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The Amazing Race 20


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Season 20 Cast Comfirmed even though it's not on the CBS Site yet

Confirmed list of teams are confirmed early, here's the new list of other teams:

1. Mark Jackson and Bopper Minton- Mark is Black, Bopper is White

2. Vanessa Macias and Ralph Kelly - They're recently broke up after the race

3. Joey Lasalla and Danny H - both muscular guys, Joey is Snooki's personal trainer

4. Andrew and Elliott Weber - brothers/twins

5. Jamie Graetz and Nareman Ebeid - police officers

6. Maya and Misa Tanaka - sisters

7. Kerri Paul and Stacy Bowers - friends, Stacy is a mom

The other three teams aren't revealed yet

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Guest 6Borders

I heard about this....another favorite show ruined for me!!!

OMG...they must have some contract with CBS or else CBS is just plain LAZY and can't find real people among their applications. I can only hope TAR will not sell out like Grodner and the minute Brenchel come in last it's an non-elimination leg. I really don't think I can stomach watching anymore of them...just another ruined show but more time for me to do something else I guess.

Brendon and Rachel from the 12th & 13th Season of Big Brother will be on the 20th Season of The Amazing Race

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