fired from every job I have ever had

4. I haven’t had a girlfriend since I was 11

5. I am a juvenile offender

6. I have dated more than 100 women

7. I am a multi-millionaire!

Female HG your challenge is to match each secret to his correct male owner. Success in this task will mean it is impossible that one of you will be the first to be evicted. Failure in this task will mean it is certain that one of you will be the first to be evicted. The rules are simple, you cannot talk about your secret task with anyone outside of the Parlor, if the males discover your secret task then all of you will be up for nomination. Female HG the Parlor will open when BB decides. Only in this room may you discuss your secret task. Listen Carefully do not speak (LOL) – you cannot directly ask any male what their secret is. If questioned by the males as to where you have been, you must answer simply “The Parlor”. If asked by the males what was discussed, you must answer only “Women’s business”. Female HG you have 1 week to complete your challenge. You may discuss your challenge now.

All the girls start talking at the same time. BB says: “Female HG it is now time for you to enter the house” The girls all run out the door to go meet the boys! They are screaming and yelling. 3 Boys meet 7 girls, everyone is all excited! Lots of hugging and kissing.

Meanwhile in the bedroom Angie and Estelle have discovered there appears to be a secret door in the bedroom. They are messing with it, when BB comes over the speaker and says: This is BB, HG, think very carefully before clawing your way through the walls of the BB house.

The girls get scared and run away. Now they are all excited their luggage has arrived and want to immedatiately change into their PJ’s. Estelle and Vava (aka Charne) have taken on the motherly roles of cleaning. Michael announced “I had so few clothing, BB had to give me clothing”. Each HG was allowed to bring 3 photos. They all sleep in the same bedroom, some double beds and some single beds, but everyone is in very close proximity. Michael decides to go take a swim. The girls are in the bedroom bonding.

Later in the evening Sarah is quizzing Bradley quite a bit trying to discover his secrets. At 1am the girls have been called to the Parlor so they can discuss what they have discovered about the boys’ secrets. The boys meanwhile are asking each other if they would have sex with any of the girls and while Bradley and Michael have said no way…Josh slowly says “yeah I guess not” (I’m guessing he doesn’t really mean that). The girls are discussing which boy is possibly which secret and not. BB tells the girls when the time is up in the Parlor and the girls leave. As they exit the boys ask them “what is the Parlor all about?” Sarah replies with “Women’s business”. 211am All HG now in the bedroom trying to settle down. Charne is admitting (to BB) she is out of her comfort zone not used to sleeping with others next to her. Michael telling jokes in the bedroom. BB finally turns the lights out on them and tells the HG good night. Sonia Krugar tells us as she signs off “I have a secret, the multi-millionaire is not in the house yet! Good night”

And here is the link to watch Episode 1:

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Episode 2 August 14th recap:

Link to watch:

First let me preface this that these are not live episodes. Reminder that Aus is 1 day ahead of us in the US. The first 10 HM entered on Sunday (AST (Australia Time). This Aug 14th episode is really happening on August 15th because of the date difference (yeah I know confusing).

Sonia is hosting saying “2 new HM (They call them Housemates, not Houseguests, so I will use HM) enter tonight, and one of them is the multi-millionaire”

Bradley is apparently not feeling well “not good in the belly”. Sarah is mothering him, trying to take care of him and making him toast and taking him to the bathroom. They conclude he is probably just nervous. Meanwhile hilarious Michael enters the bathroom from the dark bedroom and covering his eyes and holding his hand out in front of him so he doesn’t bump into everything. Back to Bradley and Sarah, she picks up a banana and hands it to Bradley saying “it’s your mom calling” so Bradley pretends to talk to his mum. It’s cute!

Day 2 & 3 they show the girls busy quizzing the boys about their lives trying to figure out their secrets. Charne all covered in the backyard in black and a hat to avoid the sun. Sometime in the evening of day 3 (Wed 8/15) the girls are called by BB to The Parlor. The girls are discussing the secrets. The boys are making pizza.

Sonia announces the next male HM to enter is George, age 25, Electrician, has dreadlocks, he considers himself a mummy’s boy. He enters the house into the backyard and the guys are all excited and welcome him while the girls watch on from the Parlor and cheer. The boys give him a tour of the house, he says he can’t cook, but will gladly do dishes. They tell him they call the living room the Ron Burgundy room. Meanwhile in the Parlor Angie comes up with the idea that each girl takes 1 of the secrets and tries to figure out which man goes with which secret. So they each volunteer for which secret they want to work with.

Sonia now announces the 12th HM to enter the house is Ryan, age 21, a model, thinks he’s very good looking, and likes looking at himself, he has a commercial law degree, his family owns their own business, he is single and interested in meeting a girl in the house. He enters the house into the BY (backyard) with the other guys, the guys are excited to meet him. The girls are excited to see another new boy. Angie says “oh he’s gorgeous!” Ryan and George find out that the other HM have been there since Sunday.

This is BB: Female HM it is time to leave The Parlor. The girls decide to play it cool and pretend they don’t know what’s going on and just go sit outside in the BY. (The boys are in the kitchen). (Remember they aren’t suppose to know that new boys have entered). Suddenly the boys realize the boys are out, and the 2 new guys are hiding behind the counter to surprise the girls. Now the girls are screaming like they just found out the new boys are there. Lots of hugs and kisses and excited hellos.

Sonia announces that tomorrow night the final 2 HM will enter the house.

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Recap of Episode 3 Highlights show August 15:

Link to watch:

Michael is in the DR talking about Ryan and all the girls fawning over him. Ryan is complaining to Stacey about Michael teasing him about being a model. Josh & Michael are giving Bradley tips on how to check out girls. Ryan and George go to the DR together. They wanted to say hello to BB. BB asks them if they are fitting in? George feels like he is starting a new job. Ryan says “the girls are arguing over where I’m going to sleep”. BB noting that Estelle and Bradley are becoming inseperable. Estelle has figured out that Ryan is afraid of birds when she showed him the fake pet birds they have and he said “Oh I hate birds”.

Angie has decided she is concerned about Bradley and Estelle’s relationship. Angie is worried that Estelle is going to hurt Bradley.

BB has called all female HM to the Parlor. The boys are convinced that means a new HM is coming in and they are getting excited. The girls in the Parlor have decided that the only person who can talk is the one holding the water bottle (Finally they have realized they can’t hear each other if they all talk at once). Zoe says “I hope that George is the one who has dated 100 women so I can be 101!”

Sonia is out front interviewing HM #13, Ray age 25, Vet, perfectionist, doesn’t lie, likes to be assertive. Ray enters the house into the BY. The girls are all yelling from the Parlor at the TV screen that he is the millionaire (but they are wrong, because either Ryan or George is the millionaire). They have deduced he is a jerk and he couldn’t have dated 100 women. The boys are now quizzing Ray on what kind of fish they have in the bathroom. Ryan asked him how many years he had to study to be a vet, then Ray asked Ryan how many years he had to study to become a model. Ryan didn’t like that. Then he looked in the fridge and said “Oh no chocolate milk” then slammed the fridge closed. The girls all saw that and do not like it!! Saying “stay away from our fridge”. (Sounds like Ray is getting a bad rep already). BB to the females: Female HM your time in the Parlor is now over.

The girls enter the BY and then the kitchen to meet Ray who introduces himself as “Ray Ray”. The girls did NOT give him a warm welcome like they did all the other males! Michael and Bradley decide to give Ray a tour. Then send him to the DR. Ray in the DR now. He is complaining to BB about needing chocolate milk and will do anything for it! BB tells him NOT to call BB Mate! LOL Ray walks out of the DR and says “BB is a fricken dick because he won’t let me call him Mate” Later that night BB calls Ray back to the DR. Ray says to BB “I’m sorry BB we obviously gotten off on the wrong foot” BB says “Do you feel remorse” Ray says “Can I have a beer…oh yeah I’m feeling remorse as well” BB says “Ray a short while ago BB requested you not to refer to him as anything other than BB you then left the DR and referred to BB as a naughty name” Ray says “Aww I gotta get used to you having cameras everywhere I’m sorry could I please have a beer I will refer to as BB if you give me a beer” BB says “That is unfortunate, Ray when you leave the DR you are to go to the naughty corner for calling BB a bad name, your HM will show you where it is” Ray says “Ok, what about the beer? No? ok!” He comes out of the DR and tells some of them he has to find the naughty corner. It is the red wall in the Lounge room and he has to stand in there. All the HM can see him. BB is talking to him: “Ray you must write “I must not call BB naughty names” 50 times on the chalkboard. BB just yelled at Michael for not having his mic on. BB: “Michael as the naughty corner is now in use, drop and give BB 50 push ups” All the other HM are jumping around excited. Michael begins his pushups. The HM all count for him. He finishes his push ups. The HM all sit in the lounge watching Ray write on the chalkboard. Ray wrote the sentence about 10 times then at the bottom he wrote “I must not call BB naughty names 50 times” Now he has stopped showed the other HM his chalkboard and now he is waiting for BB to talk to him. (Ray is quite the rebel) Some of the HM are telling him to just finish it. Some are telling him to stand his ground and be a man.

Stacey and Michael are talking about Ray in the Kitchen. They said he walked in with swagger.

Ray meanwhile finishes his 50 sentences. BB “This is BB, Ray your penmanship is borderline illegible, however on this occasion BB is satisfied, you may leave the naughty corner”.

Now Angie in the kitchen with Michael and Stacey talking about Ray being a rebel against BB.

Now Sonia is announcing the 14th and final HM to enter the house, Benjamin, age 32, business manager, “I’m the bitchiest person you will ever meet”, so important to be happy, if I don’t like someone they will know right away. Benjamin enters the BY and no one is there. The girls are in the Parlor watching on the TV. They think he is gay and a genius. The boys finally come out to greet him. The girls say “our little family is finally complete”. Benjamin is walking around saying this is so weird. He says to Michael “If you keep pigeon holing me as being gay, can I pigeon hole you as being a bogan” And then they all shout “ooohhhhhhh” BB tells the Parlor that their time in the Parlor is up. They come out all excited to meet Benjamin. Stacey and Estelle are trying to find him a bed. Stacey says sleep next to me. Michael is mad at Ben for callin him a bogan. (for those of us in the US who do not know what his means from wiki: The term bogan is Australian and New Zealand slang, usually pejorative or self-deprecating, for an individual who is recognized to be from an unsophisticated background or someone whose limited education, speech, clothing, attitude and behavior exemplifies a lack of manners and education.

Charne and Ben seem to be getting along good. George and Ryan are bonding together. The rest are talking about George being so laid back and how they don’t even notice he is around. Now Ben is apologizing to Michael for calling him a bogan and asked if they could kiss and make up. Michael accepts his apology.

BB just calls George and Ben to the DR. BB tells us that the 4 new male HM haven’t been given their luggage yet. BB: HM BB has provided your luggage, your free to take this into the house. Have you felt welcomed?. Ben says “yes we feel like a big happy family so far, but some will get on my nerves eventually” Ben doesn’t like he got labeled already. George feels like most of them got to know each other for a while first and so they are the outsiders.

Bradley is now quizzing Ben on being gay. Ben says he didn’t reach puberty until he was 18. Michael goes to the DR to discuss Ray. Michael thinks he is lying about something or hiding something and doesn’t think he is really a vet. (He really is at vet!)

Meanwhile in the bedroom, Ben says to Stacey “Can you please kiss Bradley he has never been kissed before” Someone yells he would prefer Estelle. So he goes to Estelle and she says “NO I’m not kissing anyone”

Now they say good night newbies and the lights go out. Previews for tomorrow “The first weekly task goes in keeping HM on their toes”

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Recap August 16, 2012

They wake up to find BB has set them up for their first task. George reads the instructions: This will determine how well you eat this week. If you fail the task you will have to survive on a bland diet of staples. Success in this weeks task will also award the HM with new gym equipment. When you hear the music start, all HM have 90 seconds to get to the party box and run to the stages area to dance.

Before the HM win a luxury food budget they are on basic rations and must bake their own bread in their pizza oven. The hot water is not turned on in the showers until they do. In the backyard, Ryan and George are working out as Ashley and Layla watch and catcall from the sidelines. (Ryan and George are ignoring them). Bradley is enjoying the pool with all the ladies. Suddenly the music starts and the HM run to the stage and start dancing with costumes on.

Michael tells Stacey and Layla and Benjamin that his IQ is dropping by the second being around some of the HM. So the girls start quizzing him about his smarts. He knows what the average IQ is between 90 and 110. He says those with higher IQ have lower social skills. Benjamin is putting makeup on Ray. Josh and Estelle are kinda holding hands and lightly rubbing each others arms. (maybe a showmance starting?) The HM are having fun throwing food at Michael as he runs by to try to catch it in his mouth. Ryan and Ray are both saying they love the house and feel they really comfortable.

The HM are getting dressed up for their first family dinner. BB tells Layla and Stacey they look ravishing and they get all excited. Josh offers up a toast and welcomes the new HM and says lets have a great time. Bradley is telling Stacey she is old because she is 5 yrs older than him. Estelle, Stacey and Layla are all 24 and Bradley says “Stacey and Layla look MUCH older than Estelle” Stacey seems to be flirting with Bradley a bit (she is a bit drunk too I think) and Bradley says “Stacey, I don’t want you to deflower me, I feel very exposed when your around” Angie sets him aside because Stacey is upset about Bradley’s comments she says “You cant say things like that, Stacey is hurt, take it easy”. Stacey thinks Bradley hates her. The girls are trying to calm her down and saying he just doesn’t know how to talk to girls. Benjamin feels that everyone feels they need to parent Bradley. Charne thinks she needs to just take a step back right now.

BB calls Female HM to the parlor. BB has given them a whiteboard to help them match their secrets to their faces. The girls think Michael is the genius, Ryan has the fear of birds, Ray has been fired from every job, Bradley hasn’t had a girlfriend since age 11, George is a juvenile offender, Josh has dated more than 100 women, and Benjamin is the multi-millionaire.

The boys are having a political debate and Bradley is very vocal. Ryan is making eyes at Layla (could he be interested?). Layla is trying to get to know him. Ryan is now in the DR, says he feels comfortable with the group, the girls think I’m very cheeky, I like to keep people thinking about me.

Music starts playing again and the HM run for the costumes and then the stage to start dancing to disco music. They seem disappointed when the music stops. Benjamiin keeps dancing on the table in the island in the pool, then jumps in the pool.

1114pm Bradley is still trying to keep the political conversation going, and Estelle says I’m not going to keep talking about this (meanwhile she is cuddled on the couch next to Josh). Ray goes to the DR, he feels like every time he talks to Bradley he’s shy around him.

All HM are in the bedroom and Stacey says to Bradley I want to talk about Politicians and the other HM said “don’t you dare”. She gave Michael a hug. All HG settling into bed, the music starts and they all go running for the music box to get their costumes on. They are dancing with glow sticks (I think?!) then music stops and they go back to bed. Bradley looks bothered, Stacey cuddles next to Josh, Estelle looks bothered a bit. Then they finally settle down and the show ends.

and the link to this episode

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Day 6 Highlights:

Link to watch:

The HG are woken up by BB at 730am to heavy metal music and they have 90 seconds to get to the dance stage and start dancing to heavy metal music.

Michael announces he is done with Ryan “He is just too dumb, he’s a nice person, he’s just stupid”

BB calls all HM to the lounge to find out if they have passed their weekly task. BB tells them they have passed this week’s task. They are all excited and run to the BY to check out their new gym equipment.

All the HM seem worried about Bradley getting hurt by Estelle (who they call Stella).

Ray admits his addiction to chocolate milk.

Bradley in the DR – Bradley feels he’s getting on quite good with the girls, but has a lot to learn with the girls.

The HM gather in the kitchen to create their shopping list. Each HM is given $50 to spend. Michael thinks everyone should just shout out what they need and then let 3 people come up with the rest. That seemed to go over well with everyone. (Not sure who stayed behind to create the list)

The male HM are in the backyard playing Cricket (although looks like Baseball to me but I don’t understand the difference between Cricket and Baseball I guess)

BB calls Michael to the DR – They show him the groceries the HM ordered and the HM went $700 over budget. BB tells him that BB has provided them with half of what they requested.

The girls are called to the Parlor to work on the boys secret. They think George is the Junvenile offender, Josh, Ryan the fear of birds, Michael the genius, (Bradley and Ray are the ones they are still confused about). In the DR Estelle is saying she is overreading everyone’s personalities to analyze their secrets.

Meanwhile the boys are discussing who their favorite girl is – Michael says Stacy, Josh likes Estelle, but then Angie, but I’m back to Estelle, Bradley chooses Estelle, George chooses Angie.

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Recap Day 7 August 19

Link to watch the show:

Secret reveal

The girls are allowed 4 mistakes. IF they guess wrong first, they get a strike and then have to guess again.

1. Who has the IQ of a genius? – Girls guess Michael – That is correct

2. Who has ornithophobia as a result of an Emu attack? – Girls guess Josh, That is wrong STRIKE 1.

Their next guess is Ray, that is wrong STRIKE 2. Their 3
guess is Bradley – this is correct

3. Who hasn’t had a girlfriend since he was 11? Girls guess Ryan – This is correct

4. Who was a juvenile offender – Girls guess Ray – This is correct

5. Who has dated over 100 women? Girls guess George – This is wrong, STRIKE 3. Their 2nd guess is Josh

6. I have been fired from every job I have ever had? – Girls guess George – this is wrong, STRIKE 4, the correct answer is Benjamin

7. I am a multi-millionaire – Since this is the last one and the girls already lost, the answer is George

The girls have lost the challenge and this means that only the girls can be nominated in tomorrow’s nomination show.

Now the Parlor Room as been changed over to a Man cave and they have said it’s time to turn the tables. They call the men to the Man Cave. In the Man Cave, BB shows them the 7 girls’ secrets and the same rules apply as did the girls. If they are correct then none of the boys can be nominated next week.

The girls secrets are:

1. I have obsessive compulsive disorder

2. I was a champion weightlifter

3. I was a high school dropout

4. I was a nude protester

5. I used to be an emo

6. I was a hand model

7. I am a member of a Royal Family

Sonia Kruger (The announcer) says tomorrow is live face to face nominations.

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Recap of day 8 Nominations:

Link to watch:

The Housemates learned what Nominating would involve this year. They were given FIVE points to distribute between TWO Housemates. They could allocate their points how they liked – for example, four points to one person, one to another. None of them looked particularly thrilled at the concept – overwhelmed at the idea their votes would put an end to someone’s Big Brother adventure.

Big Brother then revealed a Hidden Nominations room, where the Housemates would enter to place their Nominations. The Housemates nervously squealed.

The Housemates squirmed in their seats before Sonia was projected on the plasma and they instantly screamed with delight. “I love the fact that you’ve nicknamed me ‘Kruges’,” she smiled and they all laughed.

Next, Sonia told the Housemates what they were playing for. “The winner, of Big Brother 2012, will receive a quarter of a million dollars,” Sonia said as the Housemates clapped with delight and laughed that to George, that was nothing. “Bradley, that’s a lot of Batman costumes,” Sonia finished and then it was over to Big Brother, who confirmed that only females could be Nominated.

“All females, to the Nominations Room,” he called and the terrified girls made their way to the new room. “Together? Together???” Estelle shouted, realising they would all be in a group as they Nominated.

“Michael, to the Nominations Room,” Big Brother called and Michael made his way down. “OH GOD! They’re going to be able to see me… you are joking!” he said as he entered. “I’m not keen about any of this,” he said, entering the voting chamber – a glass box directly in front of the girls, who were lined up behind him on chairs. Big Brother confirmed that the chamber was soundproof and the girls would not be able to hear what was being said.


Convinced of the soundproofing, Michael delivered his vote. “For one point, I nominate Stelle (Estelle) because a lot of little things … I think she’s headstrong and opinionated,” he said. Michael then nominated Charne for four points. “I feel like she doesn’t like me,” he said, likening her to an “awkward ex-girlfriend”.

The rest of the boys continued delivering their Nominations…


“First I nominate Charne for three votes,” Josh began. He described her as quite focused on taking over control in the Kitchen. “For two votes I nominate Sarah,” he finished, saying she butted in on stories.


“I’ll nominate Charne for four points please, because she is too much of a perfectionist,” Ray said. “For the one point, I’m going to give that to Angie,” he said, adding that Bradley was madly in love with her and he didn’t like the fact she had hooked up with Ryan on Bradley’s birthday. Big Brother asked him to clarify and Ray admitted he meant Estelle. “Yeah, that’s the one,” he said.


“This is so hard Big Brother,” George began. “I will probably go Angie for three points because she is the laziest Housemate,” he said and then gave Layla two points, saying he “didn’t connect with her as much as the others.” Big Brother strongly suggested George up his game and improve his reasons for the next round of Nominations.


“For four points I’m gonna go Charne, she’s a bit controlling,” said Bradley. For his final point he nominated Zoe. “Of a night, she snores,” he said, explaining that it made it difficult for him to sleep. Big Brother checked that Bradley knew he was potentially nominating someone based on their snoring and Bradley admitted he was aware of that fact.


“Stacey. For four points Big Brother,” Ryan said, adding it was “purely a strategic vote” as she was “playing the game.” He finished by saying he didn’t think Stacey believed she would be up for Eviction. Finally, Ryan nominated Layla. “For one point. … She’s extremely lazy Big Brother, and I find that annoying,” he said.


“I nominate for four points Princess Layla,” Benjamin said, adding she was “the most dishonest” and that made it difficult for him to connect with her. He explained she had undertaken a fad diet and it had upset him. Suddenly, Benjamin realised the door to the soundproof chamber had not been shut properly. He nervously continued talking until BB told him to take a breath and check the door was properly shut. He did, then nominated Angie for one point. “I noticed her behaviour to be particularly bitchy,” he said. “So you’re saying you have a problem with bitchy and dishonest people?” deadpanned Big Brother.

As he left the room, Benjamin immediately quizzed the girls as to whether they could hear him. They assured him they couldn’t. (Imagine the relief!)

Charne, Layla, Angie and Stacey were all now in the Danger Zone… who would be the final three?

It was over to the girls to Nominate.


“For three points I’ll nominate Estelle,” Angie said, adding the reason was that she “didn’t come into the House for competition.” She added, “I like her a lot … but I didn’t come in for competition, I came in for fun and I feel like there have been times where she initiated competition between the two of us.” She went on to nominate Charne for two points, pronouncing her name incorrectly as she explained they had no connection and led different lives.


Stacey was clearly nervous as she began. “Big Brother I’d like to nominate Charne for three points,” she said, adding that Charne had not made an effort with the other girls and had dominated the Kitchen. “I’d like to nominate Estelle for two points,” Stacey continued, saying she thought the law student was abrupt and could be rude. She added that she had believed George was a millionaire and Estelle was “yapping on like a foghorn” and didn’t let her get a word in during deliberations in The Parlour. “That could have been a game changer,” she lamented.


Layla was in tears as she delivered her points. “I’m gonna nominate Estelle first, just ‘cause I get spoken over quite a lot when I’m trying to talk,” Layla said, she added that Estelle had insinuated the girls would nominate her because she was good looking and she didn’t appreciate that. Layla clarified Estelle had three points and then gave two points to Charne for shouting at her in the Kitchen.


“For four points I nominate Estelle,” Zoe said, giving the reason that Estelle put herself “highly above the rest of us”, explaining that Estelle had told the girls she thought they would vote for her because she had kissed Ryan – something that did not sit well with Zoe. For one point, Zoe nominated Sarah, explaining she didn’t think Sarah listened to her side of things when it came to animals – Sarah is a vegetarian and Zoe most definitely is not.


Sarah was also fighting back tears as she assigned her first points. She began speaking and broke down as she choked out, “For two points, I nominate Layla,” adding she made derogatory comments towards others. “I nominate three points to Angie … I believe she’s playing the game – really forcefully,” Sarah said. “Maybe it’s a strategic one for me,” she finished.


Unlike the other HMs, Estelle beamed as she began her nominations. “Layla,” she started, saying the British beauty was a catalyst for drama and giving her three points. Next, she nominated “Stacey. Even though I find her to be exceptionally entertaining,” she explained that she felt Stacey was separating the group and giving up in “vital team challenges.”


“For three points I would like to nominate Zoe, I just feel I haven’t connected with her,” Charne said, explaining that Zoe didn’t help clean around the House. Next, Charne assigned two points to “Stacey. Again, I just feel like there is just too much going on at once with her. She always has to be the centre of attention all the time. … I just feel it’s all ‘take, take’ take,” she finished, adding that she also felt Stacey didn’t clean up as much as she could.

That concluded Nominations and BB had one more shock for the HMs – he would not only reveal who was nominated, he would explain how many points had been received too.

“On 22 points, Charne,” he began.

“I knew it,” she nodded, as Sarah gave her a consoling kiss.

“14 points, Estelle” BB continued. She looked completely shocked. Bradley looked like he would cry.

“12 points, Layla.” The Brit Immediately welled up and was comforted by Josh.

The Housemates embraced as the tears flowed. "I guess the game has begun," said Estelle.

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I really wish they would stop with all the live shows. This Sonia Kruger chick is hard to watch. She doesn't seem to know what the hell to do. I hope the votes aren't live shows each week. I do like that fact that the HG get to change the points given to people in the noms.

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Recap August 21, 2012 Day 9

Link to watch:

All the HG are upset about the nominations. Layla in the DR crying because she was nominated and because she felt bad having to nominate someone. I think she is most upset because she had to vote for people. Estelle in DR is kinda cold about it and doesn’t understand why she is up for eviction, she thinks its for petty reasons. Ryan in DR saying he is surprised Estelle is up for eviction. Angie and Stacy are saying they think Ryan genuinely has feelings for Estelle, then Estelle says “I don’t think I can feel like that” (So it seems like the crush is a one way feeling with Estelle possibly playing him??).

Task time – If they fail, no money for luxuries, basic food rations. In the BY there is a motorcycle and side car with a screen with an open road on it in front of them. You can’t break the speed limit of 100km. Someone has to be on the motorcycle and in the side car at all times. Ryan and Ben start out. The HG need to do this for 3 days. They can take turns as long as someone is in both seats at all times 24 hours a day. If they speed the fake cop will pull them over. After an hour Ryan speeds and they are forced out of their vehicle and have to do silly tasks (like Simon Says).

Michael is in the bathroom (where there is a fish tank) BB starts talking to him as if it is a talking fish. They tell him he can’t tell anyone that the fish can talk. The fish is giving him a mission. His secret mission is that he has to give every HG a cuddle (hug) without them knowing it is a secret task. When he goes to hug Charne she says “Why are you hugging me, please don’t hug me” He completes his task and goes back to the fish. Fish tells him you did well. Fish says go to the Bedroom and look for the pink something and turn it clockwise. It opens the secret wall and he enters a special bathroom with a bubble bath. Michael’s all excited saying this is the coolest thing in the history of the world. He now decides to take a bubble bath. (For a genius he is quite a goofball)He’s enjoying strawberries and champagne and being silly in the tub.

Charne and Sarah are having a turn on the motorcycle and car. It starts running on them and they start screeching. The cop pulls them over and makes Sarah pretend to sell him the motorcycle (She is a car dealer).

Charne in the DR and asking for cleaning supplies (I think she is the OCD one). Michael is wrapping up his time in the private bathroom. Angie and Stacey are on the motorcycle and it starts to snow. Charne and Stacy are cleaning the bathrooms. On the bikes the boys are asking Angie and Stacy to act sexy. Angie and Michael are talking about Charne and that they have a hard time connecting with her.

BB calls the males to the man cave to discuss the girls secrets.

They believe Charne has the OCD 100%

They believe Stacy is the hand model 100%

They believe Zoe is the Champion weightlifter 100%

They believe either Estelle or Angie are related to the Royal family

Back in the house, Benjamin has broken a rule “speaking without his microphone”, BB orders him to the naughty corner. (I really wish the BB US had this). BB tells him he must now remove all the chewing gum from the bottom of a bunch of flip flops. Meanwhile Michael and Josh are on the motorcycles. Meanwhile Ben is having a really hard time removing the gum. Bradley is cheering him on. Meanwhile BB tells the HG that “Due to poor driving conditions the motorcycle challenge is discontinued until further notice” the HG are disappointed. Ben is in the naughty room saying he has removed all the gum he can possibly remove and he is asking BB if he can be done. (He was in there 2 hours)

Josh is telling Bradley he needs to relax on Estelle, the other HG join him saying he needs to back off a bit. Josh tells him to act like he is glad she is up for an eviction. Bradley says no I can’t do that.

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Recap of August 22nd Day 9 (the # of days part is very confusing, I'm just going by what they call it and sometimes 2 days in a row are called the same day)

Link to watch:

Day starts with Ray and Ryan on the bike. Layla is trying to talk to Surly the fish! (he only talks to Michael). When Layla leaves Surly says “Oh I like her”. BB calls Layla, Estelle and Charne to the DR and tells them they are responsible for creating family dinner tonight and they have to come up with meaningful conversation. Angie calls Ben aside and complains about Stella (What they call Estelle), she feels Stella tries to put her down. Ben defends Stella saying she is young and inexperienced. Stella now in the kitchen with Angie. Stella is hoping dinner gets heated, and Angie hopes it doesn’t because she doesn’t want tension in the house. Layla in DR upset she is worried about tonight because some people want to cause tension.

Now Michael and Josh on the bikes, Michael doesn’t really like Stella. Ben is trying to talk to Stella to try to smooth things out between her and Angie. George and Zoe arm wrestle and George wins. Ryan is trying to question Stella to try and figure out if she is related to the Royal family. I just realized that George is arm wrestling them trying to figure out who is the weightlifter! Zoe just beat Layla. Bradley beat Angie. Sarah now in the DR upset about her conflicts with Angie. George and Ray are discussing who the hottest one is….George thinks its Sarah, but she has a boyfriend. Ray says all the good ones are taken. Ben has accidently broken a microphone. BB says he will be punished later. Sarah is trying to talk to Angie about her conflict with her because she doesn’t want to be upset with her. They seem to have made up! HG are in the kitchen cooking, Layla burnt her finger. Angie in DR upset felt she was negative towards Stella in the morning. She is crying and says she doesn’t know why. Then it upset her that Sarah pulled her aside to try to get her to get along with others.

It’s now dinner time and each HG has prepared has prepared a topic to discuss. Layla’s topic is Australian’s culture vs. English culture. She says she would rather raise her kids in Australia because of the weather and more freedom in Aus. Michael wants to know the event that has defined your life. George says it’s his choice to go to the apprentice program for Electrician because he couldn’t afford to go to Uni. Angie says hers was moving out of home at 15 yrs old, she said it was really difficult. Charne says hers was per father passing away when she was quite young and she has never really dealt with it, then 2 yrs later her mom had to go through chemo, and she knows that’s why she is so closed off and she starts crying and says she can’t talk about it anymore. Angie is asking for more alcohol and Josh tells her she is being too greedy. They move to the lounge, Stella says she is a high achiever and she needs to open up more to people and become less independent. Bradley wants to fix his stutter. He says going through a drive through is so difficult, he says he can’t imagine how it would feel to not have any fear to talk.

Now it’s time for Benjamin’s punishment for swinging on a pole and breaking his microphone. BB has sent him to the naughty corner, there is a big bowl of mixed chips and he must lick each one to determine if they are sourcream, salt & vinegar or chicken. (Geesh I wish the US had a naughty corner). Ben is now sitting on the floor complaining about the chips being too salty and he says he misses talking to his friends. BB tells him to be quiet. BB says he is satisfied you can leave now.

BB now calls all the males to the man cave. The girls are in the lounge talking about what annoys them. Zoe says she can’t stand Estelle talking over people and interrupting. Estelle feels she needs to compete to speak. Angie and Estelle are going at it a bit. Sarah says Angie has rolled her eyes and some of you rolling eyes. (The boys are in the cave watching them and saying “Girls are weird”) The boys are disappointed they have to leave the man cave, they stay outside the lounge to listen. Sarah is now crying for no one caring about Charne being nominated. Angie is upset feeling like it’s a personal attack at her and she gets up and leaves the room. The boys are still outside listening in. Layla goes after her to try and talk. Angie is really crying saying she has never been so judged for trying to make friends and have fun. Layla to the DR saying it is stressful and asks BB if she did ok being the lead girl at dinner? BB says “We felt you were a very gracious host” she asks “What’s really gracious?” Angie is in the bedroom crying now and Ben is trying to calm her down. Sarah is in the DR saying she feels like crap and feels like she should have just butted out. But she feels that angie needs to listen and learn from the others. BB tells her “not every problem is yours to fix”.

HM in bed now and mood is lighter now and talking about Ryan’s birthday on Friday. Michael goes to the Dr to sum up the day’s drama. He feels guilty now because of the nomination process and feels that is how wars start. Hopefully we can solve it amicable, otherwise with blood and tears for better TV. It feels like tonight is the night where it’s all started. Sarah in the bathroom saying she should have kept her mouth shut.

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Link to watch Aug 23 Day 11 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bp6bYPPKom8

Angie and Sarah continue their argument. Angie is still upset. Sarah’s trying to smooth things over, but Angie isn’t having it.

They are still trying to complete their driving challenge and they wake up to a flat tire.

Meanwhile they have a 2nd task to perform. For the prize for a night for 2 in a secret wing of a task. BB is about to turn up the heat, first Captains Challenge. The winner of this challenge a night of luxury in the Captains quarters with 1 HG of their choice. HM must eat chili’s of various hotness whoever can outlast wins. They have to spin a wheel to see how hot they have to eat one. Ray, Estelle and Zoe are the only ones to make it to round 2. All 3 make it to round 3. BB has arranged a tie breaker round. They have to eat a spicy hot dog who ever eats it fastest and swallows it, wins. Estelle wins!!!! She wears a Captains hat. She must now select someone to join her for the night of luxury. She chooses Ryan. It’s a cruise ship looking spa. Hot tub, pool, sauna, fancy bedroom with nice food. They start by lounging in the sauna. In the hot tub they have a hot makeout session.

The other HM are guessing that Ryan and Estelle are really a couple and have been before coming into the house. The guys are still trying to figure out their secrets. Ray has been called to the DR for a mission. BB is anointing him Deputy to help with the racing challenge. BB says you must walk and talk like a Deputy. He enters the house and starts ordering HM around.

Stacy and Ben have created a dance for BB that they display in the DR. In the luxury bedroom Estelle and Ryan are enjoying dinner.

Stacy was sent to the naughty corner for breaking a rule (not sure what rule she broke). BB says you must have a birthday party for 1. She has to blow up balloons.

The men are called to the man cave. They said they have concluded that Angie is a member of the royal family. They think Stacy was an Emu. While the men are in the man cave, Stacy is let out of the naughty corner.

Man cave is over, Estelle and Ryan are back in the Luxury bedroom. He is giving her a sensual massage. Candles are list all around the room. They then fall asleep together in the bed with Estelle snoring very loudly.

Angie and Layla are talking about Michael. They are talking about Layla and Michael spooning the night before. Layla says she likes Michael. Angie said I don’t find him physically attractive but he’s mentally stimulating. Ray has made a water balloon for Bradley to throw over the fence at Ryan and Estelle in the Luxury room. He can’t get it over and the balloon bursts before getting to the fence. Bradley has rearranged the bedroom so Layla and Michael can sleep in the same bed and Angie and Josh can share a bed and he gets a single bed. Bradley is the night time entertainment before they go to sleep. Ben says Ryan forgot to pack his personality. Michael says Ryan is a good person.

BB calls Ben to the DR after they all got into bed. They encourage him to go to the DR with a dress on. So he does. As a reward for referring the spice challenge, they have rewarded him with champagne, strawberries and chocolate They have given him a facial mask with cucumbers. BB is trying to relax him talking to him a soothing voice. The other HM are thinking he must have gotten into trouble again.

Link to watch Day 12 August 24

Today is the final day for the motorcycle challenge. Zoe and Ben start out and they are 800km from their goal. Meanwhile Ryan and Estelle are waking up on the Luxury liner. BB gives them eggs and salmon. Today is also Ryan’s birthday.

Sarah and Zoe are on the opposite spectrum of the animal rights. Zoe believes animals are on Earth for us to kill and eat. Sarah is an animal activist and strict vegetarian. Sarah is lecturing Bradley about the torture animals go through. Zoe doesn’t like how she’s constantly talking about animals feelings.

Meanwhile the time on the Luxury challenge ends for Ryan and Estelle and they enter the BY and everyone yells Happy Birthday.

BB calls Ryan to the DR, he says BB heard you specifically ask Estelle if she was a Nude protester. BB says he has noted the rule break and it will be dealt with accordingly.

BB gathers the HM in the living from to reveal they LOST the motorcycle challenge which was also their food challenge for the week. So they are back to simple staples. Such as 70g of sugar, 210ml canolla oil, 2 ½ kilos of brown rice, 9 kilos of sardines, 15 kilos of red lentils. Plus you are allowed to spend $5 per person for the week. Angie chooses coffee, Ray chooses sugar, Michael chooses sausages, Josh rolled oats, Zoe Green Tea, Estelle strawberry jam, Bradley cheese. Zoe Garlic powder.

For Ryan they are making their own party for his 22nd Birthday. The girls are dressing up for him. BB says there will not be a party tonight. BB says there will be a party for Ryan soon, but keep it from Ryan. Michael says BB said no party tonight. Ryan is mad. So the HM are trying to figure out how to throw a party for him. Ryan thanks them all for getting dressed up for him even though there is no party. Then everyone encourages Estelle to give him a kiss. Now they decide to do a Cha Cha (conga) line. Chanting “You don’t make friends with Salad”. Then Bradley jumps in the pool fully clothed.

The boys are now called to the man cave. They really don’t accomplish anything and then just toss a ball around.

Charne is telling Ben she is ok with leaving if she is evicted on Sunday.

Link to watch Day 13 part 1 August 26

Recap: This is the live eviction and secret reveal.

BB ended up throwing Ryan a party over the weekend. He gives him a suit. And the girls are dressed Hollywood starlets and the boys are like paparazzi. Then there is a red carpet waiting for him as he comes out and they throw silly string at him. The boys keep taking pictures and asking questions. During the party Layla has been paying a lot of attention to George, but Zoe also likes George. They then show a slide show in the living room of Ryan’s modeling. Michael keeps getting Ryan to reenact some of his poses. Later Layla confronts Angie and Zoe for talking about her but they dismiss it and say they were talking about George. Later Layla crawls in bed with George and they cuddle and are seen making out in the dark.

The morning after Ryan’s party Layla is saying it wasn’t good that she made out with George. At Dinner Bradley brings up the delicate topic of alliances. Ben throws a glass of water in his face. Later Ben tells him he feels he has been being rude to HM, Ben says its not funny to be rude to people, when I first met you you weren’t like this. Bradley just listens.

It’s time to figure out the secrets. Ryan broke a rule by asking her directly if she was a Nude Protester. George asks Charne if she was an Emu at school. BB talks to the males:

BB has given you 4 lives, however when BB gave you the challenge there were clear rules 1 of these rules were that you weren’t allowed to ask any secrets directly. Ryan you asked Estelle a question directly. George you also asked a question. BB says “Men you have broken the rules twice, because of this BB is taking away your first life”. You have 3 lives remaining, if you match the secrets without losing all of your lives you are safe from eviction.

1. I have obsessive compulsive disorder? The boys guess Charne. This is correct

2. I was a hand model? The boys guess Stacey. This is correct

3. I am a high school drop out? The boys guess Sarah. This is wrong. They then guess Estelle. This is correct.

4. I am a nude protestor? The boys guess Sarah. This is correct.

5. I use to be an Emu? The boys guess Layla. This is wrong. They then guess Zoe. This is correct.

6. Who is a member of the Royal family? They guess Angie. This is wrong. The boys have lost the challenge! Layla is the member of a Royal family.

7. Angie use to be a champion weight lifter.

BB tells them that none of the girls can be nominated tomorrow, but 1 of you is about to leave now. HG to the lounge immediately. Sonia announces the HM with the most votes to save is (and is safe tonight) Layla. The HM with the fewest votes is Charne and it’s time to go. The girls all give her a hug, then the boys. They all walk Charne out to the door in the BY and give her one last hug. After the door closes they all yell “We love you Charne” On stage she is screaming and waving. She says it’s such an odd feeling.

Sonia asks her: Who would you like to see win? Benjamin or Sarah

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Day 14 (Night of August 26 and Day of August 27)

Link to watch:

Charne gives a goodbye message to the HM on the video screen. Apparently the reason that Ben threw the glass of water in Bradley’s face is because he said “We have a rift in the house between us and the the ones that came in later” This upset Ben and he threw the glass of water in his face. BB has called Ben to the DR to discuss this and is calling it borderline aggressive behavior. BB says please reconsider how you deal with your anger.

BB then announces that there has been several naughty HM for not wearing their microphones. George is the 5th one to get caught so they send him to the naughty corner and give him the consequence of ironing.

BB announces it’s time to nominate. BB says “Last week your excuses for nominating were borderline pathetic. You must nominate with valid reasons. Only the males can be nominated. Males to the nomination room. (the men sit down) BB calls Estelle to the nomination room. She enters the chamber:

Estelle gives 3 points to Benjamin because he makes other HM feel uncomfortable. She gives 2 points to Michael because she feels he will survive in the house even if he’s nominated.

Stacy gives 3 points to Bradley because he hasn’t been pulling his weight and he’s been directly quite mean to some people. She gives 2 points to Ray because I feel like he is arrogant and he talks out me and not with me.

Zoe gives 3 points to Bradley because he doesn’t have the social etiquette and he’s being inappropriate and rude. She gives 2 points to Ryan because I haven’t connected with him, he has no idea how to be around people, he makes it awkward to be around him.

Sarah gives 4 points to Michael because he has a stronger bond with the other females and would vote for me next time. She gives 1 point to Josh because he avoids contact with me.

Layla gives 3 points to Ryan because I am really body conscience and he looks at me like I should put some clothes on when I’m in my bikini. I’m nervous to be around him. She gives 2 points to Benjamin because I have taken Bradley under my wings and I don’t like how he is mean to Bradley.

Angie gives 3 points to Bradley because of his age he has been offensive towards other HM. For 2 points I nominate Ray because he makes me feel uncomfortable because he snaps at me at times.

Josh gives 3 points to Ryan because in last weeks secret task he messed up costing us the lost. I don’t feel like I can trust him. He gives 2 points to George for the same reason.

Ray gives 4 points to Benjamin because he takes things too far and being a bully. He gives 1 point to Bradley because he thinks he’s too young and he’s learning bad behavior from us guys.

George gives 4 points to Ben because he threw water in Bradley’s face and then did it again and then when he slapped me for messing up on the secret challenge. He gives 1 point to Ryan because of his attitude around the house he doesn’t help around the house or make food or clean.

Ryan gives 4 points to Bradley because he has questioned my intelligence and put me down in front of fellow HM. He gives 1 point to Ben because he has been a bully since he got here.

Michael gives 2 points to Ryan because I can’t carry on a conversation with Ryan. He gives 3 points to Ray because he is too forceful.

Bradley gives 3 points to Ben because he threw water in my face. I feel on edge around him and have fear of him. He gives 2 points to Ryan because he makes me feel uncomfortable.

Ben gives 3 points to Ryan because he can’t have conversations with him. We have nothing in common. He gives 2 points to Bradley because I have become a target to his new humor.

The Tally is:

Benajamin 17 points

Ryan 16 points

Bradley 16 points

Ray 7 points

Michael 6 points

George 2 points

Josh 1 point

BB now reveals that Benjamin got 17 points and Bradley got 16 points and Ryan got 16 points

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Day 15 August 28

Link to watch:

Bradley, Ben and Ryan are all nominated. This week’s weekly task BB will ask you a series questions and in order to pass this task you must answer “Yes BB” BB is only prepared to hear the word no. This comp is for the food budget. BB calls Michael and Layla to the DR. BB says “ Would you like to prepare a breakfast for Ray” They reply “Yes BB” It’s bacon eggs and the works for Ray with Chocolate milk. He cheers and says OMG!. No one is allowed to touch it other than Ray. Ben is mad about how Ray is acting and being arrogant.

BB calls all HM to the lounge and Josh to the DR and the HM see Josh on the screen. There is a letter on the chair to Sarah from her boyfriend. Would you like to read out the first 2 lines. He says yes BB. BB then asks would you like to shred the letter and he says Yes BB. Sarah’s is totally ok with it because she got the 2 lines read to her. Josh feels horrible.

Bb calls all HM to the lounge again. And George to the DR and the HM see him on the screen. BB asks him if he finds it difficult to maintain your dreadlocks? Would you like to lose the dreads? George says “Yes BB” But the rest of the house tells him NO. So they have incurred their first no.

Stacey goes to the DR and asks BB if she can turn a shiney gold pillow into hot pants. BB lets her but only if she will put on a dance show for her fellow HM. Which she does.

BB then says to Layla “Would you like a nice fluffy teddy bear to sleep with tonight?” Layla says “Yes BB” Then the naughty room lights up and there is a teddy bear in there with 2 huge snakes swirling around it!!! BB tells her to go in and get the teddy bear. She reaches in and grabs the teddy bear. All the HM cheer her on.

Ryan and Zoe are called to the DR. Another one involving Ray and food. Would you both like to prepare some food for Ray for dinner? They have to prepare a steak dinner with chocolate milk and he has to finish every bite. Ryan and Zoe has to prepare the steak dinner. All the HM watch him eat it all. It’s a lot of food. And all the other HM are drooling because they are starving. He’s down to just potatos left and he’s stuffed fool but is able to finish it all. Then he runs out the door to the bathroom and throws it all up!

The HM are all in bed and BB comes over the loud speaker and says “BB has warned HM about excessive swearing Michael while Angie was rubbing your feet, you swore 9 times, please report to the naughty corner. He is ordered to write a 100 page essay on 19th century rail service. “

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Day 16 & 17 Recap

Link to watch Day 16: 16 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ta-f7uC9lM&feature=player_embedded

Link to watch Day 17: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qfz-N2qXxW0&feature=player_embedded

Day 16

The YES BIG BROTHER task is still going on.

BB calls Bradley to the DR and asks him to play the accordion in the bedroom to wake up his fellow housemates. He sounds awful, and they don’t seem happy with it.

BB calls Sarah and Ryan to the DR and BB tells them to make a nice breakfast for Ray. Ray has to eat every bite. They made him salmon and eggs.

George is telling Ray he doesn’t want to get too lovey dovey with Layla. Ray says it’s too late. He says I don’t want to keep taking it further every day. Ray says the truth will set you free. He says girls are different species they don’t think the way we do. He says they are emotional people.

Josh and Michael are talking about who the hottest girl in the house was. They felt like it used to be Stella, but not anymore because of her personality. Michael says Stacey has the best personality, Layla has nice bits. Josh thinks Sarah for physical appearance only.

BB asks Stacy would you like to meet Ryan Gossling? She starts screaming (he is her dream guy). She runs to the bathroom to fix herself. All the other houseguests are cheering her on. All the other HG are on the couch waiting. Stacy enters the DR and there is a cutout of Ryan Gossling. BB says Stacy you must be attached to Ryan Gossling until further notice including eating with him and sleeping with him. She carries him out of the DR and the other HG cheer them on. Stacy introduces him as her husband and she starts humping him.

Meanwhile George has a talk with Layla about are they serious or just hooking up and just having fun. Layla says no I just want to have fun and I’m not looking for a relationship, George says yeah same for me.

BB tells Bradley, Ryan and Ben are in charge of tonight’s dinner and hosting the talking. Ryan will be the chairman of the evening.

Zoe is in the bathroom and Surly the fish starts talking to her. He tells her he has a secret mission for her. You can’t tell anyone about me otherwise you will be evicted immediately. Open the drawer next to my tank, there is $500 and it’s yours if you complete this mission. She has to go up to each male HM individually and tell them a story that starts with “This one time when I was in New York…” She goes back to Surly and says she did it, but he said no not really you were suppose to tell each HM a different story. He then says you have a 2nd task, who do you think is the best dressed HG in the house? She says “Ryan” Surly says you must go get a pair of Ryan’s shoes and chuck them over the back wall and you have 5 minutes. She does it and everyone is suspecting her of being up to something. Ryan is in the DR complaining. BB suggests maybe its because of food deprivation. He says that is not like her. Surly tells Zoe he didn’t do very well because she got caught. But he gives her the money and tells her not to tell anyone about it.

Ryan is now hosting dinner. Ryan asks if you had a time machine and you could go back and change time in the BB house what would you do? Josh says he would go back and make moves on Angie before they reached friend status. Ben says I would go back and not throw water in Bradley’s face.

BB calls Michael to the DR for the Yes No Challenge. BB asks him “Tell BB how your hair defines you” He says it helps me fit in and get attention from the girls. BB asks him “would you like to get rid of your hair Michael?” He says NO. The HM only have 1 more No remaining for this comp.

Day 17

The Captains challenge this week is to see who can collect the most rubbish. The winner gets to go to the Captain’s quarters & spa with a guest for 24 hours. Round 1:They have to go into one of those booths that have stuff blowing around and have to try and collect the most rubbish. The top 6 scorers move on to round 2, It’s Sarah, Angie, Josh, Zoe, Michael, Ray. Sarah wins! She chooses to take Zoe.

Michael enters the DR for the YES/No challenge. BB asks Michael to wear an electric shock suit. He puts it on it’s a green unitard with electric shock in it.

Bradley and Ben have a special exotic meal for Ray which he can’t say no to.

Ben has to shock Michael as part of the yes/no challenge.

Ben and Ray are really not liking each other and are both venting to others about each other.

Ryan is telling George he REALLY likes Estelle.

BB says “Ryan Gossling, you were caught in the pool with your microphone one, please go to the naughty corner”. “Stacy put Ryan against the window in the naughty room and leave the room”.

BB calls Layla to the DR for the yes no task. BB says “Layla pick up the phone and say who is this?” The person says “It’s Aunty Gail from Spain”. BB says do you miss her? She says yes a lot. BB says would you like to hang up on your favorite Aunt? She says yes BB and hangs up the phone.

Meanwhile Sarah and Zoe are enjoying their time in the Captains quarters. Bradley & Josh says it’s more relaxed without Sarah there because she is like the mom in the group.

BB asks Zoe “would you like to trade your time in the Captains quarters with Ray” Because of the Yes/No challenge she has to say yes and Ray enters and gets to eat Zoe’s steak. Zoe is really depressed about it.

BB tells Stacy she may now retrieve Ryan Gossling out of the naughty room. But when she gets there, BB tells her to retrieve a pair of scissors out of his hatch. BB tells her to cut Ryan Gosling up into 50 pieces. After cutting him she gives him a kiss and says “Thank you for all the memories and I’ll probably see you in court” (This girl is sooooo funny).

BB calls Layla and Angie to the DR. BB says”Layla would you like to feed Angie a cupcake” She says “Your evil and Yes BB” She now has to feed Angie a cupcake. They keep laughing.

BB tells Ray his time in the Captain’s quarters is over and Zoe you can re-enter the Captains quarters. Ray enters the bedroom to a bunch of boos.

BB sends Angie and & Layla to the DR again. BB asks Angie to feed Angie 3 cupcakes this time.

In the Captains quarters BB shows Sarah and Zoe the movie Pretty Woman.

In the middle of the night BB calls Angie and Layla to the DR BB offers Angie 4 more cupcakes. (she is up to 8 now, I would be sick!) Because of BB’s Yes/No challenge she has to eat them. Layla doesn’t get any!

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