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Which HG's do you like the best and who do you think was the most successful?

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This thread is devoted to top ten housguests. Its probably been done a lot but I want to do it again so feel free to post. They can be ranked in order of skill, the funniest, the worst, the biggest criers, or even the most nap takers. I just want to see who ranks what houseguest where and on what terms. I will start with my opinion on top ten skilled players. Depending on response level I'll will pop in with other top tens. Lets get started!

10. Hayden Moss (BB12 winner)- I like most was not a fan of the Bra-gade alliance but I callenge any of you to name a time Hayden lied or was disloyal. He won the honest way which is usually unheard of in bb.

9. Nakomis (BB5 and briefly on all stars)- Her all stars perfomance sucked so I am here to talk about season 5. I'm not a huge fan of her and a lot of people today don't remeber her but shes made big moves. she came up with the 6 finger plan that demolished the 4 horseman and without her none of us would know what the term "back door" would even mean in terms of the game.

8. Alison (BB4 and all stars first out)- BB4 will forever be the season with the sex for the first time but for those of us superfans it was so much more then that. Allison to me was the first ever HG I loved to hate. I loved turning on my tv 3 nights a week and yelling "shut up alison" for an hour. She did what she had to to win she lied and flirted and go tNathan to use POV on her only to stab him in the back the first chance she got. Shes arguably one of the most hated in history but we can't help but watch her also does anyone else remember alison evesdropping from the vase in all stars? hilarious

7. Janelle (BB6 and all stars)- So A lot of people will argue she needed to be higher but i disagree. She won vetos which is epic but not a lot of anything else in season Watching her and howie take on the nerd herd was my favorite thing to watch all season. A lot of people say she was led around by chill town all season and that is true for the most part but. Who turned on will and ot him out of the house? Janelle that's who.

6. Rachel (BB12 and 13)- I'm sure I'll catch flack for this one but you know what? I don't care. Women in this game don't typically do as well in some of the challenges Rachel won. She was hated by a lot of america and 90% of the houseguests but they couldn't get rid of her for the longest time on BB12 and not at all on BB13. She's smarter then she lets on and refused to turn on the vets in BB13 even when brenden thought it was a good idea. She is the pure definition of tenacity even though shes annoying.

5. Danielle Reyes (BB3)- Easily up there with the dans and dr wills except for one thing. She didn't win. Had one of the best most covert alliences of all time. controlled almost every vote with jason. She was also never . Big brothers favorite all time runner up is and forever will be danielle reyes....

4. Drew Daniels (BB5)- Won 3 back to back HOHs and screwed over his girlfriend to take cowboy to final 2 for the easy win. Bros before hoes specially when your bro rode coat tails all game long right? Also to be noted was never nominated before final five and thanks to veto was never up for actual eviction on the live show.

3. Evel Dick Donato (BB8 and not long enough on BB13)- I love evel dick as do most of us. He is the only player to win while tormenting everyone. Everyone!! He also is the only person I've ever seen carry (it wasnt an alliance so much as he straight threw her over his sholder and trudged through the game) someone to final two *caugh* Danielle *caugh*. Evel dick was a jerk and looked out for number one and number two and that was it. He was real. I'm so glad BBAD started his season cause nothing was better then watching Dick talk to himself on the porch all night long pacing.

2. Evil Dr, Will Kirby (BB2 and All stars)- Where to begin. He is all that personifies the game and I'm sure I will catch flack for not making him number one but he is number one in my heart always just as far as skill goes he's number 2 sorry. He straight up told everyone d1 he hated them and would lie to them all. Which he did. He is the only player to win the game without winning a single competition. He crafted chilltown easily the best alliance ever. Did you know the word showmance before him? nope. Love ya will.

1. Dan Gheesling (BB10)- Only unanimous winner in history. won without a single vote against him. Threw competitions to seem weak early on. At the half way point he sent michelle packing and teamed up with memphis. Together they won 8-10 of the last competitions leading dan to victory of season 10 one of the best seasons since season 2.

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My Top 10 Favorite Hamsters to Watch

1. Dr. Will - Season 2. (Handsdown, by far, my favoritest playa EVA!!!)

2. Evel Dick - Season 8

3. Dr. Will - Allstars

4. Janelle - Season 6

5. Janelle - Allstars

6. Dan G. - season 10

7. Nakomis - Season 5 (I literally did not watch the rest of that Season once she left).

8. Danielle - Season 3

9/10. Jeff/Jordan - Season 11. (they are a package deal)

A couple of honorable mentions for memorable (train wreck) players: Marcellus, Chima, Allision, Ivette.

My Alltime least favorites: Jesse (by far), Boogie, Cappy, Maggie, any Natalie

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Good list and I can see how you can argue players twice just different seasons and different styles of play. fun to watch for me goes as follows:

1. DR will...both seasons are amazing.

2. Renny- season 10

3. evil dick-season 8

4. Dan g - season 10

5. Alison- season 4 like i said i loved to watch and hate her.

6. jordan-BB11 and 13 still baffeled at how she got david hasselhoff

7. enzo the meow meow- season 12

8. Jedi howie- season 6 and all stars the busto fight was the best

9. chicken george-season 1 and all stars couldnt help but love the olld guy

10.jace-season 5 and all stars he was a jerk but so ADHD it was hilarious

jessie was boring when in a house and omg maggie=worst winner in bb history in my opinon. america hated her the nerd herd sucked she was boring to watch. her and adam of season 9 worst winners ever

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Guest 6Borders

Strange as it seems, it's hard to come up with 10 I LIKE but here goes (in no particular order):

Dr Will - (Season 2 only - could not stand him after that)

Mike Boogie - (Season 2 only -despised him more than Dr. Will after that)

Bunky - loved him

Jack (the FBI guy)- gotta love a good "buzzard crotch" story

Evel Dick - he kept BBAD from being Big Boring After Dark

Jeff & Jordan - only the 1st time (after that lousy sports & sore losers)

Cappy (the fire captain) - just thought the dude was hilarious

Nakomis - the 6-finger plan was brilliant

I honestly cannot come up with #10

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I did not like Will and I did not start watching until Season 3 and I did not like him or his sidekick in the all start season.

1. Evel Dick because he was evel and did win after treating everyone so badly.

2. Janelle both of her seasons too bad she finished in 3rd place both times.

3. Marcellus I just like him, I think he was a genuine nice person and the only thing he did wrong was to trust Danielle although he should have used the power of veto on himself anyway.


5. Danielle Reyes

6.Shelly Moore you can hate her for turning on Jeff but in my opinion she was playing the best game until Adam ratted her out. She had me confused on what the heck she was doing.


8.Jordon I don't think she is as stupid or clueless as everyone would like to think She knew what was going on. Plus anyone that makes it to the final 2 did play the game whether or not you like the way it was played or not.

9.Rachel loved to hate her and then kinda liked her

10. Renny I loved her

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Aww how can you be an updater and not atleast like ten...I love a lot more then ten most of my favs left early in their seasons.what if will and dick were in the house together? that would be a house to remember but I cant decide if they would work together or hate each other or maybe both! keep top tens coming. love the opinions!

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Guest 6Borders

Aww how can you be an updater and not atleast like ten...I love a lot more then ten most of my favs left early in their seasons.what if will and dick were in the house together? that would be a house to remember but I cant decide if they would work together or hate each other or maybe both! keep top tens coming. love the opinions!

Ok...it's Regan, and equally the guy who was Dani's secret alliance. NOW...ask me who I DON'T like...lol!!!

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Guest 6Borders

who dont you like? *waits for longest forum post ever*

Hehehe...Brenchel, Jessie, Janelle and anyone Grodner brought back a 2nd time, even if I liked them the first time. The rest of the don't-likes were just annoying and not even worth my time.

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Brenchel Drives me insane together but seperated I like brendan and I like rachel. I also Kinda like that grodner brought em back. They won when needed to and got stuck battling the whole house all season. t was nice to see them have an allience with other houseguests and make bonds. Janelle was better the second time around imo. She got out dr will. Jessie is where we completely agree. there are no good things for me to say there so I'll just stop talkin bout him.

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Evel Dick has to be the best player Big Brother has seen ever. He went in and was a jerk to everyone in the house but at the same time he found a way to stay in the house. He gets nominated, wins POV and takes himself off. The other houseguests than figure they would nominate him and Danielle, and one would leave. One of them wins POV and takes themselves off and then Dick would find a way to actually stay in the house. I loved the time Dick was nominated with Danielle and he won POV, he then took Danielle off the block while acting like a jerk to everyone so he gets evicted and he still stays in the house.

Dr. Will manipulated everyone to get as far as he possibly could which worked for him, but when you can be obnoxious to a point where everyone wants you to leave the show and you still stay that to me means you are playing the game better than anyone else. Will was secretly manipulative, while Evel Dick did it in person and in front of everyone.

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I see where you are coming from but Will did some of the same things. I am re watching all-stars in prep for BB14. While I don't think all-stars was wills excellent season he spent so much time complaining it bothered everyone. He told everyone he hated them an asked to be sent home in both seasons. Will also was put on the block 4 times in season 2 there was no veto back then he had to stay on his own merit which he never defended himself. I think Dick is a great player and I don't knock you. I just think it takes more stratgey to be undercover and manipulate while saying you want to go instead of pouring tea on someones head. To me though neither are the best in history. Dan G is the best in history as far as I'm concerned. But in a will vs dick equasion, Will wins hands down for me every time.

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I wanted to see how Evel Dick would perform in the past season where America's Player wouldn't have saved him. I know it was only one vote, but there was a moment that season where if Eric had his way, Dick would have been gone. Did did great in the competitions, but I just don't see him winning that season had Eric had his own will. As for my Top 3 (can't think of 10 off the top of my head) I have to say:

1. Dan (Season 10)

2. Will

3. Danielle

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1. Rachel .. BB12/BB13. Probably my favorite house guest of all time. Insecure, honest (when a lie would sound better),catty, prone to tears, but at the end of the day time and time again she found a way to pull herself together and push through. She was and is a compeitor, and rarely let people try to fly under the radar, and coast. She may not have understood the social aspects of the game until the second half of season 13, but god bless her for wanting people to win, whom actually played, took some risks, and won some compeitions, instead of whom could nice the other house guests to death.

2. Nicole season 2, she got her butt off the eviction block, the good ole fashion way, when there was no such thing as a veto, and the whole house hated her. She got them to flip their vote and save her. She wound up in the finals with Will, but because she did most of the "dirty work" people let Will who was more charming win out. Truthfully I've always felt she should of won over Will, much as I loved Will too.

3. Dr. Will season 2. His charming thing was more annoying during all stars than it was in season 2, but he is definately one of those people who can tell you right to your face he is going to vote you out, and you don't believe him. He has charm in spades.

4. Allison Season 4. That girl was loud, obnoxious, and no body liked her, and yet somehow, she still appealed to me. She managed to use her goodies to her best advantage, against pretty much every guy in the house, even when they suspected it, they still let her do it. Girl had skills.

5. Dani, Season 3. Was under the radar, but an intelligent stratigist instead of just a sleep all day and coast to the end. Diary Rooms ruined her chances IMO.

6. Janelle -- I really didn't like her, heck I really didn't like MOST of season 6. Yet the chemistry of that cast together polarized the whole house, and made for some great tv, near the end she began to gain on me. I list her here, grudgingly because to me, this season will always be tainted by that "malfunctioning" equipment, which has already read to me, like "opps, we didn't get the result we wanted, Janelle will go home because she can't compete this round, so quick we need to redo it so she wins HOH instead of the "NH". After this season/all-stars I found myself losing faith with the production people as the heavy handed nature of the bias just got to be too much for me. I felt they were too invasive so I stopped watching for a few seasons.

7. Dani/Evil Dick as a joint team their season. I don't like Evil Dick's tactics, there are times where he speaks the truth, and other times where he is simply cruel to be cruel, and that really turns me off about him. Dani, I think has a very good grasp of the game, but she holds grudges too long, and can't seem to keep her mind off of romance enough to focus on the game. She should of beat Rachel last season (much as I am a rachel fan) but she couldn't just coast until she had to compete and had to throw the vets under the bus, thus ruining her chances.

8. Lawon/Marcellas -- for me they were not the best players, but they both did really dumb things, to great comedic effect and they totally made their seasons for me in different ways.

9. Jeff and Jordan. I think that they are cute together, and relatively speaking somewhat decent players, but I put them lower on the list, than some, because for me I feel like they are very hypocritcal in their game play. They are very much, we can do whatever we want but if you do the same thing as me, it's on...

10. Diane Season 5. Was actually pretty good at the game, but got blindsided by hormones. She really should of turned on Drew when she had the chance.

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i had Evel Dick as my number 1 and he definately is in my top ten but now that I think about it Eric was America's player and if America had not told Eric to vote out Dustin then Evel Dick would have went home that week no matter what he says. Eric is the person that got the votes for Dick to stay. I think that Evel Dick forgets that when he talks about the game and how people should or should not play.

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That's not all that surprising. People whom are a legend in their own mind (Like Evel Dick) tend to think that everything they accomplish is just because of their own genius. In his defense the people on his season really seriously had to have drank a whole lot of that Kool-Aid. That controversy though, whether or not it was just because of America's player, or whether or not it was all his game play is part of what keeps his legend alive. That and his daughter and him teaming up how they did. /shrug.

He's an interesting and dynamic person, love him or hate him, he's interesting which is why so many people still want to talk about him.

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Casper I highly enjoyed your list and I think it will be the most different I see. I appreciate your more unconventional choices even if I don't agree with them. I like you putting rachel first except you said it yourself she doesnt get a lot of mechanical gameplay. I do appreciate her ferociousness where others dont though. Marceallas I have a problem with. I see his entertainment value, however, He had POV and didn't use it on himself! who does that?!?! One of the worst players ever to me. Lawon was funny from what I remember of him which is really just limited to him alling himself "handsomefied." I really appreciate your choices in Diane and nicole though, They were both good players and under rated in the game. Good list

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I tend to like the obnoxious, crying, annoying house guests that everyone else can't stand. I guess I am a root for the under-dog type of person, that and I think I see a bit of my own personality in there. I am a very internal person, and need to be able to retreat when I am upset by myself to deal with however I am feeling, but with a camera in my face, and people I can't stand talking behind my back, and the inability to retreat I so think I would turn into the "crier" of the house were I in the house. I really need my space as part of my "process" for dealing with stuff. Stripped of your emotional support and feeling unable to leave or really be by yourself I think is far more emotionally stressful than I think a lot of people give the house-guests credit for.

I think I also tend to like people whom are genuinely themselves. You get a lot of people on there, that seem like they try to put their walls up and act respectable on television, etc -- which I think sort of defeats the purpose of reality television. You should be real, the good, the bad, the ugly imo, otherwise you just lose entertainment value for me. It has to be a balance, I don't want to watch house guests who never hold ANYTHING back, but neither do I want to watch someone who holds it all in. I think that Rachel did come to understand the mechanics far better. While it's true that Pandora's box totally helped Jordan and Rachel when they were down and out last season, I still don't think Rachel would of won, if people hadn't gotten to see her softer side, and she found a way to work it/appreciate the more finesse of the game. Which is why to me I really appreciate her. But then again, I am an a nominally in that I liked her on her FIRST season too, not just on her second one. Rachel to me just equals good tv, as much as everyone hates her lol

Re: Lawon/Marcellas I don't mean they did dumb funny things in terms of them being "funny" house guests, I just meant they both made the dumbest moves in BB history. Which for me is entertaining. I enjoy it as a viewer because as much as the producers try to control the outcome of the show, they can't predict stupid. Not using the Veto on himself, or asking to be voted out so you can come back with a special power? I mean come on .. dumbest moves ever lol

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The Top 14 Greatest Big Brother Players of All-Time LIVE Results Show

Kos Kosdrosky is on the line to reveal the votes– Over 2500 votes were cast, and there were 2407 legitimate votes that were tallied. Kos and Rob give big props to Curt Clark for setting up the poll and getting rid of the spoof ballots. Out of the 142 Big Brother players eligible people for this contest, 139 received votes. The exclusive threesome who did not receive votes was Justin (S4), Parker (S9), and Amanda (S9).

Rob asks Kos to start off with some interesting tidbits of players who did not place near the top. Lawon (who Matt Hoffman endorsed) is number 43. Shelly came in 35th, ahead of Lawon, while Jessie came in behind Lawon. Justin, the knife guy from Season 2, came in 48th place. Marcellas placed behind him, which Rob does not agree with- he says Marcellas was a good player who did a dumb thing. Kos also notes that Season 9 players got the fewest votes overall in this poll: the votes for all the season 9 players combined still would not be enough to make the top 14.


14. Matt Hoffman (S12). Rob thought at one point the diabolical super-genius Matt was going to win the game his season, but Rob thinks he should have used the Diamond Power of Veto to get out a brigade member, rather than Kathy. Rob thinks he was deserving to make the list, but that his campaigning probably made a difference.

13. Britney Haynes (S12). Rob is not ready to co-sign Brtiney’s placement on this list. He knows she has a big following and is very funny (probably the funniest female ever on Big Brother), but he thought she was more of character and not too strong of a player.

12. Jun Song (S4). Rob thinks she played one of the best under-the-radar games and is very underrated. Kos thinks she fell into a perfect situation so he is more impressed with Allison’s game, but Rob thinks Jun may be the best female winner and would place her higher on this list.

11. Eric Stein (S8). Rob is glad to see Eric on the list but isn’t sure we ever saw him playing Big Brother since America was controlling his moves. Rob thinks if anyone deserves another shot to play the game, it’s Eric Stein.

10. Mike “Boogie” Malin (S2, S7). Rob thought he didn’t do very well in Big Brother 2 and may not have deserved a spot in BB7. Rob thought he was one of the more dominating players and he worked well with Dr. Will in the Chilltown alliance in BB7. Rob thinks they were the first alliance to ever name itself. Rob and Kos would have placed Mike Boogie higher on this list.

9. Daniele Donato (S8, S13). Rob thinks she was overshadowed by her Dad in her first season, but she’s a master in the physical competitions and a dangerous player. In BB13, she was a little too trigger-happy but still managed to last pretty far in the game. Kos also discloses that the sight of Dani in a bikini is the reason he started watching Big Brother, so we have her to thank for his appearance on this very podcast.

8. Rachel Reilly (S12, S13). Rob thinks she grew as a player over the course of the season in BB13. He thinks she did better when Brendon was out of the house. Rob thinks she’s not a very subtle player– you know what she’s going to do, but it’s hard to stop her.

7. Big Jeff Schroeder (S11, S13). Rob thinks there are a lot of players on this list he would put ahead of Big Jeff. He thinks he was really saved in BB11 with the Coup D’Etat twist. Rob thinks he’s very likeable and easy to root for, but he’s not convinced he’s a great game player.

6. Danielle Reyes (S3, S7). She was a big influence on Rob before he played Survivor. Rob thinks she changed the game– there was no jury before her. Rob and Kos think she should be higher on this list. Rob thinks she played a little too hard on All Stars, but that she’s the best player never to win Big Brother.

5. Jordan Lloyd (S11, S13). Rob winces as Kos reveals her name. He thinks she is likeable and “so not a threat” that she sticks around longer. Also she is likely to win whenever she makes it to the end because no one is mad at her. He does think she has some strategy, but is never really pulling the strings.

4. Janelle Pierzina (S6, S7). Rob and Kos thinks she’s a good player but she may be a little high on this list. She is a fierce competitor and can have a good social game at times, and she was well-liked by the audience.

3. Evel Dick Donato (S8, S13). He’s someone who knows the game inside and out and one of the most memorable winners. Kos thinks he was saved by the America’s Player twist and placed a little too high on this list. Rob thinks he deserves a high placement and that he was poised to win BB13 as well had he not had to leave the house– he set Rachel’s win in motion.

2. Dan Gheesling (S10). He got off on the wrong foot in BB10 but was able to turn it around. Rob and Kos think he’s a great player and deserving of this spot in the list. He’s likeable, even-keeled, a student of the game, and a strong competitor.

1. Dr. Will Kirby (S2, S7). Kos notes that Dr. Will almost doubled everyone else’s score, and was 1st or 2nd on 58% of the ballots, and appeared on 68% of the ballots. Rob says America got this right– Will is the best Big Brother player and may even be the best reality show contestant of all time. He was the biggest influence on Rob and was his favorite player to watch. He was always able to turn things around if he was on the block, and was able to go far in All Stars with a huge target on his back.

After going through the top 14, Kos reveals the “close but no cigar” votes: 20. Maggie Ausburn, 19. Kaysar Ridha, 18. Nakomis Dedmon, 17. Brendon Villegas, 16. Hayden Moss, 15. “Veto King” James Rhine.

Some stats on this BB Top 14 list: It includes 7 males and 7 females, 7 winners and 7 non-winners. There are 5 players from seasons 1-7, and 9 from seasons 8-13. Season 7 (All-Stars) and 13 are most represented, with 4 players each on the list.



not how i would rank them but it is what it is :animated_bouncy:

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1. Jun (BB4) - She was the most meticulous player to play the game. She utilized the kitchen amazingly. She is what a Big Brother player should aspire to be.

2. Alison (BB4) - In Season 4 she did ANYTHING she had to do to win. I have to give her props. I loved her even when people bashed her.

3. Dr. Will (BB2 & BBAS) - Hilarious. Overconfident. Asshole. Brilliant. He was robbed in BBAS, absolutely ROBBED!!

4. Janelle (BB6 & BBAS) - Couldn't stand her in BB6 but I fell in love with her during BBAS. She was constantly whining about the 'Nerd HErd' during BB6 and it drove me nuts!

5. Maggie (BB6) - I couldn't help but adore her during BB6. I will never forgive her for bringing us Cappy, but she lead those Nerd Herders to win a half million. Loved her.

6. Danielle (BB3 & BBAS) - She played a nearly flawless game! At that point in Big Brother she should have realized that the diary room entries were only private to the HGs in the house at that time, but that they would be able to see them upon their exit. Roddy was smart enough to realize it... Danielle should have definitely caught on.

7. Nicole (BB2) - She put up with Will, Boogey, Bunky, annnnnnnnnnd Hardy. She deserves a spot on everyones list, even though she bitched nonstop in the house.

8. Jee (BB4) - He was honest and turned his back on his 'Dream Team' Members and never caught any shit for it.

9. Jase (BB5 & BBAS) - He was pure entertainment.

10. The entire cast of BB6 (minus Kaysar) - They made an interesting summer. I was arguing with everyone all summer because I was on 'Team Nerd Herd'

HGs I cannot stand -

Kaysar (only person to be given three shots at winning and NEVER made jury)

Dana (on BB4 she made the biggest blunder ever. She split the house thinking that it was a good idea)

Mike Boogey (should never have won BBAS. I thought Erika deserved it more than he did... At least she made some kind of move in the game)

There are more but there are way too many to list.... Ill leave it with my top 3.

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Guest 6Borders

I'm trying to figure who I think were "the most successful" at playing Big Brother. Does that mean winners, most entertaining, most fan base or just that Grodner liked/likes them????

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Wasn't their a rumor about Janelle, Dan, Rachel and Boogie coming back? Might prove to be true.

In any rate, not really excited to have ANOTHER season with returning house guests right after the last one.

And as much as I like Rachel I think someone will sue CBS for emotional distress having to see her 3 summer's in a row.

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Well Evel Dick has confirmed he's doing his recaps this year (for a fee.. so wont be watching, can't afford feeds, can't afford his recaps either), with Jun BB4 and James BB6 .. so those 3 are off the list. He said Rachel has been wavering so she may have been replaced. Will has said he's done with BB so wont be him.

Only real mystery to me seems to be the 4th mentor spot if Rachel doesn't fill it.

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