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7/23 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:11pm BBT - Wil tells Ashley in the HT they will need to take out floaters in the next couple weeks. Ashley thinks JoJo is working Frank too hard, it's transparent. Brit joins them and says JoJo annoys her too. Joe tells a story about his son and a girl and how kids dance today.

9:15pm BBT - Janelle & Ashley are in the SR and Ash repeats her convos with Shane and Will. Jenn told Wil who told Ashley that she was trying to lay low, which is what started him off on floaters. They decide to make sugar cookies to spell Frank's name. Whose kissing up now?

9:17pm BBT - There's a floating bandaid in the toilet. Dan and Boogie head to HoH to talk game.

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9:41 pm BBT Boogie telling Dan that he would rather be around Dani the next 8 weeks then Jojo says Dani is more tolerable tells Dan that he has to make sure Jani doesnt think he is after them after this week. tells him to keep the attention on Shane if Dani wins Hoh make the pawn Frank so Jani doesnt think shes after em. Says know whats better then 3 on 3? 4 on 3

9:46 pm BBT Saying Jojo this week and if they can knock out one of Janis team next and try to keep Shane unless they can't without being exposed. Says Jani controls her team pretty well Ash was ready to vote out Frank till live show when Jani said no get Kara

9:55 pm BBT Dan says no problem but youre going to have to do some major politicing to get Jani on board with getting Jojo says he can use the Willie alliance to get Jojo gone and play it to his advantage that they didnt listen to him when he said to Backdoor Shane, Dan says the loudest voice against him is Joe. Boogie says he can play the coaches rentering to talk to Jani about not listening to him

9:59 pm BBT Boogie says Dan has a really good chance now that Boogie is motivated and his players listen to him. They are talking about endurance and how if Dani had an Hoh Dan can make her do damage. Boogie talking about how he would get his players to dump the comp if it were left to them and Dani

10:02 pm BBT In BY its small chit chat with Dani Joe and Jenn Family, buying cars, ect... Boogie and Dan in Hoh agree that Joe watches them like a hawk is prob the one thinking the most ahead. Conversation is pretty much over now working out a plan on how bot to exit the room together and make their game talk obvious

10:12 Pm BBT Joe and Jojo talking about their upbringing how they were different her parents didnt talk to her just told her no and his were open about things. In KT Ftank Shane Wil Jani Ash and Brit talking about Jackass and Ryan dunns death then about other current events like Lindsay lohan

10:17 pm BBT This just in! Hani found the missing makeup she thought Willie stole! Everyone astonished that her little bottle of makeup is $60 (me too!)

10:30 pm BBT Jenn in BY tells rest of BY crew Joe Frank and Boogie that she thinks Jojo is ingenuine and Boogie says that Jojo smokes more then she says. she says she smokes like 8 a day and he says no i see her smoke like 15 right in front of my face!

10:37 pm BBT Frank and Boogie play batchi ball in the BY while Ash and Jani get ready for a bath together in the Hoh to have some Pixie/Trixie time4

10:45 pm BBT Jani and Ash confirming they want Jojo this week. Jani says she knos Sahne is mad at her and she says if she could work with him she would but she has to do what she can to keep her players safe.

10:51 pm BBT now the bathtub girls are talking about who to nominate the next week and who to use as a pawn they think Frank is a big target and Ian is Franks number one ally says they will be shocked (boogies team)

10:56 pm BBT Boogie recapping his convo with Dan to Frank while they play Frank says he is just trying to get to thursday. Boogie says keep it in Ashs ear the Jani isnt treating her well so they can work with her. saying that when you nurse a wounded animal back to health you have a loyal pet

10:59 pm BBT The BT girls are calling Jenn a floater and that they need to do better in physical comps and need to stop eating cookies say that Wil is scared of Frank for being a great competitor

11:03 pm BBT Frank and Boogie want to get Shane on their side by saying she should have been looking out for you not Willie all this time now it has you (Shane) in a bad spot

11:09 pm BBT The girls in the Bath are saying that the guys are getting so paranoid saying that after Jojo goes they have to get rid of all guys they are completely working the girls vs boys ang;e

11:21 Pm BBT Dan Ian Brit and Frank are plaing the ball game now in team Ian and Dan are killing Brit and Frank. Boogie goes in KT reassures Jani they are still working together then exits...little does she know he just made a deal with Dan

11:28 Boogie comes into BY and says Ash forgot she was on big brother for a sec and flashed the camera after stepping out of the shower and all are compairing stories where they may have flashed the camera

11:35 pm BBT Dan playing bachi ball and misses where he wants to go just barely and says "took her to the dance but forgot to ask her for a kiss"

11:46 PM BBT Wil telling a very animated story about a video he watched online and Dan asked him if he acts everyone laughs cause he apparently talks about acting all the time

11:57 pm BBT In the BY the HGs are talking about the dr test when they tap your knee and the whole leg moves Dani is doing an excellent job pretending not to know what the reflex test is also hleps that shes trying it on Jojo and they dont like each other so Shane steps in and makes it work

12:01 am BBT Ian in KT telling Jani Shane is such a good competitor that he will prob win next Hoh and veto

12:04 am BBT Jani having a pow wow with her team saying that all their strategies this week are to lay low and not make waves this week then talking about Jenn saying her whole strat is to go undetected as long as possible and laugh about her admitting to being a floater.

12:13 am BBT Team Jani now saying that Frank is a huge target and is more powerful in the game then Shane trying to convince her team to steer away from Shane for now to go after Boogie. Joe says he needs a letter from home after the fight and how he and Jani both love the drama and are ready to make big moves

12:21 am BBT Team Jani now discussing Jojo and how she annoys them going over how hypocritical she is and how happy they are for Willie being gone its like a 2 for 1 Hoh Jani says bye Willie and Wil says stop giving him the air time BY crew playing the ask random trivia game

12:35 am BBT Jani Ash and Frank rehashing Willies exit Frank says what drove Willie out of the house was that he was made a have not and couldnt eat his fruit loops

12:38 Arcade room crew now talking about what Dani would do if she won Hoh Jani tells Frank if she wins she would prob put Shane up because she wouldnt want six people after her wouldnt want to make those waves

12:49 am BBT Dan and Jani having the conversation he told Boogie he would have with her in the WC saying he wants to get Dani through the week saying she would put up Frank and Shane and if he coms down Ian would go up as replacement as he told Boogie he would someone walks by and pretend they are talking about BB10

12:57 am BBT Joe breaks up the convo by showing Dani a dance his daughter does that is absolutely ridiculous so then Dan and Jani actually start talking about BB10

1:05 am BBT Most HGs Winding down getting ready for bed others making menial chit chat about dancing but before bed Janelle gives mortys another shoutout!!!! thanks Janelle!

1:15 Ian smokes his first cigarette of the seaon everyone is stunned and says it suits him.

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1:15 As Ian smokes his first cigarette of the season, Jojo lets him know that she is bisexual. While he soothes on the taste of the smoke, Jojo is trying to talk to him about masturbation and sex. Ian says if he wins HoH this week that he would "whack one off," and Jojo tells him that women who masturbate are better in bed. Jojo lets Ian know that she is there for him to talk about sex, but Ian keeps trying to change the subject back to the cigarettes.

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9:00am bbt

BB has given a wake up call th the HGs for the morning. It works for Jenn, who is seen running laps in the BY, and Frank/Shane who are also in the BY. No other HGs are seen.

Frank/Shane move to the WC, where Shane changes clothes in the shower, while the 2 chat. Frank says the water fountain in the HOH room has bubbling water that makes him have to use the bathroom. Shane says he won 2 fish at the fair when he was young, named them Mario/Luigi, and they lived 9 years.

9:10am bbt

Frank/Shane move back outside, give some shoutouts(causing WBRB), then settle down on the patio. They both work the casual conversation around to game talk. Frank talks about not being able to play for HOH this week, but says if he plays for POV next week, there is no reason why he wouldn't be willing to 'toss' it to Shane (infering Frank feels safe working with Shane, so Shane shouldn't see Frank as a threat next week?)

Shane asks Frank who is a physical threat besides Jojo? Shane answers his own question with 'Wil', and then suggests the option of Frank using the POV ceremony today to nominate/backdoor Wil.

Boogie comes outside, and Frank asks if Boogie will give them a few minutes, so Boogie settles down on the hammock.

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9:19BBT Frank says he has to keep his integrity, they got the votes to keep him last week. Shane says you do what you gotta do, he saved himself this week. Frank thinks its a little to soon.

Shane says besides Jojo, who is a physical threat? Shane answered his own question with Wil. Shane says Jojo is in more trouble then Dani. Shane wants to play for himself w/o the coaches. Wants to win by his actions not the coaches. Frank told Mike that Ian and Jenn arent winning this for me.

Shane says Wil didnt prove himself in POV. Frank says he didnt either, was worried about falling off and hurting himself bad enough to go home. Shane says America likes both of us, proven to them they want to stay there. Frank says with each that goes by your chances for playing for POV go up.

Shane says if you are on the block and I win POV you are coming off. Frank says if he can see where the POV comp is close he will toss it to him. Shane says Joe is up and down, he will go with how ever has HOH. Shane told Ian he wouldnt put him or Ash up next week if he wins HOH.

Shane says he hates to put Frank in the position to put up someone else. Frank says dont worry about it, its part of the game.

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9:35BBT Frank tells Mike the fish tank was noisy last night, he got up and was messing around it. Finally gave up and it stopped when he got back in bed.

Dani and Joe changing batteries. He tells her not to worry, to trust him. Hugs her says no stress this week. She asks how long till this thing starts and he says they said 45 minutes.

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9:43BBT Frank says the best thing about HOH is having a private Bathroom. The one downstairs in a convention all the time.

Jenn got called to DR, she must have been told to clean the mirrors in the WA. she is going to town on them.

Frank tells Mike his convo with Shane. Mike says it would be the stupidest thing. Frank repeats that they got the votes to say last week, he cant do that to them this week.

Mike calls them the 8 is Enough alliance. Jani and his team together.

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10:02 AM BBT n the WCA - lots of ADLs going on. Brit shares that the has always hated Monday mornings. In the BY Boogie enjoying his coffee.

10:13 AM BBT Gen chit chat in the BY about sleeping and napping. Joe now telling a story about his daughter - mentions a Jaime and we get FOTH.

10:17 AM BBT We come back to Joe telling the HG that he coerced his daughter's boyfriend to coming clean that he had already touched her boobs - he says she was mortified. (More or less now that he just shared this story on live feeds?)

10:27 AM BBT In the BY - discussion about sex and firsts. Brit says that she and her hubby were each other firsts - and then they broke up. Joe shares that his Father told him that he tries on a pair of shoes before you buy them - don't you? Ashley says that Ian talked for hours last night. Joe shares with the HG that Jojo was trying to teach Ian about sex - Ian told her he doesn't want to talk about it.

10:33 AM BBT Ashley says that her Mom is taking care of things for her while she is gone. Says that she is in more debt then her Mom knows. She put it in an email to her Mom. Says her Mom is going to be pissed.

10:41 AM BBT In the KT - Joe and Wil talking. Joe says to Wil that he thinks they want Jojo out of here. Dani walks in and no more convo. Dani asks Wil to help her with her mic. The KT becomes a revolving door of HG getting coffee and hellos. Discussion between Ian/Jojo and Shane that the fridge smells.

10:45 We go to Trivia - POV meeting in progress!

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POV was used, Danielle is up.

JoJo and Shane just talking about how they planned to lie, cheat and steal in the game but now that they're in the game, it's different. JoJo didn't want to have to play so dirty so early.

Shane and Jojo saying they bonded the first night.

S: They're going to remember you as the loyal, sexy, Staten Island girl... if you leave.


Meanwhile in the kitchen, many (or the rest?) of the HGs are just eating, chatting, etc.

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1144 AM BBT Frank and Ash are in SR. Frank complains no more mens vitamins then they start talking about Turkey Bacon

11:7 AM BBT Shane and JoJo r talking about JoJo being nominated and she is only going to hug shane, ashley and danielle if she leaves. JoJo says that they should make out just in case. She calls Shane a tease

11:54 AM BBT Most HGs are in the KT. Ash calls Ian out on him talking about sex last night. Ian says it was talk about 'first experiences'. Talk then turns to shows on CBS or ABC. No talk yet as who is on the block yet! We get FOTH

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12:05 PM BBT Jani/Ashley discussing working out this evening. Jani says she doesn't want to be fat. Jani deciding if she wants to take a nap.

12:08 PM BBT Jani tells Ashley that they have a 40-50% chance of winning HOH this week. Dani comes in and says she is thinking about tanning.

12:10 PM BBT Jani talking about how tired she is - Dani tells her take a nap. Dani asks her to nap with them. Dani says that Ashley likes to back up to her at night so they touch. Ashley: I like to cuddle

12:13 PM BBT Now talk about Jesse and his harem. Saying that he hooked up with all of them. Talk about Nat and if her relationship was an open relationship or not.

12:17 PM BBT In the BY Ian and Dan talk about the ingredients in the sun block Dan is using. Ian says that they ingredients are not all correct. Discussion goes into scientific terms. Back at the slumber party - Jani says that BB10 was so good. Everyone was so nice and good looking. Ashley had a crush on Memphis.

12:24 We have FOTH

12:28 PM BBT In the BY Ian and Dan talk about the ingredients in the sun block Dan is using. Ian says that they ingredients are not all correct. Discussion goes into scientific terms. Back at the slumber party - Jani says that BB10 was so good. Everyone was so nice and good looking. Ashley had a crush on Memphis.

12:32 PM BBT Frank comes out of the HOH bathroom and runs his hands under the faucet - no soap needed. Now we get to hear Boogie use the bathroom - no water or soap needed for him. They both head out of HOH with Frank claiming: Stud City.

12:42 PM BBT Brit and Jojo in HOH. Jojo telling BRit that she feels like she is letting her down. Brit says that she isnt letting her down but that Jojo is getting on people's nerves. Brit says that the issue with Ian is an example - Jojo says she was kidding. Brit says that she needs to calm down and tone it down. Brit says that Dani thinks Jojo is talking bad about her. Brit says to stop talking game. Jojo says she doesn't know why people are afraid to make big moves. Brit says that Mon is to early to talk game. Jojo says that Ian was the one talking to her about when he wins HOH and offered advice. Brit says that Williw had nothing but vile things to say and now the HG are going to turn against Jojo. Brit says it has to be all smiles and rainbows. Jojo: yeah yeah yeah... (rinse and repeat the convo)

12:47 PM BBT Brit tells Jojo that now she is the mean girl who is saying bad things about Dani even though she isn't. Brit says she feels bad for her that she is prob depressed. Jojo - no - I'm ok. I understand. Brit: If you get voted out - it's 100% personal. If you get to stay - it's game. Jojo says she isn't going to pull a Willie. Brit: Dani has told me twice that you were talking bad about her. Jojo says that she trie dto talk to Frank about other options. Frank went off in front of Brit. Cont. to tell Jojo to just lay low (Brit continues to raid Frank's snacks while she talks a mile a min.) Now she says that Jojo and Shane shouldn't hang out together.

12:49 PM BBT Brit says that she will talk with them later this week. Jani in bed right now with Dani. Says same thing happened last week. Brit: Look around at who Jani is with - that's who is safe.

12:59 PM BBT On the hammock - Dani and Ian discuss chemistry. By the pool, Dan/Boogie discuss sports players I believe. Jojo gets ready to tan.

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2:08 BBT sure there is some to report ... Like Dan smoozing with Brit and Ashley ( but I wanna remind U of some great shows on Superpass Real Feeds ... Fan ReCap , Rants and Raves, and Happy Hour .... They add so much to the BB experience, It adds so much to the total BB Expeience. ) Ashley is a do it Herself type person and wants a rehab home to re-do , sounds like Shane and her could hook up if they ever connect ..... BTW looking back at the Flashback ..... Jo Jo and Shane hooked up before the Feeds went live so when you see Shane fighting for Jo Jo ....... there is a good reason .. !!!

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13:00-1400BBT- Lots of FoTH today. Jani & Wil taking a nap while most other HGs take time to either play in the pool or sun tan. Britany takes shower in HOH then comes downstairs to fix her hair in the downstairs bathroom. Shane comes in and they agree that JoJo is gone this week. Britany tells Shane not to change his vote for JoJo, meaning it might make him a target for next week but agree he is already a target for next week because of Willi. JoJo comes in and Britany leaves. Shane and JoJo agree that they hate the coaches twist and JoJo says she hates all the people in the house. They both think Jani is playing personnally. They discuss the weight Shane has lost (he is down to 171lbs) then they move to the kitchen to eat slop burgers. Outside in the hammock, Dani & Ian talk awhile about chemistry and such then move on to Philly and landmarks there, then on to NFL teams and how to get a team to move to another city. Dani wants an NFL team in her hometown in Alabama. Dani tells Ian that Frank wants Dan gone. Ian says that is news to him because as of yesterday at 3pm, JoJo was suppose to be the one leaving this week .

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Ashley and Dan talking together, not about game. Just about each other's families and the live feeds.

Frank and Joe up in HOH alone together, so far no game talk.

Frank thinks the best bet is to split JoJo and Shane up.

J: I'm 50/50.

F: yeah , me too. But it puts 2 coaches on 1 leg instead of 1 leg to stand on.

F says he's pondered it a little bit, and he thinks JoJo might be the right choice. J says it would probably be a completely unanimous vote.

J: Shane would probably even vote her out.

F: I don't think he will, but it wouldn't even matter.

They think worst case scenario, Shane wins HOH, Frank and Wil go up. Joe tells Frank he needs to secure her vote for next week.

Frank says he thinks Danielle would stick with her and they could come out of that scenario alright.

Joe tells Frank he'd rather Frank stay than Wil stay.

F: good to know, Joe.

F: truth is, I feel i'd have a decent chance against Wil in the end, but I think especially for you it'd be a hard fought case in the end.

J thinks all the girls would vote for Wil to win.

Joe says they can re-evaluate at the 6, but they can make Wil look like a casualty of war.

Joe and Frank thinks when they reach the 6, Jenn and Ashley should go up because they're floaters and don't deserve to make it to the end. Joe says they did nothing, F says all they did was sit around and laugh at jokes. They said they'd include Ian in the list of floaters.

Both boys talking themselves up that they deserve to win, and why.

J knows that Wil is Janelle's front runner.

Frank says ideally if Shane or Danielle won next week, that might be a great time to get rid of Wil.

Joe tells Frank Shane is being cocky about the POV wins, Frank says he hasn't been to him, but hears that he has been to other people (I think that was a seed planted by Joe)

Frank said he went easy in the comp yesterday because it was slippery and he didn't want to blow his knee on it when he didn't need to win it.

Boys discuss that Ian was VERY close, but they knew Shane won and production came over the mic and said to NOT give away who won.

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3;33 Frank and Joe talking BIG game and It seems Dani is the fav to stay but Jo Jo is close 2nd ( I'm hoping for Jo Jo cause i like sexy in the game or showmance material if ya wanna call it that - LoneTWolf) Joe and Frank think they could dictate, (if Dani wins HOH but really Dani an HOH ? come on most us vets know what type of Player Danii is ) Now talking how the game is Great for them and how excited if ian wins HOH this week (Joe and Frank talking up, in HOH at the table chowing)

3: 45 In Hoh with same 2 Guys..... Dani is a sweetheart and easily manipulated, ( Listen i know Southern Ladies and yea they are sometimes talked into stuff but they come out for what they believe in eventually, if not sonner <smile>

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2:04pm danielle Frank and Joe at poll talking about Hollywood Jojo Ash and Dan on by couch talking about schools and private schools

2:18pm Ash and Dan still in by general chat Ian in kt getting something to eat

2:24pm Shane now by the pool with Dani he says he has lost 15 pounds now since being on the slop Dani says i wish i could lose 15 pounds but i think i have gained

2:30pm dani called to dr shane sitting with feet in pool Jojo has joined them Ian in hammock rocking back and forth Joe and Frank in hoh Joe feeding fish

2:34pm Joe ask frank any thoughts on your week frank says i am leaning toward jojo but i dont know Joe says yeah its 50/50 right now but i cant stand jojo Frank says if we take out dan brit still has 2 left Joe says it doesnt matter wich one Frank says yeah it doesnt matter

2:37pm Joe and frank are agreeing jenn and Ash need to go before ian frank says when they get down to fianl 6 they have to go joe says if they make it to final 4 and he didnt he would be pissed

2:41pm Joe and frank were shocked that wil voted out kara frank says he knew that will was janelles favorite when she wore the gay ok shirt Joe saying he will keep dani this week

2:43pm Frank says i will be honest i went easy on that comp yesterday it was so slippery i was afraid i would blow my knee out and be put out of the game

2:46pm Joe says Shane is getting cocky since he won 2 pov's Joe is talking about throwing the next comp and says no one should get cocky in this house

2:49pm Frank says we need to get shane out whenever we get the chance he says lets say we get jojo out and shane next week and we get foth

2:51pm frank says me not winning the pov yesterday took some of the target off me i hope and we already got the big target out this week

2:54pm Frank says i do feel bad for jojo but her social skills isnt tailored for this game she should have been on jersey shore

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3;18 Dani says she's not he Big partier anymore, But she does drink Vodka and Water ( Nottice how Dani has stepped up her Subtle Game this afternoon by wearing her Bikini top and lower/ sexy Bottom wrap while sitting on BY Couch and while of course not tanning )

3:25 Just an observation from someone who's seen if many times before in this game ///////// (Ian is in Love/Infatuation with Ashley, so much, he is becoming Her Puppy) as the 2 lounge with Frank and Ashley and hang out at the couch in the BY

3:33 Frank says i am smoking more than usual and he didn't Bring Smokes into the House. Jani says as she lights up ... hell i didn't even bring enough to make it through week 3 / ( Good hint if your ever in house Folks, bring a carton of Smokes with you, it might could negotiate U off the Block, all kidding aside)

3;38 There talking Ecstacy and mixed with herion and Meth but there all confused on Ruffie's being the same thing ( Ruffies are considerable considered a date rate drug) as brit relays all this important info. Now fFank chimes in with his backup of Brit's info.

3:44 BBT as expected lots of WBRB's with all this drug use talk

3;45 BBT Jo Jo laying out, working what shes got, in Her Small Forest Green Bikini .... Jani joins her in a never before seen Sky Blue Cover up and Cams switch away befor her uncover .... Now the Couch is wondering what Joe will cook for dinner .... someone says Turkey Burgers and they Chime in "{ They Love them}" Come see alll the action for yourself at http://www.tkqlhce.c...183552-10790737

Definitely enough for anyone's need for your eye candy .... Male or Female

4;23 a Guys point of View ..... Dani's head seems to look so much bigger inside the house but when she's sporting the Bikini her head seems to shrink to normal and she looks great .... (OK... on 3 u can all laugh at me unless u noticed the same thing, haha )

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3:50 PM BBT - Backyard

Nothing really interesting is going on. The coaches were talking about being arrested for awhile, but then we got WBRB. Now the camera just keeps watching JoJo and Janelle sunbathing and someone keeps getting yelled at by BB: "You are NOT allowed to talk about production".

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3:08pm Boogie asked Ian about breaking his smoking rule and asked if jojo made him smoke Ian says he doeswnt like talking about sex boggie says why do people like smoking when they drink Ian says i dont know it taste good when you drink i like smoking when i drink boogie says what do you like to drink he says taquilla

3:12pm Jani in kitchen making a salad Ash eating and Wil looking in fridge Wil goes to wc Boogie Dan and Ian still in by talking about drinking and Ian's dorm room

3:18pm Brit has Joined Ian Dan and Boggie in by talking about drinks they like to drink when they go out Ian goes inside to get water Ash asking Ian if he is going to try hard to win hoh this week he says i play hard everytime Ash says you make me proud

3:30pm most hg in by sitting around smoking or swimming just general talk

3:50pm still general talk in by on the couches Jojo laing in the sun near the pool Bb tells jojo to put on her mic Shane and Dani layi ng in the loungers by the pool general talk going on there also

3:57pm Jani has now joined Shane and Dani and JOjo by the pool to get some sun herself shane says Joe is making turkey burgers tonight Jani says i love Joes turkey burgers they are so good

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4:00 PM - Backyard

Frank and Brittany are trading dessert recipes. Wil broke out the MnMs.

Ian is swinging back and forth in the hammock like his life depends on it.

BB yells at the house guests for sleeping during the day.

Brittany called to DR .

Danielle is worried b/c she'll have to speak on camera in the next t.v. episode, since she's on the block this week. Frank and Wil are giving her pointers.

Dan's making pizza and Danielle and Frank are talking about it, then someone mentions again about Joe making turkey burgers tonight for dinner. They also mention those the pretzels that you can buy at Auntie Anne's in the mall. [The house guests can't seem to stop talking about food. They're making me hungry! --desertrose0601]

4:09 PM BBT - More house guests come over and sit on the couches outside. Now it's Wil, Danielle, Dan, Frank, and Janelle are sitting around there talking about nothing much of importance. Someone's laying next to Frank but I can't see who. Looks like Shane, Ashley, and JoJo are still laying out (JoJo in the sun, Shane and Ashley in the shade).

Dan gets up and Janelle takes his spot [i think he was checking on the pizza]. He sits by her when he comes back to the couches.

Janelle starts talking bout Evel Dick. Cameras are on JoJo but we can still hear the couch conversation pretty well. Shane gets up to go inside.

4:15 PM - Kitchen

Shane is folding up his towel and then goes into the Have-Not room. He throws his shoes in there and then heads to the kitchen to get a drink of water. Brittany walks by and asks why the oven is pre-heating. Shane says he wonders if Joe's getting ready for dinner. Wil walks by and says he needs something salty. Shane is microwaving his water - making tea, it looks like.

Shane looks around guiltily and grabs some of the MnMs that Wil lett out and puts them in a bowl. He doesn't actually eat one though. Dan comes back in to check on the pizza and Shane greets him.

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