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7/22 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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8:04pm Brit talking about how long Jojo has been in dr she has been in there a long time Jojo comes out of dr they say you been in there a long time she syas yeah Frank says you missed dinner here is your slop thank joe

8:08pm Brit says you cant compare the experiance of bb mike called to dr dan says this is just wierd but its probably us as coaches Wil says yeah brit says yeah i hate that though

8:10pm Brit says i feel like there is a weight lifted it wasnt so bad after the first blow up but the second blow up was awkward with willie

8:22pm general talk in by Ian in kt getting ice and a drink

8:25pm Wil goes to wc Jani and Dan in kt jan asking if Dan wants to go walking with nher Dan says no i am gonna go hide and listen to franks cd Jani goes out to walk/run Joe in kt making tea

8:30pm Joe and Jani and Ash walking in by Shane Brit Ian Jojo Frank and Wil on by couches general talk going on Jani says to Ash we always wear purple at the same time Ash says its for violet (jani's daughter)

8:34pm boogie asking Joe if he can take the pudding and the slop and make something amazing out of it Joe says yeah i been thinking about it something like bread pudding or something

8:40pm Jani telling Joe they should so make a bb cookbook like brit put in hers and jani her slop cakes and bananna bread and all of joes recipies Joe says right we should

8:44pm Dani and boogie join dan in hoh rm Dan asking how Boogies dr session went Boggie said fine they asked about my clothes and funny things Boogie asking Dan how the music is dan says fine Dani says the coaches should have gotten a cd too Boggie says i agree

8:46pm Frank now in hoh rm Dani asking if he has a second he says yeah they are going to talk in boggies room

8:48pm Frank telling dani he will have to put her up in shanes place she says i understand that but i want you to know you can trust me and you have my word i am a trust worthy person

8:50pm dani asking if they know what they are basing the vote on cuz she doesnt want to go home because dan is my coach Frank says if you go home its because it sends you and dan out of the house

8:52pm dani says i dont feel like its fair that i go home because they want dan out and dan is my coach frank says well people think you are smarter than jojo dani says physicaly jojo has beat me twice but if i do stay just let me know what the curcumstances are cuz you can trust me i am with you

8:54pm dani says i knew i was going up but i wanted to let you know it isnt fair i wanted to play my game and they havent let me play my game and if there is something we can work out i want that chance

8:57pm Frank says we will let you know so you can lay your cards on the table everyone has a chance at hoh next week

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July 21, 2012

9:05PM BBT General chit chat on the couches in the BY, while Janelle/Joe/Ashley are power walking across the yard. Ashley sits down to take a breather.

9:15PM BBT Ashley tells Danielle that the competitions have not been easy, Danielle agrees. Wil appears to be running across the yard now, while Janelle/Joe continue to walk. HG on BY couches talking about school.

9:33PM BBT Janelle tells Ash/Dani that endurance is coming up soon and small girls usually win. Janelle then asks Boogie if his knees hurt from the coaches comp because hers do. Danielle and Janelle move to the bathroom, they go over what votes Danielle would have if/when she goes up on the block.

9:45PM BBT Janelle tells Danielle to tell Dan to not do anything yet, keep calm. Jani/Ash/Dani are doing their make up. Funky lips. Funky hair.

9:50PM BBT Frank is in bathroom now watching the girls do their make-up, they are doing slutty Barbie look. Feeds cut to WBRB.

9:55PM BBT Janelle comes out and asks Britney what she thinks, Brit says she likes it. Now Brit is doing her make-up too. HG in BY still talking about random things.

10:05PM BBT BY crew talking about Real World/Challenge. Trixie - Ashley, Pixie - Janelle, Dixie - Danielle, Bixie - Britney come out and tell the BY crew their names. They invite them to the pool hall or pool table. Boogie jokes they are the new pussycat dolls.

10:12PM BBT Feeds cut to WBRB, they return and Wil is dressed as Craig. Ash/Jan/Dani/Wil/Brit want to go into the DR as their personas. They wanna go to the BY and perform for the other HG, Wil has taught them a dance routine.

10:25PM BBT Frank is called to the DR. Craig and the Pixies finish their performance and they get an applause. Boogie asks Wil where he learned the dance. Wil says that he made it up with friends.

10:46PM BBT Janelle tells Ashley that if Danielle goes on the block they should get rid of JoJo. Danielle has a better relationship with them. Ashley tells Jani she likes Danielle. Jani agrees. They think they should bring it up to the boys (Joe/Wil).

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11:05 pm BBT Jani Telling Ash if they vote out Dani they dont have the votes next week if one of Janis team gets put up

11:09 pm BBT Jani saying when she talked with Jenn that she thought it would be better to go for Jojo to weaken Shane to make the point to Ash that Franks team want Jojo gone

11:16 pm BBT Jenn telling Dan about her music styles and new music shes making. Dani in WC with Wil pinky swearing on something that we couldnt hear because Wil did not have on his mic then BB tells him to put on his mic as if reading my mind

11:24 pm BBT Ash on hammock with Jani says she is concerned with being floater in the house and Jani defines floater for Ash and explains how she isnt one. Feeds head to Hoh where Shane is saying he wants to work with Frank Says winning POV proves hes legit Boogie tells him they are willing to work out a deak but he cannot tell Jojo or Brit

11:29 pm BBT Ash tells Jani she thinks Franks will be good at endurance

11:34 pm BBT Brit telling Jojo in WC that she feels like everyone is against her and her team needs to stick with Janis team to have any hope. In Hoh Shane asks Booogie and Frank if Ian or Jenn win hoh will i be up next week? they respond with they arent looking into the future about things

11:39 pm BBT Hoh crew talking about Joe only harming himself for talking too much and Brit telling Jojo in WC that she has more to offer then Dani does and needs to let Frank know that

11:44 pm BBT Shane leaves Hoh Boogie and Frank feel good about the talk say they have a good contingency plan Going over scenarios to keep Shane around if they have the power. Back to Brit says shes tired of paying for Willies mistakes Shane walks in and talk turns to Shanes toe possibly being broken

11:50 pm BBT Frank and Boogie saying they will wait to tell Ian and Jenn of the Shane alliance till Wednesdayish

11:55 pm BBT Boogie says he thinks that they got to Shane first and Dan will also keep his mouth shut because he is so crippled. Say they cant be around Shane to keep their deal a secret. Talking about Ash and how Frank is being nice to her Boogie says yes foster that I have been too

12:00 Am BBT In BY HGs are talking about prepping for bed and going to bed Shane and Joe headed to be Jojo washing f Brit explaining to Dani Ash abd Ian that her team is in a tough spot specially who is nom also Dani is in a tough sport too losing her friend in Kara and and being alone ace for bed Brit saying shes headed that way soon. Early night in the BB house?

12:09 am BBT Brit explaining to Dani Ash abd Ian that her team is in a tough spot specially who is nom also Dani is in a tough sport too losing her friend in Kara and and being alone

12:13 am BBT Joe telling Jenn in sneaker room that he thinks the twist will be changing the teams around. Boogie in WC going over who replacement nom will be Wil double checked to make sure. saying that Willie was an idiot for quitting sating could have come back in game if that is the twist

12:19 am BBT Dan in hammock with Dani and says shes proud of how she worked on Joe and She tells him that Wil has her back too

12:30 am BBT In WC we learn that Ian is allergic to bees and in BY Dani saying pretty girls dont intimidate her she in fact enjoys hanging out with prettier women

12:34 am BBT Dani shifts focus to Ash says that she puts on an act and that shes smarter then she seems and the only way she can tell is because Ash is comfortable with her and forgets to put on the act

12:37 am BBT Dan says it must drive her insane when Shane says random anatomy things she must want to correct him all the time. referring to her claiming to be a teacher instead of nurse

12:48 am BBT Ian in KT saying he thought season would be about nemesis cause his nemesis's FB would say eerie things about phone calls when he was at BB conventions. Dani is BY asks Dan what he doesnt know about her pretty minor chit chat all over the place

12:52 am BBT KT crew of Ian Ash and Wil recapping the veto comp and how each went about solving the puzzle

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1:00AM BBT Frank talks to Boogie about before Boogie talks with others they should consult first, Boogie agreesFrank says to Boogie It gets down putting up others I need to be able to act like I didn't know anything

1:09AM BBT Britney and Ashley chatting in Bathroom Brit saying she had fun a bit tonight; Dan, Janelle, Danielle and Wil Chatting by hammock

Ash and Brit talking about Willie, Brit saying he was never mean to her, he was nice to her; Ash says Joe pushed Willie to itAsh telling Brit that Wil told Janelle tonight he would lie, cheat, steal to win this game and sick of the high school talking crap

1:17 AM BBT Ashley tells Britney that she hates that JoJo is being scrutinized for loyalty to her team, Brit "yeah a team I picked, not JoJo"

Joe got to BR and then outside to hang by the hammock with others, Wil goes inside to use BR

1:23AM BBT Joe and Danielle talking about the initial process they remember seeing each other, Joe says he thought other people would be there

1:24AM BBT Joe talking about trying out for the show "Chopped" and its his and his kids favorite show; he plays at home while watching

Janelle in the BR while Ashley showers, talking about what they are going to do tonight, Ashley says she is going to do laundry

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1:29AM BBT got feeds for a few seconds an when feeds come back Janelle and Ashley talking to the live feeders saying "thanks BB feeders" they request the feeders make a video of Trixie and Pixie (Jan and Ash) and they want Drakes The real her playing in the background

Janelle keeps giving shout outs to BB Jedi Howie and how Ashley would love him; Ash asks if Howie is watching, Jan says not now

1:34AM BBT Janelle tells Ash they will kiss Franks ass till Veto then start talking to JoJo and that will make them nervous (Joe and Frank)Ashley talking about how Jenn is down because she feels left out and she gets lots of attention out of this house and none in hereAsh tells Jan if she wins HOH next week she will put up Frank and Shane, Jan tells her no, put up Shane and Danielle and BD Frank

1:40AM BBT Meanwhile Joe is holding court in the hammock and talking about his kids and his parenting skills; letting his kid be a kid

1:45 AM BBT Janelle says they can't put Danielle up, put Frank and Jenn, tell Jenn she is pawn, and we should have the votes to get Frank out

Ashley says Boogie will be pissed; Janelle says Boogie is probably telling Frank the same thing about her; more requests to feeder

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1:52AM BBT Ashley and Janelle go outside; Dan asks Janie what her husband calls her, Lamb, but she only whispers to Dan her husbands name

Danielle is talking about how she keeps her kids on the "accelerated progam" so they are above average students (Shes a nurse)

1:59AM BBT Joe still holding court about kids; Janelle and Ashley raiding the kitchen for snacks; Danielle leaves hammock for Bathroom break

2:01AM BBT Joe now giving marriage advice to Dan, Says his biggest mistake is when he doesn't listen to her, about the big and little things

Danielle joins Janelle and Ashley snacking on chips and salsa and telling them how she cannot say no to food, except coconut

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2:11AM BBT Joe and Dan outside in hammock and Joe still talking about kids; Wil joins the girls inside and Janelle telling all star story

2:16AM BBT Janelle, Danielle, Ashley and Wil talking about how Joe snores and farts when sleeping, Janelle says all Joe does is talk game

2:21AM BBT we get WBRB

2:23AM BBT Feeds back, Danielle is telling them how she wants to stay and party with them another week, then DR talks brings WBRB again

Feeds back again and Ashley talking about Shane talking about her behind her back, but she over heard him mocking her

Wil saying that JoJo still being here is like a little bit of Willie still being here; all 4 talking about JoJo's "badass" tude

keeps popping us randomly, feeds back and Wil is telling Danielle that she really doesn't have anything to worry about

Joe still talking to Dan in hammock about his family, how his dad was military and expected him to be too, his parents divorce, how he was mad at his mom for the longest time, he blamed her for the divorce

2:35AM BBT we have WBRB ..... AGAIN!!

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2:45AM BBT Janelle and Wil in the boom boom room and telling Wil her and Ashleys talk about next week if Ash wins HOH; Dan saying goodnight

Joe says goodnight too; Danielle and Dan going to bed; Wil telling Janelle he didn't like the way Frank yelled today

Ashley joins Janelle and Wil and they talk about what to do next week if either of them win HOH and how to play cool till Thursday

2:59AM BBT Only people up are Wil, Janelle and Ashley in the boom boom room still talking about how they need to win HOH next week

3:03AM BBT Janelle tells Wil and Ashley not to tell Joe what they are going to do with JoJo, be nice to her then vote her out Thursday

Will says don't tell Joe we have the votes to save Danielle till Thursday because Joe will love it, he loves DRAMA.

3:06AM BBT They are keeping the "friend JoJo" plan to just the 3 of them only, tell Danielle to work a vote from Jenn, tell Frank nothing

3:09AM BBT Janelle says we are like floaters; Wil "We are behind the scene manipulators

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3:25AM BBT Wil on couch in BR, Janelle and Ashley brushing teeth. They are now Trixie, Pixie and Wilxie.

Janelle thinks it's funny their plans are going to tell HOH one thing and do the opposite of that every week.

3:28AM BBT Ashley, Janelle and Wil now head off to bed

(3:30am bbt -- I'm off to bed too now people... sweet dreams! CJ)

3:30AM BBT -- everyone is in bed. All is quiet.

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8:50am BBT All are still asleep.

9:00am BBT Brit wakes up and walks to the bathroom. She sits on the couch and curles up into a ball.

9:02am BBT Brit uncurles herself and hurries to the restroom. When she walks out of the restroom she leans over the counter for a moment before washing her hands. (She is acting like she may be sick) She walks back to the couch and curles back up into a ball.

9:07am BBT Brit walks outside and starts walking laps while holding her stomach. My guess is that she isn't feeling well.

Rest of the house is still asleep.

9:30am BBT All 4 feeds are on sleeping houseguests.

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9:15 Just to finish up on King 123's Report ..... Brit then goes into the DR and I agree Brit looks very Cramped up this morning ... then all the Cams go back to the darkened house with the rest still in Bed

(In Past Season's Sunday's have for the most part, been a Day of rest, then the POV meeting on Mondays .... so we will have to see what the New Event coordinator and New Competiton Creator has in store for the HG's Today ... I bring this up cause we are past the normal time When BB Annouces wake up call)

9: 52 am BBT Brit is out of the DR and Shane has made his way to the WC ... looking creaky this morning, comps are hell on this Guy it seems

9:56 Shane takes a quick look out back to see if anyone is sitting on the Couch thens heads to the SR to change batteries, Then heads back outside to sit without anything to Drink . Seems to just be sitting there mulling over things while enjoying the Morning Sun baking on him.

10 am BBT WBRB ..... Wake Up Call ... possibly ?

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8:37BBT HG are sleeping....shhhhhhhh

9:04BBT Britney gets up, stumbles to the WA, curls up on the couch in there. After about 2 minutes she uses WC...and back on the couch.

Brit trying to wake herself up, she walks some laps in the BY...not working...she lays down in the hammock.

9:18BBT Brit was the only movement we had, after she goes to DR cams go back to sleeping HG.

9:54BBT Shane opens the HN door and it sounds like someone stepped on a cat. he shuffles to the WC. Brit comes out of DR, goes to crane room, sits in the chair and doubles over. Shane sits on the WA couch, Brit walks passed to the WC.

9:58BBT WBRB (Its funny, when the HOH light is off the fish tank is dark, when the HOH wakes up and turns the light on we can see the fish. Frank is up)

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10:32 am BBT General Chit Chat, Music talk, some teasing between Frank and Mike over Mike taking Coffee before it was done brewing and Frank says "Now the rest of the Pot will be weak ass" .... HG's are awake and very Jovial this morning with the extra sleep ..... Brit's is suffening with Endrametriotis (SP?) Getting a Ton of Brief WBRB's so it's making it hard to really cover Convo's this morning

10:43 Sweet Mamma the WBRB's are fast and furious this morning and noone is singing and noone is talking about others not getting outta a bed and there seems to be nuttin to hide ... so BB get it together with the rag tag Sunday Morning Production crew .. Will Ya ?

10;56 am BBt Shane is really struggling this morning, earlier i reported that it may be from the Comp's but He has said its from the HN Beds ... even with the Padding it isn't making much difference .... and I would have to agree with him after He said yesterday that He thought he had a Herniated Disk in his Lower back

11:00 HG's This in an Inside Lockdown

11:02 BBT Jenn telling the story of how Whitney Houston called and Bitched at her for telling the Papparazzi where she was in Florence, Italy

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10:13BBT HG up, Wil woke up with morning wood, Mike knocked one out under the covers 2 days ago and Brit has cramps. (TMI)

the HG that are up are sooo glad they got to sleep in, they got more sleep last night then most other nights.

BB took the toaster away. Jenn says they did light cigarettes out of it. Maybe they put it in the SR.

BY talk is about dating ppl taller then them. Mike likes them about even in heels. Joes wife is taller then him in heels. Wil likes them taller. Jenn dated someone 7 inches taller then her. Brits hubby is 7 inches taller but then she is 5'1". topics of disussion. wake up music, fav singers/groups (we keep getting FOTH)

Shane and Jojo say the pads on the HN beds didnt help much, they slid more.

Shout out time = FOTH time. Ash in shower, Jojo headed to the HN shower.

10:51BBT Long FOTH this time.

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11:17 am bbt Just a Blurb to say I am noticing over the last 24 hours that Jenn is stepping up her Social game, interacting with the other HG's more with Rock band and Jersey Shore and NYC Stories .... and in general just being more Playfull, Joking and being more open about Her Life.

11:21 am BBT Dani still in bed ... most likely following Coach Dan's instruction to lay low ( laying low in bed is being extreme, which could harm whatever small social game she has a Lil bit established)

11:27 Jo Jo working her Social game this Morning ... She's wearing a Black and Wite checked Flannel shirt . tied off to the midriff with a hint of tummy showing and wearing Daisy Duke Jorts (Jean Shorts) ... subtlly fitting in with all the people this season from the South .... Per see Brit, Frank, Joe, Dani, Ashley, Ian (He Goes to Tulane U in New Orleans) and from the other guys Dan and Mike and Wil .. no complaints either ... subtle game is the hidden game to help identify as being a part of the "Gang"

11;34 am BBT Admiring Shane this morning ... he may be in Pain and be a have not and won POV so he's safe, but danggitt he's doing those Dishes again even though his only dishes are slop related , so Shane gets Kudo's for his subtliness in His Social game

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11:45 am BBt Wil Brit Jenn Ashley Jo Jo Ian and now Shane and Frank, then Dan joins in .... are having a Blast laughing and telling stories around the KT table.. , but the problem is they are talking over each other, so to get one story down is too hard to report.

11:51 Dani has dragged herself outta bed and enjoying a bowl of cereal with the gang at the KT Table ..... as Jenn is giving Ashley a Great Neck and shoulder massage, as well

12:00 BBT Just for U Big Boogie fans .... Mike is hanging out in the HOH Bed with Ted listening to Frank's CD and YEA He's watching the SPY Screen on the KT Table where everyone is ... except Jani and Joe at the moment. (So Now I think everyone is accounted for in there where abouts, now)

12:04 BBT Ashley is now returning the massage to Jenn .... The rest are talking cartoons like "Snort" .... Sorry most of the cartoons are not my generation so not recognizing them and this action is all continuing around the KT Table .... It is easy to tell that everyone is much more lively after BB Let them sleep in.

If you wanting to get to know these Folks better ..... Today would be a Great Day to sign up for the Feeds while helping out Morty with the cost of the site ..... at http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-3183552-10790737

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11:00 AM BBT Shane is doing ADLs in the bathroom

11:00 AM BBT BB called an indoor LD so everyone who was outside goes inside

11:05 AM BBT Jenn and Frank in the kitchen talking about his HOH CD and how to organize an album. We get FOTH.

11:11 AM BBT Brit, Ashley, and Wil are in the Dining Room talking about Brit's oral surgery. We got to this point by talking about Brit’s menstrual cramps and whether she should use her pain killer from her surgery or not.

11:21 AM BBT General chitchat between Wil, Brit, Jenn, Shane and Ashley about NYC and the great places that are there plus how the street names work. Danielle is asleep in the stereo room

11:31 AM BBT Same people chit chatting about NYC. Danielle is sleeping in the radio room

11:38 AM BBT Danielle is up and changing battery in the SR. Shane comes in and says he feels like his toe is broken so he is looking for medicine. Danielle goes back to bed.. Shane went to the room and told her and Dan that they are on an indoor LD. He also tells them the time.

11:48 AM BBT Just about everyone except Janie is in the kitchen now eating breakfast and chatting over morning coffee. Ian is rehashing the POV with everyone

11:58 AM BBT HGs are the table are all talking about their fav shows as a kid. We keep getting FOTH

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12:21 BBT Folks talking about the New Batman Movie , Ian wishes he coulda attended the Midnight show ( If only He Knew ... God Bless all .. in the Auroa, CO. and surrounding area )

Boogie has made his way down to the KT for chow

12;30 BBT Joe has been Found .... In the SR grabbing meat for Dinner to thaw , He's now made his way into the KT

12;32 Jani has been Found ... awaking from Her Mid-Morning Nap with Will holding her on there way to the KT..... headed for the WC for Jani .... ( ALL HG'S are now present and accounted for SIR !!)

12 :42 BBT Dan telling us about his Great Teaching and Coaching Position he has at St Mary's in Dearborn, Michigan and that right before he got the call to be a Coach On BB His Almamada offered Him up for the head football coaching position and offered it to Him and he had to turn it down to be on BB

1;00 BBT Ok we are Now into a 2 hour Indoor Lockdown .... Is anybody else wondering why so long, when they had all night for clean up and/or maintance ? Ian describing a Typical day at Tulane, for his schooling .... sounds Boring ( Ha ha !!).... As Ian rambles on you can't help but think he could use a Communications class on storytelling and putting some zip into it <Smile> Ian smokes in the Morning at school but has never purchashed some, Guys just give him one.

1;08 BBT Jani looks like she has a Hickie on her Upper chest , but not to worry , to her Hubby, could just be a scrape or hard rub mark ....... Good conversation is becoming harder and harder to find with the KT table Group ... some seem talked out but I guess thats obvious with Boogie asking Ian questions and Him being the main Speaker

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1:15 BBT Jani Frank and Ashley in WC talking Chess and How Frank put Jani in Check in 4 Moves ( Ladies and gents i know this ain't the most stimulating stuff but it is what's happening and i am a Pure Lover of small Detail stuff) Ashley dieting while in BB and has to pluck her eyebrows every 3 days ... Frank Buffing his nails with one of those like 8 sided Foam nail Files ...... Ok once again we are starting to get a lot of WBRB's which is messing up convo's reporting

1:23 BBT Coach Dan is holding a Therapy session AGAIN with Dani .... i just know if i click over there it will be the Same Ol Stuff .... Different Day ... but for you I'll go check (ha Ha ) Short Pep talk ... Dani now in WC where Ashley is doing the Splits Leg Stretches , I will describe no more for fear of lewd Repoting (Ha ha J/K)

1:33 In the Shoe BR Wil has a Ton of Clothes on his Bed .... Jenn was in earlier so Wil is rearranging everone's Clothes Drawer space .... Brit is there also apoligizing for Hooking up (Picking them for her team) Willie and Jo Jo and Shane ...... and they probably wouldn't have been friends otherwise and she feels like she has to keep apoligizing so that Jo Jo and Shane maybe can get there "Game " Back ... all the while Wil is just listening without responding ( This Guy Wil is on his Game .... Listen, empathize but offer no personal opinion, so he can't be nailed later)

1;42 Jo Jo and shane talking with Ashley (Not cornering her) in the WC and trying to shed the image of Willie, ttrying to tell about how they had no idea Willie yelled at Jani and they wish all the coaches could just pick new teams at this point. They also comment on how Jani left after they had the Team of 6 and just let things happened how they did from then on

(Geez I hope we have a LFU who can do convo's listening typing cause this is a good Convo to know more about between Shane Jo Jo Ashley and now Joe comes in the WC ).

3:51 WBRB

3:54 BBT Shane moaning about Coaches ( His being Brit) that there the ones controlling who's a have not's and he's sick of not controlling his own fate .... Remember this is his beginning of 3rd week on Slop and metal Beds, almost can't blame him for a little complaining but then He says Sorry ... It's crazy and Just the game

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2:00 BBT Jo Jo and Shane have reduced this Down to a Pity Party over woo is me for having Willie as a teammate and having the First HOH and Him Being stricken with HOH Power madness ( When Chima Got Booted ... They played for a New HOH or something so that the current HOH didn't eliminate 2 Players... Difference being that there where already 2 Nominee's when Chima Blew..... if Shane and Jo Jo knew the game better, I bet they would be raising a stink about it )

2;05 BBT We are over 3 Hours into the Indoor Lockdown

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Guest cajunpug

InsideLD for most of the day due to music playing outside. HGs have been just sitting around chit chatting mostly about random stuff. Janelle got up about 12:30, last HG up. Janelle's makeup is missing and she wonders if someone hide it from her. She goes to DR to find out if they know what happened to her makeup & is told they will review tapes to find out whats happened. JoJo,Shane,&Ashley complain about coaches and the twist. They feel like the coaches dont really care and are just using them. They also feel like they dont have control of their own game because of the coaches. Janelle & Ashley have started being real friendly to JoJo. We have had lots of FoTH today due to shout outs and converstions about things BB doesnt want us to hear.

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2:03PM BBT Dan called to DR

Boogie and Danielle swapping stories about restaurants that he and others have opened and closed down

2:08PM BBT JoJo and Shane on the bathroom couch chatting about being on slop and how they have gained weight due to lack of exercise

2:14PM BBT "Have not" talk between Shane and JoJo; Willie knowing he was out & acted out to "do them a favor" they thank him sarcastically

Dan is out of DR; comes into bathroom and Shane comments that was quick; Boogie and Danielle talking about where Boogie has lived

2:17PM BBT Danielle called to DR

Shane tells JoJo things could still happen, they need to talk to Frank about making a deal to stay she agrees

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