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8/8 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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5:20 PM BBT

Ashley, Jenn and Wil have a good laugh in the lounge. Their plan is working perfectly. Wil is reading Ash's prescription bottle. Ash starts singing, we get WBRB.

In HOH Britney now telling Ian all about her moral dilemma.

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5:24 PM BBT

Ashley seems to have a bladder infection or something. Jenn is trying to get her to drink water. "I know you don't want to pee and all that but if you don't drink water it will just make the rest of your body feel bad."

"I just have to get my ass up." Ashley proclaims.

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5:27 PM BBT

Mike talking about his friend who invented advertising on the top of cabs in NYC. Dan listening. They are in the LR.

In the HOH Ian and Brit are "what happened on what day" challenge training.

5:41 PM BBT

Wil shouting out to everyone he knows. General chat everywhere else.

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Strange bed partners going on in the house. Shane and Danielle in HOH bed talking about what "hot" outfit she should wear tomorrow. First thing she mentions Shane responds "Yeah, uhuh that." She gets called to DR and now he's listening to music.

Ashely and Wil laying in the sneaker room on the round bed eating nuts. The camera zooms in on both of them popping nuts into their mouths. Jenn joins them. She was in the KT making tea. Ashley telling them how Janelle came in and was trying to be all nice to her, told her that she had 100% Britney's vote. Said she thought she had Wil's vote. Ashley said that Janelle said to her, "I just hope that everyone's not lying to me. I'll have to stay up all night long to make sure the votes don't change."

"That's sweet." Jenn smirks.

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6:00PM BBT - Jenn, Wil and Britney in music room discussing what to wear for finale night and if they get evicted.

6:03PM BBT - Boogie and Dan in LR talking about what Dan's family's reaction to his 2nd go 'round in the BB house. We keep getting intermittent WBRB.

6:06PM BBT - We have trivia!

6:15PM BBT - We're back and Ian has joined the LR crew, who is now talking about trips Boogie has been on. Brit joins the LR and talk turns to napping.

6:17PM BBT - In the MR, Jenn and Wil seem to just be making each other laugh. Trivia intermittently on and off.

6:20PM BBT - In the LR, talk turns to Kara and if she lives in the playboy mansion. More speculation about Kara and her profession.

6:21PM BBT - Boogie mentions the word smarmy. Brit "What does smarmy mean?" .. Boogie "Your workout with Joe was smarmy."

6:22PM BBT - more trivia

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7:25pm BBT - Trivia

7:40pm BBT - Feeds are back. It sounds like they threw a Half Way party with food. Right now Jani, Dani, and Britney are cleaning the kitchen. There are empty bottles of wine and a half eaten cake on the table. There was apparently a food fight as well. Dani is complaining about having cake in her hair.

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7:00 PM BBT: Live feeds are still showing trivia...

7:29 PM BBT: The live feeds still show trivia. Morty's TV will let you know once the feeds are up and running again!

7:35 PM BBT: The feeds are back! Jani and Dani are in the kitchen cleaning the floor. It looks like there are pizza boxes on the counter and confetti on the floor. Dani has cake all over her clothes. It sounds like they had some sort of party with music.

7:40 PM BBT: Brit says that for a 30 minute party, it was an eventful.. Jani says it all got out of hand so quickly. Brit mentions that Joe headbutted the cake. Brit just mentioned it was the half-way party.

7:47 PM BBT: Frank and Boogie lay outside in the BY on the lounger. Frank said the party came out of nowhere. Ian is swinging by himself on the hammock. Frank got called to the DR presumably to put his spiritard back on. Brit, Boogie, Jenn and Wil in the BY. From Brit and Boogie's conversation, it sounds like the houseguests got alcohol, and Jani took advantage

7:48 PM BBT: We have trivia again...

7:52 PM BBT: Brit asks Boogie if he thinks the party had gone longer if there hadn't been a cakefight.. Boogie says that they would have gotten a few more songs out of it had Jani not gone crazy with the cake fight. Boogie and Brit talking about if there is going to be a fastforeward this week.

7:54 PM BBT: Brit asks Boogie who's on their hit list after Joe. Boogie is hesitant to give her an answer, but says that Wil's popularity scares him. Brit wants to keep Ian around because he's a straight shooter, a non-schemer, and doesn't flip flop around. Ashley, Joe, and Shane sitting in the living room. Ashley is reading the bible.

7:57 PM BBT: Brit says that her birthday is going to be a live show (Aug 23). Brit asks Boogie what he thinks Joe is doing to the pork inside. Brit says that Ian was dancing to 'Good Feeling' by Flo Rida, and that she almost died laughing. Boogie says that there's going to be an amazing highlight reel this year.

7:59 PM BBT: Frank is now in his spiritard. Frank, Wil and jenn are sitting beside the HT with their feet in the water. They're talking about how Jani and Joe drank tons of wine, and didn't share the wine fairly.

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8:01 PM BBT Boogie and Brit in BY talking about Joe thinking BB is a stepping stone to a cooking show. How shocked he will be when he finds out what they thought of him. Frank back in his spiritard.

8:04 PM BBT Brit says that they had pizza and cake but the cake was tasteless. Says she is still hungry. Boogie says that it was annoying that Joe headbutted the cake.

Brit says she started to clean up from the head butting but decided not to.

8:11 PM BBT Jenn/Frank/Wil at the hot tub and bashing Joe. They said Jodi didn't like him. Wil tells Frank that he thinsk Frank was a football player and asked him if was pro. Frank says he is to young for that.

Frank and Wil talk about good bye message. Wil says his wasn't very nice. Jenn says hers was half and half. BB gives them a warning.

8:22 PM BBT Frank tells the hot tub crowd that Jani apologized to him today about the things she said. Frank said then she launched into what votes he had.

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8:28 PM BBT Gen talk about dinner and how much everyone ate. Shane ate 7 slices of pizza and he back in bed.

Janie comes out to BY and asks Wil and Ash if they are voting for her. They both say yes and Wil says dontmake me swear again

8:35 PM BBT Jani asking Wil how Jenn is voting. Wil says he doesn't talk game with her. Jani combing her hair and saying she is excited that her pregnancy hair is falling out finally. She had to much hair when she was pregnant.

8:39 PM BBT Jani tells Will/Ash that she isn't being like Dani and not talking to people. She is out and about. Jani asks Dan to go into the side room. She asks Dan what did everyone say? Dan says he hasn't spoken to everyone. Jani says she knows he talked to Brit. He said yes Brit but not everyone so he hasn't gotten a full commitment.

8:44 PM BBT All 4 feeds on side room and Jani/Dan. Going over and over and over the votes. Dan noncommital.

8:47 PM BBT Jani trying to corner Dan into his promise. Dan says that he has to talk to them. Jani says they are stressing her out. Dan asks Jani about the piece of crimped hair she has. Jani ignores him.

8:55 PM BBT Gen chit chat in the BY about TV and Oprah.

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