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First Place Prize Controversy


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Guest ranster627
Hey' date=' I have a question. Did Alex and Lynn get a prize for the leg of the race they won?[/quote']

Ya Phil gave them both a swift kick in the ass...

They might have liked that, hmmmmmmmm rethinking my theory, maybe there was a prize :?: :lol:


Where is the Picket line??

Look out your back door, as a wheelchair user I am not allowed front door access! :lol:


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If you think WE'RE bad, you should see some of the OTHER places!

Like http://www.talkabouttelevision.com/group/a...v.amazing-race/.

There, they start talking about one thing and go through 3 or 4 different topics on the same thread. The NERVE!!!

> Mar 24, 2005 at 01:04 AM]I guess they could have given them some crappy digital cameras, like

they did during the early seasons.  Note the terrible voice dubs

they've had to do for the two vacation prizes Rob & Amber won.  Phil

starts out, "now I have some good news for you.  You've both won...

<cut away to travelocity voiceover> ... which you can enjoy after the

race."  I suspect they didn't actually have the prize sponsors lined up

when they filmed the show.

> Mar 25, 2005 at 09:33 PM]As has already been discussed, not every leg of the race results in a


for the team coming in first.  It has been that way on every season of the

show.  During the last few seasons, it seems as if most legs of the race

have resulted in a prize, but not every leg.  It's like not knowing in

advance which legs will have a non-elimination at the end.  The teams try

hard to come in first each leg in part because they don't know for sure if

there will be a prize.

If Travelocity really had a problem with giving prizes to gay teams, why

would they agree to be a sponsor on a show that has traditionally had gay

participants almost every season?

> Mar 25, 2005 at 10:08 PM]Every single leg in the last season had a prize.



Mar 25, 2005 at 07:37 AM

]I don't remember about last season, but there have been multiple

seasons where some legs didn't get prizes ... which statement has been

made several times in this newsgroup recently!

> Mar 24, 2005 at 03:22 AM]On Wed 23 Mar 2005 10:13:17p, tcruise wrote:

> When I last posted, questioning why all winners of legs of this

> season's show have won prizes, with the exception of the gay couple, I

> was told that the show couldn't be discriminating, because after all a

> gay couple had won in the past. 

I do think that at that time last week, it was too early to wonder what 

was up.. now, I'm curious.  It *does* seem odd, for sure.

> Someone did however bring up the point

> that perhaps the concerns donating the prizes might not have wanted to

> be linked to, or have their product given to gay people.  That might be

> the case. 

Then they should've just bought a trip and awarded it, particularly if 

they continue to have prizes at all the other stops.  That would be 

incredibly strange and difficult to explain sufficently IMO.

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Guest ranster627

Shouldn't winning the leg be what determines who deserves it? No matter the tactics, it's all in the result isn't it?

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Shouldn't winning the leg be what determines who deserves it? No matter the tactics, it's all in the result isn't it?

Psssst..yes, it's terribly unfair and I WON'T STAND FOR IT..right now.

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Guest ranster627
So about that First Place Prize does anyone care to discuss their thoughts on why Lynn and Alex didn't receive one??

I believe the sponsors did not want to be connected to a "gay couple" as posted within JEDI's post transcription ... :evil:

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Guest ranster627
It is quite apparent that this is the replacement thread for Drew and Diane:  Together or Not?, that went away that dreadful Tuesday.  :evil: 

So it's all about making us look!!


You're getting sleepy ... sleepy ... you are asleep!

We replace no one ... LOL --- this is a thread about injustice! LOL

You will picket CBS for Lynn and Alex ....

When I snap my fingers you will waken and not remember anything except the urge to right this injustice!


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Well I feel better ... while I think everyone should be getting prizes when they win a leg, tonight Ron & Kelly also got no prize ... which indicates to me it was sporadic this season. Therefore, it was not selective. Therefore, I no longer have a bone to pick!

wrong ranster they hate war heroes and beauty queens ;)

Maybe they just don't like queens :wink:


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Guest ranster627
Finally!! Now can we please let it go?!

Hmmmmmm prejudism against queens???? Sounds like a new cause to me! :lol:

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