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8/9 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:04 PM BBT: Wil, Boogie, and Wil discussing the cake. Wil doesn't think it's real icing, Brit thinks its some sort of cool whip concoction. Wil, Boogie, and Brit now talking about parties.. Wil says everyone's picture on the cake looks better than on the memory wall.

9:08 PM BBT: Boogie, Shane, Ashley, Jenn, Wil, Dan, Ian, Frank and Dani sitting on the couches in the BY talking about their entrances into the house (the order of who came out and where everyone was positioned).

9:14 PM BBT: Brit and Jani in the arcade room. Jani talking about votes, as usual. Jani says that she told Dan that if he was on the block next to a newbie, then she would obviously keep him. Jani says that Dan makes her nervous. Brit says she's not going to vote someone out of the house if they're not coming for her. Jani says that it's pretty obvious that Boogie will never work with them. Jani says that Dan would be foolish to vote her out. Brit says that she was called to DR and told her that they can't talk about who they're voting for, and she says it's more strict this year.

9:15 PM BBT: After Brit talked about production and her diary session, we have FoTH.

9:24 PM BBT: Brit feels like no one tells her anything because they know she's friends with Jani and they're working together. Jani says to weaken Boogie, you have to get rid of Frank. Jani says that it seemed as though Dani was being forced to put Jani on the block. Brit suggests that she talk to Dani.

9:32 PM BBT: Frank and Dan in the washroom whispering about next week. Frank thinks that everyone would put Joe up on the block next week. Frank says Jani came and apologized to him because she thinks she has the votes. She was trying to gouge if he felt if he was going home, and he told her that he thinks it's up in the air. Frank thinks she thinks she has 6 votes.

9:37 PM BBT: Brit and Jani still talking in the arcade room. Jani thinks if she stays it's going to be really hard to get further in the game because they have so many men to go through. They both agree that Joe is really mouthy, and he's ruining his game. Jani thinks that Frank Boogie Wil Jenn and Ian are in an alliance. Brit tells Jani again that she needs to talk to Dani to be safe. Brit leaves to put more milk in her neverending cup of coffee.

9:43 PM BBT: Ashley and Brit in the kitchen. Ashley says she's feeling much better, and Brit is glad. Wil, Frank, Ashley and Brit staring at everyone's faces on the cake. Brit says that Joe would get so pissed if his face was poked. Brit scrapes his face off. Frank suggests they put it on the toilet seat, and Brit suggests that they put it on someone elses face. Brit puts it on top of someone else's face, but doesn't say which one.

9:50 PM BBT: Brit, Wil, Dani and Ashley in the HOH room. Wil says that Jani is staying up all night to make sure the votes don't change. Wil says that he's voting her out 100%. Wil says he never swears on lives, and anyone who asks someone to do that is heinous. Brit says she's in total emotional distress, and feels bad about it. Brit says that Jani keeps asking her over and over and over, and feels like a bad person because she's avoiding her.

9:54 PM BBT: Brit says that Joe said some really really mean stuff about Wil, but she wont repeat them to Wil. Brit rushes down to the kitchen to grab her cookies so they don't burn. Ashley says that Jani is paranoid, and she should be. Ash says that Jani doesn't realize what she's done wrong.

9:59 PM BBT: Ash asks if they should tell Jani that she's going home, and Dani vehemently says NO. Dani, Ashley and Wil bashing Jani about what she's done, said and lied about. Ashley says that Jani played a bad game. Wil says that Jani said that Dani is Dan's puppeteer and a pawn that's gonna float to the end. Dani says that all this talk stays up there, and it doesn't leave the room.

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10:05pm bbt Ian interrupts Jani/Dan talking, brings Dan out to play pool. Shane joins Dani/Ash/Wil/Brit in HOH talking about Jani/Joe. Frank/Mike running laps.

10:07pm bbt Jani joins the HOH, so talk changes to trival topics, like how long Brit will be married as of finale night, and dream weddings. Ian/Dan discuss options for next week but mainly pool shots. Frank/Mike keep running, and Joe/Jenn are out of sight.

10:19pm bbt Janelle called to the DR, but HOH group is still talking about the Vatican/etc. Surely the topic will turn back to Janelle soon.

10:22pm bbt Britney called to the DR. Wil/Ash leave also, but first... Shane/Dani tell Ash they have only kissed in front of the HGs. Shane/Dani then take turns complaining how fat each of them are. Shane realizes all but Joe are voting out Jani.

10:28pm bbt Shane/Dani have a thumb war

Dani: 1,2,3,4, I declare a thumb war.

Shane: 5,6,7,8, now it's time to terminate.

10:33pm bbt Jani/Ash/Wil are talking about nbr of weeks left. Jani still asking for assurances of votes. Jani says she apologized to Frank(for being nominated so much), he should treat it as a compliment.

10:35pm bbt Shane/Dani have started a full on wrestling match in the HOH bed. Shane's laying on his back, Dani on her back, on top of Shane, his legs wrapped around her waist legs and holding her arms. He's winning the match, but she's 'winning!'. Janelle called to DR again, pulling her from the room. Didn't see her go to DR, she ended up in the K asking Ash then Joe about votes.

10:44pm bbt Jani pulls Jenn aside, Jenn asks Jani to give her a heads up and protect her. Jani says Jenn isn't her target. If Jani has her vote, she'll watch her back. If Jani has her vote, she'll watch her back. Jani says she doesn't want to go into finals with guys, Brit did the same her season so she won't want to either.

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11:16 pm BBT Stereo room crew taking about music. Brit and Ian are playing pool and talking about wooing women. Ian asks how Hayden got Kristen on her season. She says "i dont know I thought they were related"

11:31 pm BBT Wil and Ash used some sort of make up to draw cat faces on themselves and they were meowing but then get sick of that. They start talking about Jani and her social game Dan says she never had to play socially in season 7 she had the same crew with her. This year she is playing completely different. Wil says she just lies a lot. Ash starts talking about snacks and the conversation shifts that direction.

11:52 pm BBT Wil is in stereo room talking to Dan about his experience about going o a religious performing arts school and how strict they are. Jenn walks in and laughs about the cat faces , then back to small talk

12:00 am BBT on BY couches Joe brings up getting rid of Frank to Shane. Joe says there should only two votes for Frank this week, Ian and Boogies. Shane says they need to talk to Dani and Dani will have to talk to Dan to see if he is on board. Shane seems to be pacifying Joe because he keeps trying to change the topic back to small talk. Joe brings it back to Jani by saying she says that Wil is for sure working with Frank and Boogie. Shane quietly agrees. Ian and Brit have spent most of the hr speculating on what the future comps will be and jedi training.

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12:13 am BBT Brit and Ian on hammock. Brit says just so you know what we have trumps everything else. Ian agrees says its not final 2 deal but I'll be dragging you kicking and screaming as far as I can with me.

12:17 am BBT Brit and Ian go back to making up rhymes for future comps to quiz themselves on past comps. Brit says BB is probably writing rhymes for the game as we speak and watching us. She continues by saying each time we make one up I bet BB says "shit they guessed it" then naturally we get Foth

12:27 am BBT Brit asks Ian how long he thinks Frank and Boogie will stick with the group. Ian says till there is no one else left. Brit says I dont think they will stick with us through Wils eviction Wil is supposed to be evicted after Joe next week.

12:40 am BBT The kitties run outside and do a dance for Frank Ian and Brit. Frank makes fun of Wils pants. Wil says he is oe to talk and goes off to play badminton with Ash. Boogie asks Dan if they have each other’s back even without their significant others (Dani and Frank). Dan says of course. They are in BY couches just feet away from Frank.

12:53 Ian tells Frank he will sleep sweetly tonight knowing Frank is staying and the unitard curse will go down in flames. Meanwhile in Hoh the cats are running rampant. They are jumping on couches, climbing on chairs kneading things, and of course meowing. They organize it to where their heads pop out from behind the door all above each others and ask Jani who enters Hoh what musical they are from and she guess lion king. Will laughs and says not even close,

12:58 am BBT in the arcade room Dani and Dan are talking about Danis insecurities with comments that have been made about her body. She reveals she battled anorexia when the man she always refers to as T told her he wasnt attracted to her.

1:04 am BBT They going to talking about Jani and Dani says Jani infuriates her because Dani knows so many girls like her. Shes sick of dirty looks and the way Jani makes fun of her body.

1:11 am BBT Jani and Joe are in SR. Joe says he is trying to get close to Shane and that he other then Jani could be Joes biggest asset in the house. Jani agrees.

1:22 am BBT Brit goes into Arcade room and shares her fears about Frank and Boogie Flipping after Joe goes next week. Brit says they dont need Boogie and Frank throwing them under the bus if Wil wins Hoh. She heads to bed. Dan and Dani speculate what Wil would do if he did win. Dani quickly turns topic back to Jani and how getting her out is a huge game move that doesnt even make her a target because all the HGs support her

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12:21 AM BBT - Wil came back from DR and asks Jenn to dress up like a cat with them. He says she has to be the mamma cat. She lets him start painting on her face and Ashley and Danielle start meowing.

Dan asks Danielle if she is good at definitions and asks what the definition of ironic is. She says it's irony. He asks her, "Yeah but what is irony?" She sort of answers correctly and he says she did good.

Ashley meows some more and dances around.

Wil finishes with Jenn's makeup and everyone wows. Wil asks her what she's going to do with her hair.

Frank keeps walking in and out in his leotard. Shane is sitting in the corner watching everything.

Ashley suggests that they should drink milk.

Wil: Let's do it! Out of a bowl.

Janelle peeks in and everyone ignores her.

Danielle meows and Jenn pretends to smack her butt. Jenn has hair in a high ponytail now and she's whipping it around. Jenn and Wil start joking that she'll accidentally head-butt someone and get called to the diary room.

Danielle is sad about something and Jenn tells her not to be a sad little kitty. Shane asks her why she's a sad kitty, but she doesn't answer.

Wil says they should all put on black tights.

Shane wonders out loud why he's so tired. No one answers him.

Ashley walks through the room and Jenn and Danielle purr at her.

Danielle glances down at Jenn and says, "Um… we've got a problem."

Jenn looks down and adjusts things. She says, "Oh sh*t! Sorry about the boobage." Shane laughs.

Wil comes back into the room wearing black leotard pants, a black tank top, and black ballet-looking shoes. Shane complements him on his choice of shoes and says they look comfortable.

Wil: Oh they are! I got them at… H&M, I think.

Jenn starts dancing around again.

12:30 AM BBT - Kitchen

Wil is walking around in his cat outfit, looking for Ashley. Janelle and Joe are in the kitchen. Ashley, Danielle, and Jenn walk into the kitchen and they all start discussing how to walk like cats.

Wil says they have to party outside, so all the girls start following him to the BY. Wil tells Danielle to get her black on.

All the cats go outside and start prancing around. Frank and Brittany start laughing about Wil's pants. [Frank had joined Ian and Brittany at the hammock]

Wil: They're running pants!! Come on!

Ashley and Wil pick up badminton rackets and start trying to volley a birdie back and forth. Ashley has trouble figuring it out but Wil gives her pointers. The other cats seem to have gone back inside.

12:33 AM BBT - At the Couches Outside

Boogie and Dan are tossing something into a bowl. General chit-chat.

They start talking in code really quietly about the game. It sounds like they're promising to have each other's backs if they get put on the block against their partner (Dan/Danielle or Boogie/Frank).

Janelle comes out and game talk ceases. She lays on the couch and watches them flicking things into the bowl. She doesn't say much.

12:37 AM BBT - Couches

Boogie skedaddles back inside pretty quickly. Janie stars whispering to Dan about some deal she has with someone. I couldn't hear who she was talking about. Wil walks near and she gets quiet. Dan gets up and leaves to get more pizza.

Boogie, Dan, Joe, and Shane are in the kitchen chowing down. There's food everywhere. They're discussing working out.

12:40 AM BBT - Hammock

Wil and Ashley are sitting near the hammock talking to Ian, Brit, and Frank. Wil says that Brittany's in a lull and someone asks him what "lull" means.

Wil: It means you're kind of down or depressed. You're in a lull.


Wil and Ashley go back to playing badminton and Brittany is complaining to Frank about being depressed. Ian says he's excited for tomorrow. Frank says he is nervous, because he thought he had the votes last week and then he didn't. Ian assures him he's fine.

Frank: I do feel better this week than I have before.

Ian is complaining about his two sh*t days in the house. He started explaining what he meant, but Brittany was distracted by Janelle going back into the house.

Brit: Do you think she heard us talking about her?

Frank: No, why?

Ian: And the other sh*t day was…

Brit: Because she just got up and left….

[They keep ignoring Ian. It's kind of funny.]

Brittany says that Joe has been campaigning even harder than Janelle has been, if that's possible.

Frank jokes that he should ask everyone to vote him out, just as a joke.

Brittany asks Frank if he's heard of the unitard curse. Frank says no.

Ian: Everyone who's worn it while sitting on the block has been voted out… Lydia did… Kristen did…

Boogie comes back out.

Boogie: I just brought Janelle's suitcase out of the storage room… just to be a gentleman.

They all laugh. Dan joins them.

Boogie scoots in to sit on the hammock with Ian and Brit. Frank and Dan go over to refill the hot tub and Boogie realizes he can't fit in the hammock with the two of them so he gets off again and sits where Frank used to be sitting.

Ian says he's sure he'll win HOH tomorrow if it's the game they think it is. Boogie tells him to take it easy and not get too cocky.

Boogie: You've got some wily veterans in the mix now, don't forget that. We're good competitors.

Dan comes back over to the hammock.

Boogie: Ian's talking some sh*t over here! He's getting wily up in here!

Dan laughs.

Frank and Shane are whispering but the mic is still on the hammock. Ian and Dan are talking about the BB wikipedia grid and what color they get filled in each week when nominations change.

12:50 AM BBT - HOH

Janelle and Jenn are on the couch. Ashley and Wil are eating and hanging out. Ashley asks why the HOH is usually worn around the neck of the HOH.

Wil: So it can be locked. So no one can get in there that the HOH doesn't want in there.

Wil starts meowing to the tune of the Meow Mix commercial and we get WBRB briefly.

They're all talking about Wil's pants again.

12:52 AM BBT - Arcade

Dan and Danielle are whispering. They're discussing the house and what's going on. Danielle tells him that Jenn accidentally mentioned that Janelle was bashing Danielle. Jenn said she thought that's why Danielle nominated her, but Danielle says she didn't know about that.

Danielle: Saying I was fat and stuff… I mean that just really hurts my feelings… I battled anorexia before, Dan, so that just really hurts me.

Dan: Oh really. I didn't know that.

Danielle starts telling Dan her story about how she got anorexia in college.

12:56 AM BBT - The cats (Jenn and Wil) are prancing through the house towards the kitchen. Joe is cleaning up and basically ignores them. Wil thanks him for cleaning.

Joe: No problem…

12:57 AM BBT - Backyard

Wil and Jenn join Janelle at the hot tub.

Wil: Oh what a GRAND idea! After a long hard day of being a kitten…. Oh wait, I hate water!!

Jenn laughs. Janie is just sitting there looking depressed. Wil takes his shoes off and puts his feet in the hot tub. They start whispering about towels.

12:58 AM BBT - Hammock

Camera jumps to the hammock. Frank and Boogie are sitting by Brit and Ian in the hammock. Ian asks Frank if both his leotards have a hole in the crotch, and Frank says, "No just this one."

Ian asks what type of candy Danielle has in the HOH room and that gets everyone on the topic of all the junk food they've eaten that day.

Ian says he loves the BB house b/c his outside life is boring. Brit laughs and says, "Yeah and Boogie's like, 'I miss my multi-million dollar mansion that's like five minutes from here." Everyone laughs.

Brittany asks Ian if he plays World of Warcraft and he denies it.

Ian brings up Google's auto-complete on search and they all start laughing about some of the funny things it comes up with sometimes.

1:02 AM BBT - Backyard

Camera jumps back to the other side of the backyard. The cats are meowing. Jenn, Ashley, and Wil are sitting out on towels, getting ready to do stretches. Someone's something popped and Wil says, "Wooooo!!"

Jenn keeps meowing in song and then laughs at herself.

Ashley: Okay! Left paw!

They all stretch for their left foot.

Jenn: Five… four… meow… two… one!!

They all stretch for their right foot.

Someone is singing at the top of his lungs in the backyard (sounds like Frank). Wil starts clapping in time with the music and swaying back and forth. BB is super slow to put WBRB on, but we do get that eventually.

1:05 AM BBT - We're back. Wil is trying to flip his legs over his head. The girls try to do it too.

Ashley: Oh I love that! I may not be able to do it without a little push.

Wil starts trying to do a handstand.

Jenn apologizes for farting. All three lay down and start meowing and hissing at each other, pretend-clawing at each other.

Boogie looks over at the cats like he thinks they're nuts, then walks by them on his way to bed. Brit follows him. The cats are getting very silly and give Brit a new nickname: Brit the Sh*t.

1:08 AM BBT - Storage Room

Joe and Janie are whispering about Shane being worried that Danielle will reject him as a boyfriend. Joe thinks he and Shane are super tight, since they're both athletes and all. Janelle laughs [like she can't believe how stupid Shane is.]

Joe: We're [shane] all just hanging out and sh*t. We're bros. We're all good.

Janelle: I think she [Danielle] is upset because Jenn told her she's voting to keep me.

1:10 AM BBT - BY

Camera cuts back to the cats doing yoga outside. They're doing the cat pose now. [Lol.] Ash shows them a pose she invented and Wil tries it and almost falls over.

Wil sings some more. Jenn is walking around. Janie comes over and stands near them awkwardly. She asks where Brittany went. Wil tells her she went inside to sleep or to go to the bathroom.

Jenn: Definitely one of those two locations. But she's not out here.

Wil: She's not here!

Jenn: She's at the club.

Wil: The club!

Janie: Wouldn't it be cool if we could go out to the nightlife and still come back here and compete.

They start discussing turning BB into a combination of the Real World and Jersey Shore.

Janie leaves and Wil complains about her to Jenn, then they start playing badminton.

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at 7:30am bbt, Mike is the first/only one up in the house, reading the bible and eating breakfast. ok so Mike 'was' up, but now we are back to everyone sleeping. It's a typical Thursday morning in the BB house.

9:04am BBT We have movement!! Frank is up, doing ADL's and puts on his unitard, telling us its not fun to wear it.

9:06BBT FOTH...wake up call?? guess not. Frank says Mike cant make coffee, he makes some half caffiene/half decaf. Dan is awake.

9:12 BBT more FOTH. Frank talks to us. Been wearing his unitard correctly, sorry if he complains to much. Hello mom and nana. Not fun being on the block. Supposedly has the votes to stay this week, 8 to 1. Mike helped him out, did a lot of work for him this weekend.

Fank tells the casual internet view (not the hard core viewer that know whats going on) how his week has gone. Noms, losing POV to a girl, Jani believing she has the votes to stay-she will be blindsided. Only for vote her stay will be Joe. Joe spreading tall tales about your boy.

If it werent for the twist last week he would be gone. Wont forget the ppl that were going to vote for him. Doesnt hold a grudge but wont forget.

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Frank has been on the block 20 of the 34 days they have been there. Would be nice to have a week off. Its hard work, didnt want to show he can work hard, but not complaining. Gives credit to Mike for his help.

9:37am BBT Frank tells us some good points about wearing the unitard. Very little laundry, dont have to stress about what to wear. FOTH

9:57 Long FOTH was wake up call. Ash putting silverware away, Jani changing in shower, Wil used WC now washing his hands

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Ash wonders if they have time to make food before HOHLD. We hear DR says Hey good morning.

10:11am BBT Lots of FOTH as HG talk about music and sing. Can hear DR now and then, sounds like Dan's in there. Someone goes Hey DR and FOTH. HG heard Dan's DR too, they comment on it ....FOTH

10: 24am BBT Mike does an impression of Jenn this am. Her hood up, head down, hands in pockets of hoody, she walked to WC, came out, walked to SR, back to WC with TP, walked back passed him, never once saying Hi. Ash got a back rub and feels much better this am.

HG study, who got first HOH, who won POV, who was evicted first-Ash says Kara....no they say, it was Jodi. Ash glad they studied.

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Ash is flabbergasted that its Thursday Aug 9, she was in a threshold of pain but now she is back...watch out. Ash says she has a hard time remembering things, guess she doesnt care about stuff....not BB stuff but other things.

they start telling celeb stories ....FOTH ..b.ack...FOTH....back...FOTH (while they are BRB, I will BRB...I need coffee)

still FOTH... 10:45BBT back finally. Ash talking about working at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley. Mike mentions he owns a bowling alley in Atlanta...FOTH

Ash says Paul Rudd is a great dad, he brought his kids in there all the time. Mike does a shout out...FOTH Ash told her mom about her debt in an email right before the show. Mike says its a good thing she is on her moms fav show.

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11:02am Joe and Boogie talking about how much brit pays for her car and how much everyone pays to park their cars at certain places

11:06pm Boogie says joe with the cleaning job you did in this kt i would stay here all day watching and dare them to mess it up

11:07am:joe says Jenn when do we get clippers Jen says i requested them this morning Joe says so you dont know when Jenn says i dont work for this place

11:09am boogie and Joe getting something to eat before going to hoh ld joe says yeah and we are down to one room up there Boogie says oh oh i didnt even think of that we are going to be crampd in there like sardizzles

11:19am bb tells all hg to go up to hoh for ld jani,Ian ,and Brit get up out of bed to get ready to go to hoh all other hg already upstairs

11:30am all hg in hoh most sleeping Brit and Jani in hoh bathroom doing makeup and we get foth music playing so hg cant hear what is being don e downstairs( but also makes it hard to hear what Brit and Jani are saying)

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1:00BBT-3:00BBT 1:00 Feeds just came back from trivia. HGs still in HOH LD. 1:04 HOH LD over. 1:09 Ashley & Janelle in the WC talking about if she is afe & if people are lying to her. Ashley assures her she is safe & not to worry. They decide to lay back down. 1:13 Frank & Boogie in LR discussing someone busting the secret six... we go to trivia. Shane is helping Dani get her things from HOH. 1:16 Boogie says he loves to watch Janelle pack. Frank starts to talk about the DR leak this morning & we go to trivia. 1:23 Boogie tells Frank not to pack anything that if anything crazy happens he will get his things to him. Boogie wants to send Britany home this week if they send someone from there group home. Jen re coloring the red side of her hair. Ian watching. Most HGs getting lunch. 1:42 Joe & Janelle in the storage rm . Joe tells Jani that he asked Dani if she was ok & she snapped @ him. They call Shane in to ask him anyone has said that Joe has said anything about her. He says NO. Joe wanted to call a house meeting. They talk him out of it. Britany ,Ian, & Jenn sitting on bathroom chair. Wil, Frank, & Boogie are in the LR discussing his speech tonight. 1:47 Dani lets Joe know that she was not upset w him. It was something else someone said about her. 2:15 Frank, Boogie, Dani,Ashley, Britany in LR talking mostly about different movies. Jenn giving Shane & Joe haircuts. Joe has a mohawk. Boogie waiting for a trim. 2:33 Lots of ADLs , random discussions, & Jenn is now giving Dan a haicut. 2:52 Shane ,Britany,Frank, Ashley, & Dani in LR talking about invetro fertilization & Jon & Kate Plus Eight. 3:00 HGs in full swing getting ready for tonght. The men seem to be getting ready first this week. Most of the women havent really started to get ready but are choosing outfits & things. Jani has been napping most of the last couple of hrs. There has not been too much gametalk , just random chatting & eating this afternoon.

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3:05pm Dan is cleaning the house, Ian in sr ironing Jani and joe in sbr taking a nap most hg in lvr talking about being a sarragot mother

3:09pm dan has been cleaning the bathroom takes trash to sr comes out and starts singing: "when the funk hits the fan" as he walks back to the wa where frank is shaving and Wil is flat ironing his hair.

3:18pm Brit,Shane,Ian are in kt making something to eat. Dani in hnbr going through her clothes. Jani and Wil in wa flat ironing their hair .mostly talk about food all around the house and getting ready for the live show.

3:19pm we have trivia

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7:06 PM BBT

Feeds back Mike, Frank and Dan talking at the KT table about the challenge. Mike thought it was real songs which is why he lost. Frank has played on every challenge so it's no wonder he won.

They ask Iam if the feeds will be back on after the West Coast show. "No, we've got about 15 minutes left." he tells them [ZuZu waves hi at them!] They discuss how the West Coast people know what happens before the show starts.

Joe is unpacking his stuff from the Have Not room and moving back into his regular bed.

Frank whispers how right before they went outside Joe did something to Ashley. "That was uncalled for." Frank says. "Does this mean he's not going to make the pork?" Britney jokes then asks if anyone knows how to make guacamole. Mike asks if this means the end of the cotton balls with nail polish on them left around and how the q-tips beside them. "That was her right?" says Mike.

They all laugh how Julie free styled the Ron Burgandy. Britney feels better because Janelle hugged her goodbye and was nice to all of them. "At least she gets to go home to her daughter and husband and isn't stuck in sequester they say. Talk of Dairy Queen (not sure why) earns us WBRB.

7:13 PM BBT

They are all sitting around the KT table (sans Joe) making up their own songs about challenges. "Fly me to the house" to the tune of "Fly me to the Moon" and now trivia is back.

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7:15 PM BBT

In sneaker room Joe laying on his bed with his hands clasped in front of him looking very pensive. Or pissed off.

Ian rocking back and forth in his chair looking a little worried. Wil asks if they should have a shunning ceremony. Frank says that he can see messages from his mother on line. "Frank, I hope you're reading this right now because I'm kind of a bigger fan of Janelle's." Jenn says that Janelle's fans are online right now really pissed off at them.

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7:22 PM BBT

Ian tells Frank he's won Wikipedia Gold. He's the only person to sit on the block three times and not go and talk to Julie at the end of it.

They wonder if they will get re-stocked today. They are out of shampoo and most food stuffs.

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7:32 PM BBT

Awkward!! Danielle sits by herself at the KT counter looking irritated. She moves over to the table. She sits down and Shane shares with the table, "Isn't it awesome that now with 4 people gone we won't have to share beds anymore." Britney helps this conversation along by trying to help them sort out sleeping arrangements. Frank is afraid to sleep alone. They tell him to bring Big Ted upstairs.

Ian is going to bounce the back off his chair. They discuss going to see/talk to Joe. I'd give him time, Dan recommends. "He might headbutt you." jokes Shane.

Wil doesn't understand how Janelle gets such a good fan....fare. She's so petty and nasty. She must get a good edit.

Britney and Bogie whispering in their room. "That was, that was his comp." Brit says. Everyone getting changed after the comp.

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7:40 PM BBT

Dani corners Brit in the HN room. She tries to brag about Janelle going home. "I don't, I don't want to talk about it." sniffles Britney getting upset. "Think of it this way, you're one step closer to the money." Britney trying to explain that she's just sad that her friend left. Maybe next week it will be double eviction.

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7:42 PM BBT

Theories abound between Britney and Danielle. Fast Forward? Double Eviction? Pandora's Box Week? This is the week HOH usually gets some sort of power. Week 5 is the week they give it to HOH Coup d'Etat, Pandora's box. This was an important week to win. They guess that Joe is going up on the block. Maybe America will vote for something.

"Do you think America hates me?" Danielle asks

"You mean about Janelle? I don't know, Janelle is pretty popular." Britney says.

"She was the one calling me a fat ass with chunky legs. Someone I trust told me." Danielle says.

"Frank is going to win this game." Britney Whispers. She just has a feeling and her feeling says he's going to win this game because they let him go. No one in the house is going to be able to beat him.

Joe called to DR.

7:46 PM BBT

"You can come in second place a million times in this game and it doesn't get you anything Danielle." Britney reminds her when Danielle says that Brit came in second place.

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7:52 PM BBT

Mike telling everyone what his goodbye message was and why he wore the Chilltown shirt. He dedicated his vote to Will and Erin because last time Janelle messed around with Will all season and his fiancee stuck by him - so she's not a fan of Janelle.

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8:02 PM BBT Just a group effort in the KT with dinner. Brit is overseeing Frank prepping the chips. Joe in DR.

8:13 PM BBT As others prep dinner Brit tells Boogie that Jani said several times today that Jani missed her daughter.

No LD - the BY is open! Some of the HG head outside. Still just gen chit chat.

8:17 PM BBT Boogie/Frank in side room talking. Boogie suggests Dan going up. Boogie wonders if it rocks the trust of the foundation of the group.

8:20 PM BBT Dani talking to Dan. Says that Brit is complaining about not having any drawers for her clothes. Explains that Brit was upset about the HOH.

8:23 PM BBT In the SBR - Dani putting her clothes away. We have audio of BY but no video. Sounds like Ian and Joe playing a game.

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8:31 PM BBT Jenn continues to make dinner and Ian/Joe play a game in the BY.

8:42 PM BBT The same is going on - Jenn and Frank cooking and the others just sitting around the table. Gen chit chat and nothing else.

Dinner is prepared! The HG help themselves and start to sit down. Brit is in the DR.

8:50 PM BBT This is a very awkward dinner. No one is talking and very few ate much. Dani and Boogie just sitting there.

8:54 PM BBT Brit comes out of DR and seems the HG did not leave her anything but some pork. Ash and Wil start walking in the BY.

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