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Project Runway All Stars


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I watched the opening show of Project Runway All Stars tonite.

Anyone else ???

In case you're a fan of the show and missed it....

it was on the LIFETIME channel at 9:00 p.m. EST.

13 past designers compete. One was eliminated tonight.

New judges and hostess for this show.

Here's a site showing the designers they picked to be on


If you missed it... it will be shown again a few more times this week if you want

to check the times in your area.... in case you don't want to watch a re-run on your computer.

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I watched... it just seemed "off" somehow. 1) I prefer Heidi. 2) Seems almost over produced or it's a setup for a predetermined winner... not quite sure why I didn't like it as much.

However, I love Isaac Mizrahi, I like how deep the talent runs, and it's basically the same show I enjoy watching every season.

So, I'll be watching even though it's not "as" good, imo.

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I really miss Tim and Heidi. :( Heck, I even miss Michael and Nina - it just doesn't feel like Project Runway without them. I will continue to watch because they cast some of my very favorite designers, but I don't think I'll be able to get as into it this season.

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I know what you mean about the usual judges and hosts.

I'm hoping that the people that are doing this show are just going

to do the All Stars - and they'll return to Heidi, Tim and the others when

the next regular season starts.

We can hope, huh?

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I watched the 2nd show of the series tonite.

I was a little disappointed with some of the designs they

came up with ..... (actually about 1/2 of them).

COME ON ... this is supposed to be an All Stars.

Let's get with the program.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've caught all the episodes so far. (sometimes re-runs)

Is it just me - or are they all being a little cautious ?

I know the challenges have been unusual, (like design for Miss Piggy)

but, something seems off.

....... and, YES it seems weird not to have Heidi and the regulars there for

this All Stars version. :disgust:

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