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September 2nd / 3rd Live Feed Updates

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Guest ranster627

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Oops! I posted this in the wrong thread! I'll move it here:

The three sheep women were at the table talking. April says that she wishes that Janelle had won today, and the other two are shocked, but she explains that they would then be competing against Howie in tomorrow's HOH comp, but now they have to compete against Janelle. They understand and agree. April says that Janelle is in there thinking and planning (she makes it sound like it is devious for her to do this). April says that she knows the other side has talked about how they think she is weak and they might want to take her to the final three because they think they can beat her, but she would never want to be in the final three with them. April has her eyes open as wide as possible and repeats over and over: "Would I want to be in the final three with those two? No! Hell no! Helllllllllll nooooooooo!" April says that the person who wins HOH in the final three picks who gets $50,000, and she wouldn't want to pick between Howie and Janelle. Maggie and Ivette are silent during this and don't look particularly convinced. Ivette says that she hopes that "one of you guys" are in there (hoh) tomorrow. She says again that she has accomplished what she wanted to accomplish in the game. Maggie reminds her that she has thought she was going home before, but didn't go home. April says that no one ever would have dreamed that Janelle would take Maggie off the block with veto, but she did! Maggie says that she didn't do well at hockey, but then she realized that she was going home and she started doing better, so when you are not worried about winning, you do better. They giggle and whisper about Janelle, and April loudly says she forgot all about Janelle being there!

Ivette leaves. There is whispering between April and Maggie. Maggie tells her that she would choose her for the final two if they were in that position, because she is without a partner, like her. They both agree that they would not be able to use the veto if they won it, and they say that it is because they could not choose between the two of them. April then says that she thinks Ivette should stop being resigned to leaving, and that she and Beau should just fight it out, and may the best person win.

Beau is in the HOH with Howie. They play with the light sabers. There is a long conversation with Howie talking about how when he was on the block when Beau won HOH, he deserved to leave at that time, because he didn't win, and why should he have stayed at that time, so Howie knew that he could have left with his head held high. He says he has tried to play with integrity. He says that as much as the other side wants to say there are no sides, there are. Beau agrees and says that there are sides. Howie says that Maggie is their leader, but Beau disagrees about this. Howie says that Maggie is their leader more than Kaysar was the leader of the other team, because Maggie has held them together, and even when things looked bleak for the other side, Maggie was able to hold them together. Beau says he just didn't want Howie to think he was moping or anything earlier--he just was in the shock of being up on the block. Howie says he can understand that, since none of them have ever been on the block up until now!

Ivette and April talk briefly. The convo is in mid-converstaion, but April is explaining her reasoning about taking Janelle off the block and leaving James against Howie. She gives the reasons about how Janelle was on the block three times, has packed so often, etc. They find something (not sure what) and April says she will tell "her" they found it, and Ivette tells her not to go tell her, and that she shouldn't be nice to her, etc. April says that she doesn't want Ivette to tell her what to do! Then they calm down, and April starts to bash Janelle. Ivette says she can't stand it that she (Janelle) acts like she is playing nice and it is fake. April bashes Janelle, talking about how even Beau talks about sucking dick with her, and she started to do the dishes, but April told her that was okay--she should go ahead and keep on talking about sucking dick with Beau. April says that she only tries to be friendly to Janelle to "try to keep the peace," and that she would never hang out with her outside the house, although April does hope that Janelle is different outside the house than she is inside.

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Howie goes to the DR with both of his light sabers. He has a blue one and a red one. Ivette said the red and black one is coolest, and Howie says that is the evil one.

Beau is telling Ivette about his convo with Howie. He says Howie told him that Beau is the only person he trusts in the house. He says this is because Beau has never told him anything that is untrue. Howie told Beau that he is afraid of Beau because he is competition, and that he knows if he was at the end with Beau, he would not win anything. FOTH

Ivette asks Beau who Howie would put up if one of them took themselves off the block with veto? Beau says that Howie couldn't tell him that, but Beau knows it would be Maggie. Ivette isn't sure of that. She asks what Beau would do, and Beau says if he wins veto, he will take Ivette off the block, because she brought him there.

They call Maggie over to them.

Beau tells Maggie that Maggie would be going up if they used veto, because Maggie is the one who holds them together. He says that Howie told him that he would definitely keep Janelle. He says that Howie told Beau that Beau is the only one who gives him any competition in the house. Beau says that Howie feels that he could beat anyone in the house but Beau. Beau says that Howie said he needs Janelle to get to the end. Beau claims that Howie said that Beau is the only one he has trusted in the house other than Rachel. He told Beau that he loves him to death, but Beau is the target because he knows he can't beat him. Beau says that he felt that Beau was sad, and Beau told him that it was the shock of being on the block.

Beau says that if it was Maggie and Ivette on the block right now, he would be torn, and he would be crying right now, but if it was April, he just doesn't know how he would feel. He says between Maggie and Ivette, of course he would have to choose Ivette as she is his partner, but he would be torn. Maggie whispers with them and says that April knows that she probably won't win against one of them. She says "I don't know." Then Howie interrupts.

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10:23pm BBT

F1 & 2 - H and Jan in the gym...Jan on treadmill, Howie doin ellyptical

F3 & 4 - B, M A & I in main bedroom talking

H - I'm so happy for us Janie

Jan - huh?

H - you and me..I'm so glad it went our way

Jan - me too!...Kaysar too!

H - whadupp Kaysarrr

H - you look leaner...I'm serious

J - really? are you serious?

H - I gotta keep you away from my roommate cause he will want to take you away from me. did you think he was cute?

J - he was cute, but Michael was cuter

H - Michael was so dreammmy

J - I gotta work out cause I dont want Michael to see me all fat

H - you're looking good..seriously

switchin to bedroom -A,B,M,I

B - listen to me, it doesn't matter. Its you, him and Janelle

A - i dont wanna be there though

I - it doesn't matter what james says..i always told you actions speak louder than words. you bought yourself time. you are the only one jan talks to . it benefits her more to keep you cause Maggie and I dont understand her whatsoever

A - i have this much (little) patience with her. i have to make my stay as enjoyable as i can. i do not want to be at the end with them two..that would be worse case scenario for me

I - that is what is probably gonna happen though

m - i'm gonnna keep fighting

a - you cant plan this game out. this thing can change by tomorrow. it's not my fault they think i'm weak and i look weak

B - they even said 9 times out of 10..I could come out tomorrow and win hoh

I - they think they can beat us all....probably b first, then m, then me (I), then you (A). They assume that maggie brainwashed them. they have something already painted out in their head. we haven't done crap. maggie hasn't done crap since week 4. it doesn't matter what they do..they have a picture of us and that is their picture

A - we can change their thoughts though

B - i dont want to

A - we have control over what they think

I - one of us is gonna be a casualty. if anyone uses the veto that just puts maggie at jeopardy.

B - even if i stay...next week if htey get hoh, i'm goin up again..i'm goin up every week til they can get me out. point blank.

I - do we do a pact? cause we all know that at some point we know that we are all gonna be taken out

A - i dont even know if we will be picking partners for veto..just all six are playing - bottom line

I - i'm just saying...we have to come up with scenarios cause i dont want to leave this game either continuously not being selfish..yaknowhatimsaying?

A - yeah, you have to play for yourself.

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April calls ivette loud and says that will probably work against her. Ivette seems to take offense and wants to know when she's so loud.....April says that she is vocal....Ivette says they are all fuckin vocal....

A - bringing me to the end is not the smartest thing to me, but maybe they are just thinking that they can beat me in the end.

M - honestly...if it were april and I (M) up there, you couldn't fight for us....you would be forced not to because of your partnership. i want to fight for you as we are a 4some, but you couldn't fight for us

I - you think they did it this way so that no one would use it at all?

M - uh huh (yea)

A - one ofyou are going home for sure

B- i'm the threat

I - they probably look at us too..i'm assuming..andn they see the chances of me getting something and they see beau as powerful...yaknowhatimsaying?

A - you're a guy..you're athletic looking

B - if i had my regular booty shorts on in the veto comp. i could have changed my time by a minute

M - we all told you to change your bathing suit

BB - Jan, please put on your microphone

A - it was nice of him to be honest with you. I said in the living room that we should all try to be honest with each other

B - i'm the only one he trusts in the house...even over janelle...he doesn't trust her

B - he told me he loves me like a brother and we will hang out a lot outside of the house. This game changes on a quarter as we know. In veto tomorrow if Ivette or I win it, we take ourselves off...if you guys win it, you leave it the same.

B- I want to save myself...dont any of you save me. I would rather go home. If you two get it...save her?

M 0 is that what you want?

A - you want us to take her off? then we would go up

B - oh yeah that's right...just keep it the same thing. i wont campaign against my partner. i love her to death

A - i dont think i would campaign against anyone

M - we did say that when it got down to 6 we were all on our own . You two are lucky cause you can think as one. ..tonight may be the last night..come up with everything you can and use it. Eric and I used every last minute together we had

I - i want to see him again. i feel like B and I came in as partners, but we have all become a group. yaknowhatimsaying?

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Maggie, Howie, April and Beau (I can't see Janelle right now, but she might be there) are in the big bedroom. Maggie reminds Howie that he owes them money for keeping him around and not evicting him. He says he doesn't, so Maggie says that he claims to be the only one who hasn't lied, and yet he is going to start lying about owing her money! He says okay, then. Howie then says that they all owe April money for getting James out, then. April says "Damn right!" They disagree and say they tried. Howie says they tried during his HOH and failed, but April did it. Beau says he tried, too. Howie says that Beau sure did a good job of trying by asking James to play for veto, right? Beau says that James is a great manipulator. They are joking but there is a serious undertone. Howie leaves.

Beau is filling in April about how he is the target, and how Howie has been honest with him about that. Beau talks about how Howie said that Maggie is their leader. Maggie says that April jokes all of the time about Maggie being their leader! April says that she was just joking. April immediately points out that James said that Maggie was the glue that holds them together. Maggie says that they all joke about it all of the time! Maggie then says that it doesn't matter, anyway. April wants to know if it is for sure that Howie wants Beau to go? Beau is bitter that Howie won't get rid of Janelle, but says that with Janelle still in the house, Howie isn't the main target, so that helps Howie.

Beau: He said it doesn't matter how annoying she is, how loud she is, they don't see her as a threat. It is you, him and Janelle (to April).

Ivette says that April and Jennifer made a deal with the other side, and that helped to keep the other side together. Ivette says that April is the only one who tries to get in good with Janelle, and that April is the only one who benefits from having Janelle around. April says that being at the end with Janelle and Howie is the "worst case scenario" for her. She repeats it is the worst case scenario. She says that she has to just try to make her time enjoyable in the house, and it isn't her fault that the other side thinks she is weak. She says it isn't her fault that she looks weak. Ivette is being very accusing to April right now.

Ivette says that the other side wants to pick off Beau first, then Maggie, then Ivette.

Ivette: They assume that Maggie brainwashed them. They assume that you (Maggie) and Jennifer are the sole reason that Kaysar left. We've all had a bigger mouth than Maggie. The one who settled everyone down was me. Did that matter to them? It doesn't matter what you do, they have a picture of us.

Ivette is upset that the other side wants to take out Maggie.

April says that they can change the other side's picture of Maggie.

Ivette talks about the scenarios for veto. She says that she would hope that April would use the veto, but then Maggie would go up. She says that she would pick Maggie. (She doesn't say that she would mind if Maggie won, and then April went up). Ivette wants to know if they should agree that the person who wins veto should use it?

Ivette: I don't want to leave this game with continuously not being selfish. Do you understand what I'm saying? I don't want to win veto and not take myself off. Do you understand what I'm saying? Do you see what I mean?

Beau keeps agreeing.

Ivette: Right now, Jennifer went home, but you don't know how it feels to be put up.

April says that she doesn't understand how it feels to be on the block and pack a bag, so she understands that Ivette says that, but she does understand how it feels to see her partner go home!

Beau asks how many of them (their team) have been on the "hot seat?"

Beau says that they knew they would be targets because they are partners.

April whispers that Janelle tells Howie what to believe.

Beau says that he talked to Howie, and that Howie did think about who he should put up. He says that he guarantees them that Julie will ask Howie that question!

April tells Ivette that Ivette is so loud, so probably the other side thinks they would have a better chance of winning the money over Ivette rather than Beau. Ivette demands to know why everyone says she is so f--ing loud!

April backtracks and says that is probably how the other side is thinking, not her!

April says that she feels they have all been nice in the game, but she hopes that she (April) would win it against them in the end, because she has been nicer than the other side! Then April says that she knows the other side is thinking about the end, but she doesn't understand why the other side thinks they would win against her! The others are silent.

Maggie tells Ivette and Beau that she and April have to work as a partnership. She says that all four will be trying to get veto. (She forgets Howie and Janelle, I guess). She says they should think about the following scenario: If April and Maggie were on the chopping block, then if Beau and Ivette played for veto they would be forced not to use the veto. This is because Beau and Ivette are partners, and one of them would go up on the block, so they couldn't use it. (Maggie is trying to show them that she and April would not use the veto because of this reason, as partners, but Beau and Ivette don't seem to get this). Maggie thinks that by putting up Ivette and Beau straight up on the block, this way they can be sure that one of the pair will leave. Beau says that Ivette is not the threat--he is the threat.

Beau tells how Howie felt that Beau and Howie would hang out together after this. Beau says this game changes on a quarter (sic) as they all know. He says if they win the veto, they will take themselves off. He says that he told Ivette he wanted to take her off, but she refused that. Beau says that he should be the only one to take himself off, as the target. He doesn't want anyone else, including Ivette, to take him off the block. Beau tells April or Maggie to take Ivette off the block if they win veto. April: YEAH, but then Maggie would go up! OR me!

Beau: Oh, yeah. Forget it, then.

Maggie: We did say that after it was six of us, it would be every man for themselves.

Maggie points out that they can't think as "one brain" any longer, and maybe there is a way for them to save themselves, but they should get together and think about it (Ivette and Beau).

Ivette says she wishes some things were guaranteed, because she would leave if she knew that Beau would win it. (duh).

April says that she would beat those MF's out if she got to the final three, because she doesn't give a shit about the money, but she doesn't like it that the other side thinks she is weak.

Maggie says that Jen "took it like a f---ing champ and kept goin'."

April agrees and says that Jen told her what she would do at certain points later in the game.

Janelle bashing ensues.

Ivette: Her air bothers me. Is that horrible? I don't like the aura around her. She thinks she is the most gorgeous thing on this planet!

Maggie and April join in the bashing, and Beau just keeps saying "uh huh."

Maggie says that Janelle constantly acts like she is in a commercial. She mocks Janelle and they all laugh.

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Ivette says that if she had known she would have thrown james a sympathy vote to set up janelle. she didn't think of it

- lots of Janelle bashing going on. Ivette doesn't even like to be around Janelle cause she thinks that Janelle's aura is bad. Ivette said that Janelle thinks she is so beautiful. Ivette thinks that even Janelle's air is bad (lol). That there is NOTHING pleasant about her.

I - does that sound horrible?

A - no..no

H and Jan still in the gym on F 1&2

H - i'm the 5th and the 10th HOH. James and sarah are the only couple ever that didn't have one as hoh.

J - yep

H - we got lucky today..everyone played so bad..that was good

J - when i saw m fuck up...

H - she was double hitting it..its illegal

J - when i saw her fuck up ..i was like yahhhh

H - i was nervous about going last, but i guess it was good. how many did you get?

J - 8

J - oh howie, you're cute

H - you're cuter

H - want a drink? i'm gonna go get a drink

J - no..i'm just gonna do weights

H to the kitchen (putting the loudest ice cubes on the planet into a glass) :blink:

Jan asks H to use something in his HOH room and he says yeah

J - thanks H..you're so dreamy

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Maggie: "Well at least we know that no matter how they are potraying us, America doesnt hate us"

NH: Are you sure....I dont know

M: No, there's just noo way they can. I mean they might say well you didnt play dirty and stuff (I cant quite believe my ears, is she for real?)

Maggie tells I to fight for veto and if she gets it to take herself off. She needs to start playing for herself. A is telling her she will play totally diff if her partner goes like A did when Jen left. Ivette revisting her sucky HOH comp....says she was mad at god today. (ok, when u cant handle god, please leave him out of it already)

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Maggie whispers that she is afraid that America doesn't like them. Ivette says that she doesn't think that is possible since the other side is dirty. Maggie says that maybe some people will be mad at them because they DIDN'T play dirty! Ivette then does an about-face and says that they did sorta play dirty, though, when they got rid of Kaysar, so America can't feel that way.

Maggie tells Beau and Ivette that it is "Game on" now, and they need to play for themselves. She keeps saying that they need to pull themselves together and play the game. April agrees. Ivette says that she doesn't want to play dirty, though. Maggie says there is no more playing dirty now, it is just playing the game. She says that they have made it this far by not playing dirty, and being the longest-lasting alliance. Now, they just have to go on and play for themselves. She says that they will see, when one of their partners is gone, that they will suddenly have a very competitive feeling in the game.

Maggie says that Jennifer was the best example of good sportsmanship in the game.


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Janelle is heading up to take a ashower in HOH...Howie continues on and on talking about jerking it with B....

B - I'm in the black..i dont clean anything

H - I cleaned today

B - so are you gonna do it?

H- i feel fine right now, but i might do it later

B - yeah, me too..i dunno


(gotta switch to the NHs after comeback..i so dont wanna know about H&Bs convo. lol)

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M said if she (M) goes up, then she goes home b/c she hates the house. She told I that she doesn't want the responsibility of getting the POV. They are talking about how someone will be leaving tonight.

I said this is crunch time. She is going over all the numbers (of people) to A

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