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August 29th Live Feed Updates

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12:27 Back from fish..

Howie and Jan are hugging.

James was sitting in one of the nom chairs and B was hugging him.

J said something to April about her speech.

A: I know but still, I wanted America to see how good you are in this comp.

All talking about what they are going to do/eat.

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I telling M that Jam is upset b/c he doesn't have a fighting chance.

I telling M that no matter what Jam is good company and she will remain friends with him out of the house.

M tells I that the backdoor was created for a reason, and that it's because she cares about Jam that she doesn't think it should happen.

I seems angry that A left H up and not Jan.

A telling Jan to start cleaning. She said people are talking, and I am doing this to help you. M whispers to A: You made the right decision. A tells Jan she has to vote to evict James, she said "Like I'd vote to evict Howie."

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a: Jen's going to shit when james walks in and asks who HOH was, and he says ME!

A: We've got to get rid of one of them next week (feeds timed out, don't know if she means Jan & H or I & Beau)

April then says she has to go poop and leaves the WO room.

Feed change to Howie and Janelle in the kitchen. Howie doing dishes and talking about Janies boobies

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Jan: BB yelled at me, Howie (for singing Dancing Queen)

H: Don't yell at her BB, she's got Big Boobies.

A To Jan: Thanks for doing the dishes

Jan (baby voice): You're welcome, H & I did em last night too.

A gives H & Jan vote run down, and explains that she thinks that I will give a sympathy vote to Jam.

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bb: A stop singing!!

A apologizes to BB.

James talking to I about A: This is the same person who has tried to get you out TWICE! You & B need to realize that, MAGGIE TOO!

A to H & Jan: The only thing he should be suprised about is which one of you I took off. Jan asks if I knew what would happen. A says Yes.

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Jan wants to make orange julius

H, A & Jan still talking about non-important stuff.

Jam & I talking about why sequester and such were created.

I & Jam hug. Jam: Thank you for everything you've done

About last night:

H: I couldn't get a woody for like 15 minutes then I started thinking of Ray-Ray's muffin, and Jenny's boobies. Oh God, it felt so good to shoot a load.

H &A to Jan said Michael and her may not have "done it"

A: He may not have stuck his pee-pee up there, but he stuck something up there.

H: He finger-banged you, Janie.

J: No, he didn't.

James to self: "every dog has got it's day and mine is Thursday" *or something similar to that, it was quiet.

I in Kitchen now, snacking

I: Jan I heard you did the dishes

Jan: I did

I: There is nothing more pretty than a blond bombshell that does dishes!

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H & A talking about what goes in sequester and what they can/cannot see.

A is going to take a nap in hoh.

B feels bad for Jam because J keeps teasing Jam.

A: What do you mean, i haven't heard anything.

B rehashes somehting about H said to Jam, looks like you'll be packing with me.

A: that's just Howie. He is like that every week.

I is really fighting it for Jam.

A: Jam is not innocent in all of this.

B: He's the dirtiest player in here. He made up a story to play veto.


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A is sticking up to I pretty well. I am happy for her....

I admits that Jam thinks it is strange that A & Jan are getting along now.

A says she does it to make her stay at BB better, like when I bitches about H, then goes dowstairs to play with him.

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