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8/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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21:02 BBT

Boogie, Brittany, and Frank in HOH figure out where everyone's at. Frank: "Joe's a liar, but at least he's not sneaky." The consensus seems to be to keep Joe around b/c they trust him more.

Shane, Ian, and Danielle chilling in the hammock. Ian seems to be reciting every BB event that's happened this year.

Dan's cooking in the KT. Ashley wants to know how many times you should chew your food. Wil tells her there's no limit.

21:15 BBT

Boogie, Jenn, Shane, Joe, Frank in the BY working out. Meanwhile in the KT, Wil has discovered that BB left them wine and beer. He & Ash plan to drink around 10pm BBT.

Ian and Brit are whispering in the hammock about future HOH/nom possibilities. Ian says whoever stays this week will be his target next week if/when he wins HOH.

Brit says Boogie and Frank are in the best place in the house b/c they've got multiple alliances. Ian agrees - says it's dangerous. Brit thinks no one will put Frank/Boogie up. Brit is worried they wouldn't have enough votes to pull a move to get Frank/Boogie out if they decide to put them up.

21:31 BBT

Wil, Dan, and Dani are in the KT. Wil says he's not discouraged, altho he would like to stay. He says it sucks he didn't win the veto.

Dan made tuna macaroni for dinner. He asks Danielle if she'd like him to stand near her and eat it so she can smell the goodness even though she can't have any.

Danielle is treating Dan's tuna mac torment like an endurance competition. So far it looks like she's winning, but Dan's sure giving it his best shot to make her crack.

Ash and Wil whispering on the BY couch. Ash tells Wil that Janelle told Joe last week not to go after Wil even if she left the game. Wil is surprised: "I thought she was against me!"

21:48 BBT

Dan is giving Dani ninja advice in the KT. Wil & Ash are discussing Janelle in the BY. It sounds like the other guys are still working out on the other end of the yard. Ash tells Wil that she wanted to go with w/ Ian earlier but Brit was there and it was awkward. Ash suspects Ian and Brit are in an alliance.

Ashley hopes Boogie's team, Dan's team, and Brittany's team aren't working together. Wil doesn't think so.

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21:56 BBT

Wil teaching Jen and Dani how to do the Charleston in the BY. Dan in the LR preaching to Frank out of the Bible - sounds like the passage he's reading is all about Big Brother.

Ash asks Boogie if BB minds if they talk to the internet via the camera. Boogie says they're not really supposed to but he just talks to himself sometimes w/ the intent that he's talking 2 the internet and BB hasn't said anything.

Wil, Ash, & Boogie in the BY. Wil asking advice, should he talk to Frank about saving himself? Boogie says yes, but don't sweat it, we've got 4 days. Discussion turns to how Ash is feeling better - not as much in pain like b4. Ash concerned that her core is weak. Boogie suggests asking Shane to help her w/ back stretches when she's ready

Jenn joined Dan & Frank in the Bible study. Discussion turns more serious. Jenn says she doesn't blame God for any struggles she has b/c God is love and doesn't create ppl w/ the intent to torture them. Jenn & Dan discuss other religions and what they believe.

22:22 BBT

Wil and Boogie in the BY discussing Boogie's business ventures outside the house. Boogie's excited to get out & see how things have gone w/ his business. His bus.partner is working a deal to open a new restaurant & he wants to know how it's going.

Dan and Jenn discussing movies in the LR. Shane, Joe, and Dani in the HT discussing working out, eating, and muscle tone.

Danielle telling Joe and Shane what being in pageants is like. Joe says he could never do that: "People critiquing you all the time… that's brutal!" Over on the BY couches, Ian, Boogie, Dan, Brit discussing POV comp. General chitchat.

22:41 BBT

Jenn and Wil whisper, whisper, whispering in the MBR. Hard to hear what they're saying. Ashley joins them & discussion stops. Wil leaves to go "protect his wine".

Brit, Ian, Dan, Boogie discussing food consumption in the BY. Brit says when she was 21 she could eat anything and everything in sight. Joe and Danielle in the HT discussing height and weight and what's normal/healthy.

22:54 BBT

General chitchat all over the house. Brit is trying to remember who she voted out on her season. Joe and Dani talking about love/sex & the "honeymoon phase" of a relationship.

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11:13 pm BBT HT crew is Wil Ash Joe and Brit they are talking about tv shows. Dan and Boogie are talking NBA in the LR not muh going on the night before POV ceremony.

11:19 pm BBT Frank tells Boogie and Dan that Joe asked him to use veto on him. Frank says he didn't do it seriously but in the " I have to ask if there's a shot " kinda way. Dani enters and Dan asks if Joe talked her to death about veto. She says no and they move on.

11:32 pm BBT The Boys of the house are in the LR reading the bible and translating it into "hip hop vernacular." The girls and Wil grabbed two beers from the SR and are imitating Joe and his stories.

11:44 pm BBT HT crew talking about Jani and how loud her applause was. Brit asks if they noticed Frank say that it was just cause the doors were open wider. Ash says that he hated the fact that Jani said she hated him, Wil agrees. Will says he doesn't like to not look like prince charming. They move on to Willie bashing.

11:56 pm BBT The second Brit gets up to change into her badminton ostume Jenn looks at Ash and says that they just have to keep working her and they can pull her in. Ash says if we get out Dan we can bring in Dani too. Wil says he would have to be back doored. Jenn says they have to get serious about Hoh. Ash says yeah it means our safety.

12:01 am BBT The second Brit gets up to change into her badminton ostume Jenn looks at Ash and says that they just have to keep working her and they can pull her in. Ash says if we get out Dan we can bring in Dani too. Wil says he would have to be back doored. Jenn says they have to get serious about Hoh. Ash says yeah it means our safety.

They go up to tell him their ideas stay tuned….

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12:10 am BBT Wl and Ash talk to Frank in Hoh going over all the points they mentioned in the HT and tell him that if he makes a huge move that he has their vote next week. Frank listens, takes it all in, and says he will think on it . Frank says that making a big move is something he was thinking about since he won veto and has been trying to sell Boogie on. He says Boogie has been wary of making that huge a move.

12:20 am BBT Meanwhile, in the arcade room Brit and Dan discussing the fact that they don't trust Frank or Boogie. Brit doesn't think they will still have an agreement going into next week considering that they are sitting there now worried about whether or not veto will be used tomorrow. She says they will have to go up together to make sure one goes. Dan says the catch 22 is that he hates stragglers making it so far into the game. Brit says the more stragglers there are the more options they have to go on the block against later. Dan can't seem to argue that logic.

12:29 am BBT Back upstairs Wil and Ash seem to be gunning for Shane saying "some people are winning comps like its nothing" Frank says the conversation gives him the confidence he needs to talk to Boogie about things and that a big move wouldn't be a swing and a miss during his Hoh.

12:37 am BBT Dan and Brit still talking about Frank and Boogie not being trustworthy. Brit is irritated that Boogie is making going after Wil look like her idea. Brit is about to go break up the Wil Frank convo by asking for tea. Dan is heading to bed but tells Brit to wake him up if she feels like things are getting crazy.

12:43 am BBT Brit reports back to Dan, Dani, and Shane that it appeared to be an intense convo and that Wil and Ash are for sure working together. She says they are pitching right now but Frank told her just this morning that it doesnt matter what Wil says after all the lies he told the last two weeks.

12:50 am BBT all game talk has dispersed because Brit and Wil are getting ready for their badminton tournament . Shane and Dani are making Tea. Ian Joe and Jenn are discussing wine in the HT. Dan is finally heading to bed...no...hes been called to the DR three times so DR then bed. Before heading outside Brit asks Shane to get Joe to tell some tall tales and annoy everyone in the BY.

1:00 am BBT Frank recaps the convo with Wil/Ash. Instead of mentioning the big game move Frank says that Will and Ash gave Frank their votes if Wil stays. Ian and Frank discuss possible big moves but Ian says it would be to messy and would open a huge can of worms so talk of it ceases.

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1:08 am BBT Frank discusses back dooring Dan with Ian. Ian is trying to talk him out of it. Frank is trying to talk Ian into it. They are speculating votes. Ian says take out Joe and you get a pat on the back and no one targets you the next week. please note while im watching this Frank is indeed picking his note and flicking the boogers behind his head and I can see them fall on the couch.

1:15 am BBT Ian asks what way Frank is leaning. Frank says hes leaning toward not using it but its still a conversation that needs to be had. Ian latches onto the idea and says what he would like to see is forget the veto and decide who they want out then get the other one to promise not to go after Boogie or his team.

1:22 am BBT Frank and Ian playing round robin with their conversation repeating the same things over and over. Neither one of them have swayed from their original points. Ian doesnt think backdooring Dan would be good and Frank is open to it because he thinks Dan is after him. Frank discusses who he doesnt want to play against in future comps while Ian thinks Frank should make the agreeable decision.

1:42 am BBT Ian goes in the BY and tells Brit and Dani everything he just discussed with Frank. Tells them to relax but Dan needs to stay up later. Ian thinks they can get Joes vote to keep Dan if Frank takes him off the block anyway. Ian says Frank is just a little insecure and prob wont do anything anyways.

1:55 am BBT Wil and Ash talking about how much they should trust Jenn and whether or not she should talk to Frank and reassure him of her vote. in the BY Brit is saying this is exactly why I said we couldn't trust him with a deal we made even for one week! Frank enters BY and talk changes to being about the charades game.

2:04 am BBT The talk seems to be breaking up in the SR with Ash Wil and Jenn a little overconfident that Dan will be going up tomorrow. They are dancing and singing over the prospect of Dans demise....

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9:20am BBT HG still all snug in their beds.

9:32am BBT Frank gets up, checks outside, goes to SR then makes coffee.

Frank wakes Mike up. They go outside to talk. Frank wants to revisit the Dan situation. Mike LOL. Frank tells him Wil and Ash pleaded their case. Frank says if they do it they have the votes. Mike says its to early, they have his vote. Dan not interested in taking out Frank. He told Dan he needs to talk to Frank more. Mike tells Frank, he and Dan talked about 30 last night. There will come a time when they have to have this convo about Dan but its not super close. Its comforting to know that Dan will have us if we are up against Brit or Shane. Mike says getting rid of Brit first might be the way to go. Mike says he doesnt trust Wil. Frank says Wil offered to stay on the block and take Joe down.

Mikes ear is swollen shut and hurts. Mike says Shane and Dani arent making a move, worried about Brit. Frank says Dan will do something shady behind their backs if Dan tells her to. Mike says Wil just told that lie 11 days ago. Frank says Dans first instict was 2's company, 3's a crowd. Frank says Dan will vote to keep him but get the votes to get him out the door so it looks good for Dan.

Frank doesnt trust Dan, he tried to get him out 2 wks in a row. Mike doesnt want to leave 3 of Jani team, they can get back together. Not afraid of Ash by any means but Joe and Wil could get the band back together. Mike says he talked to Dan, thinks its just Frank hasnt talked to him. There will be plenty of opportunities to get Dan out later. Frank says if one of the floaters gets HOH they wont put them up. MIke thinks none of them will put them up.

Mike: if Dani gets HOH the odds increase greatly. Frank: w/o Dan pulling her strings, tell her that now he is gone they persuade her. Mike says credibility is gone with those guys. They have to trust you and you them. Franks says they dont trust him now....well maybe Shane. Mike says its such a monsterous boat rock. Its not like going after Jani, they were already fracturing before we decided to do that. Dont trust Joe or Wil and not completely Dan. Dont think Dan would nom either of them for a long time.

MIke says Dan woke him up to talk to him about getting out Shane. Frank says when he hears that it sounds like he is lying to just concrete this morning. Mike says anything is possible.

It goes back and forth, Mike to keep Dan Frank to put him up. Frank: I would be out the door and wont win the game. Mike: well...yeah.

Frank repeats that Dan wanted him out. Mike says he is paranoid, been thru alot his mind thinks he will be scumbaggged again when he doesnt have immunity. Wil could do the same thing tho.

Mike didnt study Dans season like Ian did but thinks he didnt win by making big moves. MIke continues to talk about getting Dan out in a couple weeks. Frank says he talked to Ian, Ian will vote with them, they have had his back.

10:00BBT MIke says having convos with Ian is not a good thing, he might say something he shouldnt. Frank says Ian brought Dans name up, not him. If they flip two ppl its game over. FOTH

Mike says if he goes it wont be like the Jani party. It would be soso, not all would support it. If he keeps noms the same it would mean as much to Brit as when he put Jani in her place in front of her.

10:12BBT HG are stirring. Mike mentions his ear again, wants to see the Doc. BB talking to them alot..."Please put the awnings down." "Bedroom lights must stay on during the day." (x2) "Mike please change your batteries." And the ants are back.

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10:22BBT Frank retells the religion talk last night to Mike and Shane. Mike says to bad Dan wasnt up. (it was Joe, Dani, Brit and Frank in the discussion)

Mike gets called to DR, he hopes they at least have some drops for his ear. Jenn finishes her make-up/hair and washes the mirror above the sink.

Frank asks Shane if he trusts everyone in the 6 pretty good. Shane says he does, only hasnt talked to Dan a lot. Shane says Dani, Brit and he are on board 100%. He is in it till the F6. Dont want to ditch Dani but 3's company. Will target Dan before he would Dani. The one person he is getting more trust in is Joe but he doesnt know how far he can throw him. Shane says Joe doesnt know how to play the social game w/o Jani. If Frank keeps him in he doesnt have to worry about him. Frank says no he doesnt. Shane says how he was told that Mike was such a threat etc and now thinks it was a lie. Frank worries about the coaches banding together at some point. Shane: look at all the Coaches comps Mike won. Frank: Look at how Dan is. Shane says Mike was playing a different game as a coach. But 100% will do what Frank wants this week. Will try to win HOH so he is guaranteed safety, talked to Brit and Dani about it too, they agree.

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MIke comes out. DR had to hear the symptoms before they call Doc. They talk about Ashs pain. MIke says it sounds like an SI joint, he has had that before.

General chat with Shane, Mike and Frank. Mike called to DR again. Jenn puttering in the K.

Dan comes out and tells about a dream he had. Frank and Dan left alone....Frank tells him he was told he could make a big move, that his name came up. Dan guesses Wil said it not Ash. Frank says he couldnt make seem that there was a complete loss of hope. Acted like its not like the thought hasnt been there.

10:52am BBT Frank says Wil has to go, he is the bond that holds them together. Mike comes out, says they kind of hinted like that to me too.

10: 54BBT hey are talking about how Frank never saw the show before the convetion. Mike says he watch 13 till Dom left...that N***** left like 3rd. FOTH Jenn tells us the have ants.

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11:10 AM BBT Shane and Boogie discuss that Boogie used to be a tennis instructor. Boogie says he was for awhile and then he wanted to do acting. Says he had a really good client who was an actor. Dani called to DR.

Joe and Boogie talking. Joe telling them that he has lost 10 pounds since he entered the house. Frank int eh WA popping a pimple. Dani waiting for her turn in the WC.

11:15 AM BBT We get FOTH and when we return Shane and Joe running for the house. Seems an OLD was called and Shane doesn't want to be locked out in pajama pants.. ADLs now going on in the WA. Brit making coffee.

11:20 AM BBT We now have trivia.

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12:08 PM BBT We have feeds. Brit putting makeup on Dani. Dan making something to eat. Joe says he didn't reach his heart. Ash tells Wil that she liked his speech. Neither Wil nor Joe look happy. Possibly not used. Dani talking to Brit about weight issues and having to lose weight in the past Brit: I don't know anything about it.

12:11 PM BBT Brit and Shane talking. Brit says they have to get HOH this week. It shouldn't have been a concern it has only been a week since they made the deal. Shane says if he had gone up he knows he would be going home. Brit says they did not have the votes to keep him.

Brit tells Dani they got super lucky and doesn't know if they will get that lucky next week.

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12:25 PM BBT Brit has moved on to making up Ash. Tells Ash that her eyes are now hypnotic. Boogie to to SBR and lies down.

12:30 PM BBT Brit tells Dan that it was close. They didn't want to wake him up last night but it didn't look good. Dan thinks they are kidding. Brit tells him to ask Ian.

Dani tells Brit - this means it was only a one week deal. Ash enjoying cup o cereal in the KT.

12:41 PM BBT Seems Boogie has swimmers ear. Ian says if he puts some rubbing alcohol in, it will cure it. Ash/Brit/Dani curl up on the WA couch. Dan prepping to go outside when BB opens up the doors.

Joe calling the ladies - he has prepared breakfast. Joe has made a Dulce De Leche slop bread.

12:53 PM BBT HG enjoying their clop bread and discussing different things they like to eat. Joe says he doesn't understand people who just put butter on a piece of bread. Ash: It's like garlic bread without the garlic.

12:58 PM BBT HG talking about getting paid. Frank got paid as an alternate and we get FOTH.

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1:08pm ild is over ian on hammock rocking again, dan going to the pool to get it ready to swim Brit heading outside now also . Frank and Shane in kt talking about working out.

1:12pm Jenn comes down from hohrm says she likes track 11 on the cd and thanks Frank for letting her listen to it for awhile. Brit comes in the house singing and frank satrts singing we get foth.

1:19pm Ash, Frank and Shane at dt eating and talking about laying out in the sun and then coming in to the ac and taking a nap. they say they hope Boogie is ok his ear was so swollen. Frank says rest is the best thing.

1:21pm Ian pacing back and forth at the pool talking to Dan who is in the pool and Dani laying by the pool. Brit has gotten in the pool now also. talk about clothes and general things.

1:24pm Ian saying he bought toiletries and sunblock and alot of underwear in case they confenscated all his american underwear. BB tells Ian to please put his mic on so he gets in the pool instead.

1: 42pm most hg in pool an laying in by

1:59pm all hg except Boogie in by in the pool or laying out talking about facials and tossing a ball around in the pool.

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2:14pm hg in pool still playing games in the water while others lay in the sun.

2:31pm Joe playing with apples in the pool Shane flating on a ball and dan and Ian just general talk in the pool.

2:40pm Shane and Dani floting on balls in the pool Shane tries to knock her off the vball but couldnt do it . he says she has very good balance on the ball but says he knows how to get her off the ball and tries to undo her bikini top. she falls off the ball . he then says i would never undo that on you .

2:47pm dan taking towels and spelling out the word HONK in the yard so the planes that fly over can see it. he says they seen them waving the other day .

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3:03PM BBT News alert! Britney is drying dishes and putting them away! Did the house finally say something to her?

3:06PM BBT - A helicopter flies overhead. Dan walks by the HONK towels, flying his arms like an airplane so they see him.

3:08PM BBT - In the KT, Joe is preparing to teach Jenn how to make something. Britney is still putting away dishes. Shane is at the table drinking water, and Dan is making something to eat. He is telling Shane about the "In the News" food competition from his season.

Britney now washing dishes. The HG's all make a big deal out of thanking Britney for doing dishes. Brit asks why everyone is making such a big deal about her doing dishes. [Maybe because all season long, you've done everything to get out of doing dishes! - BBLuver]

Joe is requesting a steak dinner when he leaves the house on Thursday night. Shane tells Britney to sit down, he'll take over dishes. She's on a roll, she says. Joe says if she's on a roll, don't stop her! He is ready to teach everyone how to make homemade salsa. He is going to practice it "cooking show style" to gain experience. Ashley is going to lay down.

Shane, Brit and Jenn sit down to listen to Joe's cooking show. Ashley has been talked into listening to the "cooking show" instead of laying down. The HG's start clapping as the 'audience' while Joe goes into the show of "One Step Blender Salsa". All the ingredients Joe is using is stuff that is 'legal' for the Have Not's to have. Dan has joined the audience.

Joe pulls the cod out of the oven that has been baking while he was making the salsa and displays it attractively on plates. He pours the salsa into a bowl, adding avocado to it. Joe explains the concept of folding the avocado into the salsa, and how the red will match the white of the fish. Joe tastes it and a smiles big time before adding the salsa to the fish. The reality of the show is "cook with what you got". Danielle comes in and joins the audience. They all dig in.

Jenn says the only thing she would have added more of was salt.


3:32PM BBT - We're back and everyone is still eating the cod. Frank and Ian are in the pool in the BY, but are very hard to hear as they have no mic's on and planes are flying overhead.

In the KT, clean up is going on. Joe thanks everyone for participating in his show. They all thank him for cooking.

3:37PM BBT - Frank and Ian re-hashing last week's POV competition, where Danielle took the POV from Frank. Ian thought second place was going to be solitary confinement. Frank asked Danielle what she wanted, and Danielle said the maui trip.

They hope it will be an endurance competition this week for HOH. Ian hopes he can talk Danielle down since she won the last one. Then he thinks it will be Ian and Britney, and he thinks he can talk Britney down so he can win.

Dan comes outside and tells Frank that the Have Not's cannot have avocados and they had to be picked out. That explains the WBRB up above.

3:45PM BBT - Danielle and Britney in the WA. Both laying, looking pensive. Brit saying Wil's speech today might be funny to those in the house but not as funny to those watching the episode. Brit says the reason she can't have avocados is "because of your idiot boyfriend Shane." "What'd he say?" asks Danielle .. and WBRB.

3:48PM BBT - We're back... Danielle says "How many times have we told him just don't talk about it and you can get away with it?" and WBRB again.

3:49PM BBT- We're back... Brit says they should stop letting Joe make everything. She made a fruit salsa yesterday that tasted way better. She is going to stop letting him make every meal for her.

Wil is awake from his nap and going to work out.

Frank tries the salsa from the KT and yells to the girls how good the salsa is. Dani sticks her tongue out at him and calls him a stinker. Brit mutters that she plans to do the same thing to him if he is ever a HN.

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3:55PM BBT - We are getting intermittent WBRB, making it difficult to follow conversations.

Brit and Dani discussing ways they'd know they were in hell. If HN food one week was fire and brimstone. Brit asks what ingredients are needed to make ice cream. "Sugar, ice, milk..." They ask Joe how to make ice cream and WBRB.

3:57PM BBT - They could use muscle milk and half and half and sugar and freeze it like a custard. Danielle is worried about too much protein. Brit vetoes the idea because she wants the half and half cream for the coffee.

4:00PM BBT - Danielle can't have dark liquids because she had kidney problems. It's not good for her IBS either. Joe will make Brit a frappe with the leftover coffee though.

Frank comes into the WA. He & Dani banter. He says he's tough, she points out that he sleeps with a Teddy Bear (Ted). Dani tells a story of Frank jumping on the HOH bed when she was in it sleeping doing a cheer in his spirit tard.

Frank was talking about a movie he watched "the other day". 6 weeks ago? Points out Shane, who has joined the conversation. Summer will be over when they get out. They won't be able to wear white! laments Brit/Dani. They have to explain why to the boys, who look confused. Shane and Frank are going to hit the town on Hallowe'en in the Spirit Tard. Frank has two, he reminds Shane. Danielle wants to be an Egyptian for Hallowe'en. Brit is going to be "sixteen and pregnant". Frank has always had the idea of being the back half of a horse's costume. They begin discussing previous year's Hallowe'en costumes.

Discussing Hallowe'en party last year at Natalie's house, a former HG. Rachel, Regan, Portia, Jeff, Jordan, Lawon, Kalia, Domenic, Matt - people who live in the area usually come. Shane wants to meet Daniele Devato. Dani gives Shane a look. Brit agrees that she's hot and she's really nice. Dick wasn't there - there was a big feud between Dick and the Vegas bash. He doesn't support it. Brit will elaborate in September.

4:11PM BBT- Dan and Frank in the HOH room. Dan thanking Frank for not back dooring him today. Frank asks him if two is company and three is a crowd still? (Meaning, does he want Frank out so just Boogie and Dan can compete) Dan reassures Frank he likes their alliance of 3, although he plans to keep Danielle close. Frank is good with that. He thinks Danielle feels closer to Dan and trusts Dan more than she trusts her feelings for Shane.

Frank has Boogie and Dan's back together, and he feels they have his as well. Dan says he wants someone to WIN the game, not float. Frank agrees. He wants someone who has played the game to its extent, like Dan, Boogie, himself... maybe even Brit. Shane doesn't know enough about the game, even though he is winning comps. Dan says you can float and get so close to the end, like Dr. Will. He got fourth before he even won anything. Frank says that's the reason he wants to win as many comps as possible compared to Shane in case he is sitting next to him. He'd rather sit next to Boogie or Dan at the end. He wouldn't feel as bad if he lost to one of them if they played a really good game.

Dan says even if he was in jury, he'd vote for Frank or Boogie before anyone else. Even people from seasons 11, 12 and 13, he wanted it to be people who deserved it to uphold the title. Dan asks what Frank thinks of Danielle? She is like Frank's Boogie. Frank is nervous because when he asked her about his vote, she was vague. She wouldn't throw Dan under the bus, and she didn't want him to retaliate. He wishes she was honest and had just said she was voting to evict him. Otherwise, she's a golden girl. He asks Frank who he is leaning towards this week. Frank is thinking Wil still, because then Ashley and Jenn can gravitate towards them.

Frank tells Dan about his conversation with Ian earlier in the pool. Ian would put Joe and Ashley up on the block. Even if one came off, he could put up Jenn to make sure a floater went home. Ian quoted Rachel "Floaters make sure you grab a life vest!" Ian likes Dan, Frank says. Ian is finally starting to talk more game with Frank. They turn the TV on in the room to watch for other HG's approaching.

Talk turns to Ashley. She's an easy person to beat in a comp, Frank said. She'd be great to take to the final 2 because of how little she's done, although he doesn't want a floater in the final 2. Seeing Portia in the final 2 last year wasn't something Frank liked. Frank was rooting for Jeff last year. Frank recounts the downfall of Jeff from last year.

Dan asks if Frank thinks anyone from their 6 will turn next week. Frank doesn't think so. Dan says Joe needs to go next, Frank agrees. They can put Ash and Jenn up after Joe goes. Dan says he thinks after next Thursday, it might be a Fast Forward. He wants to make sure they have it all figured out before that night because there is no time to scramble during that hour. Frank agrees. Wil goes home first, then Joe. Then they need to make sure Britney isn't going to turn too early. Ashley and Jenn can go up, and they can send Jenn home cause Ashley is easier to have around.

Frank says he thinks as long as Brit feels rock solid, she'll stay with them. In the case Brit strays, he thinks they can get into Shane's ear and pull him away from. Shane told Frank he feels bad for listening to Britney and putting Frank up as a replacement nominee cause he doesn't know how to play and he trusted Brit.

4:28PM BBT - In the BY, Ashley and Boogie are sitting on the couches general chit chatting. Ashley is lamenting that Frank has had almost nothing go right for him since he got into the house. Boogie says it's been a roller coaster ride. He knows cause he's kind of been on it. Ian joins the conversation. Boogie asks Ian if he's ever had an ear infection. Ian did get swimmer's ear when he was 7 years old visiting his grandparents. He used rubbing alcohol, which worked like a charm. Boogie asks Ian for the science behind it. Ian doesn't think peroxide was strong enough in alcohol content, but the rubbing alcohol has a higher content, which is what kills it.

Boogie describes a past food competition in his season where he was tied to a partner and his head was in wet oatmeal. The oatmeal got clumped in his ear. He describes this contraption that the doctor to used to get it out.

4:34PM BBT - Back in the HOH, Dan and Frank are enjoying their uninterrupted time. Dan explaining that you don't want someone to come ask you after the game "Was that move really necessary?" He played like playing a board game, jumping people in checkers and stuff. Boogie is a little different, which is good for ratings. Frank says Boogie is playing a bit more honestly this time around, thanks to Frank's influence.

Dan would love for Danielle to put up Britney and Shane. Britney thinks she is getting close to Dani, Dan thinks. Dan says Britney may be ahead of Shane to Danielle, but not ahead of him. Frank says she has the tough mindset where she might do something like that. Dan is trying to figure out how to appeal to Ian to do that because he's so nervous to make that kind of move. It might work on a week where Ashley and Jenn are up, and POV is used, they could try to talk him into it then (assuming he's HOH).

They have to approach it carefully, with kid gloves. They have to handle everyone in the house differently, Frank remarks. Frank and Boogie saved Jenn from being a HN this week, so if she wins HOH next week, they think she'll leave them alone. He doesn't see her winning HOH though. She is not a huge fan of the show, so she is not good at question type comps, and she's not good at endurance either. Maybe he & Boogie should talk to her more, get in her head more.

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4:47PM BBT - Ian seems pretty close to Britney, Dan remarks. Frank agrees, smiling because Ian thinks he's closer to Britney than Britney thinks, he's sure. Dan thinks if Ian got to the finals, he'd get 2 votes just for being Ian. Dan wants to make sure that he at least makes jury after being such a fan of the show. Ian told Frank that even if he won 2nd place, being in the final 2 would mean enough to him.

Britney took down Dan, Shane and Ian in the HOH competition. Dan was surprised she managed to take down Ian. Frank has not voted for an eviction yet because he has either been HOH or on the block. Dan says the best feeling is on a Monday once the POV ceremony happens and you know you're not on the block, that means you can relax until Thursday.

4:52PM BBT - In the BY, Boogie and Ian are talking. Ian says he doesn't think Ashley is coming after him. Boogie says she's not going after anyone. She doesn't care enough, won't do jedi training. Ian is nervous that she'll succeed at a comp that is extremely basic and she gets a stroke of luck, like one where you have to shoot a ball into a hole. Like the hockey one. She has no coordination, Boogie reminds Ian. Ian said they typically only do one of those per year for HOH and one per year for veto and they have done both of them already. Ian goes over the POV baseball competition and what his strategy was.

4:58PM BBT - Boogie heads inside. Ashley and Wil are in the kitchen. Boogie has a head rush and gets dizzy, says that happens a couple times a day. Ashley asks if that has been since he's been in the house and Boogie says yes, he thinks its the heat.

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5:07pm wil and Ash in kt eating. dan and frank in hoh rm talking about Jani leaving because she kept asking what everyone was talking about every time they left hoh. Frank says she didnt like me cuz i called her out on shit.

5: 09pm Dan says you are in a better position in this game if you are open with everyone and want to work with everyone.Frank says joe came up and said hey man i am campaigning Frank says he told him man i wouldnt be insulted if you didnt and wil come up and coped a tude .

5:11pm Frank says he doesnt know what to do with joe but the good thing is joe gets an anxiety attack before every competition

5:14pm Ian sitting on hammock in by rocking again talking about getting beer tonight and that its only 5 percent alcahol. shane looks to be taking a nap in by on lounger.

5:17pm Wil goes out to by where Boogie is laying on the couch with peroxide in his ear, wil ask him if it is helping, Boogie says not really but i told em this morning in dr that i didnt want to see a doctor just run to cvs at the corner and we get foth.

5:24pm Frank and Boogie talking on by couch about talking to Dan. Frank says dan told me he would like to keep dani cuz we are close but my number one alliance is to you and boogie. Boogie says thats good then.

5:35pm Frank says wil came and talked to me lastnight and said Joe told him that he really worked frank and he will take you off the block you just have to promiose to keep me. frank says but i couldnt take one off this time and i dont believe there is any way Dan will put us up . Boogie says there is no motivation to win hoh this week either.

5:41pm :everyone in the house taking a nap except Boogie and wil and they are on the by couch repeating themselves alot cuz boogie cant hear from his swollen ear.

5:44pm Brit up in wa doing her makeup Shane gets up and goes to wc, Ian called to dr.

5:47pm Brit and Shane now in by wioth boogie and frank, Wil in kt making himself a glass of diet coke now heading to by.

5:49pm Joe and Dani sleeping in hnbr Joe is snoring really loudly. brit saying on the 23rd she will be 25 years old, Frank says the big 5 0 brit your growing up now.

5:55pm Brit , Boogie, WIl and Frank talk about puppies being born boogie asking if they go to a vet for that brit says no they do it at home. Brit says i seen a cow have a baby once and she tells boogie how the calf comes out how the mother cleans it and eats all the nasty and then they start eating and wal;king and how big cow nipples are.

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6:00PM BBT - Dan asks how you get swimmer's ear. Wil explains it to him. Brit asks if it is bacteria in the water or just the water sitting on your eardrum that gives you the infection. Wil is unsure.

6:03PM BBT - Brit tells Shane that you can't see Joe in the HN room when he's sleeping so stop talking strategy at the door. Wil starts telling a story he told last night about shooting bottle rockets at a security guard at college. Britney joins in the re-telling. Frank, Dan and Shane are listening attentively. Shane chimes in with details from time to time.


6:06PM BBT - Ian joins the BY crew while Wil takes over the story telling.

Joe moving about in the house, getting things ready for dinner. Boogie is showering in the HOH room. Danielle, Jenn and Ashley are sleeping.

Brit, Shane, Danielle and Frank had some intense religious discussion last night.(There may have been more people there; I am trying hard to catch who all was talking) Shane wishes Dan had been there to add some insight. Danielle was on the extreme defensive. Brit brings up some of the points from last night.

Boogie joins the BY crew.

Plane flies overhead, Dan chases after them to get their attention. It doesn't work.

The BY crew talk about how Frank should write an "every man's" food blog once he is out of the house. Brit and Shane tell Boogie about Joe's cooking show earlier and how they were stopped from eating avocado by production... and WBRB.

6:16PM BBT - Brit feels likes avocado is a legit salsa item. Wil talks about something a HN got away with yesterday and WBRB.

6:18PM BBT - Production switches all 4 feeds to Joe in the KT making dinner.

6:28PM BBT - Frank comes inside and asks what Joe is making tonight. He says he is going to try and fry it using slop since he can't use flour. Frank asks if Joe managed to take a nap today. Joe says a bit but didn't want a long one because he needs to sleep tonight. Frank is making coffee. Frank loves the smell of coffee grounds almost as much as "pu... (insert pause)...stachios". Awkward laugh between the two.

6:33PM BBT - Frank heads back outside. Jenn comes through and heads to the WA. She just woke up from her nap. "Crazy dreams," she tells Joe.

6:36PM BBT - Jenn is going to lay down for a bit longer but asks Joe to wake her up so she doesn't miss boot camp tonight.

6:37PM BBT - Finally, we get to go back to the BY! Ian, Brit, Shane, Wil, Frank and Dan are still in the BY. What's worse than finding a worm in your apple? Ian asks. Then he realizes the answer is bad, and won't say it. They start to bug him, and then he makes up an answer, and it's a bad joke they tell him. Something to do with the holacost.

What do you call a really drunk blonde girl? Ian asks. Britney in a POV competition, Shane teases. A cab, Ian says. No one gets it. Wil finally does and Brit says that's not a good anti-joke.

Dan asks Why didn't the zingbot place at the Olympics. Because she couldn't finish the 400 m heat stroke.ZING!

Britney's turn: What is the similarity between the zingbot and a tootsie pop? We'll never find out the answer because we are back in the kitchen to Joe's cooking on all 4 feeds. Except now, Boogie is in there, in the fridge getting food. He lets the fridge door fall towards Joe and says "Watch your back". Joe jokes, "I hear that quite a bit in this house."

Boogie called to DR.

6:52PM BBT - Ashley comes into the KT to ask Joe if Boogie has seen the doctor yet. Joe tells her he is in the DR right now. At the same time, Boogie is entering the KT. Joe says that Ashely can ask him herself and WBRB.

6:55PM BBT - Feeds are back but only Shane and Joe are in the KT now. Shane offers to help with anything but Joe says it's all good. BB: "Dan, Britney, you are not allowed to talk about production."

Ian comes inside and says something about getting in trouble for zingbot talk and WBRB.

We're back a second later, and Shane says he feels like there is next to no one in the house.

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7:02pm Wil saying he needs to wear himself out to help his anxity , Boogie asked him if he ran more wil says he ran faster and set a time on the dryer.

7:05pm Brit Frank Ian and Dan in by talking about dr sessions and we keep getting foth.

7:11pm hg in the kt cooking and eating and just talking about food.

7:15pm Ian and Brit in by. Brit says frank is bad news ian says frasnk is playing this game hard Dan comes out and brit says just a heads up if frank makes that mac and cheese dani is going to be pissed it was hers and she ios on slop this week. ian says he will tell frank not to fix it.

7:22pm Boogie comes outside and ian asked him how is the ear? Boogie says swimmers ear he said droctor said it was swimmers ear but didnt give him anything.

7:37pm Brit, ian,Boogie and dan in by talking about going to party and about buisness deals they have had. Frank in kt cooking Wil, ash ,Shane and Dani in kt general talk going on. frank says i made mac and cheese if anyone wants some. Dani says let me smell Frank says smell it .

7:52pm Ash and Wil looking at the nail polish trying to pick a color to use as Ian is reading the instructions and going step by step on how to cook a digorno pizza(how many of these has he cooked before) Frank telling him how to put onions and peppers on his pizza if he wants to.

7:54pm Ash tells ian his Indian name is "sittingduck" . Wil is now polishing Ashley's nails.

7:57pm Correction: Wil and Ash are drawing on Ashleys head gear with nail polish.

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8:08 PM BBT Will/Ash/Jenn doing their nails in the KT. In the BY HG discussing a mixture of topics. Nothing game related.

Ash using nail polish to paint a bandana. Brit talking about her dad figuring wood for their boiler.

8:21 PM BBT Brit telling HG about her treehouse when she was little. It had an intercom connected to the house. Dani's treehouse had a ladder down to a sand box. Jenn had walkie talkies for if she was going to be a distance away from the house.

Ash coming out - she has decorated a bathing suit cover up and a "Tiger Lily" headband in honor of all of the Native Americans.

8:26 PM BBT HG discussing what they are going to be for Halloween this year. Ash wants to be a sexy vampire. Brit was Lady Gaga one year. She says she was a hard core Lady Gaga.

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8:33 PM BBT Dan and Ian talking about how they would voted on the F2. Discussing prev HG from past seasons.

8:42 PM BBT Discussion about when Twilight is coming out and how many Hunger Games movies will be made. Ian eating dinner in the LR quietly.

8:53 PM BBT In the LR talk about who has smoke marijuana. Dan says he has not. Sounds like Ian has.

8:56 PM BBT Frank and Ash discuss that tomorrow is picture day. BB calling for various HG to put on microphones. (They called about 5 HGs)

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