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7/18 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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8:05 PM BBT Willie and Frank and Shane discussing about votes and who they have.

All feeds on the lounge. Willie, Jojo, Frank and Shane talking about the HGs. Talking about the coaches thinking they are coming into the game.

8:14 PM BBT In the BR - Wil and Kara talking. Kara says that she hates having an emotional breakdown on camera. Wil is crying - afraid he is going to lose it. Jenn comes in to help comfort him.

Wil is explaining to Kara and Jenn that last week Willie wanted him to get far in the game and now he is different.

8:25PM BBT Willie, Jojo and Kara come out to the KT. Jojo and Kara start to whisper and head to the lounge. Jojo gives her the story that she and Ashley agree upon. She says she doesnt want Kara to think anything bad that she and Ashley were talking. Discussion about why Danielle is crying but not clear why she is.

8:26PM BBT Joe and Dan walk laps in the BY while Jani, Danielle and Ian run laps. Dan says that them walking together will cause more paranoia. Joe laughs.

8:29 PM BBT Dan tells Joe that he was going to make a toast - to an all guys alliance. Joe laughs. Dan just wants to see what people do.

8:31 PM BBT Kara and Ashley chatting in the spiral room. Ashley telling Kara that Jojo has been up her backside all day. Danielle walks in. Kara says she is nervous and is counting her votes.

8:36 PM BBT Frank pops in and asks Kara if she is putting her bag in the room. He wasn't sure if they had to pack already.

8:38 PM BBT Kara asks Ashley to help her with Jojos vote. Kara says that the girls have to stick together so it is all girls at the end.

In the BY - Dan and Joe still talking about who is going. Frank playing pool by himself.

8:45 PM BBT Willie heads to HOH to enjoy an apple. In the KT Kara having something to drink and chit chats with Wil and Jojo.

8:48 PM BBT Kara and Shane talk in the lounge. Shane tells her he is going with the house and it hasnt been decided yet. She says something is fishy. Jojos goes to HOH. She and Willie talk - Jojo says she feels better and now she can play her own game.

8:54 PM BBT Kara and Shane continue to whisper. Shane suggest she talk to Willie and see where his head is at. Kara is nervous.

8:55 PM BBT Willie says he is going to tell Frank that he is out of the house because he dd what he wasn't supposed to. He was supposed to play his own game.

8:57 PM BBT Willie tells Jojo that he believes he is close to Ashley. WIllie wants to get himself, Jojo, Shane and Ian for their alliance.

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Huge fight in the BY Frank vs. Willie (flashback to 10:25 PM EST)

Willie screaming in front of the whole house to Frank "I HOPE YOU GO HOME THIS WEEK!"

Boogie eventually joins in the screaming match: who died and made you king?! Are you gonna let him bully you?!

Fight is over.

Frank (laughing): "I can't believe I said I was a straight talking mother fucker."

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9:05pm BBT: FoTH

9:12pm BBT: The feeds are back as Ian is getting out of the shower. Jojo, Ashley and Shane are sitting on the sofa in the bathroom. Wil, Kara and Dan are talking game in the room beside the washroom.

9:17pm BBT: ‎Willie says he doesn't understand what's going on, and why people are saying what they're saying. Willie wants to talk to Joe, and they head up to the HoH.

9:28pm BBT: Willie proposes that if someone from Willie's or Joe's team gets HoH, then their target is Jojo. Joe says he has to check with his team.

9:34pm BBT: Britney says she feels WIllie is a good and loyal and isn't a malicious or mean person.

9:37pm BBT: Janelle and Boogie in the BY, and they're wondering why people are turning on their coaches.

9:41pm BBT: Ian and Jojo join Janelle and Boogie in the BY. Jojo: America, I like to smoke weed! and then later says that weed is more healthy than alcohol.

9:44pm BBT: Feeds change to show Frank and Dan lounging on the sofa's in the room beside the bathroom. Willie and Ashley are in the HoH. Ashley claims Kara asked her to vote for her 20 minutes ago.

9:47pm BBT: Britney joins the HoH and says the whole house is talking about Willie. Britney says that Willie is making fun of Wil and is calling him a homo among other things. Willie is getting mad and denying the claim.

9:49pm BBT: Britney says that the entire house is against Willie. Ashley says everyone is twisting words like crazy and you can't talk to people because of it.

9:51pm BBT: Willie is getting mad and frustrated and says he's done. Willie says that Kara should go home for the benefit of the team, and Britney exclaims "Are we still a team?"

9:55pm BBT: Willie wants to bring people to the HoH to talk to them. He wants Wil to come up to straighten out the "homophobe" rumours.

9:57pm BBT: Jojo joins WIllie, Ashley and Britney in the HoH. Britney says Frank started stuff today to flat out to try get votes.

9:59pm BBT: Britney says everyone is on a smear campaign to get everyone against Willie.

10:01 pm BBT: Boogie, Joe, Frank, and Shane are in the BY talking about Boogie's season; In particular, part 1 of the final HoH.

10:06 pm BBT: Ian joins everyone in the HoH room. They're all talking about Willie's speech today.

10:09 pm BBT: Kara and Wil are running lengths in the BY. Hard to make out what Wil is saying over their heavy breathing from running.

10:09 pm BBT: Wil and Kara believe that the only reason the producers knew about Willie was from his brother being on Survivor.

10:12 pm BBT: Frank has Ian's vote. Ian made him a promise and he isn't going back on that.

10:15 pm BBT: Willie really wants to talk to Frank. Britney says he shouldn't talk to Frank, because it'll come to a big blow out.

10:17 pm BBT: Wil and Kara are walking now. Wil makes Kara promise that they'll stay friends after the game. And now they're running again.

10:26 pm BBT: Wil and Frank are starting to hash it out in the BY. Lots of swearing. Willie saying he's been begging people to keep Frank, and he gets his name run through the mud.

10:29 pm BBT: Frank says Willie promised him he wasn't going on the block, yet here he is, on the block. Willie says he hopes Frank goes home this week and that everyone changes their votes because he is a shady person.

10:31 pm BBT: Willie says he is done with it, and hopes Frank goes home this week.

10:32 pm BBT: Willie says he told Frank to keep quiet this week, and he'd be good. Willie says he tried to fix the mistakes that Frank has made this week.

10:32 pm BBT: Frank says Willie is trying to manipulate him to go after Janelle's team next week. Frank asks if they're all good, and if they can take a chill pill.

10:35 pm BBT: Boogie's getting in on the conversation. Boogie asks if Willie made fun of Wil, and Willie denies it.

10:36 pm BBT: While all this is going Ian is stressed out and tries to get into the DR. He then goes into the SR where he can be alone, saying Frank is gone after this. He tries to get into DR again and is rebuffed. Back to the SR, says he didn't come into the house for this, it's like freshman dorm room. He congratulates someone, who I guess was an angry classmate, he's been outdone. He's out of the SR and into the kitchen. He opens the door to the BY to year the argument, standing in the doorway.

10:39 pm BBT: Ian is in the kitchen reading a cookbook and trying to cook. Some of the HG's are moving inside and are chattering about the blowup in the BY.

10:40 pm BBT: With a pause in the fighting, Ian asks if anyone wants to split a pizza. With no takers, he's back in the SR getting a DiGorno. It's not delivery. In the KT he's reading the directions for a crispier crust (heat and bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit) . Ian and Kara come into the KT and Ian says he doesn't even want to begin to get in volved. Wil says I know. Janelle comes in and says I told you that would be excited, you should have come out to experience BB. OMG, she says, laughing.

10:41pm BBT: Janelle says that the fighting gets worse as the week goes on, and that there are still 2 days left.

10:41 pm BBT: It's pretty silent in the BY now. Not much talking at all. Such a change from a few minutes ago.

10:45 pm BBT: Boogie says that when Willie was trying to defend himself, he couldn't finish his sentence. Boogie questions why Willie said to play the game for themselves and not listen to their coaches, but yet expects them to listen to him. Boogie: "Who died and made him boss?"

10:49 pm BBT: Willie and Shane in the storage room. They were talking about the meeting today. They shake on it and say they're good.

10:50 pm BBT: WIllie and Jojo head up to the HoH room. Jojo thinks that Willie should have pulled Frank to the side and talked to him instead of having a blow out in front of everyone.

10:51 pm BBT: Frank says that if he talks to Julie during the live show, then at least he has something to talk about. Plenty of people are saying Showtime got their moneys worth tonight.

10:56 pm BBT: Britney and Frank talking in one of the bedrooms. Britney said that if she knew that Willie was going to throw a team meeting, then she would have stopped it.

10:58 pm BBT: Frank says that in the end, he's only trying to protect himself. He says he probably shouldn't have reiterated what he heard.

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11:03 pm BBT JoJo goes from immediately from talking to Willie to talking to Frank in Arcase room asking him what the deal is saying he is making it look like people cant trust him Frank says no it makes it look like Willie cant be trusted to out what he was saying about making a 5-3 vote

11:07 pm BBT Joe in the kitchen joking about it being the first time he has seen Kara smile in a while and Willie says Dans smiling too Willie says he would much rather see Kara stay. Frank telling Jojo that Willie was saying to his face that it was going to be a unanimous vote but all along he was trying to keep it close. Jojo says she just doesnt know who to trust

11:12 Pm BBT Frank telling Jojo that its not fair because Boogie picked him it makes him a liar and Jojo asks if he makes deals all over he says no he just saw a piece of the puzzle and Willie revealed the rest

11:16 pm BBT Frank says this has all been building up for a week and when you starting fonding about everything you have to call people out on sh*t like that

11:20 pm BBT Dan giving a signature pep talk to a worried Willie saying you still have a chance if Britt gets a key and by the time something big happens again Willie will be forgotten about

11:23 Pm BBT Jani telling Joe in HT coached prob wont enter till week four Joe still not sold on coaches entering. Boogie enters saying Frank is not a liar and wouldnt go back on his word. Boogie says he would rather have a good liar

11:31 Pm BBT Dan leaves to get his team to try and make a deal with Willie while Boogie is saying Frank is stupid for telling Wil that Willie was making fun of him shouldnt have gotten involved

11:35 pm BBT Dan downstairs talking to Britt about deal Britt is telling Dan shes not happy he did that . Dans team upstairs talking deals with Willie who is saying he made a mistake trusting Frank trying to get heat off his back

11:39pm BBT Boogie in HT grumpy not really mad just grumpy at Frank for messing up his bed time saying he messed up his own game Frank said he was talking to Wil to get votes Boogie called Wil a pus*y and Joe instantly said he didnt like that dont do thatfor one more week. Says he can hope to swing for three more votes for Kara

11:47 Pm BBT as Willie goes out to smoke the HT cre of Boog Frank and Joe clear out Willie tells Jojo to vote out Frank

11:50 pm BBT Jojo begging Willie not to bring her down with him Willie says he isnt explaining to her whos vote is where and she will be ok if Frank goes. In the KT The HGs are eating cookies and whip cream and dancing

11:52 pm BBT Foth

12:00 Am BBT So I can see Dan talking to Jani and Kara entering the BY to talk to them but all I have is Foth audio

12:03 am BBT Still no audio But Boogie is talking to Frank in stereo room and Willie is upstairs talking to Jojo and Ash

12:22 am BBT we have sound and Frank is trying to secure Shanes vote in BY

12:30 am BBT Hoh crew saying next week if they get power they will put up Joe then rehashing the fight and why Boogie got involved

12:35 am BBT Willie telling Brit Joe cant be trusted and Britt is saying the mastermind behind the whole situation is Jani and Joe

12:40 am BBT Brit chastising Willie saying he needs to stop saying things to people. no more talking to Joe about Janelle. Then asked if the Kara Willie deal was solid and Willie says yes meanwhile in BY Frank was telling Jenn in by he can lie really well he doesn’t want to have to

12:42 am BBT Now Frank is in KT trying to secure Wils vote by telling him everything he said is true and that Willie was playing him from day 1

12:45 am BBT Frank telling Jani and Joe and Wil if he gets Hoh Shane and Willie are going up

12:48 am BBT Dan and Kara in stereo room doing his nightly pep talk telling Kara he almost started crying inside when the fight happened

12:55 am BBT says that provided Kara stays and Dan wins Hoh Comp he will give her the key

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01:01BBT In the KT Jani, Will, Joe and Frank continue to discuss their frustration with Willie and his moves this early in the game.

01:05BBT Dan and Kara in the WA lying on the couch discussing the long lock down this afternoon. Kara wishes there was a bathroom out there. Wil enters declaring "I gotta go pee!".

01:09BBT Wil and Frank making themselves a cup of tea. Jani and Joe standing around the counter chatting. Frank mentions Boogie had said that he was going to have to stay up all night and try to recover Frank's votes, but he's been in bed for an hour. The KT crew begin discussing the fact that Boogie standing up to Willie is what they've all wanted to do. Jani starts to imitate Boogie "I'm the biggest threat in this game. I'm the biggest threat in this game!" out of the corner of her mouth and we get FoTH.

‎01:17BBT Feeds back intermittently briefly. Jani telling KT crew that she got in trouble once for trying to sneak her dog on board a plane using an older tag. She said she'd use a tag from the week before and wrote the new date over it with a bigger marker.

01:19BBT Cam 1 & 2 on Ian, Shane and Danni in GR (Game room) with audio from KT crew overlaying. Cam 3 & 4 on KT crew. Wil says the house makes him feel tired but wired.

‎01:22BBT Cam 1 & 2 now in HoH room with JoJo, Willie, ad Britt, audio remains tied to someone's mic in the KT still. Willie called to DR. KT crew continues to jump from topic to topic. Frank, Joe and Jani wishes the prize for BB was 1 million.

01:27BBT Cams 1 & 2 back in the WA, audio appears tied to Joe's mic. Joe is now talking to Jani in front of the memory wall about how cool it will be if the twist does happen and two of the coaches come into the game. Jani says she wants to take 1 of her players to the end. "If I don't win the $500k, I'll still get the $100k!"

01:29BBT Dan joins Jani and Joe in front of the memory wall. Joe says he doesn't think they (BB) wants to get rid of the coaches concept, but instead they will form teams with the other HGs and split the final prize. Jani tells Dan that Boogie isn't playing the game and has slept for the 2 weeks they've been there.

01:33BBT Jani, Joe and Dan continue to stand in front of the memory now talking about the HGs photos. Jani and Joe says Ian's glasses make him look young. Willie's photo makes him look like a Hantz brother.

01:36BBT Audio remains on Jani and Dan talking in front of the memory wall for Cams 1 & 2 which is focused in the KT on Frank, Joe, and JoJo talking. Joe going to bed. Cams 3 & 4 remain on Jani and Dan. Dan cups Kara's photo and says "Please stay please stay please stay!"

01:40BBT Cams 3 & 4 focus on Joe and Ashley in the SR chatting. Joe says Frank is absolutely staying. He's part of their alliance. Ashley is glad that she is talking to Joe now. Joe says Wil knows and is disappointed but understands. Joe says "Me, You, Wil, Jen, Frank and Ian we are an alliance."

01:43BBT Dan looks at Jodi's photo and says "Thank god I got rid of her." Jani asks if he really thought about keeping her. He said he was 98% sure he wanted her gone. She ran back once and then walked the rest of the game. His team was frustrated with her. Jani then comments on the team/cast photos that she had to do the next day "She had to pose all friendly like with your team.." We get brief FoTH and when the feeds come back Jani is telling Dan that the day the photos came out she got a phone call "Would you like some blonde highlights?" she asked if they were paying for them and they said "Yeah" and we get FoTH again.

‎01:47BBT Dan tells Wil he probably has the best hair on the board. Wil says he has a very talented friend that does it for him. He tells Jani and Dan that he only does his hair once a week. Jani tells Dan and Ashley that someone from Boogie's first season pulled the keys out of the memory wall and put them in the bag and drew them out because she wasn't sure which order to put everyone's keys.

01:50BBT Audio issues continue. Cam 1 & 2 are in the shoe room on Joe, Jenn and Frank chatting. Audio is from Cams 3 & 4 which is now Willie talking to JoJo in the HoH room. Lights are off. Willie tells JoJo that Ian told him the other day to watch what he says because apparently Willie said the R-word. "Really? Who cares?" Willie and JoJo wishes folks would be more honest with themselves in the house and acting like themselves.

01:54BBT Cams 3 & 4 switch to Jani and Wil sitting with their feet in the HT. Wil says everything changes every 10 minutes. "Joe came at me asked me if I was still good with keeping Frank and I as like ohhh..." Jani says her gut feeling is that Frank should leave this week but it's their game. Wil says he knows Joe has his back and if the others want to keep Frank then he will to. Jani understands. Jani is glad that all of Willie's lies came out today. She said she first began to suspect something 2-3 days ago.

02:00BBT Jani and Willie's audio continues to work flawlessly on all four cams (even though they're only on cams 3 & 4). Jani says Brit is mad at her and there's nothing she can do about it. Wil says "tough, she shouldn't have come back if she couldn't handle it..." Brief FoTH. Feeds back. Audio remains on Wil and Jani. Jani says you can't leave big players like Frank in while sending tiny little lambs like Kara out the door. Wil wishes they had some booze (Personally I think production has drank it!)

02:04BBT Cams 3/4 switch back to Willi and JoJo chatting in the darkened HoH room. Willie wants to get Boogie out of here. JoJo says she's become friends with everyone. "The truth is I can't stand Danielle, she's not my type of girl. But even if you have make fake friendships then so be it!" JoJo goes onto to say that Joe stares at her like she's naked. Willie replies "Joe's F****** stupid if he thinks he's going to make it to the final 2. Everybody hates me and I've got a better shot at it than he does!"

02:08BBT Cams 1/2 show the Shoe crew (Joe, Frank, Jen and Danielle) with the lights off with Cams 3/4 audio which is Willie and JoJo still. Cams 1/2 switch to the BY which has Wil and Jani with their feet in the HT, still audio from Willie and JoJo. Willie admits that he never stepped away from his true alliance, he only tried to add to it. Willie tells JoJo that his true alliance is to her and Ashley.

02:14BBT JoJo and Willie continue to guess what will happen over the next couple of weeks in what order folks may go out. (These are conversations we've heard over the past week.) Willie says Britt doesn't realize that they're not in a bad spot yet. "If we win HoH...oh man. I'll piss my pants. They would be so disgusted if you won HoH. JoJo begs BB to make it happen. "America will love it!" (We will?)

02:21BBT JoJo asks Willie if he was ever interested in signing up for Survivor. He said he may as well be on an island, he's not allowed to shave. Willie explains to JoJo how Russell did in his seasons of Survivor. The first season he came in second place and won fan favorite. The second season he won third place and fan favorite, and his third season he was sent home early in the season because his group wanted him gone. Willie goes onto tell JoJo that things always change. "I was in a bad spot 3 hours ago, but now I've got Dan wanting to work with me..." FoTH.

02:24BBT Jani and Wil head in from the BY, audio on their cams remain on Willie and JoJo in the HoH. Jani brushes her teeth before heading into the KT for a drink of water. She and Wil hug and head of into the darkened bedrooms. Willie and JoJo continues their talk "If we win HoH this week, we're in such a good spot..."

02:33BBT The rest of the house appears to be sleeping except for JoJo and Willie in the darkened HoH room. They continue to run numbers and discuss how great it will be if they win HoH this week. Willie says he'll talk to Dan after Thursday to see if he'll be interested in getting together and doing something. "We have the numbers." Willie and JoJo finally getting comfortable to go to sleep. Willie tells JoJo that he knows she's putting her neck out on the line by running with him. JoJo tells Willie that she knows that he's the best player in this game and she'll stick with him until the end.

02:39BBT Willie and JoJo continues to stroke each other's ego. Willie says he'll have relationships with Ash, Brit and JoJo outside the house. Willie says he wants to compliment Ash's poker face "She looks stoned all the time". JoJo says they should make out. Willie says day 60. JoJo says day 40. Willie counters with day 20 before both explode in a fit of giggles. Willie says goodnight baby and they finally close their eyes.

03:03BBT Kara and Boogie up within 10 minutes of each other to use the WC before returning to bed.

03:30BBT All four feeds continue to display darkened rooms and sleeping HGs. Willie (or is it JoJo) can be heard snoring away.

04:16BBT All HGs continue to sleep. Joe seems a bit restless tonight.

05:20BBT All 4 feeds on darkened rooms. HGs continue to sleep.

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10 am BBT Right after wake up call ... BB has announced an OD Lockdown ... everyone seems to have a Burnout hangover from all yesterday's Drama fest but the stench of parinoia and Mis-trust is still hanging thickly in the air ... Just waiting for the first improper words to be spoken and I can see the Fires will start to burn bright again

Watching Rumor Central on Superpass Matt from Brit's season mentioned how Kara with her Playboy Body sure isn't showing it much,, which she should use as an assett for Herself and I can't help but notice she's in like a grunge sweats with a Hoody today

10:10 am BBT Brit and Shane are hanging out in the Hammock talking Buddy Buddy with a smidgen of Game talk thrown in .... Kinda like 2 Boxers feeling each other out in the early rounds

Frank is doing some running after some earlier this morning walking with Boogie before wake up call ... Joe is lifting some hand weights ... While the crew around the couch is being very silent Dani, Jani Ian jen Jo Jo Wil and I believe Dan

10:21 am BBT Brit just told Shane that she's gonna try to solidify Her Group to vote out Frank (Check back in 2 hours to see if thats still true GEEZZ)


10:24 OD Lockdown over Big Herd of Folks have moved to the KT for More Chow and Coffee

10:28 am BBT Strange bedfellows ... Frank and Joe running/walking together in the BY ..... Willie just told Brit from across the BY that he is locked out of HOH again, which is pertinent to Brit because her bed is up there too

10;39 am BBT Storage room is back Open. Joe is Making his rounds announcing Different alliances forming ... OOO for about the 79th time in the last 36 hours or so

10:45 am BBT I would try to go more in depth on conversations but my Live feeds Audio has been very choppy (Sorry)

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10:50 am BBT Joe is going through every Nook and Cranny in the SR and after the 2 mysterious "Guests" in there yesterday it makes me wonder if he is looking for more than just what to cook for dinner

Kara jen and Wil have joined Joe in the SR for a discussion on Votes but I'm just gonna wait and see cause this folks are as fickle as a sour pickle

11:00 am BBT It's now Ashley and Wil in the Storage room and once again the "Ol Married" couple Dan and Kara are there for a Therapy session in the arcade room (Feel free to substitute Dani for Kara in there , it's the same session, )

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9:04BBT Ash enjoyed a long hot shower, Mike jogging....WBRB probably wake up call. HG are up doing ADL's . Jenn does a shout out to the audio team as she changes her batteries.

Frank tells Mike (who says he has done 210 laps) that he thinks he has the votes to stay. But doesnt know if they can trust Jani.

Wil and Joe talk in crane room. Wil says Kara will put them up. They go over who they have with them. If they vote to keep Kara they wont be trusted, then they will have 5 enemies and someone will out them. Wil trusts Frank. They say how Jani wants Mike out BAD.

They still feel that Jani is playing for herself. In BY Mike vents to Frank about Jani. Mike tells him to go with Joe to get votes, doesnt think Ash can be trusted to tell him the truth but she will tell Joe the truth.

Kara and Dani chat in the hammock. Kara was so excited when that stuff happened yesterday. Things change minute by minute. Frank is still campaigning. Kara will talk to Wil today, he will vote her way, he is her friend.

Cam changes to Wil and Ash in the WA, he starts to say something when Kara comes inside, he stops. HG go on ODLD (Outdoor lock down) Mad rush for the WC, water and hair gel.

9:59BBT HG are finally outside, Frank doing lunges, Dan eating....no one talking

Shane and Brit in hammock. Shane doesnt understand why 'she' would be jealous, you're married. Bri says maybe she saw you rubbing my back, I dont know.

Brit says he is not out and about as much as the other guys so he is not as big a threat. Shane asks for her advice says its his game but he will follow her advice 100%.

Brit says Joe is going to burn his own bridge. Shane says he is making deal left and right. Brit: ppl are freakin spreading stuff. They want ppl to be mad so they can slink into the shadows. Brit thinks Frank will go home. Shane agrees.

Brit thinks Dan and Jani team are teaming up. Dan and Brit feel sprinkles. Wil says he will lay in the rain.

Brit and Shane watching Joe workout, saying how awkward that is. (he is doing football stuff) Brit says but there is no one to tackle.

Shane wants to team up with Dan. Brit says she will tell him he has her teams vote if they are safe next week.

10:27BBT LD over. BB wont let them in the SR. HOH is locked again.Brit tells Shane he needs to do Jedi training (going over what has happened on what day) for future comps.

Frank spits, Brit says ewww, you spitting on turf. Brit thinks there will be a Q & A, she saw two guys pointing towards where they usually set up the Q & A stands. She also had a piece of torn up plastic baggy, the only time they use that is for fake snow.

Joe is calling a SR team meeting. Joe tries to get into the SR, its still locked. SR is open. Kara follows him in. He says he heard she had an alliance with Dani. She says she doesnt have an alliance with any body. Joe finds Ian. Ian tells him he doesnt think Ash will vote the way he wants. Joes says he talked to her last night.

Joe goes to SR, starts looking around. Wil comes in, tells him Jani and he talked. Jani said this contract stuff but if one of us come back we gotta get Mike out. Joes they have to get Ash vote, she may not know which way to vote. (I dont know which way they will vote) Wil wont change his vote, he will for Frank to stay.

Wil says Willie has to go. Kara comes in. Joe says he is 100% against Willie. She says she has no deal with him. (sorry it was Kara Joe asked earlier if she had alliances) she has no alliance or deal with Willie. Willie has a deal with everyone. Wl says not with him. Jenn says his deal with her was keeping him safe next week.

Wil says no one wants you to go. Joe: 24 hrs ago they were gungho to get her out. Ash comes in, Joe asks if she is 100% keeping Frank, she says yes. Joe says the name of their group is Diversity, wants to meet each day for about 5 min or less. Joe says Kara has to go home this week to make it 4 to 6. This is the F6.

11:01BBT Wil tells Ash that Jani was saying so hard that they had to get Mike out. They know something we dont, they are going to come back. There some way to make a clause in a contract. Ash: everything in that contract is flexible. (Everytime they mention contract we get FOTH)

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11:03am Wil tells ash that kara made a deal with willie to keep him safe next week Ash says really why did she do that

11:05am Wil says if we dont vote with Ian Jen and Frank we will be known as floaters

11:08am kara joind Wil and Ash in sr asking what they are thinking Wil says i dont know Jani freaked me out lastnight asking about voting Frank out Kara says i hate asking Ash says i know Wil says the coaches are playing us and i dont know who to trust Ash saying willie needs to go i want to get him out

11:11am Willie Brit Dan Joe and Shane in by talking about how comfy beds are

11:15am Jenn says it is hair day today she asked bb for clippers she says she cant wait to get her hair buzzed

11:20am Wil and Ash in the mammock Wil says Ian Frank and Jenn are going to have a better chance of winning hoh tomorrow night

11:22am Kara and Joe in crain rm Joe says he is looking for a word saying lets get Willie out Joe says get Dan to show me the numbers i want him to show me numbers that we can get willie out Kara says ok

11:24am Joe says i want your coach to tell me we are all going to get Willie out i know Wil is looking up to me but we need numbers for Willie to leave he says i am not letting that dude come after me

11:28am kara asking Dan if she can talk to him she goesw to crane rm Dan joins her she tells him she talked to Will and joe seperatly she says wil i dont know about

11:30am Kara says Joe wants to talk to you what he wants is to know where all the votes are going he wants to vote with the house and to know we have the numbers to get Willie out

11:33am Dan telling Kara dont beg for votes you have 3 for sure Kara says they want to keep frank now cuz he stood up to Willie dan says dont bring it up anymore just be happy and trust me ok

11:41am Shane Mike and frank in kt cooking Joe comes in to watch them and telling them where skillets are

11:49am Brit joins Ash and Wil on the hammock she tells them she thinks its important to do what they want to do

11:52am Ash leaves and goes to wc Wil says i was gonna workout but i think i am gonna take the day off Brit says it is gonna be a long day today Guys still in kt cooking with Joe giving cooking tips on how to cook veggies so they dont lose their flavor or nutrients

11:59am wil and Brit going in wil wants to workout Kara on the eliptical talking to Ian about doing laundry and the weather guys still in kt cooking just general talk going on

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12:06PM BBT Kara is working out on the elliptical in the BY, Ian is on the couch making small talk with Kara. Britney is crying in the KT.

12:11PM BBT Small talk on all feeds, not much going on. Looks like most HG are either lounging or making food/eating, working out. No game talk.

12:17PM BBT Ian, Frank and Boogie talking about airports.. while inside in the KT they are mostly eating.

12:30PM BBT HG in BY: (Willie,Boogie,Frank,Ashley,Ian) talking about Chik Fil A. Britney is in KT eating froot loops, and Dan is preparing food.

12:39PM BBT Wil and Kara are in BY talking about the possibility of the coaches entering the game. Wil doesnt know what he is going to do. Doesnt feel he can trust anyone.

12:45PM BBT Wil tells Kara that Britney is getting in the way more than any other mentor. Kara and Wil both think she is playing all nice to peoples faces and then she talks behind their backs. Janelle is superficial.

12:50PM BBT Willie/Ashley/Jojo/Shane in HOH, Ashley tells them that she doesnt trust Janelle. Ashley knows she is the swing vote. Ashley tells them she is playing both sides.

12:53PM BBT Ashley claims she is working with the HG in HOH because they actually care about her. They are currently deciphering where each HG vote will lie. They want Frank out.

12:57PM BBT Dan/Brit are in Arcade Room, they are talking about how to save Kara. Brit knows she is in a bad spot. Dan thinks that if HOH is not physical his players could possibly win.

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1:10 PM BBT - Willie, JoJo, Ashley & Shane - Discussing if the coached enter the game that Brit will not join the rest of the coaches because she knows she would be the weakest. Ashley says if the coaches come in to the game the newbies need to get rid of the coaches and not worry about other newbies. Willie is rehashing the fight with Janelle about his house meeting. Shane says the newbies are stronger than the vets. The group says they think losing frank will cripple Boogies team.

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1:14 PM BBT - Willie, JoJo, Ashley & Shane in the HOH still - Ashley is saying that it is ridiculous how Willie was try to help the house with calling the house meeting. Willie says if they stick together they will have 40% of the house on their side. They agree that Dans team is not a threat right now and they need to focus on getting Frank out this week. Willie is thinking they should go after Will soon as well. He says Kara will not get rid of him so they may have to. ***(Ashley is playing both sides and promising her vote to each group - which way will she go? She is telling the upstairs crew she is with them and is playing both sides - we will see which she really is tomorrow)***

Willie is asking JoJo, Ashley & Shane to tell him if they hear anything about him downstairs. Willie says this is his group Shane, Jojo, Ashley and himself. If they need to add a person later to get them further they will. Jojo thinks this would be the sexiest final 4 ever! Willie thinks Jani is emotionaless. Ashley thinks Jani is here to compete for the 500,000.00 prize. Willie says he trusts this group and if they back stab him he is screwed.

Ashley says the otherside of the house is trying to get her. Willie says "let them try to get you. Just say yea yea yea" Ashley thinks Frank has got to go. Ashley says Dan is pissing her off and he doesnt deserve to be there. They are tired of Dans Analytical questions.

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1:23 pm BBT Ashley is telling Shane, Willie, and Jojo this is her final 4 and she really wants them to stick together. Ashley was stressing slightly over this decision however she feels better now after talking to them. Ashley and Jojo are saying they wanted Frank out from the start. Ashley says she loves this group and doesnt want to work with anyone else. Willie is telling her she is fine with them and she will be ok! Jojo is asking why would anyone want to work with them. Willie says Will he thought would be popular but he screwed up. Ashley and Shane think they need to just chill and stay under the radar.

Willie thinks another blow up will happen when the votes come down 4-4 and he evicts Frank. Will tells the group he is so happy they can talk and ashley says its nice to talk without Joe because he is the worst player EVER. Jojo thinks Joe is playing to hard and he is playing to hard to fast. Shane says Brit saw 2 people yesterday pointing to the opposite corner of the yard from where they do question HOH's so she thinks it wont be a question based HOH. Jojo and Willie leaves the HOH leaving Shane and Ashley. Shane goes to the bathroom while Ashley is in the Coaches room.

1:32 PM BBT CAM2 - Kara, Will, Frank and (TED the house bear)- sitting at the kitchen table just general chit chat.


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1:34pm BBT - We have Danielle and Brit out in the backyard sun bathing. They are discussing Brits ex handling her getting engaged and then we get another FOTH.

Back on CAM 1 - We have Will, Kara, Frank, and (TED the house bear)- still just general chit chat - Kara was discussing getting ready for the live show tomorrow night and how she will get all pretty and fix her hair.

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1:44pm BBT - Frannk and Kara talking about how they do not want to pack in the bedroom. Kara wants the next 24hrs to be over with. She is going to ask for Pepto. Frank says he is not going to sleep well tonight. He says Willie is trying to not be uncomfortable around him. Frank says he just wants to show the house how Willie is. Frank says he probably shouldnt have said that stuff about Will and once Brit confronted him he knew shit was going to hit the fan. Kara says to Frank - I knew you too had an alliance. Frank says we did not have an alliance except for on day 2 when Willie promised me I wouldnt go up. Then a little before the fight last night we had talked. Frank is telling Kara how Willie wanted to setup the vote so he would go after Janelles team. Kara says she is sick of thinking of it and wants to know if she is leaving so she can be prepared. Frank is telling Kara she cannot work with Willie and she shouldnt trust any offer he makes.

K - I dont even know if I will be here and its funny how people think I have an alliance with people and I dont.

F - When I got put up on the block I had people coming to me especially Willie. Willie would pull me aside and tell me I have the votes and I knew I couldnt trust him.

K - I dont know whats going to happen. What do you think?

F - the last thing I want is a tie and Willie will send me out the door and that F***ing eats me up. Id rather it be 5-3 but not 4-4

K - I dont know...Willie is up in the air.

F - I felt alright up till last night. I did not want to campaign against you. I dont have anything to say bad about you.

F - if he stays it will be him against Willie but if he leaves Joe will be against Willie. If Shane wins it will be Will and Joe he guesses.

K- Shane is a tough competitor.

F - If shane is smart he will distance himself from Willie - Jojo wont win but if its anyone else most likely it will be Shane and Willie on the block.

Joe walks in and game talk stops.

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1:08pm Kara celebrating in sr with Wil that she is staying this week Will says how do you know she says Brit and leaves sr

1:18pm Jojo Brit Willie and Shane in hoh going over who they want gone and alot of repeating themselves on who is with who and who is in whos group

1:20pm willie is callin g janelle emotionless becaus eshe laugh by herself but with a group of people she never laughs

1:26pm Willie says the only reason i wanted to keep Frank is he would have been an asset but now ya'll are in a very tough situation Jojo says i love you guys i dont want to work with anyone else

1:31pm the hoh group has now left the rm Ash remain in hoh stretching general chat in by with hg sun bathing

1:46pm frank laying down in sneaker room for a nap kara comes in talking to him about being nervous Kara says she is going to do her own thing for dinner tonight Frank says for my own game i shouldnt have told Wil about anything i knew it would come out

1:50pm : Frank says to Kara i think its still up in the air for us right now kara says yeah i am just tired of thinking about it and i want to know if i am walking out the door i dont want it to be a surprise i just want to get through this week i cant even think about next week yet

1:55pm Joe walks in sneaker room with Frank and Kara ask whats going on Frank says i am trying to talk Kara into take a nap with me after she washes her dirty butt

1:58pm frank telling Joe after Kara leaves for shower that he is worried about Ash hanging out with Willie and Jojo alot Joe says i will talk to her Frank says do you think i need a lil one on one time with her Joe says i dont know let me talk to her

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1:56pm BBT - Joe and Frank in the blue room - Talking about Ashley - Frank thinks he should talk to Ashley again since she is talking to Willie so much. Joe doesnt think she is as dingy as she lets on. Frank says - Boogie is telling him he needs to work on Will more. Joe says he thinks Will is with them and Ashley is 98% with them and if she votes the other way she is screwing herself. Joe is saying he is going to tell Ashley that if she goes with the wrong group she is going to be a target. Frank says he feels 100% about Joe. Joe says Dan just told him "He has it" meaning all the votes for Kara to stay. Joe and Frank think that Dan is counting Will and Ashleys vote.


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CAM 1 -

2:09 pm BBT - Will and Jenn are talking in the lounge roomo - Jenn is saying how this house will put you in a weird place and this house is like a carasel it just spins and spins.

Cam 3

2:11 pm BBT - Frank is in the Blue room still laying down and napping

In the backyard we have Brit and Danielle - Danielle is saying how in this house everything gets twisted - They are discussing Willies gay slur -

Shane is talking about some new beer that he is in love with that is like a Cider.

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Shane, Willie, Ian, and Jojo - Out in the backyard talking about their favorite alcoholic beverages --- Willie says he cannot do Tequila due to a bad experience. Talk turns to the the shows tonight and tomorrow. Ian thinks the show is going to be amazing thursday because of everything that has happen. JoJo thinks they started out with a bang this season, she also says her family gets to see her host the Veto Comp.

Indoor Lockdown Called at 2:18pm BBT

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2:10pm frank saying to joe and kara that as soon as he found out that willie was munipulating votes he was done joe says any lies that are in the house has got to come out eventually

2:12pm Jani Wil Dan Jojo in kt eating Brit and Danielle laying out Danielle saying she sleeps alot cuz she is sick of the stuff in the house Brit says oh yeah me too

2:22pm all hg heading inside an idld has been called joe jenn and wil goes to the crane room talking about people that might come to their side and kara going home tomorrow night jenn says i feel like throwing up joe says there is a vote laying around the house but i cant say anything cuz i dont want willie finding out

2:25pm Dan asking ian if he is married ian says i wish and walks outside before bb locks the door danielle making food joe saying he is cooking steak tonight for dinner

2:27pm Kara talking to Jenn and Wil in crane rm talking about everything that has happened in the house the past 24 hours Jenn says she is a control freak and it is driving her nuts she has no control right now

2:36pm hg in kt general talk about how bad diet coke is for you and there is no calories in it kara Wil and Jenn still in crane rm going over coaches comps and how they make deals with each other wil says why are the coaches back jen says i hope they battle each other to come back into the house

2:43pm Frank and Joe talking about who might need to go up next week Frank says if we put up shane and willie and jojo wins pov and takes one of them off then someone else goes up Joe says regardless shane and willie are going up dan is now in there and taking a nap

2:48pm Kara brit and jenn playing with the crane machine jenn noticed the lights are not flashing on it today brit says your right they arent flashing jen and wil gonna take a nap brit leaves crane room goes to kt

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Dear all the wonderful people that help Morty update by posting on this page. I would like to thank you all for what you do.

Some of us post here while doing TFU (Twitter/Facebook Updates). These posts can be farther apart then regular poster updates or they can repeat posts. The thing about TFU is that we are not paying attention to these pages between our posts. We don't know if anyone else is posting in here or not.

I am asking you to please please please keep posting. Morty depends on all of us for the updates he misses while he sleeps (gasp!! Morty sleeps?!). If one person is posting just keep right on posting. The more the better.

If there is more then one person saying the same thing it confirms that it was said. If there are more then one person posting there is a chance that one catches something the other missed.

Please don't stop posting because someone else starts. If you see that no one has posted for a few minutes feel free to help out.

With everyones help we make Mortys the best BB site on the net!!!!

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3:30pm BBT Cam 3 - We have Frank and Boogie in the - Boogie is telling Frank that he has some info...

B - I was laying here sleeping and heard Will crawl in bed with Ashley - they thought I was asleep. I heard Ashley say "I keep telling them that and they think im going to vote however they said."

F - She is talking about either Willies group or Joe and Jani

B - They got up and left and I went out to see where they went. Danielle Ashley, Will and Kara were in the bathroom hanging out.

Boogie thinks this vote will be the biggest mystery vote he has ever encountered in the Big Brother house. It would be the worst if it comes as a Tie.

Frank and Boogie continue to strategize about how to get the votes and to flip the house in case he does stay to go after others...

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3:38 PM BBT

Frank and Boogie have a conversation about who Frank might get votes from. Mike is very nervous that Ashley, Danielle and Kara hang out so much.

In the lounge room Ashley sleeps as Danielle and Wil do their nails. General chit chat for everyone.

In Kitchen Brit tells Ian and Jodi about their families.

Frank comes into the lounge room and tells us all about he gets a boner when he has to pee.

Joe wanders around the sneaker room.

[You're caught up on updates now :) -ZuZu]

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