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August 26th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Howie, Jan, & Iv are still in the BY (feed not on them)

James, B, & M are in the kitchen rehashing what they would have answered for the hockey puck count in the HoH comp. Talking about past HG & their partners & why they were selected.

They are waiting on April to get out of the DR so they can go check out her HoH room & goodies

James, B, & M are talking about really mundane, nothing things just to kill time (this is really boring, I wish April would get out of DR so the scenery will change)

Feeds finally switch to Jan, H, & Iv in the BY

I: I like to think that Beau & I have been playing the same way. I didn

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BBT 9:30PM

They finally get to see the HoH room, all HG go up. Matt sent April some bracelet that made her cry. Matt also bought her some Uggs (spelling?) & a robe like Janelle's because he saw her wearing Janelle's on TV & knew that she liked them (Matt sounds like a pretty good guy). They are oohing & ahhhing over all of Aprils pics & gifts.

H: Hey April (as he flops down on the HoH bed) should I sleep on the right or left side of the bed tonight

A: You can sleep in the toilet Howie (they are all laughing & having fun)

Jam: (looking at Aprils wedding picture) hey April how old are you in this pic. You look so young.

A: James that's my wedding picture it was only 9 months ago (lol)

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OMG hilarious moment

Howie is laying on his back on the HoH bed. Ivette, Beau, & Janelle all 3 jump on top of him at once, straddle him, & start bouncing up & down yelling "DO ME DO ME DO ME HOWIE. DO ME DO ME DO ME DO ME."

Everyone but H & A leave the HoH

They are discussing how James is 2-faced.

A: Howie you & Janey are going to be put up & you cannot pick James to play the veto (so she can backdoor him). If you and Janey don't agree to this that's fine but one of you will be going home. I am going to have to tell Beau & Ivette of this plan & if they do not go along with it I am going to put them up.

Howie agrees to the plan. April is still lying to Howie's face & saying that it was not her & Jennifer's idea to put up Kaysar. She says they just went along with everyone else.

Howie & Jan are going to tell James they are not picking him for the POV contest because they do not believe he will use it on them & they want a better chance of winning it for themselves. Howie is concerned that Ivette will not use the veto & April is a bit concerned too but she thinks she can convince her.

Janelle comes up. They are going over the plan with her.

(When they inform Ivette of the plan later tonight it should be interesting to hear her argue a million reasons that they should keep James)

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Beau, Maggie, Ivette and April are in the HOH room discussing who should go

Beau thinks that the order the others should leave should be: james, janelle then howie

April discussed with janelle and howie about back dooring james

Now that April is discussing who should go with her group, Ivette is campaigning to get rid of Janelle first... she can't stand that janelle keeps getting so close to winning everything with out even breaking a sweat.

April is telling them how she knows james is going after maggie and her first. Shes letting them know that james is playing both sides and that someone told her all of this before they left (implying rachel)

Maggie is saying James wants april up next to her to insure that she goes, and he's probably working with janelle cause he know she doesn't talk to their side.

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HoH room still going.

Ivette is talking about how Janelle has watched old seasons of BB and knows what's going on. That she doesn't let on just how much she is a fan of the show.

Maggie is saying that is should be interesting to see what spin on everything will be put on anything the friendship say this week and brings up a comment Janelle made at the washing machine the other day about Eric.


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Maggie and April are telling Ivette she can't tell James anything.

Ivette: I dont want to lie.

April: But he has.

Ivette: But that doesn't mean I have to.

Maggie: Everyone knows I have kept things from people. It's not a lie.

Beau comes in.

Thsi is what he does to me. After I already put up Rachel and Howie. He asked who do you want to leave after this week. He kept asking who the targets are for the friendship.

Ivette wants to tell James that he is going to be backdoored because of the way he has been.

Maggie: Can you NOT tell him.

April: It's none of his business.

Ivette: Now I am shitting in my pants cause Janelle will be here for the next HoH.

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HoH room.

They four are now going over competitions. Maggie commented that they have been goofing off and need to study more.

Conversation switches to PoV. All four will be playing in the competition. April asks, "Who do you want taken off?" They all agree that they can wait till the time comes.

April will pick Maggie. Janelle and Howie will pick Ivette and Beau. April, "It would be better if we win it and then we can decided who to take off."

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Guest Shockalot

Maggie, Beau and April in the HoH Room.

April wants to know if they can really believe she is HoH!?

Mag and Beau are so surprised and happy for her.

They wonder out loud about how The Friendship has been so strong.

Maggie: "It really became strong when I won HoH ..It began with Eric, but we became strong when I won"

Beau has his Bible out and is reading Scriptures.

It sounds like Psalms and/or Proverbs.

"Basically that one (verse) means we are ALL going to Hell"

Maggie asks "Did you here me call Janelle 'Retarded' tonight?"

Why? Asks Beau and April.

Maggie: "Because I had a Smile on my face and she told me to 'Go Fuck Yourself and I said 'Thats Retarded'"

Maggies asks again "Who tells someone to go fuck themselves because they are smiling?"

Aprils says "Janelle is crazy.. she is really crazy"

Maggie also comments that she said to James (during HoH) after he sat down, she said "Good Try James" and he would not even acknowledge her whatsoever. Maggie calls him a PoorSport.

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Guest Shockalot

Maggie is tucked into bed and looking a little sleepy while April is in the Washroom.

Maggie "April hurry up and come in here so I can have sex with youuu"

When April returns they try and agree on how to place a pillow between themselves.

April tells Beau "No matter who she sleeps with she goes right for them" and Beau laughs.

April grabs the picture of Matt and tells him out loud that she loves him.

Then she notices Matts receding hairline and shows Maggie, who tells her its not even noticeable and she is too critical.

Maggie tell April she cannot believe April told everyone she (Maggie) moans in bed.

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Guest Shockalot

Ivette was over having a chat with James.

James was being very 'sentimental' and saying how he was a not worried about being a jerk as a player.. but he wants people to know he has been very good to them as a person.

Ivette was being very cozy with James and even gave him a hug before leaving.

She runs down to say goodnight to Janelle and then back to the HoH room.

There she gives the impression she has gotten information out of James and is reporting it to April and Maggie who are sitting in bed seemingly very interested in what Ivette was talking to James about.

At first Ivette seems to have a positive spin on James but April and Maggie are very defensive and almost chastising her with warnings about James.

Ivette starts being very critical now on James saying she knows he is a liar and she is not buying his crap.

They warn Ivette that she is the type who takes people for their word.. sometimes 'Selectively'.

Ivette denies that. She says she is aware of 'All three of them'!

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H/B/Jan/A/I talking about Julie's question about a BB6 movie...

B says Chris Tucker could play him

A says Lisa Kudrow but Jan says Heather Locklear. A is flattered by that.

Jan suggests Mark Wahlberg to Howie.

talking about surfboard comp...

Jan is complimenting A bathing suit from the comp. and talking about how she (A) was a badass during the comp jumping off the board to get the cocunuts.

they are talking about R wanting it really bad and they were all suggesting to give it to H and she ® kept saying no, no, no. They are saying that H did all the work and he deserved it.

H tells them that R was afraid that she was not outgoing enough and R knew that everyone loved H so he was safe.

Jan is claiming that she has never given a blow-job. No one is believing her.

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Jan has a sweater bathing suit and it doesn't fit so she is asking B his expert opinion about where to find it.

It is amazing how Jan is being so nice to the 'other' team.

She and A are arguing about who is cuter.

Feeds switched...

H is saying that he is not the best dish washer but certainly not the worst.

They are planning on going outside to play volleyball in the pool. M says she asked if they need to take sneakers outside and was told that swim suits were fine.

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