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7/15 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

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9:50 BB Time

I just tuned into Janelle and Chef Joe. on the balcony, I hear a lot of chatter from the ppl in the kitchen and Janell and Joe are whispering game, so it is hard to pick up what they are talking about, but I think it is of course game and Frank, and or Boogie, I hear Willies name, Joe wants to see how Willie is when he is not HOH, Joe says he is really keepin his ears peeled for anything, like when he is cookin, and Joe says to Janie, that "you got me thinkin now that you said what if Ian wins HOH", talking about whether it will be some stupid Q& A games, wish the kitchen ppl would shut up so I could hear, and I have ear phones on. Talking about the theory of taking our huge targets in the house right off is not a good idea, and Janie says it is just some bs bein spread around right now, Janie says something about why Jeff lost in his season, but I could not make it out at all, Janie says Shane is planting seeds for down the road, then Janie says a lot of this is Dan and why cant Dan be Franks coach, Joe says this may be the play of the season, I think meaning not getting Frank out, Janie is sayin, it is week one, it is too soon to be thinking about what if I dont take them out now scenerio, Joe says tho that we can take Kara out any ol time, then he says Kara can't even tie her shoes, so how is she gonna win a comp, and that she has not social game,

Janie says Frank is goin about this wrong, that this is not Survivor, that you don't take strong ppl to the end, now Joe is tellin the Willie has been in prison story, guess she did not hear that yet, ( I think it was jail, not prison), anyway, here we go with the music again

ok back, Joe says "I have never known any one that has been in prison(really?) Janie says Boogie is thinkin Willie is dumb, Janie and Joe say they dont think he is dumb, then Joe says he thinks Danielle is dumb, then Joe goin on to tell janie that Boogie thinks Daniele is not who she says she is and he was tellin Shane that, and Janie says "oh he's just layin groundwork to put her up next" Janie says even if one of them gets traded that they will still work together, so evidently they are alligning, the she says, "I can't believe they didn't give us any wine tonight. I think their convo is winding down.

Joe rehashing Kara is not a threat, he says Kara is ok looks wise, but he does not think she is all that, and that she has a social dissability, and he would rather be with her in the end then anyone, OR, he says he could be gettin played, who knows, They say they love Wil to death, him and Joe have kentucky in common, and then they start talkin about the derby, Joe sayin how sooo many celebs go, like lots of rappers, and movie ppl, how you dress up and it is really done up and no matter what you feel like a million bucks the whole time youre there, ok convo breaking up, they are heading downstairs, Janie ends with saying how fun this game is.

With that I am out someone take it over

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9:09pm BBT - ani & Joe haver a heart to heart over the chess table while Brit & Dani talk around the HT. There is a group hanging out on the BY couches but then we get FotH before I can see who all is there. They aren't acting like BBAD just started.

9:15pm BBT - Bear in mind Ian was 10 years old when BB premiered, and yet he knows not only first names but last names. Jenn joins the HT gang. Brit is holding court dishing on the other HG she knows. Talking about Enzo. OK, this is freaky because he and Mike also know all the legal problems each HG has gotten into as well. Wil joins the HT gang as does Frank. Only the guys actually get into the water.

9:17pm BBT - Brit saying that when you are here it feels like forever but when its over, you feel like time flew by. JoJ now with them and in the water. There are a couple beach balls too. Mike counting how many of the HG he's dated. We are on Season 5 now with Ian's recitation.

9:19pm BBT - Season 6. FotH. Certainly not because they are discussing former HG, so I blame it on Britney. Ian stops at season 7. Mike says name the six HG who didn't make it into All Stars but stood outside the door. FotH.

9:23pm BBT - Ian thinks production would have picked Lisa over Erika if Erika had not been a viewer pick. Ian is now listing the season 7 jury members (in order). Ian says it is easier now with Season 8 since that's more fresh. Mike laughs - it was still six years ago. Dani asks Brit about Lane but Brit doesn't want to discuss it She does still talks to Hayden and already mentioned Enzo.

9:26pm BBT - Brit says she put Rach through a lot but Rach is still nice to her, and she didn't have to, so that says a lot about her. Ian is struggling through the winter season. We understand - we've tried to forget it too. FotH

9:29pm BBT - We are on Dan's season now. It's Mike, Dan, Little Willie, Ian and one more I can't see on the couches. Jojo leaves the HT. Ian remembers more HG than I do and I have watched every minute of the live feeds for fourteen years. FotH.

9:32pm BBT - Ian is up to BB12. Dani gets up from the HT. For those just tunign in, Ian is down to the last season, naming all the HG who have ever played the game in evicted order. With last names. Frank is up out of the HT. Ashley joins the couch crew.

9:36pm BBT - Brit decides it is time to turn on the fire pit. Jenn is the only one left in the HT. Ian says he should cover his face in shame that he just named Season 1 through 13 in evicted order. Mike jokes he Ian went though Season 14 and he protests he doesn't know that yet. The couch crew breaks up as Willie lights the fire pit in the center of the couches. Once it is safe to return, they sit back down. Jenn goes inside and we see Kara, JoJo, Jenn and Dani around the KT Counter. Frank is in the shower. Mike reads the fire pit directions on what to do in an emergency. Put the fire out and notify BB. Pretty sure BB will see it happening, Mike says.

Note: It seems Ian skipped Lawon from BB13. Not only did he miss it, but the other HG also missed it. Poor Lawon.

9:44pm BBT - Ian is out of the WC and back outside, back in glasses. He jumps up and hits his head with his knee, upon request. Up outside the HoH, Joe & Jani are still bonding over chess. Ian showing how limber he is. He can't quite do a split. BY Crew discussing fantasy fast food meals. Ian is up to 6 courses. He has apparently thought this through. Next Dan is up with his fantasy fast food meal. Jani and Joe are laughing it up upstairs but not really talking about anything. She is pressing to eliminate Dan from the coach's game. Joe is agreeing to everything she says. Joe thinks JoJo is on the border of going crazy. Jani says their team is underestimated but they will lose someone along the way. In the KT, Wil is doing dancing moves with Dani.

9:51pm BBT - Fabio (Wil) is throwing his hair around and flexing his abs. Shane does not seem too impressed. So far, Fabio is the only HG who seems to like being shirtless all the time. Jani tells Joe she didn't leave her daughter alone all summer to let Dan win, so he has to go. She thinks if they can survive the first couple of weeks intact, they are in a good position. That's another benefit of keeping the focus on Dan's team, it keeps the attention off her team.

9:55pm BBT - Joe wants Frank to go and Jani agrees, but then there's getting Dan out of the house. Jani is already talking about Willie in the finals. Seems a little premature to me. The BY crew now talking about food poisoning and anti-freeze. I don't want to know anymore. Jani talking about why Jeff lost in BB11. Whispering makes it hard to hear why she thinks he lost.

9:58pm BBT - Now Dan talking about being eaten by wolves. Jani & Joe keep going back and forth over Kara vs Frank. Outside the conversation moves on to snakes. Dani is not in favor. The topic seems to be horrible ways to die. Ian 's choice is to be bitten by cotton mouth snakes in the Bayou. At least you would die quickly, brit says.

10:00pm BBT - Brit talking about being burnt alive, talks about someone on a reality show who was severely burned and how they followed his recovery, removing the burnt skin. Thankfully, FotH before we hear more.

10:04pm BBT - Just before FotH, Joe was telling Jani about Willie's prison time for beating up his Ex's new lover. Violence must run in the Hantz gene pool. Jani thinks Mike things Willie is dumb but she thinks he's smart. Brit now talking about wolfman syndrome where you have hair all over your body and face. Dani now telling a story of a baby-eating ferret.

10:06pm BBT - Ashley makes up the next question - what nice thing would you do for each person in the house. It's Kumbaya in the BY. We haven't seen the KT gang for a while. Willie grabs a cig and lights up.

10:10pm BBT - Joe & Jani discuss coach's twists. He thinks the coaches are going to have to swap teams at some point. He says Mike is working hard to spread disinformation about the other HG. Jani thinks Dani is the bigger thinker. Joe thinks Kara has a social disability, would love to face her in front of a jury. Now Joe talking about parties and dropping celeb names.

10:15pm BBT - Joe & Jani decide to go downstairs, pretending they have been talking Chess all this time as they head down. Ian heads into the KT. Jani & Joe point at someone downstairs and joke he's got to go. Could not see who they were pointing at. BY crew now playing Chuck, Stuck or Fk. They are putting a lot of thought into this. Ian apologizes to his mother for the F word. Fabio has a shirt on now. He is nuking something to drink in the KT, his hair up in a ponytail.

10:19pm BBT - "Going downstairs to talk" was Joe speak for getting something to eat. The game is now working on former HG. Inside, Joe and Shane and the KT crew are talking about Eric, the Saboteur. Wil joins the game outside. They are giving him guys to do.

10:28pm BBT - Frank is into the chips in the KT. So is JoJo. Lots of FotH on feeds, the game continues on BBAD. Mike heads into KT to get the rest of the house to play the Chuck, Stuck or Fk game, having run through everyone outside. Mike is making himself a PBJ sandwich. JoJo doesn't know who Margaret Thatcher is, says Meryl Streep is very attractive.

10:32pm BBT - It's just Shane and JoJo in the KT. Jenn joins them, washing a bowl. Willie lights up another outside. FotH. HG all getting along with each other well. Ian inside now talking with JoJo and Shane, talking movies & stars. Everyone else outside on the couches around the fire pit now.

10:37pm BBT - Shane advises Ian on how much powder to scoop for a protein shake. Shane now laying prostrate on the deco stools at the KT counter as Ian shakes his shake. Shane jokes, Ian was that your condom in the bathroom? Ian says no. Shane says yeah, you would have thrown that way where no one would see it. They are continuing to joke sexually with him. No one is crass enough to jack off in the shower, he says. Shane says at least no one would admit it.

10:39pm BBT - Ian doesn't see the point of jacking off into a condom. JoJo says it's sanitary. Brit and Janelle conference in the HoH room, trying to work out the schedule. They are trying to figure out when the jury starts. They use bobbi pins to represent HG and gummi bears to represent the coaches.

10:43pm BBT - Brit thinks that they will throw the coaches into the HG game to stave off forming the jury. Willie joins them and they change what they are counting with the bobbi pins. Jani says JC will announce when the jury forms and the HG will know something is up when she doesn't. They barely have enough time to get rid of Dan, 2 more evictions. Brit thinks there will have to be some double eliminations.

10:54pm BBT - The same game continues downstairs around the firepit. Jani & Brit continue to conspire against Dan in the HoH. Jani is not completely sold on getting Dan out first, doesn't want Mike to escape their fury but Brit is sure Dan must go first. Jani says they are making deals in Week 1 and none of them will last. Dan gets up and heads off somewhere. Brit is convinced the coaches will be put into the game at some point. Jani is afraid the HG will feel played. Brit says that's why they have to just nudge a little, then play really dumb when it happens.

10:58pm BBT - Dan and Shane and Willie are in the HT. Brit thinks Frank is smart enough to recognize sticking with Boogie is a bad idea. Jani says he may be a beach bum but he's smart. Wil (Fabio) called to to the DR. Frank is living in his grandma's house, Jani says. Brit says they have to do what is best for themselves. Jani says but at what point do the guys realize we are taking them out?

11:02pm BBT - Their ace in the hole is that Boogie is hated by fans so the HG need to target him/his team. In the HT, they are talking about guys getting a vasectemy. Willie has had the procedure - he can't afford the 2 kids he has, doesn't want more unless he can afford them, then wants to be able to have the procedure reversed. He says he hasn't been a great dad.

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Guest georgectv

2:00-2:20am bbt

Shane/Dani have been flirting for a while in the zebra room. Brit has been giving Ian dating advice, aided by Dan. Brit role-played with Ian, getting Ian to ask her out on a date. Brit keeps 'dumbing down' her character, and Ian keeps breaking character to say this is hard/difficult for him to do. Wil joins the role-play and steals the date from Ian. Brit asks Ian to rate himself, scale 1-10, and Ian considers himself a 6.8. Brit says he needs to think of himself as a 10.

In the HOH room, Jani/Willie are discussing strategy, mainly Jani bothered by Boogie. They feel they have blocked Dan/Boogie's moves at this point.

Jani:But if they are in power next week.. oh boy! We'll have to go downstairs and be nice to Dan and Boogie!

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2:25am bbt

Willie asks Jani if there were fights early on in BB6, so she explains some highlights of BB6 to Willie.

Dan/Brit are still giving Ian coaching advice for his dating life.

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Between 11-2 it is all coversations on repeat

Jani and Joe, Frank and Willie, and Frank/Joe/Jenn all confirming they need to wipe out Dans team at seperate times. They are not scared of Kara they are scared of Dan and now Kara knows it and has dicussed it with Dan. Idle chit chat dominates the rest of the house.

We open with Jani telling Joe that Dan's got to go and that no one likes boogie either. Discussion goes on about possible twists wioth coaches switching teams and Houseguests coming back this goes on for about an hour.

From 12-2

This time is full of willie reconfirming with Frank their deal for Frank to be safe this week in return Frank will not go after Willie.They agree they hate coaches twist cause its making everyone play harder and faster then ever before. Willie says he has logic on his side and can use it to show how there is no need to go for him or Frank by saying it makes more sense to wipe out dan then go for Ian. Feel getting Ian out would be good idea because he will do better at question comps. Frank goes inside and has exact same conversation with Joe and Jenn about getting rid of Dans team then Ian. Joe suggest they all stick together and leave coaches out of it. Also an important note Willie tells Frank he is Rusself brother to earn his trust and to say he is not the jerk he was made out to be and he was loyal so Willie would like to play like his brother.

Meanwhile Wil tells Kara he can try to sway shane and Jojo but it will still be a tie and willie will send her home anyway. She learns that its all because of dan already being down a man and wiping him out. Goes into have not room and tells dan this. That is the total amount of game talked from 11-2

As for the fun stuff, Shane and Dani flirt all night playing slapsies, goofing around together, and laying in have not room discussing sharing a bed when they are no longer have nots, She warns Sane that she is a cuddler he is perfectly ok with it. Dan beats Jani at chess twice before giving Kara his nightly pep talk. Brit spends the night teaching Ian how to flirt with women and ask them out. They role play a ton of scenarios that all involve Ian and brit flirting awkwardly. Jani joins in for one role play while Dan and Wil offer advice from sidelines as well and we learn that Ian has crushes on Angie from dans season and Kristen from Brits season. Everyone else in house seems to have settled down for the night and game talk is relatively over

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9:08 AM BBT: Mike is spearheading a rant about people not cleaning up after themselves. He, JoJo, Joe, Frank, and Ian are outside complaining about the ants that have invaded the kitchen. They are mostly targeting the women who don't clean up at all, especially Britney and Janelle.

JoJo: "You know they don't treat their own houses like that."

Mike: "Of course not! Do you think their husbands are going to let them roll like that?!"

Mike makes a joke about how the Real Housewives of Big Brother are a sorry excuse for women.

JoJo: "They don't make women like they use to."

9:14 AM BBT: Inside Wil and Danielle are cleaning the dishes.

Frank comes in the kitchen and yells at "Ted" that he is suppose to be watching over the kitchen and shouldn't let the ants in.

9:21 AM BBT: Willie pulls JoJo into the SR and tells her not to buy in to Mike's rant about the dishes. He is just trying to start trouble in the house because his person is on the block and he better not come and attack Britney. He knows what he is up to and JoJo agrees with him (even though she was getting hyped up with Mike).

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You really didnt miss a thing. General chat.

Joe told Jani about Frank wanting an alliance and him feeling safe this week. How Frank plans on going after Shane and Willie next. Jani says we have to tell Willie and at 11:10AM BBT we get Trivia.

11:40am BBT still Trivia...POV meeting going on.

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Veto NOT used.

Brit , Joe, Janelle, and Ashley (????) are now discussing who to boot now.

Janelle et al. decide frank "really needs to freaking go."

Janelle doesn't want to tell anyone else about the switch, and let Dan continue to think Kara is going. Janelle thinks a blind side is necessary. They think that Boogie will be rattled. Brit asks if they should try to make a deal with Dan, Janelle says no.

Brit: there's no way Frank would get rid of anyone on their side of the house. We can't trust Kara either. If she won, she'd totally put up our side of the house. If we take out Frank, they have NO physical chance. Janelle and I can at least relate to Kara, so we have a better chance of swaying her nominations if she did get hoh.

Janelle: absolutely, absolutely.

Brit and Janelle lament that leaving Dan with 2 could come back to bite them later on, and they hate leaving him in, but "this" has to be dealt with.

Janie and Brit: he's really, really good.

Brit: he left the room and I was in a mist.


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While feeds were off, Ian asked out Ashley on a date.

Willie and Kara now talking in HoH, many of the others outside laying by the pool.

Kara just talking about how she hates talking in front of people.

Willie advises Kara to lay low this week and ride it out, he thinks shes in a good spot.. Kara said he'd put out Ian and Jenn because he wants Mike Boogie out, and Ian terrifies her.

Willie: if you did that, that'd be excellent.

Willie: lets say Ian wins, and puts me up with somebody-- would you vote for me to stay?

K: yes.

W: you promise? Because I'm doing you a solid this week?

K: yes.

W: and if Danielle won, you think she'd do the same?

K: yeah I mean I think she'd go the same way I did.

W: lets just go on a week to week basis, get this done. I'm not saying final 2 deal or anything, I'm just saying week by week.

K: I'm in debt to you if you save me, and I'd return the favor. I think that's fair, just go week to week.

W: just keep it LOW, just don't go around scattering, it'll just hurt you. Don't go getting Dan all riled up, leave it alone.

K: yeah, ok, yes.

W: I'm not saying this is 100% made up or anything.

Willie just wants Kara's vote if he's up next week, or if she's HoH not to put him up. Kara just agreeing. Willie doing 95% of the talking.

W:PLEASE don't go around telling Dan, because Dan's going to ask you. Just say he's still not 100%, which is true I'm not 100% yet. I really would like for you to stay in this game, and I want to trust you so bad.

Meanwhile, in the storage room, Boogie, Frank and Shane are confident Frank is staying this week.

They split up after a brief meeting.

Now the house is buzzing with lunch, laying out by the pool, etc. Talk of Ashley's slop date tonight with Ian, etc.

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Boogie and Ian now conferencing. They believe "duckgate" is now water under the bridge.

Boogie is praising Ian for trying to downplay his intelligence after he rattled off all 14 seasons of bb evictions .

Janelle joins, Janelle and Boogie talk about how great Monica (season 2) is, and that Janie hung out a lot with her when she lived in NYC.

Janelle lived in Miami and NYC. She'd fly out to Miami and would waitress on the weekend, then flew out to NYC and sold real estate during the week.


Inside, Dan and Kara conference.

Discussing how awkward Kara feels about Boogie asking her out on a date. Kara tells Dan the answer is NO, but she feels so weird and awkward around him.

K: never in a million years. I was cracking up.

Dan advises that she should tell him she told her family she wouldn't get involved in a showmance.

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1:13 PM BBT -- not much happening. Kara and Jenn discussing tattoos in one of the bedrooms, others making/ eating lunch and laying outside.

Dan and Willie now in HoH --- but can't hear because BB is giving us the FOTH music instead of the actual audio. So I can see but not hear them.

1:29 BBT Their conversation has ended with a handshake (again, I can't hear I can only see)

1:30 BBT Willie and Joe talk (no audio)

1:34 the convo ends with laughter and a handshake. Still no audio.

Everyone is outside on the couches.

(I'm leaving now , I can't deal with not having audio!)

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2:11 BBT: Janelle explains to JoJo and Kara how live feeds work. Kara is surprised that we can hear them talking. Janelle explains there's probably a camera on them, and a camera on the people by the pool (true!)

Outdoors, Ian, Frank, and Jenn talk about food they miss from certain places. Giving bars and restaurants shout outs.


Kara has only seen BB from season 8 on. Kara and JoJo are excited to watch Janelle and Dan's seasons now that they know them. Janelle says she gained a lot of weight in both seasons because all there is to do is eat.

Talking about presequester, Jojo bought herself bottles of wine from room service and Janelle bought herself 2 little bottles on the 4th of July. They liked being served.

Kara thought she would be on Janelle's team. Janelle thought production was going to pick the teams FOR the coaches, "because they didn't really tell us how it was going to work" --FOTH.

Jojo saying haters from her real life are probably spreading things all over the internet about her, Janelle tells them that people that didn't like her who she went to HS with posted all over the internet about how dumb she was, and how she was such a dork in high school etc.

Jojo: keep on hating, bitches.

Jojo goes on to say she only really has two enemies, and we get FOTH.

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2:22 BBT Brit, Willie, Dan, Ashley discuss twitter.

Dan didn't have twitter when he got out, so he says he needs to talk to Brit about that. Brit tells them as soon as they get out how many people comment all over their tweets, etc.

Brit sent one of her followers on twitter (15 years old) who defends her all the time money to buy the live feeds for this season as soon as she knew she was on this season.

Willie says Jeff has the most followers out of the people on BB.

Willie asks Brit how many people are watching the feeds right now, she has no idea. Dan and Brit say people watch every year and it has to be making money. Ashley asks how the live feeds work. Dan "the producers select 4..." FOTH.

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Willie doesn't have a twitter. Producers asked Ashley to deactivate her twitter account.

Brit says that their families should create their twitter before someone takes their name and tries to sell it to them.

Brit says they are only famous to a small select group of people, and sometimes they get a casino offer for 1,000 and real alcohol.

Dan said he was messed up in the head for 2-3 months after BB because he was obsessed with responding to people, up til 6am every night. He said it was different winning because you don't know who is real or not. He was glad his life went back to normal.

Brit said the show didn't help her get a job at all after the show.

Brit used all of her twitter followers to negotiate wedding vendors down, and it worked.

Dan said someone from his season is completely different after the show (doesn't say who)

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12:33pm BBT - Mike and Kara conference in one of the bedrooms, Mike saying tomorrow is his birthday and he's inviting Kara on a date. She says she'll think about it. In HoH, Brit telling her team that they have Joe's vote. She does not mention her alliance with Janelle. Mike returns to the KT with a catbird smile. Kara too. Is she the new Erika? Brit telling her team that they have 2 of the only 4 physical threats in the game. They worry about Ian in any mental comp.

12:36pm BBT - Brit is down stairs but her team is still strategizing. Jo says she needs to get to know Kara better. If they decide to keep her, they want to have a good relationship with her. Willie says they have to win HoH or one of them will be going home. Jo is turning to the bible because she really believes in that. Willie says as long as Team brit and Team Jani go back and forth winning HoH, they are good. Brit taking to Jani & Joe in the side room, filling them on on the HoH talk, reinforcing their relationship. Ashley is there as well. HG splitting up between KT and BY.

12:40pm BBT - Brit says at least Dan does his own dirty work. She is talking about how manipulating Mike is. Ashley says this is all so Mafia, talking about who to take out when. Brit puts out the idea of trying to win Ian over away from Mike, but Jani doesn't think he'll budge. Brit says if they take out Frank, then the other side (Dan/Mike) has no physical game at all. Brit says that all Mike has done is badmouth Dan.

12:42pm BBT - A plan is forming. Jani proposes telling Dan that Kara is going, but telling Mike & Frank that Kara is going, then blindside both during the live show. But Brit now thinks maybe they can made a deal with Dan to go after Mike. Jani says no, the guys can't be trusted to keep any deals. What to do, what to do? Mike and Dan sittout out on the BY couches oblivious to the side room strategizing going on, general chit chat.

12:44pm BBT - Apparently Dan wants Ian to ask Ashley out on a slop date and Mike is going along with it. Ian is not so excited about the idea. Ian sportign flourescent green plastic sunglasses. Kids' style these days. The same convo going around in circles in the side room.

12:53pm BBT - Extended FotH for the last 10m. Feeds come back with Willie & Kara in HoH, Dan, Brit, Mike and Ian out by the BY couches, working on Ian's dating style. Kara says she hates speaking in front of people. Jani comes walking through HoH, apparently she was in the WC. Brit suggests Ian use some Willie's HoH Axe. Mike suggests talking to their private chef (Joe) on a menu. Ian says well, it's something to do.

12:56pm BBT - Kara tells Willie that Ian terrifies her. Kara and Willie are talking who would they vote for and nom. Kara tells Willie she won't vote for him. They make a weekly deal. After he nominates her, he tells her he's doing her a solid by keeping her. Dan called into DR. Brit thinks Ian needs a tan or some bronzer. Kara says she is indebted to Willie, won't nom or vote him.

1:01pm BBT - Ian is encouraged to take this seriously, it's not a house activity but a real date. Take it from three happily married coaches, they say. Mike pulls Frank into the SR for a chat. Mike was worried Shane would use PoV on Kara but he thinks they have a good chance now. Frank thinks Joe will float with the house but Mike suggests talking with Willie. Shane interrupts and makes sure there are no hard feelings from PoV. Mike suggests an alliance. The Brigade is reborn. Wil comes in to grab some juice and then scampers out again.

1:07pm BBT - Willie & Kara break it up. Shane tells Mike and Frank as long as he and Frank keep winning HoH... Willie walks in and the meeting is broken up. Mike tells Kara about Ian's Slop Date with Ashley. Is he trying to distract the house from his Machiavellian plans? Ashley puts in a menu request for tonight. Ian and Mike talk a bit of game, Ian feels his situation is improving. Mike agrees that he did something good today (not sure what).

Ian is worried he is coming off too smart. Mike says anytime someone mentions that, just go into self-deprecation mode. Frank and Willie swap out the ice trays in the SR. Mike & Jani talk about Monica, hope she is watching the feeds and know she is awesome. They talk about Jani's 2 years living in NY. Willie and Frank taking over fruit in the SR, Willie says all plans are to keep him but he's not responsible if plans fall apart. They go back into the house.

1:12pm BBT - Dan talking to Kara in the blue bedroom, Dan wants to know what Mike wanted. Kara says she felt very awkward (about Mike's birthday date request). She is whispering, says she didn't want to laugh in Mike's face. Joe talking about having a showmance with a teddy bear. Jenn now in bedroom so Dan and Kara have to curb their conversation a bit. Dan tells her to put her suit and sandals on and come out to the pool. He leaves. Jenn also says she should lay out. Kara wants to put makeup on. Whatever makes you feel good, Jenn says, she should do it.

1:17pm BBT - Jenn is telling Kara about her tatoos. Her mother didn't mind as long as she got good grades. But she also got into fights and pranks. Kara tells a phony tattoo story about her ex BF and we get FotH. Feeds come back but with FotH music over video. Dan and Willie talking in HoH but I don't read lips, so can't tell what they are saying. Jenn and Kara still having a bonding moment in the blue BR. Come on BB, don't you pay attention to the signal you are sending out?

1:21pm BBT - Jo and Shane having a chat in the KT as Shane is breaking eggs into a mixer. Can't hear what they are saying because we STILL HAVE FOTH MUSIC!!!

1:24pm BBT - Shane is apparently reading a recipe or some other laminated BB document as he prepares his dish. Maybe not eggs. Looks like he is sprinkling something onto cookie size portions on the tray. Jani, Mike and Frank are talking in the BY. Again, we don't know what they are saying. Dan and Willie still talking shop in HoH.

1:37pm BBT - Joe & Willie having a talk in the side room, but it's like watching a silent movie. Where's the dog? Jani sunbathing by the pool along with Danielle. Jani is rubbing lotion all over her body. All over. Whatever Joe & Willie had to say, they are done. Britney sitting in the stage. Joe changing clothes in the shower stall. Still no audio. Frank putting lotion on Ian's very untanned back. Ian isn't in bad shape for a thin, nonathletic egghead. If he started pumping iron he could turn this into a transformative summer.

1:41pm BBT - Willie out on the BY couches with a cig in hand. He, Jen, Jo, Frank and Mike lounging around the fire pit. Is Willie the only smoker this season? Joe sits down by the pool, danging his feet in the water just a yeard away from Jani. Shane greasing up in the WC. Kara milling about as well, performing the ol' change-into-a-swim-suit-under-a-sweater trick. Shane leaving no spot unlotioned. After all that work by Frank, Ian takes a seat on the couch in the shade. Then he gets up again to grab a towel, which he lays on the couch and sits on.

1:46pm BBT - Audio has returned! Finally somebody woke up the master control operator. BY crew talking honor movies. Jenn taks off her shawl and goes straight bikini top. Shane and Kara now talking game, playing what if Frank stays, laying out reasons to keep her. JoJo comes into WC area. She doesn't want to lay out either. Instead she's brushing her teeth. Shane heading outside, only makes it as far as the KT with Kara.

1:49pm BBT - They continue their private convo while JoJo brushes her teeth in the WCA. Shane plays the game, what if we make a deal to save you and this happens, or that happens or the other happens. FotH.

1:51pm BBT - Most everyone appears to be outside either around the pool getting some sun, or around the fire pit on the couches.

1:56pm BBT - Kara & Wil come outside. Mike fell asleep while he was in the shade and woke up in the sub. He heads inside. Still movie talk around the couches and in the pool, though separate conversations.

2:03pm BBT - I think we are on auto-pilot for the rest of the afternoon. The only thing to get the HG out from the BY couches and pool is food. Which is what brought Jani, Shane, Wil, Britney and Kara in to the KT.

2:18pm BBT - Over the last 15 minutes, this is what you've missed. Ian has not moved into the sun, but the sun is creeping on Ian. Kara didn't really learn abotu BB until the end of All Stars but thought Janie was beautiful. Jani tells JoJo, Kara and Will about bubble baths and shaving and how the cameras work (zooming in and out, following a HG around). We'll be back in another 15 minutes with a new thrilling update.

2:34pm BBT - Ian. Finger + Nose + Mouth =/= Good Feed. Janie tells a story how she was not an in girl growing up in HS. She says haters are going to hate, but that doesn't make them right. Brit and Dan held forth on fan interaction online after they left the house. There's a KT crew, a BY pool group and a BY couch group. Pool talk turns to how popular Jeff and Jordan are.

2:52pm BBT - Dan tells Brit that after winning his season, he spent 3 nights reading email and responding to people but it was hard knowing who was real and who was fake when they contacted him. Willie thought you needed a visa to visit Hawaii. That's just Alabama and Mississippi, Willie. Jani plays the protective mother, cautioning Kara and Dani about Boogie's "homance" with Erika during All Stars. She wants to make sure none of the girls will trust him or fall for his lines, he's using the same strategy for his team that he used to win BB7.

2:57pm BBT - Jani continues to bash Boogie, saying he's a good leader but a dirty player, just warming up. Kara tells her that Dan isn't sure Kara is staying. Danielle think Shane is a cute flirt but Janelle cautions against a showmance. Outside of Brenchel and JeJo, a showmance never got you anywhere in the game.

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3:30PM BBT

Willie and Janelle in HOH room. Janelle tells Willie he needs to trust them for HOH and Willie thinks he's good. Janelle thinks Kara and Danielle are more trustworthy than Frank - FISH.

3:33PM BBT

Janelle says it was good Joe told them this b/c it was good information and that Joe's a good guy b/c he could have played both sides. Janelle doesn't want the info to go around the house about who's leaving. Willie says something and points to the HOH TV screen. He says they showed a picture of - FISH (I think he said the name Danielle)

3:37 BBT

Wil is now in the HOH room. Wil says Kara told him that Frank tells her every night that he's after...? They say they have to take it with a grain of salt but how it's more believable b/c Joe said it. Willie said people are scrambling and it's only week one.

They say that Dan has gotten Danielle to start cleaning and doing stuff and Janelle says Dan is working those girls hard. Willie asks Wil who he wants gone next and he says Ian. He'd put up Ian and a pawn, either Danielle or Jenn. Janelle says that if they win the next two weeks, they can get rid of whichever team they want, b/c the coach will go with the last HG on their team.

Willie says Boogie is not talking to him but how Boogie is talking to Shane. Jani says it's b/c Boogie thinks Shane can be influenced b/c of his relationship with Danielle. Wil brings up the possibility of the coaches being switched up on their teams and how certain people are being nice to others. Jani says no matter what, even if the coaches and teams and are switched up, they need to stay together no matter what.

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3:43 BBT

Willie says he'd put up Ian and Jenn if he had the chance next week. If one won POV, he'd have to make a decision then.

Wil says that Kara told her that Danielle doesn't let Kara talk that much when they are together and how Kara is pissed off and aggreavated at Danielle.

Wil asked why the TV was off and Jani says it broke. Willie says Danielle's picture came on the screen in a frame thing and FISH.

3:49 BBT

Jani is talking about the blindside on eviction night. She says something about Willie should say ___ is a mother-f*cking liar and how it'd be great TV. She says that when she dooped Boogie during allstars and she evicted Dr. Will, Boogie's face dropped in shock and she wants to see that again. Willie says that'd put a big target on his back. Janielle says that he can say 'Frank, b/c you've been lying to the whole house, I vote to evict your ass, you lumberjack' Jani says Ian and Jenn are so confident that Frank is staying. Jani is really pushing for Willie to make a big deal on Thursday and Willie is just not having it.

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4:19 BBT

Wil, Willie, Ian, Danielle, Ashley and Joe in the HT. They say Dan is the only one to vote someone out of the house so far. Danielle says when Jodi came back for the photoshoot, she wouldn't talk to Danielle or Kara. (would this be the outside HG shot with the mentors behind the towel?)

Dan and Kara talking in the bedroom. Jojo and Janelle are taking a bath in the HOH room.

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3:03-Willie and Dan talking dieting in KT moving on to men attacking women and how they would defend the woman in question Ash says she would tell any man off then walk away and cry

3:05-Dani breifly talks about Ian thinking he was cast to be the villian and saying he knows everything about BB but is completely innocent then back to bashing Boogie and his flirtatious behavior saying he's not even attractive.

3:10- Willie In KT telling Dan that he used to be addicted to drugs when he was in construction. Dan asked him what made him stop Willie says he ODed and will never touch it again. Willies drug of choice was Speed

3:15=Jani and Dani talking about how they will lay into Boogie if he attacks any women in the house and Jani constantly calling Boogie psycho. Saying him picking Ian makes no sense Jani thinks Boogie saw something in him and that He could mold Ian

3:15-Willie moved to join the BY crew around the firepit where they are making small talk about going back to school and skipping school

3:23- The lounge crew of Dani Jani and Kara are discussing blonds vs brunetts saying Jani saying blonds get noticed first but brunettes get long term. Jani then says Joe should cook a romantic dinner for Shane and Dani. Dani turns red then changes subject to how awkward Dan is with women. They then break up the chat and disperse into the KT

3:30-In Hoh Jani recaping Lounge conversation with the girls telling him just talk of showmances. He tells Jani their team needs to win and he feels like he is on the outs

3:36- Ash and Jenn in BY talking about how bein in house affects mood and Jenn says when something bothers her that never would outside of house she just goes to bed Ash agrees and says finally starting to get used to being in pain from being have not

3:37-Meanwhile in Hoh Willie and Jani discussing having Joe around and thet they think he is loyal and not playing every angle in the house

3:42-Got Foth for a second then come back to Shane and Dani talking about the comp and Shane playfully messes with Dani saying could have helped teammate with dollars but noooo. In Hoh Jani telling Wil and Willie we have to blindside Frank and Boogie this week to start taking out Boogie. Jani asks Wil who he would go for next week if he wins. Says he would go for Ian next week.

3:47-Shane now telling Dani wants Kara here and Frank gone says Dani should look down the line at what other twists can be like changing teams . Tells her she might want to think of jumping to a stronger team. Dani says Frank told her that he is going after Shane and his team if he stays.

3:54-Jani telling Willie to make good tv and send Frank out and make it a good show and make a great speech. Says to tell Frank you are playing the house you have to go and send him home. Willie is hesitant and doesn't want a target on his back. Says wants to blindside Boogie and Frank with a 7-0 vote instead. someone tell him there are 8 voters

4:01- Willie convinced them to let the vote go 5-3 and let Joe be the swing vote because Joe is dying to play the game they think it all if a fun idea and Willie is satisfied not being center of attention

4:03-Shane and Dani still talking about keeping Kara and saying he really wanted to take her off the block today that it's just too early in the game to make that kind of move

4:10- Jani and Jojo getting in Hoh bath together cant hear them talking as wter is running. Willie joining Ian and Joe in HT Talking possible twists with two people coming back

4:13-Danni and Wil join HT crew showing off her bumps and brusies from veto

4:16- in bath Jani appears to be securing JoJos vote for Frank and Jojo talking about how Dani annoys her by being loud and doesnt appreciate Dani wanting a showmance with Shane. Possible competition for Shane between Jojo and Dani

4:23-feeds switch to Dan and Kara making small talk about guys asking Kara out.

4:30-All feeds now on Jani and Jojo in bath Jojo talking about how she will be nice to everyone even if she dislikes them its how you play the game. Talking about how Willie is over confident and they need to be prepared for a loss. dicussing loyalty saying Joe is loyal and their allience just needs to stick together while being confident

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about 4:40BBT Shane, Jojo and Jani talk in the crane room. Jani: Willie must have told Frank he was safe this week. Shane says their plan is prob me this week and Willie next week. Frank played Willie. Willie is furious. Jani says she has their back even tho she isnt on their team. Shane has more confidence going against Kara in HOH then Frank. Jani: Mikes going to be shocked on Thursday. (Frank is on Mikes team)

They go up to the HOH and Joe tells Willie Frank said he was going to thro Willie/Shane under the bus. Willie gets over loaded and walks out. Wil says we came after him with Kara and now Frank he is now 50/50.

Willie comes back. I am honest with everyone here and someone is finagling. Something is going on, someone is not being honest. They all say they have been honest. Willie says someone has a deal with Kara.

Brit says she has felt a bit alone today. Willie says it feels like ppl are segregating. The deal was with us not outside the group. Feels like we are already plotting against each other weeks down the road. Would be best to not be cornered with the other teams.

Willie explains how every place he has gone today there has been whispering or ppl from this group talking to ppl from others group. Jani says maybe we should just stop talking to the other side. Willie says we socialize but no separate rooms.

Willie says he will vote out every other single person before he will vote out one of them. Joe says lets make a pact to not vote out anyone in this room until all the others are gone. (that’s Brits team and Janis team members in the room)

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6:05-Brit feeling like she is baited to talk about people from her season like Rach and feels deeply disrespected by Dan talking about things with Lane because Lane is engaged and she is married, Talking with Shane and Ash

6:08- Jenn is in sneaker room talking about Djing gigs shes done for famous bands so we keep getting Foth

6:20 we were back briefely with Willie Jani Shane Jojo and Ash all talking about Joe and how he will vote the Foth again

6:24- We are back and Hoh crew has moved into KT Talking about sunday show being over for east coast

6:26- Dan asking Jen about the songs she plays to get people to leave clubs and songs no one likes apparently everyone loves tool

6:30-everyone else except Boogie (i never see him??) watching Joe cook in KT trying to learn from him. He is giving a few pointers. Brit says corn hole game is under repair was broken earlier

6:33-Found Boogie as dinner is served!

6:38- looks like chicken tuna mashed potatoes and zucchini...making this updater pretty hungry. also said a little prayer before starting to eat. Now joe answering questions about his cooking

6:47-Jojo Jani and Willie are done eating and head to BY while Jani bashes Dan saying hers trying to make her fat so she wont compete

6:49- Ian in BY now talking about how pumped he is for his date with Ash tonight, its at 9 apparently

6:58 Joe and Jani walking in the BY talking about how fast things are going saying what im guaranteed two more weeks right? because of the plan to wipe the boy coaches out and saying Jani is forsure here 30 more days

7:00-Willie and Ash in HT talking too low to hear

7:05- Willie and Ash are talking bout the next hoh think it will be questions and that they have a strong chance of winning

7:10- Willie asking Ash what she would do if she won HoH Told him Dani to see what she would do and a name I did not hear which seemed to please Willie because he finished the conversation and got out of the HT

7:15-all HG on BY around fire pit talking about alcohol preferences except Jani and Joe who are in BY doing laps. Wil says gin is like Christmas in your mouth

7:19- Joe telling Jani that he watches everyone saying he pays attention to all stories looks at everyones stuff so come jury time you cant say he didnt know you or play the game. Brit and Kara now working out with them

7:30- the boys Dan and Joe are helping Ian by telling him they will make him look good for the big night with Ash and Ash said she is going to go in so she can be doe eyed and fresh faced for the big night

7:35- Dan talks about being in a holding room before the show and we get Foth

7:37-Jani in the KT gave @mortystv a big shout out!!!!! Thanks Janelle

7:52 Feeds seem to be fixed All feeds on BY on the couches Joe and Jojo are talking kids and their features and piercings

7:55- The workout kids Frank Kara and Wil are playing some sort of alphabet game with i guess a word that means big for ever letter of the alphabet

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8:29 PM BBT: Janelle, Britney, and Ian in the kitchen talking about fun dates they have been on including mini golf, zoo, etc.

Joe comes in to begin preparing the slop dessert for Ashley and Ian's date.

Ian: "It's just a casual date, just a couple thousand people watching."

Joe: "Are you going to kiss on the first date?"

Ian: "No."

Joe: "Maybe when you walk her home. You have to walk her home!"

Ian goes to the DR.

Britney: "Ian is totally nervous. They aren't kissing; we advised him to do a nice hug."

Joe: "Oh, Ok."

Britney: "I won't be drinking tonight."

Janelle: "Why because of the zanex?" (Britney shakes her head). (Earlier Britney whispered without a mic to Janelle about something the DR gave her, now we know.)

Britney: "If we do ladies night, you can have my drinks. Although I don't think we should do ladies night because there are some ladies who shouldn't be drinking." (People have discussed how JoJo gets a little feisty when drinking)

8:50 PM BBT: The HGs got alcohol.

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