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7/21 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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8:55PM BBT


Janelle, Brittany, boogie, frak, joe, Ian

Chit chatting about survivor, amazing race.

Boogie asked Britney if she knew Willie before coming in, she says she met Russell once at survivor finale. Never knew he had family. Talks about russels showmance his last season.

(headed to bed, I'll pick up in the morning )

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Willie Hantz, 34, is a tankerman from Vinton, Louisiana, who resides in Dayton, Texas. He is allegedly the younger brother of formerSurvivor contestant, Russell Hantz. Britney Haynes is his mentor for the season. On Day 1, Britney's team won the first Head of Household competition, and she made Willie the first HoH of the season. He nominated Frank and Kara for eviction. On Day 14, Willie went on a rampage, headbutting Joe four times and threw pork rinds at Janelle after being chosen by Janelle for a have-not for the week. He was immediately expelled from the Big Brother house.

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8 p.m.-10 p.m. BBT

Feeds are back and Frank and Boogie are mad at Ian for not agreeing to go up on the block as a pawn.

Shane and JoJo are on the block this week as nominations.

Britney says she is down to one person in week 2, meaning Willie has left the bb building. (Uncomfirmed as of yet by second player on feeds, but we will confirm asap.)

Morty's feels confident in confirming that Willie has left the game, either by self eviction or by force, we will know more in the coming hours and days.

Boogie and Frank talking about how they can get rid of Dan and Danielle without allowing Brit and Janelle's team to team up together. Boogie just tells him they need to get to final six, and then it will be a lot easier to cover all their bases.

Shane, JoJo, and Brit commiserating in the HN room about being on the block. JoJo asks if Willie is done forever. They go to kitchen to make slop and eat pickles, because they are also have nots for the week.

Frank tells Boogie Joe approached him about F2 deal this morning and Boogie says don't have that conversation right now, it's too early.

Boogie says, "Loose lips sink ships" to Frank about making F2 deals this early. Joe interrupts them in HoH room. Joe says he's relieve Willie's gone, and then talk turns to who to get rid of next week. He thinks of Shane goes this week, they should just get rid of Danielle. Boogie says he kind of agrees with that, because JoJo won't win anything and getting rid of Dan is okay. He says if Shane wins pov, just dump Danielle now, because JoJo isn't going to beat anyone. The only reason they wanted JoJo out in the first place was because she was with Shane and Wlilie and she's alone, she can't do anything.

Wil joins their tête-à-tête and Boogie asks Wil if they are still locked down because he wanted to go running. Wil said he has no idea what's going on. Boogie thinks pov comp is tomorrow so they are on lock down. Joe says today could not have gone any better. It all fell in line with how they wanted it to go. Willie first, then Shane.

They enjoy Frank's hoh basket and Boogie says he can't believe that in 24 hours they basically got rid of three players, although they have to wait until Thursday to evict Shane.

In shoe room, Dan sits Dani down and tells her just let the others fight it out, stay out of the fray and don't make any deals with Shane or JoJo. The leave the room and join the other hgs .

Dan joins kitchen which is pretty somber with Shane and JoJo drinking protein shakes. Jenn is making some egg whites and peppers. Brit sits at the table looking as if she can't believe what just happened.

Brit Janelle, Ashley join Joe, Frank, and Boogie in HoH room. Frank is convinced people are coming back, at least two. Boogie said they'll have to compete to come back, because Lawon had to play against Brendon to get back in. Joe reminds Boogie that it was Brendon that went back in. Joe says he doesn't care as long as they fight their way back in.

Janelle just confirmed on feeds that Willie was expelled from the house by physical force. We don't know what he did to deserve it, but it will probably be on Sunday night's episode of Big Brother.

They talk about production and how sequester works and of course we get WBRB.

Willie threw a bag of pork rinds at Janelle, kicked the hn door twice, headbutted Joe four times, called everyone bitches, and called Janelle the C word, according to Janelle.

Ian asked if they dragged Willie to the Dr, but Janelle says he willingly went and she wanted to call out, "Bye Willie!"

Brit said historically in the BB house this is a terrible day for her. She was nominated against Monet in her season in this week. Ian using his memory says, that every coach except Boogie was nominated in the second week of their season. Brit says she's cried far less this season than last in the same amount of time.

Brit and Boogie talk about how nice Survivor's "jury house" is compared to BB. Ian said he'd always heard about survivor stars getting drunk on the beach and how it's like a vacation . Brit tells a story about meeting Russell from survivor and she had no clue that Willie was related to him until someone mentioned it to her. Boogie says production on Amazing Race puts up their people in nice resorts and flies them to all the exotic locations. Ian said that the top 6 fly around and do decoy legs of the race to throw off fans. Then the hgs, even the have nots, get the news that BB is letting them all have pizza they are providing, which provides a bit of cheer for some of the gloomier hgs.

Janelle, Boogie, and Brit talk about Rachel and Brendon's amazing race journey, and how Britney was told by Matt HOffman (BB12) that they had won an that the message boards were confirming it. BUt she did like the winners, but Janelle said she didn't like the couple that was mean to Rachel. They then start talking and laughing about some of the other couples in the game who couldn't do certain things. Boogie said that the team that won effed up big time and still won.

Houseguests are sitting around table eating the pizza BB has provided for them. Ian, Dan, and Brit talk about the msg in pizza. Dan says when he was coaching at MSU his doctor said his blood pressure was that of a 50 year oldman because of his diet of Ramen noodles.

JoJo said they will get alcohol now that Willie is gone because he won't be there to cause fights and that production told her they usually don't give it when they are stressed out, because it can cause more problems.

Shane, JoJo, and Frank are up in the HoH. Willie screwed things up for JoJo. JoJo says Wilie is all talk and Frank says they are better off without Willie in the house, because now they can play their own game. JoJo says, let Willie get himself evicted to Brit, but she didn't think Willie would go that far.

Boogie makes the comment that it's already 9 p.m. bbt, he thought it was like 6:30 at the latest. Ian said he thought it was only 5.

Shane, JoJo, and Frank are up in the HoH. Willie screwed things up for JoJo. JoJo says Wilie is all talk and Frank says they are better off without Willie in the house, because now they can play their own game. JoJo says, let Willie get himself evicted to Brit, but she didn't think Willie would go that far.

JoJo and Shane go up to hoh room and tell Shane that Willie screwed JoJo over this week. Frank says you can play for pov, Shane says yeah. Frank says if one of you win pov, it doesn't mean that you'll be gone, there are other targets in the game. JoJo says she just thinks its weird that after she was nominated no one would hug her when she hugged both Frank and Kara last week, just because she was with Willie last week. She thinks they are all being weird toward her. Shane says he feels confused and upset and how the dr swayed them about being loyal. Shane says being forced to work week one with your team sucks, but it was their own chocice. Frank says it was a tough spot, I feel you.

Ian tells Jenn an Brit they should decompress in the hot tub after lockdown is over.

Frank shakes his head in the HoH room. He said he thought it would be tense and Willie came up and shook his hand and went to his hoh room, he did not expect today to go down the way it did. JoJo said he was being mad nice and how he went from being mad nice to a crazy animal. JoJo wants to know how he got in. Willie thought he'd get a golden ticket or something, Frank thinks and he didn't, so he left.

Ian said that Russell (Survivor) was manipulating three dumb/weak females and he took a weak female to the end and the other players hated him and said we aren't giving that a-hole any money, so the girl won the million dollars.

JoJo has never seen an episode of Survivor and asks Ian what it's about. He says it's like BB without household nominations and they build their own shelters. Shane said guys end up in underwear or bathing suits and the girls always lose 15-20 pounds, get tan, and walk around in bikinis and look good. Ian says they are given sunblock obviously, but otherwise they fend for themselves.

Ian says BB is much more mentally taxing but Survivor is more physically challenging.

According to houseguests the diary room is closed for the night.

Joe joins the room says that something is not right with Willie and he's a reformed bully and can see so much of his former self in him. He says he can see the pain in Willie's eyes.

JoJo aays she feels like she's in a therapy session and that she has something to share with the hgs but she wants them to get to know her first, but hope is all you have and having hope and love is what she lives for. Joe says everyone has things that have defined them and made them who they are and loves learning people's stories. Joe says Dani was raised by a single parent most of the time and is from a military background. He says she has dealt with a lot of stress. Dani says he's right and that he lived with her godparents until 12 and that her dad was an alcoholic and abusive but is now a born again Christian. She says her parents are giant control freaks and her dad has a lot of rage. Her mother found out she was pregnant right before being deployed to Desert Storm, so her brother kept her mom from being deployed. Her dad has a huge heart and is a good provider, but has anger issues. Her parents eloped because her mom ran away to the military and got married to her dad. She's closer to her godsister tthan Colt, her brother, but she had to raise him from 9 years old on. She says she was made fun of for not being pretty and overweight and they called her names all the way through high school.

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10:04pm BBT - Boogie and Dan and Ian chillin in HoH, Janie, Will & Wil and Ashley in the Sneaker room. In real life, Ian normally sleeps under a sheet, not a comforter. He never had the cash in his dorm. He was an RA on campus. He has a king-size bed because he pushed his twins together. Boogie asks him if he would be happy to win $50k and come in 2nd? He said yeah. He would buy a new bicycle. Mike says would you ride out on my shoulders? Yeah. I would give the rest to my parents to pay off tuition and invest how they saw fit. He was on need based scholarship as a freshman, but then earned a merit scholarship. He has no car. He doesn't even have a driver's license.

10:06pm BBT - Jani says Brit is mad at her now, but it's not her fault. Ian said he kept putting off getting his license, then he went to Tulane and didn't need one in New Orleans, so he never learned. Mike keeps asking questions, what if he didn't go on after his undergrad, what could he earn with his education? Around $60k. He has good credit, carried a small balance once but paid it off and doesn't know his credit score. He had $66 when kidnapped and $700 after a flat front tire on his bike.

10:07pm BBT - Mike is setting Ian up for being satisfied coming in 2nd. Ian said this is the time of his life, like a dream. Mike says he feels like he's in a dream the last 24hrs. Ian says it doesn't even feel like he's on the show. Mike says it's like remembering what it was like being on the show. Jani is still recapping with Frank and Will Willie's rise and fall. Ian said when he got a callback from BB, he talked for 3 minutes. He had gone to an open call and went to a semi-finalist interview.

10:10pm BBT - Dan says there is a million dollars worth of experience in this room ready to help you out. Ian laughs. Dan says you could win this thing. Ian said his stomach dropped when he heard someone was going home right then, he knew it would be him. He had looked up BB Australia when someone went out first night. Dani is now talking with Wil, Frank and Jani about Willie. We've talked enough about Willie so we'll keep up with Dan, Boogie and Ian.

10:12pm BBT - Mike says he has really improved his standing in the house and should keep doing what you're doing. Mike said your friend was coming to the finale. Don't you think your parents would come? My mom maybe, but my dad hates flying. Mike teases him that the money would raw him out. Ian said he did sign the permission sheet but he doesn't know how he feels about him being out here. Mike says he's probably proud and told 30 friends he's on the show.

10:13pm BBT - Ian said he and his brother are his father's best friend. His brother is not as studious, went to community college and now works in an appliance store. HS kind of sucked for him but Ian enjoyed it. We lose Ian and go to Joe and Jenn and a beach ball floating in the HT and talking about, yes, you guessed it, Willie. Frank says he is trying to stop getting into these long monologues after his nom speech. FotH.

10:16pm BBT - Frank says Shane is a nice guy even if he got taken in by Willie. Told JoJo that you saw how Willie acted after his blow-up and still supported him. Wil says she's just trying to save her a$$. Outside, Shane is on the BY couch talking with Jenn & Joe. Jenn says it was dope BB giving everyone pizza, including the HN. Jenn was born in Staten Island and lived in Brooklyn, lived in Washington DC, Florida, back to NY and Quantico (father was military). Frank loves the bed though he barely got to sleep in it.

10:19pm BBT - JoJo comes out to BY. Frank says he couldn't believe Jenn said he might go home because he farted. He begged her to not vote against him for that. JoJo talking about a guy from Walking Dead named Shane. Shane is trying to ignite one of Willie's old cigs from a toaster oven in the BY for JoJo. Joe wants one too but lights it off JoJo's. Frank says it's crazy that they are in here playing this game. They continue to go over the vote that sent Kara packing.

10:22pm BBT - JoJo goes over to sit by the HT with Jenn & Joe. Shane still by the couches. Danielle, Wil, Janielle and Frank still in the sneaker room. Frank tells Dani he expected her to vote to keep Kara safe, but Kara wasn't on JoJo and Shane's team so the fact that they stuck with her... Danielle says it was because they were on Willie's team. Frank says Joe opened his eyes about Willie. Dani said Willie said he had the votes to keep Kara but he lied about not nominating Kara in the first place.

10:26pm BBT - Janelle tells the Sneaker Room group about Cappy, the captain of the BB6 house and how he was such a bully. She tells the story about how Kasar got him out by blindsiding him with PoV. It was just the worship thing that all the women loved him so much but he was scared of me because I didn't follow him. She was just 25 that season. Danielle's age. JoJo talking about how a friend died in the middle of finals week and she had to miss the funeral. Joe says we are all colorful because of our lives, he went through some intense stuff but won't talk about it. Danielle talking about how she got pulled over for not having a seatbelt when she did. She forgot about the $15 ticket and had to pay $350 because she missed her court date. Jani tells a similar story.

10:29pm BBT - Jani had to pay $570 for missing a court date in GA because she didn't move to an outside lane where a state trooper was giving someone else a ticket. Tonight is Ashley's first night not in the HN room. She is not on feeds. JoJo talking about not letting problems she had growing up get her down and how it influenced how she lives her life. She wants to write a book about her struggles. Shane has joined the HT crowd from the couches. Dan called to DR.

10:32pm BBT - JoJo talking about substance abuse, how you start out not addicted but it takes control of you. Shane says it is such a nice night. Shane talks about how awkward it was being on a team with someone you didn't support. Joe says he got to experience Willie's Power of Persuasion. He abused you guys, Joe says. Jani reflecting on how she was broke when she was 21. They are talking about how Ian can afford Tulane and how he earned a really hard to get scholarship. Danielle talking about her private school was going to cost $40k. Not ivy, says Frank, but between a good school and an ivy (talking about Tulane). Danielle says she drove past it when in New Orleans once.

10:35pm BBT - Talk turns to AIDS urban legends, how you can get it from a needle prick or checking for change in a pay phone, but you can't get it just from making out - takes 5 gallons of saliva. Wil says blood on blood or sperm. It is easier for a girl to get an STD from a guy than the other way around, they say. HT convo still talking personal stories, mostly Jenn's. Feed changes to Brit & JoJo in WCA talking game, how "They" have the numbers to send us home one after another.

10:37pm BBT - Brit apparently has some kind of circle on her finger but JoJo says it's probably nothing to worry about. Someone talks about production. Brit says Janelle is stone cold, emotionless. JoJo says it's because she has been F'd over so many times in this game. Brit says sometimes she wants to feel sorry for herself but everything that has happened is too ridiculous to be real. JoJo says we all have real lives outside the house. Brit agrees, a month ago she was on Friday Night Date Night with her husband. JoJo cuddled and had sex with her ex.

10:40pm BBT - JoJo reminds Brit she made final 4 with a boyfriend last time. Not the same thing, Brit says. JoJo says you have to hang in there. Are you my coach now, Brit asks? Wil talking about STDs he has had around his scrotum. Don't you have to have hair down there, Danielle asks? I have a pretty good bush, says Frank. Danielle tells about the first time she saw her parent snaked. Wil sees his parents naked all the time. Frank says a couple times. Danielle told her mother that people shave down there.

10:42pm BBT - Brit says she tried to tell Willie to stop but he was always nice to her and then he just flipped. JoJo tells about a guy who was like that. BBAD goes back to Ian and Boogie in HoH as Frank and Wil talk about how painful it is when hair grows back down there. It's getting awkward, Frank says. JoJo talking about his sister's BF who fought with his sister and antagonized her brother. Ian tells of taking a professors' sign that said No Whining after his last year teaching because it's a rule for him.

10:45pm BBT - He knows what the show is about, going into the house and not expecting slop was like going to a water park and expecting to not get wet. Boogie says maybe it was good I fell off. Maybe if they miss HoH they won't go after us. They will go after Joe (if Brit's team wins), Ian says. That wouldn't be the worst for you, Mike says, as Thursday arrives, maybe say that it was a shame that Joe goaded Willie to protect yourself. Frank returns to HoH.

10:48pm BBT - Ian says all his DRs are about how the girls are smart and how smart he is. He is drinking water out of a pitcher. Mike says assuming y'all don't mess each other up, you three should consider a pact that no matter what, if 2 of you are F2 that the others votes goes to a person. If you get to F2 and you have 2 votes locked, you only need 2 more. Brit interrupts the convo and announces she was about to go to bed. She had a long DR (40m) and is ready to hang the hat up on tonight.

10:50pm BBT - Boogie called to the DR. We are back to Sneaker Room with Janielle and Wil who is talking about how the Frank, Boogie, Joe were talking about how the coaches can't go into the game. Jani doesn't think Joe would hurt his game by going after you. Someone is coming back or the coaches are going in, says Wil. It is suspicious that they (Boogie, Brit) wants Dan out because it shows they think Dan is coming in. We have to keep Danielle in this week.

1:53pm BBT - Back to HoH, Brit says he best days were still pretty cloudy, nothing but game talk. Jenn, Joe and Shane still around HT, Jenn saying she is glad she missed Willie's melt down. Joe painting himself as the martyr, all he could do to not react to Willie. Dan is out in BY and Shane says they were talking about his girly 2-step. Frank tells Brit it wasn't your fault, it was how the game played out. A military (they think) copter flies over the BY and they waive. Jenn starts talking about all the military stuff she saw in DC.

1:57pm BBT - Brit reminiscing how she was happy initially to still be able to pick Willie when it was her turn. Little did she know what a disaster that choice would be. If she could have won the Coach's Cup it would have been a moral booster. Ian asks if she would have traded him? Brit says that would have compromised Shane & JoJo, they would have gone on the block; she would have excepted Shane instead. Dan is talking about conspiracy theorists and watching potential threats. His uncle was secret service.

1:58pm BBT - Brit says even had she traded Willie, she would still be in the same place. Frank says he screwed himself, he screwed you, he screwed Shane & JoJo. Brit says can you imagine if she had traded him and he had gone off like that? Then more people would be unhappy with her. Ian says it was the slop thing. Frank wonders if Willie thought he could save Shane & JoJo by getting himself tossed. It's a possibility, Ian and Brit say. Brit had told him he was dragging Shane & JoJo down with him.

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11:03 PM BBT Brit/Frank/Ian talking - Willie bashing is in full force. Frank says he made everyone feel uncomfortable. Brit says "especially me - I got so tired of babysitting him and apologize to everyone constantly"

11:08 PM BBT Dan cuts his foot and Danielle fixes him up in the SR.

11:13 PM BBT Frank tells Brit that its embarassing to say he doesn't have a job. He has tenants on his property but he didnt want to make up a lie.

11:15PM BBT Dan helps the girls made up the BR - unpacking going on. No real talk.

11:26 PM BT HG in the KT eating M&Ms. Going to share their most embarrassing stories. Discussion turns to bodily fluids and a woman's cycle.

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11:34 PM BBT In the HOH - Boogie and Brit try to get Ian into a showmance. Brit wants to know how much it would take for Ian to lose his virginity on the show.

11:40 PMBBT Jani and Frank enjoying a cigarette in the BY - discussing that Brit is upset at Jani and she doesn't know why.

11:45 PM BBT Brit and Boogie talking in HOH Coach room - Brit still talking about entering the game. Boogie says he likes his chances with the 100K - he says he is almost down to 50/50

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00:04am BBT - Joe to the DR. The HG are wating for their chance to be called into the DR. Janie, Frank, and JoJo are in the BY couches. Brit leaves Boogie in HoH. Dan still has the blood on his face after cutting his toe; he had tried to scare Danielle into thinking he cut his eyeballs. She didn't bite. Brit hugs goodnight and heads to the HN room. Ian, Ashley, Shane, Joe, Danielle and Ashley are around the KT table. Jenn heads outside and joins the BY Couch group.

00:05am BBT - Wil in KT area talking about buying internet domains and FotH.

00:09am BBT - Frank talking about naked fight scenes in movies. Inside, Shane is embarrassing Danielle who feels for Ian who has been getting a life lesson in a week. The camera focuses in on Ian's memory wall picture. Wil starts telling a story about a woman, whose name he won't say but we get FotH anyway. Danielle says Dan can't stands periods and FotH. She says Shane says things to get a rise out of her. Dan walks through the KT. Outside, they talk about how Willie thought Kara was coming back. Coincidentally, inside they are giving Kara a shout-out.

00:14am BBT - Outside the talk is all about the head butts. Inside, Ian talking about how beautiful and photogenic Kara was. He says Willie's was a bad set of noms. Outside, Jenn demonstrates what it would look like her showering to music. Back to the head butt again. Inside, Wil confirms they were in the house a week before the premier then puts his hand over his mouth, looks at the camera and says sorry. No FoH. They figure out what will be on what show.

00:17am BBT - Ian gets himself a cookie and water in his pitcher. Both inside and outside are again talking about Willie and how he played the game. Both convos are dissecting Willie's game, adding in their own details, talking about how he went out. And yes, whether the head butt will appear on the show. Ratings vs bad press. I think ratings will win out. All this talk about production means, say it with me, FotH.

00:21am BBT - Inside the HG are counting weeks and HG. Wil thinks they have to bring 2 people back. Ian sas noms were right after the explusion, not even a freakin breath. Daniele thinks there is enough time to continue even with a double eviction. Wil wonders if they will all be on jury after the next eviction. They think they will end the season early rather than bringing someone back. They just will replace a double eviction with a single eviction. And the finale would stay September 19th (that is not an official date yet).

00:30am BBT - FotH and then we hear a voice. It's Jerry, it says. Hey, Jerry , the awake HG say. Then FotH. The BY group talks about Willie battling eddiction, he smokes all the time, he's a gangster dictator. It's down to Shane and Daniele in the KT with Shane wondering how it might have been different without Willie. Shane says he would have never sent her out, they had a pact day 2. Willie and Ashley hit up the WCA, then Willie is back at the KT table. Shane says he has no chance with Willie gone.

00:31am BBT - FotH and then we hear a voice. It's Jerry, it says. Hey, Jerry , the awake HG say. Then FotH. The BY group talks about Willie battling eddiction, he smokes all the time, he's a gangster dictator. It's down to Shane and Daniele in the KT with Shane wondering how it might have been different without Willie. Shane says he would have never sent her out, they had a pact day 2. Willie and Ashley hit up the WCA, then Willie is back at the KT table. Shane says he has no chance with Willie gone.

00:35am BBT - Wil makes fun of Ashley, says she's constantly out to lunch, they joke she doesn't know what happened today. Wil hates that she talks in a baby voice. Danielle has Ian go through each personality. Shane is the nice guy, Frank is the good ol boy, Ian is the most surprising, a cool kid once he opened up, Jenn is conservative, Joe is Joe, JoJo is conservative, Jodi is outrageous, Willie is the biggest piece of shit in the house. On a Greyhound bus back to Hickville or behind bars.

00:39am BBT - When Willie blew up, Wil & Danielle hid in the SR. outside, Frank is talking about how Willie was so paranoid watching the spy screen. He only came down to eat his fruit loops. A helicopter flies low over the house. It's the same convo over and over. Why it earns an FotH I don't know. Apparently they can talk about Willie but not his being expelled. And when they talk about what they can't talk about, we get FotH again. And we are back to the same convos inside and out.

00:43am BBT - Outside talk turns to who might get picked for PoV tomorrow. They hope Ian will get picked if its a puzzle, and Danielle said she won't use it. She can't do anything in her situation. Inside they can't let go of Willie. I heard the squeaking of the hammock so I think that was Ian, but haven't seen him. That's because the dryer finished and he is folding towels. We don't miss a beat here at Morty's TV even if y'all are all asleep.

00:47am BBT - JoJo is out of DR. Wil is called in. Shane and JoJo say it's not over yet. Danielle is ordered to exchange her microphone and there's a cockroach outside. Ian goes after it. He is told to both stomp it and eat it. He stomps it. Permanently evicted. They watch it turn Grey. Ian asks about the BY entrance and Janie, who is the only coach still up, explains it to the guy who already knows everything about the game. Ian has folded all the towels and Shane tells him good boy.

00:50am BBT - JoJo wants to draw a big X over Willie's picture. Maybe smear peanut butter over Big Ted. Joking, she says after FotH in which BB probably warned her not to do either of those things. Frank says the reason Willie didn't want to go on slop was his low carb diet. Janelle questions if she won the coach's comp or the others let her win? A win is a win, Joe says. Shane is horizontal on the chair around the KT table. FotH. Ian thinks he's next and FotH. Really, BB, you think we don't know what you're doing?

00:55am BBT - Frank and Joe are describing the Coach's Comp from their perspective. At one point, they thought Britney would win it based on how she stacked her cash. Ian seems to either be playing an imaginary piano or coding. Jenn almost starts singing. Janelle still thinks Dan threw the Coach's Comp but Frank and Joe aren't sure. Shane is woken up. JoJo is looking for the Icy Hot, thinks Ashley has it. Janelle, Frank and Joe talk about how closed Kara was, how little they got to know her. Frank didn't want her to give up, implode. She was never going to win a comp, says Joe. Dan is in the WCA preparing for bed. So is Shane. Danielle is in the WC. Dan says it's funny how you can misplace stuff in the house but it can't go anywhere.

00:59am BBT - Frank talking about how close Willie kept JoJo. Joe says he's not going to not talk to them. Ashley said he gets emails from Dan (from his I Would Coach web site and How To Get On Reality TV book & podcast) and now she knows him. Talk outside turns to how bad Dan's picks were and how good Janelle's were (she says thank you). They complement Frank on how he ended his nom speech. Janelle says Dan gave Kara her speech. Joe says she couldn't have made that up on her own.

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1:05 am BBT Joe saying he wished Willie had left his cigarettes or his lighter we get Foth Jojo says sucks to be on the block but she is so glad he is gone. (Willie) Joe saying glad the drama and para noia is gone. Focus shifts to POV Janie tells Joe and Jojo Shanes back is messed up so if its physical he will have issues

1:11 am BBT in WC Dani showering Jenn calls Dani Daniel instead of Danielle they all laugh Ash says that Dani has to work with her friend in the studio and Jenn says she loves to work with people back in the BY, Dan says all cigarettes in the house smell like weed making small talk about people who didnt sign releases then Dan asks Jani if this is her last BB hoorah she says

definitely asks Dan if he will come bacl for Another all stars we get Foth for his answer then Joe jokes about how addicitn BB is like fantasy football

1:18 am BBT Ian and Wil join BY crew talk about Ash and how sweet she is and Dan says the right guy will find her after recapping to them what her ideal guy is like. Jani heads into WC with Jenn Dani and Shane recapping how she met her husband Ash starts talking about an ex we get Foth

1:23 am BBT Joe claims to have come up with the i cant believe its not butter his name is Joe Arvin i will be googling that. Wil plans to as well when he gets out. Dan and Wil agree its too crazy a story to make up.

1:29 am BBT Now they are making everyone who comes in BY guess Joes brand Jani got it first try Frank took three guesses then got it. Women in WC still telling Shane about their ideal man Jojo Dani and Ash all agree they want someone who is spontaneous . Shane says he owns his own business owns two in fact which is one of Ashs items on her list Ash jokes hes already taken and Dani gives her a funny look

1:34 am BBT Jani and Wil talking about how someone has to come back Jani says it is way too early to have that little amount of keys going over the weeks left in the game and when the season would have to end at this rate ditching double eviction

1:39 am BBT Jani says there is no way its jury right now not week 2 but all is speculation at this point. Says worried if coaches come in then Frank will team up with Boogie and be dangerous. Jani asks what Dani thinks of coaches joining Wil says she doesnt think its a possibility

1:47 am BBT Wil trying to invent a game where they go a whole day without singing or talking about production and if they break it they lose a beer Will says he will ask BB to announch who when they ding someone. BY has Dan and Frank talking about turntable.fm saying he used it while writing his book to keep things chill. Talking about their favorite styles

1:52 am BBT feeds switch to Shane and Dani and Jojo talking about HN room talking about being able to have the cushions on the beds now when they didnt really week one they shut off the lights and Shane yells to Jojo welcome! to the Have not room!

1:55 am BBT Wil Jani and Ash at memory wall speculating again about the weeks left and if someones comming back Ash says shes done speculating. Jani says tha Ian and Joe say no way coaches are playing that someone is comming back Jani thinks its possible\

2:04 am BBT Wil goes outside Ash asks Jani if he is okay Jani says the stress and the possible twist is really freaking Wil out both agree he needs to chill out. Jani has nicknamed Ash trixie and calls herself Pixie and says they have Trixie and Pixie time in KT they steal bites of Franks Pizza.

2:10 am BBT Jann telling Dani in HT they gave Shane the option to flip and he chose not to made his own bed. Said she didnt want Kara to go but Frank is on her team Says a lot of different scenarios thrown around if Shane wins POV and keep her head up

2:13 am BBT Jenn asks Dani what she would do if she won veto. Dani says leave it the same. Agree they are disappointed in Shane for defending Willie

2:17 am BBT in KT Jani telling Dan that she thinks they will get to play and Dan half agrees and says yeah cause the keyholes by our names but you cant assume that right now. Jani says she thinks Frank is already conspiring against coaches. Dan asks Jani if that makes her want to come after him and Dani sooner and she says depends.

2:20 am BBT Dan tells Jani that if coaches enter he would ride with her in a heartbeat till the end. Agree that Joe would be newbie leader if coaches enter Jani goes to DR

2:26 am BBT Jenn Wil and Dani recapping Willie expulsion talking about how scary it is that he hit someone and that it could have been anyone even a girl cause he threw stuff at Jani said they are glad Joes ok. Jenn saying that she is glad he is gone and that he is a complete jerk for not sticking it out. also knows that if he had stayed someone else around him would have cracked cause he would be a jerk all week

2:34 am BBT all feeds in BY as BY vrew laughs at Wils sharon osbourne impression. Dani heads to bed. Ash brushes teeth getting ready for bed Frank says they will prob get woke up early tomorrow for veto picks

2:39 am BBT Wil Frank Jenn and Jani talking about Kara and how she tried guilting Wil into voting for her and how awful it would be if they tied then talked about her being a playmate of the year and that she was on passions for two years

2:41 am BBT Dani in bed with Ash about her worries of Shane winning POV and putting her up Ash says there are bigger fish to fry

2:43 am BBT Dani saying that she doesnt think shes the target even if Shane comes down and Ash says right I dont think you are the target worrying only makes you sick

2:48 am BT Dani and Ash praying before they officially take their mics off and fall asleep. In HN room we learn that Ian volunteered to be HN again so Dani wouldn't have to be again. Jojo asks Shane what his type is and he says Kara is his type but he Dani is as well along with Jojos attitude

2:58 am BBT Wil Jani and Jenn all head to bed Frank is in Hoh getting ready for bed Dan all by himself in BY talking saying Shane is going home unless wins veto if he does then Dani goes up he has to freak out cause theres always a chance she could go. Says she will have to throw veto says big rumor going around Coaches are joing game he has to dispel that rumor. He is thinking of ways to do so we get Foth come back Dan is now talking about diet soda and how its bad for you. Back to dispelling rumor about coaches

3:02 am BBT Dan says he can lie and say he doesn’t want to come back he can say he wont with one player says a coash with three players shouldn’t reenter. says main goal is to get Dani through week and has to watch Brit she is wounded and even most docile creatures can attack. Plugs his website says for anyone who is up to tweet his wife he loves her. Says Ian is gaining favor and could get to end with Ash cause none of them are a threat but you almost cant even waste an hoh on them

3:09 am BBT says he has no trust in Boogie and would ride to end with Janelle cause she is beast in comps and is loyal. Moves to hammock and is says harder playing when people know who you are specially when they are afraid of you says needs to make them unafraid says could work with Frank but Joe and Wil would want him out says would have Dani Jani Jenn Frank and maybe Jojo says Ash and Shane doent have a clue whats going on in house

3:15 am BBT Dan is figuring out who will be his memphis if he reenters the game speech seems to be winding down talking about minor stuff now like how the house is decorated and saying what his fam is doing.

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3:25 am BBT An Our Man Dan finally says "Night Y'all" so Lights are out, about the Deck,. and the Hamsters are all snuggled in there Nest, still squirming a Bit from the Days events as they re-live them in there Dreams

6:52 am BBT I was going back and watching the FLASHBACK of last nights action, so when I went to, when the feeds came back at 7:55 pm BBT to catch the action ... didn't work ... BUT when I went to 10 :55 pm EDT ( I live in SC ) The Feeds came back from Trivia and it started right into just what was reported at 7:55 pm BBT .... Weird, I know, but just wanted to give you Folks a heads up in case you where having some Problems .... Hey who knows if the Flashback player is time sensitive to your Time Zone as well, so play around a bit if your having problems .... This concludes your PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUCEMENT for Today <Smile> - LoneTWolf

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7:52 am BBT Boogie Up and getting Dressed and heading downstairs .... There still on Lockdown ... Mike listening at the backdoor to see if he could hear any thing going on

7;56 am BBT Mike puts a Box of cereal on the Steps headed up to the HOH (Maybe to save for personal stash ?) and then goes back and Makes Coffee and grabs anothere cereal and has a Bowl, as the coffee brews

8:06 am BBt Mike having a protien shake , a Coffee, and reading the Bible ... Saying thats his normal Saturday routine ... (No Comment LoL )

8:14 am BBT Just noticed that the Wall below the Mirrors behind the KT Table .. oppisite the Picture wall has what looks like are rivets on it, much like what the Have-Nots have described as the hunk of metal they try to sleep on ... Just a Tidbit of coincidence .or some may say sychronicity

8:17 am BBT WBRB...... Alll othe Houseguests are still snuggled down in there Beds and the House lights are still off

8:27 am BBT OK 10 minutes into WBRB ... could this be an early WAKE UP CALLL for the Veto comp, so it gives them time to get ready and awake ? "Expect the Unexpected <Grin>

Feeds return for a Moment and Jo Jo is in Bathroom doing ADL's ... so Looks like Game may be back on again OK Confirmed ... IT is WAKE UP and HG's are Moving about with lights on ... Joe showering ... Wil milling around waiting for toilet time .... Jen getting ready in the Shoe room

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8;33 Once again we have WBRB with brief glimpses then back to WBRB ... 2nd attempt to wake up all HG's ?

8:38 Feeds Back .. Shane Jo Jo and Ian in Have-not room .. Shane is up

8:40 am BBT More WBRB .....now we're all back and Just not much talking going on in the House at all

8:44 WBRB someone did say that they can't get Frank outta Bed and Feeds are back

8:50 am BBT Frank is up now and made his way down to the KT ,

9:14 am BBt Not Much Talking in fact "If Words where raindrops in the BB House, Noone would even be wet' (haha!!)

9:20 am BBT for about the 10th time CAM 1 keeps panning in on Willie's Greyed out Pic, I guess to fill in those unaware he's gone ( Come on over to Morty's main Page and Read all about it World )

Just lots of Talk about Mac and I-Phone 5 and I-Box and Pics and Apps ... Just To Techie for me to write all about, sorry

9:55 HEY Everybody TIME to Pick Playes for the VETO Comp and correspondinly of course FOTH ...... Trivia Time !!!!

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8:34am hg are now awake it was an early wakeup call this morning boogie at the table in

kt reading his bible joe in shower wil making coffee

8:38am Jojo Shane and Ian still laying down in hvnbr under blankets jojo says she was gonna take a shower but its to cold

8:47am Wil asking Boogie if there is any good in that book Boogie says there is alot of good in this book and laughs Wil says his mom is catholic boogie says his mom grew up catholic too

8:52am Joe and Frank now in kt getting a drink Jenn and Danielle in wc Jenn doing makeup

8:56am Shane and Wil cleaning mirrors in the house after a brief wbrb

9:00am brit is now up walks throguh kt Frank says morning Brit and laughs says you got that one eyed thing going on this morning Brit heads to the wc

9:09am Boogie says i am glad i am not a girl in here and to have to put makeup on for a 2 minute thing

9:13am Jani nd Wil in sneaker room talking about snoring and laughing Wil gets in bed with Jani and covers up they whisper then Wil gets back uplooking for clothes

9:21am Most hg in kt eating breakfast and some in wc doing makeup getting ready for the pov comp

9:25am Ian is having pudding for breakfast Brit tells him mix some slop in that pudding it might be filling

9:29am Frank says the song for today was for joe " I'm not afraid" it was a song from events of yesterday

9:41am general talk at the kt table abot movies and favorite places to go while having their morning coffee

9:56am Frank comes out of dr and says Hey everybody its time to pick players for the veto comp and we get trivia

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10:29am Frank saying it was his advise to janelle to give ashley that key

10:31am Jojo telling brit that people like jenn and danielle do nothing in this game and it aggravates me


Frank, JoJo, Shane, Danielle, Wil, and Ashley are playing in the PoV competition.

10:42am Ian saying jeff played every single pov last year and in season 8 eric never got to play in pov till final 7 players

10:49am Hg saying no matter what willie will never admit anything was his fault after Wil asked if willie might regret what he did yesterday

10:52am brit says i feel bad for coming down on him all the time (willie) Wil says no dont feel bad she says i felt like i mwas a bad coach though but i am not gonna feel bad anymore

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11:02 PM BBT In WCA - Brt and Wil discussing the requirement for swimsuits in pagents back when Brit was in them. Shane talking about he got hit in the face in HS with a basketball.

11:08 PM BBT Nothing exciting going on. Danielle eating chips and salsa. In the WCA - Brit, Shane and Wil talking about clothes and now the POV comp

11:15 PM BBT Danielle asks Ian what the POV comp should be - statistic wise. Ian is spouting off what it won't most likely be.

11:27 PM BBT Ian and Frank in the HOH discussing the POV comp. How bad last week's pick was for the comp. Frank says that Wil told him last week that he was fighting for him.

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11:30 am BBT Brit in HOH saying she needs some cuddle time so she climbs in Bed with Ted and snuggles up .. Frank is also in the Bed and annouces he needs to te-tee (People over 3 yo still use that expression to go pee ? ) Ian is also in the HOH discussing the possiblbilities of what the POV Comp could be .... I guess these Folks don't know there's a brand new Competition Creator for this year ... so once again expect the Unexpected

11:46 Dan comes into the HOH room and asks Frank you been having any Lucid Dreams ( Not not dirty ones , Like Vivid dreams ) and Frank says yea I had one last night where Ian was chasing me all over the house to nominate me , ... all along Ian is sitting there listening and not laughing (Ha Ha !!)

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11:34 AM BBT Brit joins the HOH - says that the HG are all lying down. She crawls on the bed and cuddles with Ted. Frank tells her they are guessing the POV

Ian says he thinks "Hold and Fold" for the POV - Brit says they promised no repeats this season.

11:39 AM BBT Jojo and Joe talking in the KT - talking about floaters. Jojo says that a floater has never made it to the F2 - why would anyone want to hand them 500K

11:46 AM BBT Ian/Frank and Dan talk about the dreams they have been having in the house. Frank says he had a very vivid one last night where Ian was coming after him.

11:52 AM BBT Dan asks Frank that if one of the noms comes down - is Dani going up. Frank says yes. Frank says he wants Shane out.

11:57 AM BBT Jojo is removing nail polish at the KT table. She and Brit are discussing Teen Mom and how much they love the babies and which couple is their favorite.

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11:56 BBT Just an observation .... If Ian is in a Chair like at the KT Table he rocks back and Forth and if he's on a couch he plays with his hands and and rolls his legs back and forth ..... Now we know of his Photographic memory ..... All Big Signs of ADDHD , just mentioning it because if there's a Comp where u have a comp where's there's a lot of waiting going on ... It could be bad for Ian ( and I kinda like the Lil Nerd myself, cause he really is trying hard to be Socially acceptable)

12:04 BBT Also noticing a Pattern of How Boogie gets things rolling in the Mornings until a Bit after the Wake Up call then he disappears (Maybe a nap) off camera and then pops back in later on after everone has talked themselves out, to a point, Nice Startegy on Boogie's part .... Evel Dick use to do something similiar but thats because he stayed up all night and sleep in the Mornings .... ( Hey Can't help but notice the Subtle stuff, that Makes for Champions) ... Just like last time I saw Jani she was in Bed after fixing up, she went back to bed., like 2 hours ago. all the While Brit uses her superb social skills to keep an eye and her words into everything..... while Dan quietly just touches base with key people for the days events .... Facsinating stuff to someone who notices the "Small" stuff

12;26 BBT Jo Jo trying to show Brit how to Flick a Bic (Light a Lighter) and Brit is afraid and fails to be able to light it but she uses matches to light candles but is always burning herself (Ha Ha)

12:30 Shane telling how he did his Physical therapy intership at a Nursing home and how he loved the stories the folks would tell , especially the Vets but when he would come in and find out that they had passed away ... He would be really bummed out.

12:39 Trivia .. Looks Like time for the POV Comp

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12:19pm BBT - Danielle and Dan are conferencing in the WCA. Danielle talks about how JoJo is complaining she doesn't deserve to be nom, others deserve it. Dan says Boogie doesn't like that kind of talk. Not a good move by JoJo. As the HG wait for the PoV comp to begin, how much would YOU bid for the ziploc'd pork rind that Willie threw at Janelle?

12:31pm BBT - Frank and Mike talking what-ifs Shane comes off, JoJo comes off. Mike is pushing for Danielle but Frank says Dan's nice guy routine makes it hard to send him home (if Danielle is evicted). Ian comes in, says he was walking around HN room clapping his hands and saying Game Time and BB said Stop That. He thought it might have been something they were doing in HoH. In the KT they were talking about Medicare. I will spare you.

12:38pm BBT - Ian is calculating 60 days left, 7 evictions. The endless discussion of a double eviction, fast forward, returning HG, Coaches entering the game, continues in HoH. They talk about how BB might counter-program against the Olympics (on another network). They realize the games begin next Friday. FotH. Feed 1 is focusing on the DR door. Joe is hosting the PoV and in the DR. If you can add one plus one, it all adds up to PoV and we have Trivia!

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3:05PM BBT: The Feeds are back and Shane won the PoV!. It sounds like it might have been an OTEV type contest, because it required remembering recent house facts, and running to get items that answered the question. Danielle will be the replacement nomination, but the target will be JoJo. (TY Morty, I was jammin' out waiting for results ... hey Folks before Morty was all Big Time ... He was one of the best LFU (Live feed Updaters) ever (LoL), but very true )

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