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8/12 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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21:16 BBT

Dani, Shane, and Brit are in the WA chilling after the POV. Sounds like Shane thinks he might be a replacement nom if the POV is used.

Brit, Danielle, and Shane are in the WA speculating about POV and hoping they can trust Boogie to keep his alliance with them.

Frank is hanging with Brit, Shane, and Dani in the WA. Danielle and Brit are dreading cold showers - sounds like those two are Have Nots!

21:26 BBT

Joe has made the houseguests chips and salsa! Now they're asking for beers. Wil, Jenn chilling on the couch, not eating, not talking.

21:44 BBT

The house guests are in the KT eating dinner. Brittney seems to be upset with the coffee pot. Wil is quiet but several other house guests are chatting about food.

Ian is looking forward to a poker game tonight… if they are released from ILD, that is. Dani says she hopes Joe plans to make slop burgers this week.

General chitchat in the KT. Frank, Boogie, Brit, and Dan are discussing drinking & bar stories in the LR. Ian and Shane join the LR crew on the couch.

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10:14 am BBT Through the discussion of the drunk stories Boogie name drops an actor who hadn't signed a release then asked us to tweet him but we got fish instead

10:25 pm BBT Joe asks Dan how his team is going to be this year he says pretty good, He says his team is getting their entire offensive line back and their quarterback is the son of the Detroit Lions offensive coordinator. ( I like football so I found it cool)

10:29 pm BBT We had another DR leak! Dani said: Sara, I am distraught about today. Why? FotH

10:43 pm BBT still Foth

10:48 pm BBT We come back to Brit and Wil talking Katy Perry in the KT. Dani is showing Frank card tricks in the LR.

11:00 pm BBT Wil and Jenn in SR speculating on what Frank will do with Pov. Jenn thinks it will stay the same. Wil thinks Brit Dani Boogie and Frank and Dan are all working together. Wil is trying to figure out how to get their votes. He decided he needs five. Jenn says to try to work Dani and Brit. Wil is tired of the boys club. Jenn agrees she said before Jani left she said her biggest mistake in S7 was taking too many boys to the end. Jenn decides she needs to start winning things and taking the boys out.

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11:20 pm BBT we have lots of flashes of the fish When we come ba all the HGs are in the living room playing a catch the murder game. Whatever HG is dealt the red 3 is the murderer if the murder winks at another HG that HG is dead. Object is to find the murderer of course.

11:36 PM BBT We are now getting ready to play charades until they get to go outside

11:45 pm BBT Ian is up 1st word sounds like Joe they guess angel and get it. 2nd word sounds like rash. 30 seconds. Boogie gets it right with Angelas ashes 2 secs after the timer goes off

12:00 am BBT Joes is not very good at charades and Frank is guessing every word he knows it seems like. Frank starts guessing the letters of the alphabet. Time is out. It was Matilda

12:16 am BBT Ashs turn is up its 5 words. The timer has long expired and they just let her go . Not one word has been guessed but she is hilarious to watch. For anyone wondering hers was 1000 years of solitude.

12:37 am BBT for anyone who thinks they are missing anything , they are not. it was just Shanes turn and Wil was able to guess where the wild things are really fast.

12:49 am BBT Id like to note that while Wil is playing, he looks like he wants everyone to quit so he can get in everyone's ear by monday. He looks downright grumpy.

12:59 am BBT charades breaks up so everyone can get a snack. Brit goes to grab a shower. Jenn pulls Ash in the SR to recap the convo she had with Wil. Jenn says she will pick Franks brain tomorrow but as far as she knows its still Joe going this week. Jenn speculates a little about the idea or backdooring Shane and thinks that may be something Frank may want to do. Ash agrees and says lets talk to him tomorrow.

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1:09 am BBT keeping Wil so that Wil sees they (Dan Dani Shane and Brit) voted him out while Boogie and Frank kept him. Boogie says bad idea to go against the other four right away. They also noticed Jenn talking to Wil in the SR they plan to ask her what that was about. They don't seem to care who goes home this week. They keep talking about next week and who can go after the other four in their alliance for them so they get little to no blood on their hands

1:14 am BBT Dan has joined them in arcade room and seems upset about Joe acting like he's safe. Frank is filling Dan in on telling Joe he could be safe this week and not stirring the pot. Dan says you can read Wil and with Joe you never know what youre going to get. Dan is for sure pushing a Joe eviction.

1:24nam BBT We get Flashes of Frank and Brit weighing the pros and cons of both Joe and Wil in between a lot of Foth

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9:45am BBT BB letting them sleep in today.

9:50BBT Jenn gets up, but the cameraman doesnt, Jenn disappears stage right. Oh wait there she is in the WA, next stop SR for batteries and back to bed.

10:27am BBT All I have for you is snores and blanket rustling as BB lets them sleep late.

10:40 BBT FotH

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12:04pm BBT - Lots of non-consequential talk about different stories, some resulting in FotH. Dani & Brit in WA, Frank, Shane, Ash, Dan, Jenn, Joe andWil in KT.

12:13pm BBT - Brit heads out to the BY. Ash talks about braiding hair. They wonder if Frank's hair could be braided. Talk turns to food as Ian is eating real food for the first Sunday since the game started. Ian gives cooking tips for cooking eggs and Dan returns with his own favorites. Frank is wearing a big grin and his NASA hat. Talk turns to favorite Chinese take-out, sodium intake and cottonmouth. It's going to be that kind of day.

12:17pm BBT - Britney comes inside, gives Dani tips on making slop. Frank heads up to HoH with Shane to satisfy a bet over how many tracks are on the CD. 11 tracks. Frank swore there were only 7. Dan is up there now, remarks that it's amazing Frank makes his bed every day.

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12:30PM-3:00PM BBT

12:30 Ian swinging in the hammock. Joe is tanning by the pool. Frank,Boogie,Dan &Dani sitting on the couches out side talking about popping pimples. Jenn & Wil inside in the KT eating lunch & Shane is in HOH listening to Frank's cd.

12:54 Shane has joined Dan, Boogie, & Frank outside. The conversation Is about windows programming, the heat, & the games from last night. Inside, Jenn, Dani, Wil talking about gymnastics, & zingbot , who visited the house last night.

1:06 Jenn, Wil, Britany, & Dani inside in the KT talking about how crazy things are going to get & what jury will be like. Outside, Boogie , Frank,& Shane are still on the couches talking about working out later tonght.

1:29 Boogie & Dan outside on the couches alone talking about Wil's bad attitude. Boogie says hell has no fury like a gay guy scorned.They go over the pros & cons of keeping Joe. They both agree that Joe will become the ultimate pawn if left in the game.

1:35 Dan cant wait for Boogie to see the scene from when they decided to blindside Frank. Boogie cant believe how noone in the house knows how to play the game.They both think that if either of them go to the end w a newbie , that they would not win again. They both say they need to go to the end together to have a shot.

1:45 Joe keeps looking over @ them from the pool. Its driving them crazy. They both start counting everytime he looks over @ them . Up to nine times in the last minute.

1:55 Dan & Boogie want to take Ashley as far as possible. They discuss having Ashley & Ian in the end w them.The count for Joe is up to 27.

2:05 Joe was outside shouting out chores for his kids, When Joe goes in , the HGs ,Britany ,Ashley, Shane, Dan, Boogie,&Ian , start to make fun of him . They are not being quite about it either. Good thing they are out by & inside the pool. This has been going on for at least five minutes.

2:10 Britany, Shane, Ashley, Dan, Boogie, Ian,& Jenn are out @ the pool still making fun of Joe. They seem to have lots of material to choose from. Joe's cooking is a popular choice.

2:16 The feeds are all on Joe in the KT. He is making a lunch of fish for everyone while outside, most are making a feast out of him....still.

2:23 Wil has joined everyone outside by the pool. Talk has moved on to The Real Housewives reality series. They seem to know them all. The New York series seems to be a favorite. Dani is napping & Joe is in the KT cooking fish & salsa for everyone. I think Joe thinks he on a cooking show. He is telling the live feed viewers how to cook the fish & salsa step by step. Ashley has joined Joe's show. Joe is also going to show us how to make a cheesecake.

2:37 The HGs outside have just found out about the cooking show in the KT. They have found out that Joe's salsa is called The Final Eight Salsa because its eight layers deep. They dont seem to thrilled about it. Britany & Wil has now joined the cooking show in the KT.

2:44 Britany has put on a pair of Dani's heel & wants to do the Miss America walk in the BY. Noone in the KT will MC her because they dont want to hurt her feelings. (Something about zingbot hurting Dani's feelings last night.) Britany goes outside & does the pagent walk across the BY. Dani doesn 't want to talk about pagents at all. Britany talks Dani into showing everyone her pagent walk. Wil is now showing off his pagent walk. ( I like his better).

2:53 Britany has talked Dani into doing her pagent walk across the BY. Dani is made to put the heels on to do it. Wil is MCing the walk. Britany does her walk agin w Wil MCing. ( very funny) All the HGs try to get Ashley to do the pagent walk but she does not want to do it.

3:00 Wil & Britany giving pagent speeches by the pool. Joe, Boogie & Dan inside waiting for lunch. Everyone else outside by the pool chatting & having fun w pagent talk & Joe's cooking.

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3:01 PM BBT - Now that the pageant is over, Wil, Shane, Britney, Danielle, Ian and Jenn hang out by the pool, still joking around making up names for each other.

3:02PM BBT - Dan & Boggie in the kitchen saying Britney should be an actress. She comes in, and they share this with her. She would stay in LA, but she's about to get 'preg'.

Dan doesn't normally eat so much turkey bacon, but since he's in the house, he eats it more frequently. Brit doesn't eat turkey bacon; she doesn't like it. The HG's all seem to be coming inside, except for Jenn, Ian and Danielle. Joe brought Danielle her own special Have Not dessert to the pool.

The discussion inside is still on turkey bacon, and how many calories it is per slice. It gives you a false sense of eating healthy, says Joe. Joe is pulling fish out of the oven for lunch. Dan, Joe, Shane & Boogie grab plates for lunch. Britney's grabbed hers already; she's outside eating it. [Let's see if she cleans it when she's done -- BBLuver]

3:07PM BBT - Britney's hat got taken when she entered the house. Wil says some PA is probably wearing it at the beach last night. Britney is not pleased with this idea. Danielle is wearing Ashley's hat.

3:09PM BBT - Boogie remarks that Ian's life has peaked at 21 years old. He has to go back to studying, job interviews, 9-5 working. Everyone chimes in in agreement. Can you imagine getting this experience at 21 years old?

3:12PM BBT - Wil can't believe Joe flipped so much last week on him and said so many nasty things. At least you know what to expect this week, says Brit. You already know his angle, she points out. Wil says if that's the case, he's just gonna shut up. Britney is confused. Joe is going to say Wil is the root of all evil, Wil explains. And that he has a deal with Frank.

Danielle changes the subject to compliment Brit on a star she has; she got it on her honeymoon in Paris. Brit's put the plate on the table by the pool and is leaning back, resting.

Back in the KT, stimulating conversation is about frappe, iced coffee and Starbucks. Ashley is doing dishes in the background.

3:17PM BBT - Britney asks Ian what he's thinking; he's thinking of dating. Ian has no mic on so he's hard to hear. BB must have thought so too - they just told him to put it on. Britney asks what Ian has planned for his first date back at Tulane. He says dinner. Brit presses for the atmosphere he wants to create. Italian or Thai, Ian says.

Britney says he can take his date to a place where there is pool, and drop a line like "When I was on reality TV, I used to play every night with a girl named Britney. Want me to teach you a few moves?" Britney asks what Ian's dealbreakers are - how many times a girl has cheated on a guy.

Joe, Boogie, Shane, Dan come outside and Britney enlightens them into the conversation. Poor taste in clothing is another dealbreaker, Ian says. Especially underwear. "Really, Ian?" Shane is surprised. "What are bad underwear, Ian?" Brit asks. "Granny panties" Ian says. "How many panties you been in?" Joe asks. Ian deflects the question until Joe presses. "A few girls," Ian finally says. Joe and Shane continue to tease him.

All 4 feeds are on the BY.

Ian makes a reference to the Chamber of Secrets (assuming Harry Potter reference). Boogie asks what it is, and Ian explains it. "It's like Pandora's Box, Tulane style," Boogie nods. Ian says they won't give him a key to down there as an RA. Ashley has joined the BY - appears everyone but Frank is outside. Frank is in the HOH room napping.

Ian describes a confiscated item room. He got a toaster from there. The HG's press for his address, and Ian won't tell them. Brit has joined the teasing of Ian.

3:27PM BBT - Brit asks Joe what a deal breaker for him is with a woman he meets in Yahoo dating. Joe says any sign that the woman is not a lady. He is old school. Cussing turns him off. Someone like JoJo, Dan jokes. Joe tells a story about a woman he introduced to his son Levi at a horseback riding ranch. They're getting tight, she's met the kids.... a few weeks later, he goes to his buddy's house. His buddy tells him about a site called adultfriendfinder.com and the girl Joe was "dating" was on there looking for anal sex. The HG's gasp in horror. Joe's buddy shows him her profile on the website. She seemed perfect, Joe said. Brit pipes in "So anal sex is a deal breaker for you, huh?"

Dan asks how Joe broke that off. Joe says he kind of just disappeared. Dan says "The real question is what is your buddy doing on adultfinder.com?" Wil says something, but his mic isn't on so I can't hear him.

3:33PM BBT - Britney asks Shane what the worst date he's ever been on was. Shane said was almost in a bad car accident because of a girl who was "groping" him. He went through a red light, and almost killed them. He asks Brit about her worst dates. Plenty, but she doesn't want to talk about them.

Britney does tell a story about a guy she met on spring break. He was a lawyer and was working on an American Airlines case. They hung out, had a nice time. The story sort of trails off when a plane flies overhead. It's an LAPD plane and everyone waves and cheers. "Throw down some liquor!" Shane yells.

Brit resumes the story about the date. A few months later she gets an email from the guy's girlfriend. Brit talks to her - the guy was a total liar and isn't in law school. Brit feels horrible. Shane teases Brit about being a homewrecker.

3:39PM BBT - Talk turns to sex on the first date. Everyone seems to feel sex is an emotional attachment and not something to do on the first date. Jenn gets up from suntanning and gets in the pool. Wil says he is at the point that he wants a big diamond on his finger if someone wants something from him. "Even a kiss?" Shane teases.

Shane asks what is the youngest and oldest person someone has hooked up with - and what age the HG was. Jenn answers but she's in the pool so I coudn't hear her. Wil says the oldest person he dated was 50. "A sugar daddy?" Shane teases. Shane says if you're a bad kisser, it's a turn off. Ian brings up a conversation they had in the HNR previously, where the question was "What was the worst feedback you've ever gotten about your kissing?" and JoJo said too much tongue.

Too many conversations going on to hear properly.

Joe asks Dan about his stories, and Dan said "All my stories are buried".

Danielle got set up on a blind date by a friend. "Those are not good friends," Dan says. Dani tells the story of her, her best friend, bff's bf and his best friend. They went to watch a movie, sat beside Dani and kept staring at her. He had braces and held his mouth oddly. Had glasses and acne, bad bad acne. Looked like chicken pox all over his face. She pretended to go to the bathroom and left instead.

Shane tells a story about an ex-pastor who went on Christianmingle.com and when he met her, she was literally blind. A true "blind" date. He saw the girl, and left. Didn't even stay on the date. Joe says, no wonder he's an ex-pastor.

3:53PM BBT - Dani tells a story about how she broke her nose in cheerleading. Joe and Shane ask her questions about how much pain she was in. She was more in shock, and she didn't realize there was blood right away. She had to have her nose re-set.

Joe broke his "ass bone" twice. Shane asks "Your tailbone?" Joe doesn't remember, he was 10. He was trying to do double monkey bars and he fell.

4:05PM BBT - Shane helps Ashley up so she can go inside and take more advil. Shane offers to go get it for her, but Ashley says she'll go herself.

4:07PM BBT - Dan asks if anyone has ever seen Mad Men. Wil sounds like the character "Sterling" from it.

4:08PM BBT - Brit asks if Dani has ever stolen anything. Dani wore her mom's shirt one time without asking. Her mom accused her of stealing it, Dani considered it borrowing.

Ian remembers a story from grade 5. Brit asks how he remembers that. [Hello, this is the kid that remembers 13 seasons of BB in detail? - BBLuver]

4:19PM BBT - Jenn and Wil in the KT, Jenn eating lunch. They are talking about their jobs outside of the house, performing and stuff.

In the BY, the HG's talk about Jerry from season 10. He would tell them old stories from his Marine days while in the house. Ian brings up stories he heard from BBAD about Jerry, then tells some about Memphis. Dan tells a story about how Jerry fell into the pool. Boogie said he's lucky he didn't get hurt. "Very lucky," Dan agrees. Dani asks why Renny hated Jerry so much. "Cause he hated women," Dan answered. "And cause he put her up on the block first," Ian pipes in. Ian's mom didn't like Renny at first, but Ian thought she'd end up being hilarious. More season 10 talk.

Dani asks Brit if she always talks back to BB when they say something. The DR never yells at her for it. Brit feels bad sometimes for the things she says to them when she criticizes them. She complained that the DR was ugly, the carpet is filthy - and we get WBRB.

4:26PM BBT - We're back, and it's silent in the BY. Inside, Jenn and Wil are moving throughout the house putting things away, gathering laundry. No talking there either.

4:28PM BBT - Wil going for a nap in the MBR.

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5:48 PM BBT

Frank, Shane and Mike talking about the nominees. They agree that both are dangerous but Wil would be more dangerous to have in the jury house. They question Ashley's loyalty as well, where is she voting? Shane will vote with them. Mike confirms that Frank is not changing the nominations.

Shane thanks them for their time.

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5:43PM BBT - Mike, Frank and Shane talking about the POV competition. Shane tells the boys he is 100% with them (and kinda with Britney) but with them for sure. Shane says he will never put Frank or Boogie up, or BD them. Boogie says they know, but thanks. Boogie says since it's hard to get alone time, let's chat now. Boogie is leaning towards voting Wil on Thursday because he is more vindictive and he is a bigger threat. He feels better going against Joe.

Frank points out that they are both untrustworthy, so to make a deal with either doesn't mean they won't go back on their word. Shane plays down the fact that he put Frank up, and Frank says he knows Britney talked him into it. Boogie reminds Shane the game changes every 2 seconds and as they need to stay steady.

Joe is more a polarizing figure that people don't want to be around that much. He & Wil need to be evicted before jury. Frank wonders if Britney and Dan will come after them next week. Shane says he doesn't think so and he'll tell them not to if it comes up. Boogie says he's seen on Survivor where the same group stays together, they make it to the end.

Shane says if he makes it to the jury and Frank is in final 2, he'd give it to Frank because he's actually won competitions. Boogie agrees, doesn't want a floater to win the game. Get a paycheque for doing nothing all summer. Dan has already won it, so they don't want him to win. Boogie says "The same could be said for me."

Shane says that Wil mentioned having Ashley's vote, although he's not sure if that's true. Boogie says Frank isn't changing nominations, so they have until Thursday to make a final decision about which one is going. They do some handshake thing, say they'll meet later after dinner and go back to working out.

Shane is trying to come up with different workouts. Frank suggests dressing up in the Zingbot machine and running sprints. Frank mentions he gets a dinner from Dan tonight because of the bet they made last night. Joe joins the BY crew. Shane asks if they get to take the CD's home with them that they get for HOH. Thinks maybe at the end they might get them. Joe mentions Dan wearing a banana suit and WBRB.

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5:52 PM BBT

They discuss Dan and the banana suit - how he didn't really have to wear it. We get WBRB. Frank tells us about another dream he had about Ian. Not sure what it was about - it was freaky and "Damn, why they going after our boy Ian?"

Shane working out with the ball in the BY. Joe watching him.

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5:53PM BBT - Shane working out with a ball, Joe dangling his legs in the HT, Boogie stretching with a skipping rope. Frank went inside.

Modified soccer/basketball, Boogie calls what Shane is doing. Boogie done working out; he is relaxing on the lounger.

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5:58 PM BBT

Mike talking to the camera. I got them all thinking I'm America's Player because of a banana suit I brought in here. It took them exactly 37 days to find it. Did you see Joe's face when he asked me about it? He was really thinking it out. Mike laughs to himself.

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6:08pm BBT Ash , Boogie, and Frank in by talking about Brits hair looking good she says thanks to Ashley for french braiding it. Ash in by doing laundry. everyone else in lvrm general talk going on and we get foth.

6:18pm BBT Jenn and wil telling stories of drewams they have in the house Jenn says she has drams about people at war in the game Wil has dreams that everyone hates him . Joe had a sexual dream once in the house but cant remember who was in it .

6:21pmBBT Ash says she had a dream that her family hated her and they wouldnt get her no taco bell.

6: 29pm BBT Brit says hey dan who we voting out this week ? Dan says we have to talk and the sunject was changed.

6:35pm BBT joe in by telling a story about a woman getting naked an hour after he met her Boogie asked dd you do anything Joe says of course everyone yells Joe Joe Joe. joe then says we have slop burgers for anyone who wants them.

6: 41pm BBT most hg in by talking about sizes that everyone is. joe is in kt cooking more slop.

6:43pm BBT dan asking frank if he can go listen to the cd. Frank says i have an open door policy everyone except you dani, she says what did i do he says you left the razor guard in the shower floor the other night and i stepped on it she says it wasnt her .

6:49pm BBT some hg in by going over the spanish names of colors. joe making more slop burgers . Frank opened a container of protien powder and it exploded and went everywhere.Joe says whoa what was that and frank trells him what happened.

6:54pm BBT:Boogie cooking in kt Joe comes back in and boogie says i know frank talked to you already and if you play it cool you should be fine this week and stay. Joe says thats cool brother.

6: 58pm BBT Boogie tells Joe he thinks he can get him the votes to stay this week just lay low and keep doing what your doing.

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7:21pm BBT Ash and Frank in hohrm talking about snacks and Ash trying different things. Dan laying on hoh bed listening to music. most hg in by general talk going on.

7:33pm BBT general talk going on in hoh rm and in by.

7:43pm BBT Brit,shane,Wil , Dani and joe in kt talking about food places they have gone to and what they order.Boogie and ian in by talking about coke zero Ian rather have that than anything. Boogie says you might have to request that. Ian says maybe next week i will.

7:51pm BBT Dan ,Ash and Frank in hoh talking about the cop shows, Frank says he isnt to into the cop shows but when i new show comes on i will check it out but most i dont like.

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8:03 PM BBT Shane/Dani on the hammock - Shane tells Dani that if the noms stay the same, he would be more confident going against Joe.

Brit/Wil talking about home. Brit says she likes when she and hubby have a quiet evening at with win. She is trying to get her hubby to like wine more.

8:08 PM BBT Ash in HOH- Says that she was worried about her back and then she was reading the bible and knows God suffered and this is her suffering. It just was in the BB house. Ash tearing up and crying.

8:12 PM BBT Ash thanks Dan/Frank for being there to allow her to cry. Dan says it's fine. Ash says that she finds it awkward when guys cry as she doesn't know what to do. Now talk between the three of them on when they cry.

8:18 PM BBT Frank telling Dan and Ash about his family. He had some estrangement issues with his Dad. He says Mom & Dad are separated. He tells them that his Dad sells farm chemicals and explains what he does.

8:22 PM BBT Shane and Dani discuss Ash. Shane says he doesn't want to call her out but he isn't sure she is as hurt as she seems. He says to Dani: Look what we did for her for the HN comp. Now discussion about how they couldn't team up how they wanted.

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8:37 PM BBT All 4 feeds on Jenn/Ash whispering. Jenn doing stretching exercises. You can hear them talking about comps. Ash says something about getting Dani on their side.

8:43 PM BBT Jenn doing yoga (not yoda) and Ash stretching out her back. In the HOH room talk of working out going on.

8:49 PM BBT Frank asking Brit/Boogie who the zing-bot got best yesterday. Brit says Dani - Brit says that she thinks Dani is still mad at her. They were practicing Spanish and Brit told her she sounded like she had a Spanish speech impediment and Dani upset. Now Brit telling them about Dani's concerns with Shane.

8:51 PM BBT Ash tells Wil&Jenn talking in SR that Britt was telling people that Wil had the POV. He had everything mapped out. Wil says he didn't have crap mapped out. Ash says don't give up. Ash says that she feels like Shane is going up.

5:58 PM BBT Boogie tells Brit/Frank that he would feel better getting rid of Wil. Frank says back dooring would be a great idea (sounds like he is referring to Shane) and laughs. Frank says the best option is Wil.

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