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7/19 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:00 pm BBT: Kara and Jojo in the washroom counting the votes, and Willie comes in and joins them. Jojo says if there is a tie, then Willie will be ecstatic to break it.

9:04 pm BBT: Jojo and Kara in the washroom. Jojo trying to reassure Kara that everything will be fine. Kara wants to go to bed early and get sleep, but wants to practice the game outside

9:06 pm BBT: Feeds change to the backyard. Looks like the beanbag throwing game is out for the HG's to try their hand at.

9:15 pm BBT: Plenty of HG's in the backyard right now. Currently they're talking about living in LA, and their favourite places.

9:18 pm BBT: Boogie in the BY saying that Big Brother is sending out a lot of shout outs. Said they were messing with him the other day with the lights being turned on and off.

9:19 pm BBT: Jenn and Wil giving Kara tips on how to get the bean bag in the hole. Danielle now trying her hand at it.

9:24 pm BBT: Jojo, Willie and Shane in the washroom talking about how the vote will be tomorrow. WIllie says he's 99% sure Kara has 4 votes, but he's 100% sure that Frank has 4 votes.

9:30 pm BBT: Nothing much happening in the BB house tonight. Jenn, WIl, Janelle, and Ashley are in the BY playing pool.

9:31 pm BBT: Frank Ian and Joe talking about pizza, and their favourite's from different places. [They’re making me hungry!]

9:33 pm BBT: Frank, Ian and Frank are all giving shout outs to people taking care of their homes and things. Now they're giving shout outs to family members and friends.

9:42 pm BBT: Danielle, Jojo and Shane are taking turns playing the beanbag game. Jani, Ashley, Wil and Joe are all playing pool. Jani says that its the longest game of pool because they all suck at it.

9:51 pm BBT: Ashley and Frank are in one of the bedrooms. Ashley is saying she wants to pick one team, and stick with them throughout the game.

9:57 pm BBT: Wil joined Frank and Ashley in one of the bedrooms talking about the votes and gossiping about things the other HG's have said today.

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10:07 pm BBT Wil saying Jojo is an idiot and Ash assuming she is going to freak out tomorrow when the vote comes out Wil saying that Jojo is worse then Dani

10:12 Pm BBT Now Wil is talking about how he is sick of family dinners because he doesnt want to sit at a table with Willie calling him a lying sack of sh*t and now all his cards are on the table

10:17 pm BBT Ash showing how wishy washy she is , is now telling Dani in KT that she likes Kara more then anyone and wants her to stay she says only issue is shes on a team Dani tells her her team can vote her out

10:19 pm BBT Shoe room crew now saying how sad it is that Shane doesnt play for himself and that as a result Shane and Willie will be put up right next to each other

10:25 pm BBT Kara tells Frank that Ash and Wil are still up in the air as Brit and willie move Britts things out of Hoh into the sneaker room.

10:28 pm BBT Britt tells Kara and Frank that the coaches have more of an influence on situations then she thought

10:32 pm BBT HGs moving to the BY where Boogie is telling stories about various travels including sharing a rented car with a stranger for a trip across state. They talk about windows and scraping them during the winter and Janelle is saying things like i have a heated garage i dont scrape windows

10:34 pm BBT moving on to Willie and Dani in Have not room Willie is telling Dani he never said the things Frank is saying and Willie is saying I dont know why everyone is attacking me and putting a target on me.

10:39 pm BBT Willie telling everyone who enters the room that they shouldnt believe what people are saying about him so far hes said that to Shane who told Wille he knows he didnt say anything and Ian who told him he knows and he doesnt know whos doing it but its making Willie look like crap

10:42 pm BBT Jojo thinks next Hoh will be a version of their cornhole game and Britt tells her to practice more

10:48 pm BBT Willie exits to stereo room tell Jojo and Brit same thing he told have not room crew and Jojo says she will will talk to Ash for him. Brit says to remind Ash Jani never talks to her

10:54 pm BBT Britt in HN room telling Shane and Dani that Janis team is trying not to let them get to her and they are trying hard to get in Ashes ear saying they need to remind her that Jani doesnt care about her and they all have her back. She then says that Jani and Boogie are super close which is funny cause thats how they used to be

10:56 pm BBT Shane and Brit are brainstorming an idea that involves getting Ash to vote out Frank and say she voted for Kara and that Ian maybe flipped saying they think hes americas player anyway

11:05 pm BBT Brit saying they need to tell Ash that if they get her vote then if Dani or Kara win Hoh shes safe Frank has not told her that and that the second one of Boogies or Janis teams loose hoh they will scramble to save themselves and throw each other under the bus

11:08 pm BBT In KT they are talking about making a big brother where all the kids come including Janelles daughter violet Brady who is boogies son and Dr wills son Cash, Boogie says Cash will get sick of he and Bradys alliance because Brady takes all his old toys

11:21 pm BBT Kara heads to be and lets Dan give his nightly peop talk to her. Telling her they are working on Ashs vote and Kara says she just wants to know if she is going home tired of everyone being wishy washy

11:25 pm BBT Frank recapping to Boogie in Arcade room about conversation with Ash about the fact Willie controlls her Frank also telling Boogie about Wil being upset that Kara tried to guilt him for a vote

11:31 pm BBT Dan leaves Kara with Joe to go to talk game with him in SR asking him if theres anything Kara and Dani can do to get his vote. Joe thought Kara had Wils vote and Ash was the Flip flop. Dan says no not at all and he doesnt think so. Joe says honestly Frank has his vote and Dan says well if Kara goes Joe can still approach him

11:35 pm BBT Boogie telling Frank that he doesn't tell Ian anything and Wants to stay out of the whole Ian and Ash alliance Then start talking about Dani and Frank says she is smarter then he thought

11:39 pm BBT Jenn tells Kara in shoe room that if she goes it will definately be avenged then leaves to "make one more round" in the house

11:43 pm BBT Britt Jojo and Willie watching Dan spy screen saying he needs to swoop in and get Ashes vote saying go Dan go go Dan go sending Jojo down to be a buffer so He can talk to Ash but what they dont see is that he Went into Arcade room alone with Dani

11:50 pm BBT Joe in BY talking to Shane saying he has not heard a soul say they dont like him and is trying to add him to his side. Shane says I dont know where i'm voting but i know itll be close and that Willie made himself a target yesterday

11:55 pm BBT Jojo recaping to Shane that they need Ashes vote for Kara to stay saying they need to get to her but no one can

12:01 am BBT no major talk going on Jenn and Kara officially shut out the lights and head to sleep KT crew talking about chowing down then working out hard tomorrow

12:07 am BBT Willie in BY talking w/ Shane and Jojo about it being an Hoh curse and anytime someone wins the whole house will turn against them and make them look like a bad person all over again. Jojo tells Willie the Joe just came out and tried to get Shanes vote to insure 5-3 vote not a 4-4 vote

12:11 am BBT Willie now saying he just hope Ash remembers a few days ago when she took too many muscle relaxers that it was he and Britt that took care of her. Willie telling Jojo that she needs to talk to Dan and have him talk to Ash about her vote cause none of them can get to her. Says it looks normal for Dan to campaign

12:15 am BBT Jojo now circling back around saying they are fighting harder to save Kara then Kara is and Kara should be trying to save her own life. Shane says we will make it happen it will be 4-4 and Willie will send Frank home .

12:24 am BBT BY crew rehashing the fact they need to tell Ash that Jani doesnt care about her shes the low man on the totem pole to Jani they are being really fake with her just for her vote right now then it will go back to normal. Willie and Shane saying this is prob the biggest first week in BB history

12:28 am BBT Frank Jani Ian and Joe in KT saying even if Shane flips they both have to go up on the block next week but Jani thinks they are solid and Shane wont flip on Willie and Jojo

12:32 am BBT in the WR Jani saying she gets why Brit is mad at her cause she thinks Jani is working with Dan and Jani tells Ah thats not true it has never been like that

12:36 am BBT Frank is called to the DR and we get Foth

12:41 am BBT Feeds back and the BY crew is breaking up heading to bed Jojo confirming she will be sleeping upstairs with Willie

12:44 am BBT Dan and Ian in arcade room talking about former HGs that never made moves i believe Ian called Erika from all stars and BB4 skelerka and Kathy the cop from BB11 was called furniture

12:49 am BBT Dan tellling Ian that he only needs one more vote for Kara and he doesn't think anyone will not be afraid to do that. Ian says he has given his word to Frank and will honor that. Dan says the big guy in the house wont be teed up like that ever again and it would be a great way to be remembered early on just saying

12:52 am BBT Shane headed to bed in HN room telling Dani he will get to Ash and talk to her somehow

12:55 am BBT Jani talking about production telling Wil and Joe that on all stars the jurors said eff it and broke out of jury house and went to a bar and got drunk

1:05 am BBT Most HGs headed to bed Willie and Jojo figuring out different strategies for how to win various Hoh comps HN crew Dani Shane and Ian making minor chit chat and giggling

1:10 am BBT Janis team the only ones left awak talking about what to do if they win if they win hoh saying they put up Willie and Shane so they cant take each other off.

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7:50 am BBT all 4 screens WBRB ... Wake up call ? More TV Watching for more clues ? Let the good times roll ...

8:00 am BBT Willie and Jo Jo are up roaming aound .... Janie got up went to WC and then Back to bed ... Lights aren't on throughout the House, so it wasn't Wake Up Call yet ? Sounds like Willie is getting kicked outta the HOH Room cause He just said Damn I thought I had till 8 o'clock .....

8:08 am BBT Yep Willie got kicked out of the HOH room cause he's Showering up in the downstairs Bathroom ...... Haven't seen JO Jo since she left , she musta found a new sleeping spot, or DR .... The Hamsters are stirring but noone else seems to want to get up after last night's TV Clue watching was so late

8:18 am BBT Just saw the Backdoor and the House guests are in a Lockdown, which is expected on an eviction day, so that Production can build the set in the backyard for tonight's HOH competition.

8:20 am BBT Willie goes and Changes his Batteries in the SR and is Now at the bar in the KT loading up on his Vitiman C with a Big healthy Orange ... other than his slurping all is quite throughout the House.

8:30 am BBT Willie and "Ted" just hanging out in the LR ... OOO GEEEZZZ just noticed an open box of Froot Loops sitting on the table in the living room ... (these people are pigs or ant lovers (hahaha!!))

8:32 am BBT Willie lovingly fires off the double hand "Bird Finger" to all of us Feed watchers ...( we love you too Willie !!!)

8:41 am BBT 3 Cheers for Willie ... He puts away the Froot Loops (Hip Hip Hooray ) and gets some cereal He likes from the KT and then He ambles on over to eat at the table and stare at the Picture Wall

8:48 am BBT Upon finishing his Cereal ... Willie strolls into the Arcade room and plops down, in the lay down position ..... The rest of the House is all still quite on the "Western Front"

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8:52 am BBT Wille has now moved into the Arcade room where he is messing with something that looks like a flat black box. Its hard to see what it really is cause the Lights aren't on but He seems to be playing it like its some kinda game ?

9:02 am BBT The "Boogie" Man Has arisen and is now in the WC doing his ADL's. Mike told willie that he could hop in his Bed and Willie wasted no time ... So Now Boogie is the only one up and he is Showering ... (Dang Boogie Looks Old this Morning)

9:18 am BBT Boogie just Making Coffee, getting dressed, and making a Protien Shake ... and talking and laughing to himself quitely

9:22 am BBT Boogie says "That the Live feeders musta really enoyed this Week 1 in the BB House and tonight is gonna be very interesting and not in a good way" He goes on to say Dr Will must be doing tatoo removals today" and he also says I can't put too much pressure on them today (whoever them is)

9:26 am BBT as Mike's Lil dissertation goes on ... he says I can guarentee Jo Jo has no memory skills.(I keep hearing Voices in the background from inside the House, must be production)

9:27 WBRB Wake Up call ? It is about that time folks. ( Get your tylenol and advil ready, for all the twists and turns of votes to be tried and turned, yet once again)

9:36 am BBT Well if it was Wake Up call , Not a Creature is stirring except Boogie and he's at the KT Table intently staring at the Picture Wall

9:38 am BBT Mike apoligizing to us Live Feeders that he can't get in His morning Rant cause the acoustics are so Bouncy in this House .... Mike throwing out Shout Outs to Joker's Updates, plus some individual folks .... then we get WBRB

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9:27 AM BBT: FOTH probably the wake up call. (Just before the FOTH Boogie was giving a little insight into his head. He was saying Ian will do well in the Memory Competition tonight as long as he (Boogie) doesn't put too much pressure on him and that JoJo isn't known for her memory skills [Remember the skimpy bikini??? - Sheldon]. Mike heard something and ran into the living room began to stretch then we got the FOTH)

9:35 AM BBT: Feeds are back and Mike is sitting at the kitchen table. He isn't saying anything.

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9:50 am BBt Feeds are back .... Boogie in SR and Lights are still Out in the House ... Boogie Talking to "Ted" telling him getting woke up through the Night by BB TV Clue ... also saying Ted I slept through half of them ... How about you ? Mike likes Ted's position in the House ... Your the Strong Silent type .. Popular with the Girls and the Guys and We have a Good alliance , Right Ted i also have your vote for Frank , Right ?

9:55 am BBT Boogie continuing to Talk and screw around with Teddy about possible HOH winners and nominations tonight . Ted "SAYS" that Ian would be a good HOH

(9:59 am BBT OK Folks I ain't gonna continue to report on Ted and Boogie's convo but it's HI-liarious .... You should jump on Morty's Main Page and Get the Feeds ) Mike saying I must be a Lil crazy sitting here talking to a stuff animal and I'm actual looking for folks to get up to have someone to talk back to me. Mike now thinks Kara may live at the Playboy Mansion since she was a Playmate

10:02 Mike commenting that Jenn is playing a Great Game laying in the background ..... as Mike continues to treat Ted like the prop in a ventriliquist act ... (But you tell me who's the real dummy with a wooden heart ? <Smile>)

10:05 and We'll Be Right Back with all the Fishes swimming around .... Taking a Look see around the Tank even the Fish look sluggish .... Too Much BB TV Clue watching for them too, I guess.( BTW I forget sometimes that some are new here ... You can Flashback on the Feeds to watch what happened last night, Go to Morty's homepage for times to Flashback too)

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9:58 AM BBT Boogie just announced that he is talking with a stuffed animal and this house will make you crazy. He needs others to wake up and that himself and Ted will have to separate in order to hide their alliance.

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10:00 AM BBT we have FotH. possibly Wake up call.

10:08 AM BBT Still looking at WBRB

10:15 AM BBT and we are back! looks like everyone is up and moving around (volume turned down low because of somone's high pitched singing on the feeds)

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10:16 am BBt Feeds are back and Wil is acting Goofy (Doing a Hi Pitched Voice) as hell in the WC

10:20 am BBTMike and Frank double teaming Jenn in Her bed for her vote

10:22 am BBT Ok Folks Get ready for a LOT of these today ....... WBRB w/ the Fishes being the Big Stars for the Daytime

10:25 am BBt Frank telling Jenn ..... NO LIE I told Boogie that I wanted you and I at the end and WBRB

10:30 am BBT We are back ... Kara cornering Ashley in the SR begging for here Vote, Now Kara talking that this is "Life and Death for her" (Really?) Ashley says for sure she'll vote for Kara then Kara says do what you want to do .... OK says Ashley .... Kara says if you vote for me then it will be a tie ... Ashley says I'll talk to Wil .... Now Kara starts weeping and it sucks and it sucks and it sucks that I don't feel like I can stay .... Kara says I'll do whatever for U ..... (Dang , Now I'll vote for U to stay with that promise haha!! SORRY Bad Joke I Know) Ashley saying she feels like she can't trust anyone ... Now Kara promises her Love forever and will have your back. Now Talk of Girl Power.

10:44 am BBT "NOW THIS WAS REPORTED YESTERDAY EVENING" and the reason I'm Bringing it up, is that when smokers don't have there Cig's LOOK OUT for especially Willie and Jo Jo to possible turn into "Snapping Turtles" today . It's all Part of the Game.

7:05PM BBT: Joe said he went and took all the nicotine patches out of the store room as soon as they called lock down, he and Frank are laughing about it.

10:49 am BBT Kara Jo Jo and Willie Huddled up in the SR ..... Kara saying she doesn't know who's vote she has and Willie saying it doesn't look good for the Home Team. Willie emphasising to Kara to let people know that they have the numbers (HUH ?) if they vote for U ..... OK Huddle Breaks up , now it's time to make the "Play" happen I guess

10:54 am BBT Brit says when did Jack Osbourne get diagnosied with MS .... Right before he came in ? FISHES ok back .... Wil stil doing his "OOO NO MR BILL" Voice , now and again, cracking up Jani and Brit in the WC sitting area

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11:01 BBT Willie has Ashley cornered in the Shoe BR and Promising to have her Back and that she's his Girl and Ashley says Jo Jo is alright with this and Willie says go talk to her ..... Ashley is getting visibly disturbed by everone cornering Her.... Now Kara comes in to reinforce things and Ashley leaves saying this is just overwhelming , Guys

11:10 BBT Now this has been going on for awhile but Jen is "painting" Boogie's Hair more Blonde ... what is noteworthy is Ashley is sitting beside them in the WC as a place of sanctuary while Kara sits behind them on the sitting ledge watching everything or is it just tailing Ashley around ?

11:13 BBT Boogie's hair job is done ... Now Jani fixing Ashley's hair and she seems to be responding to it, because her eyes and voice seem much less stressfull

11:16 BBT Jo Jo and willie in LR scheming more plans to get votes .... Joe and Kara in arcade room .... Joe acting like the Guy in the Know .... Telling Kara "I don't Know and you need to get it in gear" Parinoia and Fear for kara and Frank and Willie and Jo Jo and Joe is definitely on the Menu for Brunch and there is definitely a Big spread of it on the Buffett and for good measure Brit is running around helping to keep the Pot Stirred especially to keep egging Willie on

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11:03am BBT - Willie and Ashley talking in the Blue room - Willie is telling Ashley that he cares about her more than anyone in this game. Kara walks in and says I care about you as well. Willie is telling Ashley that this is her best game play. If she sides with Willie that gives them the numbers. Kara says she is safe and assures her that they will watch her.

Willie and Kara in the Blue room.

Willie is saying that the people in the game are 2 faced.

Brit is now talking to Willie - Willie is admiting that he said he could get AShley to do whatever. Brit is telling Willie she cannot handle him when he gets worked up and that he cannot get mad if she votes a certain way because her back is up against the wall. Brit tells Willie if he plays like this he will get evicted.

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Mike goes over scenarios with Ted, asks him questions then nods or shakes Teds head.9:15BBT Mike is up and in shower. Willie goes to bed in the stereo room. Mike makes coffee, BB said something quietly to him and he puts his mic on. Mike listens at the front door. He taks his coffee iced with sugar (or splenda), & does some stretches on the couch.

Mike gives shout outs. Hopes we have been enjoying this on feeds, this has been quite a week 1. He is interested to see how goes home tonight, it was an interesting night, he slept thru half of it.Thinks his boy Ian will come into it, he has a photographic memory. If he can summon his powers in a cluch...turn in tonight folks.

9:28BBT (Can hear someone talking, doesnt sound like a HG. I turn my sound up and get blasted with BBmusic and FOTH)

Feeds back, Mike still only one up. Yup, he's alive, his eyes blink now and then.

FOTH Still no wake up call. Mike talking to Ted. Says he likes where Ted is right now, he stays out of the drama. Doesnt think anyone knows about their allience, they will talk in the am before anyone gets up. asks if he deff has his vote for Frank to stay. (Cam pans to close up of Ted, he just sits there) Thats my dog...or ....bear.

Mike goes over scenarios with Ted, asks him questions then nods or shakes Teds head. Mike says its a shame the hottest girl has to leave the first week, but she is up against his man Frank. Just for kicks he may bring up that Kara almost guaranteed to live in the Playboy Mansion. It's a shame to lose her for the pool side viewing.

10:10BBT FOTH....long FOTH, this one could be wake up call. Yup they are awake. Joe tells Frank he f'd up his vote with Jenn, he disrespected her. Frank says What? I gotta get out of bed to fart?

Mike planning something about 30 from now, he is planting the seeds. Mike will talk to 'her ' first, after Jani leaves then Joe can talk to her.

Frank tells Jenn he is sorry he farted in bed. She said she feels disrecected. Mike comes in and says he didnt mean to sleep thru the BBTV stuff last night. He started dreaming about them before he woke up. He wanted to be there for it to help them with HOH. In WA Brit says they got kicked out of HOH at 8am. FOTH

Back, Frank promises he will take Jenn F3. Frank gets down on hands and knees and begs Jenn Please, Jenn Please. she says we gotta stick together. more FOTH (I understand we will have a lot of FOTH later today but why now!)

10:30BBT Ash talking to Kara in SR. I want to help you but I feel I would be messing with the teams.

Kara asks if she is going to vote for Frank to stay.

Ash: I dont want tooooo. Kara: nothing is going to happen to you if you vote for me to stay. Wil is her friend and he isnt voting for her and that breaks her heart.

Kara: it would be a big game move to get rid of Frank. you team doesnt need to know. Maybe you can convince Wil. they hug.

Kara asks her to tell her if she isnt going to keep her. let her know what the others say.

Ash says the others are mad at her already.

Kara: you are my only hope, it will be tie.

Ash: I have to talk to Wil.

Kara tears up, she feels like she is going home.

Ash says its not over, things change fast. she hates all of this.

Kara: ever since Joe and Willie got into that fight he and Frank have been BFF. Kara is willing to do what ever for Ash. FOTH

Ash: everyone is afraid of Dan.

Kara: really? more then Frank? I need your vote, it sucks.

Ash: it sucks, i wont have anyone.

Kara: thats not true everyone loves you, you will have me, your team will not be mad at you, you will have me. I will always have your back.

Ash: was excited for girl power.

Kara: we will be a girl down if you vote me out.

In the K guys talking how the time zones change the time TV comes on. SR talk breaks up, Ash goes to her room , takes her pills and comes back out. Most are sitting at table or doing ADLs.

Jojo talks to Kara in SR. Kara told her about her talk with Ash.

Jojo says Jani wont have your back, she is only for herself.

Jojo: They hug each other, I smile at Joe and he doesnt smile back. If they make things uncomfy I will make it uncomfy.

Willie comes in.

kara tells him Ash said she was going to talk to Wil. Willie says its smarter to come work with them, her own coach will vote her out.

Willie is like her F'n securty guard escorting her back to her place. Yesterday they wouldnt let her out of their site. Jenn wants to hit all of them they are so fake. Jojo and Ash going to keep talking to her, Willie is not, they will make him look like the bad guy. Willie says he never said stuff they say he did, why would he come in and rip every person.

Willie: this aint the ppl, this is Jani trying to keep ppl.

Kara says last night Ash said she would keep her and now she doesnt know.

Wilie: Wil hugged her 100 times yesterday.

Jojo: we need to tell her how fake they are, come over here, we are real.

Willie: normally the last person to talk to them is the person they go with.

Willie talks to Ash, Wiliie says he isnt harrassing her, tells her they are hugging her yesterday and not the day before.

Ash says she sees that she isnt stupid. Ash feels if she votes Kara she is f'ing herself. Ash: I am a pawn to them.

Willie: you aren not a pawn to me, I swear on my kids.

Ash: no dont do that. Willie I want to take you to the F3

Ash says Frank said and Willie wants to go after Frank, she pulls him back.

Willie: I never ever said you were eating out of the palm of my hand he just made that up.

Ash: then ppl are lying to me.

Wiliie: all of a sudden you believe them after one day.

Ash: I just find it hard that you are not taking Jojo to F2.

Ash: also made cuz you leaked...Willie: i didnt leak it.

Ash: jojo doesnt have my back.

Willie: jojo does have your back. Jani comes in, she has been doing hair in WA. Ash asks if she will do hers too. Jani says yea and leaves. Willie keeps after Ash about Ash being safe with him. If she does that she wont win this game, they dont care about you baby.

They dont care about you. I do. I aint never lied to you, never done any thing to hurt you.

Ash: I am the fourth person then I am f'd.

Willie: when I promised you...I love you, I will defend you, take care of you.

Ash: how do i know you arent saying this to Jojo? So if I asked Jojo....FOTH

Willie: ppl are caught in lyes, I didnt say that stuff. You are my girl. If you make this decision you slapped me in the face. We can go get Jojo and ask her where I put you, I put you over Shane.

Kara comes in. Ash/Willie hug as Ash leaves. Willie tells Kara the convo. Kara says she has to talk to Wil.

meanwhile Jojo was in HN room talking to Shane. sorry missed it.

Ian finds out the vacuum is in the SR and makes a bee line for it. I

n the WA Jani and Jenn dying hair.

Willie tired of it, he tells Jojo he is tired of ppl running this place behind his back, its starting to wear on him. Jojo: I dont care, If thats the way I go out thats the way. They will see a female Eval Dick in here.

Willie tells her to calm down. Jojo says she told them to relax and think about it before they give an answer.

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11:14 am BBT - Kara and Joe in the lounge room and Joe is telling Kara that he and Frank worked together to out Willie and that Frank backed him up. Joe says he made a short term alliance with Willie and Jojo and Shane but they broke his trust and now he has 0 trust with them. Joe tells Kara that he thinks she is staying here because Kara has Ashleys vote. Kara says she doesnt think she has Ashleys vote but Joe is insisting that Ashley wont tell him how she is voting which means he isnt with Joe on Franks side. Joe says that everyone thinks Kara is working with Willie and the house hates him and thats why they want Kara out so badly. Kara insists the only person who has her back is Danielle and she thought Will but he doesnt seem to have it. Kara tells Joe that if she stays they will have the numbers to get Willie out. Joe tells her that they dont know this because all they see is her with Willie.

Joe - The entire house thinks Kara is with Willie and the house really likes Shane but they cannot go to Willie.

Kara - All I is trying to do is make it through this week.

Joe - I gave my word to Frank and that I would not turn on him.

Kara - would you be mad if Ashley or Will vote for me to stay?

Joe - NO I told them they can vote for anyone! '

Kara - If I stay I am not coming for you.

Joe - In the next few hours you need to make it clear that you are not with Willie.

Kara - I told Will last night that I would put him up.

Joe - I think Will is afraid to tell me what is said between you guys. No one is receiving that you are willing to put them up. I think Ashley is a wash because she wont tell us either way that she is going. and you cannot read her.

Kara - I dont think she is sure of what to do.

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11:27 AM BBT - Janelle, Joe, Boogie Jenn, Brit, and Will and Ashley in the Bathroom - The houseguests are getting ready for tonights show and just gerneal chit chat taking place.

11:29am BBT - FOTH.

We have now gone from FOTH to Trivia

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11:30 we have TRIVIA could be time for everyone to get Locked down in the HOH Room

11:38 Joe and Jo Jo having a civil disagreement on about who to keep in the House tonight .... Both trying to state there case and neither really listening

11:42 Notice Folks How Tocan2U is doing a Great Job of reporting the actual conversations and all I can do is hit the Highlights and observations ... This should let you know that you can be confident to report anything you see or hear , no matter how small or large ... you all count... Promise.

Jo Jo says I hope you get screwed over Joe for keeeping Frank

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11:34am BBT - We are back from Trivia and we have Willie laying in the HOH bed alone on cam 2 & 4 and on 1&3 we have Will blow drying his hair. JoJo and Joe enter the lounge room - JoJo is asking Joe what happen with Janelle flipping the house and they had a final 6 deal. JoJo is asking why did Janelle use Britney and then change everything. JoJo is calling Joe out for allowing the coaches to control his game.

JoJo - tells Joe how he is making a mistake by keeping Frank Here.

Joe - We have caught Willie in 7 different lies. People were scared of Willie and everyone came up to me saying they dont want to be bullied by him.

JoJo - I dont think he was doing that. He was playing to strong to fast. Frank cant be trusted either. Frank was trying to make a deal with me and Shane. I know your smart Joe.

Joe - My decision right now is to not be with Willie.

JoJo - Boogie is going to save Frank and when can we get him out again.

Joe continues to push back to JoJo and insists that Frank may be threat but they want Willie out more.JoJo and Joe keep going back and forth as to why its better to get rid of Frank. JoJo tells Joe that she hopes this decision comes back in their faces and JoJo keeps telling Joe that she is loyal and is sticking with what they had agreed on with the group of 6. Joe keeps falling back on how Willie lied to them all. Joe insists that JoJo knows they have Ashley. JoJo tells Joe that none of Ashleys team cared for her when she was hurt. Willie and I were the only people who cared for her when she was injured.

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11:46am BBT - Shane, JoJo, and Willie - In the HOH - JoJo goes up and is telling Willie and Shane about her conversation she just had with Joe. Willie insists that Joe is lying about not having Ashleys vote. JoJo continues to rehash Joes feelings about Willie and how he feels Willie was caught in 7 lies. Willie asks Shane and JoJo to keep their votes the same.


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11:22am BBT - Joe is telling Kara that he had an alliance with Willie but he shot it up, he and Frank caught Willie lying and all of Team Janelle turned against him. His #1 target now is Willie who is a total bully.

11:27am BBT - Sounds like Joe is explaining his vote against her, that he needs Frank with him to go after Willie and she just got caught in the middle. Willie & JoJo talking about how fake Joe and the others are, sucking up to Ashley for her vote (it's not sucking up when he does it). Willie & Jo now in SR. Jenn comes into side room and Kara leaves. Joe tells Willie she will be a female Evil Dick, be a bit$h with words. Joe, Kara & game now in WCA where it's Ash's turn for hair.

11:29am BBT - Hate hair dryers on feeds. But FotH is worse. We'll be right back.

11:31am BBT - We are onto Trivia so perhaps the HoH Lockdown has begun. For those unfamiliar with the process, the HG will be locked in the HoH room while BB works downstairs to set up for the live show tonight.

11:38am BBT - Feeds are back. Not HoH LD yet. Wil alone in Wash Area blowdrying his ample hair. Joe & JoJo are talking in side room. Willie was alone in HoH. JoJo says Janelle has been brainwashing him but he needs to play an individual game, why did she flip on Britney? Ian washing up now, Ash waiting for her dye to dry. Shane & Dan also in WA. JoJo really working Joe, saying they are making a huge mistake. Joe telling JoJo about what Willie has done and she defends him. Joe says he was bullying them, no one wants to be forced to play his game. JoJo says that's why he's been laying low. Joe says they have only 10m so maybe that trivia was a 10m warning.

11:42am BBT - Joe says his decision is not to be with Willie. He's not on the block, JoJo says. JoJo won't come out and say she is voting out Frank. Joe won't change his mind about voting out Kara. JoJo thinks Willie has something. HG milling around in the KT and in and out of the bedrooms preparing for the LD. JoJo tells Joe that Frank will turn on them and she will throw it back on their faces. JoJo says she is loyal to her Day 1 alliance and it would have been you guys too.

11:46am BBT - Kara fills Dan in on her convo with Joe. JoJo tells Joe that Willie thought he was looking out for everyone. It's too early to be playing this dirty. Kara is quiet and seems like he has given up, or at least resigned herself to whatever her fate is. AlL Dan can do is listen. He is not imparting his usual optimistic advice. JoJo & Joe hug it out but something gets caught in her hair. He gets it out without scissors. Dan & Kara continue whispering but Joe is in the sink and can't hear. JoJo heads up to HoH to fill Willie in on the conversation. Shane is also there. Willie calls Joe fkin stupid, he is so lying. Kara tells Dan she is doing everything she can to fight to stay.

11:48am BBT - Dan asks Kara if she has a speech ready? She says its the last thing she can think about. He tells her he will help her. They head into the KT, ready for the LD to begin. JoJo described her convo with Joe as his confronting her. And we have Trivia, so maybe this time the HoH LD has begun.

11:52am BBT - Nope, feeds back. Looks like that was the 1m warning. Dan pouring himself some cereal, everyone else appears to be digging into HoH, with Team Brit in the bed. Dan grabs his pillow and heads upstairs after BB delivers a Last Call. Looks like there is one holdout left in the shower. Head wrapped in a towell, Ashley is the last into the HoH. And the first HoH LD has officially begun.

11:53am BBT - I don't expect there to be anything but banal chit chat with everyone cooped up together, but if something dynamic happens, we'll let you know.

11:56am BBT - We have BB music being pumped into the HoH room (masking any sound from downstairs).

11:59pm BBT - Boogie getting his hair washed by Jenn in the HoH sink. The water is ice cube cold. Boogie bending over the sink wearing nothing but blue boxers is not something I need to be seeing.

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12:12 BBT Anyone else Notice that some people are wearing the same clothes from yesterday ? OOoo say Wil, Jen (Maybe others), and Kara has that Dang Hoodie on again ( If i was asking for votes, I'd be a lot more visual appealing) Just observing folks , not hating ... OOOo TY BB for killing your theme Music , now we can hear and EVERBODY is yacking away

12:17 BBT Jani and Ashley in the bathroom blow drying Hair and Ashley is wearing Willie's HOH Robe ... HHHMM ? WBRB !!!!

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12:01 PM BBT General chit chat in the HOH room while the HG are on LD. Boogie hugs Jenn and thanks her. BB music still being pumped in over the feeds.

12:03 PM BBT The HG can hear the music as Brit is singing along with it. Other HG are moving along with the music as well (this may be worse then having "It's A Small World" stuck in your head)

12:08 PM BBT Salon day continues in the HOH bathroom. Brit is currently doing her hair. Ashley sits with her hair wrapped in a towel.

12:12 PM BBT We now get the BB music as well as FOTH.

12:13 PM BBT We are back to the HOH - they are still in LD but the BB music has stopped. Gen. chit chat.

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12:34 Lots of WBRB in Between Convo's so it's really hard to report on what there saying .... But hey there all locked in the HOH room w/ Jani Brit and Ashley having some hair and Girl time in the Bathroom ... so that really says it all for now

BIG HINT for U Newbies to the feeds ... just cause the QuadCam is on WBRB doesn't mean U shouldn't check out say like cam 1 and 3 or 2 and 4 cause sometimes the Feeds are live there while QuadCam is still on WBRB ... Just trying to enhance your experience at a time when we are getting so many WBRB's so it's OK to tell U about this Lil Secret to watching the Feeds

A Great example just happened on Quadcam we got WBRB while on Cam 4 Ian and Boogie are talking an episode of Family Guy where peter was on Wheel of Fortune (Very Funny Stuff)

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12:25 PM BBT Jani, Brit and Ashley in the HOH bathroom talking about the levels of celeb the prev HG have achieved.

12:33 PM BBT We continue to get bits of feed and then FOTH.

12:43 PM BBT Feeds are back at the moment. Brit and Jani discussing childbirth. In HOH room - talk about movies and television.

12:50 PM BBT In the HOH bathroom, Jani and Brit continue to talk about Jani's daughter.

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