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Did The Glass House Contestant Jacob Leave Because Of Gay-Webcam Past?


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From the web site qwerty.com:

Queerty reader Andrew sent us in a tip about Jacob, the cute contestant on ABC’s The Glass House, who mysteriously left the Big Brother-like reality show after just a single episode.

Andrew writes:

There has never been an official reason stating what happened to Jacob that I know of. But perhaps someone recognized him as Jake Weston on
Can-AmMen.com’s live webcam shows
and the producers kicked him off?

In these images, and the ones below, you can see Jacob and “Jake Weston” look strikingly similar and sport the same intricate tattoo on their left arm.

If Jacob, a 28-year-old from Oregon, is indeed the same lad that’s appearing in solo videos on the Canadian gay porn site—and the photo evidence is fairly convincing—we gotta believe ABC knew and just didn’t care.

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Guest 6Borders

The tattoo is pretty telling.

There has been a lot of chatter and speculation about why he left but so far it's been just that.

I don't know why ABC would care or why he would care that someone found out about the videos...sheesh you can't keep anything quiet no the net so he would have to know it would surface (if indeed it is Jacob).

One rumor is the video is of his twin or brother and they have the same tat.

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