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Glass House - Season 1 (Premiere 6/18)


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ABC announced today it will air its own summer competition, The Glass House, that sounds a lot like Big Brother Season 1. The winner of The Glass House will get $250,000 (and I thought BB was cut-rate for not making the prize a million).

The Glass House will start production in late May and premiere Monday, June 18 at 10PM following The Bachelorette, and will run through August 20th. Like Big Brother, 14 contestants will live in a house monitored by cameras that observe their every move.

As in Season 1 of Big Brother, the viewers will vote to evict the houseguest. There won't be 24/7 feeds like Big Brother, but there will be occasional online live streams from inside the house and viewers will have a chance to influence who stays, who gets a chance to come back, what games they play, what the contestants wear, where they sleep, etc.

I've read that The Glass House is being produced by a former Big Brother producer, but I didn't see any mention of a name. I doubt former BB producer Arnold Shapiro is behind it, and if anyone finds out who is producing, I'd be interested to know.

This isn't the first time ABC tried to mimic a CBS hit, anyone remember Expedition Impossible last summer?

Update: Kenny Rosen, whose credits include Big Brother and Hell's Kitchen, will executive produce for Keep Calm and Carry On Prods., an in-house company that is also producing Duets.

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Just saw this new forum and thought I'd open a thread to get things started...

What you'all think???

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From NY Times:

"Viewers will not only vote who gets to stay in the house, they will make some of the decisions on matters like what the contestants wear, what they eat and where they sleep.

Don't get too carried away: Viewers don't get to say things like, "Okay, now put your hand there" or "Punch him in the face."

But a large part of the contestants' success will depend on how well they endear themselves to the voting audience, and there will be continuing real-time interaction between players and fans.

While the show will be broadcast for just an hour a week, there will be several live online feeds at other times, when viewers can talk with the players and offer encouragement, criticism or suggestions.

As with some other reality shows, eliminated contestants can earn a chance to return."

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Guest 6Borders

Sounds a little like the original version of BB where the fans got to vote. I like the idea of the viewers being able to talk to the players...that might prove interesting.

As long as Rachel does not drag Brendon onto this show I might watch...lol!!

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First Promo for ABC's New Reality Series 'The Glass House'

ABC is moving forward with its plan to launch "The Glass House" despite the copycat lawsuit filed by CBS. The Alphabet recently debuted the first promo for the new reality series, which will follow the contestants living and competing for the grand prize in a totally wired, state-of-the-art house.

Viewers not only see everything that happens in the house, but they also can vote to help determine which contestants are sent home and which eliminated players will get a chance to return to the show. Moreover, audience can vote to decide what the players wear and eat, what games they play, and even where they sleep.

"Glass House" is set to premiere Monday, June 18 at 10/9c.

Due to its similarities to "Big Brother", CBS has filed a lawsuit against ABC, accusing it of ripping the hit reality series. However, the Alphabet insisted, "The differences between Glass House and Big Brother are both fundamental and obvious, ranging from Glass House's interactive elements and audience participation to its deployment of cutting edge technologies."

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Hello ...... Im looking forward to this ...... as well as getting to know you better along the way ..... All The Best from An Old Bag In Canada

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This does sound interesting. I wonder how much they are going to charge for live feeds and why are they only doing that for short periods? I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it plays out. From the view in the pic Dade posted, it's pretty certain the house isn't in southern California! lol It looks pretty darn cool sitting in the midst of that snow.

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How many episodes will air for The Glass House?

Ten episodes will air as part of season 1.

What would be the point of a "glass house" if not in a public area?

Viewing time Mondays (prime time - Pacific)... Tues-Fri (12pm Pacific) What demographic is available at 12pm? Certainly not people that work...

Live feed times - Subscription based?

No outside time? (pool, sauna, garden, chicken coup...lol)

I am not getting this yet...

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I'm pretty sure the picture was just an iconic representation. There is so much that needs to be there that couldn't be if the house was really clear. There's plumbing, miles of wire, and air conditioning. You should the a/c plant for the BB sound stage, it's like a tractor trailer with huge flexible ducts, it's detached so the sound isn't picked up by the mics. But I might be revealing trade secrets...

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Definitely looking forward to this. I hope the feeds are free this time like they were for the first season of BB, especially since they won't be 24/7.

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Ok..I took one for the team and listened to and read all the Bios.. this is just my first impression and usually I am completely wrong..so here it goes.

Alex-Douche bag

Andrea-Boring, possible whiner

Apollo-Too Zen

Ashley-could be in a good cat fight

Erica-might do ok, but do not think she will get along with the girls, which has not always been the worst thing

Gene-Mouth will get him in trouble early

Holly-already on my nerves

Jacob-Do-gooder wanna be--full of self

Jeffrey-will be funny to watch

Joy-most likely in showmance-flirty--girls wont like-possible catfight participant

Kevin-fish out of water--prob has never watched reality TV


Stephanie-guys wont like her-girls may not either

Robin-standup tryout--tries too hard

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I caught a few minutes of the live feed yesterday and have watched so far today. I'm liking this so far! I really like that the viewers get to vote on things for them and like BB, I love that this is live.

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Guest 6Borders

Watched one of the feeds...pretty boring but no more or less boring than Big Brother feeds. These GHG's (Glass House Guests) need to remember they are supposed to impress and entertain the viewers, not each other (something BB HG's have totally forgotten, so they sleep all day).

It remains to be seen if ABC can edit the actual shows to make them interesting and un-Big-Brother-like but I am definitely doing to tune in and give it a shot.

One thing I already would change...that STUPID female oracle-whatever voice is almost as annoying as Brenchel on a bad-squabble day! ABC/Kenny need to get RID of that!!! It's worse than Rachel, Ivette and nails on a chalkboard combined (ya know)!

So far, just from a few feeds, I can't see that CBS has a legal rating to stand on...GH reminds me of BB1 where the cast was new, didn't know what to expect, the feeds were free and the viewers voted...and THAT was "technically" different producers, which is why Erica/Josh could share notes and both be on the shows after BB1 and it wasn't a conflict but a "technicality"...think about that one CBS lawyers!

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I watched one of the live feeds, and found it very boring to watch. And by reading comments from others, a lot of them felt the same.

All that was shown this week were of the HG playing various games, with viewers voting in on what should be done next.

I hope by next week the live streaming will be available for a longer time (more than one hour) and at better hours when people aren't at work.

I'm very curious to see how the show turns out, after all of the editing is done.

As for the voice in the house, I think the female voice if witty, funny and sexy! lol

Views were asked to vote on a name for,The Voice, which I thought was pretty cool.

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