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August 30th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here! We need to keep pictures in Pictures Forum! Thanks for understanding ... if you post a picture here it will be quoted and moved ...

Please keep personal comments to a minimum and feel free to e-mail updates to ranster@mortystv.com

go to http://s134005998.onlinehome.us/forums/ind...hp?showforum=22

to post pictures and screencaps

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Ivette talking about how James tried to talk her into keeping him because Janelle is a strong player in this game.

Maggie: We can beat Janelle.

They then go on to discuss that they wont got after each other till there are only the four of them left in the house.

Feeds switch to April in the BY saying she will play volley ball tomorrow and Janelle is bored. There is nothing left to talk about or do.

April: Every week will get worse and worse as there are less people in the house.

Janelle agrees.

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Guest Huntergreen

Seems that Beau brought some understanding to April and Maggie about why Janelle won the phone call from AC. He tells her that America voted Kayser back in so America likes him. And then the friendship (them) went back on Jen's word and backdoored Kayser - so America is mad at the friendship and so they got back at the friendship by giving the phone call to Janelle.

Well, seems like Beau kind of got it.

9:00 PM BBTime

Maggie and April alone in HOH room talking about Ivette. They talk about how one day Ivette is not here for the money and the next day she is here for the money. Also, they talk about how Ivette ran up there earlier saying "Howie is bashing James", like she wanted them to go scold Howie. Maggie says "James is an adult and can handle it". "Anyway, I noticed that when Ivette is not around, James and Howie will play argue and it is very funny, but when Ivette come over, James gets quiet and looks at Ivette with sad eyes". Maggie believes that Ivette really prefers to be around James than the friendship. They are both sure that James politics Ivette and sends her up to tell them certain things.

They conclude that James has one story for Ivette, another for Howie and Janelle and another for them.

April tells Maggie about earlier, she told Ivette to take James leaving as a positive and fire her up to win HOH. April is worried that she will lay around depressed like when Cappy left. At that point Ivette screams at April "JAMES IS NOT CAPPY"!

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M, I and A in HOH bashing Janelle. (I think April has sunk an all time low with these comments....pathetic)

A: I mean she wears her hair down to work out, who wears their hair down to work out?

M: She doesnt even sweat when she works out

A: I mean, America sees that she wears the same thing over and over again. They know she's dirty and smelly.

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A: Trust me I really hope we get both of them out

M: Guys, whisper

A: Tomorrow and Weds, we have to review, review, review. I really hope its a skill

I is reading bible in HOH...her A and M still trashing everyone

Moving on..... Janie, Beau and Howie in Living room, lounging look to be having a nice time, but the camera is too far away for me to hear whats being said.

Maggie now in bathroom helping James with his finer wound? Telling him how to put the band aid on. Maggie walks past H and J and says goodnight.

Suddenly I can hear Maggie shrieking, I think B and H are doing something to her. They are all palying and being giggely but cant be seen on camera.

Jan and Beau up to HOH now.

Jan: Can we get some Oreo's?

A: How much? (not happy)

Now everyone is in HOH except James

A: How many?

Janie: 4. Thank you April.

Howie and Janie leave HOH now.

Beau and Maggie wrestling on bed.

A: Get the fucking wet waterbottle off there (referring to the bed?)

B: Howie fucking grabbed my cock.

M: I'm washing dishes, B walkes up and moves water so he can wash his hands. So I am sitting there waiting for him to wash his hands so I can do the dishes. 3 minutes go by and I get the idea he is doing to this to annoy me.

A: So u splashed him with water

More chat about how their playfulness started. Now hating on Janie for eating oreo's. (I can bear another second of these a-holes)

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Howie and Janie in Backyard sitting and practicing for HOH. Howie asking lots of questions about Howie many people were in the house when each person was HOH.

Now Janie is discussing when her and Ape talked and that she thinks they want to break up the pair. Howie think Ivette might be too emotional to win HOH, cause she takes it with her and it f's her up. It makes her not competitive anymore.

Howie thinks Beau and April are the strongest players on ther other side(Whaaaat?).

Howie farted and Janie doesnt like it.

J: So u think Beau is better in comps as well

H: No, he's right behind me by 17 seconds. I mean everyone's got certain events they are going to be better at. i mean Beau is a man. Not that that means anything because I got destroyed at hockey

Janie says Ivette's personality is why they want her out. Howie agree's one day she is nice, then the next day mean.

We hear BB ask Ivette about 5 times in 1 minutes to put on her MIC. Howie gets angry by the fifth time.

H:Fucking shut up BB. He's so annoying tonight.

H: Our weakness's right now, are stuff in the house. Easy stuff we dont pay attention to.

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James.Howie and Janelle sitting outside reflecting on the game talking about the mistakes that were made and what could be done to improve the BB game (of course fish came on during that),

Talking about how married HG could talk about sex with their partners on TV..James finds it "disgusting".

James is looking forward to listening to music in the sequester hour.

Janelle said "the way things are going it will be us" talking about who will be going to the sequester house after him

Janelle.."James what do you think is in the third safe?" James tells Janelle "who gives a fuck"

Janelle talking about BB5 and the "pinky swear" and the evil twins

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James is talking about Jennifer and her carrying around Dan's picture.

He says Sarah wanted her out of the house because Jenny was always hitting on him.

"If the fixed some of the rules about backdoors I would consider coming back for All Stars"..James

Now he's talking about April and how it takes 20 minutes for her to spout things out of her mouth.

Discussing Rachel...James ask "do you think she stays up past 10:30 in the sequester house?" Janelle said "no" and Howies said "yes".

James is saying he's only listened to one CD ..the one one Eric had when he was HOH James Taylor...Janelle said "He Sucks!" {saying about JT}

Now they are getting ready to go to bed...James "I'm getting old" talking about his crows feet and then tells Janelle "I'm only 21" Janelle tells him "No you're not"

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Howie and James are now in the kitchen eating!

Discussing what cheese to use "sharp cheddar" or "mozzerella"

James tells howie "Crying about your belly and you're putting butter on it"

Howie "My belly isn't going nowhere until I get home. "There is too much good food in the house."

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Howie and James head back outside to eat.

Howie.."it's getting cold out here" "I can feel it now"

"This backyard is twice as big as last years" Now they are talking about Veto from last season..and James says "Jase I'd kick your ass"

Howie BB All Stars "Jase vs James"

James wonders "how we are getting portrayed?" He feels he is being portrayed as "the bad guy" and since he is the bad guy "that can't show me doing good things" Brings up how he wanted to throw all the food away during the Pinata Challenge."but Sarah wouldn't let me"

"How much of peoples personal lives do you believe' James ask Howie.

Howie says "I don't know" James says "I don't believe half their shit"

James says Sarah really is "the sweet girl..dragged into hell by me"

Howie is getting excited because Sarah really sells lingerie at Nordstroms.


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"I've been getting stressed out over this game"..James

"You hate people" ..Howie talking about the game

Talking abour April James says "I've hated hear from the beginning. I can't stand people who can't speak"

Howie said it would have been nice to get rid of her 2nd or 3rd week but it would be a waste of HOH.

[seems James is setting Howie up to run to friendship with info]

Now it's too cold to sit outside and head back into the house. now they're eating candy "This will make my stomach go down" Howie says sarcastically.

Howie talking to Janelle in the big BR and telling her he's going to take a shower then go to bed.

Howie looking at himself in the mirror.."what a fat piece of shit I am"

Looks like everyone is in bed except Howie who is shaving and getting ready to shower...

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