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August 29th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here! We need to keep pictures in Pictures Forum! Thanks for understanding ... if you post a picture here it will be quoted and moved ...

Please keep personal comments to a minimum and feel free to e-mail updates to ranster@mortystv.com

go to http://s134005998.onlinehome.us/forums/ind...hp?showforum=22

to post pictures and screencaps

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April just told James that she is putting him up and he will be voted out of the house. She said said it wasn't personal, but she wanted to tell him out of respect.

Maggie went to HOH to tell Ivette what April was doing and Ivette said good for her.

Howie and Janie are playing around in the Group bedroom.

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Beau is asking April how James took the news.

April is recapping the convo for Beau. She said that James was really nice when she told him. She told him that Ivette is voting with the group even though she would want other people to leave. She made sure he understood it wasn't personal, or else someone else would be going home. She told him it was a group desicion and James is the strongest POV player which is more than an HOH player.

April says she kept talking in circles with him, but she didn't want him to think it was personal. James was glad she wasn't making a personal decision. April thinks he will be mad when she takes off Janelle, but she knows she has too.

Maggie in shower, Ivette is listening to music until April comes over and tells her what she told James.

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After April finishes telling Ivette, Ivette dosen't say anything, just continues listening to music while she reads the Bible.

Maggie is now out of the shower and April is repeating, once again, the convo she had with James to Maggie.

Howie and Beau are playing coasters.

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April and Maggie discussing the votes to make sure James will be going home. They don't think Janelle will change her mind. They are wonding if James is already trying to keep himself in the game. April thinks he will continue to say bad things about them, but Maggie says he needs to fight for himself to stay. He can't do anything worse then what he already has done.

Beau and Howie still playing coasters.

April talking about B, M or I HAVING to win HOH. They also discuss the past competitions that were fun. A and M can't believe that Janelle took M off the block a few weeks ago. April talking about Jenny going home, but securing the jury for the friendship.

April keeps saying that she feels bad about putting James up. She says she is going to call him the Veto Champion at the ceremony tomorrow. They know they have to get Janelle out next week or else she will be the new Veto Champion. They discuss what all Janelle has played in and how close she has come to winning.

Ivette stops listening to music and comes to join the convo with A and M. Ivette hopes that the next HOH is something involving skill. They are all tired of questions and endurence.

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HoH Room

April, Maggie and Ivette.

Talking about Janelle winning the AC call and April is talking about how Janelle lied about not being good at endurance competitions.

Maggie: This is the only week to make it a fact that one of us will be at the end. That they can get Janelle and Howie out if one of the FS get HoH next week.

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Guest Shockalot

Howie was called into the DR.

James and Janelle idle chat until Howie comes bursting back into the room.

Howie "Well I got Good News ... and I got Bad News ..... The bad news is that I have to take down the 'Jerk Shack'... the good news is that Im allowed to do it but in the shower under the towels"

Howie is very upset about it and says he might even do it by the pool.

BB has told Howie he cant be anywhere that is hiding from the Cameras.

Howie insists Janelle needs to be his friend and 'Jerk Him'. He will wear a condom and she only needs to Jerk him for 30 seconds.

Howie actually goes on quite seriously with Janelle for a while about how she needs to 'Jerk him' and be a friend.

Janelle will have nothign to do with it.

Howie: "I wont tell anyone ok"

Janelle: "No."

James is explaining to Howie that he is going to be taken off the block and replaced by him (James).

Howie is not sure he believes that but James explains that the girls have already prepared him to expect this tomorrow.

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Guest Shockalot

Ok.. this is kinda weird to describe but.. Howie decides to go to bed but he seems to be looking for some place to go 'Jerk it'?

He wanders out to the pool and looks around.

Then he wanders around some more in the house.

Now he climbs into one of the beds in the bunkroom and seems to be trying to find a way to masterbate under the covers.. but quickly abandons it.

He is looking into the camera from bed and cursing at BB (i think).

Not happy again, he gets up and oddly enough pulls Rachels picture circle from a rucksack and looks at it for a while seemingly considering it.

Puts it back and is wandering about again.

Then back into his bed again.

The Camera zooms in on just his face so I cant see what he keeps looking down at. Like he is trying to see if ...

.. my cam has disconnected.

Sorry but comedy JerkWatch has been interupted.

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Guest Shockalot

In all the months of Live-feed updating here at Mortys I would have never guessed it would fall on me to watch Howie masterbate and report it to you.

This day is now.

Howie.. after much frustration finally found a way to adjust the blankets in such a way as we would not be able to really see him finally 'Jerk it'.

Warning: Disturbing Mental images:

Howie is under the blankets and muttering either to himself or at BB for putting him through this.

Finally he succeeds in 'Jerking it' and ya.. where is the vomiting smiley..

Anway, Im not exactly sure why but he climbs out of bed with a handful of tissue paper and a bottle of lubricant (ok i know that part) but he announces to nobody "Oh ya.. I finally succeeded in banging Lil Jenn"

"Oh ya.. two months.. finally.. oh oh.. i feel like a New Man.. thank you Little Jenn"

Makes way to find clean underwear and enjoy a snack in the kitchen.

"What a fat piece of shit I am" he says as he snacks on a crumpet.

BB zooming in on the 'Time to get in SHape' Poster.

Well that was real nice.

Worse yet - Howie murmers aloud "Oh ya.. this is gonna be a nightly tradition now"


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10:54 AM BBT

BY - Howie, Beau, April, Maggie & Ivette

chatting about Howie and his "Jerk Shack" BB suggested he go to the washroom with a blanket or under covers in bed.

BB - Please change your batteries

BY - Ivette & Beau

I - Today is so boring, Tuesday & Wednesday with nothing to do

B - We're going to take a nap today

B - My arms are sore

April & Maggie rejoin BY

general discussion regarding orgasims and keigels (sp?)

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