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Glass House Casting


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Also, I had the casting info and lost it. If anyone can find the three casting call notices, please post them here.


In-person interviews will be held in the following cities. Please email the listed contact for more information about interviewing in those cities.


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Do you HAVE to be the center of attention? Are you the person everybody WANTS at their party? Are you the type of person that is best described as

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is there any word yet on the cast .. I know with bb we usually know a week or so before hand whos going to be in the house... was wondering if there is any such news with this new show or not

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Guest 6Borders

Well, at first glance looks like Kenny Rosen listened to the fans and gave us some real people who are there to have fun, there for the money to pay bills, go back to school, upgrade their lives...NOT wanting to be a movie star

First impressions:

Alex - Mr. Personality

Jeffrey - I think America is going to like him

Holly - How many times can you say "like I mean..."?

Ashley - very bubbly and likeable

Stephanie - "not a bimbo with a boob job"...love it

Robin - hope she does not come off as boring as her video or she won't last

Mike - gonna be a motor mouth and bore everyone

Kevin - I like that he is "out of his comfort zone"

Erica - "glitter is my favorite color" LMAO. She's Rachel with A BRAIN

Joy - like her even tho she didn't say much

Jacob - admits he wants to be on tv but wants the $$ to upgrade his life

Gene - love this guy right off the bat

Apollo - he's an "open book"..interesting to see how far he can take that stragedy

Andrea - "nothing to hide"...hmmmm

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Alex-- prime time boob. Full of himself.

Andrea - nothing stood out. Zip. nada.

Apollo -- poetry. Done.

Ashley - teetotaller. Done.

Erica -- If she's so smart she oughta know that over-processed hair looks like a stiff wig and she'll be bald in 15 years.

Gene - Hollywood? He and Prime Time are a pair. Of losers.

Holly -- Yak--- as in HURL.

Jacob - Use the $250,000 to buy a brain.

Jeffery -- eh

joy- lose the baby voice and can see the squeals coming if something's ICKY

Kevin -- hott and needs dirtied up a bit

Mike - maybe.. so long as he doesn't get smarmy and act 18

Robin -- Had me on Oakland. Lost me on PITtsburg and hell no to Indiana. And the 80's off the shoulder... no.

Stephanie- best

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I seriously can't figure out how anyone can have an opinion about any of the HG without not having the opportunity to view them in their living environment, and how they interact with one another? :lol:

And also, it boggles my mind that on TGH web site, we are asked to vote for who we want to stay or to go, or who should sleep with whom, who should so and so trust, etc. How are we suppose to come up with a fair answer if ABC hasn't let us get to know the players yet? :bash:

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