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7/26 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

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9:07pm Ash laying on the hoh bed with frank and Jani playing with jani's hair jani talking about getting hooked up for her past hoh wins in her other seasons and how she didnt have much room to pack things she wanted to bring this year Boogie says frank we have 11 hours left in this room Frank says i know

9:15pm Brit in bathroom curling dani's hair talking to Ian Ian going on about dinasours and birthdays ian asking if they are old enough tol remember get a clue show dani says i think i remember that Brit says i actually liked freaky friday and i am not ashamed to say it

9:19pm Boggie in hoh telling Frank and wil and Jani so much for a 2 hour ld Joe copmes in eating peanutbutter icecream and Boogie says its been 4 hours on ld now

9:25pm in the bathroom Dani and brit are going to flat iron ians hair he says spike it up dani says want it up he says yeah spike it up in the hoh general talk going on they start singing and we get foth

9:31pm girls flat irioning ians hair brit tells dani to straighten the front more to let it burn till it smokes and the girls are laughing ian is worried they wont let him look in the mirror when they let him look in the mirror finally he says it looks terrable he wants to mess it up and girls say no we have to go show people

9:35pm shane and Frank in sr talking shane says lastnight wil told him that if he wins hoh you are not my target shane says if jojo stays your not a target frank says ok shane says thats how it goes if she leaves

9:47pm Jani Boogie and Joe sitting in hoh talking about Jojo ... Jani says i asked her for a ciggarette and she asked when i was going to pay her back so i told her on finale night and jani laughs and says jojo is an idiot Boggie says who picks Jojo shane and willie

9:48pm jani says should i tell dani that jojo was taLKING BAD about her yeah i think i should lets go jani heads downstairs asking where everyone is

9:50pm Jani calls dani to hoh she tells dani that jojo is sayinmg stuff about you and now she is saying i want her out the house and the other night in the tub she was talking mad shit about you dani says what did she say and jani says she was calling you fat and commented about your legs dani says what is she saying now she is trying to get frank to tell everyone to get you out and not her

9:52pm dani asking jani if anyone stuck up for her jani says no it was just her and i in the tub and i didnt want to say anything dani says so your telling me she is going around talking bad about me dani says who else is talking shit about me jani says i wasnt gonna tell you but you need to know

9:55pm Brit comes in hoh and ask is this serious talk jani says no we are justy talking about whatever brit says sure jani says yeah

9:57pm dani says to jani after brit leaves who else thinks i am fat jani says no one just jojo she is the only one dani says this makes me self conscious now jani says no dont let it

9:59pm jani says i didnt want to hurt you dani says should she be confranted jani says i think so and frank walks in hoh to join them

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10 PM:

Janelle tells Danielle that JoJo called her fat all week. Danielle is very upset, tearing up and obviously trying very hard not to cry. Janelle wants to call her out, Danielle saying no, she can't do that.

Frank enters and tells her not to worry, she'll be gone in 24 hours.

Janelle saying she'll say something to JoJo if Danielle wants her to, Frank and Danielle tell Janelle not to say anything. Janie saying obviously JJ must be talking shit about Janelle too, since they're the same size.

Frank saying Danielle is way better looking than JoJo.

Frank assuring Danielle that Jen and Ian won't change their mind, and will vote JoJo out.

Janie saying it's rude, and when JJ said that, she was like "ohmygod"

Danielle (under her breath to herself): I won't cry, I won't cry.

Janie and Frank telling Danielle JJ is probably jealous of her long nice hair, and her butt, etc. They're complimenting various things about her.

Janelle: if you want me to say something, I will, bc she's saying stuff about me too.

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Frank assures Danielle: She's just trying to grasp for her last breath of air in the house, she knows people don't want her around in this house.

Janelle: she knows that?

Frank: I think so, it seems like it.

Danielle saying if JJ said something to her, she'd just stand there and walk off and cry.

Danielle telling Janelle not to say anything because she might get pork rinds in her face, the staten island accent will come out, and drama will start.

Danielle: I'm gonna go play chess and try not to think about it

Janelle: yeah, she's a bitch, who cares.

F: she'll be gone in 24 hrs... or less.

She hugs both of them and Danielle leaves.

Janelle: JJ is such a bitch.

Janelle and Frank talking about how Danielle is upset that JJ is with Ian and Jenn.


Enter Wil

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10:15 BBT

Ashley and JoJo alone in the arcade.

JoJo wants a side alliance with Ashley, Shane and herself.

Ash has to vote with her team.

JoJo thinks Wil, Joe and Frank cannot be trusted.

JoJo saying obviously Shane can be trusted, which is why the 3 of them can be in an alliance. JJ doesn't get why everyone is scared of Janelle.

JJ saying Boogie and Janelle don't give a fuck about anybody but themselves, and probably have a deal to get Wil and Frank to the end. JJ saying Boogie and Janelle are stone cold.

JJ thinks she is a good judge of character, etc, etc. (Note: Ashley hasn't said a word at all during this besides an occasional mhm)

JJ saying she will 'fucking get in Janelle's face' if she says anything to Ashley, and 'obviously Janelle is trying to pull Danielle in, don't you see that?!" ((Wouldn't this be a GOOD thing for Ashley?!))

JJ talking about how she's straight up, and her and Shane are the only ones who are "totally real." JJ wants to know if Ashley if scared of Janelle and she swears to god she will stand up for Ashley.

Ashley (she speaks!): This sounds selfish but I don't want the whole house against me and get a target on my back.

JoJo: lets see what Jenn and Ian have to say, because then it's 5-3.

Ash doesn't trust Jen and Ian to not go and tell Boogie everything.

JoJo thinks this whole season will be predictable if she goes home.

Meanwhile up in the HoH, many of them are laughing/ chatting including Danielle.

Shane enters @ 10:30 BBT

JJ: The coaches are NOT coming back in, people need to get that shit off their mind, they're not going to do a repeat of this season.

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10:37 BBT

Ashley: "I feel bad for you, JoJo"

JoJo getting desperate, asking why she has to vote w/ her team, etc.

10:40- indoor lockdown is over, they have a game in the BY to practice for the HOH comp

It is some type of hockey comp, and they have been instructed to practice bank shots and straight shots.

Jojo goes outside.

Brit telling Ashley if it's not in her best interest to keep JoJo, don't worry about it.

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10:00BBT Jani asks Frank why Dani is telling everyone that Jani wants her out. Frank says he doesn't know anything about that. They are talking about how JoJo says she separated herself from Willie. Jani says "Yeah, as they were dragging him out". Frank says she's just trying to prove a point and Dani doesn't need to worry about her. Meanwhile in kitchen, JoJo walking on Shane's back.

10:03BBT Frank describes JoJo as a wounded bird fluttering around. Dani doesn't wish bad on her, but she doesn't want her to say things about her behind her back. Frank and Jani talk about how much better Dani looks than JoJo. Jani calls her an oompa loompa. And….WBRB

10:08BBT Dani asks Jani not to say anything to JoJo because she doesn't want another fight in the house. Joking about Ian finding the pork rind Willie threw at Jani so he can sell it on eBay. Dani leaves HOH. Ash, Boog, Dan, Joe and Brit outside HOH at the chess table. Dani joins them all. Now Boogie is in HOH with the others talking about what JoJo said about Dani.

10:12BBT In HOH, Jani, Boogie and Frank talking about Shane being a powerhouse. They are trying to figure out if someone else is going to return to the game this week and how it would fit into the next Coaches Comp. Trying to count how many weeks are left and jury count. At the chess table, just general chat, no game talk.

10:17BBT Joe joins HOH crew. They are talking about packing….BB is yelling that they are not allowed to talk about production. Chess feed swaps to JoJo and Ash in arcade room. Talking about making a side alliance. JJ says she cant work with Frank. Ian joins HOH crew. JJ talking to Ash about how Jani doesn't impress her, it's her 3rd time in the house and she's done nothing.

10:20BBT JoJo says she isn't even listening to Brit, she's playing her own game right now. Saying the coaches don't care about anyone in this house. They are in it for themselves and the newbies need to be in it for themselves. Brit called to DR. HOH general chat now. JJ and Ash still in arcade room. JJ proposes final 4 to Ash…JJ, Shane, Ash and Frank

10:22BBT JoJo tells Ash that if Jani tries to get in Ash's face over anything, JoJo will let her have it. Wil now in HOH with the rest. JJ telling Ash that she's so over Jani and that she doesn't care about her. Says they need Shane for his muscle and comp winning. Asks Ash if she is scared of Jani. JJ says she will stand up to Jani if she's scared. Ash says thats not it, she's afraid of the whole house.

10:25BBT JoJo proposes getting Jenn and Ian in on it as well. To catch up, Ash and JoJo in arcade room, Brit in DR, Shane and Jenn not on camera, everyone else in HOH. JJ telling Ash she doesn't deserve to leave the game yet. Ash saying she doesn't know who to believe, but feels like Jani doesn't tell her everything. Ash says its not about JJ, its about everyone else.

10:28BBT Ash says she doesnt trust Jenn and Ian to not tell anyone. Says Ian tells Boogie everything. JJ says please just think about it. Asks her why she would want to stay with people who don't have her back. JJ says lets make this a season to remember and shake up this house. In HOH, talk about previous HGs.

10:31BBT JoJo says last season was one of the worst seasons ever. Shane joins them in the arcade room. JJ says we need to stop thinking the coaches are going to come into this game. They are now doing the math for the finale saying nobody else can come into the game. Still general chat in HOH. Dan sings a TV show theme song and we get WBRB.

10:35BBT In arcade room, JJ, Shane and Ash still talking strategy, while HOH crew still talking about former HGs. Jani says lets talk about something else….Wil suggests they talk about the Olympics. They imagine former HGs in Olympics. In arcade room, still talking about wanting to shake up the house. JJ still wanting to flip out on Jani. Shane saying he hopes Jani doesn't screw Ash in the end.

10:38BBT Ash concerned that Frank, Ian and Jenn are going to go after her if she votes to keep JJ. JJ talking about if she or Shane get HOH, she will make a big move and get Wil out. Says you gotta take risks, it's just a game. If we get Ian and Jenn on board it's 5 against 2 for HOH because Frank isn't playing for HOH. Shane says Ash won't commit, Ash remains silent.

10:42BBT IDLD is over, and they find sticks and balls in the BY. WBRB on 2 feeds. Everyone but Frank, Dan and Boogie pours out of the HOH and heads to the BY. Brit and Ash sneak back into arcade room and Brit is telling Ash not to let anyone talk her into anything. Ash says she's OK. Dani is called to the DR. Ash and Brit head out to the BY and feeds go to WBRB

10:44BBT Feeds back and BY shows them practicing with hockey equipment. Brit and Frank in HOH talking about JoJo. Brit saying she told JJ to relax, but she's on the block and doing what she wants

10:46BBT In BY, most HGs practicing hockey. Rink covers most of BY, but there is no ice in it. Brit asking Frank what he thought of what JJ said to him. He says she made a couple good points, and he feels like he could trust her if she does stay around. Brit says J thinks certain people are running the game and she doesn't like that. Jani and Ash come back into HOH.

10:51BBT Coaches in HOH and just about everyone else in the BY practicing hockey. Coaches talking about new Batman movie. Of course they don't know what happened in Colorado. Dan says he found out today how long it is. Now discussing their favorite CBS shows. Jenn called to DR. Hockey talk in BY

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11:15 BBT

Coaches and Jenn are up in the HoH room.

Jenn exits.

Coaches alone in HoH

(absolute silence)

Janelle: what up guys.

Dan: what up.


Finally they are talking about what random things around the HOH room are (like various lights/ cameras) and how relaxing the fish tank is.

Joe walks in.

Janelle wants to know if he got cigarettes back.

Joe says there's nothing else he can do about it now, she has his vote and Shanes and whatever else she can do on her own is her own thing.

Joe informing the coaches tomorrow is a crapshoot.

Meanwhile, everyone practicing for the HOH in the back.

Shane is mad about floaters and can't believe people are floating so far into the game. (Newsflash Shane, it's only week 2!)

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Janelle and Danielle talk in the storage room, Danielle is surprised that Joe is giving JJ a vote for 2 packs of ciggs.

J tells D she has NO risk of leaving. D saying she's still nervous.

Ashley reports to Janelle that they're out there throwing a hissy fit.

Ash doesn't want to be hounded by JoJo and JoJo threw a hissy fit when Ashley told her she didn't have her vote.

Ash wants to enjoy her thursday. Janelle doesn't get her selling point because either way a girl is going home this week.

Wil enters and says JJ is being a snotty bitch.

Ash saying Shane is having a pity party.

Janelle whispering to Wil, Danielle and Ash that they need to practice their bank shots because the hoh will have obstacles tomorrow.

Janelle is nervous Shane will win.

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11:05 pm BBT Joe enters Hoh and says Jojo is about to flip. He says Jojo ran outside and took all the cigarettes. Joe says that Ash told Jojo she was going home so now Jojo is freakin out. Boogie making jokes about Joe and Jojos cigarette deal

11:12 pm BBT Joe and Jani run downstairs to ask about the cigarettes. Jojo says she wants to make sure shes still here first. Joe huffs and walks off. Jojo chases him down offering him a cigarette. Joe and Jojo now in HN room arguing Joe says he already said he was voting for Jojo and he told the whole house that . Then tells Jojo that the vote is close all she needs to do is keep her cool. She just agrees with what he says and says she doesnt want to be pushy

11:15 Pm BBT Jojo gives Joe the cigarettes and all is calm. Joe told Frank he was voting to keep Jojo Joe says Jojo can go ask Frank if she wants then they break off into different rooms

11:26 pm BBT Coaches and Joe in Hoh speculating about Hoh Boogie says Ian wants it so bad that he will prob stay up all night and play. Jani says there will be obstacles in the middle and it will be all about bank shots (Ian just naild almost every bank shot a little bit ago)

11:29 pm BBT Shane sitting on BY couch particularly grumpy this evening talking to Jojo. He says that Ash is going to float through this game and get screwed in the end. Shane says he is watching everyone else play hockey to see what works for them.

11:34 pm BBT Ash recapping her convo with Jojo to Jani in KT. Tells Jani she doesnt want to be hounded and doesnt want a repeat of last week.

11:50 pm BBT Joe Jani Ash and Wil in KT all talking about how cranky everyone is. Joe and Ash agree the day before eviction is the hardest day. Gen chit chat in BY with Jojo and Frank about what time Frank has to leave Hoh in the Am

11:55 pm BBT Brit now in BY scolding Jojo for talking too much. Brit says everyone is in the kitchen telling stories about things Jojo has told them. Brit says Jojo has told too many people too many things and now everyones pissed. Jojo says she didnt know it would be that big a deal. Brit tells her that Joe is going to give back the cigarettes and not vote for Jojo anymore.

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12:00 am BBT Jani now mad approaches Jojo in BY saying "you think I want you out of the house??" Jojo Brit and Jani go into arcade room and chat

12:04 am BBT Jani says that she cant controll her players and she is not playing the game says she feels like Jojo is blaming her. Jojo says she just thinks everyone should vote whats best for them not the team because they have coaches but are not teams.

12:08 am BBT Jani repeats that her opinion doesnt matter. Jojo says she at least has to try and that it doesnt make sense for Dani to be here. Jojo says if you know out Dani you knock out a coach it just makes more sense to to that

12:11 am BBT Jojo says it seems like Dan is doing all the work to Keep Dani. Jani says Dan is depressed and isnt even talking. Jojo brings it back to eliminating the coach saying it makes sense to get rid of a coach though especially if players come back into the game or if coaches enter. Jojo continues by saying it is a guys game right now they are picking girls off like flies.

12:26 am BBT Jani tells Ash that she needs to give off the illisuion that Ash isnt as close with Wil or Joe as she is

12:29 am BBT Jani continuing to give Ash reality show 101 lessons by saying Ash needs alliance members and needs to take them with her as close to the end as she can that way she will have people in the end that will take her to the final

12:37 am BBT Dani in WCA telling Frank what Jani told her about the cigarettes. Frank says he knows about it and told Joe to give cigs back. Frank walks out and Ian sits in his place next to Dani. Dani says that Jojo is walking around telling everyone that Dani is fat, Ian says that is all the more reason for Jojo to leave and Jojo is disrespectful and doesnt need to make it personal like that

12:47 am BB Jani Wil Ash and Frank going over everything Jojo has told them this week and all of them are speculating about what she will try to do tomorrow as a last ditch effort. Wil says Jojo has made no attempt to get his vote

12:54 am BBT Jani told Frank that Jojo said she has Ian and Jenns votes so Frank pulls Ian into Hoh and tells him what Jojo said. Ian says completely false and that he wants Jojo out

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01:03BBT Jani, Joe, Ash, Wil and Frank in Arcade chatting about endurance challenges from previous seasons. They agree that Jojo could be dangerous if she participated in one.

01:07BBT Dani, Dan and Jen lounging on couches in BY chatting jokingly about a conversation they had earlier in the day. Jen apparently told Dani she wasn't sitting very lady like (jokingly). They begin watching Ian practicing on hockey in the BY. Jen reminds him to watch his feet and not cross the line (which other HGs have mentioned that he has had a tendency to do).

01:11BBT Meanwhile Jani and the Arcade group (minus Frank who was there a bit ago) continues to have a team meeting in the Arcade. Discuss plans for the upcoming weeks. Jani says Frank told her today that if the coaches make it into the game that he plans on taking Boogie to the end because he knows Boogie is hated. Wil asks why Frank would give up that kind of information. Jani unsure.

01:15BBT Jen, Shane and Ash continue lounge on the BY couches watching Ian practice hockey. Jojo walks over to the couches muttering something and Shane tells her to stay positive. Both agree that Ian has it down pat. Shane comments it's because it's geometry and angles. Jen takes Ian's place and gets a few practice shots in.

01:19BBT Joe telling Jani and Ash that Frank spends more time with them than he does his own coach (Boogie). Joe thinks that Frank is playing a numbers game and is planning on staying with "the 6". Jani says Frank talks to Boogie quite a bit, disagreeing with Joe. Wil listening to the two of them talk. Wil says there haven't been many competitions yet. The game is still early, many more competitions to play. Wil says Shane has to go home soon. Joe says Ash Shane is his number 1 target and Ash is his number 2 target (jokingly).

01:21BBT Jani says Shane and pawn should go up this week if they win HoH. Ash asks what happens if Shane wins PoV. Jani says then Ian will go home. Period. Ash agrees. Jani says Boogie's team took out 2 of their targets this week. They have to look ahead.

01:24BBT Jani again pushes that Ian and Shane HAS to go on the block this week. Jani says everyone knows that Shane will be the target. Joe says put Ian and Ashley up with the intent to send Ash home (jokingly again). They all have a bit of a laugh.

01:28BBT Arcade crew now talking about Frank and feeling like something is still off about his story. Wil says he's playing the sympathy card. Meanwhile in the BY...silence from Dan, Jojo and Shane. Only the sound of Ian and the ball rolling around on the ice rink can be heard. Arcade crew breaks up, Joe wanders outside.

01:31BBT Joe heads back into the KT with the rest of Jani's team. Ash tells Dani that Joe is planning on putting her up this week. Again, more chuckles. Wil says he wants to take a few practice shots before heading to bed tonight. Jani trying to motivate the rest of her team to practice. Joe says HoH is a crap shoot this week.

01:33BBT Jen heads back in. Dani asks if she finally got "the stick". Jen faux laughs. Dani looks confused before shaking her head. "I didn't mean sexual!". Dani says Shane and Jojo seemed like they were hogging it for a while. Jen agrees with Joe that HoH seems like a crap shoot this week.

01:36BBT Shane and Dan looking on at hockey game in the BY. Dani comes out and Dan tells her to let him know when she's ready (for practice I think). Jani can be heard instructing someone to hit it harder in the background. Wil complains that it's cold and everyone agrees.

01:38BBT Jojo and Jen in the KT chatting about someone that has 5 step-kids. Joe passes through saying he's going to hit a few shots before heading to bed. Jen says she's going to brush her teeth before heading to bed as well.

01:40BBT Joe in the BY talking about missing his waterbed at home. "It's heated." Dan asks if both sides can have separate temps. Joe says yea. Jani can still be heard cheering on her team in the background as they continue to practice the hockey game.

01:45BBT Meanwhile in the WA Jojo campaigns for a vote from Jen. Jojo suggests that Dan could have someone brought back into the house this week and it makes sense to send him and Dani home. Jen agrees, but the suggestion appears to pass right through her. Jojo asks Jen if she's headed to bed. Jen mumbles yes while brushing her teeth. Jen sings "Alright America it's time to say goodbye..." before heading into the WC. Ian sits down on the couch in the WA and pours a little peroxide on the wound on the top of his foot. Jen asks if he's alright and he says yes, it's from before entering the house.

01:51BBT Cams 3/4 on Ian getting ready for bed in the HNR. Cams 1/2 in the BY. Idle chit-chat and heavy breathing from Jani as she continues to instruct/cheer someone (Ash?) on as they practice hockey. Joe, Wil and Shane on the couches.

01:55BBT Dani now taking a few practice shots of the hockey game. Dan retrieves the balls for her and rolls them back up the board. Idle chit-chat continues on the couches in the BB. At last check Brit, Boogie, Ian, and Jen are all in bed.

01:58BBT Ash asks if she can go to bed. Jani asks if she has the hockey game down, Ash says she feels really good about tomorrow. Dani continues to practice the hockey game, everyone on the couches watching silently (Ash, Jani, Joe, Shane, and Wil)

02:06BBT Jani and Joe on the couches in the BY watching Dani practice, Jani making motions with her hands after each shot from Dani. Shane has been sitting on the box next to the couches, holding his head in hands for about 5 minutes now. Finally he stands up and moves to the couches as Jani asks Dan and Dani if they can have a turn with the game soon.

02:10BBT Jojo and Ash in Arcade room. Jojo campaigning for a vote. Jojo tells Ash that she had a dream that America voted for something and she (Jojo) had a cool power (that she can't remember) and it was really cool. Ash won HoH. "I like that..." Ash says while looking all dreamy eyed at Jojo. "Is that weird?" Jojo asks (Yes it is).

02:15BT Jojo tells Ash that she has Joe's vote because she gave him her cigarettes. "I hope he doesn't stab me in the back and keep the smokes and not vote for me..." Meanwhile in the BY Dan and Dani sit on the couches, watching Joe, and Wil practice hockey, Jani instructing/guiding them. Dan tells Dani to try for the highest straight shot she can find (They're not sure how things will be scored but they all seem to be aware that BB will change up the field by including obstacles or throwing in a twist with the scoring).

02:18BBT Jojo continues to campaign to Ash in the Arcade asking why she is going home "They're using me teaming up with Willie as an excuse..." Ash says that they think she is more of a threat than Dani. (Poor poor Ashley...this is the second time this evening alone that she has been cornered by Jojo - Niteslacker).

02:21BBT Dan and Dani continue to watch Joe, Wil and Jani practice the hockey game in the BY. Shane sits on the couch with his hoodie hood pulled over his head. It's difficult to see if his eyes are open. Wil's voice can be heard saying "I knew I should have joined the field hockey team! Curses!" Dan's stomach growls and Dani asks if he's hungry. Dan says sometimes his stomach just makes noises, Dani says hers too.

02:24BBT Ash and Jojo still in the arcade. Jojo asks if Ash has talked to Ian and Ash says "No, he seemed weird...but he was practicing". Jojo says she talked to him earlier and that she and Shane were trying to join Boogie's team and Ian said it was a really good idea. Jojo wants Wil and Joe out. Jojo then tells Ash that Ian liked that she (Jojo) offered to protect Ash as well.

02:26BBT Jojo says she tried to talk to Jani earlier about why she might be going home this week and Jani had nothing to say. Jojo said the first week they had all agreed to send home either Boogie or Dan and here's the opportunity to send Dan out but she was speechless and had nothing to say. Jojo rehashes that someone has to come back in this game soon.

02:31BBT Jojo and Ash hug it out before Ash heads off to the HNR. Ash tells Ian she practiced and feels good about tomorrow's HoH. Ash heads back out, telling Ian sweet dreams. Meanwhile out in the BY Shane, Joe, Jani and Wil watch Dani practice the hockey game now.

02:36BBT Wil says he wants to get Shane shit-faced next week. Shane says he'll be a have-not again next week. Wil says "You never know..." Shane disagrees. He says he knows what's going to happen. He's headed home next week. Wil tries to keep him positive. Shane says he's positive but he knows how things are playing out. Joe heads into bed. Jani and Wil heads inside for a spot of tea. Wil and Jani comment on how Shane's being a Debby downer now. Jani tells Wil that Frank is making her nervous.

02:41BBT Jani and Ash in the WA washing their faces. Dani and Dan still practicing hockey in the BY with Shane looking on.

02:46BBT Jani whispering to Wil and Ash in the WA. Jani says Frank scares her as a player. Something Frank said. Wil says Frank is a nice person and he thinks it'll get him far in the game. Ash and Wil think that Joe is hypnotized by Frank. Jani wants someone to take out Frank soon because he is a beast of a player.

02:49BBT Jani says if you guys (her team) takes out Shane next week then Frank is left in the house with almost no competition. Jani says she gets so nervous when she talks to him because he reminds her of a really good player "...like Will..." (That's Dr. Will folks). Wil says Frank talks with his hands which is learned in communication arts "You learn to talk with your hands and advance towards the audience." Jojo walks into to use the WC.

02:53BBT Ash says that she's not afraid to get rid of Frank. She thinks his conversations about how pitiful his life is outside of the house (they're referring to his talk about bankruptcy) are ploy for to get sympathy. All three agree that he is a smart and dangerous player. Conversations pause as Jojo walks back out of the WC. Jani says Frank is way more dangerous than Shane. "You can pick Shane up and he won't gun for you." Wil says they should pick Shane and Dani and turn on the others.

02:57BBT Jani tells the three of them that Frank flirts with her. Wil says he's been invited to come sleep in his bed multiple times. Jani again compares Frank to Dr. Wil (Season 2 and Season 7). Meanwhile in the BY Frank and Jojo are chatting on the couches. Dani and Dan practicing hockey in the background. Jojo says Brit complimented her for handling the cigarette situation with Joe earlier.

03:00BBT Frank bashing continues in the WA by Jani, Wil and Ash. They all three agree that Frank has to be back-doored. In the BY Jojo and Shane continue to chat. Shane says no amount of practice will help with this HoH.

03:04BBT Wil, Jani and Ash continue to hash out that they have to win HoH and get Frank or Shane out this week. Jani says they cannot let Dani leave next week. Meanwhile in the BY Shane and Jojo sit on the couches, chatting. Jojo says she's going to pray that Shane wins HoH this week so he can flip the house.

03:09BBT Shane and Jojo heads over to the hockey game to get some practice. Dani and Dan head inside for the night and interrupts the party in the WA. Shane begins to guess how the hockey game will be scored tomorrow.

03:15BBT WA party now broken up. Jani, Dan and Dani only left. Jani is very nervous about who will win HoH tomorrow. Dan asks what she and Jojo talked about earlier. Jani says Shane and Jojo both said keeping Dani is a bad game move this week because it leaves Dan in the house. Jani asks Dani if she'll stay and chat with her while she's in the shower. Jani whispers to Dan that Frank told her that if the coaches come back into the game he's targeting them first. Dan asks why Frank would tell her that. Jani said she wasn't sure. Jani says if her team wins HoH this week that it'll be a great week in the house. She mouths to Dani that'll she'll be safe this week if they win. Dan gives Jani a hug over the shower door. Dani continues to wash her face while Jani showers. They agree to chat when Jani is done with her shower.

03:17BBT Meanwhile in the BY Jojo takes a few practice bank shots of the hockey game, Shane retrieves the balls for her. Jani continues to shower in the WA while Dani moves to the couch to wait for their talk. Random WBRB.

03:27BBT You haven't missed much folks. Shane and Jojo continue to practice in the BY while Jani finished her shower and Dani waited patiently on the couch. Jani out of the shower and Dani asks if Jani meant what she said about her being safe this week. Jani agrees, nodding her head quickly. Dani asks Jani about what she and Jojo had chatted about earlier. Jani says she told Jojo that the whole house wants her out, not just her team and that them sending her home this week isn't personal. Talk turns facial cream talk. Jani says she sells the Mary K facial cream she brought with her is sold on her website. Tells Dani she is more than welcome to use as much of it as she'd like.

03:31BBT In the BY, Jojo and Shane continue to practice. Shane points out a grooves or something cut into the hockey game and says they (the producers) already have the numbers ready to go and just have to set it down on the game board tomorrow. Jojo agrees but then says if they keep talking about it that they'll probably just change it up tomorrow. WBRB briefly. Shane and Jojo now inside. Dani whispering entirely too softly to Jani in the WA. Static coming from someone's mic and we get another WBRB in the control room.

03:34BBT Jani tells Dani good night and stops to get herself a drink of water. Shane and Jojo getting ready for bed in the HNR.

03:39BBT All four cams now display darkened rooms with silent microphones. Seems all HGs are down for the night.

03:49BBT Joe appears restless in the Shoe Room tonight.

04:00BBT We'll take this opportunity to thank everyone that follows us on Facebook and Twitter! We are here anytime day or night for your BB needs.

04:03BBT All HGs continue to sleep. How about a quick poll from you late-night/early-bird fans. Who would you like to see win HoH this week?

04:11BBT RT @InDueTime: @mortystv Someone on Janelle's team.

04:12BBT RT @luvinmykids4evr: @mortystv Shane or JoJo if she stays

04:14BBT It should prove to be an interesting live show tonight! Ian was really working that hockey game and the other HGs noticed. Of course...as Joe and Shane pointed out numerous time throughout the evening...it could be anybody's game.

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8:22 am BBT If ya go back 1 week ago Willie got Booted outta the HOH at 8 am BBT,, to prepare for the show .... As Of reading this, Frank is still in His HOH Bed and the House is Still Dark as the HG's are enjoying there snooze time.

9:33 am BBT Saw Ashley Briefly on Cam 1 then they cut to all HG's still in Bed ... Now ... WBRB ..... It's that time for WAKE UP CALL>>

(BTW I Love when they show the Main Control room during WBRB's ... It just Blows your Mind , all the technology that goes on Behind the scenes to make it all come together, not to even mention the Hundred or so Screens they can look at, to see whats really happening in the House- LoneTWolf)

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9:50 am BBT Feeds are back and Shane and Jo Jo are in the SR , As they now head to the WC , they pass the back Door and as expected they are on an Indoor Lock Down.

10:02 am BBT After the late Night of playing Hockey .... Most of the HG's seem Pretty Burned Out and are not Talking Much, just doing there ADL's .... While Mike Makes Coffee

11;18 am BBT Some Lil Chitter-Chatter with Lots of WBRB's mixed in .... enough to tick you off from reporting what the HG's are talking about, cause ya can't get the whole discussion down .... getting close to the Time for the HOH Lockdown.

11:43 HG's "PLEASE REPORT to the HOH ROOM" ..... so the Lockdown is on ...

11:50 Joy of All Joy .... BB is Playing the Theme Music for the HG's in the HOH Room so they can't hear whats going on downstairs as production does the run through for tonights show

12:19 Can't hear anything over the Music but Ashley and Wil are doing the Cutest/Silliest Dance Moves to the BB Theme Music ... Wicked Funny

(OO Geez When it rains it Pours Willie Hantz arrested for DUI .. Yikes)

12;51 A Lil Strange we have gone from WBRB .......... to Now we have Trivia ? Like there about to Play a Game ?

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12:00PM - 14:00PM BBT - HGs are in HOH rm on LD. BB music coming in very loud & they all seem tired of it. Lots of random chit chat & FoTH. Lots of FoTH. 13:40 BBT HGs are out of HOH & eating lunch in the kitchen or taking showers & ADLs for tonights show. 13:58 BBT Britany and Shane are in the Arcade room talking about his chances in the house , what he said to Boogie & Frank, & how their place in the house is not a good place to be. More FoTH........

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Janelle telling Ash that she or Wil needs to win HOH to get one of Boogie's players out before jury, because if Frank makes the final 2 he's got two votes locked up.

Janie: "Joe is like really sweet, but he thinks he can beat Frank. Uhhh... no."

Janie saying if they don't get Frank out, it's game over.

Janie says Frank is so cocky, Ashley is agreeing. Ashley calls him a fuck head.

Ash (about Frank): I'm sorry but your hair is not that nice. It's frizzy and flat.

Janie and Ash agree that he needs to have hair like Shane, and cut it all off.

Janie saying it's going to be really hard to get rid of Frank, and they have their work cut out for them.

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2:04pm Brit telling shane that being stingy in this house isnt getting you no where she says her first pick will still be there unlike dan his first pick is gone Brit says if you win hoh and dont nominate dani this house will be upside down shane says i wont nominate dani i will nominate joe and wil

2:07pm Jojo in the sr telling ash they are all gonna regret getting rid of Kara and keeping Dan in this house Ash says dont give up Jojo says boogie already said then Ash says i meant like you might have a chance of coming back in this game then you have to fight

2:11pm jojo saying If Kara was still here all this wouldnt have happened to willie and Ash is agreeing with her jojo says you guys just handed 500 thousand dollars to frank unless you guys kill it but work with danielle she will try to help get frank out

2:14pm Brit walks in to the sr and tells Jojo and Ash that joe is in the lvr talking bad about a woman she asked if it is Jojo ... jojo says no he just made me slop brit says maybe its dani then meanwhile in the lvr Joe says he is going to give Jojo back her ciggaretts and tell her he just cant do it

2:18pm Ash says they want you out Jojo cuz they are threatened you kill the comps and they want you out Jojo says cuz they are bitches thats why they want me out Ash says joe told her that Frank wants her out too

2:22pm Brit telling Jojo that she dug her own hole because she couldnt keep her mouth shut and kept talking she says you tell people that danielle is this or that and dani starts crying then people start looking at dani like poor dani and thats what did you in and we get trivia

2:24pm feeds back Jenn shane and Brit in bathroom doing hair and shaving back to trivia again

2:27pm feeds back again Jani and Ash in crane room ash telling jani everything Jojo just said in the sr and about Brit coming in and talking about Joe talking bad about a woman in the lvr Ash says thats exactlly what Boogie wanted Jani says yeah ASh said i dont know what girl they was talking about i thought maybe you might know Jani says no and they can take their low carb diets and get the F out of this house

2:32pm Jani says you have to win hoh so we can make a big move ash says yeah i am just afraid joe will win then what Jani says i dont know she says it is gonna be very difficult for you or jenn to win this game with all these guys in the house and frank knows every inch of this game he has seen them all and shane was spotted by a scout is why he is in this game

2:36pm Ash saying frank got upset that Jani used his towel the other day Jani said why wouldn t i use a towel in the bathroom Ash says he is getting the Bb power get over it

2:42pmWil Joe Frank and Dan in lvr saying tonights hoh comp will be a crap shoot now talk about what time they have to be ready dan says at 5 we do a run through about then

2:54pm Ash and Jani in bathroom doing makeup now most hg in kt eating pizza just general talk going on

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3:00pm hg eating and getting ready for the live show general talk about food and makeup going on

3:14pm Ian Wil and Boogie in kt talking about past seasons Boogie says someone has to come back this season there just isnt enough bodies Jani ash and Jenn still inj bathroom doing hair and makeup Brit went to take a nap for an hour

3:17pm :Dan and Frank in shoe room Dan packing his bags Frank telling him he got his workout down and he will keep it up Dan says the reason he was working out at home was for this show this summer

3:24pm trivia

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7:10PM BBT: While the rest of the HGs are in the kitchen, Dan and Danielle unpack, Dan says, ""Maybe it's time to join up with Shane, because he's always be going to go before you."

Britney is telling Ashley that it will be a rough week. She says she's tired of people being insensitive, their attitudes and general sassiness and they need to learn. She said some people looked like they had tears in their eyes when Shane won. Ashley thanks her for telling her that she's safe.

7:15PM BBT: While Shane is in the kitchen eating Fruit Loops and regaling his audience with stories of his sexual encounters, Wil is getting chicken nuggets from storage room.

7:21PM BBT: Britney feels the possibility of the coaches entering the game is slim, because Julie was firm in saying that if Danielle leaves then Dan's game would have been over. Britney congratulates Dan on staying in the house.

8:00PM BBT: Ashley, Britney and Janelle talking about sex, getting pregnant, going to the gynecologist, while Dan and Boogie sit in the room and try to change the conversation.

Dan and Janelle ask Britney about leaving to appear on the show. She said the flight was early in the AM, and she was on her period and already teary, but leaving her husband made her bawl. Danielle jumps in with birth control talk and Dan asks if she was talking about NuvaRing, and she said no, it's a new treatment that lasts for five years. Dan seems really intrigued by this conversation.

Janelle admits to the room that when she went on NuvaRing, a type of birth control, she went psycho and literally wanted to kill someone, she claimed to have the worst road rage ever.

8:15PM BBT: In the kitchen Jen, Joe, Ian, Frank, and Wil stress out about Shane winning and wondering what's going to happen at the nomination ceremony. Joe says it's way too early to be this worried. Talk turns to coaches competition and wondering if the competition will take place tomorrow, and Frank says maybe they won't do it tomorrow at all.

The other house guests in the bedroom continue to share disturbing information about bodily functions which will not be repeated.

8:25PM BBT: Ian approaches Boogie about who Shane will nominate and asks if Ashley is going up. Boogie says, "No, Wil and Joe will be nominated." Ian asks, "But what if one is removed from block?" Boogie says "If he keeps his word..." Ian shakes his head and said "Wow". Boogie said don't worried we control the vote, so one of those two will go. Ian and Boogie practice their dual DR session about making fun of Shane for getting rid of one of Janelle's players when they were gunning for him.

Boogie tells Ian not to worry because Joe will self destruct and to just lay back and watch Janelle's team fall apart. Ian agrees that it will work then followed by WBRB.

8:40PM BBT: Shane tells Janelle she has nice upper body strength. Britney Shane, and Jenn talk about how tired they are, and Shane offers to not make them go up to see his HoH room, but Jenn wants to see his pictures. He says I promise I will make it quick so you all can go to bed.

8:42PM BBT: Boogie makes a joke about how Janelle doesn't want to sleep with either of them, but would with Wil. Janelle,Dani, and Ashley talk about making cookies while Boogie and Dan continue to talk about sleeping arrangements. Wil tells Boogie he thinks the layout of the week will be the same and there will be another coaches competition this week.

8:45PM BBT: Wil thinks that the coaches could trade again. Boogie and Dan say they don't think they would do it two weeks in a row. Talk to turns to general conversation about headphones for DJing and the Wallpaper in the bedroom being cool.

Frank, Boogie, Jenn, Dan, and Britney talk about how cool Dr. Dre's headphones are and that you can buy them in Best Buy. [And Here Too!] Mike says he owns a pair and loves them. They talk about other rappers headphones as well and Jenn said she has a leopard print pair she's uses while DJing.

(Updates from TFUs GwennyLou & CajunPug)

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